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The Principality of Rangeview
Location: via Gratton, Queensland Australia 4343

<< International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966
<< International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination 1965
<< British High Court judgement 25 July 04
There is no 'Queen of Australia'
<< Charter of the United Nations
at http://www.un.org/aboutun/charter
<< Immigration and Asylum Act
<< Statute of Monopolies 1623
<< Petition of Rights 1628
<< Habeous Corpus Act 1640
<< The Magna Carta
<< Purported Australian Constitution
<<of the UK at Westminster
<< Australia became a nation in 1919
From the purported government's own web site
<< Diplomatic immunity
<< Fee simple title
<< What is radical title?
<< Local government and rates illegal
<< Local gov. illegal - refer gov. web site
<< Flyer being circulated in Gatton Shire
<< Queensland Supreme Court coverup of illegal local government
<< View letter from illegal Brisbane City Council, dated 16 Aug 04
<< The ATO is not a legal entity
<< About the Taxpayers' Charter
<< ATO claims it does not receive payment ??
<< Trespass - 'Plenty v Dillon'
<< Typical example of how the legal fraternity hide the facts from the people of Australia.
<< House of Commons Hansard Vol 1900
P 46, 14 May 1900, Constitution Bill
<<The British High Commission
<< Of interest - where is Comm. of Aust. going
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Of interest:
A number of people wrongly believe that Australia became a nation in 1901.

It is unfortunate that some 'experts' on law go around spreading this nonsense.
One such person, who is without excuse, is the Chief Justice of the purported High Court of Australia, Mr Anthony Murray Gleeson. (Gleeson was appointed Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia in May 1998. He graduated in Arts and Law from the University of Sydney)
In one of Gleeson's 'Boyer Lecture series' ‘The Rule of Law and the Constitution’ he stated the following:

“The Australian nation came into existence on 1st January 1901 when the Constitution came into legal effect.”

As mentioned further above, Clause 8 of the [63 & 64 VICT] Constitution of Australia [CH 12] Constitution Act reads, 

“After the passing of this Act the Colonial Boundaries Act, 1895, shall not apply to any colony which becomes a State of the Commonwealth; but the Commonwealth shall be a self-governing colony for the purposes of the Act.”

And Clause 2 of the Act reads:“The provisions of this Act referring to the Queen shall extend to Her Majesty’s heirs and successors in the sovereignty of the United Kingdom”.

Now refer to the book 'The Annotated Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia', by Quick and Garran. See on web at http://setis.library.usyd.edu.au/ozlit/pdf/fed0014.pdf
(Quick and Garran were involved in the creation of the Constitution Act. Their book is one which students and practitioners of law know as the 'bible' of constitutional commentary)

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE TERM - The term "Commonwealth," to designate the Australian colonies, united in a Federal Constitution, was first proposed by the Constitutional Committee of the Federal Convention held in Sydney in 1891. ........
.... In both Conventions other names were submitted for consideration, such as "United Australia", "Federated Australia", "The Australian Dominion", "The Federated States of Australia", &c., but the Comonwealth was generally accepted, .......
.... In this Act the word is used to describe the new political community created by the union of people and of the colonies of Australia. Although it is capable of conveying the idea of a nation like the American Commonwealth, it does not, in its application to Australia, aspire to convey that meaning except in a restricted and potential sense. At the same time it is distinctly intended to signify that the newly-organised political society, forming a conspicuously integral part of the British empire, is entitled to a more dignified status and recognition in the international arena than that assigned to the most distinguished of the colonies or the most powerful of the provinces out of which it has been construed.

<< You can also view a 'snapshot' of the purported government's own web site where it states that Australia became a nation in 1919.



Regarding land tenure (tenure = the right to hold property; part of an ancient hierarchical system of holding lands)
Under International, and purported Australian law, the Crown in the right of the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland no longer has any jurisdiction within Australia. ........ There is no 'Queen of Australia'.
In 1971 the United Kingdom Parliament passed the 'Immigration and Asylum Act (amended in 1972 and 1973) which deprived Australians of British citizenship thereby making them 'aliens'.
The Crown, in the name of the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland cannot rule over 'alien' Australians.
Since the Crown in the right of the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland no longer has any jurisdiction within the territories of Australia, I, Lyall Lindsay SempfÓ own my land under fee simple title under no tenure to any crown. Radical title in Australia by the Crown does not exist.
<< See explanation of radical title.

Quick & Garran's Commentary - Constitution

Embassy/Consulate for the Principality of Acworth, the Principality of Argyll,
and the Principality of Snake Hill


3Principalities of Argyll, Cochrane and Woodlands
On the left is a Public Notice taken from the Star Newspaper, dated 1st September 2004, which serves the Gatton, Lockyer and Brisbane Valley areas.

<< Media Watch



AUSTEO SECRET document from the Department of Territories regarding Hutt River Province.

The late Professor G. Clements (an eminent UK QC and emeritus Professor in law at Cambridge) summed up the legal situation in Australia like this:

"The continued usage of the Australian Constitution Act (UK) by the Australian Governments and the judiciary is a confidence trick of monstrous proportions played upon the Australian people with the intent of maintaining power. It remains an Act of the United Kingdom. After joining the League of Nations in 1919 Australia became a sovereign nation. It had no further legal power to use, alter or otherwise tamper with another nation’s legislation. Authority over the Australian Constitution Act lies not with the Australian government nor with the Australian people, it rests solely with the UK. Only they have the authority to repeal this legislation ...".

Did you know?
The [63 & 64 VICT] Constitution of Australia [CH 12] Constitution Act is British Domestic Law,

"After the passing of this Act the Colonial Boundaries Act, 1895, shall not apply to any colony which becomes a State of the Commonwealth; but the Commonwealth shall be taken to be a self-governing colony for the purposes of that Act".

The Constitution was never altered to allow for Australia as a nation, and so is invalid.
As such, Australia is operating under Britich domestic law, and all governments are therefore invalid.
Principalities, over which the invalid governmennts of the Commonwealth of Australia have no jurisdiction, are 'springing up' everywhere.

Did you know that Local Government and rates are illegal
- In a 'nut shell'-
It can be argued that the [63 & 64 VICT] Constitution of Australia [CH 12] Constitution Act could not relate to Australia since 1919, however this will not be discussed here.
The Constitution was created to combine the Australian colonies into a Commonwealth, and to set the rules by which the Commonwealth would be governed by the people as a self-governing federated colony ( not a nation as Australia became in 1919 ).

The Constitution can only be altered by a referendum. There are no other means by which our system of self-government can be altered.
Clause 9, S1 states: "The legislative power of the Commonwealth shall be vested in a Federal Parliament, which shall consist of the Queen, a Senate, and a House of Representatives, and which is herein-after called "The Parliament or, The Parliament of the Commonwealth."
Clause 9, S 106 states: "The Constitution of each State of the Commonwealth shall, subject to this Constitution, continue as at the establishment of the Commonwealth, or as at the admission or establishment of the State, as the case may be, until altered in accordance with the Constitution of the State."
Clause 9, S 107 states: "Every power of the Parliament of a Colony which has become or becomes a State, shall, unless it is by this Constitution exclusively vested in the parliament of the Commonwealth or withdrawn from the Parliament of the State, continue as at the establishment of the Commonwealth, or as at the admission or establishment of the State, as the case may be."
Clause 9, S 108 states: "Every law in force in a Colony which has become or becomes a State, and relating to any matter within the powers of the Parliament of the Commonwealth, shall, subject to this Constitution, continue in force in the State; and, until provision is made in that behalf by the Parliament of the Commonwealth, the Parliament of the State shall have such powers of alteration and of repeal in respect of any such law as the Parliament of the Colony had until the Colony became a State."

The entity known as Local Government did not exist at the time of the creation of the Commonwealth, therefore there can be no continuance of Local Government law.
In no section within the Australian Constitution is there provision for the Federal or State Parliaments to establish a third level of government without the permission of the people via a Federal Referendum. Entities known as 'local government' did not exist at the time of Federation and are therefore illegal, no matter how they were created. Councils at various times have been unable to prove their Head of Power and legality to numerous citizens.

Notwithstanding that rates are then illegal because Local Government is illegal, it can also be shown that rates are illegal under Australia's Constitution.
The Courts of Australia have long held that council rates are a tax.
The High Court ruled that State Governments couldn't raise any tax.
Local Government is subordinate to State Government.
Furthermore, John Howard, Peter Costello and Michael Carmody all stated before the introduction of the GST (Goods and Services Tax) "Local government Council Rates will attract no GST because Council Rates are a tax and we can't tax a tax." Under Australia's Constitution, the Parliaments of the States do not have the power of taxation. Under Australia's Constitution, rates, being a tax, are illegal as only the Federal Government can enforce taxation.

What about Fee Simple title?
Webster's Legal Dictionary, 1889, defines Fee Simple Title: "Fee Simple is a Contractual Agreement between the present owner and the previous owner, involving neither a third nor other parties. Fee Simple permits an owner to do with his property as he might wish. It is the highest form of land ownership available. Third party interference is prohibited to a property held in Fee Simple Title." The Fee Simple (freehold) Title is a contract with a Government seal, subject only to the conditions therein, meaning that any other charges arising from other acts including Local Government acts etc, that are area or title based, if challenged, can not be enforced as compulsory charges.
Since private property is held in Fee Simple Title, and no third party can become involved, and citizens have never entered into an agreement with Councils for services provided in lieu of annual rate tax payments, then citizens cannot involuntarily incur a debt against their property.
Click Local government and rates are illegal. for more information.
Also check out Queensland Supreme Court coverup of illegal local governments

Did you know that the Australian Taxation Office is not a legal entity.
Click << The Australian Taxation Office is not a legal entity for more information.
Also check out << About the Taxpayers' Charter




< Click Action to be taken by Len Clampett in British Courts against an Australian Police Officer.
Please support this action. 2 Dec '04.


Law - Our Rights / Freedoms

AUSTRALIAN CONSTITUTION still binding in Australia
The Prime Minister & Attorney General confirms that the Australian Constitution is a legally binding document in Australian Law.

1689: The English BILL OF RIGHTS
Recognises our inalienable right to bear arms for self defence, control government etc.

1297: MAGNA CARTA - here is a law which is above the King and which even he must not break... Winston Churchill.
THE LAW - FREDERIC BASTIAT (1801-1850.) French economist, statesman, and author. Famous transcript. A must read for ALL Police Officers.

QUEENSLAND IMPERIAL ACTS APPLICATION ACT 1984 - Imperial Enactments Continued In Force in Australia.

Biblical analysis of WEAPONS ACT 1990 - by William Wallace. Proves that gun ownership is a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE.
Moses with Ten Commandments in USA Supreme Court. The Ten Commandments are above all US law including the US Constitution.
PREVENT SPEEDING FINES. The Police need your assistance! Updated techniques for aiding police.
Renegade Magistrates Courts



What happened in Versailles, was, a group of people who were called Synarchist International—which is actually a group of bankers, some of whom still exist today, as private banking interests—decided on a scheme for destroying Europe, and eliminating the factor of the United States in the time to come. What they did at Versailles—the bankers did—is, they created a system called the Versailles system.