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How do we save Australia?
(Letter from Tony Pitt dated 3 December 2005)

A.R. (Tony) Pitt
79 Ferry Street
Ph 07 4122 1412 

I have just weeks to live before I go. With my last breath I'm asking 15,000 of you to work together to Save Australia, please!

Forget your minor differences, please! Work together to Save Australia, please! Together we can Save Australia, please!

We have spent so much time, money and energy in the past, trying to stop treasonous political parties from selling out our country and undermining our laws. We can't give up now.

Australia First, One Nation and the Great Australians have been unsuccessful. Letters and petitions have failed. Wake up calls and educational forums by Eric Butler, Jeremy Lee, Joe Bryant, Robert Balgarnie, I and others were not sufficient. The freedom newspapers haven't won the day so far.

So, how can we Save Australia?

By all working together for the common goal to Save Australia, please!

I have enclosed a list of people in your contact region who have, at some time, expressed an interest in Save Australia.

It is my sincere wish for you to contact each other, maybe arrange a barbeque or tea party, anything which can allow you to know you are not alone.

Form a Save Australia Alliance in your neighbourhood to jointly Save Australia, please!

I am handing over to Lynn Stanfield. Lynn's address is PO Box 578, Taree NSW 2430. Phone 0408 521 375.  Email

I ask you to help him keep up the momentum. We are winning but slowly. We can win if we all work together. NEVER GIVE UP. Australia is our country. Let's unite.

I may longer a while. In that time I will help as much as possible. I thank you all for what you have done to help me in a David and Goliath struggle to save Australia. I ask you to save our country for our children.

Yours sincerely

Tony Pitt

How do we save Australia?
(Attachment to above letter)

I am looking back at what worked. A charismatic leader, given publicity, did work briefly but internal treachery won at the end of the day. So - What else might work?

In about 1970 a group called itself the WORKER'S PARTY. It wasn't socialist. It was the self-employed and real workers. There was no structure. Their meetings were barbeques in the Dandenongs. Everybody brought their own sausages, mince, beer and flagons of wine.

Discussions were intense. Information was swapped. Ideas were born and improved. People drove hundreds of kilometres to the meetings. The group became huge, but apart from time and place there was no administration. We seemed ready to take on the major parties by the massive exponential growth rate generated by word-of-mouth.

A rich man joined us and said we needed money to become a force. He threw in $5,000 (a lot of money in 1970). But, with so much money, we needed a bank account, a committee, a chairman and minutes. The would-be's, could-be's and wanna-be's clambered over each other for executive positions. Good men, busy earning a living, stood back, thankful they were spared more workload.

We were told we needed a constitution and policies. We fought each other (and a few agent provocateurs) for two years. We fought to the death. Those who did not leave in disgust at the petty bickering were too tame to be of use as political fighters.

The Workers Party went defunct, overpowered by white ants.

Can we learn from this oft repeated scenario?

The enemy wants us to be in an organised group. --I suggest we stay loose.

They want us to have a constitution. -- There is no constitution which can work, if crooks ignore it, and they will. If we don't know right from wrong a  constitution won't help. --Policies are dreams unless one is in power in parliament. -- Forget policies and constitutions.

The government want us "registered". There is no legal requirement for a party to be registered. We can stand tomorrow as say, the FREE FUN PARTY, un-registered, and still have a coreflute signs, hand out how-to-vote cards, and if we get 4% of the vote, we are still entitled to the handout of $2 per vote -- Don't register.

They want our financial details and membership lists. You can give anybody money and there is no legal requirement for that person to give you a receipt. --Keep all money belonging to your group or electorate in private hands.

The structure I suggest is modelled on Hydra, a mythical Green monster. Hydra was a snake with many heads which grew again if cut off. -- With no single big head to cut off and too many branches to infiltrate we would be invincible.

We need a common name

I suggest we start up in every electorate in every state under the name SAVE AUSTRALIA ALLIANCE. The name is self-explanatory. If we use barbeques and picnics as the drawcards, we will grow.

There is a serious side

No candidate or support team can campaign without some electoral skills. This is the computer age, so I have put together a training CD. Containing: the complete Quick & Garrans expanded Australian Constitution, all 1,157 pages (Cost me $275 for a hard copy), the Australian Constitution, Bill of Rights 1688, Magna Carta 1215, Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948, the US Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and lots more. the CD can be posted like a postcard for 50 cents.

With email we have instant contact at almost no cost. Internet live broadcast radio is growing and pro-freedom TV stations are cropping up. With CDs and DVDs we can saturate Australia with our material and bypass the gag which mainstream media has imposed on us.

't be leading anything. My body has failed me. It is up to you. Will you be part of a nation wide push to save what is left of Australia? Don't look for leadership. Be the little local leader. With 1000 groups working to create groups we can retake Australia. Let us do it. Every long journey starts with a single step. Please be that step. Try it. Watch the ripple effect. If you only use say 100 printed or even hand-written sticky labels saying SAVE AUSTRALIA ALLIANCE in your town or suburb you wil create a national curiosity which will generate a tiny part of a nation-wide push. The alternative is to do nothing. Please do something.

Our policies are simple

We hold true to the promise to simplify and reduce tax, stop the sell-off of Australia, stop importing immigrants who hate the Australian way of life, stop the bank and insurance rip-off, get our own bank, get our superannuation out of the hands of pirates and shysters, make criminals pay back or pay the penalty.

We will stop the out-sourcing of our children's jobs. We will put tariffs on goods coming from countries which impost tariffs on our exports. We will fix the trade deficit, and get our nation out of debt to the world financiers. We will restore a strong national defence system.

The policies are not binding

Anyone can disagree with some of our policies and not get sacked. We don't want to fight each other.

We start with 15,000 members right now

I have included a list of people in your area, those who have at some time tried to save Australia through a political party or by backing one of the pro-freedom groups or newspapers. Contact them. Form a house group of like minded people. Be assured there are similar sized groups in every small town and suburb in Australia. If you add to this list all of the loyal to Australia friends and relatives, you have in your area, we become a formidable force, nationwide.

How groups become teams

After you have a core group formed, write to us --tell us what other postcode contacts you need to become a team electorate wide, we can help with stickers, flags, CD's etc.


You choose your own candidate. No federal or state executive should have any say in who represents you. We are contacting every non-major-party candidate who stood in the last election (they know how rotten the AEC can be).

We will put you in contact with any willing to stand again but you choose. If there are several potential candidates we don't have a shoot-out to see who is the last-man-standing. All can campaign in their areas. In some electorates it is a good idea to stand a couple of candidates who interchange preferences and maximise the vote.


I want to thank the 15,000 people who stuck to me and financed National Interest Newspaper with donations over 14 years. Thanks for believing in me when I was reviled and smeared. Thanks for having the integrity to find out who was doing something to save Australia and who was attacking them. Without your help I would have achieved nothing. It was your money which did so much. The dozing Australians are waking up. Don't stop now.

Thanks and cheerio, Tony.

Send donations to: Save Australia, C/- Lynn Stanfield, PO Box 578, Taree, 2430.

Information: Phone 0265 521 375, fax: 0265 521 375, mobile 0408 521 375, or

Tony Pitt produces a newspaper under various names including FIGHT, NATIONAL INTEREST, ACTION and WAKE-UP AUSTRALIA. It is totally not for profit. Neither Tony nor his volunteer helpers get any pay or benefit.

Tony is a thorn in the side of the ALP/DEM/LIB/NAT/GREENS. He wants to stop the sellout of Australia, put sensible tariff barriers in place, ensure a sound defence system based on the Swiss model and he wants to force all parties to adhere to Constitutional and Statutory laws which give us our rights our freedoms and our safeguards.

Tony believes Citizen Initiated Referendum is vital in a real democracy. He sees anything short of CIR as a dictatorship, abhorrent to free men. He sees Pauline Hanson as a breath of fresh air, an innocent who said "the emperor has no clothes" voicing an idea whose time has come. He tries to get the 292 pro freedom groups to work as a team to end Australia's woes.

Tony has a big job ahead of him. He is fortunate that his wife Pat is also dedicated to saving Australia. Few wives would tolerate a husband who works full time for the country instead of being the bread winner, but Pat and Tony have been happily married for 37 years and have two children they love dearly.

Tony asks: If you find that you agree with a message presented on this site, please print it out: photocopy it until you run out of paper, then give a copy to each of your friends and neighbours not yet lucky enough to have the Internet !




Government Financial Mismanagement 

Sellout of Australia's Assets


The major political parties in Australia have a bipartisan approach to the sellout of our assets, resources and land.

Heading for Third World poverty

Most of us know that all is not well with the way Australia is being run.

Fractional reserve banking
How the banks make money out of thin air

Why is Australia, the World's most richly endowed nation per capita, plunging into Third World poverty at such an alarming rate?

The answer lies in our banking system
If you were permitted to lend ten million dollars you didn't have at 10% per annum you could earn a million a year. If you were permitted to lend the total money in all banks at 10%, even though it was not yours, you would have an annual income of $22,251,900,000 (ABS 1996 figures). Not a bad income having invested nothing of your own. That is exactly what our government allows the banks to do to us using the Fractional Reserve Banking system. The same system that would guarantee the collapse of our monetary system tomorrow if all depositers tried to withdraw even a quarter of their savings on that day.

To understand how banks create money out of thin air, ponder this:

Suppose you have $1000 in your account. The bank counts it as part of their reserve and lends Fred $1000. Now you have $1000 in your account and Fred has $1000 that he is paying $10% on. That adds up to $2000 on paper, even though only your original $1000 ever really existed. Using the 10% Statutory Reserve deposit requirement allowed by our government, and hoping that not too many of their customers will ask for their cash at any one time, the bank can lend ten Freds $1000, giving them an income of $1000 a year from your deposit alone.

When Keating brought in the foreign banks they put the interest up to 18%, 25%, and even 32%. They were pulling in twice the total of all deposits per year without risking or investing a single dollar. Not satisfied with that income, the Statutory Reserve deposit was dropped from 10% to 6% (and called a prime assets ratio) so the banks could lend 15 times their total deposits.

With their profits the financiers bought our minerals, coal, iron ore and uranium, opals, sapphires, sugar cane, feedlots, timber, oil, fishing, hospitals, roads, chemical, pharmaceutical, electrical, tooling, and white goods factories, bridges, jails, tourist resorts, abattoirs, farms, superannuation schemes, railways, buses, trams, cattle stations, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank, railways, electricity, public utilities, and even some water supplies. To add insult to injury, under a 1953 tax agreement the big multinationals pay no tax here. Can you see how they cleaned us out?

But would the Reserve Bank allow such a thing to happen to us, the Australian people?

YES, they would, and did. WHY? Because the Reserve Bank is subservient to the privately owned Clearing House, which allows we Australians to send only a couple of members along to its board meetings so that they can be told what to do, namely, what the world financiers tell them to do.

They didn't teach you about this at school, did they? Did you see it explained in any of the mainstream media?

Instead of warning the Australian people that we were being pushed around by multinational corporations, swindled by international bankers, dictated to by the UN, and bought out by foreigners, the political parties that have governed Australia for the past thirty years have actually co-operated in the process. The sale of our people's bank and invitation to foreign banks to set up operations in Australia has left us at the mercy of international financiers.

The Result

"In just three years from June 1992 the amount paid out to foreigners as dividends has increased by 152% ! This is Australian generated wealth that is pouring out of Australia to improve the standard of living in other countries - at Australia's expense !"

So says The Australian Owned Companies Association, in its AusBuy report on Australia's balance of payments. It goes on:

"So in the last 10 years Australia has bought almost as much merchandise as it has sold, has spent a bit more on services than it earned, but has had an enormous loss of $138.9 billion in 'income', this being due to the high level of foreign investment in Australia.

"To finance the 1995 Current Account deficit Australia has had to sell to foreigners the equivalent of 20 Arnotts biscuit companies. The problem is, Australia doesn't have 20 Arnotts biscuit companies, and 60% of the existing one has already been sold to foreigners.

"Selling assets to pay for revenue expenses has to be the ultimate step in bad national management. By the year 2005 it is obvious that there will have to be a change in the Australian Government policies regarding foreign ownership and the protection of Australian industries, if for no other reason than Australia by then will have very little left to sell, nothing left to protect."

Reserve Bank of Australia research (RDP 9405) shows that in 1993 Australia had the highest level of direct foreign investment as a ratio of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of any major industrialised country.

Foreign investment and job creation

"While there are hundreds of thousands of Australians working for foreign companies, only a small percentage of these jobs have been 'created' by the foreigners. Where there has been growth in the number of Australians employed by particular foreign companies this has usually come from growth in the size of the Australian market or by aquisition of existing businesses or by putting Australian owned companies out of business. Only in rare cases are genuine new jobs created. The extremely high cost to Australia of foreign investment also has a major effect in reducing the number of jobs in Australia."

So says The Australian Owned Companies Association, in its AusBuy report on foreign investment inAustralia. It goes on:

"The takeover offer by the Campbell Soup Co. for Arnotts Biscuits is a good example of the effect of foreign investment on job creation.

"In their submission to the Foreign Investment Review Board dated 24th March 1986, Campbell soup said that if they were given approval to increase their shareholding in Arnotts to 40% then, amongst other benefits, they would increase Arnotts' workforce by 1480 from the level at that date, which was 7500.

"In October 1992, after six years of Campbell Soup involvement, Arnotts was employing 4900 staff, a reduction of 35% NOT an increase as promised, of 20%. By July 1994, the number of employees had decreased again to 4300.

"Why have a Foreign Investment Review Board if a foreigner can promise something and do the opposite? It would be cheaper to have a sign at all major airports saying:


'Australia for sale

no unreasonable offer refused'

Is there anything an ordinary Australian can do about all this?

"The ONLY way to buy back Australia and the ONLY way to to keep Australia Australian owned is to buy from Australian owned companies." says The Australian Owned Companies Association. The Association publishes a series of guides to help you identify which businesses are Australian owned, and which foreign. In most of your common purchases you still have a choice of buying from Australian owned companies or foreign.

Says the Association: "If every Australian averages $50 per week buying Australian made products from Australian owned companies - instead of spending the same amount buying imported products from foreign owned companies, then Australia would:




For more details on the Sellout of Australia's Assets, see

AusBuy Reports and AusBuy Guides

Tony asks: If you find that you agree with a message presented on this site, please print it out: photocopy it until you run out of paper, then give a copy to each of your friends and neighbours not yet lucky enough to have the Internet !


Save Australia Alliance contacts in your state

Lynn Stanfield  
PO Box 578  
TAREE NSW 2430  

Ph 0408 521 375

VICTORIA - Ph 03 5983 6550  
Doug Harrison  
10 Kenny Street  

Robert Meek
PO Box 60

 Ph 07 4163 8284


Merv Turner  
23 Hanson Street  
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Ray Escobar  
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George Merritt
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