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What is Dianetics?
By L. Ron Hubbard

Simple though it is, Dianetics does and is these things:

1. It is an organised science of thought built on definite axioms (statements of natural laws on the order of those of the physical sciences).

2. It contains a therapeutic technique with which can be treated all in organic mental ills and all organic psychosomatic ills, with assurance of complete cure in unselected cases.

3. It produces a condition of ability of rationality for man well in advance of the current norm, enhancing rather than destroying his vigour and personality.

4. Dianetics gives a complete insight into the full potentialities of the mind, discovering them to be well in excess of past supposition.

5. The basic nature of man is discovered in Dianetics rather than hazarded or postulated, since that basic nature can be brought into action in any individual completely. And that basic nature is discovered to be good.

6. The single source of mental derangement is discovered and demonstrated, on a clinical or laboratory basis, by Dianetics.

7. The extent, storage capacity and recallibility of the human memory is finally established by Dianetics.

8. The full recording abilities of the mind are discovered by Dianetics with the conclusion that they are quite dissimilar to former suppositions.

9. Dianetics brings forth the non-germ theory of disease, complementing biochemistry (the chemistry of living organisms) and Pasteur's (Pasteur, Louis: (1822-95) French chemist and bacteriologist. Proved that decay and putrefaction are caused by bacteria; developed serums and vaccines for such diseases as cholera and rabies.) work on the germ theory to embrace the field.

10. With Dianetics ends the "necessity" of destroying the brain by shock or surgery to effect "tractability" (tractable: easy to manage or deal with; docile) in mental patients and "adjust" them.

11. A workable explanation of the physiological effects of drugs and endocrine (endocrine: designating or of any gland producing one or more internal secretions that are introduced directly into the bloodstream and carried to other parts of the body whose functions they regulate or control.) substances exists in Dianetics, and many problems posed by endocrinology are answered.

12. Various educational, sociological, political, military and other human studies are enhanced by Dianetics.

13. The field of cytology (cytology: he scientific study of cells) is aided by Dianetics, as well as other fields of research.

This then, is a skeletal sketch of what would be the scope of a science of mind and of what is the scope of Dianetics.




Suppressives is a term used to describe a personality type intent on domination and control. The typical example is the nazis who were fanatical about controlling of every facet of life. Since Scientology was originally set up it has been infiltrated by suppressives, meaning those working for the enslavement of humanity. Along with the infiltration has come modifications to the original teachings and high fees to discourage people from becoming part of the organisation. 

This type of suppression is easy to understand for those who understand the Illuminati plan for world domination. The techniques used include infiltration of organisations, inserting their agenda, subverting and suppressing knowledge that would help society advance, suppression of inventions and suppression of cures for diseases.



Engrams are psychological blockages that reduce a person's ability to operate in a fully functional manner. To break free of the engram in Scientology terms is to "run it out". 

According to Scientology, engrams are contained in the reactive mind bank, as opposed to the standard mind bank which is used by the conscious mind. The standard mind bank is accessible to the conscious mind, the reactive mind bank isn't - therefore knowledge of engrams can't be consciously realised or acknowledged. 

Scientology uses the term "tone" to measure a person's progress - tone increases as engrams are eliminated. The higher the tone the more a person is able to participate in life in a fully functioning manner. Overall tone is rated from 1 to whatever, 1 being the lowest and at the high end of the scale a person has almost psychic insight and ability to deal with life.

Hubbard goes a bit further in that he claims engrams can be locked into place by toxins and drugs in the body. He cites the case of drug takers who have drug residues in their bodies perhaps years after they were taken, but which can restimulate and bring back the memories of the initial experience. Hence the Purification Rundown, or the Purif as it is often referred to, an intense elimination or  detoxification program designed to rid the body of drugs, and other harmful chemicals or substances. It is a supervised program involving exercise, sauna and nutritional supplements and usually held over a few weeks.

How do you know if engrams really exist?

A person can refer to other systems to observe if there is a parallel, although obviously different terms would be used in different systems. Michael Rowling's book 'Absolute Happiness' was written after studying of ways to enlightenment from eastern religions. He talks about psychological blockages a person puts in place to protect them from recalling unpleasant experiences but which overall reduce a person's ability to operate on a fully functioning level of awareness, as much energy is used to hold these suppressed memories down below the level of conscious awareness. The way to absolute happiness according to Rowling is to remove these blockages.  

Illuminati mind control

The Illuminati have much insight into the subject of mind control and producing subjects loyal to their cause. By the use of carefully calibrated tortures they are able to get the subject's mind to fragment and disassociate into different alters (multi-personality disorder), each alter then being programmed for specific purposes. In Scientology terms these alters would be the result of engrams imposed and the subject's reactive mind fragments would then be trained to obey its handler.

This type of mind control turns those programmed into pawns, whose lives are lived out to serve the Illuminati agenda, they have no life of their own. The techniques are described in a book written on this topic which makes interesting reading. The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler .


Global enslavers  Illuminati
Engrams  Psychological blockages
Dynamic  Life force
The "running out" of engrams Neutralising engrams through auditing
Suppressives  People with negative agendas 
3rd and 4th dynamic engrams  Deceptions imposed by the global enslavers 
Clears  People free of psychological aberrations 
OTs  Scientology's highest level of achievement gives powers of rationality far beyond the average person.



There is a lot of suppression in the world which logically is carried out by suppressive personalities. Some notable types are: 
Technologies that would help humanity are suppressed by vested interests - free energy as invented by Tesla, cures for diseases, Rife technology (cures), Reich technology (weather control).
Suppressive control of society with rules and regulations (US has over 1 billion pieces of legislation and anybody can be breaking a law anytime), high taxes. 
Keeping society disinformed with propaganda in the mass media and dumbed down education system designed to socialise rather than enlighten. 

A suppressive person would be one who supports suppressive means to restrict or control rather than enlighten and improve society. 

The ultimate suppressors are the illuminati who have a pathological need to control the world and would rather see it destroyed than free. They and their minions are responsible for keeping the world in a constant state of upheaval with rolling wars, dissentions, strife, illness, poverty and ignorance. 
According to L. Ron Hubbard, a suppressive person is “a person who seeks to suppress, or squash, any betterment activity or group. A suppressive person suppresses other people in his vicinity. This is the person whose behaviour is calculated to be disastrous.” Well-known examples of such a personality are Napoleon and Hitler. Mr. Hubbard found that a suppressive person, also called antisocial personality, has definite antisocial attributes.

The basic reason the antisocial personality behaves as he or she does lies in a hidden terror of others. To such a person every other being is an enemy, an enemy to be covertly or overtly destroyed. The fixation is that survival itself depends on “keeping others down” or “keeping people ignorant.” If anyone were to promise to make others stronger or brighter, the antisocial personality would suffer the utmost agony. 
Because of this, the suppressive person seeks to upset, continuously undermine, spread bad news about and denigrate betterment activities and groups. 

For more understanding of suppressive persons and how to handle them, the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics is recommended.

Dynamics of Survival

Survival, considered as the single and sole purpose of existence, subdivides into four dynamics, the forces that drive each one are:

Dynamic 1. The urge toward ultimate survival on the part of the individual and for himself. It includes his immediate symbiotes [those he is in symbiosis with, ie family and friends], the extension of culture for his own benefit and name immortality.

2. The urge of the individual toward ultimate survival via the sex act, the creation of and the rearing of children. It includes their symbiotes, the extension of culture for them and their future provision.

3. The urge of the individual toward ultimate survival for the group. It includes the symbiotes of the group and the extension of its culture. 

4. Includes the urge of the individual toward ultimate survival for all mankind. It includes the symbiotes of mankind and the extension of its culture.

The first, second, third and fourth dynamic engrams, are engrams relating to the above dynamics.

Suppression of dynamics 

Suppression is the lessoning and constricting of one or more of your dynamics. Your dynamics are actually what you are. If you could devote an hour to each of your dynamics everyday, then you would be a very happy individual! They are:

1. Self
2. Sex, family
3. Groups
4. Mankind
5. All life forms
6. The physical universe
7. Thought
8. God, Infinity, Supreme Being
9. Aesthetics
10. Ethics (rationality)
11. Decency
12. Truth
13. Awareness
14. Individuality
15. Coexistence
16. Spiritual Awareness that is not-being

One in Five people are suppressive and anyone around them will suffer from just being around them. They will be sick and tend to cause trouble (that is the person being suppressed) because they know that they are being secretly thwarted yet do not know where the 'trouble' is emanating from. Suppressive people exist to lesson the potential of other's because they are afraid that they will be found out and possibly destroyed. 

The clear

Dianetically, the optimum individual is called the clear. The clear is the goal of Dianetic therapy.

A clear can be tested for any and all psychoses, neuroses, compulsions and repressions (all aberrations) and can be examined for any autogenetic (self-generated) diseases referred to as psychosomatic ills. These tests confirm the clear to be entirely without such ills or aberrations. Additional tests of his intelligence indicate it to be high above the current norm. 

The dynamic [as in dynamo, meaning life force] is the tenacity to life and vigor and persistence in survival. The dynamics are inhibited by engrams, which lie across them and disperse life force.

The analytical mind is that portion of the mind which perceives and retains experience data to compose and resolve problems and direct the organism along the four dynamics. It thinks in differences and similarities.

The reactive mind is that portion of the mind which files and retains physical pain and painful emotion and seeks to direct the organism solely on a stimulus-response basis. It thinks only in identities.

The somatic mind is that mind which, directed by the analytical or reactive mind, places solutions into effect on the physical level.

Aberrations, under which is included all deranged or irrational behaviour, are caused by engrams. They are stimulus-response, pro- and contra-survival.

Psychosomatic ills are caused by engrams. The engram is the single source of aberrations and psychosomatic ills.

The engram is a moment of "unconsciousness" containing physical pain or painful emotion and all perceptions, and is not available to the analytical mind as experience. Moments of "unconsciousness", when the analytical mind is attentuated in greater or lesser degree, are the only moments when engrams can be received.

Thetan, scientology word for soul or spirit.

Overts - there is the commission of an act which is overtly harmful to another or others. We are not now talking about the rightness or wrongness of the act or the intentions behind it, but simply the doing of it. These are often called Overts in Scientology.

Scientology teaches that this universe we live in is the MEST (matter, energy, space, time) universe that exists solely because the non-MEST beings known as thetans decided to agree to bind themselves to the rules and laws that we see operating here, such as gravity and the speed of light: "A Thetan may postulate a material or mental condition and subsequently consider that he cannot escape that condition, and succumb to the resulting illusion of entrapment within it."


Zone 0 is the zone of apathy, or just above death. would be the lowest mental apathy or lowest level of physical life, 0.1. 

A tone 1, where the body is fighting physical pain or illness or where the being is fighting in anger, could be graded from 1.0, which would be resentment or hostility, through tone 1.5, which would be a screaming rage, to a 1.9, which would be merely a quarrelsome inclination. From tone 2.0 to tone 3.0 there would be an increasing interest in existence, and so forth.

It so happens that the state of physical being or mental being does not long remain static. Therefore, there are various fluctuations. In the course of a single day, an aberree may run from 0.5 to 3.5, up and down, as a mental being. An accident or illness could cause a similar fluctuation in a day.

These are, then figures which can be assigned to four things: the mental state on an acute basis and the mental state on a general basis. In Dianetics, we do not much employ the physical tone scale. The mental tone scale, however, is of vast and vital importance!

These values of happiness, bearable existence, anger and apathy are not arbitrary values. They are deduced from observation of the behaviour of emotional states. A clear is usually found varying around tone 4, plus or minus, in an average day. He is a general tone 4, which is one of the inherent conditions of being clear. A norm in current society, at a wild guess, is probably around a general tone 2.8.

Contagion of aberration 
Punishment, war and rule by force

Dianetics p.185

In the larger sphere of society, contagion of aberration is extremely dangerous and cannot but be considered as a vital factor in undermining the health of that society.

The social body behaves similarly to an organism in that there are social aberrations which exist within the society. The society grows and may fade like an organism which has people, not cells for its parts. Where pain is levelled by the head of the society at any member in that society, a source of aberration is begun which will be contagious. 


The reasons against corporal punishment are not "humanitarian", they are practical. A society which practices punishment of any kind against any of its members is carrying on a contagion of aberration. The society has a social engram, society size, which says punishment is necessary. Punishment is meted. The jails and institutions fill. And then one day some portion of the society, depressed into zone 1 by a government's freedom with government engrams, jumps up and wipes the government out. And a new set of aberrations is formed from the violence attending the destruction. Violent revolutions never win because they begin this cycle of aberration.

A society filled with aberrees may feel it necessary to punish. There has been no remedy other than punishment. The provision of a remedy for unsocial conduct by members of the group is of more than passing interest to a government for a continuance of its own corporal practices; adding these to the continuing aberrations of the past seriously depresses the survival potential of that government and will someday cause that government to fall. After many government so fall, its people too, perish from this earth.


Contagion of aberration is never more apparent than in that social insanity called war. Wars never solve the need of wars. Fight to save the world for democracy or save it from Confucianism and the fight is inevitably lost by all. War has become associated in the past with competition, and it has been believed, therefore, by shifty logic, that wars were necessary. A society which advances into a war as a solution of its problems cannot but depress its own survival potential. No government was ever permitted to enter a war without costing its people some of their liberties. The end product is the apathy of a ruling priesthood, where mystery and superstition alone can band the insane remnants of a people together. This is too easily observed in past histories to need much amplification. A democracy engaging in war has always lost some of its democratic rights. As it engages in more and more wars, it eventually comes under the command of a dictator (rule by a single engram). The dictator, forcing his rule, increases the aberrations by his activity against minorities. Revolt begins to follow revolt. Priesthoods flourish. Apathy awaits. And after apathy comes death. So went Greece, so went Rome. So goes England. So goes Russia. And so goes the United States and with it it goes mankind.

Rule by force

Rule by force is a violation of the law of affinity, for force begets force. Rule by force reduces the self-determinism of the individuals in a society and therefore the self-determination of the society itself. Contagion of aberration sweeps along like a forest fire. Engrams beget engrams. And unless the dwindling spiral is interrupted by new lands and mongrel races which escape their aberrative environments, or by the arrival of a means to break the contagion of aberration by clearing individuals, a race will reach downward to the end of the cycle - zone 0.

A race is as great as its individual members are self-determined.

In the smaller sphere of the family, as in the national scenes, contagion of aberration produces an interruption of optimum survival.

Self-determinism is the only possible way a computer can be built to give rational answers. Holding down seven in an adding machine causes it to give wrong answers. Entering fixed and not-to-be-rationalised answers into any human being will cause him to compute wrong answers. Survival depends on right answers. Engrams enter from the exterior world into the hidden recesses below rational thinking and prevent rational answers being reached. This is exterior-determinism. Any interference with self-determinism cannot but lead to wrong computations.

In that a clear is cooperative, a society of clears would cooperate. This may be an idyllic, utopian dream and it may not be. In a family of clears there is observable harmony and cooperation. A clear can recognise a superior computation when he sees one. He does not have to be slugged and held down and made to obey to make him put a shoulder to the wheel. If he is made to obey, independent of his thinking, his self-determinism is interrupted to a point where he cannot get right answers; the society which holds him has penalised, itself, his ability to think and act rationally. The only way a clear could so be forced would be to give him engrams or turn a neurosurgeon loose upon his brain. But a clear does not need to be forced for, if the job is important enough to do in terms of general need, he will most certainly do it according to his intelligence and do it as well as possible. One never observes the forced individual doing a job well, just as one never observes a forced society winning against an equally prosperous free society.

A family which runs on the godhead plan, where somebody must be obeyed without question, is never a happy family. Its prosperity may be present in some material aspects but its apparent survival as a unit, is superficial.

Forced groups are invariably less efficient than free groups working for the common good. But any group which contains aberrated members is likely to become entirely aberrated as a group through contagion. The effort to restrain aberrated members of a group inevitably restrains the group as a while and leads to further and further restraint.

Clearing one member of a family of aberrees is seldom enough to resolve the problems of that family. If the husband has been aberrated, he will have aberrated or restimulated his wife and children in one way or another, even when he used no physical violence upon them. The parents implant their mutual aberrations in the children and the children, being potentially self-determined units, revolt back to stir up the aberrations of the parents. In that so many of these aberrations, by contagion , have become mutual and held in common with the whole family, the happiness of the family is severely undermined.

The corporal punishment of children is just another facet of the problem of the forced group. If anyone cares to argue over the necessity of punishing children, let him examine the source of the misbehaviour of the children. ... The spoiled child is the child whose decisions have been interrupted continuously and who is robbed of his independence. Affection could no more spoil a child then the sun could be put out by a bucket of gasoline.

The beginning and end of child psychology is that a child is a human being, that he is entitled to his dignity and self-determinism. The child of aberrated parents is a problem because of the contagion of aberration, and because he is denied any right to dramatise or counter. The wonder is not that children are a problem but that they are sane in any action, for - by contagion, punishment and denial of self-determinism - the children of today have been denied all the things required to make a rational ife. And these are the future family and the future race.

This is not a dissertation on children or politics, however, but a chapter on contagion or aberration.

Dianetics covers human thought, and human thought is wide ground. When one gazes at the potentialities inherent in the mechanism of contagion, respect for the inherent stability of man cannot but arise. No wild animal reacting with inherent asocial tendencies could have built Nineveh (capital of the ancient empire of Assyria, situated on the east bank of the Tigris River, opposite modern Mosul, Iraq) or Boulder Dam. Carrying the contagion mechanism like some Old Man of the Sea (character in the story of 'Sindbad the Sailor' in the 'Arabian Nights'. A seemingly harmless old man, he climbs onto the shoulders of the obliging Sindbad and refuses to get off. He clings there for many days and nights until Sindbad escapes by getting him drunk), We have yet come far. Now that we know it, perhaps we shall truly reach the stars.

Dianetics and War
Dianetics p.536

The social organisms which we call states and nations behave and react in every respect as though they were individual organisms. The culture has its analytical mind, the combined sentience of its citizens in general and its artists, scientists and statesmen in particular. The social standard memory bank is the data accumulated along the generations. And the social organism has as well its reactive mind as represented by the prejudices and irrationalities of the entire group. The reactive mind is served by an engram bank wherein lie past painful experiences and which dictates reactive action on certain subjects whenever those subjects are restimulated in the society. This, all too briefly, is an analogy used in Political Dianetics.

        The social organism behaves in a manner which can be graphed on the tone scale; it has its survival dynamic and its suppressors, its internal suppression due to engrams and its urge toward an infinity of optimum duration. Criminals, traitors and zealots constitute, for instance, internal engrams which suppress the survival potential on the tone scale.

There is a precision definition for each social level as related to the tone scale. A free society working in complete cooperation toward common goals would be a tone 4 society. A society hindered by arbitrary restrictions and oppressive laws woiuld be a tone 2 society. A society managed and dictated to by the whims of one man or a few men would be a tone 1 society. A society governed by the mystery and superstition of some mystic body would be a tone 0 society. The potential of survival in each case can be seen anywhere in history. Any golden age is a tone 4. Oppressive practices, individual greeds and miscalculation in general reduce the society by introducing into it dissatisfied elements. To cope with these, in the past, further oppression has been used. The survival of the society reduced further. With more oppression came new engrams and so down the tone scale slipped the chances of long survival. And with this reduction of potential came pain as the lower zones were entered.

Societies rise and fall on the tone scale. But there is a danger point below which a society cannot go without reacting as would an individual so suppressed: the society reaches a break point and goes mad. The point is around 2.0.

The quarrel of society with society, nation with nation, has many causes, all of them more or less irrational. There have been many times when one society was forced to crush another less sentient than itself. But with each clash, new engrams were born both in the international scene and within the societies themselves.

War is an international tone 1. It is no more rational than any individual who, reaching a general and chronic tone 1, is placed in an institution or, temporarily tone 1, commits some crime and is thereafter imprisoned. But there is no gaoler to societies; there is at this time only death and so they die and so they have died.

Before this time no tool could be employed by a national but force when faced with another nation gone made. By contagion of aberration, both nations then went made. No nation ever fully won a war. No nation every finally triumphed by force of arms. No nation ever averted war by positing threat or exhibiting defence.

Man is now faced by these pyramiding hatreds, with weapons so powerful that man himself may vanish from the earth. There is no problem in the control of these weapons. They explode when and where man tells them to explode. The problem is in the control of man.

There is no national problem in the world today which cannot be resolved by reason alone. All factors inhibiting a solution of the problem of war and weapons are arbitrary factors and have no more validity than the justified explanations of a thief or murderer.

The farmer of Iowa has no quarrel with the storekeeper of Stalingrad. Those who say such quarrels exist lie.

There are no international concerns which cannot be resolved by peaceable means, not in the terms of supranational government, but in the terms of reason.

Jockeying with indefinable ideologies, playing with mass ignorance, non-existent entities like nightmares march the world in the form of the Gods of Ism.

No self-interest can be so great as to demand the slaughter of mankind. He who would demand it, he who would not by every rational means avert it, is insane. There is no justification for war.


The State of Clear

The goals of Scientology predate all current ideas of “therapy” and are first found in religion and philosophy as long as 10,000 years ago. A Scientologist is trying to make people better and that is a new idea in the field of the human mind.

Clearing someone is erasing his reactive mind. All the misery man experiences is contained in the reactive mind.

There is a definite road out from reactivity, from aberration, from identifying everything with everything else. It leads to increased abilities, increased general performance and other exceptional gains that can be precisely measured and experienced. This road out has certain milestones which must be passed, and these are represented in the Expanded Grades and New Era Dianetics auditing.

The product of traveling the road that runs past these milestones is the erasure of reactivity. When this occurs the person achieves the state of Clear. It is not possible to attain this upper state by ignoring the lower grades.

A Clear is a person who no longer has his own reactive mind. He has vanquished it forever. Without the stimulus-response mechanisms of the reactive mind which can cause a person pain, unwanted sensations and negative emotions, a Clear can act rather than react. A Clear has a very high degree of personal integrity and honesty, and is living proof that man is basically good. His own basic beingness returns and his own basic personality flourishes. A person loses all the fears, anxieties and irrational thoughts that were held down by pain in the reactive mind and, in short, regains himself when he goes Clear. A person is much, much more himself without a reactive mind.

Until a person is cleared, no matter how able he becomes by virtue of earlier auditing, it is inevitable, just by the nature of the universe, that he will sooner or later sink back into the reactive mind. That is why clearing is vital. Clear is total erasure of the reactive mind and thus is a stable state, not subject to relapse.


The State of Operating Thetan (OT) 

For thousands of years men have sought the state of complete spiritual freedom from the endless cycle of birth and death, a state of full awareness, memory and ability as a spirit independent of the flesh.

By eradicating the reactive mind in clearing we not only achieve an erasure of the seeming evil in man, we also overcome the barriers which made it so difficult to attain total spiritual independence and serenity. Thus, once a person achieves 'Clear' he is now able to become refamiliarized with his native capabilities. As man is basically good, a being who is Clear becomes willing to trust himself with greater and greater abilities.

In Scientology, a state of complete spiritual freedom is attainable. It has been achieved not on a temporary basis but on a stable plane of full awareness and ability, unqualified by accident or deterioration. And it is not limited to a few.

It is called, in Scientology, “Operating Thetan.” The definition of the state of Operating Thetan is “knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time.”

The amount of spiritual gain available to a person is something rarely conceived. In an aberrated state where one’s energy is primarily absorbed attempting to straighten out personal problems, a person is unlikely to lift his gaze to the glories that could be his as a fully rehabilitated and able being, not just as Homo sapiens.

On the auditing services above the state of Clear, called the “OT® levels,” one is no longer dealing with a person in relationship to his job, his house payments or his aches and pains. These will have been addressed at lower levels since it is necessary to free a person’s attention from these matters in order to address higher aspects of existence. Having been freed of his own reactive mind, the person is able to undertake further steps in auditing by himself, becoming at the same time the auditor and the person being audited. This is “Solo auditing,” learned on the Solo Auditor’s Course. The Solo auditor uses communication drills, adapted to this level of skill, an E-Meter and exact processes, enabling him to rise into the realm of OT.

A Description of Auditing 

Although the purely philosophical aspects of L. Ron Hubbard’s work are sufficient in themselves to elevate this civilization, only auditing provides a precise path by which any individual may walk an exact route to higher states of awareness.

The goal of auditing is to restore beingness and ability. This is accomplished by (1) helping the individual rid himself of any disabilities, and (2) increasing individual abilities. Obviously, both are necessary for an individual to achieve full potential.

Auditing, then, deletes those things which have been added to the person’s reactive mind through life’s painful experiences and, as well, addresses and improves the person’s ability to confront and handle the factors in his life.

Scientology auditing could be described as a very unique form of personal counseling which helps an individual look at his own existence and improves his ability to confront what he is and where he is. There are vast differences between the technology of auditing and other forms of counseling. There is no use of hypnosis, trance techniques or drugs during auditing. The person being audited is completely aware of everything that happens. Auditing is a precise, thoroughly codified activity with exact procedures.

A person trained and qualified in applying auditing to individuals for their betterment is called an auditor. Auditor is defined as one who listens, from the Latin audire meaning to hear or listen. An auditor is a minister or minister-in-training of the Church of Scientology.

A person receiving auditing is called a preclear – from pre-Clear, a person not yet Clear. A preclear is a person who, through auditing, is finding out more about himself and life.

The period of time during which an auditor audits a preclear is called an auditing session. A session is conducted at an agreed-upon time established by the auditor and preclear.

Auditing uses processes – exact sets of questions asked or directions given by an auditor to help a person find out things about himself and improve his condition. There are many, many different auditing processes, and each one improves the individual’s ability to confront and handle part of his existence. When the specific objective of any one process is attained, the process is ended and another can then be run to address a different part of the person’s life.

An unlimited number of questions could of course, be asked – which might or might not help a person. The accomplishment in Dianetics and Scientology is that L. Ron Hubbard isolated the exact questions and directions to invariably bring about improvement.

The questions or directions of the process guide the person to inspect a certain part of his existence and what is found will naturally vary from person to person, since everyone’s experiences are different. Regardless of experience or background, however, the individual is assisted in locating not only areas of upset or difficulty in his life, but in locating the source of the upset. By doing this, any person is able to free himself of unwanted barriers that inhibit, stop or blunt his natural abilities and increase these abilities so that he becomes brighter and more able.

There are no variables in the technology of auditing. No random results or haphazard applications. Auditing is not a period of vague free association. Each process is exact in its design and in its application, and attains a definite result when correctly administered.

Scientology auditing can bring any person from a condition of spiritual blindness to the brilliant joy of spiritual existence.


The clear

Dianetically, the optimum individual is called the clear. A clear can be tested for any and all psychoses, neuroses, compulsions and repressions (all aberrations) and can be examined for any self-generated diseases referred to as psychosomatic ills. These tests confirm the clear to be entirely without such ills or aberrations. Additional tests of his intelligence indicate it to be high above the current norm.

A neurotic individual, possessed also of psychosomatic ills, can be tested for those aberrations and illnesses, demonstrating that they exist. He can then be given Dianetic therapy to the end of clearing these neuoses and ills. Finally, he can be examined, with the above results. This, in passing is an experiment which has been performed many times with invariable results. It is a matter of laboratory test that all individuals who have organically complete nervous systems respond in this fashion to Dianetic clearing.

Further, the clear posses attributes, fundamental and inherent but not always available in an uncleared state, which have not been suspected of man and are not included in past discussions of his abilities and behaviour.

First there is the matter of perceptions. ... Any one of man's perceptions can be aberrated by psychic (psychic: of the soul or mind) derangements which refuse to permit the received sensations to be realised by the analytical portion of the individual's mind.








The analytical mind and the standard memory banks p.67-68

"All muscles, voluntary and "involuntary", can be at the command of the analytical mind. Here then is the composite of a sentient being. There is no chance for error beyond the errors incident to insufficient data and erroneous but accepted data (and the last will be used by the analyser just once if that once proves the data to be wrong). Here is the realm of pleasure, emotion, creation and construction and even destruction, if the computation on the optimum solution says something has to be destroyed."

"Sanity depends upon rationality. Here is an optimum rationality and therefore optimum sanity. And here also are all the things man likes to think man should be like, or for that matter, what he has represented his better gods to be like. This is the clear.

This is sanity. This is happiness. This is survival. Where is the error?"


Eyesight p.16-18

A cursory check around amongst his friends will demonstrate to a man that there exist enormous differences of perception of identical stimuli. 

Until we obtain "clears" is remains obscure why such differences should exist. For in the largest measure such wild quality and quantity of perception is due to aberration. 

[Various examples of how different life experiences influence reactions to stimuli] "In other words, there are two variables at work. One, the wildest, is the variable caused by aberrations. The other, and quite rational and understandable, is caused by the personality. 

Thus, the perceptions of an aberree (non-cleared individual) vary greatly from those of the cleared (un-aberrated) individual.

Now there are the differences of the actual organs of perception and errors occasioned by these. Some of these errors, a minimum, are organic: punctured eardrums are not competent sound-recording mechanism. The majority of perceptic (sense message) errors in the organic sphere are caused by psychosomatic errors.

Glasses are seen on noses everywhere around, even on children. The majority of these spectacles are perched on the face in an effort to correct a condition which the body itself is fighting to uncorrect again. Eyesight, when the stage of glasses is entered (not because of glasses), is deteriorating on the psychosomatic principle. And this observation is about as irresponsible as a statement that when apples fall out of trees they usually obey gravity. One of the incidental things which happen to a "clear" is that his eyesight, if it had been bad as an aberree, generally improves markedly, and with some slight attention will recover optimum perception in time. (Far from an optician's argument against Dianetics, this assures rather good business, for clears have been known, at treatment's end, to have to buy, in rapid succession, five pairs of glasses to compensate adjusting eyesight; and many aberrees cleared late in life, settle down ocularly (ocular: of or relating to the sense of sight) at a maximum a little under optimum.)

The eyesight was reduced in the aberree on an organic basis by his aberrations so that the perceptive organ itself was reduced from optimum operating function. With the removal of aberrations, repeated tests have proven that the body makes a valiant effort to reconstruct back to optimum.