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About cellsalts



Cellsalts (or tissue salts as they are sometimes known) is a system of nutritional remedies invented in 1873 by Dr William H Schuessler, a German biochemist. All those little aches and pains, discomforts and so on, are indications that something is not right. Symptoms are nature's warning signs. See online copy of Biochemic Handbook (pdf format) which includes list of symptoms and associated remedies. 

"Should a deficiency occur in one or more of these workers, of whom there are twelve, some abnormal condition arises. 

"These abnormal conditions are known by the general term disease, and according as they manifest themselves in different parts of the body, they have been designated by various names. But these names totally fail to express the real trouble. 

"Every disease which afflicts the human race is due to a lack of one or more of these inorganic workers. Every pain or unpleasant sensation indicates a lack of some inorganic constituent of the body. Health and strength can be maintained only so long as the system is properly supplied with these call-salts." 

--The Biochemic Handbook
by JB Chapman MD and Edward L Parry MD

There are 12 essential cellsalts, also known as tissue salts. These are :

  • calcium (phosphate, sulphate and fluoride), 

  • potassium (phosphate, sulphate and chloride), 

  • sodium (phosphate, sulphate and chloride), 

  • magnesium phosphate, 

  • Iron / ferrum phosphate, and 

  • silica / silicon dioxide. 


More information on cellsalts available on the About cellsalts webpage.





Available from

Martin & Pleasance (Australia)

Australian company, Martin & Pleasance available in all good health shops, and online stores. Tablet form for single cellsalts and usual combinations, spray bottle form for single cellsalts and combination 12.
Homeopathy Plus (Australia) Homeopathy Plus - 6x and usual combinations but come in a dropper bottle.

This format has the advantage that it is easy to use with Bach flower remedies - just put a few drops into the cellsalt combination being taken. 

Health Emporium (UK)

Health Emporium - same combinations and strength as discontinued New Era (6x) - worldwide delivery

Elixirhealth (UK)


New Era replacement cellsalts - New Era were a popular brand of cellsalts which were recently discontinued. See story

A range of replacement cellsalts now being sold by Elixirhealth 
The range is slightly different - the combination remedies are changed, and while the single remedies are still 6x, combination remedies now 3x.




My system


This is the system I've developed over 30+ years. It differs a little from regular cellsalt theory which generally uses homeopathic tablets, pellets or sprays. 

Way back when first starting out on cellsalts, I more or less followed the regular system but gradually adapted to using some substitute products which I find easier to take, more convenient and more economical while still producing the same results. Using substitutes was only possible after gaining some experience with the actions of the various cellsalts and what symptoms they treated.

Currently this is the system I use - 

Calcium cellsalts 

Substitute with calcium carbonate tablets

Potassium cellsalts
Substitute with cream of tartar which is a high potassium by-product from wine making.
Another acceptable form of potassium no doubt would be potassium carbonate but which I haven't yet tried.
Sodium cellsalts  Substitute with sodium bicarbonate, or bicarb. 

There is some interesting articles written on the value of bicarb towards treating ill health.

  Regarding cream of tartar and bicarb, I take 1/2 heaped tspn each in a little water and this is 1 dose. This seems to be the right proportion of each and I take them together always, not separately.
Mag phos, silica & ferrum phos These 3 cellsalts I still take in homeopathic 6x form.





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