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Symptoms are nature's warning signs

See The Biochemic Handbook for a complete list of symptoms and their remedies.

Also there are cellsalt books that can be purchased cheaply.. Either of the following titles contain very similar information and will be enough to get a person on the right track as regards recognising symptoms and associated remedies. 

  • Schuessler Tissue Salts Handbook is available from many sources.
  • The Biochemic Handbook contains almost the same information - although older editions with slightly different introductions but the information in the back regarding symptoms and remedies seems to be exactly the same..

Some experimentation is required with cellsalts and remedies and amounts can vary from person to person.


Head related / mental conditions


  • Sighing - silica
  • Anxious about future: Calc. Phos
  • Children - crossness of, crying and screaming, 
    ill-tempered: Kali Phos*.
  • Depressed spirits: Kali phos, Calc phos, Nat mur*.
  • Desires solitude: Calc phos
  • Despondent moods: Nat mur, Nat sulph, silica
  • Discouraged, feels: Nat sulph
  • Fits of laughing or crying, impatience and nervousness, 
    sensitiveness, shyness: Kali phos
  • Irritability: Kali phos, nat phos.
  • Hopeless with dejected spirits: Nat mur.
  • Moods, anxious or gloomy: Kali phos.
  • Weeps easily: Nat mur
  • Anxiety / anxious moods, calcium
  • Dwelling on past incidents, or living in the past, calcium
  • Remorse, calcium

*Kali = potassium, nat=sodium, mur=chloride


Headache associated with knotted neck muscles or stiff shoulders - Sodium phosphate and sulphate. Take as many as required with a few glasses of water.

There is a different headache for each cellsalt deficiency and according to the associated symptoms, the cellsalt can be worked out.


Iron / ferrum. phos. helps prevent wrinkles. It strengthens the skin and makes it more resilient. Iron deficiency results in skin having less resilience and losing the ability to bounce back. Similar to ingrown toenails where ferrum phosphate strengthens the skin which is then able to push the nail back instead of having the nail cutting into the skin.


Cellsalts and deficiency symptoms 

Cellsalt Symptoms
Calcium  Gum disease, gum pockets and bleeding gums
Chewing inside of mouth
Constant hawking to clear throat
Sleeplessness (warm milk or milk products help with sleep)
Bad nerves
Potassium Scaling around nostrils
Conjunctivitis (usually potassium)
Dandruff (in combination with nat mur)
Sodium phosphate & sulphate Headaches from stiff neck and shoulders.
Headaches associated with constipation
Sodium chloride (homeopathic nat. mur. 6x) Watery eyes - usually in the morning
Blocked nose, itchy-sore throat
Dandruff (along with potassium)
Silica Sinus
Calcified plaque on the teeth, along with sodium
Sores inside nostrils
Itchy eyes / nose/ hayfever (along with mag. phos and nat mur)
Ringing in the ears/ tinnitus
Stye on the eyelid
Sore scalp along with ferrum phosphate.
Magnesium phosphate Twitching of eyelids
Talking to yourself
Metallic taste in the mouth 
Ferrum. phosphate Feels like sand under the eyelids
flushed face, blushing
blood nose

(See cell salt books for complete range of symptoms)