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History Behind the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA)
Revised December 3, 2002

In early 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on charges by the Farmers' Union that banks in the U.S. were fraudulently foreclosing on farm mortgages and that the U.S. government was in collusion with these banks. The testimony and proof brought into court by a retired CIA agent led to further evidence and proof that the Farmers' Union claims were legitimate. It also led to evidence the income tax amendment was never properly ratified by the required number of states and therefore, income taxes were unlawful.

Almost unanimously the U.S. Supreme Court Justices ruled in favor of the Farmers' Union.  The Justices recognized that overwhelming evidence proved the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve Banking system were perpetrating fraud in many ways upon Americans.  The Justices recognized that to remedy this situation, massive reformations would be required. When rulings are made by the U.S. Supreme Court, one or more Justices are assigned to monitor a process by which the rulings are carried out. 
In this case, five Justices were assigned to a committee to develop steps to implement required government and banking reformations.  As the Justices went about developing the required reformations they enlisted the help of experts in economics, monetary systems, banking, Constitutional government and law, and many other related areas.  The Justices built coalitions of support and assistance with thousands of people worldwide; these thousands of people working to bring us NESARA have been named "White Knights".  The term "White Knights" was borrowed from the world of big business hostile takeovers when a vulnerable company is "rescued from a hostile takeover by a White Knight" corporation or wealthy person.  Certainly, these people fighting to bring Americans and the world the benefits of NESARA and to rescue our people from government and banking fraud deserve to be called "White Knights". 

Because of the enormously sweeping changes the rulings require, an extremely strict gag order was placed on everyone directly involved and the court case records are sealed until after the reformations are accomplished.  To maintain secrecy, the case details for the  docket number assigned to the Farmers' Union case were changed so doing a search for this case will fail to reflect the correct information until after the reformations are made public.  At every step of the process, anyone directly involved has been required to sign an agreement to keep the U.S. Supreme Court's process of implementing the required reformations "secret", or face charges of Treason which are punishable by death. 

To implement the required reformations, the five Justices spent years negotiating how the reformations would occur in agreements called "Accords" with the U.S. government, with the Federal Reserve Bank owners, with the International Monetary Fund, with the World Bank, and with numerous other countries including the United Kingdom and countries of the Euro Zone.  The U.S. banking system reformations require the Federal Reserve Bank system be absorbed by the U.S. Treasury Department and the banks' fraudulent activities stopped as well as remedies to U.S. citizens for past harm due to fraud.  The U.S. banking reformations will impact the entire world and therefore the IMF, World Bank, and other countries had to be involved.

Because the process of using Accords to implement the reformations did not work, the Justices authorized the reformations be put into the form of a law named the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA) which was passed secretly on  March 9, 2000.  Again, secrecy was maintained by revising the official records; details of the bill number for NESARA were revised to reflect a commemorative coin and revised again more recently.

Members of Congress have been ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court Justices to "deny" the existence of NESARA or face charges of Treason punishable by death; some members of Congress have been charged with "obstruction" and threatened with Treason charges.  Therefore, all members of Congress pretend that NESARA has not been passed in order to comply with the Justices' gag order.

The "National Economic Security And Reformation Act" - NESARA - provides major benefits to Americans including:

(1)    Forgiveness of credit card and mortgage debt as remedy for bank frauds;

(2)    Creates U.S. Treasury Bank system which absorbs the Federal Reserve and new precious metals backed U.S. Treasury currency;

(3)    Restores Constitutional Law;

(4)    Requires resignations of Bush and Cheney to be replaced by Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections;

(5)    Requires the President Designate to declare "Peace" and ends U.S. aggressive military actions immediately; 

(6)    Abolishes IRS; flat rate non-essential "new items only" sales tax revenue for government, and many more improvements.

Many bank presidents and senior stockbrokers have privately confirmed to close personal friends that they have been briefed about the U.S. Treasury bank system.

In June 2000, news of the secret NESARA law passage came from U.S. naval intelligence contacts, who are some of the White Knights who have assisted the Justices in activities involving NESARA.  Many powerful groups have tried to stop the announcement and implementation of the NESARA law which provides major financial improvements for Americans.  After 18 months of clearing interference, the Justices had the current Congress pass resolutions "approving" NESARA on September 9, 2001.  NESARA was to be announced at 10 a.m. EDT on September 11, 2001.  Groups opposing NESARA arranged for the attacks to occur on 9/11 to keep NESARA from being announced.  The current Bush regime has caused continuous interference with the NESARA announcement and implementation process on many fronts.

The conception of NESARA began in the U.S. Supreme Court's rulings in 1993.
The U.S. Supreme Court Justices need to hear from thousands of Americans that we support the true NESARA law.  The NESARA announcement is our best hope to have "peace" declared instantly.  If the White Knights know how much support they have from Americans, they might be less conservative in their decisions about what needs to be "exactly right" to get the trueNESARA law announced and this could speed up the process.   People from other countries can also write to express their support of NESARA because eventually, NESARA's improvements will roll out to every nation worldwide.

All people who wish to experience the benefits of  NESARA can send a "postcard" to the U.S. Supreme Court Justices and request the true NESARA law be announced immediately.  (A "postcard" is better than a letter because due to the anthrax letters mailings, letters in envelopes are slow getting delivered in D.C.)  Since a postcard does not have any place to hide anthrax powder, postcards have a good chance of being delivered fairly quickly.  Send postcards supporting NESARA to the following address: 

U.S. Supreme Court
One First Street
Washington, D.C.   20543
Supporting NESARA is one way everyone can contribute to making their own
lives and the lives of their friends and families better.

More information about NESARA can be found at

16th Amendment illegal

US economy is unconstitutional and doesn't conform to what the founding fathers had in mind - that it has been hijacked by the corrupt shadow government to serve their own ends. 

The 16th amendment which authorised the collection of income tax wasn't properly ratified.

'Benson collected thousands of certified legal documents from both state and federal archives documenting exactly how the 16th Amendment was acted on by each state legislature and handled by the office of the Secretary of State for the United States.

In the end, Benson had assembled an irrefutable mountain of evidence showing that during the final days of the William Howard Taft administration in 1913, the 16th Amendment was fraudulently declared by the U.S. Secretary of State, Philander Knox, to have been properly ratified by the requisite number of state legislatures. Bill Benson, and his co-researcher Red Beckman, documented the results of their work in a two volume research report entitled, “The Law That Never Was.”'


NESARA disinformation:
Articles at Rumourmillnews forum criticising the origins of NESARA : and

See Dove-of-oneness newsletter dated December 26, 2002 at for response (excerpt below):



"The way to tell what is  "dark agenda propaganda" is simple: the dark agenda always uses FEAR without any upbeat way to deal with the problems.  

The FBI DISinformation agent's message posted today is an OBVIOUS dark agenda brainwashing effort because this information is based on FEAR and has NO HOPE included nor good news of any kind."


Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine Foresaw NESARA:

Dove newsletter of 18 April 2003 

Excerpts from book "Unveiled Mysteries", by Godfre Ray King, copyright 1939; quotes  from conversations with Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine:
Page 251
".Many changes were shown to take place in the next seventy years [1930s -2003].  These affected Europe, Asia, India, North and South America, and revealed to us, that regardless of all appearances at the present time, the SINISTER FORCE attempting to create chaos and destruction throughout the world, WILL BE COMPLETELY DESTROYED.  When that is accomplished the mass of humanity will turn to the 'Great God Presence' within each heart and also governing the Universe.  'Peace shall reign on earth - and man send out good will to man.'  This revelation was stupendous.  The closing scenes followed next and these concerned principally the United States in the next century. [2000+]  The progress and advancement she will make is almost unbelievable."


Nesara brings prosperity
from Dove-of-oneness newsletter dated Sunday, January 5, 2003

In addition to the bank-related debt forgiveness that will be given to people in most countries around the world after NESARA is announced, there are other prosperity options deriving from NESARA.  There will be new prosperity programs that will be made publicly available to people
worldwide.  During the four years following NESARA's announcement, these prosperity programs will be made available to most people and we will have worldwide prosperity. 

I recall years ago in a college Economics class hearing the professor state that only 5% (five percent) of the people on the planet "control" 95% of the world's wealth.  This means that the other 95% of the PEOPLE are ONLY in control of 5% of the world's wealth. 

There is much more money and wealth in the world than most of us have ever realized; this is because MOST of us - 95% of the people - have personal knowledge of ONLY FIVE PERCENT of the world's wealth.  Most of us belong to the 95% of the people who have been sharing an extremely small part of the world's wealth - a mere FIVE percent. 

Most people have zero knowledge of the huge amount of wealth on the planet because they are not part of the "elite" small five percent of the people who actually KNOW about and control the massive 95% of the world's wealth. Most people think there is a scarcity of money and wealth; they are encouraged to believe this by the "elite" five percent of the people who control MOST of the world's wealth. 

I recall reading that there is enough money in the world so that if the money was spread around, every person could have been a millionaire 20 or 30 years ago.  We will see, within four years of NESARA's announcement, a new distribution of wealth and most people will have new prosperity funds which they can choose to access.  We will see an entirely NEW way of living where we no longer have to work to "survive", but we do activities because we want to "contribute" our gifts and abilities to improve the world. 

The White Knights, with the help of numerous Ascended Masters, have developed the processes and resources of this new distribution of wealth. It's going to take all of us doing our best to clean up our world and make the improvements that must be made.  Because people will do activities  because they want to, not because they must in order to buy food, many kinds of work we do now will be done differently in the future.

The restoration of Constitutional Law which NESARA brings will help indirectly by freeing the thousands of new technologies that have already been developed but are being kept from us.  All government and legal repressions of the new technologies will be ended by the restoration of
Constitutional Law because these repressions will be unlawful after NESARA.  I've heard that companies, such as General Electric, already have domestic and office "robotic" helpers which they will be selling after NESARA is announced.  We will have new forms of communications devices, energy devices, transportation technologies, and much more that will handle many
of the labor-intensive activities which people do now.

Approximately 15 months after NESARA is announced, the first new prosperity programs will begin to provide monthly income to U.S. citizens and other major countries should be doing the same for their citizens soon after that.  These new prosperity programs will be publicly announced by the U.S. government sometime fairly soon after NESARA is announced. 

The humanitarian projects of the prosperity programs that are funding shortly after NESARA is announced will also be contributing to the new worldwide distribution of wealth.  Members of these humanitarian programs are being instructed to "gift" a large amount money by dividing it up and
designating that it be given to 100 - 200 people or more.  Each member in these humanitarian programs will receive official instructions regarding the total amount of funds to be "gifted" to others and the minimum and maximum gifting amounts, and other guidelines for gifting. 

The gifting lists will need to be turned in to the authorities in charge of funding within a few weeks of NESARA's announcement and the mass prosperity deliveries occurring.  About a month later, the financial gifts will be provided to those on the gifting lists.  This is one of the ways the
current humanitarian prosperity programs will help to give a big boost to the world economy quickly after NESARA's announcement.  Another way we will help the world economy will be the thousands of world improvement projects we will be doing and we will be needing a lot of good people to help to accomplish these things.

The Australia of today has sadly lost the liberty of yesteryears. The government has not been the government of the people, consequently, the employed have become the disemployed, our industries have been moved offshore, our farmers have been forced off their land, the peoples utilities have been handed over to private investment, our wealth has been exported, the foreign debt hangs like a millstone around the neck of each Australian present and future, our very means of livelihood has been legislated away!


Alternative medicine and new technologies
Dove-of-oneness newsletter of January 10, 2003

Restoring Constitutional Law means that the American Medical Association (AMA) and the FDA cannot any longer keep the many alternative health options from us that have been withheld from Americans for years.  There ARE CURES for many diseases, contrary to the FDA's propaganda which comes from their payoffs by the prescription drug industry which wants people to be perpetually ill so the drug companies can sell more drugs.  We in the prosperity programs can help get these alternative health cures and treatments out and into public awareness and availability. 

We in the prosperity programs will be able to help get the new energy technologies and other advanced technologies distributed which are already developed and just waiting for the clearing of government interference to be made available.  The restoring of Constitutional Law makes it possible for the inventors to bring out their new technologies without fear of being hounded and persecuted.  There are already "free energy" devices available - many different types - which will remove our reliance on archaic energies such as gas, oil, and coal.  I've heard from someone who took a small gasoline engine and changed it over to an engine which runs on water after
taking a weekend seminar; these options do exist.   




New international money spoken of in this article (written in spring of 1992).

An Expose of The Federal Reserve Banking System
Exerpt of an Article by
Gunther K. Russbacher
Edited by Rayelan Allan Russbacher

Editor's note (1992): Navy Captain Gunther Russbacher is a 29 year veteran of the United States Intelligence Community, (Office of Naval Intelligence, attached to the Central Intelligence Agency). During all of that time he has operated as a deep black covert operative.

"It was plain to all of us that we were on the scene as representatives of our respective bureaus and agencies. The meeting was to be with various high corporate officials, along with members of a U.S. Senator's office and the mayor's office of a large Maryland metropolis.

After receiving an impressive tour of the facility, one of the members of our group asked why the firm was planning such a major expansion. The corporate official in charge of the tour replied,

"We are one of three companies being considered by the United States Treasury Department to build the printing presses that will print the new U.S. currency."

We all looked at each other. The expressions on our faces said it all. "What new U.S currency?" Not a word was spoken. We were as speechless at that moment as we would have been if we had been lobotomized by the painless methods of chemical ingestion. Here we were, all of us high level government officials, learning about the planned new currency without any warning or introduction. It was almost as if the information had been purposely leaked to us through the grapevine... through a private, non governmental source. The corporate official, when probed about the matter, and unorthodox manner of approach, claimed he didn't know much beyond what he had already told us.

When I returned to my office at Langley the following day, I couldn't help but wonder what last night was all about. I entered the entire proceedings into my Weekly Assessment Report, known within our circles as the "WAR" reports. Over the next several weeks I spent a great deal of time investigating the proposed printing of the new currency and the purpose behind it. I discovered soon enough that others were asking questions as well. (One of those individuals was Congressman Ron Paul of Texas who served on the Congressional committee dealing with the Treasury Department on this particular matter.)

In essence, I had learned that the plans to issue a new currency were international in scope, at least a dozen major countries were planning, or had specific plans, for coming out with new money. They included Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Brazil and several others.

I engaged my network to gather information on these proposed changes. Soon the information began flowing into my terminal. The picture began to clear. Several of the afore named countries had already issued new currencies, in various denominations. Most of these new currencies had two things in common...they had bare spots, about the size of a fifty cent coin, usually on the left-hand side of the bill. Upon closer inspection of these currencies, it was evident that they also contained metallic filament or element strips, enabling special devices to detect the currencies as they passed through airports or across international boundaries.

If the currencies are held over a light, a three-dimensional image (hologram) becomes apparent in the blank spot. The images, barely visible to the naked eye, are seemingly always of prominent world figures, and cannot be reproduced on copiers. The effort to create the "new money" was internationally coordinated.

Rumor had it that these currencies would later receive a common image linking them together in an international monetary system. Several years have passed since I first learned about the proposed new currency. Although it has been printed and is stored in Treasury vaults, the actual issuance of the currency has, for some unknown reason, been delayed. Based upon my information as a member of the United States Intelligence community, it seems clear that, if we were to enter into a world government in the near future, the first step, from a monetary standpoint would include the establishment of an international currency system.



NESARA money has no metallic thread
From Dove-of-oneness newsletter of December 7, 2002

The article above about a new international currency obviously isn't talking about the NESARA money.

"The new U.S. Treasury Notes DO NOT have the metal thread like the Federal
Reserve Notes do which allows the government to spy on how much currency
people have in their possession/homes, etc., using satellite technology and
other devices. "


Common Law to be adopted after NESARA
Dove of oneness newsletter
April 25, 2003  10:01 p.m. PDT (

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Today the World Court sent out orders to dozens of leaders of countries ordering them to adopt Common Law a month after NESARA's announcement. The adoption of Common Law worldwide is important to maintaining stability and smooth transitions as NESARA's international impacts on banking and legal systems roll out across the world.

I had previously been told that nations had a few months following NESARA's announcement to change over to Common Law.  Because NESARA restores Constitutional Law which is based on Common Law, when the U.S. changes over to Constitutional Law the worldwide change over to Common Law must occur.  I understand the Ascended Masters and White Knights used
various strategies to obtain the original agreements by leaders of many nations to implement Common Law. 

Apparently some nations' leaders were planning to refuse to implement Common Law as agreed.  This is why the World Court issued orders today which allow no slippage in the adoption of Common Law.

Interestingly, about two years ago the French Finance Minister was seen on a satellite television network saying that the entire world would be experiencing prosperity and would be under the same Common Law.  That was one of those hints about NESARA which frequently has occurred once but was not repeated in American news.

I recently read that it's estimated there are over one billion - 1,000,000,000 - laws on the books in the U.S.  In the current statutory legal system if you break one of these one billion laws but don't know it, that's not a legal defense.  How could anyone reasonably be expected to know all one billion laws in the U.S.?  Obviously, the current U.S. legal system is overloaded with laws and unreasonable assumptions.

When NESARA is announced, every court in the U.S. will be immediately closed and all judges will be required to attend training in Constitutional Law.  All law enforcement personnel and others connected with law enforcement will also be required to attend Constitutional Law training.  The basics of Constitutional Law are things all of us should be able to understand fairly easily and there will be public education provided to us in the media and other ways.  The U.S. change over to Constitutional Law is expected to occur about one month after NESARA's announcement.  Cases pending will have to be resubmitted under Constitutional Law.  Many people in prison for things like income tax issues which are not crimes under Constitutional Law will be released from
prison within 60 days after NESARA's announcement.

For those of you new to the Dove Reports, the 1993 U.S. Supreme Court case rulings which are embodied in NESARA found that the so-called income tax amendment to the Constitution had never been ratified.  Fraudulent paperwork was used to back up the federal government's false contention that the income tax amendment had been ratified by the required number of states. 

12 Nov 02
WE have the POWER of NUMBERS - WE are BILLIONS!  NESARA was conceived BY the PEOPLE when the independent farmers of the Farmers Union launched their grass roots
lawsuits against the fraudulent federal government and banks.  The true NESARA is OF and BY the PEOPLE!  It belongs to all of us and contains the crucial reformations we have long been working to achieve! 


31 Questions and Answers about the Internal Revenue Service
Revision 3.2
certified by
Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Citizen of California, Federal Witness, Private Attorney General, Author and Webmaster of the Supreme Law Library


Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Dove newsletter of May 19, 2003

Psychological means used to enslave society by denying basic requirements for food, shelter and safety.


June 19, 2003 - Dove of oneness newsletter

NESARA authorizes funds to continue providing essential services and military services, although the military will also change because we will see worldwide peace after NESARA.  

After NESARA is announced, there will be multitudes of exposes which will inform us that all wars on the planet in the last thousands of years have been instigated by hidden controllers. We will find out we are all part of one human family and quit waging war on other humans on Earth. Our military will need to become trained in space operations to eventually take on patrolling the solar system. 

There will be many, many changes after NESARA is announced and many new technologies will become available.  When there is national and worldwide prosperity, people will only work on things they want to do; it will not be necessary to flip burgers at McDonalds in order to make a living. There will also be new ways to purchase and transport things. Every time I write about these things, some people simply cannot imagine
such a world.  All I say is, just watch and see. 


June 22, 2003 Dove of oneness newsletter

I see the neo-nazi homeland security office is once again assaulting Americans with more rumors of terrorist attacks on Americans.  You have to understand the Bush gang have always used psychological warfare on Americans to try to convince Americans there are outside threats which
require that Americans give up their Constitutional rights.  We will all see in vast detail that the Bush gang ordered the 9/11 attacks and other terrorist attacks on Americans.  Just like Hitler burned the German parliament building and blamed it on others in order to get Gestapo control of Germany, the Bush gang have done the same thing to Americans via the 9/11 attacks.  Even though it will be shocking for many people, the truth about 9/11 will be broadcast after NESARA's announcement.  This will be the beginning of Americans becoming much wiser.

It's a joke that the brainwashed and Illuminati controlled mass media continues to blame Arabs when the ringleaders of terrorism are the governments of the U.S., Britain, and other major countries.  Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine and the Forces are neutralizing all efforts
by the dark agenda groups of the CIA and the dark agenda groups of other countries' intelligence agencies to cause terrorist attacks. 

June 23 2003 Dove of oneness newsletter

There will be ZERO state government income taxes paid on our prosperity funds; the states have been told they cannot assess income tax on these funds.  Also, state governments have been told they must find new ways to generate revenue to run the state government because income taxes must be totally abolished in the U.S. within months after NESARA is announced. 

Also, all the Bush gang's unconstitutional laws will be totally WIPED OUT by NESARA's announcement.  Therefore, there will be NO WAY that we prosperity program members can be considered "terrorists".  The laws about terrorists will be totally wiped out; we do not need these laws because the ONLY terrorists are the Bush gang and their Illuminati buddies who have already been identified and proven to be behind all the terrorist activities. 


[doveofo] NESARA Gag Order REQUIRES Denial; Enron behind Cali Recall;
October 6, 2003  3:35 p.m. PDT

In addition the TRUE story behind the California Recall is now coming out from Greg Palast, a reporter and author.  Enron's Ken Lay and others from big power companies conspired in a hotel room meeting in 2001 with Schwarzenegger regarding causing the California Recall.  Enron's Ken Lay and others want to get rid of Governor Davis and Lt Governor Bustamante who are suing energy companies for SWINDLING Californians out of NINE BILLION DOLLARS in over charges and outright FICTITOUS energy charges a few years ago! 

Please email the article below which details Schwarzenegger's part in the conspiracy to every Californian you know!  Schwarzenegger met with Ken Lay and others to conspire  in a hotel room over two years ago to stage this California recall.  This is the Illuminati in action, Folks!  Doubters can contact the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, Los Angeles, (which obtained the PROOF of this conspiracy in internal Enron documents) at .  Come on California, defeat the THEIVES who caused your energy bills to skyrocket!  DEFEAT these thieves and reject the recall and/or Schwarzenegger!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

According to a series of memoranda our office obtained today, [Friday, October 3, 2003] Arnold Schwarzenegger's dalliance with [Enron corporate] boys in a hotel room just two years ago is every bit as scandalous as his manhandling of women during his career as celebrity he-man.

The wannabe governor has yet to deny that on May 17, 2001, at the Peninsula Hotel in Los Angeles, he had consensual political intercourse with Enron chieftain Kenneth Lay.  Also frolicking with Arnold and Ken was convicted stock swindler Mike Milken.

Now, thirty-four pages of internal Enron memoranda have just come through this reporter's fax machine tell all about the tryst between Maria's husband and the corporate con men.  It turns out that Schwarzenegger knowingly joined the hush-hush encounter as part of a campaign to sabotage
a Davis-Bustamante plan to make Enron and other power pirates then ravaging California pay back the $9 billion in illicit profits they carried off.

Here's the story Arnold doesn't want you to hear.  The biggest single threat to Ken Lay and the electricity lords is a private lawsuit filed last year under California's unique Civil Code provision 17200, the "Unfair
Business Practices Act."  This litigation, heading to trial now in Los Angeles, would make the power companies return the $9 billion they filched from California electricity and gas customers.

It takes real cojones to bring such a suit.  Who's the plaintiff taking on the bad guys?  Cruz Bustamante, Lieutenant Governor and reluctant leading candidate against Schwarzenegger.

Now follow the action.  One month after Cruz brings suit, Enron's Lay calls an emergency secret meeting in L.A. of his political buck-buddies, including Arnold.  Their plan, to undercut Davis (according to Enron memos) and "solve" the energy crisis -- that is, make the Bustamante legal threat go away.

How can that be done?  Follow the trail with me.

While Bustamante's kicking Enron butt in court, the Davis Administration is simultaneously demanding that George Bush's energy regulators order the $9 billion refund.   Don't hold your breath:  Bush's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is headed by a guy proposed by . Ken Lay.

But Bush's boys on the commission have a problem.  The evidence against the electricity barons is rock solid:  fraudulent reporting of sales transactions, megawatt "laundering," fake power delivery scheduling and straight out conspiracy (including meetings in hotel rooms).

So the Bush commissioners cook up a terrific scheme:  charge the companies with conspiracy but offer them, behind closed doors, deals in which they have to pay only two cents on each dollar they filched.

Problem:  the slap-on-the-wrist refunds won't sail if the Governor of California won't play along.  Solution:  Re-call the Governor.

New Problem:  the guy most likely to replace Davis is not Mr. Musclehead, but Cruz Bustamante,  even a bigger threat to the power companies than Davis.  Solution:  smear Cruz  because -- heaven forbid! -- he took donations from Injuns (instead of Ken Lay).

The pay-off?  Once Arnold is Governor, he blesses the sweetheart settlements with the power companies.  When that happens, Bustamante's court cases are probably lost.  There aren't many judges who will let a case go to trial to protect a state if that governor has already allowed the matter to be "settled" by a regulatory agency.

So think about this.  The state of California is in the hole by $8 billion for the coming year.  That's chump change next to the $8 TRILLION in deficits and surplus losses planned and incurred by George Bush.
Nevertheless, the $8 billion deficit is the hanging rope California's right wing is using to lynch Governor Davis.

Yet only Davis and Bustamante are taking direct action to get back the $9 billion that was vacuumed out of the state by Enron, Reliant, Dynegy, Williams Company and the other Texas bandits who squeezed the state by the bulbs.

But if Arnold is selected, it's 'hasta la vista' to the $9 billion.  When the electricity emperors whistle, Arnold comes -- to the Peninsula Hotel or the Governor's mansion.  The he-man turns pussycat and curls up in their lap.

I asked Mr. Muscle's PR people to comment on the new Enron memos -- and his strange silence on Bustamante's suit or Davis' petition.  But Arnold was too busy shaving off his Hitlerian mustache to respond. 

The Enron memos were discovered by the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, Los Angeles,

Greg Palast is author of the New York Times bestseller, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" as well as "Regulation and Democracy" (with Theo MacGregor and Jerrold Oppenheim), the United Nations guide to utility deregulation. Read Palast's commentaries at Reprints permitted.

[doveofo] NESARA & Governors; Pix of NTAT at World Court; Dove Emailing late
October 8, 2003 11:22 p.m. PDT

The people of California have once again proven how good the Illuminati are at using the mainstream media and other ploys to get their Illuminati stooges into public office.  Governor Davis and Lt. Governor Bustamante are suing the energy corporations who gouged $90 BILLION from Californians a few years ago in FICTITOUS and INFLATED energy charges.  (See October 6, 2003 Dove Report for details)  Illuminati Ken Lay, of Enron, met with Schwarzenegger over two years ago in the conspiracy to cause the California recall so that Schwarzenegger would be in a position to stop the lawsuit against the energy corporations.  Enron internal memoranda recently leaked detail the conspiracy and the fact that Schwarzenegger, if Governor, is supposed to "settle" for TWO CENTS on the dollar with these energy corporations.  Governor Davis and Lt. Governor Bustamante were planning to REFUND most of the $90 billion BACK to Californians, but Californians in their blindness have just voted themselves out of receiving that refund.

It's highly unlikely that Californians will ever see any refund.  From $90 BILLION to $1.8 BILLION - that's a loss of  $88,200,000,000 for Californians because they were too blind to see who Schwarzenegger really is.  That's also a SAVINGS of $88.2 BILLION for the Illuminati energy corporations who severely gouged Californians a few years ago.  


Trilateral Commission


Will NESARA ever come about?
Dove newsletter of 18 Nov 2003

NOTE FROM JEAN: I know many people consider NESARA to be so controversial and touchy a topic that they would prefer not hearing about it anymore. I was one of them before. But considering Matthew and Suzy's track record and high-level quality with regard to all material previously networked in these compilations and in her books, I'd say it would be perhaps a good idea to put any reluctance about this topic on hold for a moment and carefully review and consider at its face value what is proposed below.

Cherished Jean:

For a few months now I have been meaning to write to you and thank you for your openness, wisdom, and intelligence in rising to the more enlightened view of the reality of NESARA.   I do recall a couple of years ago when you almost removed me from your list because of my support of NESARA.  You were indeed against it.  But you have used your God-given intelligence to reconsider it, and all of us have been deeply grateful, respectful, sympathetic, and impressed that you made it successfully
through to the truth.

Several of my correspondents have expressed negativity about it too, and here are a few of the facts and beams of light I have shared with them:

How many people believed the light bulb or the telephone or the airplane before they happened?  Did you know that the Wright Brothers were flying their planes a full ten years before most people believed it?  One time they flew their plane right past a newspaper office window, deliberately, to show them - - and the newspaper STILL wrote that it was a hoax!

Contrary to what cubicle-thinking people assume, whether there is such a thing as a NESARA law sitting at the US Supreme Court is secondary. Whether it was secretly passed by Congress, as Dove claims, is secondary. Those are not the criteria by which we judge whether it is authentic. Anyone who says it is a fraud or a hoax based on those arguments is working for the dark agenda, either intentionally or unintentionally - - but either way it is incredibly stupid.

The real criterion for judging the merits of Dove's version of NESARA is the matured intelligence of higher consciousness, with which one can plainly see the beauty and innocence of its goals.  These goals are summarized in a nutshell as follows:

1.      Each country MUST ABOLISH their INCOME TAXES;
2.      Each country must agree to institute common law;
3.      Each country must have government leaders elected by the people;
4.      Each country must agree to live in PEACE;
5.      Each country must bestow UNIVERSAL PROSPERITY to ALL their citizens by using the money-making formulas and processes which have a proven 200-year track record of success in providing massive prosperity.

Now WHO of intelligence could disagree with these ideals?   Of course, the TRUE NESARA law has MANY more benefits than these, such as debt forgiveness, gold-backed currency, massive prosperity for all, open public communications with extraterrestrials and physical interaction with them, the release of vastly superior healing and free energy technologies for the upliftment of mankind, etc. etc.   But the above five are the basics, and they're enough to win the heart of anyone who has a healthy spirit, a clear mind, and a pure heart.

As humanity graduates out of its kindergarten, it matures into peace, love, intelligence, wisdom, and compassion.  These are the qualities that NESARA is bringing - - the shift of global power from war
to peace, the coming of freedom from oppression, the removal of corruption, the liberation of untold wealth, the unleashing of vast prosperity, the return of the power systems to truth and honesty, the
ending of income tax, the wiping out of most debts, and waves of other benefits.

Most importantly, it will elevate the enlightened people of the world, those who truly have the best intentions at heart for the happiness of mankind, as well as the spiritual consciousness, the genius, and the personal power to bring it about - - it will elevate them to positions of public position so that for the first time in history, the halls of government, education, media, finance, and all kinds of power will have
the Givers of Life in them instead of the killers, liars, thieves, and criminals.

How could anyone of any intelligence disagree with this ideal?

Some may say they agree with the ideals but argue that there is no NESARA law guaranteeing these things, and there is no likelihood of the globalist cabal allowing such ideals or being overcome by those promoting them.

The response to this is, anyone who calls it a fraud or a hoax just because of lack of proof that someone drafted it at the Supreme Court and passed it in Congress, has his priorities mixed up.  The priority is NOT whether it has been drafted, approved, or passed.  The priority is, is it in tune with the Divine Plan and with Natural Law?   The answer is an obvious and emphatic YES!

As to the likelihood of the globalist cabal allowing such ideals, now this one does require more wisdom to understand, because it is indeed very true that those who have been in dominance have not allowed NESARA or the ideals it will bring. 

It is, in fact, because of this very dark force, the "federal Mafia", the Illuminati, that NESARA has been obstructed and the ideals it will bring have been suppressed.  This is indeed true. What the skeptics have to realize, though, is that this so-called dark force is within all unenlightened human beings, which is most of mankind, including the skeptics.  Those playing the outer role of the Illuminati have no intrinsic power of their own.  They only have the power that we collectively give them.  So if you say the Illuminati "will never allow NESARA", that is the same as saying you yourself will never allow it!

By contrast, millions and millions of people worldwide are experiencing higher states of consciousness.  This awakening is spreading exponentially.  As Ken Carey once said, fear spreads numerically; but Love spreads exponentially.  So a far smaller number of people in Divine Radiance can change the world.

What the skeptics also have to realize is that thousands of human beings walk this Earth among us, here today in the body, who are far more intelligent, far more advanced, far more spiritually evolved, and far more enlightened . . . than most people.  These compassionate Masters can remove the Illuminati from power as easily as brushing a dust particle off their coats.

Anyone who doesn't know or believe this is simply ignorant. Ignorance is perfectly okay as long as it is humble, sincere, and open to learning.  It is when some ignorant people become stubborn, that their
mindset degrades to one of "my mind is made up; don't confuse me with facts."

Enlightened and Ascended Masters are physically here today among us, on all continents, in all walks of life.  They live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a perpetual state of superconsciousness.  They have what ordinary people would call "supernormal powers".

Their having not used these powers already to remove the Illuminati is not due to any inability, but rather to the necessity of Divine Sequence.  This means evolving mankind must progress through its elementary school of action-reaction, cause and effect, and reaping what it sows.  Humanity must be given as much free will as possible and as much time as possible to experiment with the laws of the universe - - suffering consequences when it violates them, and enjoying happiness when it harmonizes with them.

If the Masters were to simply remove the "bad guys" prematurely, wave their hands, and bring Heaven on Earth overnight, then how would mankind learn its lessons?   How would those of lesser development complete their training?

At a certain point, when a sufficient critical mass of humanity has risen to the necessary level, then the Masters will remove the Illuminati, NESARA will be ushered in, and a whole new phase of cosmic education will begin.  It will be like returning from a survival camp in the wilderness where we had to deal with wild deadly beasts, to a much more comfortable university campus where our education can continue on much higher and more pleasant levels.

Those who are intuitive know that NESARA HAS been drafted, approved, and passed, and it IS being advanced towards national and worldwide implementation.   It WILL win a decisive victory over everyone who has been trying to monopolize, enslave, and dominate.  But that is not the most important point of focus.  What is important is, are its ideals basically good?  Are its ideals in tune with universal law?  Are its ideals in the best interests of the evolution and enlightenment of the entire human race?

The answer is completely "yes", and therefore, it deserves our support, our respect, and our reverence, regardless of whether we can see the "proof" that we are able to perceive, of having been drafted, approved, and passed.   The credibility of its messengers stands pure as the highest snow in the eyes of pure Being, because they have done nothing but support the ideals which can liberate you and all humankind. We stand for freedom, Love, and enlightenment for all humanity, and anyone who thinks that this ruins one's credibility is too retarded to even know what credibility means.

That is why we can be so absolutely confident and definite that the true NESARA law, as expressed by Dove and the  site, deserve your support, and everyone's.

For those who have not read the Saint Germain books, the ones that provide the background knowledge which serves and the Source, Basis, and Inspiration for all that the true NESARA law represents, we highly, highly encourage you to do so.  Once again, that information is:  If you would like to own a copy of the book "Unveiled Mysteries", or any of the other Saint Germain books, from which Dove provides quotes, you may obtain them from:

Saint Germain Foundation & Press
1120 Stonehedge Drive
Schaumburg, Illinois  60194   USA

The two most recommended books to obtain are "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence".   These are the two masterpieces that tell the story of real live people who have interacted in the United States with Saint Germain, physically, and who have witnessed first hand the powerful, magnificent, and dazzling powers of a modern-day Ascended Master. 

NESARA is an absolute fact, and that it WILL be announced publicly and implemented.  The only catch is, nobody knows exactly when; or if anyone does, they're not telling.   Those of more fully matured awareness see it clearly from the mountain peak perspective. Those who don't see it, at the very least, should remain open minded.

Certainly it is hard to "believe" in the likelihood of it if one is not high enough in consciousness and not well enough informed.  Only spiritual practices can develop the consciousness.  The counterpart, the information, is available through the Dove reports.

The two combined, the daily education available of the details of it unfolding, which are CONFIRMED by actual events and by publicly available data and news - - along with the sufficient level of consciousness to intuit its accuracy - - are the only requirements necessary to See it as those who Know it do.

There are two maxims you may enjoy in relation to this:

"Entertain all new ideas royally; for one of them may be the King."    . . . and . . .

"The mind is like a parachute.  In order to function, it first has to open."

In Love, Ohana, Brotherhood, Fellowship, and Friendship, For the Victory and Reign of Universal Love on Earth, Dr. Taansen Fairmont Sumeru, Ph.D. . . . Your Fellow Bringer of the Dawn


Dove emails moved to around September 2003
Previously on 

The website unfortunately has posted Henry Ford's wrong and anti-Jewish information on their website recently.  The website also posted on November 2, 2003, what is claimed to be a message from "St. Germain" that was channeled by Anne Bellringer, the wife of the website owner.  In this message by Anne Bellringer, there are suggestions that people should read the anti-Jewish information on and that people should read other information on that website.  Anne Bellringer claims that these suggestions came from "St. Germain".   But in fact, these suggestions are a poorly disguised ADVERTISEMENT for their website using "St. Germain's" name and mention of NESARA in efforts to further their personal agenda of getting people interested in reading things on the website.

Here is what Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine requests that I include in today's Dove Report regarding this: . . . Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine says, "I AM not anti-Jewish and I did not give that channeled message to Anne Bellringer."

When began hosting the Dove Reports, there were already 9,000+ subscribers to the Dove Reports whom I took with me when I moved the Dove Reports from to  During the year that hosted the Dove Reports, some people assumed that I approved of all the information posted at but that is NOT the case.  Some people assumed that Patrick Bellringer must know a lot about NESARA and the White Knights, but in fact, he has zero White Knight contacts and did not know about NESARA prior to reading the Dove Reports.

I generally do not comment on people who say they channel Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine.  However, I feel a responsibility to set the record straight because the Dove Reports brought thousands of people to the website - thousands of people who otherwise probably would never have heard of  Anne Bellringer is not channeling Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine.  I do not know who she is channeling, but I have never heard of any Ascended Master of Light giving a message which is essentially an "advertisement" that furthers the personal agenda of the person doing the channeling. 

I moved the Dove Reports off the website a few months ago due to several questionable postings by the Bellringers.  The Bellringers also were not supportive of the NESARA Take Action Teams because the NTAT global internet headquarters are on the website and this took attention off of their website.  I realized for me to do all I needed to do to get NESARA announced, I had to move the Dove Reports to .

As of today due to this recent anti-Jewish focus of the Bellringers and their self-serving use of NESARA and "St. Germain", I HAVE REQUESTED that the website STOP posting the Dove Reports.  Having the Dove Reports on indirectly lends credibility to these Bellringer postings and for this reason, I'm asking them to remove the Dove Reports from .


NESARA: Too Good to Be True? Maybe Not . . .
By John Tiffany

There is a mysterious phenomenon going around that is known as NESARA. NESARA would be an acronym for the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act, which is said to be a legislative proposal that merely reintroduces specie as an alternative currency to help combat anti-inflationary policies of the paper Federal Reserve note. It may originally have been a good idea, with a patriotic appeal, but sadly this proposal seems to have become a magnet for some dubious characters.

If you believe someone calling herself “Dove of Oneness” or more often just “Dove” (a pseudonym, of course) or “Oliver,” two of the shadowy figures involved with NESARA, the exact text of the proposal is actually a secret, thanks to the Supreme Court. Oliver attributes to “Dove” this bizarre statement:

By order of the Supremes, the full text of NESARA cannot be published till its announcement. By order of the Supremes, the docket numbers and congressional bill numbers were removed and held in secret, to be revealed only after NESARA’s announcement.

In reality, there are two NESARAs: the fraudulent version pushed by con men and the real, original version.

Although the NESARA proposal has apparently been presented to many congresspersons over the years, and some have allegedly expressed interest in the proposal, the fact is that it hasn’t built up sufficient support for even introduction to committee.

Maybe someday the NESARA proposal will find support in Congress and may be presented for a vote, but that really isn’t the point.

According to, the web site of Financial and Tax Fraud Associates Inc., when certain scam artists claim that NESARA has been “enacted into law” by “secret acts of Congress” they are lying because NESARA has never even been formally made into a bill nor presented for either a committee vote or a full vote in Congress. There are no secret acts of Congress, since it is all in The Congressional Record.

Scam artists often latch onto something that sounds good to relieve people of money. For example, scammers often set up boiler-room phone solicitations to supposedly seek charitable donations for firemen or children, which the con artists then pocket. The NESARA proposal is currently being used in just this sort of a scam.

Con men claim the “true NESARA law” (meaning their phony version) was actually adopted by Congress in 2001, but that Congress has been keeping it a secret, and that soon the law will be “announced.”

“Dove” hosts a web site called “The Four Winds” that spews a bunch of New Age hokum, such as “Lord Ari’s Galactic Tales.” Additionally, Dove has an “update line” (currently running about seven months out of date) that you can call at: (206) 781-3897 to hear the “latest” on the “True NESARA Law.” These updates offer totally bizarre news events, such as that “100,000 bankers who would not accept the True NESARA Law have been eliminated” and that the spaceships of the “Galacticans” are regularly seen visiting Washington. (It is not stated what galaxy they hail from.) According to the “Dove” crowd, somehow the 9-11 attacks were a conspiracy to cover up NESARA.

On the other hand, there is the real NESARA Institute, which is not to be confused with the scammer group. Some people have suggested the fraudulent NESARA was set up partly at least with the intention of discrediting the real NESARA. That may well be true, since many people, having encountered the “Dove” NESARA and recognizing it as a scam, simply assumed that is all there is to NESARA. The real NESARA people have received little publicity, while many people have heard of a “NESARA scam.” Unfortunately, many people would find this believable.

Dr. Harvey F. Barnard is the author of the real NESARA. Barnard was born and raised in Louisiana. For more than 30 years he studied currency, banking, economics, taxes, law, philosophy, history, sociology and politics. Barnard has a Ph.D. in applied science, specializing in systems philosophy.

After years of research and study, Barnard wrote the NESARA, first as a bill for monetary policy reform and, within a few months, adding a section for fiscal policy reform. He placed NESARA in the public domain so that any representative could sponsor the bill and receive full, unfettered credit.

The legitimate NESARA proposal is sponsored by the NESARA Institute, which can be contacted at P.O. Box 70, Greenwell Springs, Louisiana 70739; (225) 634–3228.

Their web site is 

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