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Constipation  |  Colonic irrigation


Digestive disorders 

There are a whole range of digestive disorders which can be treated with cellsalts, the most common being heartburn which calcium remedies.

A couple of combination remedies are especially formulated to treat digestive conditions.

Homeopathic combination remedy


Combination C.
Specially formulated to treat conditions of acidity, heartburn and dyspepsia
Magnesium  phosphate, sodium phosphate, sodium sulphate and silica
Combination S.
Specially formulated to treat stomach upsets, biliousness, sick headache and digestive disorders
Potassium chloride, sodium phosphate and sodium sulphate.



Constipation can be treated very effectively with cellsalts. 

How to determine which cellsalts are required is by associated symptoms. For example, if constipation is accompanied by stiff shoulders, the remedy is sodium phosphate and sulphate, or if it is accompanied by a white coating on the tongue, the remedy is potassium chloride. 

The remedy for treating constipation can change from day to day. A certain remedy can work for a while, then not work. When this happens it is time to take another cellsalt for a while, to get the body back into balance.

For instance, if calcium is the usual remedy, sodium phosphate and sulphate may be needed. Or if sodium is the usual remedy, sometimes potassium will be needed. 

Cellsalt Symptom

Constantly clearing the throat


Sodium phosphate & sulphate


Intestinal worms

Constipation accompanied by headache, stiff shoulders or neck


Urine has offensive odour

White coating on tongue

Cloudy urine

Lumpy stools

Pale, clay coloured stools

Magnesium phosphate

Hiccups in combination with sodium chloride

Belching, cramps, twitching muscles.

Sodium chloride (homeopathic sodium chloride 6x)

Too much spit in mouth

Itchy-sore throat, watery eyes


90 per cent of all chronic ill health arises from constipation. When the bowels stop working the body gets toxic. Along with plenty of roughage and water, correcting cellsalt deficiencies can make a big difference. 

Constipation can be caused by different deficiencies and the cause can often be determined by associated symptoms, for example:




Calcium deficiency Mental anxiety
Chewing inside of mouth,
Calloused and cracked heels
potassium deficiency Lumpy stools
Pale, clay coloured stools or lumpy
Sodium phosphate & sulphate deficiency Knotted neck or back muscles
Sodium chloride (homeopathic 6x sodium chloride) Wheezing, watery eyes, hay fever, allergic rhinitis


J.D. Tilden says that constipation is a chronic disease in itself acquired by many years of wrong living. For more information on the cause and cure of constipation see JD Tilden MD's online books at http://www.soilandhealth.org health library.

Some cellsalt indications for general bowel conditions, taken from The Biochemic Handbook by JB Chapman MD and Edward L Perry MD.




    bloated: potassium Sulph., Mag.Phos. 

    cutting pains in: Sodium.Sulph., Mag.Phos., Ferr. Phos.

    distended: Mag.Phos.

    Inflammation, fever: Ferr.Phos.

    sunken: Calc.Phos.

    swollen: potassium Phos, potassium Chloride.

    tender to touch: potassium Chloride.

Anus, itching at: Sodium.Phos., Calc. Fluor.

     cracks and fissures of the: Calc.Fluor.

     pain in: potassium Chloride

Bilious evacuations: Sodium.Sulph.

Bowels, loose in old people: Sodium.Sulph.

Sore and tender: Ferr.Phos.

Burning in the bowels: Silica.

Sore pain in the pit of the stomach: Ferr.Phos.

Burning pain in rectum: Sodium.Chloride.

Colic of infants: Mag.Phos.

Constant urging to stool: Kal.Chloride.

Constipation, see Stools

Diarrhoea, see Stools

Distended abdomen: Mag.Phos.

Faeces, inability to expel: Calc.Fluor.

Flatulence, with pains in left side: potassium Phos.

Flatulent colic: Sodium.Phos., Sodium.Sulph.

Flatulent distension of the abdomen: Sodium.Chloride.

Frequent calls to stool, no passage: Calc.Phos., potassium Phos., Mag. Phos.

Heat in lower bowels: Sodium.Sulph, Ferr.Phos.

Liver, pains in regions of: potassium Chloride.

    sensitive: Sodium.Sulph.

    sharp, shooting pains in: Sodium.Sulph.

    sluggish: potassium Chloride.

    region of, sore to touch: Sodium.Sulph.

Neuralgia of bowels: Mag.Phos.

    rectum: Calc.Phos.

Pain of a colicky nature, caused by sudden change from hot to cold: Potassium sulph.

Pains in abdomen relieved by pressure, rubbing, warmth: Mag.Phos.

Piles, bleeding: Ferr.Phos., Calc.Fluor.

Rectum, Pain in: Mag.Phos.

Sluggish action of the liver, with pale yellow evacuations; pain in region of liver or under the right shoulder-blade: potassium Chloride.

Spasmodic pains: Mag.Phos.

Sulphurous odour of gas from bowels: potassium Sulph.

Swelling of abdomen: potassium Chloride.

Torn feeling after stool: Sodium.Chloride.



Bowels discharging mattery substances: Calc.Sulph.


    from dryness of the mucous membrane, with watery secretions in other parts: Sodium. Chloride.

    light-coloured stool, showing want of bile; sluggish action of the liver: potassium Chloride.

    with drowsiness and watery symptoms from the eyes or mouth: Sodium.Chloride.

    with dull, heavy headache, profusion of tears or vomiting of frothy mucus: Sodium.Chloride.


    After eating greasy, fatty food: potassium Chloride.

    Alternating with constipation: Sodium.Chloride.

    Especially of children, with green, sour-smelling stools caused by an acid condition: Sodium.Phos.

    In teething children; stools slimy, green, undigested, with colic: Calc.Phos. 

    Like water: Sodium.Chloride     

    Of schoolgirls, accompanied by headache: Calc.Phos.

Stools frothy, slimy, causing soreness and smarting: Sodium.Phos.

When there is much straining at stool or constant urging to stool, with passing of jelly-like mucus indicating acidity: Sodium.Phos.

With greenish, bilious stools or vomiting of bile: Sodium.Sulph.


    with pale, yellow, clay-coloured stool, swelling of the abdomen, slimy stools: potassium Chloride.

    with putrid, foul evacuations, depression and exhaustion of the nerves: potassium Phos.

    with yellow, slimy, purulent matter: potassium Sulph.

Flatulent colic, with green sour-smelling stools, or vomiting of curdled masses: Sodium.Phos.

Frequent call for stool, but passes nothing: Calc.Phos.

Griping pain in the abdomen, with water diarrhoea, stools expelled with force Sodium.Chloride.

Loose morning stool, worse in cold wet weather: Sodium.Sulph.

Looseness of the bowels:

    in old people: Sodium.Sulph.

    with watery stools: Sodium.Chloride.

Explosive stools: Calc.Phos., potassium Phos.

Retention of stool: Sodium.Chloride.

Stool is hot, often noisy and offensive: Calc.Phos.

Stools are dry and often produce fissures in the rectum: Sodium.Chloride.



Colonic irrigation  

Colonic irrigation is a procedure where warm water is used to flush the bowels and remove compacted faeces which can accumulate and burden the body.  Apparently it is a good treatment and I have heard stories that people make gains in health using this technique. A good link for more information on this procedure is at http://www.angelhealingcenter.com .

It is thought by nature cure people, that 90 per cent of all chronic ill health arises from the bowels. It is therefore easy to see why colonic irrigations are thought of highly as a way of ridding toxins or pollutants that can accumulate in the bowels and lead to ill health.

But does constipation cause ill health or ill health cause constipation?

According to J.D. Tilden MD (see www.soilandhealth.org health library) constipation is a disease in itself, which becomes clear once you understand something of the healing crisis and treatment with cellsalts.

A healing crisis is a phenomenon spoken about in nature cure circles. What it refers to is every so often the body makes a valiant effort to throw off toxins and pollutants that are held within the body. It is noted that during this process all the organs of eliminate will be working well - lungs, skin and bowels.

During treatment with cellsalts for any condition e.g., knotted shoulders, a side effect will often be very active bowls or "the runs",  effectively giving a total cleaning out of the bowels. During treatment the knotted muscles will be unknotted and the bowels will be cleared out. This is a total body effect with the body cleaning itself out, and not some mechanical intervention as is the case with colonic irrigation.

It will also be seen that it is not always the same cellsalts which causes this effect, but varies according to deficiencies dominating at any particular time. For example, sometimes treating a calcium deficiency will cause the effect, other times sodium or potassium and sometimes it just doesn't happen. It is said that nature cures in its own time and therefore the healing crisis will happen when the body is ready.

In conclusion, cellsalts achieve the same effect as colonic irrigation but as part of a whole body cleansing process, therefore making it more wholistic and therefore more desirable.