Biochemic Handbook



The Soil theory 
Nature cure 
Health v medicine




About cellsalts  

Symptoms are nature's warning signs 

Combination remedies   

Books on cellsalts   


Bowel cleansing 

Going raw 

Virtues of bicarb 

Pure bloodstream (lack of toxemia)


Blood purification 

Calcium sulphate - the blood purifier

Calcium doses for horses 

Sodium v table salt 

Articles - silica  

The soil theory 

Soil theory v germ theory 

150 years of hidden knowledge 


Seven stages of disease 

The 16 physiological laws of life 


Blood acidity 

Euroamericanhealth - acidity, pleomorphism

** Is the Cause of Cancer a Common Fungus?
The bicarb treatment 



Nature cure  

The retracing process 

Colon cleansing 

Bach flower remedies  

Australian bush flower remedies 


If I had cancer ...


Health vs medicine  

History of homeopathy  

Suppression of cures 

Rockefeller Drug Empire  

Pharmaceutical business with disease  

CODEX (worldwide supplement ban), WTO treaty overrides US law  

Eve Hillary's excellent CODEX expose  

Pan debacle  


Ghostwritten articles  






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The Biochemic Handbook 
on cellsalts - 

Free online copy at 

List of symptoms and associated remedies at back of book.


This booklet was put out by New Era Laboratories which were part of Seven Seas company.

The line has now been discontinued - - so this book will probably disappear in due course.



The Biochemic Handbook: How to Get Well and Keep Fit With Biochemic Tissue Salts [Paperback]

By JB Chapman MD & Edward L. Perry MD 

available from for under $10.



Martin & Pleasance  

Martin & Pleasance are manufacturers of high quality cellsalts. Their tissue salts handbook available from

Tissue Salts Handbook

An excellent 150 page guide of the Schuessler Tissue Salts.

- An introduction to Tissue Salts
- Directions and dosages
- Information about each Tissue Salt
- Ailments and recommended Tissue Salts
- Repertory of Symptoms

A "must have" guide for your family's health (and pets too).