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The SPELL of "religious conditioning," the adoption of myth and superstition in lieu of TRUTH  
--Raymond Karczewski

Religions belong to the Dark Ages
How religious myths prevent and pervert rational debate

by John Kaminski

Everybody's imaginary friend
Jesus never existed



Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian

10 - You vigorously deny the existence of thousands of gods claimed by other religions, but feel outraged when someone denies the existence of yours.

9 - You feel insulted and "dehumanized" when scientists say that people evolved from other life forms, but you have no problem with the Biblical claim that we were created from dirt.

8 - You laugh at polytheists, but you have no problem believing in a Triune God.

7 - Your face turns purple when you hear of the "atrocities" attributed to Allah, but you don't even flinch when hearing about how God/Jehovah slaughtered all the babies of Egypt in "Exodus" and ordered the elimination of entire ethnic groups in "Joshua" including women, children, and trees!

6 - You laugh at Hindu beliefs that deify humans, and Greek claims about gods sleeping with women, but you have no problem believing that the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary, who then gave birth to a man-god who got killed, came back to life and then ascended into the sky.

5 - You are willing to spend your life looking for little loopholes in the scientifically established age of Earth (few billion years), but you find nothing wrong with believing dates recorded by Bronze Age tribesmen sitting in their tents and guessing that Earth is a few generations old.

4 - You believe that the entire population of this planet with the exception of those who share your beliefs -- though excluding those in all rival sects - will spend Eternity in an infinite Hell of
Suffering.  And yet consider your religion the most "tolerant" and "loving."

3 - While modern science, history, geology, biology, and physics have failed to convince you otherwise, some idiot rolling around on the floor speaking in "tongues" may be all the evidence you need to "prove" Christianity.

2 - You define 0.01% as a "high success rate" when it comes to answered prayers.  You consider that to be evidence that prayer works.  And you think that the remaining 99.99% FAILURE was simply the will of God.

1 - You actually know a lot less than many atheists and agnostics do about the Bible, Christianity, and church history - but still call yourself a Christian.


What RELIGION does to peoples' minds

Adults no longer believe in the Tooth Fairy - but they still torture and kill each other over ancient myths and superstitions.

"We all remember how many religious wars were fought for a religion of love and gentleness; how many bodies were burned alive with the genuinely kind intention of saving souls from the eternal fire of hell." --- Karl Popper

"When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it is called Religion."
 --- Robert M. Pirsig

"Religion once ruled the world. It was called the Dark Ages." --- Ruth Green.

"Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings." ---  Victor Stenger.

"I don't believe in God because I don't believe in Mother Goose." ---  Clarence Darrow

"As my ancestors are free from slavery, I am free from the slavery of religion." --- Butterfly McQueen

"Faith is believing what you know ain't so." --- Mark Twain

"The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction." --- Richard Dawkins

"Cult today, religion tomorrow."

The Freedom From Religion Foundation:
The Secular Coalition for America:
Secular Student Alliance:


A new paradigm

Our world appears to be making a profound shift from one paradigm to another. The old paradigm served humanity for many, many years, and in some ways serves us still. Yet an exciting new paradigm is paving the way for a more loving, harmonious way of living and interacting with all around us. The below comparison is an attempt to capture the spirit of the old and new paradigm without the intention of making one better than the other, yet also inviting us to join in welcoming inspiring new ways which can support us all in being the best we can be and making a difference in our lives and world.

Old: Man is born into sin, essentially corrupt at the core.
New: All people in their core essence are beautiful and worthy of love.

Old: Hatred and vengeance are justified for wrongs suffered. An eye for an eye.
New: Love is the most transformative force. Forgiveness is an act of courage and compassion.

Old: Don't show real feelings, or you will get hurt. Create a convincing persona to present to the world.
New: Welcome authenticity and vulnerability. It's all about being honest and real with each other.

Old: Emphasis on hierarchies. Focus on competition so that the best rise to the top of the hierarchy.
New: Emphasis on equality. Focus on cooperation in order to support the greatest good for all.

Old: Tend to avoid personal responsibility by blaming those above or below them in the hierarchy.
New: Take personal responsibility for actions and learn from our mistakes.

Old: People need to be led or controlled by those believed to be better or more capable.
New: Each individual is a powerful creator capable of meeting their needs with the help of others.

Old: The mind and science is supreme. The scientific paradigm supersedes God and religion.
New: The heart and personal relationships are of paramount importance. The deepest essence of life is a divine mystery to be welcomed and explored.

Old: Don't question the accepted scientific paradigm. Focus on three-dimensional, five-sensory world.
New: Foster fluid intelligence. Explore the edges of consciousness, especially other dimensions and capabilities not believed to be possible under the old paradigm.

Old: Categorizing and dissecting nature allows us to better control it and to profit from it.
New: Recognizing the interconnectedness of all life leads to greater growth and harmony.

Old: Focus on order, discipline.
New: Welcome flexibility and even occasional chaos and disorder as means to see new possibilities.

Old: Value boundaries, borders, and divisions. These give security, safety, and comfort.
New: While respecting and honoring differences, look for shared vision and ways to work together. Take risks in order to grow. Short-term pain can bring long-term gain.

Old: You can't trust anyone.
New: Surrender to and trust in a divine force greater than our egoic selves.

Old: Focus on defeating and conquering the enemy, us versus them. War against evil.
New: Committed to transforming and integrating life's challenges. The external reflects the internal.

Old: Focus on details, complexity.
New: Remember the bigger picture. Identify simple principles behind the complexities of life.

Old: Look outwards for guidance. Don't trust self. Have rigid rules and beliefs.
New: Look inwards for guidance. Develop intuition. Have flexible guidelines and beliefs.

We all have our feet in both paradigms. How much we live in each paradigm is but a matter of degree. The old paradigm is not necessarily something to be shunned or avoided. There are times when principles of both paradigms can be useful and beneficial. Yet overall, the new paradigm invites more love, support, and deeper connection into our lives and world. In every moment we can consciously choose the paradigm to which we give our focus, time, and energy.

Remember that all of us to some degree are afraid of our shadows. At times we avoid looking at the disturbing parts of ourselves and our world. Yet consider that a willingness to explore and even dance with these shadows can be a potent catalyst to a new paradigm. And when we set a clear life intention to choose and support what's best for all, our lives can't help but become richer and more fulfilling.

Psychological warefare: Fooling 87% of the people on a regular basis

" What the researchers discovered was that only a very small group of people understood the process of reasoning and the ability to observe the problem as opposed to passing an opinion on it. This, said Lord Rothmere, was the way in which 87% of the British public approached the war, and that the same principle applied not only to the war, but to every conceivable problem in society in general." --Dr John Coleman, ex-intelligence agent, Illuminati researcher and author

Why deceive the population?

"Knowledge is power, and lies diminish the knowledge of deceived dupes and therefore diminishes the power of the deceived. Deception obscures the alternatives that people have. It also clouds up various objectives people would work toward. Some people give up certain objectives due to their mis-perceptions that the objective is undesirable or unattainable." --Fritz Springmeier, Illuminati researcher and author.

The Council of Nicea (325 AD)

In 325 AD Emperor Constantine made changes to the bible contents, deciding what was legitimate content and what was inappropriate. 

Who was constantine, what was the climate of the times, what would have been the motivation for inventing Jesus. See Apollonius of Tyana.

A Startling Revelation of What Really Occurred at the Council of Nicea, Called by the Degenerate Roman Emperor and Homicidal Maniac, Constantine, When Apollonius of Tyana, the True Founder of Essenian Early Christianity, was replaced by a Fictitious Figure Put in His Place, More Pleasing to Constantine, Whereupon He Made the Doctrines of the Persecuted Essenes the Imperial Religion of Rome and Turned his Legions from Putting to Death the Early Christians to Massacring All who Refused to Accept Christianity in its New Romanized Form.

This manuscript also contains the Life and Private Correspondence of Apollonius of Tyana, The Teacher of Righteousness of the First Century Essenes and the Unknown Founder of Essenian Early Christianity.

The nature of "proof"

Hidden information that has laid dormant for years may totally reverse our understanding of something.  ... If the investigator feels strongly that everything is totally clear, he may declare that something is correct "without qualification." This is the nature of proof. 

"We are again being offered the opportunity to break the fetters of this world of illusion to turn the mirror around, and in its place perceive our true reality. With this, the restraints of negativity, illusion, polarities, judgments, control, hate, avarice and greed, jealously, killings and war will all fall away." --Virgil Armstrong

What proof is not

While there can only be one Universal Truth, there are thousands and thousands of organized religions and spiritual cults upon this earth, each claiming and sincerely believing itself to be the truest and best of all possible religions.

Each has some special piece of evidence to use as proof of its authority and claims. These claims are based on any or several of the following kinds of evidence:
(Examples showing the absurdity of using such evidence as proof, follow each one.)

Proof from Authority "It must be so, our leaders say it's so."
Proof from a group of Authorities "They all say so, it must be so."
Proof from Antiquity "It was written in 10,000 B.C. so It must be true."
Proof from Circumstance "I asked for a sign and the dog barked, it must be so."
Proof from Friends "All my friends do it, it must be OK."
Proof from Phenomena "He gave me a drink of something and it cured my pain, he must be the Messiah."
Proof from Self-Proclamation "I wouldn't say it if it were not so."
Proof from Feeling "It hurts so much it must be helping."
Proof from Investment "Everybody is paying so much for it, it must be valid."
Proof from Confusion "I can't understand it, so I'll have to believe in it."
Proof from Popularity "Everyone says the world is flat, except you, Columbus."
Proof from Misinterpreted Evidence "For many years now it has turned cold after the leaves have fallen from the trees. Therefore, we must fasten the leaves more securely to keep the weather warm."
Proof from Charisma "Look at that face, the smile, those eyes, that hair and mustache, how can you not be devoted to him? Heil Hitler!" 
Proof From Inner Guidance "A voice in my head said it was OK to steal, so I stole it." 
Proof from Credentials "The sign said: "Honest John's Used Cars," so naturally l assumed..."
Proof from General Faith "We all thought the world would end on March 1, so we sold our homes to Joe, threw a farewell party and got roaring drunk."
Proof from Association "I ate six apples on the full moon, six months later I married a werewolf. Don't eat apples on a full moon."
Proof from Packaging "It must be valuable because it has expensive paper, leather binding, gold ink, violet ribbon, antique printing -- but what's that ticking sound inside?"
Proof from Dedication "Four million followers have been martyred for him. He must be a true and wonderful leader for our people."
Proof from Power "He has destroyed his every enemy, he has made the mountains quake, he has caused the sea to swallow up the land, he has created chaos out of order, who can doubt his wisdom? Who dares doubt his wisdom?

Those "Proofs" Have Been the Basis for Most Religions on Earth From examining the above and the religions and spiritual organizations in the world, it becomes increasingly clear that people of the earth have long lived with illusions, lies, false gods, and absurdities called Truth. Essentially earth people are misled and unrealistic in an unrealistic world.


Original teachings of Christianity subverted

From 'The Hermit', by Lobsang Rampa 

'"The new form of spiritual discipline spread. But once again there were those who subverted it to their own ends. About sixty years after its inception a large convention was held in the middle east city of Constantinople. Here many priests foregathered. Many of them perverted men who had depraved sexual desires and who looked upon heterosexuality as unclean. Under their majority vote the real Teachings were altered and made women appear unclean. They now taught quite erroneously - that all children are born in sin. They decided to publish a book about the events of sixty years before.

'"Writers were hired to compile books on the same lines using as far as possible the tales and legends which had been passed down (with all their inaccuracies) from person to person. For year after year various committees sat to edit, delete and alter passages which did not please them. Eventually a book was written which did NOT teach the real Belief, but which was in effect advertising material to enhance the power of the priesthood. 

Throughout the centuries which followed, the priests - who SHOULD have been assisting the development of Mankind - actively hindered it. False legends have been propagated, facts have been distorted. 

Unless the people of the Earth, and particularly the evil priests, change their ways, we, the People of the Empire, will have to take over the Earth world. Meantime, except in such extreme cases as this, we have orders not to converse with Man, and to make no overtures to any government on Earth."


Science and religion based on natural laws   

In addition, a new approach to science is to be revealed to you. This new approach ends the present deep divisions between your world's technical and religious beliefs and forges a new concept in your world based upon consciousness. This concept shows how physicality is a continuous creation of Spirit. 


Burning of Library in Alexandria    

According to legend, the library at Alexandria was burned three times: in AD 272 (by order of the Roman emperor Lucius Domitius Aurelian), in 391 (under the Roman emperor Theodosius I), and in 640 (by Muslims under the caliph Umar I, 581?-644).  - Encarta

Good deeds

In Fritz's ' Be Wise As Serpents' book (which exposed Billy Graham as a Luciferian in 1991), it is explained that high level Satanism is Gnosticism which requires that "the Force" of these great Satanic magicians be balanced. In other words, in high level Satanism your good deeds must balance your evil deeds. People do not realize that unless someone does "good" deeds they cannot be a high level Satanist. That is why some of the greatest philanthropists are also our leading national Satanists, To see Billy Graham do something commendable does not disqualify him from Satanism. In fact, it is a requirement if he's been part of the Illuminati, such as ex-insiders/witnesses say he was. In fact, it wasn't until working on this book that an eyewitness to the mind-control abuse of at the hands of Billy Graham offered to help contribute to this section of the book. 

Billy Graham 33rd level freemason.

Reincarnation - fact or fiction?

Reincarnation is a more rational theory than christianity's "live once and then the judgement".
Most of the world's religions believe in reincarnation. Religions which believe in reincarnation include Buddhism, hinduism 
Reincarnation theory says a person's soul inhabits different bodies over different lifetimes, learning lessons they need to learn and in this way they evolve spirituality. 

Christianity says a person lives once, dies and then either goes to heaven or hell, according to how good or bad they've been, or whether they died in a "state of grace". This irrational teaching fails the credibility test. Christianity's absurd teachings say:

Children aren't accountable until age 7 and automatically go to heaven if they die. 
Under this irrational teaching, it would be kind to kill children before they get to the age of accountability because the minute they turn 8 years of age the same child has the potential of going to everlasting hell fire. 
A person can be wicked all their life, repent on their deathbed and go to heaven.
Sometimes it is said that an all knowing god has foreknowledge of who is good or bad and can judge people according to this foreknowledge. The word for this is predetermination. This idea is used to rationalise children going to heaven if they die before age 7. If god has the foreknowledge, why bother putting people through a life - why not just judge everybody on foreknowledge and cut out the whole cycle of life and death?



Twin doctrines of reincarnation and karma 

The idea that each human soul lives just one short life on earth, and then spends the rest of eternity in heaven or hell is neither logical nor appealing. According to the ageless wisdom, we incarnate on earth many many times, and in each life we reap the consequences of the causes we have set in motion in previous lives, in accordance with the law of karma. In this way we gradually learn from our mistakes and unfold more and more of our spiritual potential. 

The twin doctrines of reincarnation and karma place the responsibility for our lives firmly upon our own shoulders. Instead of being the victims of chance and 'selfish genes' on the one hand, or of fate and some fickle God on the other, we have made ourselves what we are, and it is up to us to use our free will wisely, in order to help others and change ourselves for the better. And just as the quality of our thoughts and deeds largely determines the nature of our dreams during sleep, so they will also determine the states of consciousness experienced by the inner self after death.

H.P. Blavatsky devoted her life to spreading these and other ideas. She believed that they would help to eradicate ignorance and superstition, uproot separateness and selfishness -- the cause of so much suffering and misery -- and lay a sound basis for universal brotherhood. In her work, she had to cross swords with both dogmatic theology and materialistic science, and it was this that lay at the root of much of the opposition she encountered. Her eventful life, and the far-reaching influence she has had on modern thought are described in detail in the biography The Extraordinary Life and Influence of Helena Blavatsky; Founder of the Modern Theosophical Movement by Sylvia Cranston and Carey Williams, and also in H.P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Movement by Charles J. Ryan.

[Comment on Madam Blavatsky - some say she was evil and on the side of the new world order. Maybe, maybe not. However, she did teach some pretty interesting ideas like reincarnation, karma, ether based science which has subsequently been suppressed. ]

The "Book of Revelation" a Masonic Writing

This Book of Revelation was indeed a Masonic writings, that was inserted into the compilation of the Bible because entities did not quite understand what it was talking about and were fearful that they would leave out something of importance. This Awareness indicates that if modern-day Biblical scholars had known and had the opportunity to put the Book of Revelation in or leave out of the Bible, the realization that it was of a Masonic nature would have led them to leave it out.  

[...] This Awareness suggests however, that the times will follow their own historic and karmic directions through cause and effect and the energies that are in motion, regardless of what the Book of Revelation says. In other words, your time is not directed by the Book of Revelation, and if a parallel occurs, it is because the Book of Revelation is symbolic enough to have an application to whatever occurs.

[...] This Awareness indicates that It wishes entities to realize that the future is not fixed; that the Book of Revelation or any other predictive source of information does not fix the future. 

See the Law of Leverage (the future is never fixed)



At this time of transition, be very careful about who and what you are following.
In fact, if you are following at all, that is the first indication that you are off track.
For those of you who are still students of gurus, we recommend discernment.
This is no longer time of great spiritual teachers.
It is now the time of great spirits instead.
This shift from master/student to just plain master, may cause a temporary unemployment problem in India and elsewhere, but do not be alarmed.
The true masters of light will make the shift with ease and will welcome your upcoming graduation,
with the same relief that they welcome their much deserved retirement.

The Battle is to Capture the Souls of the Earthlings
At this time of transition, be very careful about who and what you are following.
"Essentially, the souls of people IS the issue involved."
Cosmic Overview

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Flying Serpents and Dragons by R.A. Boulay (E)

More about Religion and the Alien Connection in our Masterfile (E)

From Phoenix Journal 57, p.63 

The Sumarians - A lost civilisation found (continued)


The New Testament, the account of the Life of Christ, His teachings and the foundation of His Ecclesia superseded all that was previously recorded.

The Old Testament was compiled by the leaders of the Hebrew tribe and begun a few centuries before Christ's appearance as accepted. It was gradually added to and built up. When the Hebrews overcame the Sumarians and discovered the amazing civilisation and the religion of the Sumarians they rewrote their Old Testament to conform to the Sumarian religion attributing all revelation contained therein to themselves as having been given to them. Actually they substituted themselves in place of the Sumarians. However, it was necessary to rearrange the events of their own short history to conform to that of the Sumarians. In so doing, discrepancies and vague language appears in the Old Testament.

In the course of time as their history developed, more books were added and the order of the books was changed. The story of Exodus was placed second after Genesis and was a complete fabrication. The purpose of the book was the building up of the Hebrew pride in their own race. The Hebrews recognised the superiority of the Sumarians and other races. The way to overcome this difference between themselves and others was to claim direct contact with the Supreme Being.

The Hebrew history did include their sojourn in Egypt which had been evidence of the charity of the Pharaoh who permitted them a refuge in Egypt. Their stay in Egypt was marked by a growing discontent of the native Egyptians because of the obnoxious and arrogant behaviour of the Hebrew people. Finally Pharaoh expelled them from his kingdom. When Moses led the people out of Egypt it was an exodus demanded by the Egyptians. They left Egypt with stolen property - jewels and fine raiment. In the account they give in their book Exodus they boast of their theft as one recommended by God Himself because they were of mankind His chosen people. Pharaoh did pursue the Hebrews after they left Egypt in order to recover the jewels and rare raiment they had stolen. These Pharaoh recovered and returned to Egypt.

The author, Jacob Elon Connor, of CHRIST WAS NOT A JEW, tells of the discovery of the tomb of this Pharaoh with his mummified body reposing therein. No publicity was given this event that is not known to the world.

Many books of the Old Testament with their beautiful maxims were taken in their entirety from the Sumarian religious writings. The history of the Hebrew religion subsequently included in the Bible as we know it today was made part of the Christian Bible solely because of the beauty of these Sumarian writings such as the book of Ecclesiassticus and especially the Psalms, all Sumarian and most of all because of the Prophecies concerning Christ's coming or, as the Hebrew religion called it, the coming of the Messiah, which they still expect as a future event for them.

The history of Christianity then had its beginning in the lost civilisation of the Sumarians and their origin of Christianity is now brought to light by God Himself at this critical point in time to expose the duplicity of the so-called self-styled "Jewish" race (which is not a "race") who have foisted on the people of the world several major deceptions - hoaxes - to gain their consuming ambition to rule the world and make all nations subject to them. The hoax of the Old Testament is the major hoax, that Christ was their own race was another, and now in this century the extraordinary successful hoax of the Holocaust in the Second World War is another major hoax causing the continuing suppression of the truth of their centuries of deceit.

The New Testament has also been tampered with. The birth of Christ predicted in the Prophecies to take place in Bethlehem was not brought about at the time of census of the family of David. David was  not the ancestor of Esu Immanuel (Jesus) through His Mother or by adoption through Joseph. These are untruths introduced into the account of His birth to make His descent from David an absolute face to establish that He was of the "Jewish" race. His Mother Mary was of Sumarian origin and could not have been "Jewish". The Evangelist writers gave a lineage for Mary that is presumed, since there was no record to substantiate it.

The Council of Nicea separate the books of the Bible, discarding books that were obviously false. They retained all the books that were considered genuine including all books containing the prophecies of Christ's coming. The Council of Nicea had accepted the authenticity of the "Jewish" Old Testament. False statements could have been made part of these prophecies. These prophecies can now be read in their original context in the Sumarian writings.

Why, we ask, does God permit such a tremendous contradiction of the truth to become successful for 2,000 years? We cannot answer this question except to say that God is infinite in His Wisdom and His decisions to allow evident lies and evil conditions to prevail and grow over centuries upon centuries can only be understood if we realise that time is an element confined to planet earth. God surveys the whole history of earthly time and brings all things together into good over the whole range of human history.

June 30, 1992 M.O'L

Books by L.A. Waddall, A.B. PhD; for reference:

The Makers of Civilization
The British Edda
Egyptian civilization - its Sumarian origin
Phoenician origin of the Britons, Scots and Anglo Saxons.
The Indo Sumarian seals deciphered
Aryan origin of the Alphabet



Charles E. Carlson

Understanding Evangelical's Prophesy of War and the End Times: finding Hope in the Era of the Neo-Crusades

Is America's warring in the Middle East politically or religiously motivated?  Some now argue the war is between the Christian Right and their Bush man in the White house, versus the forces of Islam.  In fact this is ethnically close to being true, but not quite.  War is a political expedient, and the "Christian Right" is its enabler, not the reverse.

War is the politician's return ticket to office, the only sure answer to full employment. In the 11th Century, the landed gentry and their politicians looked to the Catholic Church for its ennoblement of the 11 Crusades ending with the shameful Children's Crusade two centuries later.

Our Neo-Crusades are enabled by Judaized-Christians of various labels who now make up the majority of President Bush's faltering support for occupation in Iraq.  Few would deny this, and a recent poll tells us that only 42% of Americans now approve of the Bush administration's war policy.  But this by no means should be interpreted to mean that "Christianity" demands war, or that all those in the Judaized Churches agree or understand what they are a part of.

Every Empire I can think of has had a state "religion" by some name.  Where is the hope in a society whose dominant religion is openly in supports political plans to destroy human life?  This is USA today; it was also Rome 1900 years ago.  If our politicians are the standard for justice, love of one's neighbor, and respect for life, what chance do we have to recover even a glimmer of the morality found in our history?  Can anyone or anything save us from the joining the Romans, where the citizens, hardened by serial wars, eventfully accepted and were entertained by torture and public murder inside the Coliseum, Vespasian's beautiful work of art and engineering?

See website for full story.

Cut Off From Our Souls: The End of Humanity?  

"You have been turned into a mind-controlled robot by the two things you have relied upon most for guidance - your God and your country."

*** John Kaminski's Internet essays can be seen on hundreds of websites around the world. They have been collected into two anthologies, the latest of which is titled "The Perfect Enemy," about how the Zionist-controlled U.S. government created the terrorist group known as al-Qaeda. His booklet "The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001" was written especially for those who cling to the government's false explanation of the events of that tragic day. For more information go to

The problem I have with religion

A person relinquishes the right to think for themselves.

The nature of religion is that of mental subservience or subjection to a doctrine, a set of rules or god's will, whatever that might be. And who better to be able to tell us what that is than the priests. This means that a person isn't free to form their own opinions but must be guided by the precepts of the church to which they belong. Never mind if the rules makes sense, it is not up to the devotee to question. God knows best and it is not up to a mere mortal to question the reasons why. And so religion is sold as a package or do's and don'ts to guide a person's behaviour and thinking.

There is much deception and suppression surrounding the nature of existence, and religion doesn't address the real issues. For example, if a person is struggling through life in a state of poverty, instead of looking for the real causes such as manipulation by monopolies, a person is encouraged to persevere and look for their reward in the afterlife - how convenient for the monopolies!

There is a danger that religion is used as a tool to manipulate thinking - inquirers are  referred to "experts in bible interpretation". 

A theory used to support the idea the bible is the inspired word of god is Bible numerics. However other writings also can be shown to have these numerics including the Talmud, the Book of Mormon and Moby Dick.

A person would do well to seriously question if the bible could be inspired when it contains such things as bible sex stories, and god sponsored genocide of the old testament.

Bible fraud - by Tony Bushby, What was the church trying to hide? 
History of how the bible was put together and the name Jesus Christ was worked out at Council of Nicea.


David Icke website
Some interesting articles from his religion section, see site for more

I Want a Theocratic Nation! - 

Fraud in the Bible, 
or It Sucks That You Don't Know Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic 

Christianity is a Hoax 

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by Helen Ellerbe (Author)

Midwest Book Review
Over a period of nearly two millennia, the Christian Church has oppressed and brutalized millions of individuals. Meticulously researched and courageously written, "The Dark Side of Christian History" by Helen Ellerbe examines the Church's devastating impact upon human freedom, dignity and spirituality. Written for the lay reader, this controversial book is especially relevant today as the religious right is attempting to assert greater influence in American politics and society. "The Dark Side of Christian History presents a compelling argument that the Church's desire to control and contain spiritually motivated its persecution of heretics, its burning of libraries, the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the witch-hunts. This dark Christianity ahs left a legacy, a world view, which permeates every aspect of Western society. It is a legacy which fosters sexism, racism, the intolerance of difference and the desecration of the natural environment. Helen Ellerbe is a researcher, writer, and public speaker living in the San Francisco bay area.


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