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Who or what is responsible for increasingly sophisticated crop circles? 


Advanced beings from somewhere, or 

Advanced human technology hidden from the public? 



Alien ‘Signs’ of Disinformation
by Uri Dowbenko 

Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan (‘Sixth Sense), of “I see dead people” fame, ‘Signs’ tries to insinuate the idea that crop circles are landing strips for aliens who have come to conquer the earth. As if technically advanced beings from another galaxy need such mundane markers.

(By the way, the best online reference to crop circles, those beautiful elaborate geometric patterns, is Crop Circle Connector [])

So are crop circles the work of hoaxers -- or aliens with too much time on their hands? Not very likely. Some crop circles may be created by Terra-based technology that incorporate gravity waves or other esoteric science.

Former aerospace engineer Brian Desborough, in his book, They Cast No Shadows: A collection of essays on the Illuminati, revisionist history and suppressed technologies (iUniverse) says that crop circles are in many cases due to Mossbauer Beam technology.

"Some UFO writers and lecturers who lack a scientific background claim that humans lack the technology to create such complex crop circles," he writes. "For the record, the basic crop circle characteristics outlined above are exactly the evidential signs that would remain if the crop circle were to be created by means of a low powered gamma ray beam device. Such technology was only implemented into widespread use by the military during the past two decades -- the same time period that elaborate crop circles first began to appear."

"The swollen nodes of grain stalks are of high moisture content; the high frequency gamma ray beam would cause the moisture in the nodes to convert to super heated steam, swelling and softening the nodal cells and causing the stalks to bend in the direction swept by the beam," he continues. "Such beams are capable of creating extremely fine detail; the high frequency clicking sound which is emitted from newly formed circles strongly suggests that the beam systems employed in this duplicitous act incorporate Mossbauer beam technology. The soil within the circle would emit radiation and any creature unfortunate enough to be irradiated by the beam would be carbonized."

Desborough's conclusion about crop circles remains the most logical explanation on the topic. He writes, "In order to add to the illusion that crop circles are the creation of a technologically superior race of extraterrestrials, the Mossbauer beam units probably are mounted in terrestrially manufactured flying saucers," echoing the conclusions of Bill Lyne, author of Pentagon Aliens: Flying Saucers Are Man Made Electrical Machines and Occult Ether Physics.



"...I believe - that the crop circles have a spiritual origin to them. My own speculation is that somehow humanity is being warned by something, somewhere" 

-- Anonymous retired government scientist with an advanced degree in one of the health-related disciplines 


Translation of message on disk:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged Word). There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION.


The Chiltbolton crop circle of 2001






Channelled message re crop circles

Why the use of crop formations rather than direct radio communication or other forms of sophisticated methods? Because the electronic communications sent to your world’s governments immediately become highly classified and the average public sees and hears NOTHING. 

We have given your world’s governments ample opportunity to handle our messages in any manner in which they see fit. The result has been great silence as these ones attempt to amass a stockpile of supposedly “advanced” weaponry to be used to defend themselves against our arrival.

These ones realize that the reason we are coming is because of the Great Awakening now underway on your world. As more and more ones awaken to the reality of their place in the Grand Scheme of Existence, they also realize that they are a part of a much larger family. The would-be oppressors of your world are trying desperately to delay this inevitable awakening, using all sorts of devices which pulse electromagnetic frequencies in the range of brain functioning so as to cause a mild form of sedation—as well as apathy and anger.

These sorts of mind-control manipulations have recently been stepped-up and are largely responsible for the unusually high level of bizarre animal behaviors being noted in many locations—such as the shark attacks along your Eastern U.S. coastal waters. Such electromagnetic transmissions are also responsible for “unpredictable” distortions in many localized weather patterns, as well as for climatic shifts that have many of your scientists baffled—and thus the debates that swing from global warming at one end, to the next great ice-age at the other.

The crop formations serve MANY purposes. They communicate to your world that you are not alone and that we of the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets are quite aware of the games being played on your planet. We are also quite aware that the average person is intentionally being kept in the dark concerning the overwhelming amount of physical evidence demonstrating that intelligent extraterrestrial life not only exists, but is in fact monitoring closely the technology being developed and played with on your planet.

As ones become more aware, their vibrational frequency begins to speed up. This in turn leads to an ever increasing level of awareness. There is reached a point where the old tricks no longer work. You, as a planetary species, are rapidly reaching that point, and the controllers know this. Thus their games of deception become all the more extreme, as their ability to maintain control slips away.

We of your elder brothers have given you many clues along the way to help prepare you both mentally and emotionally for the awakening process in which you now find yourselves. Despite our best efforts, there will always be ones who resist change. There are always ones who decide they know all that is truly worth knowing, therefore there is no allowance for anything that would disrupt their comfortable little microcosm of fanciful living. (Fanciful relative to the true nature of the world and universe in which they live.) 

These ones (often labeled as “experts” of one kind or another on your world) will make pronouncements such as that the crop formations are merely an elaborate hoax perpetrated by clever university students with nothing better to do. However, upon closer scrutiny (which these ones never seem to do with any level of objectivity) you will find that the wheat in these crop formations is twisted in on itself and is bent, but NOT broken, as it would be if it were merely stomped or rolled down. This shows a great respect for the plant lifeform and shows that the originators have taken great care to NOT destroy the grain.

There is far less sophisticated technology we could have used that would simply “burn” an image into fields. But we are not of an ethical nature which would allow us to even consider that as a viable option.

Dear ones, ALL LIFE is precious. There is no reason to senselessly destroy any lifeform—not even a single strand of wheat being grown for the purpose of harvest.

If our intention was simply to conquer and destroy, don’t you think that we would have done so years ago? That is the warrior mentality of your world’s rulers, who think in such fear-based mental psychoses. We have all that we need or could ever want. You ones have nothing that we covet.

We come as Teachers and Guides—much the way parents look out for their children, or older brothers and sisters look out for the younger ones. We derive great pleasure in watching you ones grow in awareness. We offer our advice and guidance to those who are accepting of same. Those who choose to ignore the stretched-out hand of assistance we offer are honored as well, for they choose that which they feel is right for them and we see that they need the longer path of experience in order to find their way.


Supposed translation of associated crop circle 

"Hello Earth. We are replying to your message describing yourselves  - which we have understood. We are also a hydrocarbon lifeform with a similar mathematics and logic. We are sending an image of our face which shows us humanoid like you. However we have a slightly different DNA structure and we are smaller than you, with very large heads. We inhabit three of the planets in our solar system. We did not use a radio telescope to send you this message but a beam technology. We used a hyperspace capability to intercept your spacetime message and are using hyperspace also to reply."


Sexsmith crop circle 
[Sexsmith is the name of a Canadian song writer]

LONDON. - Residents of the small Suffolk town of Sudbury don't really know what to make of a large crop circle which was recently discovered in a wheat field by a local farmer, and later filmed and photographed by plane once word of the mysterious formation began to spread.

The crop circle, measuring just over 87 metres at its widest point, appears to spell the word "sexsmith", with the letters circled by three perfect oval rings. One of the first to discover the curious inscription, local resident Sam Garner, 26, a engineering student, musician and big fan of the critically acclaimed but still relatively little known Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith, was keen to talk to media and told a reporter that he believes some form of higher intelligence is trying to tell the world something important. 

"Ron Sexsmith is one of the best songwriters around these days. He's a very rare talent. Melodically, no one can really come close to him. I think other more advanced civilisations may have caught on faster than we have and they're now trying to help us catch up."

Mr Garner was also keen to add that Sexsmith's new cd "Blue Boy", and his first, self-titled, release are "about as good as music gets", and that "his other two were almost just as good."

Many local residents aren't so convinced however. Kelly Donald, a close neighbour of Mr Garner commented, "I don't believe in flying saucers, and as for Sam, I doubt he does either. I think it's funny he's been so interested in coming forward. I don't want to point any fingers though. He's a nice guy and he's got a sense of humour. He also loves his music," she said.

"As for this Sexsmith fellow, I've been told he's actually very good and that some of his biggest fans are Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Elton John, that Costello guy from America and also a young English band named Radiohead that my brother listens to, so he certainly does have admirers in high places. I doubt he'd be my cup of tea though. Is he a good dancer or anything like Ronan Keating from Boyzone?"

UK music critic Ken Glass agreed with Mr Garners sentiments. "If there are such things as UFOs, then they certainly have good taste in music." He also noted that the occurrence had some similarities to when in 1966, Andrew Loog Oldham, the manager of the band the Rolling Stones, took the unprecedented step of placing full-page advertisements in the music press to announce that the Beach Boys new album "Pet Sounds", which was set to flop in Britain, was the greatest album ever made, and that the main creative force behind the band, Brian Wilson, was a genius. Somewhat like he has been toward Sexsmith more recently, Beatle Paul McCartney was similarly effusive in his praise of Wilson at the time. What made Oldman's gesture all the more remarkable was that he had no contact with or financial interest in the band or its record company.

"The only motivation was a sincere care and admiration for good music and well written songs - something that sadly often appears to be lacking in the industry today," said Mr Glass. "That they [UFOs] may have chosen to express their admiration for Ron Sexsmith and his m
usic on someone's wheat rather than more conventional forms of media is regrettable though," he said.



UFOs have nothing to do with crop circles ...

UFOs have nothing to do with crop circles. It is new military weapon technology of the advanced physics level of scalar and / or ball lighting technology.


Systematic elimination of microbiologists signals planned preemptive attack on world's surplus eaters who bring down the property values of their planet.     
--by Dick Eastman 

PS. The crop circles are also phony -- too British, too in tune with the latest mathematical fads in the patterning (e.g., the Mandlebrot set is just too too convenient to appear on that egghead-ridden island and nowhere else -- my my my! -- are British geniuses that bored, that sophomoric, that deceitful -- just the kind of minds the ruling elites can use, aren't they?) 



Scalar technology

In fact there are a great many anomalous events of the past few decades which might very well be explained by the Russian testing of their longitudinal electromagnetic weapons. It would seem that the mysterious appearance of crop circles around the world could be accomplished by feeding a precise mathematical graphic pattern into the computerized aiming software and change the very molecular structure of the crops themselves along the lines of that pattern. The stalks fall over from the localized effect of the longitudinal waves. A plasma ball tracing patterns? Are they slyly sending a message to see if we are "getting it" yet? 

Here is the original post I left at Parascope in the Spring of 1997.

by Jerry Newport  (real name Sam Moser)

The biggest kept secret is the fact that the USA has both ground based and satellite based microwave weapons. The UFO's (lights in the skies) which could not possibly be aircraft were plasma emanations from these microwave weapons. Many cases of " spontaneous human combustion " was the result of such weapons. Even communication satellites are capable of causing this if they accidentally miss their ground antenna. These weapons are capable of disabling electrical components and preventing such things as aircraft, automobiles and computers from operating. These microwave weapons when targeted at people at lower intensities are used for mind control by causing disorientation by disrupting the electrical flow within the brain. Exposure to these weapons can cause muscular spasms, twitches, tremors, and even full blown seizures. These electromagnetic weapons are capable of manipulating the weather causing thunderstorms by heating up the atmosphere and charging it with artificial energy. Remember the UFO stories of how the car stalls and the radio freaks out along with light above. Well the light was the plasma being generated by the microwaves and it resulted in the car stalling and the radio freaking out. Want to see plasma? Just put metal into a microwave oven. Want to see how microwaves affect a radio? Try this: First put a bowl of water in the microwave oven ( to absorb excess microwaves ) then put a small hand held radio inside tuned into a station and turn on microwave oven at the lowest power setting. Now listen to the radio!

Scientist discovered a long time ago that cars would not stall and not start and the affect on radios after a nuclear explosion because of the electromagnetic wave that was given off. One of the symptoms of being exposed to these weapons not to mention the above is a weird feeling inside your head along with disorientation. Also an elevated body temperature.

Sometimes nausea but not always. They can even induce a heart attack remotely with these weapons. If you suspect that you are being targeted with these weapons for what ever reason you can protect yourself from the disorienting effects by wearing aluminum foil under a hat. The real reason for the governments push for fiber optics is because because the old copper cables were vulnerable to the governments own microwave weapons. Federal agencies such as the post offices are replacing all their old computer equipment with new shielded equipment that is black. 

The crop circle formations that are appearing throughout the world are created with these microwave weapons. When the vegetation heats up it wilts and falls to the ground. Lights have sometimes been reported in the sky at night as the formations appeared. Again this light is plasma from these electromagnetic weapons not UFO's or aliens. Black helicopters have been reported flying above these crop circles the following day. These black helicopters are being operated by the government and they are checking out their handiwork. These are unmarked helicopters so they can not be identified. 

The United Nations backed religious movement called Mission of Maitreya claims that these crop circles are a "heavenly angelic form of communication". Don't believe it! This is a New World Order trick! These crop circles are being created with satellites based computer driven focused microwave beams. A kind of microwave laser. The leaders of the Illuminati and Freemasons are the ones who are ultimately behind these crop circles and the United Nations backed religious unification movement Mission of Maitreya.


Crop Circles Made by Military Satellites

I (the author of this web-site) "", have been visiting some crop circles in the UK, and I took some samples of vegetation and dead insects with me.

At home, with my microscope I have been carefully observing the tissues of the plants and of the insects. In order to find out how their state could be reproduced, I put some healthy plants and insects in a modified microwave oven combined with a laser burner (yes, I am truly sorry for this rude experiment) and I examined the tissues under the microscope.

Comparing the tissues, that I took from the crop circles in the UK with that I took from my microwave oven, bought me to an interesting conclusion : they look highly similar.

In other words, the cropcircles have been produced by microwave laser technology. This technology is used by the military.

Microwave laser games
As you know, with lasers it is possible to cut (fashion, dentist, etc.), bend and melt (industrial), and so forth, at great precision and from large distance. Microwave laser technology, or better, maser
technology, is used at a military satellite in order to "shoot" maser beams at precisely computed locations on our planet.

This kind of satellite is aimed to destoy anyhting at any time at any location under any atmospheric circumstances. Such satellite is not publicly known, i.e. kept secret, of course, and is responsible for
several "unresolved" airplane crashes.

Yes my dear visitor, maser satellites are flying right over you and you are not safe. It is all in the game of cover-up, misusing the belief of mankind that extra-terrestials are having an artistic party overnight. Well, not so, as the militaries are playing around with masers, using computers to design nice patterns and to guide the maser beams.

In the early 1970's I started playing with mainfame computers to produce nice mathematical patterns. And sure I was not the only one. It is a common hobbyism. Nothing to do with galactic federations and Alien prophecies or symbols of universal wisdom.

Now, back to my microscopic investigation : in both cases (from the UK by artistic militaries and from my microwave & laser burner) the tissues of the plants showed tiny particles of near-crystallized dust that were melted / bonded with the tissue. Both the plants and the
insects were literally cooked. This effect can only be reached by masers.

Aiming a computer guided maser at high altitude towards a crop field, in about 15 seconds a large complex pattern can be projected and "cooked in", using rotating maserbeams (it would be quite unfortunate if you would be moving under the beam at such moment)

Weapon used as toy

This is how crop circles are made, with a computer guided maser satellite, by bored artistic militaries. Period.

Oh, and the light flashes ? Well, simple, because of the electromagnetic field that is caused by the maser, the energy release is perceived as a flash of light. Sure they leave traces of energy in the plants, commonly incorrectly interpreted as spiritual energies of some sort. I have been into this research myself when I was studying all that stuff for my graduation.

By the way, if indeed Aliens have been around for thousands of years, how come that only since a few years cropcircles have been reported ? Since a few years, however, we do have star wars satellites - made by us - orbiting planet Earth. Once again, crop circles are NOT made by
Aliens or UFOs, but simply by a maser satellite, programmed by a bunch of geeks. Keep it simple.

Mr. Jorge "George" Anthony Paniagua
615-A  Jefferson Street
Stayton, Oregon  97383-1929