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DDT (Decoy, Distract and Trash)
"A former high official at the NSA (National Security Agency) told me about a protocol informally dubbed DDT - that old poisonous chemical long-banned in much of the world.  In this application, it stands for Decoy, Distract and Trash - which is what sophisticated intelligence operatives use to set up some person or group, take them off the trail of something real and important, and trash the person or the subject." 
 -- Stephen Greer.


"Psychiatry and "Mental Health" were chosen as a vehicle to undermine and destroy the west! and we [Scientology] stood in their way.... They have infiltrated boards of education, the armed services, even the churches." -- L. Ron Hubbard


By: Lincoln Booth

C of C describes the intellectual impact of Freudian nihilism and sexual freedom that successfully challenged Christianity with a huge humanist hammer. MacDonald quotes Freud as saying of his psychoanalytical doctrine, “We are bringing them the plague”. There is evidence that Freudian doctrines were subversive and specifically designed to undermine gentile culture.


The Hidden Story of SCIENTOLOGY
By Omar V. Garrison

(p12) However, my underlying purpose in thus familiarizing myself with the history and practice of Scientology was orientation. It was preliminary to my real task, which has been to investigate charges made by Scientologists that there exists a world-wide, secret alliance, with interlocking national organizations, whose common goal is the establishment of a strictly controlled, one-world society.

The Scientologists further assert that they are being subjected to relentless attack by this "global conspiracy" because Scientology has challenged their aims and exposed their methods.

(p15) From the outset, it appeared that the Scientologists have a prima facie case in the simple fact that they have been attacked without any just cause by the governments of every country in which they have had an organized following. These attacks have not taken the form of legal prosecution for violation of any existing laws. Rather, they have been launched as extra-legal acts of oppression, of the kind familiar to anyone who has followed the rigged hearings and judicial proceedings set in motion by Soviet authorities when dealing with "enemies of the State".

I have read through thousands of pages of transcript covering such hearings, official enquiries and parliamentary debates in the U.S., Australia, South Africa, Rhodesia, New Zealand, Canada and Britain. Yet in not a single instance that I have been able to discover have any of these lengthy proceedings produced a shred of evidence that Scientologists or Scientology's founder have been guilty of anything actionable under the criminal or civil laws of the countries conducting them.

Instead, the most serious indictment to emerge from the vast heaps of verbiage is a vague generalization such as "Scientology is an evil cloud", or "Scientology is a falsehood and a fantasy".

(p17-18) Using the totalitarian (but unconstitutional) police powers they now wield in America, these bureaucratic hierarchies have tried to suppress Scientology by administrative law and by extra-legal harassment. Viewed objectively, the marshalling of such awesome forces against a small religious community appears decidedly fishy. Another suspicious feature of the attacks on Scientology is that they all conform to a set pattern, regardless of the country in which they are carried out.

In each instance, the groundwork for official action is laid by a smear campaign in the media. Newspapers carry lengthy accounts purporting to show that a considerable number of people are being duped and their mental health undermined by a new "cult" called Scientology.

These initial stories carry headlines such as: "Scientology in South Africa Worries Doctors"; or, "Scientology Is Dangerous, Intellectuals Seriously Warn". Upon careful reading, the articles which follow turn out to be not news reports, but accounts of what are known to professional journalists as "pseudo-events", that is, interviews with biased "experts", aimed at swaying public opinion.

Next come sex and scandal stories ("'Women Quizzed Me On Sex,' Says Schoolboy"); loaded opinion surveys; letters to the editor; cartoons derisive of Scientology; and exposés by spies who posed as students. The succeeding stage involves carefully controlled and slanted debates on television and discussion forums, usually sponsored by organizations hostile to Scientology.

Once Scientology has been established in the public mind as something evil and a serious threat to the community, demands are made that the government "do something". In Britain and Commonwealth countries, politicians "respond to growing concern", (i.e., they yield to pressure by certain individuals and groups), and put down a question in Parliament, then press for an enquiry into the practice and effects of the "dangerous cult".

Readers who are accustomed (or is it conditioned?) to a low-key, "balanced" discussion of all controversial issues, will no doubt regard this book as being strongly biased in favour of the Scientologists. Let me say at once that the unequivocal conclusions stated herein were arrived at after more than a year of careful investigation and rest solely upon the documented evidence presented to support them.


A synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics

"From May 2, 1936, to October 10, 1939, I was a dues-paying member of the Communist Party, operating under my own name, Kenneth Goff, and also the alias John Keats. In 1939, I voluntarily appeared before the Un-American Activities Committee in Washington, D.C., which was chairmanned at that time by Martin Dies, and my testimony can be found in Volume 9 of that year's Congressional Report."

Excerpt from Chapter 9 - 
The organisation of mental health campaigns 

The psycho-political operative should also spare no expense in smashing out of existence, by whatever means, any actual healing group, such as that of acupuncture, in China; such as Christian Science, Dianetics and faith healing, in the United States; such as Catholicism in Italy and Spain; and the practical psychological groups of England.

When a hostile group dedicated to mental health is discovered, the psycho-politician should have recourse to the mechanisms of peyote, mescaline, and later drugs which cause temporary insanity. He should send persons, preferably those well under his control, into the mental health group, whether Christian Science or Dianetics or faith preachers to demonstrate their abilities upon this new person. These, in demonstrating their abilities, will usually act with enthusiasm. 

Midway in the course of their treatment, a quiet injection of peyote, mescaline, or other drug, or an electric shock, will produce the symptoms of insanity in the patient which has been sent to the target group. The patient thus demonstrating momentary insanity should be immediately be reported to the police and taken away to some area of incarceration managed by psycho-political operatives, and so placed out of site. Officialdom will thus come into a belief that this group drives individuals insane by their practices, and the practices of the group will them be despised and prohibited by law.

Drug company strategy: destroy the critics 

After Prozac's harmful effects began to be exposed, the reaction of Lilly was rabid and in alignment with the strategy of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PMA): to destroy all critics.

As cited in John Pekkanen's THE AMERICAN CONNECTION: PROFITEERING AND POLITICKING IN THE "ETHICAL" DRUG INDUSTRY, "There are many different divisions in the PMA, and files and background enough to attack almost any allegation made against the drug industry. And that is precisely what the PMA does. It does not defend the industry against charges, it attacks the person making them."


Cointelpro [Counterintelligence Program]

Chapter 3.  "A Rough, Tough, Dirty Business"

Playing Dirty: The Secret War against Beliefs -- Omar V. Garrison, pp 53-73
Ralston-Pilot, INC., Publishers, Los Angeles
Copyright ©1980 by Omar V. Garrison
ISBN 0-931116-04-X

SOMETIME during the night of March 8, 1971, a person or persons unknown broke into the FBI resident agency in Media, Pennsylvania. The loot taken by the burglars consisted of confidential files on individuals and organizations that apparently had been targeted by the Bureau for surveillance and harassment.

Cointelpro [Armies of repression]

The purloined dossiers were delivered anonymously to the sensation-hungry media, where they were given wide circulation. Among the documents were some which carried the designation Cointelpro, a term which, until that time, was unknown outside the FBI. The acronym, which, it turned out, was an abbreviation for Counterintelligence Program, aroused the interest of an alert newsman (Carl Stern of NBC), who filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit to compel the FBI to release other documents compiled in the course of the Bureau's Cointerpro operations.

Caught in the glare of publicity, the FBI announced that for "security reasons" it was terminating the Program as of April 27, 1971. The action came a decade and a half too late. Documents pried loose from the bureau in freedom-of-information suits disclosed what the Washington Post accurately described as "an incredible pattern of abuse," extending back over a period of 15 years.

The FBI's covert action - i.e., "dirty tricks" - programmes against American citizens were, in fact, vigilante operations using techniques adopted outright from wartime counter-intelligence capers directed against enemy agents and saboteurs. Hence the misnomer given the project.

Describing the kind of operations which had been used against foreign intelligence agents, and later transferred to domestic targets, former assistant FBI Director William C. Sullivan told the Senate Select Committee:

"This is a rough, tough, dirty business, and dangerous ... No holds were barred."

The "dirty business" included unauthorized bugging and wiretapping; mail opening; warrantless break-ins ("black bag jobs"); anonymously mailing reprints of newspaper and magazine articles (some of them planted in the press by the Bureau itself); disseminating defamatory information regarding individuals, much of it false; encouraging street warfare between violence-prone groups; contacting an employee with derogatory information about a person to get the target fired; using the IRS to harass individuals and organizations by audit; and so on.

As one newspaper writer put it, "almost nothing - beyond lack of imagination - appears to have limited the range of dirty tricks' used by the FBI . . ." The explanation offered by the Bureau for its illegal acts was that the agency found them to be necessary to protect national security (a catch-all pleading invoked by all federal agencies to justify their lawless conduct); and to prevent violence.

That too facile a rationale runs aground, however, on two facts: the FBI targeted groups and individuals which did not remotely pose a threat to national security; and many of the Cointelpro victims were non-violent in both word and deed. In the programme's later phases, it became clear that it was being used against persons and organizations whose beliefs were repugnant to the Bureau. In short, Cointelpro was J. Edgar Hoover's secret war against what he considered "dangerous" ideas, or sometimes against individuals who were unpopular with his friends and supporters.


Whether the Church of Scientology was formally a part of the Cointelpro or not, many of the same techniques used by the FBI during the 15 years that those programmes were in operation, were also employed against Scientologists.

During more than 20 years, the Bureau conducted a deliberate smear campaign against the church, one which has had lasting effects. The agency became an avid collector of unfavourable news stories and magazine articles concerning Scientology and its founder . Enquiries from individuals, other agencies and foreign governments were all provided with these materials and referred to other sources of derogatory allegations.

To conceal the fact that the FBI was the source of the slander, Hoover would introduce the libel with the statement that "No investigation has been conducted by this Bureau concerning Hubbard [or "Scientology"]. However, our files reveal that There would then follow a deadly selection of venemous gossip, rumour and false published reports from the copious FBI files, but attributed to other founts.

Sometimes, the Director would close his letter with the words: "I am enclosing some material which I thought you might like to have". The material referred to would be a packet of black propaganda in the form of raw data accumulated by the bureau. Over the years, the defamatory reports thus generated by the FBI began to percolate among other governmental agencies and departments which, in turn, built their own files and became new centers for further diffusion of the falsehoods. The exchange was a contagion that eventually spread to the remotest corner of the world. (See chart on adjoining page.)

Internal memoranda clearly show that Hoover was aware that the Church of Scientology was neither violence-prone nor subversive. His letters to his own field offices contain such statements as the following (sent to the Special Agent in Charge in San Francisco):

"Our files contain no information of a subversive nature regarding captioned organization or its president, Lafayette Ron Hubbard."

To outside terminals, however, the Bureau sent "confidential" information quoting informants as having asserted that the church was involved in drugs, brainwashing, Communism, atheism and materialism. Reports of this kind were sent to, among others, the CIA, the Alaskan State Police, the British Government, the White House, and to the legal attache at the U.S. Embassy in Paris.

The Director's oft-repeated statement (in correspondence to outsiders) that the Bureau had conducted no investigation of Hubbard or the Scientologists was untrue.

As early as 1951, the FBI began an internal security investigation of Hubbard and his organization. Documents reveal that "contacts" inside the Chicago branch of the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation (a precursor of the Church of Scientology) conducted a detailed investigation and supplied the Bureau with details as to the business affairs, office personnel, and procedures of various branches across the country. Later the FBI planted undercover agents in the church to spy upon its members and ministerial staff and to make regular reports to the agency.

(Click here for Picture) The web of intrigue and black propaganda. Lines, all emanating from Washington, D.C. each illustrate a false report regarding the Church of Scientology.


In 1974, Tom Johnson, FBI Special Agent in San Francisco, tried over a period of several months to recruit a young Scientology student named James Robert Welder to become an undercover operative in the church. "He made it clear to me that if I was caught, they would handle it. I asked, why me? They said we'll pay you money. All you have to do is give us something that will hold up legally in court against Scientology." 

Welder said he would think over the proposition. He was contacted by Agent Johnson again three days later. "I got a phone call and he said, this is Mr. Johnson. He told me to go to Marchetti's, a bar across the street from work. He told me someone would meet me there after work."

Johnson and another FBI agent met Welder in the parking lot and drove him to a residential section about five miles from the bar. There they parked on the side of the road. "They asked me what I had decided, and I told them I was willing to look at the deal they had." The Agents offered Welder $800 a month, and pay for his study courses in Scientology, as well as reimbursement for the money he had already invested in his classes. "I told him I'd like to think about it some more. He said, 'We'll contact you in about a week.' "

Later, a man came to Welder's apartment, saying he had been sent by Agent Johnson to teach the youth karate. "He said if I was involved with them I could have no weapon, so I ought to be able to defend myself and that they'd be in the background. I had made no agreement to co-operate; but he came over three days a week." In the end, Welder decided against becoming a spy. "I decided not to get involved. I wanted Scientology. I saw him [Johnson] on October 3, 1974 at Sambo's and told him I wanted out, what did I have to do? "He said, 'Nothing; just drop out.' He said if I tried to prove anything against them, it wouldn't do any good. He asked me why I had changed my mind. I said it was just a personal feeling."

Documents reveal that the FBI (as well as other federal agencies) had secret operatives at work in virtually every branch of the Church of Scientology. Material obtained under the Freedom of Information Act also makes it clear that in some instances, church members were coerced into supplying the agency with confidential information, by the threat of, or offer of immunity from criminal prosecution on some charge unrelated to Scientology.

In addition to paid spies, spiteful rumour mongers, and coerced informants, intelligence agencies of the Government made use of illegal wiretapping and bugging in their war-fevered assault on the Church of Scientology. The nature and extent of this global, electronic eavesdropping will never be known. Many of the guilty weasels have been too adroit at covering their tracks.

Judging from the documentary evidence available, however, the coordinated efforts of the following agencies have been massive and widespread: the National Security Agency, the U.S. Justice Department, FBI, FDA, CIA, IRS, Bureau of Customs, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA, formerly the BNDD), the Department of Defense, the Defense Intelligence Service, Interpol, U.S. State Department, U.S. Post Office, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), Department of Labor; Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW), the Secret Service, and the police departments of 26 American cities, from New York to Honolulu; from Montpelier, Vermont to Dallas, Texas.

In addition to these federal, state and local agencies, Scientologists' legal representatives have called for a review of the investigative files of law-enforcement and intelligence services in 41 foreign countries. The immense difficulty of recovering records of intrusions, the majority of them illegal, on such a vast scale, augurs little success in the undertaking. Here at home, the case of the FBI is typical. Testimony before the Senate Select Committee revealed that prior to 1960, the agency maintained only rudimentary indicies in each of its field offices. There was no central index; and the often-ambiguous files kept in the field offices "were believed to be inadequate by Justice Department officials."


Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that police departments throughout the United States participated in the federal conspiracy against the Church of Scientology. There is documented evidence that police in New York, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Los Angeles and Eureka, California engaged in surveillance of the church. At the same time, they received from, and disseminated to, the federal agencies information obtained from various sources.

It is, of course, difficult for a private citizen or group to prove a wiretap or electronic intrusion conducted by law enforcement personnel. It has been shown in testimony before Congressional investigative committees that telephone companies cooperate with federal agencies such as the FBI and the IRS in their unauthorized eavesdropping. A significant number of telephone company security officers are former FBI special agents, still fiercely loyal to the Bureau and, it may be fairly assumed, in complete ac cord with the practices of their former colleagues.

Not long ago, the Ruff Times, a widely circulated newsletter published by conservative economist Howard Ruff, reported that they had been provided with a telephone number which, when dialled, would indicate whether the subscriber's phone was tapped. The number was (213) 348-0003. A busy signal would indicate that the caller's telephone was "tuned in." On the other hand, a wavering, whistling sound signified that the phone from which the call was being made was untapped.

Immediately after publication of this intelligence, the telephone company installed an answering device at the number, on which a recorded voice declared: "The number you have reached is for Pacific Telephone internal use, and in no way will it determine if a telephone is being wiretapped." The busy signals, or the wavering, whistling sounds previously encountered when the number was dialled, were now absent. The telephone company did not disclose what "internal use" the number had.

During recent years, the telephone has become an instrument of frustration and annoyance to many Scientologists. The nature, extent and frequency of the difficulties they have experienced reflect adversely on the qualifications of the instructors who teach Government-run seminars in the use of surveillance equipment. Curious noises on the line, disrupted service, verbal encounters with unidentified individuals on the line, overhears of federal agents talking to each other or "reporting in," - all these and other contretemps make it plain that undercover operatives in the lower echelons are in urgent need of additional training in intrusion techniques.

On occasion, the tapee has learned of his ghostly listeners from official sources. For instance, Mrs. William Franks, a Scientologist, affirmed under oath: "That on or about the 7th of August, 1975, DC Metropolitan Policeman Bobby Condon called me on the telephone at the address of the Founding Church of Scientology, 2125 S St., NW, Washington, D.C. The number at which Condon called was 797-1204. During this communication, Condon asked me to go to another phone, because the phone at which we were speaking was wiretapped; however, he refused to elaborate further or name the source of the tap or the source of his information of the tap. "

In another sworn statement, John Taussig, a member of the church's Gaurdian staff, reported that since May, 1974, he has on numerous occasions noticed curious acoustic phenomena while using the telephone lines of the legal office. He states that the most frequent and noticeable noises have been mysterious clicking sounds. He has also on several occasions experienced interruptions which clearly did not originate in his telephone or that of the party with whom he was conversing. He avers that other staff members have complained to him or to other members of the legal department of similar experiences.

At least two attorneys representing Scientology defendants in a criminal case have been the subject of Government eavesdropping. One of the lawyers, Philip Hirschkop, was overheard by the FBI on numerous occasions. The FBI has admitted to the overhears in 1971, but the contents of these taps have not been divulged, nor has an examination of the agents involved been conducted.

Another prominent attorney, who was representing Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of Scientology's founder, was also "overheard." Benjamin Civiletti, now U.S. Attorney General, admitted in a letter to attorney Leonard B. Boudin that "various conversations to which y ou were a party were overheard by the Bureau as a result of electronic surveillance of other subjects. "

The Government claimed that all except one of the monitored conversations were classified, "but will be reviewed for possible classification." To date, neither the unclassified intercept, nor those to be reviewed, have been revealed. Sometimes, when the tin ear on the Scientology lines overheard something unfavorable to the Bureau, he hit the interference button. That's what happened when Jon Christian Volz was dictating a news release to Radio Station WTSB in North Carolina.

"An announcer from the station, Don Babson, had previously said that he wanted to have my story. I made the call from a telephone in the church's offices. "Whilst I was dictating, the phone went dead. I called back and the same thing happened. I called again, and this time Don Babson asked if the phone I was calling from was tapped. I told him that this was a distinct possibility and he said that in his experience he had had news items constantly cut off whilst being relayed over the phone if those tapping the phone did not want the message to be relayed."

After six unsuccessful attempts at unbroken communication, Volz tried another telephone in the church office. After the second try on this phone, he was able to read the full dispatch. "On each attempt, my call was cut off at precisely the same point in my dictating of the release. This happened whether I read the release slowly or quickly, so was not after a uniform time period from the start of the call. "The call was cut off each time after I had read the first six lines, which read as follows: " 'The FBI was forced last week in a Freedom of Information suit to admit that they were involved in dirty tricks and disinformation techniques against citizens and groups. What wasn't released was that the Defense Department is also fully involved in this type of harassment.' "

At that point, the hidden censor pulled the plug.

Appelate courts have recognized the near-impossibility of proving illegal wiretaps by Government agents. For that reason, they have generally held that a showing need not be more elaborate or even more specific than a mere assertion of illegal surveillance . To require more, they have correctly reasoned, would impose a minimal burden on the Government while requiring a defendant to run a hopeless obstacle course in their struggle against official concealment. Furthermore, said the courts, the mere say-say of the prosecutor that there has been no unlawful intrusion is not an adequate response. A search of agency records is required.

In one case, involving two grand jury witnesses (who were not even criminal defendants), the court observed: "If we were to hold that a witness could make a 'claim' only when he has found an electronic bug in his home, heard mysterious bleeps in his telephone or rifled the files of the Justice Department, we would merely succeed in encouraging the Government to improve its security as well as its technology."

Even if Government prosecutors must show that a search of files in 10 agencies (which seems to be the present minimum acceptable to higher courts), the inadequate record-keeping and deliberate concealment by federal agencies will always give the Government the edge in the matter of illegal electronic surveillance. Then, too, there remains the question of covertly obtained information in the files of "friendly" foreign intelligence agencies. Such files - and there are a great number of them will always remain beyond the reach of U.S. courts.


War at Home: Covert Action Against U.S. Activists
and What We Can Do About It

by Brian Glick
South End Press, 1989; ISBN 0-89608-349-7

More Cointelpro links at http://free.freespeech.org/americanstateterrorism/policestate/WarAtHome.html

This valuable book provides a history of the FBI’s infamous COINTELPRO operations. These were used to murder, beat, intimidate, harass, confuse, fragment, destroy and silence political dissent by all leftist activists. These ILLEGAL FBI operations took place in the 1960s and ’70s against any Black, Puerto Rican, Indian or White person/group courageous enough to oppose U.S. government evil doing. The FBI is inherently a White-racist organization, however, and COINTELPRO operations were generally more violent and ruthless against the Black Panthers and other Black or Indian activists than they were against people of other races.

Today’s FBI persists in the murder and intimidation of Americans of all races, of course, but not under the same codename of “COINTELPRO.”

War at Home also gives practical tips on how to deal with today’s U.S. Corporate Mafia Government thugs. Basically the more unity and publicity the better. Like the criminal bullies they truly are, the FBI and the cops hate and fear the public exposure of their crimes by a unified opposition. Their basic strategy is to divide and conquer.

The book includes a checklist of essential precautions, information on your legal rights and defenses against the psychological warfare which the American Gestapo (FBI) uses to harass people who have moral consciences and political consciousness.


Non-lethal methods

For the mindless masses, America’s whoring politicians put on their smiling masks and prattle before the T.V. cameras about “family values” and “God fearin’ patriotism”, singing rhetorical lullabies to the citizen-cows to keep them fast asleep. But the rulers and their thugs show an entirely different face to those few Americans with a higher-than-bovine intelligence and spirit. Psychological and economic intimidation are chief among their initial non-lethal methods of censorship. If you dare to expose their evil system, and you have any material assets to speak of, they’ll give you serious financial problems. They can and will use economic sabotage and legal harassment to financially ruin you, your family and friends. The prospect of this is all it takes to reduce most Americans to a state of spineless, quivering compliance. Bowls of yellow-jello. However, if you’re one of The Few, The Proud — or The Too Poor — to be silenced by financial intimidation, then they’ll just have to set their FBI dogs on you. (In the near future they’ll also unleash their “Homeland Security” thugs. Sieg Heil!)

Contrary to its carefully cultivated Hollywood image of “heroic G-men” and “crime fighters”, the FBI is itself a criminal organization. Just as the pug-faced J. Edgar Hoover was not the law-abiding, moral, upstanding, All-American citizen he pretended to be, the “crime fighting” FBI has been used by the American corporate plutocracy as a lawbreaking political police from the day it was founded in 1908. Its earliest targets for political repression were socialists, unions and any kind of worker’s rights organization. Any person or group which the corporate plutocracy sees as a threat to the capitalist status quo will always be a target of the FBI.

The FBI is essentially an American Gestapo, therefore, and they’re very experienced and skilled at all types of political intimidation, including such bestial methods as torture and murder. Like a great many county sheriff’s deputies and urban pigs, many FBI agents are nothing more than criminals with badges. It is standard procedure for them to use all manner of illegal methods to frighten you into silence. Common non-lethal methods of intimidation include everything from anonymous death threats and obscene phone calls to highly visible surveillance stakeouts and relentless tailing, using teams in multiple vehicles and on foot, like wolf packs.

FBI methods of subversion include the spreading of false rumors to ruin your reputation — and here the whoring mass-media is perfectly positioned, highly able and more than willing to assist in such treachery. It comes very naturally to them since corporate media hacks are already professional liars by trade.    http://free.freespeech.org/americanstateterrorism/mediadeception/CrookedNewspaper.html  

The FBI is also well-versed in the art of forging email and paper correspondence. For instance, there is a well-known COINTELPRO case where an FBI agent sent a fake letter to a White man who was a liberal political activist. The fake letter appeared to be from an angry Black woman, complaining bitterly that her Black boyfriend and the White man’s White wife were having an affair. All of it existed only in the imagination of the seedy FBI agent, but it succeeded in arousing suspicions and breaking up the marriage. Another fine example of your tax dollars at work.

The possibilities for creating chaos among anti-government and anti-war political activists are virtually endless for sleazy FBI agents. They can easily intercept, alter, and then resend any non-encrypted email, to and from your friends, lovers and associates, to disrupt, confuse and poison both your private and professional life.

Many criminal FBI agents are also highly skilled in the art and science of burglary. It is very easy for them to get inside your home to install bugs, photograph your files and private correspondence and copy the entire contents of your hard disk and removable disks — all without leaving any discernible physical trace that they were ever there.

On the other hand, if they want you to know and be intimidated by it, they will violate your home in a manner that leaves you no doubt you’ve been burglarized.



The Hidden Story of SCIENTOLOGY
By Omar V. Garrison 
A Look at Dianetics - Scientology: Knowing How to Know - The Hubbard Electrometer - AMA's Operation Catspaw - The Crafty Art of Psychopolitics - "With Evil Eye and Unequal Hand" - The Little Gods Down Under - The IRS Role - England: The Scramble for Stones - Privilege and Perjury in South Africa

COINTELPRO: The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent

Why Scientology is the target of a campaign to discredit it