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I have a philosophy about buying guitars:- Don't buy with your eyes buy with your ears and fingers and keep it within your budget.

I stock only guitars that I believe are good value for money be they beginners though to high end guitars. All guitars that I sell be they second hand, factory seconds or new are all fully serviced including fresh strings. The frets are recrowned, if necessary, and polished. The action is set to match the string gauge including the nut action unless you specify other type of action you would prefer. Nut action is very important to the overall feel of the guitar especially up to the 7th fret and typically manufacturers set the nut action a little high and this can make the guitar action feel 'stiff' or tight. All guitars deserve and benefit from a pre-sale sevice. These are things that all good shops should do. 

I'm not only a reseller but a repairer and builder, player and teacher of guitar and nothing leaves my workshop unless I know its as good as it can be.


Apart from the guitars below I now have either in stock or access to some great acoustic and electric guitars ranging in price from $65.00 up to $6,000.

I also make both electric and acoustic guitars which represent good value for money. I will soon be building resophonic guitars and orders are being taken now.

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