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Oil energy crisis is a scam
Tony Pitt

Oil and gas are RENEWABLE resources
The ALP/Dem/Lib/Nat/Greens have an agenda to transfer our oil to foreign interests (pg2
The oil exploration giants CAPPED all of the good fields found in Australia in the 1950s
There is no world shortage of oil or gas.
There is no Australian shortage of oil, gas or coal
Wind and solar are jokes.
Since 1971 known reserves rose by 1,500 million barrels
In that time we consumed 800 million barrels
There are numerous alternatives to oil/gas for fuel
The sea bed (60 per cent of the earth) hasn't been fully explored
How they lie to you about nuclear energy
Oil Price Parity (OPEC Agreement) and excise make the biggest bite in our high prices.

Oil and gas reserves are renewable

Oil and coal don't come from decayed matter. There is no chemical relationship between the hydrocarbons in black coal and those in vegetation or dinosaur bodies. Brown coal is a different matter. It comes from decayed vegetable matter (peat, etc)

Oil and gas are condensates from the magma (the earth's molten core). Nearly all fields are being topped up from below. The top-up process is known as Abiotic Oil. The hydrocarbons come from geo-pressurised gas. Many fields considered "exhausted" have come to life again.

The Yates field in Texas is a prime example. Such fields stop flowing when the source of inflowing oil from below becomes blocked as a paper filter becomes clogged and impregnable. Nature finds another path and the oil field can be tapped again.

Russia is now a big oil producer because they understand the process and drill at depths better than 30,000 feet (9,000 metres).

Coal too is unlimited and renewable. It is driven of the magma (molten core of the earth). It comes up as gas, is trapped, condenses, and by a chemical bacterial process changes to oil and eventually to coal.

The bacterial change is an observable process At Laverton (Vic) in the RAAF, we had a Fuel Section dedicated to solving the problem of aircraft fuel tanks and underground tanks. We grew the various contaminants in glass tanks.

Huge grotesque black shapes grew in those tanks (as they did in aircraft tanks). They did no harm in glass tanks, but when they broke up by vibration in an aircraft, they stopped fuel flow through the fuel lines, so the pilot and crew had to walk home.


The oil barons drill to test quality, using speculators money, find the hydro-carbons they knew were there, declare the finds uneconomical, cap the wells, and sit back as the share values plummet to zilch, and then they buy them up. The oil barons never relinquished one oil lease that they declared unviable because they knew they could go there any time and get the oil we paid to find.


The oil giants pulled the 'WORLD IS RUNNING OUT OF OIL" trick in 1978. The US president ordered that highway speed limits be dropped from 60mph to 55mph to make the last few gallons of scarce oil last as long as possible.

Idiot universities, run by idiot professors, were handing out idiot degrees to idiot students if the student could regurgitate the story of the World Energy Crisis. They got degrees and moved on to teach a new generation of idiots. That generation of idiots has given us today's journos and current affairs commentators.

In the 70s greenies were hugging trees to protect them from warmth starved woodsmen who would rape our planet forests to warm their lounge room.

Children were forced to plant trees so, when they got old, they would have fuel to keep warm in their mud huts. The rabbits are well on seedlings. The real rabbits supervised.

Now dozy Australians are tamely paying whatever the oil giants demand. Please WAKE them. Get this paper to at least 10 who need a good shake-up to wake-up.


At the Brae B, in the North Sea, they went too deep on one of the first production wells and hit a reservoir of geo-pressured gas. The pressure was so great it started lifting 15,000 feet of drill pipe, drill mud, and a drill stem nearly three miles long. There is so much methane in the earth that they wanted to AVOID hitting this deep reservoir. At that time it was considered just too dangerous to exploit. That has now changed thanks to the Russian technology.


It is estimated that there is more oil and gas in Alaska and offshore of Alaska than in all of Saudi Arabia. Similarly, there is more oil and gas in Alberta, Canada than in Saudi Arabia. Similar reservoirs exist off the California coast, the Florida coast, Mexico, the South China Sea and the Great Rift Valley in the horn of Africa. Why do you think we sent the army into Somalia? it wasn't the media scam about "Nation Building" - just the oil.


The Falklands Islands (Malvinas) sits on one of the largest concentrations of hydrocarbon fuels in the world. Do you really think the Brits killed all of those men in the Falklands war for God, the Queen and a bunch of sheep farmers? Even more significant, do you think the Argentinians risks going to war with the United Kingdom because they wanted the Falklands Islands - a patch of barren real estate that is only suitable for sheep farming? - JUST OIL.

The high prices and Energy Crisis in Australia is a con job

The world is fighting over oil, not because we are running out of oil, but because there is so much of it. It is not the shortage of oil that drives nations to war, but the overwhelming desire to control it. Oil is power. That is one of the main reasons for Gulf War I and Gulf War II> But the real reason has to do with globalism and the agenda of the New World Order (World Financiers Inc)( Refer "Energy Non-Crisis" by Lindsay Williams).


The US has enough fuel reserves to last for an estimated 3500 years and any world shortages are not due to lack of reserves. It is the aim for total control so they can maintain the price squeeze. They still invade Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, soon Iran, and then Venezuela.

In Australia the North Rankin 'A' platform was developed to exploit the Carnarvon Basin which is just off the northwest coast of Australia near Karratha. When North Rankin was built it was the biggest gas platform in the world. For 20 years now it has been producing at the rate of 180 million c.f. off gas per day, and 47,000 tons of condensate per day. It shows absolutely no sign of slowing down.

This single platform provides all the natural gas fuel for the entire west coast of Australia. In addition, every year, this one platform produces between 7 and 8 million tons of Liquefied Natural Gas. The LNG provides most of the gas energy requirements for Japan (at 3 cents/litre). Then there are several million tons of condensate and LPG and so forth which are shipped into international markets.


Peter Odell of Rotterdam's famous Erasmus University points out that "since 1971 over 1,500 million barrels have been added to oil reserves. Over the same period only 800 million barrels were consumed. One can argue that the world has been "running into oil" rather than "running out of oil"."


The media would have us believe oil/energy productions has peaked. We pull out as much as the earth can give today.

China and India are about to increase their usage to USA lifestyles and industry levels. What oil is left will be consumed in just a few years. We will run out of energy.

If that be so why would the Queensland government agree to selling ouir gas at 3 cents/litre (fixed price) for 25 years?

According to Mr Fu, CNOOC's chairman, "our offshore prospects are just beginning. A promising area the size of two North Seas has yet to be explored."

When India recently liberalised its oil exploration sector, Britain's CAIRN struck oil in Rajasthan. V.K. Sibal, India's Director General for Hydrocarbons, expects much more, "a super giant deep offshore near Myanmar".


Australia consumes 653,000 barrels a day (b/d), exports 325,000 b/d and imports 530,000 b/d.

We sell ouir oil under contract at $6-$10 per barrel and bu OPEC oil at $60 per barrel (predicted to go to $100 IF WE FALL FOR IT and do not protest too much). Florida doesn't supply 1% of world oil - losing Florida oil would not change the world price-per-barrel by one cent.

Bass Strait oil is produced at $3 per barrel. Yet we pay the OPEC price of $60 and soon to be $100 IF WE FALL FOR IT. Then the government adds 32 cent/litre excise and 10% GST (on-top) and in some states there is a 10% state tax. In all the government-take of your $1.30 at-the-pump price is about 50 cents/litre.


We export 523,000 barrels a day and import 530,000 barrels a day - a net import of 7,000 barrels a day - about what we need to import in heavy Arab crude for our lubrication oil and greases. What is the ratio of lube oil to petrol per week in your car? Not one drop of imported crude oil goes to the petrol pumps around Australia - SO how can OPEC  prices affect the price of our oil at the pump? It is a fair bet that the 523,000 we import, that is offset by exports, doesn't even leave the country except on paper. (NOTE: ABS Figures are too crazy to quote.)

Australian crude is already distillate as it comes out of the ground. It needs no refining. Like many crude oils it can be put, from the ground, straight into any diesel engine. The filter must be changed more often because there is some sediment. This how the oil poppet pumps operate in desert areas. Oil, in the desert, is cheaper than water. Water won't provide its own energy to pump more water.


The reserves are so huge and so pressurised they are considered un-tappable. There is no secret where the huge reserves are and there is no need to search for oil. With modern technology the sub-stratas are known, mapped, and vetted. There are no unknown reserves (Except under the oceans deep).


Australia didn't need to be invaded. USA simply said, "We do not recognise Australia or New Zealand's claim to Antarctica". Go to www.CIA/Antarctica and call up Antarctica. Check for yourself. They just took it. So far they have prospected and found silver, lead, zinc, copper, gold, uranium, platinum, oil, shale, gas and coal - all for the protection of the delicate flora and fauna.



MERIDA, VENEZUELA - The State Oil Company of Venezuela, PD-VSA, confirmed today the discovery of four billion cubic feet of natural gas in western Venezuela, believed in June to have only been 2 billion cubic feet. It also confirmed that it possesses the largest single reserve of oil in the world. In addition to the estimated 78 billion barrels of conventional oil reserves, there are 235 billion more barrels of heavy and extra-heavy crude, known as Orimulsion, in the Rio Orinoco region.

This means that Venezuela possesses under her soil nearly 50 per cent of the total amount of oil in the entire Middle East. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Iran and Qatar have a combined total of 676 billion barrels while Venezuela's total alone is 313 billion barrels.

Australia should be competitive. The cost of bring a barrel of oil out of Bass Strait is actually under $3 and all other Australian oil fields are well under $10. The excise tax is currently 38.1 cents per litre on which we have an illegal tax on tax the GST of 10%. State Labor governments with the exception of Queensland impose up to 10 cents per litre fuel tax.

The Australian working men, farmers, retirees and others on fixed incomes are suffering as fuel prices impact on us due to the tyranny of distance in Australia.

Our manufacturers are disadvantaged trying to compete with places like Indonesia where local petrol prices are from 11-14 cents per litre. Our trade balance is a disaster. Each month puts us further behind while Howard's tax drunk heroes push their government take through the roof. It matters little how much they take in tax - they soon come back for more.


First we withdraw from the fraudulent and one sided Oil Price Parity Agreement.

Secondly we legislate that no elected government can commit this nation to contracts beyond the term of that government and no firms can make contracts into the future beyond three years.

We then offer an amnesty to all for three months. The deal is any firm or employee thereof who is or was aware of the capping of valuable hydrocarbon deposits shall be indemnified form prosecution if he/she turns State's Evidence.

All politicians will be required to declare any assets or monies held overseas. All property not declared will be forfeited where possible or such value deducted from local assets if not. Any person whose evidence leads to a conviction of a politician, public servant, a firm or directors should be rewarded with up to 50% of the guilty parties' assets or of the money recovered.

All leases, where there has been no provable drilling within the last five years, will be given warning that, unless there is active drilling the leases will be terminated within two years. If any firm that tries to use shonky lawyers to overturn our decision to evict the charlatans who pretend to be oil companies then we will simply impose a tax to drive them into insolvency or out [of business?]. If Howard can get away with a retrospective legislation and tax then so can we.

We apply a fuel tax on Transnational Oil Giants. The income we use as subsidy for Australians to get Australian owned fields up and running to compete with the monopolies. We start using the 3 cent/litre gas in most Australian vehicles. This is smarter than exhausting it into the atmosphere or burning it off.


All oil companies with no drilling rigs will be listed on the stock exchange as gambling institutions.

We require that all foreign firms and government agencies lodge, with the federal and state governments, copies of all data they have taken on Australia's and Antarctica's energy, mineral, rural, maritime, flora, fauna and water resources.

If competition is good and is forced on Australia then it is good for the Multinationals - so - of all oil leases 50% will be subject to exploitation by local firms as part of our National Competition Policy.


The falsification of data and financial record is done with intent to defraud. It is a crime. Jail penalties, punitive fines and confiscation of assets must be introduced to discourage blatant theft of Australia's wealth.

The leases have been obtained and held under false pretences. After 50 years it is obvious there was no intention to search for oil. If they found no oil then the firms have lost nothing and can claim no compensation.

Shonky lawyers will claim that we can't take back these leases because various state and federal laws do not permit such confiscation. That may be so BUT there is a higher law - COMMON LAW. If a jury decides there was intent to defraud or the assets were held under false pretences, that jury decision overrides any law of ANY PARLIAMENT. (Refer: "Gentlemen of the Jury" and Fully Informed Jurors Association)

All assets of offending companies will be froze. 66% of these assets will be disbursed to the shareholders duped by the concealing of the true value of hydrocarbon deposits found at their expense. The remaining 33% will be retained by governments so voters will have access to decisions and accounts vital the the national interest.


If you go to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) website, go to World Atlas, and then go to Artarctica, you will will read that the USA no longer recognises our claim to Antarctica.

The fact that they never landed there matters little. When you are the biggest bully on the block who is there to stop you bashing the little kids? Mawson (AUS) landed there in 1031 [1931?] and claimed it (See Proclamation this page).

The USA will be called to the World Court to either repudiate her claim to Australian and New Zealand territory in the Antarctic or justify the legality of that claim.


The price we in Australia pay is set by the Organisation of Oil Exporters and Producers (OPEC). The Fraser government signed the Oil Price Parity Agreement in 1978.

The Oil Price Parity is ONE SIDED. We are tied into a 25 year contract to sell our gas to China at 3 cents per litre. Who would sign an agreement to sell a commodity at three cents knowing that inflation will push that price to at least 39 cents a litre in 25 years? This deal was clearly white collar crime. Why doesn't OUR SELLING PRICE change each day on the energy market as do the OPEC prices? The answer, Bribed Politicians.


We pour billions into the coffers of Transnational corporations to "FIND" alternative sources of energy. When these huge corporations even slightly refine or improve efficiency they sell the technology for as much as they can screw out of us then they use our patents as their s to screw the rest of the world.


There is unlimited energy for power generation simply by drilling a hole deep enough into the earth to reach near the magma (molten core). A similar hole is drilled a few miles away. Water is forced at high pressure down the first hole. It hits the hot core material and suddenly turns to super heated steam. This can be used to run a steam power station with no need for an expensive boiler, heat exchanger and no input of coal or gas.

The output voltage is rectified (turned to DC) and applied to water via a cathode and an anode. The water cracks into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is compressed and sold in gas cylinders as auto-gas (for cars). Hydrocarbon exhaust emission is reduced to zero. It is water vapor.

Timor has no legal grounds to claim our oil

In 1993 Anti-Australian bureaucrats and politicians conspired to defraud the Australian people by transferring Australia's oil finds to Transnational Corporations (via Indonesia) by shonky treaties.

In investigated the implications of International Law and the legality of our ownership of the oil reserves. There was no justification for Indonesia's claim to our oil. Not the trans-nationals are back to take the oil we own in the Timor Gap.

Timor has o right to claim our oil either. Below is the results of the legal checks I made in 1993. In simple terms there are two methods of settling boundary disputes between maritime nations. The first is the deep water line. The deep water puts the boundary within a couple of hundred kilometres of the Timor coastline. All of the oil is on our continental shelf by International Law.

The second method is a complex computation of equidistant points from coast to coast. Our coastline is not Cape York, Arnhem Land, Darwin, WA, Broome etc. It is measured from Sabai (10km off the New Guinea coast), Deliverance, Ashmore, Christmas, Cocos etc so the continental shelf and the oil/gas on it is all ours.

That matters little - if you don't let the ALP/Dem/Lib/Nat/Greens know, that you know, they will still betray Australia for their 30 pieces of silver.

SEND THIS PAGE TO YOUR LOCAL MEMBER. Ask him to confirm the legal opinion or give some source, that can be authenticated, for any other opinion.

In past papers I have provided maps showing how the ALP/Dem/Lib/Nat/Greens have aided and abetted Indonesia's theft of our nation. They took four bites of our continental shelf.

The first was the Timor Gap Treaty (Foreign Affairs News Release M138 dated 3/9/88. Then they moved to the Zone of Cooperation, then the Economic Exclusion Zone, to the Traditional Fishing Rights.

There never was any basis for Indonesia to legally claim our oil fields under International law. It did however suit the ulterior motives of our left and rightwing parliamentary Fabians. You have a right to ask me for proof of the above. Here it is.

Source - The Australian Academy of Science
Document - Forum Report Number 11, 1978
Book identification - ISBN 0 85847 048 9
Printed by - Griffin Press Limited, Netley, SA 5037
Sub-section - International Legal and Political factors affecting the exploitation of Australia's offshore resources
Legal adviser - E. Lauterpacht QC
Australian Government Office - Department of Foreign Affairs
Legal background - (Page 9) "The first significant reflection of this concern was the Truman Proclamation of 1945 by which the United States asserted the exclusive right to explore for and exploit the resources of the continental shelf adjacent to its coasts."

The lead up - (page 10) "in the years from 1953 to 1956 the International Law Commission (the United Nations organ concerned with codification and progressive development of International Law) studied the problem as part of its work on The Law of the Sea; and in 1956 a chapter on the Continental Shelf formed part of the draft Articles which the Commission produced. This chapter gave legal form to thephysical concept and defined it, in terms of the knowledge and the technology of those days, as the seabed and the subsoil of the sea up to a depth of 200 metres or beyond that limit where the depth of the superjacent waters admits of the exploitation of the resources of that area."

The treaty - (page 10) "Never the less, this definition, for all its weaknesses as subsequently perceived, was incorporated into the Continental Shelf Convention of 1958 which was drawn up at the Geneva Conference of that year for the purpose of giving treaty form to the Commission's work."

Acceptance - (page 10) "Despite the rapidity of the emergence and the development of the continental shelf concept - effectively over barely a decade from 1945 to 1956 - it acquired legal status not only as the subject of a special multilateral convention, but also as a rule of customary international law."

Our action - (page 10) "hence it was that Australia was able in 1953 to claim under customary international law rights over the continental shelf a full decade before becoming in 1963 a party to the Continental Shelf Convention drawn up and opened for signature in 1958.

The truth - In plain English , under International Law, all of the oilfields the ALP gave away were ours legally. The known reserves they gave away were worth $250,000,000,000. We lost $60,000 per income earning family in Australia.

A solution
Thos involved must be charged under the Crimes Act 1914. It is an offence to overturn the Constitution by sedition. Para 1 of our Constitution made us an "indissolvable" nation. They just dissolved part of it.