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Jean-Paul Turcaud as founder of the true geology 
Jean-Paul claims to be original discover of Telfer gold mine


Geology from conspiracy viewpoint

In all areas of human endeavour (health, education, energy, economy, media, science etc) it can be demonstrated to anybody who wishes to know the truth, that there are forces hard at work to subvert or control all knowledge - geology being no exception. "He who controls knowledge, controls the world." A person doesn't have to look far to find examples of such suppression in science - Tesla, Rife and Reich to name a few.

Since it can be clearly demonstrated that conspiracy is the rule rather than the exception, and since all forms of mass media and education (including history and archaeology) have been subverted to hold up the deception, most people are totally unaware how far from the truth our current views of life are. Some very valid questions arise as to who, why and how - topics covered in other sections of this website.

The current conspiracy against learning needs to end - and freedom, sovereignty and truth be re-established. It is time for people to query the basis of all commonly held views and methodologies and recognise how this state of affairs has come about. All attempts to subvert knowledge and enslave humanity to false ideologies need to be met head on and recognised as the "crock of you-know-what" they really are. 

True geology

The term "true geology" is one coined by those who believe that geology currently taught in institutes of learning is basically flawed and that alternative theories better explain concepts such as continental drift, subduction and induction. Adherents further claim the science of earthquake prediction happens not in a chaotic way as promoted by current thinking, but rather in an orderly and predictable manner.  

Jean-Paul Turcaud claims to hold the key to true geology with his law of universal pressure (UPL) which he says is the foundation stone of true geology. However, this piece of hard fought information remains his secret for the time being, one that he says he will reveal at the appropriate time.


Jean-Paul Turcaud, founder of the true geology

According to Jean-Paul, "Professeur Carey 's work is related to what he calls the Expanding Earth theory. He does not claim to have founded the True Geology since the True Geology basis and its angle  stone indeed is the Law of Universal Pressure of which Prof Carey has not the slightest clue. 

"Professeur Carey's  findings are correct but peacemeal indeed since he has not understood the Mechanics behind such Earth Expansion nor the reason for the present subduction / surrection, nor the incoherence of all other geological accepted  but fraudulent Theories, nor the fact that such understanding lead to another Physics indeed. Anteriority to EE can be demonstrated further by a work I have at hand written of the subject before WWII by a French Physics genius and thanks to whom I developed my understanding of what is the True Geology. 

"Indeed I have discovered a few things myself and particularly in the field of Sedimentation, Erosion, Orogenesis but the Law of Universal Pressure was imposed to my mind by someone else ( who I will name in time ) and who opened the way for me.

"As well Professeur Carey follows of the step of someone who put him on the track of the EE understanding without though reaching the coherence the True Geology gives to the History of Planets & Mankind etc."

True geology theory spurned by academia

My dear Sir,

Of course no publication or bibliography exists on the subject of the "Cyclonic Granulometry Pattern of Pleistocene Sedimentation"  ( Although in the "Golden Rule" such theory of the True Geology is
mentioned al/grule.html , and may be on Dr Don Findlay's  site /tel/index.html , but I might be anticipating on this ? )

Why ? Simply because this is my Discovery,  and it is too much ahead of the common
Universilities "Educated"  Geological Herd's understanding now ! ...  being so simple to observe and straight forward to understand indeed, that I doubt if more a handful of people in the World will be able to take the grasp of it. before I die !
Since I put the True Geology together over 15 years ago, a whole barrage of misunderstanding has been raised to prevent it coming to the fore. Indeed, the True Geology is extremely dangerous for the present wobbling Card Castle of the Orthodox Geology, and I fully admit that by pulling any of those falsified cards ( like say the Glaciationzzz by ex. ) the whole Intellectual Fraudulent  Construction would come crushing down ! 

To illustrate my point, please know that every I have presented the "Cyclonic Granulometry Pattern of Pleistocene Sedimentation" theory to Engineers, Physicists and indeed to any kid interested in Science from the age of ten onwards, the whole concept has been grasped in less than 15
minutes. To so-called Geologists at large  ( apart 3 in the world ), the answer was one of disbeliefs and unease at questioning the Oxford Pope's Wisdom ( of whom they are slaves indeed )

By the way, before I venture in the Great Sandy Desert in 1970, no Publication, not Bibliographic references existed on the huge Mineral potential I found there .... NOW dozen of books and hundred of abstracts exit on the subject ! Likewise with the  "Cyclonic Granulometry Pattern of Pleistocene Sedimentation" , in 10 years time hundred of books will exist on the subject,  and I EVEN ANTICIPATE IT WILL TAUGHT AT OXFORD AS PART OF THE NORMAL GEOLOGICAL CURSUS !  

Jean-Paul Turcaud
Exploration Geologist
Discoverer and Legal Owner of Telfer, Nifty & Kintyre Mines
The Great Sandy Desert of Australia

Founder of the True Geology

 ~~ Ignorance Is The Cosmic Sin, The One Never Forgiven ! ~~


Letter from Jean-Paul to Prof. Gary Whitford of Canada.p

This is the fundation document of the True Geology

Dear Professor Whitford,

I was reading some of your documents some time ago and I felt sending you a fax to tell you that you are definitely on the right track. So are Shigeyoshi Matsumae and Yoshio Kato of Tokaï University with their most interesting observation as to how nuclear testing affects and produces zigzag movements on the Chandler Cycle.

However to fully explain the inter-relation between quakes and nukes which you have fully aprehended with great insight, you must relinquish some of the understanding of our environment which more akin to religious dogmas than to scientific truths. 

Foremost the dogma of the stability of the earth through geological times. Secondly the dogma of the constant gradient of energy through space. In fact we are in an an-isobaric and an-isotropic environment and this can be proven very easily. From that understanding you can induce the concept of buoyancy of the earth within the solar energy environment and mutatis mutandis you can draw the parallel between the earth in the solar atmosphere and a balloon caked with dried plaster in the earth's atmosphere. Any increase in the buoyancy of any one of the balloons generates in consequence an Archimedian degravitational resultant propulsing it towards a new state of balance within the environment. The consequences for our earth are an expansion leading to fault-forming and therefore quakes and also volcanoes bursting. That prodigious gradient of energy is well known, but it is not understood as such and is erroneously called atomic bonding energy, which then does not make sense in an earth surrounding officially made of empty space, therefore without counter pressure. This gradient of energy has been calculated by Vigier, Boehm and De Broglie.

Incidentally from this viewpoint, nuclear bombs do not generate energy, not at all in fact, the chain nuclear reaction brings about a desequilibrium in the local solar energy gradient of the earth. Of this and of all other irresponsible man-made desequilibriums we shall duly pay the consequences since Nature does not forget, nor forgives, nor knows impunity or immunity.

In such a pressure environment the direct relations between quakes and nukes are of a hydraulic or pneumatic nature so well described by French physicist Pascal in the experiment of the 100 Imp. gallons cask of water blown up by the additon of a small glass of water. In clear this means that any underground explosion of any kind is integrally reflected in the pressure system of which the earth is a part and the consequence is that the weaker piece of the earth's sphere gives way. The indirect relations are the results of a new buoyancy induced and concomitant research of the equilibrium of the earth within its new environment, in clear its new orbit. In this understanding, you can see the past of the earth, it is called Mars, Jupiter etc... and also its future, it is called Mercury and Venus. 

Consequently, what the geologists call 'Continental drift' is a stupidity because they explain a real observable fact by making abstraction or rather not seeing the difference between structures which are hard and those which are soft. Potters have been the only persons I found that were able to understand the plain evidence that no drifting of any kind can take place in a hardened environment. Potters have been the only persons with whom I could discuss my theories and the orogenesis of the earth and of our solar system. Geologists are hopeless, repeating parrot-like idiocies learnt at university to pass their exams. To account for the phenomena of the so-called 'continental-drift' I have coined a new word which I call 'Continental stretching' with 'Inter-continental filling' accounting for the Atlantic Mid-Oceanic Ridges' etc. Please, if you were to take on the concept, I would be obliged to you to keep the name I gave to it. As the earth drifts away in a lesser pressure solar atmosphere it expands and its surface stretches and consequently the weaker part gives way thus causing faults etc... It can be observed that the earth and other planets of our lens-like solar system of variable energy , have a density which continuously decreases. In such a lens-like environment all signals coming from space are diffracted and one may ponder upon the statements about the so-called light-years to the nearest star which proceed from the same blind acceptation of orthodox dogmas, just think of Plato's cave. I do not want to develop any further on this subject but I offer you just a question you may ponder upon : << How many sound years are we from the moon ? >> Just supposing we were all blind , it would be a hell of a calculated distance! You may draw the parallel with the light-years.

With regard to the global concept of a pressure environment (in necessary opposition to the law of universal attraction, which can very easily be proven wrong on that very earth) , you will appreciate that anything which contributes as I said before to the buoyancy of the earth i.e. nuclear explosions of any kind, (underground or in the air) , overgrazing as in Australia, blasting in mines in the wrong sequences as in Australia, deforestation as in America and Africa and the Philippines, the greenhouse effect and especially, last but not least, all wars, all these things contribute to the continuous accelerated destabilisation through increased buoyancy and delayed re-equilibrium of our earth within the an-isotropic solar atmosphere. It leads therefore to the type of rather middle sized quakes you have so cleverly observed and which you have described in your publications. This is why in my previous letters to you I was saying that you were confirming the results of my own research. There is also someone who indirectly confirms it, it is Prof. Von Arx of the MIT, of whom I suppose you have heard, if not, here is the title of his main work : 'An introduction to physical Oceanography'. It is most interesting with regard to the continuous genesis of water and oil within our local gradient of energy. This is specific of our orbit and will cease as we drift away, having probably already passed through a maximum then decreasing progressively, leading to the total disappearance of water from and on the earth. Did you ever ask yourself why the sea water does not penetrate under the continents ? 

Do you follow me ? If not, I shall develop, in a later mail, that particular understanding which is extremely important and which conditions the stability of our earth within the 'biological life range' which it entered not very long ago and in which it is drifting too fast. The proof ? Volcanoes blowing up and killing volcanologists (and others) who do not understand, by the way, the origin of the phenomena they observe. That is why in such a universal pressure environment, you can anticipate with precision a quake 24 to 48 hours ahead, by measuring in a simple glass of water the variation of the rH2, (Thanks to the very experiments and discoveries of Prof. Louis-Claude Vincent and Dr. Jeanne Rousseau. - Dr Rousseau is quite aged now and she is a friend of mine).

With regard to the comments made by Dr Robert Carmichael, an Iowa University geology professor currently attached to the Meiji University saying quote << ... Whiteford's theory ... ... akin to witchcraft and astrology...>> unquote adding further quote << ...stress isn't propagated that far in the crust...>> unquote . Since we are talking about stress, I would like to stress right here that geologists are perfectly ignorant in matters pertaining to the mechanics, mechanics of fluids, hydraulics and pneumatics, further they have a very small understanding of metallurgy and of the processes. As to an understanding of something like the Universal Pressure theory, this would be like a cuneiform language to them. Since all phenomena observed in the earth, particularly with a prospector's eye, are related to these sciences ; to ask geologists to explain the earth's evolution and attempt estimations of datation is no better than in the past to have asked theologists or now ask crystal-ball bohemians for the same type of scientific approximations. The only thing they are good at, apart repeating their learned by heart pet theories, is adding millions of years to phenomena they are unable to apprehend. For example the South American rudaceaous deposits which are dated back to the Permien (- 280 millions years) can be elegantly brought back to the pléistocène (about -12 000 years) thanks to irrefutable time-tags, and especially to the favourite tool of the True Geology which is back-engineering.

To demonstrate the geologists's blindness, I wish to expose here their mad theory of glaciations, which as a mining prospector and therefore gifted with a critical mind - completely foreign to geologists - has always struck me as the ultimate in stupidity and the most horrible hoax since the invention of the square wheel. Historically the theory was invented by Charpentier, then taken on by Agassiz and later boosted by Buckland, Lyell, Murchison etc ... It rests on the observation of glacial moraines, originally those of the 'Mer de Glace' in the Alps. The theory was extended to the entire world , after a visit of Agassiz to Buckland at Argyll, in Scotland. It was recognised as a great breakthrough in the understanding of the earth by the London Geological Society on Nov.8th, 1840. And so from that time on, hundreds of thousands of people have been parrot-like teaching and repeating these idiocies to countless students who religiously have carried on the teaching. 

Unfortunately for the theory which has conditioned the whole earth in believing we have millions of years ahead of us still left to wreck our planet, we can observe the poor toothless glacier in its very slow one-way pushing effect. Further, we can observe the immense deposits of all these arenaceous, rudaceous material covering the whole earth from Patagonia to Mongolia and from France to Australia. These larger ones which are called 'pierres roulées' (which should be translated as rounded boulders), have not been moulded or eroded out of their original sharp-edged shapes by the poor glaciers since you need for that a tumbling effect in the three x,y,z axes. This is completely beyond the capacity of the best minded glacier. You know what a tumbler is, you can see the result of rough sharp-edged stones put in it and left for, say 6 hours, as it is done to a lot of types of semi-precious stones. Then by a mutual-erosion, the stones become eroded into an approaching spheric shape. That is what we can observe the world over and no glacier can do that, unless of a miracle. Anyone believing in glaciation eras is just a fool and the so-called geological time scale, taking as a basis these so called Riss, Wurms etc glaciation eras is indeed the work of lunatics.

I have observed these types of boulders over a lenght of 400 kms along the Pyrénées and on a strip of 100 kms in width. The crazy answer of geologists, completely brain-washed, is that these rounded boulders have been moulded by glacier (evidently) and/or by the torrents and/or by the sea. I have for my part observed that these rounded boulders have no relation whatsoever with the mountain environment where they are supposed to come from, they are quite of the erratic type (most of them quartzite). A thing I have also observed is that if the valley is perpendicular to the Pyrénées axis, then we find the rolled stones right up to the pass, however if the valley sways a bit East or West, we find none. It must be another geological miracle.

Look at their theories with the sea coming and going with continents going up and down like a yoyo to solve the problems of fossils found where they should not be, all this drowned into a sauce of millions of years so that no one is going to go back to check. Just read on what the great Lyell wrote about 54 molluscs found by Darbishire on top of the Welsh mountains of which 11 exclusively of the arctic type. <<...Wales mountains have gone down 224 000 years ago at 750m below the sea level and rose up to their present level of 476m above sea level, with an uprising rate of 2.5 inches per century...>> What a wonderful precision in the divination, however if Lyell had been a potter he would have known that pressing two porcelain cups together for a million years cannot get them into softening, they will just break if pressed strongly enough and in the case at hand the molluscs on the top of the mountain would have disappeared with the rubble. Now if by any chance any counter-pressure could have been exerted (by what on earth ?) so that the rock could have reached the softening point, the poor molluscs would have been crushed anyway. So in both cases Lyell could not have found the poor things. The only solution might be that the mountains of Wales were of bubble gum? Certainly that Glaciation tale is one of the best comic plays of the last 150 years or so and I anticipate that generations to come will be using it as a laughing therapy. 

Now again, if you are not convinced, you take a friendly glacier and ask him if he could push a mass of primary material to one end of Canada and back to your Fredericton University , starting with what Agassiz calls 'primary debris torn away by the passage of the glacier'. (do not bother about any slopes, the glaciation theory does not care about the land profile either) You will observe that all material on return is intact except the underlayer which has been worn out. An easier way to realise that would be to observe a bulldozer working or simply to carry on the experiment with your hand in your garden. Further, glaciers cannot in the first place tear away material from the mountain, simply because as soon as the pressure is too high, the ice melts and reforms itself after the obstacle. This is a basic Physics experiment of primary school level. Incidentally I have coined an expression corresponding to an evident & easily verifiable fact observable all around the world in all Unconsolidated Sedimentation. This is the pattern of granulometric distribution. It corresponds to what I call " The Cyclonic Granulometric Pattern of Pleistocene Sedimentation" which I intend to develop further to you in another mail.
Now, if you observe the sea backwash you can also see that it produces shingles i.e. flattened stones and as torrents the faster they are the quicker the stones are also flattened. So no one of these three elements, glaciers, sea or torrent can produce the rounded pebbles which, as you may know, vary in size from a mere mm to near perfect spheres of 10m dia. Some of these large rolled stones - which grade then into erratic rocks up to 6 Km long like near Malmoe, can be also found on top of mountains, but this is not a problem either to the Glaciation theory which allows glaciers to scale mountains in reverse direction and to deliver glacial moraines right throughout Europe without taking again into account the topological profile of the lands, all said here to be coming down from the Scandinavian shield which is unfortunately oriented North-South. By the way do you know why the glaciers are supposed to come down from the North (apart from the cold which glaciers seem to appreciate) it is simply because in this country, if we go to Spain, we go down to Spain, even though we have to pass a mountain, on the other hand taking the road to Paris which is quite a flat trip but still go up to Paris. Now for Agassiz everything coming from the North was naturally coming down and this is this natural slope which Agassiz's glaciers used all the way down to Senegal. 
The typical so-called glacial facies which I have encountered in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia - of which I explored alone some 30 000 square miles - and also the typical rounded boulders found on the eastern side of the Australian Snowy Mountains must have certainly been delivered by flying glaciers. So would have been delivered the typical material found on all the Atlantic and Pacific islands and in Patagonia... If you want to continue the discussion on this line, please let me know... I will then be able to tell you my point of view on the Canadian bone-bed and on the Alaskan muck. Also on the orogenesis of the earth and also on the orogenesis of the mountain mainly of the Alpine folding. By the way, have you noticed that the angles of opening of the Alpine valleys are greater than those of the Hercynian valleys, do you know why ?

To finish this small note, I wish to stress a very important observation I made overall about the earth , it is the cyclonic granulometric deposition of rudaceous and arenaceous deposits. A typical example would be Bor-Bourak in the Gobi Desert where you have over 3600 km2 of cyclopeans blocks of up to 5 000 tons surrounded by an immense sandy desert. Lately there was a conference in La Rochelle made by a top Belgian geology prof. of the "Université Libre de Bruxelles" (ULB), I put these very precise facts under his nose and his answer was immediate and wonderful of authority, guess what it was. Well it was the wind which did that !!! Present inept Geology is just a form of sect with always ready made answers... I have observed the same cyclonic deposition with graduation of the material in the Sahara desert and also in France.This is a very important observation in terms of prospecting and understanding where heavier minerals can be easily discovered . Do you understand the implications ? These are twofold: one in terms of prospection and one in terms of archeologic research. Do you understand why ? In fact all quarternary alluvial deposits are of this nature, I am not naturally talking about the secondary re-depositions of such mainly Pleistocene deposits ( although the time column means nothing in fact, since all geo datations must be related to position of Earth on Ecliptic) ... 

Now as a conclusion, the mad Glaciations theories have to be fought as well as their concomitant datation corollaries indeed. Contrarily to common belief, we have not millions of years left to wreck the planet. This is my reason for writing to you. If you need clarification on some of the points raised in that discussion, please let me know. Please note that I am at the present time a free lance researcher, investigating mainly the huge potential of subsea deposits. You may also forward a copy of this text to Shigeyoshi Matsumae and Yoshio Kato of Tokaï University, and to anyone else as it may please you.

Yours sincerely 

Jean-Paul Turcaud
Exploration Geologist & Offshore Consultant
Australia Mining Pioneer
Founder of the True Geology

Discoverer of the 2400 km² Telfer Mine Copper / Gold mineral deposit.
Now the largest Copper / Gold Mine of Australia.
Discoverer of Nifty Copper & Kintyre Uranium Mine. 
( all above noted mines in the Great Sandy Desert of Australia)
... as well as of other undisclosed mineral deposits in Australia, unsuspected up to this day.


Refutation of the Horrid Geological Myths part

Further to the paper written to a leading Canadian scientist and which appeared with the above heading and which refutes that most horrid theory of glaciations.( None of them ever occurred and the proofs advanced for it are particularly the proofs of its impossibility ). I am preparing another one on the refutation of the Alpine Orogenesis to what follows gives you an hint.

In fact, it occurred in less than seven days through an industrial process completely unknown to geologist called 'Punching effect' and I have thousands of witnesses I can call to the bar which are the cliffs in their vertical continuity.

The stupid tectonic plates theory cannot account for what we can observe and it would only lead through the composition of horizontal forces to dissociated heap of rubble. In no case could we have the vertical resultant in the continuity of an original beginning of cliff. Furthermore the four
main states of matter at hand in geological observations i.e. solid, elastic, plastic and liquid show that most of the differential of structure between the inside of the cliff and the face belong to the first and the last one of the group. In clear the cliffs went up as-is in the solid state maintaining in many place the exact dip of the original sedimentary formation.

Further still the infinite planes of the cliffs and their superposition would necessitate an infinity of so-called tectonic plates working with wonderful precision so as to realise the continuity of the cliff
verticality. The Mechanic laws of composition of forces demonstrate the complete physical impossibility of such a modelisation.

Also we can observe that mountains are larger are the base than on the top, right? By the process of opposition of the so-called tectonic plates we could have only two possible scenarios.

1) The one of two bully tectonics plates bashing at a hundred miles per hour into an innocent little one in the middle. This is the "Big Scream theory" which would lead to the "Big Squeeze" followed by mountains raising as a result as ice-scream cones; we can observe that this is not the case. You
must note that I am considering only two forces in opposition. The presence of vertical cliffs demonstrates that millions of horizontal forces would have been needed to be in opposition to realise a single broken line of mountains cliffs in their infinite vertical planes continuity.

2) The tectonic plates come into contact and lead to the necessary transformation of matter from the solid to the plastic state. This is an inevitable step otherwise as the most practical potters, the world over, very well know, we would have heaps of rubbles and scoria. So in that theory which I call the "Big Blob theory", a big blob of metamorphic material should raise at the conjunction of those alleged immense tectonic plates forces in confluence.

But then the tectonic plates would not be in contact anymore and the big blob would have had high time to cool down, before the tectonic plates again comes in contact (taking into account the accepted rate of displacement ) 
Therefore if another big blob comes up and, thanks to a geological hazard, at the exact spot where the precedent occurred, we still could never have the cliffs continuity we observe the world over. Further, the piling of blobs do not make cliffs, as everyone knows, in fact it can makes anything at all but cliffs.

Page 2***************

Also, what on earth can warranty that in the so-called tectonic plates in conjunction we would have the surrection occurring at the exact point where the precedent took place.(Again, considering only two forces in opposition ) 
Any breaking and surrection could very well occur anywhere along the line of force as physicists, mechanical and process engineers and potters very well know.

Such horrid dishonesty theories put over the people must account for the geologists basic propensity at robbing prospectors; Indeed no one of these theories can lead upon what we observe in the Alpine fold mountains, that is the immense vertical faces and wondrous folds of rock in their observable continuity. The rounded forms of the previous Hercynien and especially Caledonian folds are due to other reasons which is not discussed here. (but will be latter)

The time tags in relation to these numerous Alpine Orogenesis cliffs are uncontestable  the world over and these are the main waterfalls which in fact indicate the surrection of their millions of square miles water basin. These main falls the world over are never older than 12, 000 years. Niagara, Zambese etc.

In clear the Alpine Orogenesis occurred less than 12 000 years ago in less than seven days and probably in its early punching surrection at rates up to 600m /h, so fast indeed than the matrix was blasted open and new cliffs went up. The erosion theory cannot account either for a so-called erosion or weathering since the water has no linear flow.


Re earthquake anticipation there is method invented and developed by Dr J. Rousseau and Prof. L.C Vincent which allows one to anticipate earthquake with an unmanning precision of at least 24 but in fact 48 hours warranted on the site. It needs however continuous monitoring of the rH2 which is the electronisation potential and the type of measuring instrument is sold (but never for this type of determination) by the Yokogawa firm of Japan or by the US firm of Consort.

On top of these instruments, the determination requires a simple glass of sea water or rain water. If any on is interested I shall give him addresses in France or Belgium or Germany where one can get scientific reference works on this application of discoveries made by the two top scientists above
named and called Bio-Electronic-Vincent.

This invention would have saved thousands of human life in the past and naturally would save a lot of life in the future. However, the great drawback of the system - from the geologists' point of view - is that it does need geologists nor sismologists to be implemented. It follows that these people will never speak about the method, especially that it goes again their official understanding of our earth working. It follows that people will keep on being caught unaware from earthquakes as it has been the case in Japan recently.

Dr Jeanne Rousseau has conducted over the years thousands of experiment which proves the Bio-Electronic theory and the possibility it offers to anticipate earth quakes. Should people the world over keep on dying in terrible earth turmoil, sacrificed on the altar of geological orthodoxy ?


Page 3***************


( with regards to the quakes vs nukes controversy)

Now if you look at a cannon, let's say 6 miles away. Then you see a flash of light but you do not care about it since you do not feel concerned about what you see as as a simple light signal. Suddenly 30 seconds after the flash a shell lands and kills 50 people around you.

The argument of the flash-ologists would be to say, there an impossibility for the very weak signal to have triggered the blast which killed 50 persons. It stands to reason that the sism-ologists oppose you the same argument. They say Whitford's theory of correlation between quakes and nukes
is a nonsense, since the weak seismic signal cannot trigger a killer quake. 

Now, with whom should I side, naturally I like to side with you. In fact, I cannot take side since both of you are right. The flash of light from the cannon did not trigger anything and did not kill directly or indirectly the 50 persons, so did the seismic signal. But you are right too since you are saying that a simple flash of light indicates that 6 miles away somewhere, 50 persons might be killed and this the flas-ologists refuse to admit..

We really have somehow to get out of the dark ages !

Nota :

In clear with relation to geological theories,
Glaciations are a Myth,
Geological Datations are a Myth,
Tectonics plates are a Myth,
Continental Drift is a Myth,
Orogenesis Model of Alpine fold is a Myth, further
Present Genesis of the Earth is a myth and finally
The Law of Universal Attraction is a Myth.

From my own experience I have establish that most geological theories are either wild, childish or plainly stupid and most of the time the three at the same time.


With best regards

Jean-Paul Turcaud
Exploration Geologist
Founder of the True Geology 

~~ Ignorance Is The Cosmic Sin, The One Never Forgiven ! ~~

Conventional thinking is that Australia was is an old continent (i.e. millions of years old) which has undergone much weathering with depleted, acid soil through weathering. However, this view is probably twisted disinformation.

"Incidentally Australia emerged from the sea only ~ 12, 000 years ago and all weathering under the 400 m level,  is sea weathering indeed ( Finding of the True Geology )"  --Jean-Paul Turcaud

Expanding earth?
Bill Mundy -- Professor of Physics, Pacific Union College, Angwin, California 
Plate tectonics has been a very successful model in describing and synthesizing information about the kinematics of the crust of the earth. Briefly, it suggests that the surface of the earth is composed of a few plates which fit together like pieces of a spherical puzzle. The edges or boundaries of these plates are typically characterized by volcanoes and epicenters of earthquakes.
    However, a small but persistent group of earth scientists argue that the spreading sea floors and wandering continents are best explained in terms of an expanding earth.
But the expanding-earth concept is not without its problems. A natural question is, how do mountains form on an expanding earth?
    ...On the basis of faunal and floral elements, Ahmad concludes that "the Himalayas could neither have been born of collision nor of subduction, but resulted from vertical uplift"


Earth Universe Cosmos
By Professor S. Warren Carey 

'Earth Universe Cosmos' is a major new work by one of the world's great tectonicians.  Each chapter makes departures from conventional theory. The origin of Banded Iron Formations is explained for the first time. A major revision of tectonics is necessary following Carey's explanation of orogenesis as non-compressed and vertical, driven by gravity.

Carey explains how the major features of the earth can be explained by a high rate of earth expansion. He concludes with a tour de force discussion of cosmology. This book is a "must read" for all cosmologists and earth and planetary scientists.

The Earth expansion model is scientifically valid 

During 1956 Professor Carey convened an International Symposium on the question of "Continental Drift".  At this time Carey realized that subduction of oceanic crust could not conform to the empirical geological evidence and unfortunately, mechanically and geometrically it did not work when applied to the tectonics of the whole globe, nor could any permutation of subduction.  Carey realized he would have to abandon the subduction model.  Rejection of subduction had the effect of disallowing a continental-drift explanation of the Earth's lithosphere. (See: The Expanding Earth - Carey, 1976)

In years previous to 1956, Carey had made numerous detailed attempts to accurately geometrically reconstruct supercontinent precursors of today's continents.  After years of tedious and frustrating detailed attempts, he realized that a reconstruction was geometrically impossible unless the Earth's radius was once much less than today.  The only way to accurately cartographically re-assemble a precursor super-continent was to do it on a smaller globe!  His smaller-radius-globe super-continent reconstruction went together without the geometric lithospheric anomalies that plagued all earlier attempts.

Carey knew his reconstruction meant that the Earth had been expanding throughout geological time and not just expanding, but expanding at an exponential rate.  Since this time Carey has identified many lines of empirical evidence that show that subduction can not be occurring and does not exist.  Radiometric dating of the oldest rocks found on continental crust shows that they are a little under 4 billion years old but the oldest oceanic crust is less than 200 million years old!

Put another way:

70% of the Earths' crust is around less than 1/20th of the age of the remaining 30% of the Earth's crust, and most of the new crust had formed in the very recent geological past.  Around one half of the Earths' current crust formed within the last 100 million years, and of this half, most of this formed within the last 50 million years.  Around 1/3 of the Earth's current crust has formed since the dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago!  If subduction does not exist as empirical evidence shows, then the Earth must be expanding at an exponential rate.
The Earth expansion model was not welcomed by most geologists and it was dismissed as an absurd heretical idea.  Nevertheless, Carey was convinced by the inescapable correctness of his conclusions and in 1956 he commenced a monumental task of identifying and rigorously describing the evidence of expansion in the geological record.

This process lead to the publication of his first Book "The Expanding Earth" in 1976.  This book represented the most unified theory of Earth science published at that time.

Since this first book Carey has continued to develop, refine and advance the Earth expansion model.  He has successfully defended the model against all attempts to invalidate it.  Carey's later books and papers have shown in lucid detail, that each and every attempt at scientific refutation has failed.


Volcanic eruptions and great earthquakes (book)
by John Grover 

Describes how forecasting eruptions became scientifically feasible because related tectonic shocks do not occur chaotically, but in an orderly way
Details eyewitness accounts, seismic precursors and analyses of eruptions and earthquakes during the past four decades
Contains numerous maps, photographs, diagrams, tables, formulae to illustrate the techniques
Includes correlation of deep tectonic earthquakes with shallow quakes and volcanic eruptions in Japan, USSR, NZ, the Pacific, Philippines, Sicily, Aegean, Hawaii, and other island-arc regions

John Grover records the results of a lifetime in close encounter study of the power of nature in reshaping planet earth. Over 130 illustrations.

"Dr Claude Blot (1976) has pioneered the temporal succession of phenomena from deep-focus shocks to surface catastrophes months later. He has been joined in this by John Grover, but like most far-sighted concepts, the work has [until now] been scorned by the establishment - a shame on our generation."

—Emeritus Professor S. Warren Carey, A.O.
The University of Tasmania


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