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A true pioneer

Jean-Paul Turcaud is Frenchman who migrated to Australia in 1967 with high hopes of a good life. After learning English and obtaining a pilot's licence, he went on to do some mineral exploration in Western Australia's Great Sandy Desert (GSD). He made some good finds including Telfer, which has now become the largest goldmine in Australia (southern hemisphere?). Unfortunately, he was cut out any share of the action, a fact which has led him to become greatly disillusioned with Australia, "the land of opportunity".

JP now refers to Australia as the Land of the Bastards (LOB) and maintains it has a nationally instituted moral code throwing back to convict days and continuing in all Australian Parliaments, ie, 

1) Grab and run
2) Never dub a mate
3) When convinced deny.

Its obvious why JP would be annoyed, but what remains curious is why he would fight for so long without any apparent leg to stand on (legally speaking). No doubt it all boils down to whether a person is prepared to accept injustice or fight against it. JPT decided to fight against it and it has been a long, and often futile battle. 

But what really tripped me out is how far he has actually got with his crusade. Firstly, he has a permanent record in the Western Australian Parliament of a request for a royal commission by Senator / Attorney-General Tom Evans who saw irregularities concerning the Telfer ownership. 

Secondly, Bob Sheppard, President of the AMLA (Aust Miners Leaseholders Assoc) and author, has researched the matter and written a book detailing his findings. And he thinks JPT has a case. 

Finally, there is a record of an interview on ABC radio (Bronwyn Adcock interview) where details of the affair are laid out and different people interviewed.

JPT continues to push his views on the internet about this and other matters. 

Other discoveries 

Apart from being a mining pioneer, JP has made notable discoveries in other areas, and this is an attempt to document some of his other achievements. They are:

* The aforementioned mineral deposits in the GSD.   

* The true geology  - Jean-Paul, along with others who follow the true geology theory, denounce conventional geology as  useless and full of inaccuracy.

* Cures for many supposedly incurable diseases. JP claims that he is able to cure many diseases quickly and cheaply but chooses not to give away this knowledge at this time, which is his prerogative. 

"Things are in fact very much simpler that it does appear, Cancer, Brain Tumour, AIDS, Arthritis can be cured in 5 days flat, as I have discovered !!! ... and other terrific results can be obtained easily, cheaply and without of course any debilitating / poisonous drugs imposed by that Quacking Parasites  !!! .... but as people brain-washed in Universities are unable to conceive this to be possible ... patients affected by such will continue to die like flies !"

[This revelation isn't really surprising since any unbiased researcher can dig up example after example of  technologies either suppressed by vested interests or kept out of the public domain for reasons of national security.]

He comments the ungrateful should not benefit from his hard won knowledge. 

" ... but unfortunately this is not for the handing out, since knowing the state of complete lack of Gratitude & Recognition of the Australia Convict Colony, I would be afraid such excellent discovery finds its way to the Antipodeans Rabble."

* Religion. Jean-Paul's idea of true religion partly comes from his ancestry which is a background of Essene knowledge preserved through generations. His theories seem to involve understanding the laws of nature, while at the same time denouncing of the frauds which have been perpetuated on mankind through conventional religions.

"Nature's  Laws are clear, straight forward and do not suffer exception. 
Those who infringe them, pay for it ! 
... and this is good !
... and some of us Celts  can see the consequences of the Ignorance or Contempt for Cosmic Laws taking their toll! !!
... and this is very refreshing since proving indeed there's NO exception to Divine & Eternal Laws !

And, "The knowledge &  abeyance to the basic 7 Laws of life is of utmost importance  towards establishing an aware and  peaceful society."

" ... to command Nature, one is to obey its laws" 
-famous Grand Breton Roger Bacon, Founder of both Universities of Paris & London

* Hormonal manipulation involves the knowledge of hormones and how their imbalance or manipulation affects mental, physical and psychological development. This discovery has implications for various previously incurable diseases, it helps explain different racial temperaments and sheds new light on the age old practice of circumcision. JP says this is his greatest discovery, and has been much more difficult to find than even his GSD discoveries. It builds on the work of a couple of other researchers, but he is the only one to know the whole truth of it as the others stopped short of putting all the pieces together.

Jean-Paul is a fascinating person with a unique outlook on life, quite different from the usual run-of-the-mill mindset predominant in western society. This is intriguing to some, but a threat to others, who are quick to label anybody with unorthodox views as delusional. From another viewpoint he can almost be elevated to the level of genius with all his discoveries and because he seems to put a finger on the pulse of society, and discern the true nature of what ails it, with such comments as:

"IN ALL fields of knowledge the wrong is preferred to right,  and the analytical, linear, mole-like approach is preferred to the Synthesis, Universal eagle-like understanding !!!"




Jean-Paul's hereditary links

> Were you thrown out of Australia for pretending to have a knighthood?

Sir Jean-Paul:
I have never pretended anything of the kind !. I was born a knight by hereditary right indeed !
One of my ancestor was Jean du Chatelet, Baron de Beausoleil, the greatest Mining Prospector of France, Brabant, Germany and Bohemia in the XVII centuries ! .
He found over one hundred mines and had a permanent & personal staff of 60 miners proving his discoveries.
When he presented his bill to King Louis the XIV, both my (n degree) grand parents were put to Jail
The Baron at the Bastille and the Baroness at Vincennes, where they died in complete desuetude after having made the fortune of France for Centuries to come.

But I hate to talk about such shameful story, it's really heart breaking !
... and the book they wrote draws tears of despair indeed, at what they have suffered !!!
( Strange anyway that the very same scenario should be nearly reproduced in the Land of Bastards at 350 years of interval ! but I will break that ring of fate ! )
Beausoleil. From Acadine Archive. Jean du Chatelet, Baron de Beausoleil was a mineralogist and alchemist, who lived during the first half of the seventeenth century.

Jean du Chatelet, Baron de Beausoleil was a mineralogist and alchemist, who lived during the first half of the seventeenth century. He travelled over most European countries looking for metals with the aid of a divining ring. In 1626 his instruments were seized under the pretext that they were bewitched, and he himself prisoned in the Bastille, where he died in 1645. In 1617 he published a work entitled Diorisinus, id est definitis verae philisophiae de materia prima lapidis philosophalis. Beausoleil was the-greatest of French metallurgists of his time.
Transmutation. The ancient Alchemists, have been maliciously ridiculed for centuries... they are now vindicated, thanks to the efforts of living plants. ...

Among the more celebrated victims  were Jean du Chatelet, Baron de Beausoleil, and his dowser wife, Marine de Gertereau, who, working under the protection of Mareíchal dí Effiat, (Louis XIVís Superintendent of Mines), discovered several hundred profitable mines in France. Only to be arrested for sorcery and succumb in prison.

The persecution has continued in France, mostly against doctors who find themselves dragged before tribunals, for perpetrating dowsing cures on patients, officially declared incurable.


Telfer discovery ] Bronwyn Adcock interview ] Evans speech ] Geology ] Hormone manipulation ]