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2015 show


[ Whitehorse Leader newspaper - Monday April 27 2015 - p.3 ( www.whitehorseleader.com.au  ]




President's report

Another Chrysanthemum season is over, we have all been very busy growing our wonderful flowers. We can take it easy for a couple of months and then start taking our cuttings for next season.

I think that our Exhibition was one of our best. The weather was kind to us the month before - not too hot, which meant that a lot of blooms took a long time to mature. Even though the show was late we had 'John Hughes', 'Cream John Hughes' and 'Yellow John Hughes' in the Exhibition. Normally they would be finished by 5th May. We don't really know what to expect each season so we need a good variety of plants.

I would like to thank all those who worked so hard to make our exhibition a success, particularly those who came and helped set up on the Thursday night and the great team who cleaned up after the exhibition. It was truly remarkable.

A special thanks to our judges. There were no complaints so they must have been spot on. Special thanks also to our show secretary, Sheila Ormerod.

The next meeting is our annual meeting, so please make a special effort to come along. We will be discussing ways of taking cuttings and what happens during the next two months. There will not be a meeting or newsletter in July.

That's all for now. Rhonda and I are going to go to Darwin for a couple of weeks in July.

-- Bill Jenkins


Outgoing President's Report

This is my final President's report for the society as I feel that I have presided as President for a long time. It will be good for the society if someone new takes over and maybe gives us some fresh ideas.

I enjoy being a member of the society and will continue to give the new president and committee my support.

It has been a different year for growing chrysies, the show was late and there were many varieties that normally flower early still looking magnificent for our show. We moved to new premises during the year as the Church of Christ has closed, although this may not be a permanent arrangement.

It has been very pleasing to see the response to the website by people interested in growing chrysanthemums. Each year we grow plants to sell for the society, this is becoming a big responsibility as it appears that we are the only people growing plants for sale in Australia.

Guy, Robert and yours truly entered blooms in the Bendigo Chrysanthemum Exhibition with great success, it has been great to see how some of our members have grown much better blooms this season, and this was reflected in the results of our exhibition.

I wish to thank all our members for their support, many have made a great contribution to our society - Patricia Close for editing and printing our news sheet, Carole Hubbard for her work on the website, William Orange our secretary, Guy Rischmueller who did a lot of extra work in preparing for our exhibition, Peter Edkins our treasurer and show manager, Sheila Ormerod our show secretary and auditor, our judges (Colin Ormerod, Ray Nelson and Stan Bankes-Fay), all members of the committee, everyone has done so much to make our society into something special.

We have had a great year and I am sure next year will be better.

-- Bill Jenkins


2012 Show

Pictures of winning blooms in each category


Champion Bowl - Cyril and Elizabeth Taylor

Champion Incurved (Stoakes Westminster
- Bill Jenkins

Champion Anemone (Edith Mechen)
- Frank Baguley

Champion Bloom (Luxor) - Bill Jenkins

Champion Pompons (Kelvin Striker)
- Cyril and Elizabeth Taylor

Champion Reflex (Primrose West Bromwich)
- Bill Jenkins

Champion Spiders (Stoakes Tapestry) - Frank Baguley

Champion Singles (Gladeye)
- Guy Rischmueller

Champion Spray (Megumi)
- Guy Rischmueller