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Mysterious Mullen from Monash
by Andrew S. MacGregor

From newspaper clipping at 

After the Monash University shooting, which set the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, calling for new firearm control laws, a subject which is not covered by the Australian Federal Constitution, there were several debates made by various members of the Coalition for Gun Control movement.

One of these radio events was an extremely interesting debate between Gary Fleetwood of the SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia) and Professor Paul Mullen for the Victoria Police Association Mullen is a Forensic Psychiatrist, of whom I have some knowledge, but even as a former member of the Victoria Police, I was never aware of Mullen’s membership to the Victoria Police Association.

It is quite possible that Mullen replaced the former Victoria Police psychiatrist, who was forced to retire from that position when he was convicted for drug offences relating to his $1000 a day heroin habit. However, the Victoria Police Association members are the rank and file of the Victoria Police, and do not include the management of the police, that is members of and above the rank of Inspector and definitely not the likes of Professor Paul E. Mullen.

Mullen is the Clinical Director and also the Chief Psychiatrist at Victoria’s Forensicare, a new corporation that has taken over the facilities of the old Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital. Forensicare’s state of the art, high security hospital for mentally ill offenders, will undoubtedly be where the Monash University gunman will be housed.

Along with Mullen, there is another crony on the Forensicare’s Board, the former Labor Party’s State Attorney General of 1987, Jim Kennan, who was with the then Police Minister, Race Matthews, when they witnessed the Queen Street Massacre shooter, Frank Vitkovic, fall to his death from the 11th floor of the Post Office Building.

Mullen wrote the psychiatric report on Martin Bryant that was presented in Bryant’s sentencing by the Hobart Supreme Court in November 1996. By all accounts, Mullen is extremely anti-firearms, as many of his articles attest. However, I would like to bring the readers’ attention to what was written in an article in "The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law" penned by Christopher H. Cantor, MBBS MRCPsych, FRANZCP, Paul E. (P.E.M.) Mullen, MBBS, MRCPsych, MphilPsychMed, FRANZCP, FRCPsych, Dsc, and Philip A. Alpers. The article was "Mass Homicide: The Civil Massacre."

"In the cases of Knight (Case 1) and Bryant (Case 7), one author (P.E.M.) has had the advantage of interviewing them, but only material in the public domain was utilised. In the case of Gray (Case 4), P.E.M. both lives in the immediate vicinity of the massacre and was responsible for the local psychiatric services involved in the aftermath and with the subsequent inquiries reconstructing the tragedy."

What we are told here is that professor Paul E. Mullen was working in Melbourne in 1987, and was able to have some consultations with the Hoddle Street shooter, Julian Knight. We are also aware that Mullen was working in Melbourne in 1996, when he was requested by the Tasmanian Government to interview Martin Bryant, that 3-1/2 hour interview taking place at the Royal Hobart Hospital on May 3, 1996. However, what we are told by "In the case of Gray (Case 4)" is that Professor Mullen was residing in the area of Aramoana in New Zealand when David Gray committed that shooting massacre in November 1990. In other words, Mullen was working and residing in Melbourne in 1987, and did work as a government Forensic Psychiatrist, then moved to Aramoana (see note below), a small rural village outside Taupo on the North Island of New Zealand so that he was present and able to assist that community, and then moved back to Melbourne in time for the Port Arthur Massacre.

Another interesting piece from this American article, which was not meant for the average Australian was written on Julian Knight, and as Mullen personally interviewed Knight, Mullen would have had the main input for this report.

"J.K. was examined by a number of psychiatrists and psychologists. Although a prepsychotic condition was suggested, the predominant opinion was of a narcissistic young man involved in his world of fantasy. J.K.’s subsequent course in prison has made any psychotic condition highly unlikely, but obsessional personality traits and narcissism have become more obvious."

This view of Julian Knight is not what the Australian media has presented to the Australian public, so why has it been presented to the American academia?

Oh, by the way, what I have neglected to inform the reader is that Professor Paul E Mullen is also Professor of Forensic Psychiatry at Monash University.

When it became obvious that Mullen’s report on Martin Bryant was a major fraud, full of lies and inconsistencies and a major coverup of that massacre, then we must really ask the question as to what his role in the Monash University shooting is going to entail?

* * *

The reference to Mullen being part of the Vic Police Association should be disregarded as the writer misheard a report on ABC radio. The person was a Paul Mullet who is not Mullen. It was not known until after this article was published.

Another amazing coincidence is disclosed in the article below detailing the life and times of Dr Paul Mullen. Apart from his shonky claims about Martin Bryant we now find that Mullen just happens to have been residing in the areas where all the notable gun massacres that occurred since the late 1980s including the 1990 New Zealand one in Aramonana.

Shootersnews believes Monash University students understandably upset over the shootings there late last year should seek their answers from Dr Mullen who seems to be singularly up on all these gun massacres.



April 2012

The following comments were provided by anonymous person.


Note on Aramoana

In the article on this page : http://members.iimetro.com.au/~hubbca/mullins.htm by Andrew Macgregor, Aramoana, scene of the Aromoana massacre, is described as being on NZ’s North Island.

It is NOT on the North Island, but is just outside Dunedin (ie in the South Island), and not much more than 1000 miles from Tasmania – ‘co-incidentally, Tasmania Police Sergeant, Michael Charles Dyson, whose movements and whereabouts during the Port Arthur massacre have generated plenty of interest, is reputed to have been at Aramoana during the NZ shootings.

Like the presence of Professor Mullen in Aramoana, the presence of the grand poobah of Tasmania’s anti-terrorist / SWAT in NZ in the same area at the same time, is just another one of ‘dem co-incidences”,

Anonymous contributor, 20 Apr 2012


Information about the person who "choreographed" the massacre

The “choreography” for Port Arthur was done by a guy living in Perth. This was why Port Arthur was a “stuff-up” – viz the “choreographer”, who was used to semi-constant Perth sunshine, was unaware (as a foreigner) that Tasmania changed its clocks and timetables at the end of daylight saving, so he messed up the planning – the attack had been “on the books” for a while, but the planning only went live on short notice – ie after the Australian federal election, a few weeks before the attack (ie the election was late in the summer of 95/96). The intended targets were Americans, but the ferry timetable had changed (from when the ‘choreographer” had flown in from Perth to plan the attack), so the two shooters (from Perth) were ordered to gun down Australians instead. At least one of them said “Stuff you” (or words to that effect!), and killed several Aust intelligence officers who were there to direct the attack – ie some of the people ordering the shooters to kill Aust civilians became victims themselves.
One of the shooters died in a Black Hawk helicopter crash in Qld a few weeks later – maybe it was just “karma”, maybe it was sabotage / revenge from the Aust intelligence community, who resented having their own people murdered – not sure at this time.
The Tasmanian police intended role was mainly to manage the patsy, who was supposed to die in the fire nearby – in yet another stuff-up, he was captured alive. If the planning had been done by a Tasmanian, he would have known about the different winter timetable for tourist activities. A foreigner was chosen because he had experience ‘choreographing” similar events in other parts of the world. He had lived in Perth during the early 80’s, and had returned in either the late 80’s or early 90’s. He has at least one (adult) child who is (or was when I left Perth) a member of the WA police force => the WA police force were/are compromised by their knowledge of his activities – something that was used against them later, especially between 1997 and late 2002.
Accordingly, the accusations against Tasmanian police sergeant Michael Dyson to the effect that he was the principal shooter, are (at least partially) unwarranted.

Anonymous contributor, 23 Apr 2012



In regard to the original Mullens article by Andrew Macgregor, which had Aramoana about 1000 miles from where it really is. Andrew wrote something is significant.

“then moved to Aramoana, a small rural village outside Taupo on the North Island of New Zealand

While Andrew obviously has Aramoana in the wrong spot, if his information is correct that the aforementioned professor Mullens was running loose in a small village near Taupo, that story would ring alarm bells with anyone in NZ – there is a small village near Taupo (around the lake from the main town, down at the southern end of the lake) called Turangi, that has been the centre of one gruesome horror after another – the history of the place over the last couple of decades reads like something out of a horror film – rapes, murders, and then the recent violent rape of a 5 year old tourist while her mother desperately tried to get through the locked door of the caravan to rescue her. The attacker was only 16 years old! !! ( http://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/192546/arrest-after-turangi-assault ).

Just north of Taupo is a luxury lodge, reputed to be a centre and holiday getaway not only for the “elite” from all over the world, but also for those whose tastes run to paedophilia, witchcraft / black magic – that is extremely common in NZ (it is almost as much the national religion as Rugby is) so an elite centre for paedophiles is no surprise. I may be maligning the current management because I think the place (http://www.hukalodge.co.nz/ ) has changed hands since I heard the stories.

Those stories about Huka Lodge would jive very well with some freaky govt shrink or mind control expert programming people or conjuring up dark forces in the same area.

Anonymous contributor, 23 Apr 2012.