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Health vs medicine  

History of homeopathy  

Suppression of cures 

Rockefeller Drug Empire  

Pharmaceutical business with disease  

CODEX (worldwide supplement ban), WTO treaty overrides US law  

Eve Hillary's excellent CODEX expose  

Pan debacle  


Ghostwritten articles  






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Guide to Bach Flower remedies

Dosage for all remedies

Choose remedies that match your undesired emotional states. Up to 5 remedies may be chosen and these can be taken as below or made into a dosage form.†

Place 2 drops of the chosen remedies either directly onto the tongue or dilute in a little water or fruit juice. Take at least four times daily or more often when necessary.

For a dosage remedy place 2 drops of each chosen remedy into a 25ml dropper bottle and fill with equal parts of Brandy and Still Mineral Water. For a dosage remedy take 4 drops at least 4 times per day. Please note that the Bach Centre in England recommend that a dosage form be kept no longer than 3 weeks.

Cerato  - Unsure of self / Repeatedly seeks advice from others
Gentian - Depression from known cause / pessimism and easily discouraged 
Gorse - Depression of long duration / utter despondency
Hornbeam - Inability to cope with daily tasks / lack of strength
Scleranthus - Indecision and hesitancy / imbalance
Wild Oat  - Unsure of path in life / lack of knowing what to do / over-sensitivity

Agrimony - Mental worry and torture but appears cheerful
Centaury  - Easily influenced and exploited by others
Holly  - Jealousy and suspicion / feelings of revenge / Fear
Walnut - At times of great change / sensitivity to outside influences / Link breaker

Aspen - Vague fears of unknown origin / Anxiety and apprehension
Cherry Plum
Desperate and suicidal / Fears own actions in desperation
Mimulus - Fear of known things eg heights, poverty etc.
Red Chestnut - Excessive fear for others / Irrational anxieties
Rock Rose
Extreme fear and panic / terror

Over care for othersí welfare
Beech - Criticism and intolerance / judgemental attitude
Chicory - Self-indulgent and self-pity / demands attention
Self denial and martyrdom / high self-expectations
Vervain   - Extreme of mental energy / anxiety and tenseness / inability to relax / Poor sleep
Vine - Ruthless and inflexible / desire to dominate others 

Heather  - Over concern with self but dislike being alone
Impatience and irritability
Water Violet
Pride and aloofness / desire to be alone

Insufficient interest in present circumstances
Chestnut Bud   - Failure to learn from past experiences / repeats the same mistakes
- Dreams of the future / inattention
Honey suckle  - Absorbed in memories of the past
   - Deep gloom and depression / from unknown causes
Olive  - Complete physical and mental exhaustion
White Chestnut  - Persistent worrying thoughts
Wild rose
- Apathy and resignation

Despondency and Despair
Crab Apple - The cleansing remedy / self condemnation / over concentration on trivia
Overwhelmed by responsibilities and feelings of inadequacy
Feels inferior / expectation of failure
Effects of endurance when under pressure
Pine  -  Feeling of guilt and self-doubt
Star of Bethlehem - For shock - physical / mental or emotional
Sweet Chestnut
Mental anguish having reached limits of endurance
Willow - Bitterness, resentment and blaming others for own mistakes

Rescue Remedy
A combination of five Bach flower remedies. These are Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis and Cherry Plumb. For emergencies or accidents.


Bach flower remedies to the rescue
The Bach flower essences were the inspiration of Dr Edward Bach over 50 years ago.
Dr Bach had a successful Harley Street practice in London and was a highly respected practitioner in the 1930s. After many years of medical practice he came to the conclusion that a personís personality had a major impact on their health. So profound was his belief that he gave up his practice to learn more.

Dr Bach was a very sensitive and intuitive person with great compassion for his fellow man and a deep respect for nature. He believed very strongly that medicine should do no harm. Dr Bach developed several plant based remedies for particular mood states or personality traits. These remedies he called the 12 Healers. He used these remedies with great success on himself, friends and patients. Eventually Dr Bach prepared 38 extracts from flowers and trees. These remedies, can "raise our vibrations and open up our channels for the recreation of the spiritual self". The set of 38 Bach Flowers covers the entire range of human emotions.

All the Bach flowers are completely safe, there are no side effects whatsoever. A few drops under the tongue or in a glass of water 4 times a day is all you need. The beauty of these remedies is that you donít need years of study to decide which remedy you need. Merely reading a description from our chart will give you a feel for the remedy which best suits you at a given time. After all - you are the one who is feeling this way.

There is a range of Bach Flower books available including "The Twelve Healers" by Edward Bach and "Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies" by Philip Chancellor.

Martin & Pleasance are the sole Australian agents for the Bach Flower Remedies.

A wall chart was available of the Bach Flower Remedies in 2001 for $5. Enquire to Martin & Pleasance, 123 Dover Street, Richmond Vic. 3121 (Australia). Ph: (03) 9427 7422.


The Bach Flower Remedies: A major contribution to flower-essence healing
from Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century
by Richard Gerber MD

The most popular and widely used form of flower-essence therapy is the Bach Flower Remedies. Each of the thirty-eight remedies has a specific indication for a particular emotional pattern of disharmony. The following is a list of the different Bach Flower Remedies and their therapeutic indications (as suggested by Dr Bach).




Cerato. For people with an extreme lack of self-confidence in their ability to make good decisions, always looking to others for guidance and direction. For inability to trust one's judgment. Cerato carries the vibration of inner certainty.

Scleranthus: This flower remedy is for those who have a hard time making up their minds. They tend to be very indecisive, often waffling back and forth one way or another before making choices. This essence can also be helpful for individuals who are subject to mood swings, vacillating from optimism to pessimism or from joy to sadness or vice versa. It is a flower essence that helps to being balance on a number of different levels simultaneously. And in its capacity to restore balance it may actually be of assistance in treating motion sickness, a disorder of the inner ear, which regulates our sense of equilibrium. Scleranthus is said to carry the vibration of balance.

Gentian: This essence is indicated for those who feel despondent, often over repeated setbacks and delays in home or work projects. People who need this essence frequently feel tired depressed, frustrated, and discouraged, sometimes thinking, "What's the use anyway?" This is another of several Bach remedies that can be helpful for children with learning disabilities who experience a daily sense of struggle with schoolwork. Gentian is associated with the vibration of faith.

Gorse: This flower remedy is for those who feel truly hopeless, overcome with a sense of extreme despair. The depression is much deeper than that associated with Gentian. People who need Gorse often feel that there is nothing that can be done to make their situation any better. Gorse carries the vibration of hope.

Hornbeam: This essence is useful for people who have a sense of weariness and fatigue. It may be either mental or physical weariness. It is for people who are okay once they start moving but find it difficult to make that initial effort to get going, that "Monday-morning feeling". I can be helpful for those who procrastinate about things as well as for those who feel a need to revitalise their lives. Hornbeam is also indicated for those who feel that they are not strong enough physically (often leading to a need to constantly work out and build up their muscles). Hornbeam transmits the vibration of inner vitality.

Wild Oak: Wild Oat can greatly benefit people who feel dissatisfied that they have not found their goal in life. It can also be helpful for people suffering from a kind of "divine discontent", in that the work they are doing is not something that causes their "soul to sing". It is of aid for people who question the meaning and purpose of life and are looking for greater direction. Some of the telltale signs of a need for Wild Oat are boredom, dissatisfaction, and a lack of fulfilment from one's present working situation. Wild Oat either may make one less restless and more content with present circumstances or it may provide the courage to go out and discover one's true calling and soul path. Wild Oat carries the vibration of purposefulness.




Agrimony: For individuals who put on a cheerful face while repressing or denying their feelings of pain and torment. Addictions to drugs, food, or repressing feelings too difficult to face. Those requiring Agrimony tend to avoid arguments and confrontations at all costs. As such, Agrimony may be quite helpful in counselling if one is trying to get in contact with buried and repressed feelings and painful memories. Agrimony is said to carry a vibration of joy.

Centaury: For people who are unable to stand up for themselves or to refuse others' requests of them. For individuals who are always trying to please others or to fulfil other people's needs at their own expense, often behaving like human doormats. For those who are unable to tell others that they are feeling resentful. For types who don't like to make waves, or to displease others for fear of being disliked. Co-dependency issues are frequently present, as in those who are always playing the victim. Centaury has the vibration of self-determination.

Holly: Holly is indicated for people who experience hatred, envy, jealousy, suspicion, or thoughts of cruelty or revenge toward others, for instance in relationship break-ups and divorces (which often stir up feelings of rage and negativity). Holly can assist in releasing these negative emotions. It may also be of great help for people who experience feelings of paranoia. Holly carries the vibration of divine love.

Walnut: Walnut is an important flower remedy for transitions in life. These transitions include teething, puberty, marriage, divorce, empty-nest syndrome, menopause (male and female), and any major kind of potentially stressful life change. The main indication for Walnut essence is the need to adapt to new situations. It can provide greater ease and confidence in moving through these transitional periods. Walnut can help in breaking old ties to the past that may be keeping people from moving on with their lives. It can also be helpful in releasing addictive behaviours as well. It helps to provide the strength for people to follow their own true path and not be swayed by the opinions of others who might disagree with their course of action. In this capacity, it offers protection from outside influences, even to the extent that it is helpful for people with allergy symptoms (an immune reactivity to "outside influence" such as potential allergens). I can be also helpful for individuals who work in the healing professions, as it may protect against the potentially draining subtle-energy effects of certain patients. Walnut carries the vibration of unaffectedness.




Aspen: Useful for individuals who are experiencing fears of unknown origin, such as free-floating anxiety, uneasiness, apprehension, a sense of foreboding, as well as panic attacks. Aspen may help to transmit a vibration of fearlessness.

Cherry Plum: For those who fear losing control. Also for those who take unnecessary risks or act rashly, without thought for possible harm they might bring to themselves. For situations of extreme emotional crisis or possibly even threat of suicide. Can also be helpful for those who lose control of their tempers and become abusive or may be out of control in their addictions to drugs, food, gambling, or even spending excessive amounts of money. It has proved to be of great benefit in treating individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Cherry plum transmits the vibration of composure.

Mimulus: Mimulus essence is for fears of known things, such as fear of illness, fear of death, fear of intimacy, fear of being financially insecure, etc. It may be of great help in treating phobias such as fear of heights or of specific animals such as dogs or snakes. It can also be of assistance to those who are shy and timid (which can stem from a fear of rejection). Mimulus has the vibration of courage.

Red Chestnut: This essence is indicated for those who worry excessively about their loved ones, often with much anxiety and over concern in a way that is usually out of proportion to reality. There may be a constant fear for the welfare of others, that something bad will happen to them. It  is indicated for that sense of stress, anxiety, and fear that some mothers experience in excessively worrying over a child's being run over by a car on the way to school or a wife's concerns that her husband's thirty-minute delay in getting home from work must be due to a catastrophic car accident. Red Chestnut carries the vibration of solicitude.

Rock Rose: This essence is of assistance in emergency situations, helping to release the fear, sheer terror, and panic that often accompanies such crises. It can also be helpful in calming people after they have had nightmares. The emotional state this essence treats is usually a temporary one, but Rock Rose can be of great benefit in getting through the emergency with less stress. Rock Rose is associated with the vibration of steadfastness.



Over care for others' welfare   

Beech: May be helpful for people who are overly critical and intolerant of others. For those who are constantly finding fault in things and in others, or who tend to be overly judgmental, arrogant, or extremely prejudiced. Beech carries the vibration of tolerance.

Chicory: For the overly possessive and overly nurturing types, the overly smothering mother or spouse, who tend to have a smothering kind of love and attempt to gain absolute control over the lives of those they love. Love is given, but conditionally, with strings attached. It can be helpful for those who seem to act like martyrs but expect to be appreciated for all the sacrifices they have made for others. Often these types can be extremely possessive, self-centred, and manipulative, with a strong need for attention. They have to be told how much they are appreciated. Chicory has the vibration of selfless love.

Rock Water: Although one of the Bach remedies, technically speaking, Rock Water is not actually a flower essence, nor is it even made from a plant. This essence is made from the healing waters where Dr Bach worked, and he found it to have unique healing properties. Rock water is indicated for individuals who are rigid and self-denying, sometimes to the point of martyrdom. They tend to be too hard on themselves, living a life that sometimes seems without joy. These individuals tend to adhere strictly to a specific lifestyle or personal or religious discipline. They frequently have an overly rigid set of personal ideals that they try to live up to. This essence is said to bring a sense of balance, conferring a greater capacity for gentleness and acceptance. Rock water is said to carry the vibration of adaptability.

Vervain: This essence is helpful for strong-willed individuals who feel the need always to be right, no matter what. They tend to argue fanatically for their beliefs, as they try to convince others of the truths that to them seem so self-evident. Because these types tend to be high-energy, with their enthusiasm going toward the hyper side, they may become burned out over time. Vervain types are frequently teachers, prophets, or proselytisers. Vervain carries the vibration of restraint.

Vine: This flower remedy is indicated for those whose personalities tend to be ruthless, domineering, controlling, and inflexible. They truly believe "my way or the highway". Such types are often in a position of authority or power and will frequently crave even more power. They also tend to be quite rigid and dictatorial in their thinking. Many Vine types are actually born leaders who, when balanced, can be organised, take charge, and get things done. Vine essence helps them to recapture that inner balance and flexibility. Vine carries the vibration of the right use of authority.




Impatiens: As it name implies, this essence is for those who are impatient. They tend to be assertive, independent individuals who move much faster than those around them and are intolerant of people who do not possess the same motivation, drive, and speed in getting things done. These people may be restless and are easily irritated. Impatiens essence carries the vibration of patience.

Heather: This remedy is for people who are entirely preoccupied with themselves. They seem caught up in their own problems and may frequently be hypochondriacs over the slightest problem with their health. These people tend to talk mostly about themselves, while listening very little to what others have to say. There may be a sense of loneliness and a starving for attention. Being around such people is often a draining experience because they can be so needy. Heather carries the vibration of empathy.

Water Violet: This essence is useful for individuals who tend to be proud and aloof doing their work quietly, yet expecting to be left alone. Frequently these types of individuals are special teachers and leaders. Others look to them for their calmness and apparent self-assuredness. Sometimes there may be feelings of superiority, often deservedly so. They tend to be loners, finding it uncomfortable relating to others, especially when stress pushes them off balance. However, this isolation may actually prevent them from truly knowing themselves, because we all need human contact in order to grow. Water Violet carries the vibration of humility.



Insufficient interest in present circumstances   

Chestnut Bud: For those people who see unable to learn from their past mistakes, habitually repeating the same patterns over and over again, unable to see their lives in a truly objective light. Especially useful for those individuals who are constantly involved in abusive relationships. May also be very helpful in recovery from addiction disorders or releasing addictive behaviours. This essence carries the vibration of the capacity for learning.

Clematis: For those who are day-dreamy and lack the ability to concentrate. For people who have lost interest in everyday life. For individuals who seem to be preoccupied with their fantasy lives because they are usually unhappy with their real lives. It may be of help to artists who lack the ability to express their artistic gifts in practical ways due to lack of focus. This essence can be extremely grounding, helping the individual to become more focused and to take an active role in everyday life. As such, Clematis may be of great benefit to children with learning disabilities. Clematis carries the vibration of creative idealism.

Honeysuckle: This flower essence can help those who long for the past, the so-called good old days. For people who dwell on past memories and nostalgia, especially older individuals whose friends and loved ones may have already passed on. It may also be applicable for individuals who have undergone a divorce, yet cling to past memories of things, keeping them from moving forward with their lives. It can help with separation anxiety and homesickness, especially in children who find it difficult to go to school or to summer camp. Honeysuckle carries the capacity for change.

Mustard: This essence is for treating a slightly different type of depression from the ones mentioned previously. It is indicated for a sudden onset of depression from no known cause, associated with an overwhelming sense of doom and gloom. Such depression may descend suddenly and then dissipate just as quickly. It may also be helpful in treating the postpartum depression that sometimes affects new mothers. Mustard carries the vibration of cheerfulness.

Olive is for those who are exhausted in body and mind after a long period of strain through personal difficulties, an intense period of study or work, a long illness, or nursing someone else for a long time. It is a good remedy for convalescence. Olive is characterised by exhaustion to the point of tears, when all reserves of strength and energy have run out. Everything is an effort; one tires easily, and life lacks zest. Sufferers no longer enjoy their work or the leisure activities in which they formerly took pleasure. Sufferers find they need a lot of sleep. As a result of being over tired the body may be functioning below par. The positive potential of Olive is restoration of strength, vitality and interest in life. Positive Olive people no longer exhaust their own reserves of strength but listen to their inner guidance and recognise the needs of their body. They are able to maintain their peace of mind even when forced to remain inactive.  

White Chestnut: This flower remedy is helpful for persistent, unwanted, obsessive thoughts. It can be helpful for those times when the mind is racing, replaying a sequence of thoughts over and over again. Such repetitive, obsessive thoughts can keep people from falling asleep or may awaken them in the middle of the night. Concentration is poor in this distracted state, and peace of mind is nowhere to be found. White Chestnut aids in releasing unwanted, obsessive thoughts and restoring calm and peace of mind. It is another of the Bach remedies that may be useful for children with learning disabilities because it can help improve concentration. White Chestnut carries the vibration of tranquillity.

Wild Rose: This flower essence can be of help to those people who feel that their lot in life can never change. They have a sense of apathy and resignation that nothing can be done to improve their situation. They seem to have accepted their circumstances as fixed and irreversible and feel that there is no hope of improvement in the foreseeable future. Individuals who may benefit from Wild Rose include those with various handicaps or developmental disabilities, individuals suffering from a potentially terminal illness, invalids dependent upon others for their basic needs, as well as people who perceive themselves as victims of abuse. The Wild Rose essence carries the vibration of inner motivation.



Despondency and despair 

Crab Apple: This essence is a great cleanser and may be of use in treating those who are unhappy or disgusted with their body image Also useful for those people who feel ashamed of their illness or infirmity. For people who focus on their flaws, often blowing things out of proportion, overly concerned with their flaws, overly concerned with their appearance to the exclusion of everything else. It may be of great benefit to those with anorexia and bulimia and for those who have obsessions about their weight. Crab Apple is also helpful to victims of rape and incest who feel "unclean", helping to release the emotions of guilt, shame, and self-loathing. It may also be of use to people who are "germophobic", afraid of any little bacterium or microbe that might contaminate them or make them ill. Crab Apple carries the vibration of purity.

Elm: Elm flower essence can be of great help for people who experience an overwhelming sense of responsibility, for those with too much to do and not enough time or energy to do it, overcome with exhaustion. This is usually a temporary state often experienced by people who are normally responsible individuals but who now find themselves feeling overburdened. Elm carries the vibration of right responsibility.

Larch: Larch is for people who lack self-confidence and have chronic low self-esteem. Such people often feel inferior to those around them. They frequently have a sense that success can never be theirs, so why bother making the effort? Larch carries the vibration of self-confidence.

Oak: Just like the tree, people who benefit from Oak flower remedy are usually strong, capable, and self-reliant individuals. However, they may be too strong, finding it difficult to take a break and rest, to ask for assistance, or to just let go of things. The classic workaholic type can benefit from Oak. These types will keep their nose to the grindstone, persevering in spite of any obstacles in their way. Whether they are suffering from coughs or colds, they keep right on working., ultimately being much too hard on their minds and bodies, sometimes to the detriment of their health. As with other flower remedies, Oak flower remedy helps to bring balance to the negative emotional state, but it does not change a person's basic personality type. Oak carries the vibration of endurance.

Pine: This essence is indicated for those who are perfectionists. They are never entirely satisfied with their own performance, usually being highly self-critical (although they are usually not critical of others; their perfectionism applies mainly to themselves). Such individuals often berate themselves with guilt for not having done better. They seem to maintain a standard for themselves that they can never quite live up to. At times they will even blame themselves for others' mistakes, often being quite apologetic. Pine carries the vibration of forgiveness.

Star of Bethlehem: This particular essence is especially helpful in dealing with situations that involve grief and the loss of a loved one, through either separation or death. It is also useful in treating any type of physical or emotional trauma, whether it is recent or years old, especially abuse of any kind. Old, unresolved traumas often remain vibrationally stored within the body for years and later resurface as physical symptoms or even emotional ones, such as anxiety and depression. This lower essence seems to work even down to the cellular level in releasing the vibration and cellular memory of any traumatic experience that the body may be holding on to. (Such old traumas encoded in cellular memory can frequently block the healing process.) Star of Bethlehem may be especially helpful in individuals who have experienced rape, incest, physical or sexual abuse of any kind, and even post-traumatic stress disorder. Star of Bethlehem carries the vibration of restoration.

Sweet Chestnut: This is another of the Bach Flower Remedies useful in treating depression. Sweet Chestnut is indicated for treating depression that is usually much deeper and more severe than the indications for Gentian or Gorse essence. Such severely depressed individuals appear to be stuck in a great black hole, a void of darkness and despair that seems never-ending. They are so weak and despondent they haven't even the energy to try to end it all. This flower essence may be useful in dealing with the "long dark night of the soul", a kind of spiritual depression and sense of isolation where even God appears out of reach. Sweet Chestnut carries the vibration of release. 

Willow: This flower remedy can be of great help for people who harbour bitterness and resentment for past hurts and perceived wrongs that have been perpetuated against them. They blame others for their current situation, seeing themselves as victims, without taking any personal responsibility for where they are in their life. They may blame their parents or others for events that may have taken place decades ago, never forgiving or releasing the past and accepting responsibility for moving on with life. Willow essence helps in releasing bitterness and resentment and brings greater awareness of one's personal responsibility and of the potentially valuable life lessons and growth opportunities inherent in all life experiences, both negative and positive. Willow carries the vibration of personal responsibility.



Rescue Remedy  

This essence is the only combination flower remedy created by Dr Bach. It is also one of the only Bach remedies to have immediately perceivable effects, usually felt within 15-20 minutes or faster It is a blend of Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose, and Star of Bethlehem. It is used primarily in situations involving acute stress shock or trauma, but its applications are actually much more widespread. Clematis is for dizziness or loss of consciousness. Cherry Plum is for loss of mental or physical control. Impatiens is to treat emotional tension and pain. Rock Rose helps to address fear and panic. Star of Bethlehem is of benefit in emotional or physical trauma, as well as grief or loss. Typical major and minor emergencies that may benefit from Rescue Remedy include accidents (such as after a fall or a car accident), any kind of shock and trauma to the body or mind, acute grief reactions, severe nausea with dizziness, anxiety and panic attacks, hysteria, after arguments, before a stressful interview or public-speaking engagement, and even before or after visits to the doctor or dentist. Rescue Remedy is also available as a cream, which contains Crab Apple added as a cleansing agent. The cream may be helpful when used for insect bites and bee stings, bruises, burns, cuts and skin irritations (including nipple soreness associated with breast-feeding) and may be quite soothing when supplied to tired eyes. Rescue Remedy is perhaps one of the best general-purpose flower essences available, and a bottle or two should always be kept on hand for emergencies.

Bach Flower Essences-these are to help break up old emotional and attitudinal problems that create imbalances in our system and lead to blocked energy flows and disease. They are available at any good health food store. they work when taken as a course, rather than sporadically, so it is the frequency with which you take them rather then the amount. The two of them should be mixed together and taken-a couple of drops under the tongue three times a day for 6-8 weeks depending on how quickly you let go of stuff. While using them you need to drink a lot of good water to keep the broken up emotional patterns and attitudes flushing through your kidneys.



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