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Telfer goldmine swindle

Jean-Paul Turcaud claims to be the legal discoverer of the Telfer gold mine in Western Australia's Great Sandy Desert and claims that underhand tactics were used to cut him out any recognition or reward as the original discoverer of the Telfer goldmine which has brought Australia much prosperity.   

Jean-Paul is a man of rare insight and perception which is revealed through his many postings on various internet newsgroups. He has interesting insights on topics such as health, universal laws, history of earth  and right thinking. He also claims to be the founder of the true geology and maintains the current variety taught in universities is a fraud which isn't be backed up by the evidence. 

Arrival in Australia

Jean-Paul Turcaud migrated from France to Australia in 1970 (...??). He spent some time as a lone prospector in the Great Sandy Desert (GSD) in Western Australia prospecting. He operated on foot, using his vehicle as a base and during the course of a day would fan out and cover vast areas up to 50km (???) a day. In all JPT explored of the GSD.

Before migrating to Australia, he spent over two years as a Legionnaire where he rose to the level of lieutenant. His time in the Foreign Legion was spent patrolling the Sahara Desert which is where he learned his desert survival skills.


Location of Telfer, income from mine

est $250b

Australian Mining Pioneer, Jean-Paul Turcaud, not only made the mining history of Australia for centuries to come -  indeed Telfer Mine is the largest Copper / Gold  Mine in the world with an extension right across the Canning Basin up to Halls Creek (something never disclosed before) - but as well housing, education,  roads, etc huge richness indeed to the whole of Australia at large have been generated by Australia Mining Pioneer Turcaud  !!!


Other mines - Nifty & McIntyre

JPT claims to also be the discoverer of Nifty and McIntyre mines. NB: Bob Sheppard's book, The Golden Rule only covers the finding of the Telfer gold mine and not Nifty & McIntyre.

Nifty copper mine is situated in the Great Sandy Desert, approximately 300km East of Marble Bar, Western Australia. It appears the mine was sold to an Indian smelter company in 2003 who paid $158 million for it.

GSD was largely unmapped

The GSD was largely unmapped, there were very few landmarks and many positions were marked PD (position doubtful) on maps. Not a lot of interest was taken in the harsh inhospitable area of North West Australia. Jean-Paul considers to this day that he opened up the Great Sandy desert to mineral exploration, where previously it had been considered unworthy of any attention. 



Code between companies and prospectors - pegging of claims

There was a relationship of trust, an unwritten code that existed between mining companies and prospectors. Most minerals deposits were found on the ground private prospectors and companies depended their tips to locate deposits of minerals.  This was found to be a mutually beneficial relationship and it was in the interests of the companies to play fair and cultivate these relationships.

The situation was that in return for showing a company the location of a mineralisation, the company would then go on to peg and develop the claim, and give the prospector a cut of the take. 

"Then there existed at the time,  and I suppose it does still exist, another type of arrangement of which you probably know nothing,  since not in the Mining Field obviously It was called a Trust Agreement whereby against showing in Trust then his samples and identifying the location, the mining company in turn would once appraise that material,  and if going ahead would peg the land in a 50/50 joint venture with the Prospector. Both names being on the claim paper. Do you follow me up to here ? This was the most convenient approach for big shows and for the Mining Prospectors who have little means." 

"Later as the Mining Company would carry on work say mapping, sampling, IP, VLF mineral body anomalous determination, then going to the next stage etc ...the Mining Company would then spend a lot of money and the share of the prospector would  be reduced very drastically BUT not below a certain threshold ... which was negotiated before hand. For Lang Hancock it was 5 % by ex., and for me it was  with Newmont, Anglo American and also WMC.: a $ 100 000 cash payment + a 1% free carried interest. Do you understand now what happened ?

"I could go on to explain to you that exploring the Great Sandy Desert on one's own was a very tricky business,  and dismissing the whole claim of the Independent Mining Prospector on the basis of an evident  Breach of Trust of the Newmont / Newcrest / BHP criminals is going indeed against HRH the Queen 's Common Law. ! That Breach of Trust can be very easily demonstrated now by the well documented case of the 2 smoke screen companies which were used by the Mining Criminals,  not only to avoid paying the agreement with the Mining Prospector, but for another reason which I will outlay now.

"Here it is, Newmont had failed up to then to found anything of value and Searls its President, the failure son (a very painful earned basic BSc in Geology) of famous Fred Searls the former Newmont big boss,  had a need to demonstrate he was as good as his father Searls senior ! Hence that Mine he wanted it for himself as sole Discoverer ! Quite a few people have understood that in Australia now, and the first one is of course David Tyrwhitt, who indeed was obliged to go along with Searls "Folie des Grandeurs" and "Failure Complex" as Newmont CEO,  and later assumed fully his role & indeed took too much pride in it as sole Discoverer of Telfer Mine in competition with Thomson, Koehn, Brooke, Borner. 

"Well it did not last long : Tyrwhitt sacked Brooke, Thomson and Koehn and then later when he opened his mouth a bit too much,  was sacked in turn by Searls.... As for Petrologist Dr Borner  who appraised my Great Sandy Desert gossan samples entrusted to Newmont in accordance with the TRUST AGREEMENT,  and  found the gold there, while at the time I introduced the larger Telfer Mine show as a Copper Mine with Gold associated (I knew what I was talking about since I worked in Mt Isa amongst others) .

"Borner's  silence was bought by Newmont  / Newcrest against juicy contracts  By then for Searls & the Newmont / Newcrest  executive crew, mining prospector Turcaud was not needed anymore, hence the Boral owned smoke screens companies ( Day Dawn and Narla ) , their scuttling and passing on to Newmont of the 21 claims proved show for $15,000,  while having spent $ 800 000 in probation work.. then the Agreement between Searls and Sir Corrupt Court for a good dozen (about) 100km² reserves at a cost of approx 12 millions quids ! (while ALP ' and other mining companies screaming Murder ! ... but personally I thought that aspect of it was fair to Newmont / Newcrest & BHP with regards to difficulty of the site) There are five stages in that Saga : 

1) The Mining Prospection alone as an independent Mining Prospector?. My advantage was a deep knowledge of desert survival techniques + a very good stamina & navigation skill + an uncanny  ability with mineral shows and their abode !

2) The promotion of the shows in which NO Companies believed since located in a Sedimentary basin and far out in the Great Sandy Desert ! None believed in it & I knew this was a race against time !

3) The detective work spanning decades to find out how the Mining
Criminals of Newmont /  Newcrest and BHP robbed an Australian Mining Pioneer, and run him to the gutter ...fault of killing him as they did of Corporate Prospector Bert Rutherford and Attorney General Evans .. pushing both to despair indeed .

In that phase such exceptional circumstances favourised by our Celtic God occurred :

- Through which I was given the famous Koehn report by Bert Rutherford & later lost it when "mislaid" in lawyer Canon's office  (whose mere existence had been carefully hidden by Thomson, Tyrwhitt and Searls), only a long time later did I recovered it from Koehn himself ,

- As well as the discovery in a Kalgoorlie house in demolition of the very carefully hidden too 1972 Annual report demonstrating indeed what had been pulled over the unaware Boral shareholders ( The Right Owners of the Telfer Mine indeed ),

- As well by President Sheppard the discovery  that Newmont, Anglo
American and WMC were on a Kalgoorlie joint venture so that the 10 of thousands of sampling made by Anglo & WMC had been passed on to Newmont ( no need of the Prospector there anymore either ) + the about one ton of gossan samples brought back by the 5 Land Rovers of Anglo and the 2 Land Rovers of WMC 

- As well as the discovery by Attorney General Evans and thanks to his CIB connections that millions had been paid underhand by Searls to Boral, Narla and Day Dawn Directors to pull out of the deal ... and leave him as sole Discoverer in control. This is why the Late Attorney General Evans REQUIRED A ROYAL INQUIRY IN THE WA PARLIAMENT ON NEWMONT NEWCREST AND BHP CRIMES,  and such was barred by Sir Corrupt Court !!!
Still; such is still current and this why the Mining  Criminals keep on
watering both side of the WA and Federal Parliaments now, at the tune of millions for each election .... not withstanding direct advantages to the Premier & PM, Deputy Premier/& Deputy PM Really I have the whole picture in perspective,  and so do have many people in Australia now !!!! The Mining Criminals as a result are cowering in fear, since indeed harbouring STOLEN PROPERTY according indeed to HRH  The Queen's Common Law !

4) I have wasted my time asking all the successive WA and Federal
Parliaments for redress,  and for the keeping of the PROMISED ROYAL INQUIRY! Since they knew who was watering them and putting hay in their stable, nothing ever happened over 35 years except the type of reply,  like the last 10th of May letter from Gallop denying all & everything in block .... and still pushing the insult to the point of pretending having some good moral reasons for it as a result of " Investigation". 

5) Since Tyrwhitt will be always the Official Discoverer according to both the Newmont / Newcrest & BHP Mining Criminals and their Political Backers , (Searls having incidentally been sacked from Newmont /Newcrest after the death of Malozemoff, it is my duty to obtain for this man his due ! Which as yet he has not received i.e the MICA INSTITUTE MEDAL, the WA Parliament Official Recognition and legal indeed Bounty of Gratitude for having officially discovered a New Goldfield. Hence my coming letter to Gallop asking just that."   —Jean-Paul Turcaud

Seven ( 7 ) discoverers in all of Telfer

"There were 7 geologists & petrologists who considered themselves as the sole and unique discoverers of Telfer Mine, and of the well known Great Sandy Desert Mining Discoveries Thomson, Tyrwitt, Koehn, Searls, Borner for Telfer Mine, David Bar of WMC for Nifty Mine, Atkinson of CRA for Kintyre mine. + another one from Day Dawn whose name I forgot,  who as well claimed precedence over Thomson.... .

"Of course I, the Mining Prospector was for nothing in all those disocoveries since I only found the Chalcopytite / Chalcocite Gossans and secondary Copper mineralisation,  and as well the Uranium / Thorium anomaly for Kintyre;  Interested directly all susnamed companies and brought some of them physically to the shows ( one with pegs for a 100 claims onboard )

Now,  this is Don who realised that Tyrwhitt, the official writer of Newmont commissioned official story, had no mention anymore on his cv of his main title for Glory : The discovery of Telfer Mine .... and later all reference to Tyrwhitt 's cv disappeared from the internet .

Further -

"It is indeed a very funny set up where presently the Official & Historical Discoverers ( 7 in all ) never indeed did a single acre of prospecting in the Great Sandy Desert and further since the main 5 : Thomson, Tyrwhitt, Koehn and Searls do not want to hear about their extraordinary feats anymore ... and indeed shun in issue to the point of not daring mentioning their title to glory in their CV.


As well Official Recognition should be bestowed at this occasion to the other ex-aequo other Telfer Mine Discoverers : Dr Searls, Dr Thomson, Dr Koehn and Dr Borner
To the Nifty Copper mine : Dr  Barr
To Kyntire Uranium mine Dr Atkinson


Finding gold from the air, or following rocky outcrops

The 7 discoverers of the Telfer mine claimed to have found it by different methods. By air or by following a rocky outcrop, other.

telfer not obvious from air


Samples were examined before trip to GSD

Some of JPT's samples were given to Newmont to look at, and they subsequently declared they weren't interested in his claim. Meanwhile, behind his back, the samples were shown to a mineralogist type person who was used in the industry to analyse samples. JPT had occasion to speak to that person later on, who told JP off the record, that Newmont had brought him samples to look at before Newmont ever went anywhere near the Parrallel Range.


Defrauding of shareholders

Not only was Jean-Paul swindled out of any recognition, but shareholders of Narla.

According to the Hon. T.D Evans some 2 (two) millions Dollars were paid underhand to the directors of Narla and Day Dawn to sink, indeed TO SCUTTLE, their own companies and therefore to ruin their own shareholders.
The Narla Annual Report was accompanied by a falsified Geological report and also the falsified Day Dawn Annual Report was accompanied by a geological report going with it.

"Nevertheless, if you had read more carefully through my main site, you would have noted the main elements brought forward were not about a independant prospector being done for, BUT the matter of thousand of shareholders being robbed of some 2 billions dollars. This is why the promised ROYAL INQUIRY was not conducted ! Too many Australian Politicians would have been caught in that affair up to their bloody neck !" —Jean-Paul Turcaud

Particularly the Narla reports of 1372 /73 showing the way 2 smoke screen companies were used to go round Newmont ' s liabilities to me, but in the process defrauded their own shareholders of the Telfer Mine ownership.



This time these were Financial & Mining Crimes with the complicity of BHP, which using 2 smoke screen companies which immediately after scuttled themselves, netted the Mining Criminals the whole control of the US $ 250 billions Telfer Mine !!! Gross of course,  since have be withdrawn from the product the cost in millions of prebends to the successive West Australian and Federal Australian Governments ... approx 100 millions over 30 years !
Just to illustrate the fact and indeed in an attempt to sway your incredulity is a link to Gallop's , WA Premier, reply to an exceptional Australian Gentleman


Anglo Mining and WMC




Late Attorney General Evans was NOT only interested in my case, but as well on the Boral (Narla / Day Dawn) & Newmont defrauding of their own shareholders.

collusion between the Financial & Mining Interests and completely Corrupt Australian Governments, guilty indeed of definitive FORFEITURE BY REFUSING TO HOLD A PROMISE ROYAL INQUIRY INTO THE MINING CRIMINALS GREAT SANDY DESERT SWINDLE OF US$ 250 Billions. THAT ROYAL INQUIRY HAVING BEEN REQUIRED BY  LATE ATTORNEY GENERAL EVANS ( and of course fully recorded in the Hansard )


Further gold deposits in GSD

During his explorations, JP found Rooney's gold, another prospector's mine who died in the GSD. Rooney's stake was a very rich gold mine but JPT won't divulge its whereabouts - says that if other geologists are so good and gold is so easy to find, let them find it.


Laws written to favour mining companies over private prospectors

Government favours foreign companies to undertake mining exploration over Australians or private prospectors. Private prospectors locked out of exploring certain areas of WA (??). Laws changed in ..... by perseverance of APLA and others (????)

Mining companies give kickbacks to WA Government???


Naming of landmarks

There is a convention of pioneers naming significant landmarks in areas previously unexplored. JPT named a few spots, but his suggested names were knocked back by the naming authorities (....??), except for Parrallel Range (...???) which still keeps the name he suggested. (???)


$25,000 paid

It is true that Jean-Paul accepted $25,000 as payment for services in relation to prospecting in the Great Sandy Desert [by Newmont?]. However, there can be shown to be collusion and criminal activity which needs to be uncovered. Where a contract is built on deception there probably is a law which makes it invalid. 

$60,000 offered

"It is indeed ironic that Turcaud was prepared to settle for enough money for his education, in return for which the entire story revealed in Sheppard's account would never have surfaced." —Don Findlay

EVANS: "The net result of this was that the company asked Turcaud to sign an agreement. If he signed and something big developed as the member for South Perth forecast, he would be paid $60,000. But do members know what he was asked to sign? He was asked to sign a statement which declared that he had nothing to do with the Paterson Range area the company had pegged. They claimed they had obtained the information from Day Dawn, but they were going to pay Turcaud $60,000 to tell a lie. Yet it has been claimed that Turcaud had not been to the Area."

—Extract from Hansard: "Questions in Parliament by Attorney General of Western Australia, Tom Evans" (R. Sheppard, The Golden Rule, 2002).


35 years of denial

Jean-Paul Turcaud's claims seem to be based in fact, at least Attorney General Tom Evans thought so or he wouldn't have pushed for a royal commission into the affair. Jean-Paul has made many attempts over the years to draw attention to his claims but has suffered knock backs at every turn. Its not so much his claims are invalid, but rather that successive governments seem to have a vested interest in maintaining things the way they are.

One of the hardest things to accept, he says, has been the lack of any recognition or gratitude for his great discovery and the wealth it has brought Australia.  Altogether Jean-Paul stayed in Australia for 12-1/2 years, a time he says, he'd rather forget. There are no fond memories and he refers to Australia as a hellhole, a good place for any aspiring migrant to stay well clear of. 



Don Findlay is an adherent of true geology and goes to some lengths on his website to explain the concepts involved. Don Findlay's website supports Jean-Paul Turcaud as the original discoverer of Telfer and shows some good research and documentation. See


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