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Goals of the Illuminati 

Pike's plan for 3 world wars 


Rewriting history 

The grand deception - Manipulating US into war - CFR  

World peace, 1814-1914   

Global Strategic Project 

Letter to 'Sheople' from NWO 

The Secret Covenant 

The secret behind secret societies 

Collectivism vs individualism 

Communism & the Illuminati 

Communism & capitalism  


Why not world government? 

Purpose behind UN 

UN destroys rights 

UN 50 years on  

IMF - created by UN 

EU exposed 

Skull & Bones 

Chronology of ruling class conspiracy 







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The Insider 
Bilderberg - America - Europe - NATO  - Single Arab currency - Britain - Knights Templar - NWO Progress 2002 - Unfair World Trade - Police trading Drugs - Oil running out - G8 Bible prophecy - Terrorism 


American state terrorism 
The campaign of genocide and terror that the US has inflicted on countries around the world over the last century in the name of democracy.


The Australian League of Rights 
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Great articles on political topics

Prolific author and thinker. Proving everything you know is wrong.

Stop the Coalition of the Willing war
The Stop the War Coalition was formed after a majority of delegates of the Walk Against War Coalition - which facilitated the large demonstrations against the US-led invasion of Iraq in February and March 2003 - decided to disband the organisation in August 2003.

A News Revolution Has Begun

    By John Pilger 

Lobster magazine 
Lobster investigates state espionage, government conspiracies, the abuse of governmental power, and the influence of the intelligence and security agencies on contemporary history and politics.

Green Ops
The War's On and the Front Line's Your Brain
Those who are intellectually honest spend their time and energy in the pursuit of truth. Those who are easily manipulated, are in the pursuit of self justification and short-term emotional pleasure. Are you intellectually honest? Are you willing to forego short-term pleasure for long-term happiness?


The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is the World’s Greatest

Outlining Australia's political path to poverty.
Noel McDonald's website  
There can be no mistaking the intent and actions of Australian political parties to remove economic prosperity from the people of Australia.
This was heavily accelerated in 1975 by the Whitlam regime, launching Australia on it's downward spiral into endemic debt and poverty.
The Lima Declaration was accepted by the Foreign Affairs Minister Senator D.R.Willessee without the knowledge of Parliament, thus ensuring that Australia would wind down Industry, Manufacturing and Farming.
The Lima Declaration also required that we relinquish Monetary Control over the Economy & Banking. Every Government since 1974 has worked steadfastly towards the goals of the Lima Declaration and the target year of 2000.

Your Antidote to Media Cartel Propaganda 

Did oil or money influence America's plans for war with Iraq and Afghanistan?
Is the War on Terror influenced by oil or financial motives, rather than simply national security issues?
   "The Debate" website is now covering an extremely serious emerging conspiracy theory on September 11th, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the War on Terror.


Top 10 ignored or downplayed news stories

Alternative history


Information Clearing House

1/2 the Story = 1 Complete Lie

By: Justin Raimondo 

Full Report: Winning Contractors: U.S. Contractors Reap the Windfalls of Post-war Reconstruction. 

Iraq's real WMD crime: Two hundred tonnes of radioactive material were fired by invading US forces into buildings, homes, streets and gardens all over Baghdad. 

US develops lethal new viruses
A scientist funded by the US government has deliberately created an extremely deadly form of mousepox, a relative of the smallpox virus, through genetic engineering.


Amerikan Exposé
"Since that year I have made it my mission to wake up America to the perils it now faces. Meeting Anthony Hilder in 1994 was a great opportunity to bring me to the point I am presently directed, and that is Amerikan Exposé. With this proper direction I am able to wake up the most people possible, and I invite you who have the knowledge to also choose this direction. To wake up the world to the deception that democracy is bringing us is more important than life itself."


Revealing Major Cover-ups & Working Together for a Better World

Simply reading through this list will give you a good idea of all that is being hidden from us. We’ve listed only the very best, most reliable resources from the mountains of information available on the Internet, in books, in the public record, and elsewhere. Unfortunately, much of what you find on the Internet is difficult or impossible to verify. Some of it is even disinformation. Almost every resource included below gives plentiful references and footnotes, so you can independently confirm what’s being said.

Summaries    9-11       Cover-ups not Categorized       History and Archeology      
Mass Media
      Mind Control      New Energy   UFOs   News & Information Websites   Inspirational Resources   Global Community Movements

Uncensored News and Information Websites 

Truth Out,
Rating—Interest 9 out of 10, Reliability 9.5 out of 10
Though somewhat liberally biased, Truth Out provides excellent information on important news that is censored by the mainstream media. Subscribe and get one email a day listing headlines. You choose which stories you want to read. Consider turning off your TV news and reading this fascinating daily instead. 

Common Dreams,
Rating—Interest 9 out of 10, Reliability 9.5 out of 10
At a time when few newspapers give a liberal perspective, this news website fills that void by giving an alternative view of national and world affairs. Though weak on providing a conservative perspective, Common Dreams provides excellent coverage of daily news with no profit motive involved. 

The Emperor’s New Clothes,
Rating—Interest 9 out of 10, reliability 8.5 out of 10
This website does an excellent job of following how the government and mass media change or "spin" important news stories in order to convince the public of what they want us to believe. Lots of great details you can confirm for yourself. Their information is generally very well researched. 


Jon Rappaport

The death of David Kelly, and the global elite

Good chemtrails links


Executive Intelligence Review
"LaRouche is the only presidential candidate to have been convicted in a Federal criminal case. As the measure of a man's virtue is often the numerousness and savagery of his enemies, the fraudulent character of that conviction is, in fact, the most powerful proof of his exceptional qualifications for election to be President. According to official government documents and other legal evidence presently in the possession of the candidate's legal representatives, elements of the U.S. Government have made two clear-cut efforts to eliminate him as a political figure. ... The first attempt is the subject of an official FBI document dating from November 1973, which states, that the New York City office of the FBI, acting under the supervision of FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., attempted to persuade the leadership of the Communist Party U.S.A. that it would be to the Communists' advantage to have LaRouche 'eliminated.' There was an aborted attempt against LaRouche, by Communist-linked agents, during December 1973."


Bits and pieces about the Conspiracy
"Start to think yourself. Don't always believe what others say. Don't accept being spoon-fed with ready answers to these questions. If you start seeing and contemplating what is really happening a whole new view opens up. You start to realize the truth behind all the lies and propaganda. It can be painful but you have to in order to protect yourself. Both in this life and for the hereafter. I hope these web pages can be of use also for non-Muslims. ... Once you start to believe in the Conspiracy you must understand that much information true, false and distorted about the Conspiracy is spread on purpose by professional liars. It serves the purpose of confusion, fear and registration of honest people who want to know more."


The Greatest Secret in Modern History: 
UFOs and a Solution to the Environmental and Energy Crisis


Stew Webb Whistleblower on US government coverups and conspiracy

George Monbiot - a range of essays


Fake terror alerts
Retired Swedish Brigadier General Bo Pellnas, who was head of UN Military Observers (UNMOs) in Croatia, now says that the US should not be trusted. Pellnas says that he learned to distrust US-provided evidence during peacekeeping service in the former Yugoslavia.

Bush and Hitler

Help Wanted: US Government Looking for Qualified Applicants
Cloak of disinformation. It's true that Rumsfeld's Office of Strategic Influence was shut down after public outcry about an office whose blatant purpose was to generate disinformation and propaganda abroad and at home. But, this fall he created a new position: Deputy Undersecretary for Special Plans. "Special plans" are deception operations that control public information. So, basically these special plans will do what the Office of Strategic Influence was to do under a different guise.

We do that all the time: change the name of something objectionable so the American people will think the objectionable thing has gone away. But we really keep it and repackage it under a new, obfuscated, sanitized name. Remember the School of the Americas and the Department of War? Still here. Same objectives. New names. (Corporations who have gotten bad press do that, too. Lawsuit-ridden Philip Morris will soon be the benign Altria Group, Inc.)
NWO, freemasonry, zionism, unravelling the web of deceit.

A failed assassination attempt
Go to google. Type in (neil bush scott hinckley dinner) See for yourself.

We no longer have freedom of speech
"In Canada where I live, we no longer have freedom of speech or freedom of the press. We are constantly bombarded by movies about the "holocaust". The media are controlled and school children are totally brainwashed. School children are told only about the "holocaust". No other atrocity that has ever occurred matters! Stalin's genocide of 30 to 40 million in the Gulags doesn't count. I dare not mention the Jewish power or the Jewish intellectual terrorism! Even to mention that is enough to bring an accusation of being a hatemonger. This is the first time in their history that people in Canada, the U.S.A. and Australia have been deprived of freedom of speech. We have no more freedom to speak. Anyone who questions the jewish "holocaust" is charged with "hate crime" in this country.  --Loren Garbanzo

Plan to restore...
...all the statutes that support the position of Martial rule and the permanent emergency doctrine and many Acts and statutes that have their foundation from these unconstitutional precedencies are ex-post facto in origin and void ab initio (void from conception).

Joe Vialls website - do a search
US website went down in 2004 
Exposes on Port Arthur and other topics

Bali bombing - the real facts

The truth is out there ... right?



Only goal is global supremacy, not the defeat of terrorism

The Most Powerful Man In The World?


New Australian police powers overturn presumption of innocence




Criminal government The Scourge of Bushonomics Explained by AL MARTIN
US Govt Hires Soviet Spies to Spy on US Citizens by AL MARTIN
Connecting Dots: Shultz. Bechtel. War. Profits... by CONSPIRACY PLANET
Letter From Prison by JIm Trafficant by JIM TRAFFICANT
Halliburton Supports Terrorist Regimes by JASON LEOPOLD
US Secret Govt Rears Its Ugly Head in Bush Cabal by JACKSON THOREAU




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