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What is CODEX
The Nation Vol5, Ed.10
The official newspaper of One Nation


What is CODEX? (34), in short it is an annual World Health Organisation (WHO) sponsored gathering of delegates in Europe, many of them CFR Transnationals pharmaceutical corporations who are primarily focused on increasing their market share, by pushing their desired and arbitrary regulatory "standards" into a global standard and forcing it into the smaller local supplement industry, all in the name of "international regulatory excellence". The Codex Committee is also bound by the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) treaties.

The WTO is a global commercial police that ensures countries are required to purchase from transnational corporations in favour of their own locally produced goods, in the name of "lowering trade barriers".

This WHO/WTO joint effort called CODEX is in the process of wiping out local supplement companies and natural health care practices, to bring in more drug based medicines, in what is euphemistically known as "creating a level playing field", while primarily giving the public a misleading impression that someone in the World Health Organisation (WTO) is looking after its health and safety. CODEX recommendations are then adopted by regulators such as the Australian TGA or the US FDA by various direct or indirect means that end up as Acts and amendments that are passed into law by Parliaments or Congress, usually without public debate.

This is another example of globalisation and unconstitutional UN treaties.



Vitamins, herbs abut to be declared illegal
By medical author Jonathan V. Wright, MD

The Nation magazine Vol4, edition 11
The official newspaper of One Nation

The Food and Drug Administration's wildest dream (and our worst nightmare) in the area of natural therapies is about to come true.

There is a conspiracy among multinational drug companies and their paid puppets in government, to make natural therapies unobtainable by regulating them out of the market.

Compliance will be possible, but the cost will be so prohibitive that only the multinational drug companies will be able to afford it.

What it means for you, the consumer, is that the global pharmaceutical industry is about to make it impossible for you to buy anything other than their products.

Two years ago, I told you about the passage of the European Union Directive on Dietary Supplements.

This directive, which is part of a larger form of legislation called Codex Alimentarius, severely restricts access to natural health products in Europe.

At the same time, it probably seemed a long way off.

After all, the law was not to go into effect for several years following the initial passage.

Unfortunately, that several years is up and the EU directive is on track to take full effect in August next year.

By 2007, the scene described above will certainly be a reality for many, many people.

Obviously, this is devastating news for Europe, but thanks to some pre-existing international agreements made by the United States and Australia, the EU directive will be just as devastating for the natural health community in the United States and Australia.

The main difference is that while the directive has been big news in Europe for some time, it has been virtually ignored by the United States and Australian media, which means that the severe restrictions it calls for will sneak up on most people and rob us all of our freedom to choose natural alternatives before we even know what is happening.

That is why I and many of my colleagues in the health publishing world have done our best to keep you informed of the directive's developments (and their consequences for the United States and Australia) over the years.

Put simply, we are down to the wire and, if we do not act immediately, we will be facing the same fate as Europeans.

There are steps you can take to get the word out and hopefully, to diffuse this ticking time bomb.

First, let us take a few minutes and recount some of the specifics included in the directive so that you know exactly what it is we are fight against.

About 5,000 natural health products are about to disappear from the shelves.

The EU Directive classifies vitamins and minerals in Europe as "medical drugs" rather than dietary supplements, which means that they are subject to government regulation in terms of dosage and availability.

It gets worse.

There are many nutrients known to be vital to optimal health that are not on the government's RDA nutrient list. These include chromium picolinate, lysine and selenium.

Under the directive, these types of supplements will be banned from over-the-counter sale. It will be illegal to buy them without a prescription.

The supplements that will be available till be restricted to multi-vitamins that will contain no more than 100 per cent of the established RDA amounts, which are usually useless trivial quantities and they will be far more expensive than what we have now.

This directive will make it illegal for people to keep themselves healthy by supplementing their diet with essential nutrients.

Plus, the directive allows supplements to be made from a list of only 15 minerals and 13 vitamins. That leaves out at least 40 minerals important to the human metabolism and forbids the use of the most bio-available forms of vitamin complexes.

In essence, it means that all nutritional supplements will be virtually the same and next to useless.

The specific combinations might vary, but the types and amounts of nutrients will be identical, no matter what product they are formulated into.

So, for instance, a middle-aged woman in Liverpool, England, who has a dangerously elevated homocysteine level will no longer have the option of reducing her risk of heart disease with a vitamin B dosage of her own choosing. If she is currently taking 5mg of folic acid daily, under the new directive, she will be restricted by law to a prescription of 1mg per day.

If she is taking a 100mg dose of B6, she will be restricted to 10mg and her pantothenic acid (B5) intake of 500mg will drop to 200mg.

These maximum dosage levels have been chosen to "protect" her (so we are told) when in fact, the protection she needs the most will be unavailable.

In addition to these essential B vitamins, low maximum dosage levels have also been set for vitamin C, niacin and vitamin E, but at least they made it on to the list of allowed nutrients.

Approximately 350 supplement ingredients are missing from the list.

If they are not added to the list by June 2005 they will be deemed illegal throughout the European Union.

Supplement manufacturers may submit "technical dossiers" to support applications for the inclusion of individual elements or formulations on the so-called "positive list", but the EU has made this process so expensive and time consuming that many manufactures will not be able to afford the costs involved.


Understanding "Codex"...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen
Sunday, February 20th, 2005

I get a lot of e-mails, phone calls, and personal requests to "get involved" in the "Codex" problem.  Until today, you haven't heard anything from me on the subject.  Why?

Because, simply, I haven't yet figured out exactly what's happening with the whole thing.  I, myself, have been asking questions of my contacts all over the world.  I have a lot of contacts.

From my research, and it has only begun, and the research and observations of others whose opinions I respect, I've reached some tentative conclusions and, using the scientific method, have come up with a working hypothesis, and some possibilities for solution. I'm going to share my thinking, and observations, with you.

(1)  The "Codex" issue is NOT about stopping supplements worldwide.  It is about Big Pharma TAKING OVER, and completely controlling the supplement industry.

(2)  The "Codex" issue is NOT a "by itself" issue.  It is simply a symptom, and a manifestation, of a much larger problem.  What's happening on Planet Earth is that multinational corporations, now, are so large that they, in their daily business dealings, are much larger, and certainly more powerful than MOST of Earth's nations.  Those multinational corporations have set up the World Trade Organization (WTO) as the new world government, completely under their control.

(3)  The multinational corporations, through the WTO, have set up the situation where THEY are challenging both the idea of DEMOCRACY (people governing themselves) and the power of governments to control world policy.

(4)  The multinational corporations, through the WTO, have set up the situation where THEY are intentionally attempting to destroy the North American economy - and that of ALL of the United States' historical allies. 

(5)  Big Pharma, knowing it is "going down," because of its murderous avariciousness, is attempting to move its PEOPLE into new positions.  One of those places is "the supplement industry.."

(6)  Big Pharma, knowing it is "going down," is funding its next attempt at world domination (yes, that's what this is about) in the United States - with its DRUG PRICING SCHEMES, and its control, through huge advertising budgets, of the US media.  US citizens pay five times what everyone else pays for drugs - for no good reason.  Big Pharma is doing this, I believe, to destroy American Industry's ability to compete in a world market.

What Makes Me Think This Way?

I don't believe in coincidence. 

I met with the  Alliance for Natural Health's (ANH) Executive Director Robert Verkerk a few months ago.  ANH, as you probably already know, is leading the legal battle, in Europe, over the Codex issues.  They are doing a very good job.

I am, in my business life, a war oriented Crisis Management Consultant.  So, one of the first questions I ask of my clients, or prospective clients, is "who is behind this attack on you?"  I want very specific answers - for if I take on a project - "the opposition's" Command Post is going to get (figuratively speaking) bombed into dust particles IMMEDIATELY - just to level the playing field.

So I asked Robert VerKerk about Codex.  I asked my usual question "who is behind this attack on you?"  Simply, I want to know, who exactly is "the opposition."  Who, exactly, is setting up, and running, the attack on supplements worldwide?  Robert's answer was one word...


"Merck?"  As in the same "Merck" that heinously murdered 55,000+ Americans with its deadly Vioxx?   As in the same "Merck" that heinously spent 500 million dollars with American network television, funneled through its New York ad agency (quackbusters?),  AFTER it knew how deadly its product was?

Yes.  The very same "Merck."

"Merck," according to VerKerk,  controls the manufacturing and distribution of the base ingredients OF THE ONLY SUPPLEMENTS THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE in Europe - and possibly North America.

See why  "I don't believe in coincidence?"

So - What Do We Do About This?

(1)  Understanding a problem is halfway to solution... 

(2)  We support the Alliance for Natural Health's (ANH)'s legal campaign.  

(3)  We target Big Pharma's money stream right here in the US (we are already doing this)  

(4)  We need to STOP ALL advertising of drugs - period. We need to control our own media - not allow Big Pharma to call the shots. 

(5) We must arrest Merck executives in the US, seize their personal property, and stick them in Guantanamo Bay until we're ready to put them on trial...

Think "Merck"...  But "Merck" is not alone.  Think "Big Pharma."  This is battle for World Domination - period.  Either "we the people" run our governments, AND DECIDE WORLD POLICY, or big multinational corporations will - through the WTO.


Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

Australia trying to control or "harmonise" NZ supplements to restrictive TGA standards 

NZ Health Trust 

The NZ Government is trying to change the way in which all Natural Health Products (NHPs) are regulated. They plan to treat Natural Health Products as medicines and give the power to control them to the controversial Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). 

The Labour Government is trying to change the way in which all Natural Health Products (NHPs) are regulated. They plan to treat NHPs as medicines and give the power to control them to the controversial Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA):

We know from the Australian experience that this would mean;

  • Fewer Natural health products available - consumer choice reduced
  • Increased cost to consumers
  • Natural health products treated as drugs
  • Many NZ businesses forced to close - jobs lost
  • There will be little NZ can do to protect itself – Australia would make decisions for NZ

The Australian TGA (which would take over NZ's natural health industry) is known to use an extremely heavy-handed approach to supplements. Remember the Pan debacle? The TGA recalled 1200 natural products off the market on the strength of one manufacturer's lax handling of quality control standards. “The truth is that of more than 1200 products recalled, NOT ONE of the natural health products was found to be at fault. It was only one pharmaceutical drug which was a problem”.

Despite strong opposition from industry and a Parliamentary Select Committee report against the proposal, Annette King signed the Treaty with Australia on 10 December last year. But the battle is far from over . The Government still needs to have the treaty passed into law and for that it needs the support of the opposition parties. We can stop the Government's TGA proposal especially if we are strong and united. The opposition party MP's need to know the strength of public opposition.

There are 2 easy and extremely effective ways you can let MP's know what you think - visit the NZHT website and;

  1. “ Postcards to MP's ” – order Freepost preprinted postcards to send to MP's
  2. “ Contact your MP ” – use the mass mailer to email MP's (only takes a minute!)

Warning! In response, the Labour MP's will send you a standard reply trying to convince you that their proposal is a good idea. BUT DON'T BE FOOLED . Labour is desperate to get this proposal through and will say anything to succeed. 
19 February 2005
Last week it was announced that the proposed agency is now not likely to start until July 2006 but maybe sooner. This means that the Government has been forced to delay this project by up to 12 months from original start date which was to have been July this year. This delay has come about due to the intense opposition to the proposal and should be seen by us all as a sign of the impact we have had. 
The 10 Day MBA. Using stringent legislation to put competitors as a disadvantage. Only big companies have the money to comply.

10 Points For Supplements
New Zealand Fitness Magazine,,8230-2577501,00.html 

You've seen the newspaper headlines, the television stories, heard the information repeated ad nausem over the radio on the Pan Pharmaceuticals health scare and the recall of hundreds of supplements from pharmacies and health food shops.

This has left some people confused about supplementation: Do we need it? Is it necessary? What is safe? How much to take? And what is the real safety issue behind this health scare? Kimberley Paterson investigates.

1 In January 2003 Australia's Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) recalled Travaclam, an over-the-counter travel sickness product. This product was a pharmaceutical and not a vitamin, mineral or natural health supplement - yet despite this the media quickly began running huge scare stories about the quality of vitamins, minerals and herbal products available on the Australasian market.
A witch hunt against the booming natural health industry quickly unfolded with shock headlines including - The bitterest pill; Kava may be a killer; Take with a pinch of salt; Babies in danger; Bad medicine - all decrying natural supplements.

Many doctors, scientists and nutritionists opposed to the use of supplementation took the opportunity to cast doubt on the use of natural supplements. Quickly the idea spread that taking natural medicines could mean grave danger.

"A number of doctors also made the old scathing comment about the only thing that vitamins and supplementation give you is expensive urine," says Gary Mabey, a holistic health advocate and owner of Auckland company Health and Herbs. "I have yet to see any research that validates this claim."
Iatrogenic (medical and drug induced) illness is the third biggest killer of people in New Zealand, mirroring statistics elsewhere the Western World. Some 3000 New Zealanders are thought to die each year as a direct result of medically prescribed drugs or orthodox medicine interventions, according to government and associated organisations' reports and databases.

Auckland anaesthetist and hospital safety campaigner Dr Robin Youngson said a total of 66,000 New Zealanders could suffer adverse effects to drugs and medicine each year, that 3250 of these people would die and another 9000 would be disabled.

To give you a sense of the problem, that means for every bed taken up by a traffic injury patient, another five are taken up with medical injury related patients.

Hospitals like Auckland are spending an estimate of $5 million a year on treatment and longer stays for those suffering such medical failures.

Another study, by Professor Peter Davies of the Christchurch School of Medicine, found New Zealand rates of adverse reactions was higher than in Britain and the US. Adverse events were also higher and more serious in those over 65 and resulted in a doubling of the time they spent in hospital.

In Australia as many as 14,000 people die each year through preventable mistakes. Another approximate 30,000 are left with some degree of serious or permanent disability as a result of such mistakes, according to an Australian Hospital Care Study, which examined the medical records of 14,179 patients who attended 28 public and private hospitals.

In the US, medical mistakes kill around 88,000 Americans each year. The report, by the Institute of Medicine, says problems include mistakes in dosage and drugs given and failure to keep up with rapidly growing medical and technological knowledge.

It is thought another million or more people are injured as a result of iatrogenic disease yearly in the US.
Despite the ongoing scare stories that might try to have you believe otherwise it is almost totally unknown for anyone to have died anywhere in the world from taking reasonable quantities of natural vitamins or mineral supplementation. (Apart from the recent incident of a small child choking to death on a tablet.)
Medical systems can't currently cope with demand. Despite rapidly spiralling multi-billion health budgets, the health care systems in both Australia and New Zealand are clearly in crisis. Recent moves in New Zealand have seen thousands of people simply removed from hospital waiting lists. Across the Tasman, the highest number of people ever are waiting to have surgery in New South Wales hospitals.

Medicine in the community is similarly stretched. GPs have recently warned government they will only be able to see patients for six minutes each under new primary health care strategies.

Meanwhile, drug company pressure and a changing research climate has led to more Australians being recruited as guinea pigs in potentially risky early stage trials of new drugs.

In New Zealand, government initiatives include spending $200 million to subsidise research and pharmaceutical interests in developing a vaccine with only a 50 per cent chance of success to reduce 15 deaths a year from meningococcal disease.

In England, Professor John Harris says bodies should become public property to help make up a growing shortage of transplant organs. The doctor from Manchester University says the British government should introduce laws that allow hospital doctors to retrieve organs from the dead without having to establish their willingness to be donors.

A story that ran in the New Zealand Herald last year showed a US-based company's intent to import heart pacemakers to New Zealand that had been cut out of corpses for resale.

In the UK 10 per cent of heart surgeons have been investigated for incompetence. In Canada, hundreds of Canadians have been infected with hepatitis C from blood collected in US prisons. In Australia, doctors are selling Amway rather than practising medicine because they see so little incentives for GPs, according to the Australian Medical Association. In New Zealand, electro convulsive therapy is seen as a "safe and important treatment option for severely depressed people".

A recent international survey published in the British Medical Journal found of 1540 medical professionals surveyed, half were unhappy or very unhappy. They said they were overworked, underpaid, inadequately supported and had lost control of their work.
Modern medicine is a lucrative business. The US federal budget is $847 billion for 282 million people every year. Each US family also pays on average another $1695 annually for medical insurance. In Australia, the annual health budget for 19 million people is $7.8 billion, with each individual paying another approximate $2954 for Medicare. A similarly spectacular budget is spent in New Zealand.

For medicine to continue being lucrative, it needs a steady supply of sick people.
7 Given the pretty grim indications arising from the orthodox medical world, a huge majority of Australians and New Zealanders are deciding to take control over their health and wellbeing by addressing lifestyle factors; finding more balance in their life, eating a healthy diet, cutting down on alcohol, stopping smoking and reducing stress.

A critical part of this wellness regime by many is to include supplements with vitamins, minerals and herbs - a practice that a growing body of scientific research supports.

For instance, a landmark study last year found that co-enzyme Q10 reduced by 44 per cent the loss of function caused by Parkinson disease. Co-enzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring substance made in the human body.

Or take the work of Dr Matthias Rath, a world-renowned scientist and physician who for years has been fighting to free access to vitamin therapy and other natural treatments.

Recent breakthrough work by his organisation has proved the critical role of amino acids in the natural control of cancer.

A wide raft of similar scientific research has been bringing forth compelling evidence of the role a high quality diet and natural supplements can play in aiding physical and mental ailments. The work of Dr Abram Hoffer, repeatedly reviewed in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, shows the dramatic role that vitamins and minerals can play in turning around a host of supposedly chronic and untreatable mental illnesses.

Studies have shown 75 per cent of New Zealand householders now commonly use vitamin or mineral supplements in their attempts to increase wellbeing.
8 At the very juncture our modern world is learning about the critical role that natural supplements can play in human health and wellbeing, we are seeing repeated attempts by global governments to have such supplementation removed from our control.

Across Europe, the US, the UK and Australasia successive governments under the officialdom of Codex Alimentarius Commission have been trying to see natural supplements slowly withdrawn from the public domain.

Codex, formed in 1963, operates under World Trade Organisation (WTO) legislation, which overrules national and local decisions. Member counties that refuse to "harmonise" with WTO directives may be subject to restrictive trade sanctions, used to help persuade agreements using severe economic pressure.

New Zealand is one of the 165 member countries of Codex whose delegates have overwhelmingly been represented by large multinational pharmaceutical companies and government regulating authorities.

Codex guidelines intend to prevent the sale of supplementations by making only lower dose vitamins and minerals available with higher doses only available by doctor's prescription. Codex also wants to regulate natural supplements to be manufactured solely by drug companies.

Repeated widespread public opposition to this move continues across the world from people who realise where the situation might lead.
9 Australia's TGA is seen as one of the most restrictive and repressive regimes globally when it comes to availability of natural supplements. Since its introduction, Australians have lost their ability to source nearly 200 supplements - things like kava kava, prune extract, comfrey, green tea extract, vitamin A and selenium - which has been particularly concerning given the extremely positive studies showing the link between adequate selenium intake and a decreased risk of cancer.

This legislation is what is currently being foisted on the New Zealand public under the "trans-Tasman harmonisation" move being pushed by government despite widespread public opposition.

Already New Zealanders have lost access to natural sleep, stress and jet-lag remedy Melatonin; tumour-reducing herb Chaparral; natural anti-stress anti-anxiety hormone Progesterone, which thousands of New Zealand women find highly effective against PMS and menopause systems. Once freely available, natural progesterone is now only available on doctor's prescription.

Despite this heavy handed regulatory approach, the TGA has shown to be highly ineffective when it came to dealing with the Pan Pharmaceuticals Travacalm issue.
10 The critical issue that consumers need to be asking themselves right now is not if taking natural remedies is safe - it has clearly shown not only to be safe but highly beneficial for human health - but rather, who does it serve that people should be scared off taking such supplements?

Who does it serve if human health suffers?

The risk associated with adverse pharmaceutical drug reactions is almost 100,000 greater than natural supplements and the risk associated with injury caused by medical treatment is over 250,000 times greater than the risk associated with natural supplements.

Why the killer vitamin headlines?

Many believe it's more to do with protectionism of a trillion dollar global market for pharmaceuticals than any concern for human health.

From NZ Fitness Magazine August/September 2003 issue.



Codex Alimentarius Commission: A threat to mankind
by Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D.

There is an entire industry with an innate economic interest to obstruct, suppress and discredit any information about the eradication of diseases. The pharmaceutical industry makes over one trillion dollars from selling drugs for ongoing diseases. These drugs may relieve symptoms, but they do not cure. We have to realize that the mission of this industry is to make money from ongoing diseases. The cure or eradication of a disease leads to the collapse of a multi-billion dollar market of pharmaceuticals.

The natural purpose and driving force of the pharmaceutical industry is to increase sales of pharmaceutical drugs for ongoing diseases and to find new diseases to market existing drugs.

By this very nature, the pharmaceutical industry has no interest in curing diseases. The eradication of any disease inevitably destroys a multi-billion dollar market of prescription drugs as a source of revenues. Therefore, pharmaceutical drugs are primarily developed to relieve symptoms, but not to cure.

If eradication therapies for diseases are discovered and developed, the pharmaceutical industry has an inherent interest to suppress, discredit and obstruct these medical breakthroughs in order to make sure that diseases continue as the very basis for a lucrative prescription drug market.

The economic interest of the pharmaceutical industry itself is the main reason why no medical breakthrough has been made for the control of the most common diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, heart failure, Diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis, and why these diseases continue like epidemics on a worldwide scale.

For the same economic reasons, the pharmaceutical industry has now formed an international cartel by the code name "Codex Alimentarius" with the aim to outlaw any health information in connection with vitamins and to limit free access to natural therapies on a worldwide scale.

At the same time, the pharmaceutical companies withhold public information about the effects and risks of prescription drugs and life-threatening side effects are omitted or openly denied.

In order to assure the status quo of this deceptive scheme, a legion of pharmaceutical lobbyists is employed to influence legislation, control regulatory agencies (e.g. FDA), and manipulate medical research and education. Expensive advertising campaigns and PR agencies are used to deceive the public.

Millions of people and patients around the world are defrauded twice: A major portion of their income is used up to finance the exploding profits of the pharmaceutical industry. In return, they are offered a medicine that does not even cure.

Make health a human right. To learn more about Codex Alimentarius and the conspiracy to destroy our health freedom, visit Dr. Rath's Website:


Hoechst and the United Nations
Jon Rappaport

In October of 1996, the United Nations/World Health Organization Codex Alimentarius Commission met in Bonn, Germany to make changes in the rules governing dietary supplements for member nations. Codex is empowered by governments to set standards of operation for the health industry. Over 90% of the international organization are allowed to send delegates to the meetings to represent large multinational pharmaceutical corporations. A proposal made by the German delegation and sponsored by Hoechst, Bayer and BASF the three corporations that were formerly IG Farben before they were ordered to disband after the Nuremberg Trials. (Click here, Pg. 1) The drug company backed proposals call for the following:

1) No vitamin, mineral, herb, etc., can be sold for prophylactic (preventive) or therapeutic reasons.

2) Natural remedies can be sold as food but they must not exceed the potency levels set by the commission. This means that consumer access to dietary supplements will be limited to the RDA dosage as a maximum limit for vitamins. Supplements without a RDA would be illegal to sell because they would become drugs.

3) Codex regulations for dietary supplements would become binding, eliminating the escape clause within the General Agreement of Tariff and Trade (GATT) that allows a nation to set its own standards will be heavily fined by the World Trade Organization (WTO) creating the potential of crippling the entire sectors of that nation's economy.

4) All new supplements would be banned unless they go through the Codex approval process.

This policy is has been enacted in Norway and Germany. This policy if approved would cause pharmacy regulation of many supplements and vitamins causing a significant price increase. Any country not following the policy would be subject to fines from the World Trade Organization.

The Codex process is now at "Step Five"- formalization and debate concerning the specific features of the policy. In two years, Codex could jump from step 5 to step 8 to finalize the restrictions


"Big Pharma" Stabs Planet Earth...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Friday, July 8th, 2005 

My last two broadcasts "Vitamins to be Banned Worldwide...", and ""Big Pharma" Controls US "TV News"... have generated a major response.  They seem to have been forwarded everywhere, and I can't keep up with the volume of email questions I'm getting - so I'll answer the questions here...

Yes, it's true that the "Codex Alimentarius" commission in Rome, July 4th,2005,  passed restriction of supplement guidelines that would, in effect, destroy the supplement industry in it's entirety - except for that controlled outright by "Big Pharma."

Yes, it's true that the "CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement)"  legislation currently being rushed through the US Congress contains, within its language, the mechanism to force "harmonization" of US laws to "Codex" requirements destroying the protection afforded under the1994 DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act) law.

Yes, it's true that "Big Pharma" is behind this move - they have that much power and money.

Yes, it's true that we MIGHT be able to stop CAFTA - but it's unlikely - this time.  There is too much at stake - and too little time for us to react - and too much money being spent to buy Congressional votes, by the opposition.  We must try, but if we don't succeed at first, we'll have to go at it again, until we get what we need.

We've been "Pearl Harbored..."

The dismantling of the "health" industry, and the surrounding "health freedom" movement, worldwide, by force, has begun.  The "German Model" of health care will now be the law of the land - in every land. 

We've lost this battle - period. 

Be prepared for even more attacks.  It is going to get worse.  "Big Pharma" is tired of having its will thwarted, and is calling in its markers.

The US FDA, over the last few months, has LITERALLY, with automatic weapons in hand, and body armor in place, massively attacked at least two US practitioners who espouse alternatives to "drugs, drugs, and more drugs," seizing everything in their offices, their bank accounts, the titles to their homes, cars, and personal property - and screaming at them, on the way out "Hire an attorney, asshole, because we're going to put you in jail forever..."

How do you hire an attorney when the FDA has just seized everything you have, shut down your business, and scared the crap out of your patients with their fingers on the triggers of laser-sighted machine guns?

The US television news media, in one of the most obviously bigoted assaults, perhaps in American history, has attacked America's leaders in the fight for changes in health care.  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. felt the wrath of "Big Pharma" recently, when he came in out in Rolling Stone magazine exposing the "thimerasol (mercury) in vaccines" issue, and the cover-up.  Actor Tom Cruise, after pointing out "Big Pharma's - drugs, drugs, and more drugs" approach to health care - was openly attacked on TV network news.

And, more... even scarier:  I make no secret of the fact that I'm an Orange County California Conservative Republican.  Frequently,  I get asked "How can you be a health activist and support George Bush, seeing how much money he took from "Big Pharma" during his election campaign?"  Well, I'll tell you why - and the answer will frighten you more than anything else I've said, or will say, on this newsletter, today.   Both presidential candidates, and both major political parties took ungodly sums from "Big Pharma" during the election.  If either candidate, Republican or Democrat, had come out against "Big Pharma" during the election, that same "Big Pharma," with their money and power,  would have elected our President.  For "Big Pharma" controls our TV media. 

Think about that.

So, now what?

Can we recover from this loss?  Yes, but we have to change our thinking.  We have to work together, and "no more mister nice guy."

Two things:  (1)  We have  to understand why we lost this battle - and do something about those reasons.  (2)  we have to put an action plan in place  - and execute that plan.  Now.

Why did we lose this battle?  (1)  "Big Pharma"  is well organized, ruthless, cares not at all for human life, has lots of money to hire people to get things done, and has been working on their plan for a while (since World War Two, I think).  (2)  The worldwide health freedom movement was lulled into comfort - thinking that everything was just fine.  (3)  The worldwide health freedom movement has divided itself into factions, run on egos, that can't agree on tactics, information, and strategies.  (4)  The worldwide health freedom movement was infiltrated by "fifth columners" who have been using their positions to say "everything is OK - don't worry."

So, what's the action plan?  Keep in mind, when I explain this segment, that, professionally,  I'm a Crisis Management Consultant - so I tend to think organizationally.  I'm a Dwight David Eisenhower type - who plans warfare - just like Eisenhower, and his team, planned the assault in Europe to grind down the Nazi war machine.  So. I'm going to explain what needs to be done in terms of solving the REAL problems.  First. I'm going to give you a list of each thing that needs to be done.  Then I'll explain why we need to accomplish each step.

Privately, within the "Health Freedom Movement" we need to identify friend and foe.  The Council For Responsible Nutrition (CRN) is NOT a friend of health freedom - it is an enemy.   Its membership is Phizer, Bayer, Monsanto, etc. - manufacturers of some supplement INGREDIENTS, not supplements.  Ignore what they say completely.

The National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA), although having a significant membership, is living in lah-lah land.  I believe they are getting their legal advice on "Codex" from the attorney firm that ran the Aspartame approval  through the FDA.  Think about that.  So, for now, my recommendation is to ignore what they have to say.

Publicly, primarily to Congress, we need to do several things.

(1)  We need to stop CAFTA, and any other attempts to cancel the US Constitution in favor of a big business controlled world government.  If we can't stop it in this first go-around, then we'll have to do it the second time, or the third time.

(2)  We have to remove "Big Pharma's" right to advertise directly to consumers.

(3)  We must criminally prosecute industry executives for the deaths, and damages, of, and to, Americans.  Merck, and Vioxx, knowingly killed 55,000 Americans, in the name of profit.  Thimerasol in even more insidious.  Mercury fillings in teeth have been accepted far too long.

(4)  We need to push to get the Bush administration's new "Health Insurance Guidelines" for America into effect.   The Bush Administration, recognizing the overburdening of health care costs to American industry and its employees (the cost for health insurance for an American family of four is now $14,700 per year), wants to change the requirements for "Health Insurance Coverage" from "Full Coverage"  to allowing Industry to offer "Catastrophic Coverage Plans" - with employees putting tax-free money into "Choice" plans, where they can spend their health dollars wherever they want...

(5)  We must ask Congress to pass a bill creating a "Health Czar," for a five year period to investigate, and straighten out, the US Hospital system - the number one annual killer of Americans.  This agency must be given the power to criminally prosecute Hospital Administrators, and doctors, responsible for this calamity.

(6)  We must ask Congress to put laws in place stopping the revolving door between "Big Pharma" and the US FDA.  We need the FDA to do what "we the people"  intended it to do - not what "Big Pharma" wants it to do.

(7)  We must ask Congress, and the Bush Administration, to investigate, and vigorously prosecute,  the "Quackbuster" conspiracy to suppress innovation in health care.

So, why do we need to do ALL of these things?

In essence, we need a Health Care "Nuremberg..."    We cannot, as a society, permit what's happened to our health care system to continue, or to be able to resurface any time soon. 

(1)  So, why not accept CAFTA?  Easy answer.  Why should we?  Why would Americans want to turn over their carefully created set of freedoms to some set of snivelling "New World Order"  bureaucrats?  As IAHF president John Hammell says

"The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) Treaty will require the U.S., a member of the World Trade Organization, to revise our food laws and regulations based on Codex decisions. CAFTA would force harmonization of our dietary supplements and regulations to international standards, overriding the DSHEA Act of 1994.

The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and the even-broader Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA) are both modelled after the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). These agreements are typical bureaucratic monstrosities of "managed" trade that masquerade as free trade and would expand NAFTA to include first Central America and then the rest of the Americas in an economic "union." True free trade would take a few pages of written text to enact ("eliminate these barriers to trade and these tariffs," etc.); all three of these agreements encompass thousands of pages of bureaucratic textual garbage sprinkled liberally with rules, regulations, and special-interest benefits.

Buried in the language of CAFTA is Section 6 that would require of all its members that they form a Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) committee for the purpose of insuring ongoing harmonization under the terms of the SPS Agreement in the World Trade Organization (WTO). You can find that text at the following website:

If you then look at Article 3 of the WTO's SPS Agreement, you will read the following words: "To harmonize sanitary and phytosanitary measures on as wide a basis as possible, Members shall base their food safety measures on international standards, guidelines or recommendations." (emphasis added) And as you all know by now, Codex sets the international standards for food safety including vitamins & minerals.

So, CAFTA, which is set for a vote in the House of Representatives any time after they reconvene July 11th, 2005, is another critical link by which health-freedom haters hope to bypass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 and obligate the United States and Canada by treaty to harmonize to the harshly restrictive Codex vitamin-and-mineral standards. They cannot be allowed to succeed, and we at the NHF completely oppose these two treaties that would put a knife in the back of our health freedoms."

But that's not all.  Rima Laibow MD was at the Rome event and had this to say:

It's Official: The Vitamin War Was Declared at CODEX Today!

Today was a bad day here in Rome. The US supported the Vitamin and Mineral Guidelines and betrayed US law and you. But that's not all that happened here in the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission meeting today. No, that's not bad enough. There's a whole lot more. Here is what the United States participated in and helped to happen in just one day (don't let the helpful sounding names fool you):

The dangerously elevated pesticide levels for a variety of poisonous chemicals were ratified. A win for Big Chema!

Hygienic Practices for Meat were ratified (don't let the name fool you). A win for Big Agra.

Code of Practice to Minimize and Contain Antimicrobial Resistance was approved (don't let the name fool you). Another win for Big Agra and one for Big Pharma, too!

Veterinary Drug Maximum Residue Limits Draft approved. Wins for Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big Chema!

Maximum Levels for Cadmium in Wheat Grain; Potato; Stem and Root Vegetables; Leafy Vegetables; and, Other Vegetables was approved.

Code of Practice for the Prevention and Reduction of Aflatoxin in Tree Nuts was adopted (don't let the name fool you).

I could go on, and on, and on. And today was only the first day. But instead of listing all of the really awful standards which were approved or advanced to higher steps in the 8 step ratification process, let me turn your attention to betrayal.

America has, once again, been betrayed by the people who should have been protecting her most precious resource: her people. The US CODEX Office's US CODEX Policy look to me like they have been sold to the highest bidders: Big Pharma, Big Chema, Big Agra, Big Biotechna and Big Medica. These high minded-wounding standards and codes are nothing short of the triumph of corporate greed at your expense and mine.

Let me ask you to think about America on this sad and sorry End-of-Independence Day. Our CODEX Policy is in the process of taking America apart, illness by illness, and selling its sovereignty to the highest bidder."

(2)  We have to remove "Big Pharma's" right to advertise directly to consumers.   Why?  
Three reasons:  (1)  "Big Pharma" is controlling US TV news media.  A New York Ad agency tells the TV news media what is acceptable and what isn't.  Half of TV news media advertising is from "Big Pharma." (2)  In 1999 when "Big Pharma" went to the FDA to get permission to advertise directly to the consumer, the average monthly prescription cost was $30.  Now the average price, for the exact same prescription, is $140.  (3)  "Big Pharma" is using the money from the increased cost to fund their nefarious projects while damaging the American fabric, and economy.

(3)  We must criminally prosecute industry executives for the deaths, and damages, etc...  This is simple logic. I'm appalled that our TV media spends all day, and night, covering the subway bombings in London, and the deaths of 50 people, and outright ignores the 55,000 deaths caused by Merck's Vioxx, the thimerasol issue, or the mercury amalgam tooth filling issue.  We have health atrocities going on, worldwide, that have perpetrators that need punishment.  So, lets get to it.

(4)  We need to push to get the Bush administration's new "Health Insurance Guidelines" for America into effect.  This also is an easy explanation - people who are given CHOICES make them...

(5)  We must ask Congress to pass a bill creating a "Health Czar..."   Why?  Because the broken American Medical System does not, and will not, police itself. 

(6)  We must ask Congress to put laws in place stopping the revolving door between "Big Pharma" and the US FDA.  We need the FDA to do what "we the people"  intended it to do - not what "Big Pharma" wants it to do.  No explanation needed.

(7)  We must ask Congress, and the Bush Administration, to investigate, and vigorously prosecute,  the "Quackbuster" conspiracy to suppress innovation in health care.   No explanation needed.

Opposition is already gearing up for beginning of the battle. If you are interested in getting in on the first round, the stopping of CAFTA - (click here).  If you're writing to Congress give them all seven things. listed above, to think about.

This is a battle between "We the People," and the free world's biggest, and worst, enemy - ever - "Big Pharma," and we're just getting started with the counter-attack.

Stay tuned...

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate




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