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About the Chrysanthemum Society

The current Chrysanthemum Society of Victoria has its origins in the original Chrysanthemum Society formed in 1896, although affiliations and allegiances have changed over time.

Since its establishment the society has devoted much time, thought and energy to the improvement and popularity of its name flower and has spent many thousands of dollars on exhibitions and literature .The society caters for all growers of chrysanthemums -- for those who cultivate for market, for personal pleasure or for exhibition purposes.

Chrysanthemums can be grown in either garden beds or in pots and make beautiful displays of blooms after others have ended. 


An invitation

Join the Chrysanthemum Society of Victoria and find a whole new exciting world organized by a lively body of enthusiasts. Enjoy a rewarding hobby growing these delightful plants and learn the techniques involved in getting blooms to show bench standard.

Becoming a member of the society entitles you to free plants on joining plus a manual containing how-to-grow information.