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Lost and Stolen Guitars

As a service to all guitarists you may register lost and stolen guitars on this site. A picture if supplied will be published only if it is the original instrument and not just a model picture.

If you are buying a guitar you can check to see if it is here but remember if its not here it doesn't mean its not stolen and nothing  should be implied by the fact that a particular guitar is not on this page.

There is no charge for this register for individuals or commercial operations.

To Add to this register please e-mail me.


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Neale Ross

Fender Lead II stolen Sunday 8/8/09, at Gosford NSW  Australia


Recently we had a shipment of Taylor acoustic guitars arrive into our
warehouse with one instrument missing, a model known as an 810, which
retails for $5499. It has been confirmed that this guitar was despatched
from the USA, so we can only conclude that it has been stolen somewhere
between the wharves and us.
If anyone shows up in your stores trying to sell this instrument it would
be  much appreciated if you could get in touch with us.
Its serial number is:
2002 1122135
The guitar will probably be in a brown case.
Best Regards
Mat Bolt
Product Manager


I would like to notify you that last night our shop was ³ram-raided² by a
red falcon XD sedan driving into the front window, 12 guitars were stolen
all in a matter of 30 seconds.  I have included a list of what was taken, in
case you are approached by anyone trying to sell off guitars:

MAB-5                Monterey 5 string bass natural Sapelli Wood

MW-105/12N    Monterey 12 string acoustic natural gloss

SAB31SBK        Samick 4 string bass black

MVJ10SE          Samick Custom- Greg Bennett ³Cheyenne² Jumbo cutaway
acoustic/electric natural gloss solid to  serial no. 21201

OD-10S            Olympia Dreadnought natural gloss solid top  serial no.

?                       Ibanez Artiste series electric around 20 years old,
reconditioned, black, double cutaway,  serial no. 1805981

MSE-3T-BK       Martinez acoustic/electric, black with tree-of-life inlay on
fingerboard solid top

MSC-9-N          Martinez solid timber acoustic/electric natural gloss

MSC-2-NST       Martinez acoustic with cutaway natural satin solid top

MD-M21-MSL    Martinez acoustic metallic silver

MC-SJ36-GRS   Martinez Slim Jim 3/4 Classic green

YC150P-BLS     J & D Luthier 4 string tune style bass, quilted maple finish,
transparent blue

If you hear any information which you may think important, please contact
myself or the Corio CIU on 03 52739880.
Yours Sincerely,

Brad Treloar.



A custom Strat®-style guitar which was stolen from my home last Monday, 29 July. It was a Jim Mills handmade custom guitar, Swamp Ash body finished in clear, Birdseye Maple neck with Brazilian Rosewood f/board, Kinman pickups (not the noiseless ones) Gotoh locking machines. S/N M95-23S, has Jim's signature stamped on the neckplate. and JHMills headstock decal. The guitar was taken in its Hiscox LiteFlight case and there was a wide brown leather strap with Schaller locks inside as well. Theft has been reported to NSW Police, event #E18172921

Stuart Kent
Technical Officer - AudioVisual Services
Information Technology & Telecommunication Services
Southern Cross University
PO Box 157
Lismore NSW 2480
Ph: 61 2 6620 3720
Fax: 61 2 6620 3033

Strat® is a registered trademark of Fender musical instruments

Black Gibson Les Paul Custom 1957 Historic Reissue seriel # 7 2580

Fender Squiers (2) stolen on  20th September 2012

1983 SQ series (the 2nd series Squier) S/N SQ 48612 Creme Body, White Scratch plate

2007 Squier Creme Body, White scratch plate


Linsay at

1973 US Stratocaster Cream colour, white pickguard, maple fretboard.
Serial Number 355 0496
Stolen from Styx River Road property near Denmark, Western Australia on Wednesday 19 March 2014.
News of any sightings greatly appreciated.
Please contact owner:
Peter Jervis
477 Styx River Rd.
Kordabup WA 6333
9840 9167