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Most people consume a diet that is acid producing. Japanese people who typically have a low level of cancer, develop the same chances of cancer as US when they move to US and follow US diet. The Japanese diet is high in vegetables, the US diet is high in acid producing foods.

Foods that metabolise to acid include meat, fish eggs, dairy, nuts, sugar, grains, coffee

Alkalising foods are generally fruit and vegetables.

* * *

Nobel prize for discovering that low oxygen promotes cancer.






Bowel cleansing

The bowels are the body's largest organ of elimination. The first step in treating any condition is to get the bowels working.

The cellsalts required to do a bowel cleanse are the same as for blood purification and eliminating toxemia. Repeat doses of bicarb and cream of tartar interspersed with calcium carbonate tablets, taken with plenty of fluids.

See also the Biochemic Handbook (section on Stools).

I find that an acid forming diet can lead to constipation (meat, nuts, dairy, sugar, grains, eggs) whereas fruits and vegetables help to keep the bowels moving. Its no so much the fibre as the alkalising foods that lead to good bowel movements.




Going raw

The raw food diet of eating only mainly fruit and vegetables, has advantages in that it is alkalising.
Most people eat a diet that is way too acid forming (pastry, fried food, meat, bread, soft drink) and too high in protein.

People who recommend raw foods include -

* The Life Regenerator (Dan McDonald) on youtube, probably the biggest raw food advocate on youtube or the entire internet. Used to be a body builder but switched to raw food and juicing with overall health improvements. The Life Regenerator has featured a couple of people who were close to death from overweight and bad health. They testify that juicing has turned their health around.

* The Biggest Loser recommends lots of vegetables. The Commando eats a big bowel of raw veggies every day.

* Leon Pittard who runs the Fair Dinkum radio show is into growing his own veggies and juicing when he's at home.


People on cellsalts aren't as dependent for diet to maintain correct acid / alkaline balance since a few doses the the right cellsalts will correct any dietary mistakes. However, by the time the signs of acidity have appeared and the cellsalt correction made there will have been some period of discomfort and / or disability so better to eat right in the first place.






A pure bloodstream (without toxemia)

Toxemia and a pure bloodstsream are concepts that have been removed from modern medicine. What they refer to is the level of pullution in a person's bloodstream. Toxemia is a condition that is brought about through various factors including a diet high in acid forming foods, pollutants and lack of rest. Proponents who talk about TOXEMIA include -

  • Robert O. Young whose writings can be seen around the internet
  • Toxemia Explained by J.D. Tilden, MD available from library.


Unfortunately, modern pharmaceutical medicine has become very profitable from prescribing drugs which treat symptoms which in reality are signs of toxemia. There is no motivation to educate or treat toxemia and no interest in people cultivating a pure bloodstream.

The greater a person's level of toxemia the more the agents of decay will proliferate. Eg, You can kill the flies around the rubbish dump by spraying insecticide but how much better to clean up the rubbish that attracts the flies. Modern medicine kills the bacteria, fungi and parasites but overlooks the cause. Cellsalts treat the cause.

In the case of treating toxemia there needs to be the correct balance between calcium, potassium and sodium.

Calcium Calcium carbonate - 1 dose = 1 gram (1000mg) elemental calcium

RDA for adult = 1,200mg but I have taken up to 3 or 4 grams on occasion.

Potassium Cream of tartar, a high potassium and natural source of potassium, a by-product of wine making*

RDA for adult = 4700mg (wikipedia)

Sodium Sodium bicarbonate / bicarbonate of soda / bicarb, a source of sodium cellsalts.

RDA for adult = 2400mg (wikipedia)
Note: table salt is not a valid form of sodium

* 1 dose = 1/2 heaped tspn of each cream of tartar and bicarb in a little water.

  Other cellsalts as symptoms indicate.




See your doctor if symptoms persist. This works for me but may not work for others and is merely provide for public interest and information. I am not a doctor and don't have any medical training of any kind. This merely amounts to my 30+ years of experimenting with cellsalts.