Technical Data for Radio, Test equipment and more

Last Updated: 26-Apr-2020.
Added AOR 7030 Service Disk.

Cubic R3030 2140-1116 Panel Interface (1MB)
Cubic R-2307 (R-3030A) CPU EPROM V4.29 and PLD V1.0 (20kB)
Cubic R-2411 Recever Maintenance Instruction (no schematics) (7MB)
Cubic R-2412 Recever Maintenance Instruction (no schematics) (7.4MB)
Racal RA3790 series Operators Manual (OCR searchable) (4.2MB)
Racal RA3790 series Interface Manual (OCR searchable) (3.7MB)
Cubic HF-1030 User Manual and Schematics
Racal RA3790 series Digital Board Firmware Version 90550-09, eprom type is AMD AM27C2048-150 128k x 16 (620kB)
Rockwell Collins HF-2050 R-5099/U Manual (9MB)
Watkins Johnson 8712 Manual OCR (4MB)
Watkins Johnson 8712 Manual (17MB)
Watkins Johnson 8711/8712 Condor Power Supply Schematic (50kB)
Harris RF-550 Instruction Manual (14MB)
AOR 7030 Service Disk (1MB)

Werner Wulf HF Vertical Data. Circa mid to late 1980's (900kb)

Advantest R3265A Service Manual Vol 1 (11MB)
Advantest R3265A Service Manual Vol 2 (63MB)
Advantest R3265A Service Manual Vol 3 (32MB)