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"....the FDA had 92 different reactions to Aspartame categorized until they quit acknowledging anything and then  stone walled the public, refusing to even acknowledge the health problems reported to them. "


Aspartame - mind control drug
By James D. Bowen MD

google search: Billions of people are now Aspartame victims

Dr James D. Bowen has the following to say about mind control drugs and aspartame in particular:

In his expose on Aspartame Dr James D. Bowen talks about the disastrous physical and mental effect of this FDA approved chemical. He comments that it is a mind control drug to control the masses as that it ruins the ability of a person to be able to think critically and use their own will.

"Aspartame is a brainwashing agent. You lose your ability to think independently and effectively, or to realistically challenge anything.

"The monologue "Psycho Politics" from the Church of Scientology is probably the best monograph available to bring you up to date with the way mass mind control agents, like Aspartame and the psychology/ psychiatric power structures are being used to control political dissident in our country, and also documents its roots in modern times. " 

Formula for aspartame being kept from the public


Of 100,000 FDA licensed products, 85% of complaints about aspartame


How many of you know what the word apathy means? 
The agencies are counting upon this apathy and in fact, helped create that state of consciousness to begin with way back in the late 1950 
(Fluoridation, Aspartame, street narcotics.)
-- retired government scientist with an advanced degree in 
one of the health-related disciplines


Stevia natural sweetener competes with aspartame
Many studies show stevia to be safe. Aspartame interests get stevia banned in US.


Nutrasweet - a legacy of fraud, deceit, graft and genocide

Does Michael J. Fox really have Parkinson's or is his nerve damage from many years of consuming diet soda and other aspartame laced products?


James D. Bowen, MD

Rumsfeld and aspartame

   "Rumsfeld was president of Serle corporation in 1977, maker of aspartame, then, part of Reagan transition team, and got aspartame 'legalized' by appointing a defense department contractor [??] (Hayes) as head of FDA!

    In January 1981 Rumsfeld told a sales meeting, according to one attendee, that he would call in his chips and get aspartame approved by the end of the year. On January 25th, the day the new president took office, the previous FDA commissioner's authority was suspended, and the next month, the commissioner's job went to Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes.

    Transition records do not show why the administration chose  ***Hayes, a professor and Defense Department contract researcher.***  In July Hayes, defying FDA advisors, approved aspartame for dry foods -- his first major decision. In November 1983 the FDA approved aspartame for soft drinks -- Hayes' last decision. In November 1983 Hayes, under fire for accepting corporate gifts, left the agency and went to Searle's public-relations firm as senior medical advisor. Later Searle lawyer Robert Shapiro named aspartame NutraSweet. Monsanto purchased Searle. Rumsfeld received a $12 million bonus. Shapiro is now Monsanto president.

.....Former White House Chief of Staff Rumsfeld owed a debt of gratitude to former White House confidante and Rumsfeld friend Donald Kendal, Pepsi's chairman. The Pepsi announcement and aggressive marketing (millions of gumballs, a red and white swirl, tough contracts) made NutraSweet known in every home. 

....From 1985 to 1995, researchers did about 400 aspartame studies.  They were divided almost evenly between those that gave assurances and those that raised questions about the sweetener.

    Most instructively, Searle paid for 100% of those finding no problem. All studies paid for by non-industry sources raised questions." ---James S. Turner


Former FDA investigator exposes aspartame as 
deadly neurotoxin that never should have been approved

From Betty Martini


Aspartame... the BAD news!
Article courtesy of: Mark Gold
(researcher for twenty years on such subjects)
FDA list of 92 symptoms associated with Aspartame poisoning!!


by James D. Bowen, MD

Billions of people are now Aspartame victims or their friends. Individual answers to questions are now an impossible approach. The following article is meant to fill in that gap, to meet that need. As you read it you will master the medical knowledge you need to cope in a correctly intuitive manner. You also will painlessly gain the  experience you need, vicariously as you follow me down the river of discovery. 

I am like a beat up, exhausted old salmon with propeller slashes from the political powerboats, gnashes from predators, battered from pounding against the rocks while jumping cataracts, and exhausted from swimming all the way up to this spawning ground against the current. So jump in your armchair. You will lunch upon the fruit of "the tree of knowledge of good and evil" (Genesis 2:17 and 3:1-22) and your eyes will be opened as we journey down stream. Hopefully this may become a "river of life" for you (Revelation 22:1-2). May you find healing in the "tree of life." (Gen 2:9 and 3:1-22). If you find the following article helpful, please help me spread it to any you may be able.

"CHz"--What you need to know about Chemical Hypersensitivity disease: (CHz = Multiple Sensitivities, Poly Chemical Sensitivity, Persian Gulf Syndrome, etc.)"

Because of your and/or your forbearers exposure to toxics like Aspartame, a summation of immune, mitochondrial, DNA, and MtDNA (genetic) damage has occurred in your body that has made your body unable to deal with chemical insults so slight that they might not even be noticed by others. With the lessening of mitochondrial competency, free radicals are produced, and the release of damaging combustion products into the cell occurs, causing exaggerated cellular reactivity and cellular damages from concentrations of substances that you would never even have noticed before. 

You have become "hyper sensitized." Now, even millions of times less a concentration of the same chemical exposures that didn't bother you at all before, will cause severe health damaging reactions, and autoimmune disease. The activation of mast cells and basophiles, and other pro-inflammatory immune mechanisms can really set your health problems off. 

This phenomenon tends to spread incrementally because it is a vicious circle type phenomenon. The more damage, the less the metabolic and genetic competence, as a direct result of the DNA and RNA, Mt DNA and, mitochondrial damage to the organism: The more free radical formation and inappropriate release of abnormal metabolites occurs within and beyond the "mitochondria." (The little "energy furnaces" within the cell that carry out certain otherwise dangerously energy loaded processes safely for the cell). This leads to more cellular compromise. In addition, specific features of a given chemical may incite damage. E. g., Benzoates directly stimulate the metabolism of the mast cells and basophiles making them more likely to fire off an inflammatory autoimmune response. 

It only makes sense that for a preservative to "preserve" anything it has to rapidly kill everything that has life or metabolism in it at very low doses. Such a compound cannot be very friendly to human tissue. In bread, for instance: I  find vinegar (acetic acid), or calcium propionate harmless for me, but all other preservatives are harmful. Denatured human tissue itself causes massive immune disorientation.   

Consider separately now the immune system. When it encounters your  protein (cells, sub cellular structures, and substrates such as the myelin sheath or joint cartilage etc.), denatured by things like the formaldehyde, and formic acid from Aspartame, and tissue damaged/ denatured by the deranged processes mentioned in the first paragraph, it is highly likely to view it as foreign. This makes your bodies own tissues subject to immune attack. The false memories induced in your immune system are life long, leading to an accumulation of various forms of autoimmunity. Some are very destructive. E. g., Lupus, neuro degenerative diseases, inflammatory arthritis, et al, to the point that the FDA had 92 different reactions to Aspartame categorized until they quit acknowledging anything and then  stone walled the public, refusing to even acknowledge the health problems reported to them. 

Aspartime 85% of all complaints

Since marketing, 85% of all complaints are about Aspartame alone, of all the 100,000 licensed by FDA! Once poisoned by Aspartame, it is a secure fact that the person will be somewhere well down the road of hypersensitivity, and autoimmunity with those even creating initial presenting symptoms.  

Now that you know the ballpark, how do you try to win back as much of your health as possible? How to prevent, to the greatest extent possible, further degradation of your body's health, and "well being"? The mainstays that you will have to adopt are as follows: You must now become your own doctor, listening very carefully to your body and trying to make sense of what's going on.  Study what things work for yourself and others, and try them out, again listening very carefully to your body. Become the gatekeeper of your body, practicing strict avoidance of ingested and environmental chemicals. Even caffeine promotes free radicals. 

Chemical poisons 

You cannot at all believe that governmental or corporate integrity offers you any protection. They simply no longer exist. That means if anything comes ready prepared in a can, bottle, box, or bag' it is unsafe for you. You need to buy organic and cook from scratch, in so far as possible. Avoid even mixes like cocoa mix, etc. They have tried to give chemicals, even the horribly damaging diketopiperazine of Aspartame, safe sounding names like "natural flavoring, vegetable protein, lo-cal, lo fat, lite, lo salt, robust cheese flavor, and lo fat cheese flavor". -The list is endless-!

Environmental contaminants are also a severe hazard; plastics, new plastics, plastic bottled water, building materials, industrial releases and fumes, contaminated water, "sick" houses and environments are often very damaging to you. Even sitting in front of a new computer, as the new plastics "off gas," is terrible for me. Most makes of automobiles after '83 are suspect. Ford remained "clean" until '89, when they added polyurethanes and thioisocyanates to their products. They had five unexplained deaths, on the floor of their River Rouge plant alone, that first season!

Once you are hyper sensitized, noxious substances from nature: pollens, fungal blooms dusts mites, danders, etc. now cause major flares of disease. Even atmospheric positive ionization zones from buildings or nature, such as the full moon or foehn, "Santa Ana" winds, or just living in a neighbor hood or region given to positive ionization will tend to flare your autoimmunity and may cause severe physical and emotional damage! Inhaling positive ions engenders the production of the super oxide type of free radicals in your metabolic processes, and they may consume negative ions from the ambient atmosphere. Atmospheric negative ions in ambient air, on the other hand, are essential to well being because they consume positive ions and other pollutants that would otherwise generate free radicals in your metabolic processes, and they are synergistic and catalytic with ozone as "nature's air purifiers".

By now, you may sense that you will seem like a "nut case," to someone who is not so afflicted. This is mainly because the Nazi like, fascist influence, of the chemical companies prevents doctors from being trained in any knowledge of this immense discipline. This would be an essential first step in adding sanity and effectiveness to the medical profession. As a result, because your body cannot go along with their insane, and inept orientation, you will appear eccentric to them. So, you must become your own doctor, because if your doctor does become keen on treating your real problems he will likely be destroyed by the fascist medical-political power structure. Some doctors do prevail in the field of environmental ecology, in spite of all, and may be able to have a positive therapeutic and working relation with you. But they are few and far between.

The measure you will begin with is avoidance, as suggested above. Decontamination is sometimes helpful. A negative ionization, precipitation, and ozonation machine, properly installed on an intelligent and perceptive regimen is often lifesaving, as are good house keeping practices to eliminate dust and mold sources. A natural, restorative diet of fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables, simply and healthfully prepared without chemicals is essential. Our world is so contaminated and the production of meat oft so degraded, that Flesh foods, and seafoods are usually laden with environmental contaminants and other toxins and hazards engendered by the dangerous, unethical practices of the feedlot industry. A good intake of minerals and vitamins is essential. Especially to be noted are trace minerals like selenium, and vitamins like folic acid, which is essential, but is consumed by the formic acid (this essential fact is often not detailed in currently published texts) from inadvertent methanol, formaldehyde, or carbon monoxide intake which happens to be one of the toxic axes of the Aspartame molecule. I prefer kelp selenium because it has a whole bouquet of trace minerals from the sea. Sea Sel is a brand I have used.

Dexamethasone (Decadron)

Other medical interventions will include immunosuppressive therapy, when warranted. Dexamethasone, (Decadron) is my favorite steroid, given in pushes/pulses, on an intermittent basis, as needed to stop a flare of autoimmune attack. It is safe, even at the high doses such as
one half to one mg, that are needed to stop an autoimmune flare in its tracks. It is non toxic, and cheaply and easily taken as one dose of a single oral tablet at home. Archaic information based on the medical knowledge and practices of fifty years ago leave a large segment of the profession unawares of its safety and practicability. The fact that it is extremely cheap will ensure that the government will oppose any improvement in medical outlook about this molecule.


The FDA has become a branch office for the pharmaceutical companies, so the worst side effect that a drug can have is that its patent has run out, and that it truly has become multi-sourced and affordable. NO profit in that! Prolonged or steady use of any steroid is hazardous and destructive, even at low doses, and is to be avoided. One antihistamine that is safe for continuous dosage and effective above all others is doxepin. It is the most powerful H1 and H2 antihistamine known to man. It is long out of patent, and thus out of favor with the power structure because it's cheap! The other benefits for the CHz victim, built into this one molecule, are that it's a peripheral anti serotonin agent (not central like Aspartame which would be a detriment), a stabilizer of the mast cell, an anticholinergic agent, an inducer of restorative sleep without being sedative (after the initial anti histamine daze wears off) and a mild anxiolytic/ antidepressant.

When under patent, doxepin was advertised, and independently rated, as being as harmless as a drink of water, a potent medicine, that when taken properly, had no risks associated with its use except, that because the patient might feel so much better, the doctor might overlook other problems. Now that it is out of patent the FDA and surgeon general want to murder it. Dr Koop runs a special net site to scare people away from it. He unrealistically and untruthfully ascribes all sorts of imaginary and irrelevant ills to it. How does the government figure it can get away with such ignorant behavior? 

Well the government is playing "dumb like a fox". It has declared that it can "categorically" issue precautions, and ascribe side effects and toxicities to a medicine. The FDA may elect to assign to any given medicine any of the hazards or side effects of any other chemical merely stated to be in a similar category. In the case of doxepin numerous categories could be assumed in order to play this legal game of false condemnation. This is foolishness: FDA precautions merely another word game to pursue and to perpetuate political objectives. In fact, the only pertinent information to actually ascribe to a medicine is that information which really pertains to it. This FDA fiction is real "pseudo science." Only the facts matter. All else is simple capriciousness, totally lacking truth, merit, or concern for human welfare. Makes sense, now that I have seen what the FDA and surgeon general really are capable of. Please see Dr Koop's net site on doxepin to view and appreciate what fatuous punditry the fascist government would like to unload upon you.

Hypersensitivity indicators

I will, as illustration, now give my own hypersensitivity experiences. As a review, CHz is engendered by toxics like Aspartame for the following reasons. First: Genetic damage occurs which both denatures the tissue being formed in your body, and blurs the competency of the immune system to recognize your tissues as "self". Second: The immune competency to self protect is further blurred by denaturing the already formed tissues of the body by the direct chemical actions of the toxics: Creates "tissue targets". Third: mitochondrial impairment from the same mechanisms impair detoxification and increase the release of free radicals, which are destructive and inflammatory. Fourth: Many vicious cycles arise to auto perpetuate and broaden the scope of these problems.

Here is my experience. The features especially relevant to CHz are pointed out, along with enough of the bureaucracy and political scenario exemplified to let you know what you are really facing, now and in the future. As I have been writing this account, it has been extremely painful for me to even recall many of these memories, much less relate them to you. Some of the material I must relate will worry my friends because they feel I must hide it to protect myself. You, dear reader, and the billions of human beings around the world who have been, or will be deformed or damaged by the heinous chemicals unleashed upon us are more important than myself, or my welfare. My friends who believe me to be a brilliant and compassionate healer feel I should alter this story to protect myself in hopes of one day again practicing medicine. 

When I came to realize the horrorific nature of Aspartame and the satanic nature of its promoters, I made the determination that I could not be bought at any price, even if that meant being completely misunderstood.

In fact, the Lord has preserved my life. Various individuals from the satanic organizations have approached me to threaten, buy, or otherwise get me off the Nutra Sweet issue. When I respond to their threats with the reply, "I trust my life to the Lord." They typically, are forced to admit; "You must be right, that the Lord is protecting you, because we have repeatedly used the best to get rid of you. You can't even be alive, and yet you are." Does that sound like something from "The Gladiator"? "But know this. We are never going allow you to have anything, or be anything, or do anything, and know this also, we are going to keep trying, and when the Lord doesn't need you anymore we are going to kill you." The Lord does not indeed guarantee any one of us a single heartbeat into the future. All I could say in response was: "The bible says not to worry about this life, but to trust Him for the life to come, which Satan will defraud you of." So they find me unanswerable, and impossible to deal with.

How have I come to this point? About January of 1983 I received a flyer from Searle, whom I considered an ethical drug company. I was especially fond of them because, years before, I had a close personal relationship with one of the Searle sisters. In spite of this, their flyer troubled me. In essence, it stated "We are putting a marvelous new artificial sweetener on the market called -Nutra Sweet-. It is just a couple of harmless protein fragments, Drink up and enjoy." It gave not so much as a stick drawing of the chemical, nor did it even name it! "None the less." I bit. When the Lo-cal Kool-Aid hit the market I started using it. Within two days I went from being a two-mile at a session, swimmer to being in such a toxic cardiomyopathy and heart failure, that I couldn't even climb the stairs to my apartment. Loss of balance, and hearing acuity, and energy was also an immediate effect. I abandoned the swimming pool and became a couch potato. My wife became frantic, and then rejective, because of the changes in me. At that point, any intelligent person would have known that the lo-cal Kool-Aid was suspect. My personal experience will strongly exemplify how doctors can be made to be real dummies, in any given circumstance, by believing what they have been trained to believe by our fascist, and fallible government and medical-pharmaceutical axis power structure.

Lab work up revealed only a mildly increased eosinophile count, and decreased platelet count in my blood, and low voltage on the EKG. It was all "non diagnostic," but only because of my lack of knowledge about Aspartame's chemical formula and toxicity. Had I been allowed to  know either, this story would have ended right there.

So, I persisted using the lo-cal Kool-Aid. With the passing of a few  more days I developed many symptoms of methanol (methyl alcohol) /formaldehyde poisoning, and progressive classic symptoms of chemical hypersensitivity. My skin turned red and inflamed, and was photosensitive. I was short of breath and drained of energy. I lost my ability to withstand thermal stress and stayed inside out of the summer warmth. I could not acclimatize. In spite of staying in the air-conditioned environment, parts of my body felt cold and others, hot. I got stinging sensations in my skin, shooting down my extremities, and around my body. My thirst markedly increased. Things began to taste salty to me. That didn't stop me from craving corn chips and other pure carbohydrates. A bowl of corn chips became my constant companion at home.

My sense of smell became outrageously keen. Be there even one leaf of stale lettuce in the kitchen garbage can, I could smell it, even though the lid was closed. This common feature of CHz (chemical hypersensitivity disease) apparently is due the fact that the sense of smell, which is designed to alert to chemical hazards, begins to note damage potential from chemicals at millions of times lower concentrations; which is in keeping with the facts of the case of CHz. At the same time, my ability to taste the sensation of sweetness in foods became markedly impaired, and remains so to this day. My mild, easily controlled osteo arthritis flared into a full blown inflammatory and destructive arthritis and my right knee became acutely painful. It had developed a large crack clear across the joint surface. I have since seen people who had experienced well nigh total cartilaginous destruction, throughout their bodies, from this flare of arthritic processes by Aspartame. They usually gave the history of only about six weeks from onset, to total destruction.

As I continued on Aspartame, my visual acuity lessened and until I had a severe loss of visual acuity, my night vision also disappeared and did not return for six years. I thank the Lord that it suddenly returned in 1989. I lost my sense of balance in the first couple of days of lo-cal Kool-Aid use. My eye-hand coordination was the next to go. My enjoyment of sex went first. Next came impairment of sexual function, which has never resolved. Many men are ashamed to talk about this, but they should overcome that, and let the world know what Nutra Sweet did to them. My wife thought I had lost interest in her, and had perhaps become enamored of someone else.

In my early research, the disruption of marriages was one of the things the government studies reported as a result of CHz, and methanol/ formaldehyde exposure. Shortly after I started writing about, and publicizing these problems my file was robbed of all Aspartame and formaldehyde/ methanol related materials and this information has since become unfindable: Largely replaced by punditry that would make you think there is but little hazard. Common to the literature of the time, was that other victims, like myself found the whole experience to be a totally perplexing, disintegrative destruction of their lives.

My ability to sleep became increasingly impaired and soon a deep depression set in. Life became one long, dark, pleasureless, sleepless night. About then I tried using the sleeper Placidyl. It works by virtue of solvency, just like ether or chloroform. I didn't yet even know I was being felled by CHz. Solvents of all kinds worsen CHz, especially formaldehyde related CHz. So, neither sleep nor anything good came of that, and my symptoms all worsened, especially the neurological symptoms. The small town of Ashland, KS where I was practicing saw this happening to me and came to the conclusion I was an alcoholic because my impairment and depression were apparent to all, and I looked hung over all the time. That was a very astute correlation, because the "hang over" experience is caused by the traces of methanol in beverage alcohol. I was using no alcoholic beverages, but I was getting methyl alcohol from Nutra Sweet and had become a methoholic, the most vicious and destructive form of alcoholism. By now I craved the lo-cal Kool-Aid. I used it before I went to the clinic and as soon as I arrived home again. I had quit hospitalizing patients and my clinic practice was, of course dwindling due to my impaired performance. By now I only wanted to get through the day.

I felt, some how, that it was "all my fault." Aspartame is a brainwashing agent. You lose your ability to think independently and effectively, or to realistically challenge any thing. I wondered how I could get so old so fast. In fact, Aspartame aged me about thirty years in six weeks. When your immune system is aging you instead of protecting you, your Mt DNA is rapidly being mutated and degraded, RNA transmission is being deranged and deleted, when free radicals are being flooded through out your body and plasticizing agents and blister poisons are destroying your tissues from the inside out, that pretty well describes progeria. I had a full head of dark brown hair when I started drinking lo-cal Kool-Aid. Six weeks later it looked like I had silver gray hair that I had dyed dark brown and the gray roots were showing. My hair was grayed forever. It's Mt DNA, which determines youthfulness of hair, forever "fried" by the Aspartame. There were no real hair dyes marketed just for men at that time. Starting in 1984, those became a brisk and expanding market served by several new brand names.

I was now experiencing the horrors of deteriorating with neuro degenerative dz. I can empathize with those going through this as no one who hasn't been there really can. My body and brain were now neurologically and functionally falling apart. What a hopeless feeling! I felt that I was going crazy. There was just no known medical explanation for what was happening to me.

I went to see Dr. Max Teare in Garden City, Kansas, a psychiatrist, who specialized in treating impaired physicians. Max was marvelous, but had no inkling that Aspartame was toxic. I frankly told him all about myself, including all the meds I was using. Max recognized that nothing that I was sharing with him would explain the messed up man sitting in interview with him. I was sobbing desperately in my pleas for help. I could barely get my hands to my mouth. I could hardly swallow my own saliva. Talking or maintaining a normal posture was nearly impossible for me. My speech was slurred. I couldn't even hold myself erect, and I was grossly uncoordinated.

Max repeatedly pressed me to tell him about the drugs I was using, or the alcohol I was imbibing but I had nothing further to tell him. Finally I sobbed, "Max all I know is that nothing you are suggesting will help me at all. If I don't get some help I am going to die! I want you to send me to the best mental hospital that you know of." Never did Max ask about Nutra Sweet consumption, nor did I volunteer any such information. We as MDs were simply programmed to view it as an inert food additive. All food additives must, by law, be proven inert at one hundred times the maximum conceivable human dose. No wonder we were mislead by our blind faith in the FDA.

Prairie View

Max was visibly upset by my request for hospitalization, and said, " Man, you don't know what that would do to your career." I replied. "Max right now I don't care about my career, all I know is that I am a dying man". So, Max reluctantly gave very thoughtful contemplation to the matter, discussing various options with me and asking me about them. I assured him that I was in no condition to choose, but that I would appreciate him choosing the one he would want to go to if he were in my shoes. After a long deliberation with himself, he said he would choose Prairie View, a Mennonite institution in Newton, Ks. Thank God for Prairie View! It's quiet, pleasant, chemical free rural environment, and loving, supportive staff were to prove to be just what my Nutra Sweet and CHz ravished body needed!

Meanwhile Max had sent me home to wait while he arranged an appointment to enter Prairie View. I was no longer practicing but only staying in my air-conditioned apartment, avoiding the ferociously hot Kansas summer, and desperately sliding downhill into a Lou Gehrig's Disease like picture. Still slugging down the lo-cal Kool-Aid, and saying "Thank God for Nutra Sweet in such a hot summer." A week or two later Max called and said he had arranged for my admission, but that it would be another week before Prairie View would have room for me. 

Ah! Hope at last! With this newfound hope, my ravaged mind must have subconsciously gone into high gear. I subconsciously, and only subconsciously came to suspect. "Nutra Sweet." I said to myself, for no apparent conscious reason, "No more Nutra Sweet." Lacking Aspartame, my body and mind slowly began to make the early phases of recovery.

I presented to Prairie View in a state of withdrawal, but a very little partially recovered, and totally broken in spirit. What were they to think! "Boy do we have an addict coming to us in withdrawal or what!" Was their highly logical conclusion. I was palsied with a bulbar palsy. This was evident on exam, in addition to being hyper reflexic and ataxic, all classical signs of being damaged by, and in withdrawal from some mind destroying toxic substance. I got to meet the very overworked Dr Peter O'Toole, the only full time psychiatrist for about 300 inpatients on my second day. Again, he did not ask and I did not volunteer any information about my Nutra Sweet consumption.

Why should we? It had been fed to the public along with the greatest  media blitzkrieg of the history of the world.

Using people like Michael J. Fox to advertise diet-cola and we can all see the effect it has had on him for doing so - Divine Justice - JAH.

I now know that we live in a day and age unparalleled for manipulation of the media as propaganda. If any thing is highly promoted, you'd best back right away from it. 

Erosion of liberties

Right now our rights and liberties are being destroyed and our bodies are being violated by the government assuming "emergency powers" and taking other fascist measures under the guise of a "war on terrorism". Were all facts known, the only emergencies that have occurred were fostered by US intelligence agencies, and the only crisis we face is a media event designed to make us gullible and pliant to the notion of being defrauded of our personal and civil liberties. 

Note how the Bush family is now being promoted in a media blitz, as innocuous Americans, just as vulnerable as all other Americans; It would be made to seem. Better ask: "Where have my rights gone?" "And my liberties?," "And our economy?," And, Oh Yes!, "The social security funds." You might consider boycotting all the press involved in this propaganda smoke screen operation. You see Bush et al, and Rumsfeld, almost daily, promoted as model citizens in a way never previously exhibited by our media, on behalf of anyone. I think these fascist denizens even may come to believe their own propaganda and enjoy false adulation. Some dictators demand it, with staged demonstrations, etc.

The "National Enquirer" ran a prominent article detailing a few of the ties between the Bush dynasty and Nazi Germany. April 24, 2001, was the publication date, as I remember. It was removed from all the KMart and Fred Meyer store chains, over night, before the stores were opened for the business in the morning, and for a long time, this  fascist act was covered by providing the following weeks Enquirer a week early. It still is here in Portland. Both chains are owned by the Kroger dynasty, who now control 52%+ of the nations grocery supply. All this virtually defines "burn the books" fascism.

I saw but little of Dr O'Toole for most of my stay at Prairie View, but a psychologist, Dr White, oversaw my care. Upon my arrival at Prairie View, I was pleasantly surprised. It was rural and pastoral, situated on a 350-acre farm outside of town amidst the rolling, rural Kansas landscape. The buildings were rustic and informal, having been built in the immediate post WWII era, when Mennonites who had served as medics in the war, were inspired by their wartime experiences to build a place where war torn psyches could heal. The buildings were simple, and pleasant, but not air-conditioned. I was panicked. I had, since starting Nutra Sweet, been completely defeated by the heat of the Kansas summer. Now I had to live without air conditioning. A large part of the time was spent out of doors in vigorous recreational activities in the heat of Kansas' hottest month, August! What a disconcerting prospect for me. I was utterly defeated by the heat. Nutra Sweet had withered my ability to withstand thermal, or any other kind of stress.

Much to my surprise, I rapidly acclimatized and was not even bothered by the heat any more. The healing process was not painless. The simple occupational therapies were terrifying to me because they revealed the extreme neurological incapacities I had sustained. Other doctors who worked with me in surgery had complimented me on my surgical dexterity and skills. Now those hands, once so capable, could hardly be directed to scratch a random line on a recreational exercise. The personnel were marvelously supportive and shared every little victory with me as my functional abilities began to return. The food was simple, cooked from scratch in the inimitable, and excellent Mennonite cuisine, and free of chemicals.

There were a few rough spots engendered by my Aspartame induced picture, though. The psychological personnel were intent on finding out just what had so neurologically degenerated me. This led to a lot of confrontations about drug abuse, but I had nothing more that I could tell them. I earnestly wished I could give them anything to go on. I wanted, above all else, to get well. They knew of my biochemical expertise. In defiance of all logic, they came to the misguided conclusion that I simply had to be the cleverest addict they had ever seen, but an addict, nonetheless. Most of the personnel were of a congenial nature, but the Gestapo teams they sent around in the middle of the night to roughly extract blood and urine samples for drug testing were an exception. I so badly wanted to get well! I submitted, out of blind faith, without protest for a couple of weeks, actually hoping they could find anything by this misdirected activity.

When all the results were in, I again saw Dr. O'Toole. He was illogically confrontational. He said "Jim you are just too smart for your own good. We have repeatedly, again and again, done all sorts of drug testing. We have even used the most refined labs in the nation and have taken tests that would detect any abuse drugs even in trace amounts. That should detect anything, even six weeks to three months back, and you are clean. How are you doing this?" They thought, that with my sound knowledge of applied biochemistry, I had cleverly devised a method to defeat their testing. How illogical!

I came to them of my own volition, not having been found guilty of anything, nor was I referred to them because any agency was suspicious of drug abuse. I lived without privacy in their Spartan quarters, and there was no logical reason to believe that I could have concocted any method that could have defeated the results of all their extensive blood and urine testing. This has direct application forever, to the life of any who have used Aspartame. Your doctors will be clueless,
unless they learn about Asp and CHz.

Many doctors are in satanic agencies like the Masonic orders, B'nai B'rith, etc., or are afraid of politics, or afraid to disbelieve the fascist power structure, or if they disbelieve, to do anything, but keep it to themselves, because they have, from medical school on been taught to never cross politics, at the cost of losing their careers. Or, just as myself, and my therapists were at that time, they have come to no conscious admission of the dangers of Aspartame. No matter how insanely illogical it is not to follow their observations to the logical conclusion, which you have documented to them, that you need help because of serious problems with Aspartame, or CHz, they will throw you on the medical trash heap as a "nut" or malingerer, rather than cooperate with you in treating you for the problems for which you so badly need to be helped.

It is a sad fact, that the medical profession has been, as a matter of routine in their training, been taught to stay off the frontiers of medicine. That's real bad because those patients "out in the frontier" may present to them and need their help at any time. I, for one, am a "frontiersman" and will remain so due the insights I have gained in almost twenty years of studying the Aspartame problem. Well, OK, I was a "frontiersman" before. If you do not "fire" any doctor who will not relate realistically to your problems from Aspartame with CHz, you are doomed. Once you have been so afflicted, you must forever dethrone your doctors as high priests. Seek your own welfare, because the only alternative is toxic genetic and immunologic destruction. By reading this article you have become a frontiersman, having gone way beyond the frontier of mass mind control that your government would keep you, and your doctor confined to.

Happily, with the good environment at Prairie View, I was steadily improving. Little credit can be given to my therapists, who were in a hapless position, because at that time they had no access to any knowledge of the hazards of Aspartame. That is no longer true. Any doctor or therapist who does not, or will not explore the vast amount of information available is simply an inadequate personality, and a shame and disgrace to his profession. You should, though, give them a chance by pointing out the excellent net sites like "dorway" and "holisticmed" to them. The bibliographies therein are extensive. A compilation from "holisticmed," called "the bitter truth about artificial sweeteners" has 1100 pages of crystal clear material with rock hard documentation from 70 pages of bibliography. There is just no longer any excuse for a doctor to sell himself to the power structure and ignore the facts of the horrible Aspartame problem! Dr Hyman Roberts has published a comprehensive medical textbook, and even when I was a doctor/ patient, there existed all sorts of information that would have alerted us all to the deadly hazard called Aspartame, had we been allowed to know of it. NO thanks to media who covered for it!


Dr Adrian gross, the head toxicologist at the EPA, had already, for over ten years been condemning Aspartame with the full weight of his agency. Donald Rumsfeld, et al, had faced felony charges pressed by the US congress. All of which should have hit the media like a meteor
strike. The major media was and remains sworn to silence on the Aspartame and CHz issue, which is far more of interest to the populace, and millions of times more essential to our welfare and political democracy than say "Watergate," in which the media doused the public for months, to defrock a president guilty of nothing approaching the heinous Aspartame atrocity.

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