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"The next time you hear Scientology being discredited—trace the source. And give the Scientologists a hand in their successful fight to bring some order into the treachery, confidence trickery and crime which has been up to now, the field of mental “healing.” —L. Ron Hubbard


Disinformation on Scientology / LRH

There is a lot of disinformation on Scientology. There is a book written by Omar Garrison called 'The Hidden Story of SCIENTOLOGY' at  http://www.freezone.org/timetrack/data/Hidden_Story/index.htm

This book covers many of the stories which have no basis in fact.



A word from L. Ron Hubbard’s official 
biographer, Dan Sherman

A letter to the Boston Herald newspaper

Dear editor,

Regardless of what other political machinations may have led to your Joseph Mallia report on L. Ron Hubbard, you have traipsed down the same shoddy path as the tabloid papers and “pop” biographies Mallia holds up as his precedent. That is, your Joseph Mallia has dredged up the same now discredited sources to regurgitate the same tired lies and all for the same editorial ploy: Let’s not just merely prejudice our readers against every man, woman and child who proudly call themselves Scientologists; let’s also tarnish the reputation of the Founder. (After all, anything goes since he’s no longer living and can’t respond.)

Very well. But as L. Ron Hubbard’s official biographer – as an author with access to the whole of Mr. Hubbard’s archival records, very much including those records pertaining to the war – I do wish your Mallia might have exhibited the integrity to have at least requested I sidecheck his allegations. Your Joseph Mallia is either intentionally misleading his readers with patently inaccurate statements or was himself very sadly misled.

Here’s the classic case in point: L. Ron Hubbard was never relieved of duty from a Pacific-based USS Algol when he “apparently concealed a gasoline bomb on board the USS Algol in order to avoid combat.” Not only is the statement false – for Mr. Hubbard discovered a concealed gasoline bomb aboard the Algol – but his services aboard the Algol terminated with a promotion to the United States School of Military Government at Princeton University.

Moreover, the document upon which Mallia based the statement – a 1982 court affidavit from an estranged son – is quite broadly known to be bogus. Indeed, the affidavit had only been concocted when Mr. Hubbard’s estranged son attempted to dupe a California court into granting him probate of the L. Ron Hubbard estate. To the same end, came all other allegations Joseph Mallia now fobs off as fact... To which I now ask: Why, Mr. Mallia, did you not inform your readers that the real source of those accusations is a 1983 interview with Ronald DeWolfe in a porno magazine and later retracted by DeWolfe as entirely fabricated?

Yes, your Joseph Mallia has quoted from a source who eventually admitted he made the whole thing up.

Now, how does that feel?

Here’s another, perhaps even more to the point: your Joseph Mallia leads off his article with a recitation of Superior Court Judge Paul Breckenridge’s ruling from the 1984 case involving “a top Scientology defector’s court suit against the Church.”

Well, gentlemen, I spoke with Judge Paul Breckenridge. I further spoke – at length – with that top Scientology defector, and let me simply say you have done your readers and your reputation a very grave disservice. The facts are these: that defector is none other than Gerald Armstrong – former Scientology clerk, former paid agent of a renegade government intelligence service and, frankly, a certifiable nut. After failing to seize Church assets in a truly bizarre scheme involving the forging of incriminating evidence and the secret planting of that evidence on Church premises, he next appears in the public eye as the would-be masochist for Saddam Hussein. That is, he actually proposed Hussein accept him as a willing hostage for the release of prisoners, significantly adding: “I will be available for torture.” Needless to say, even those within Hussein’s camp had sense enough not to reply.

But in either case, this is the man whose testimony inspired the Breckenridge decision. This is a man who when asked “How does one prove such testimony?” casually replied, “You don’t have to prove a god damn thing! You don’t have to prove s__t! You just allege it!” Finally this is also a man who was recently found in multiple contempts of court for violating court orders and agreements he had entered into. He now lives as a fugitive from a jail sentence.

Need I say more on the matter?

Lastly, let me address what your Joseph Mallia presents as his journalistic coup: the statements regarding L. Ron Hubbard’s service aboard the United States Naval vessel, the YP 422. For the record Mr. Hubbard never claimed to have seen action aboard that vessel. Nor does one find that statement in the “Church of Scientology’s official Internet Site.” Your Mr. Mallia has jumped to an inaccurate conclusion. More to our point, however, are his statements regarding “the first former crewman with direct knowledge of the ship’s activities to publicly dispute Hubbard’s claim.”

I do not know what led your Mallia to this former crewman, but I do know this: according to ship’s records, which I possess in full, Eugene Lemare did not serve beneath Mr. Hubbard. Indeed – and this from my subsequent conversation with Lemare – the man had never even heard of Lt. L. Ron Hubbard prior to Mallia’s telephone call, and certainly possessed not a shred of information pertaining to the YP 422 under Mr. Hubbard’s command. That is – and once more very bluntly – your Mallia has either lied or relied upon information that he could very easily have found to be false by a direct inquiry to me. He has presented this Eugene Lemare as a source of damning information when, in fact, poor Lemare knew nothing of the matter. In that regard, your Mallia may have sinned in precisely the same way Janet Cooke had sinned when accepting a Pulitzer Prize for an entirely fabricated story.

I might further add, Mallia as much as lied in conveniently failing to mention what a Francis Delmarmol, who took over command of the YP 422 in late 1942, concluded regarding Lt. Hubbard:

“It is with considerable pleasure that I find this ship in such excellent condition and discover that her stores and hull and machinery is in a state of high operating efficiency, superior to that of the other vessels of this division. It is with considerable gratitude that I receive from you a well trained crew.”

Finally, and specifically as regards Delmarmol’s remarks regarding Lt. Hubbard’s fitness for command, let me add this: while Lt. Hubbard went on to earn 21 medals and palms for distinguished service through the war, Delmarmol went on to run that YP 422 aground on a coral reef.

I could say more, for your Joseph Mallia report on L. Ron Hubbard is about as flagrantly inaccurate as any I have ever seen. But now it’s my turn: I have spent the better part of the last eight years examining every point of L. Ron Hubbard’s life, every extant document, and the source of every allegation Mr. Mallia tosses off. And with all those eight years in mind, and all else I have witnessed through the preparation of an L. Ron Hubbard biography, I have only this to say: How does Joseph Mallia get off presenting an historical article on L. Ron Hubbard, and yet fail to even ask L. Ron Hubbard’s official biographer for a statement?

While to the Herald, which ran with the Mallia piece, I ask this: What makes your paper run?


According to L. Fletcher Prouty

Who was Fletcher Prouty?
This book [Secret Team: CIA & Allies in Control of US & World] is about a major element of this real power structure of the world and of its impact upon the CIA and its allies around the world. It is based upon much personal experience generally derived from my military service from mid-1941 to 1964: U.S. Army Cavalry, U.S. Army Armored Force, U.S. Army Air Corps and Army Air Force, and finally the U. S. Air Force; and more specifically from my special assignments in the Pentagon from 1955 to 1964. At retirement, I was the first Chief of Special Operations with the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. All of these duties, during those Pentagon years, were structured to provide "the military support of the world-wide clandestine activities of the CIA." They were performed in accordance with the provisions of an Eisenhower era, National Security Council Directive No. 5412/2, March 15, 1954.


L. Fletcher Prouty's Letter to Miller's Publisher  
Prouty denounces publisher's intention to publish disparaging material on L.Ron Hubbard.

Hubbard / Military Intelligence 
Fletcher Prouty 
Prouty explains how military record would have been secret and some insights into Hubbard's medals.

Who rules the world and its secret operations

Secret Team: CIA & Allies in Control of US & World 
USAF Colonel L. Prouty (ret)

The CIA is the center of a vast, and amorphous mechanism that specializes in Covert Operations ... or as Allen Dulles always called it, "Peacetime Operations." In this sense, the CIA is the willing tool of a higher level High Cabal, that may include representatives and highly skilled agents of the CIA and other instrumentality's of the government, certain cells of the business and professional world and, almost always, foreign participation.   more ... 


Counter-intelligence programs

One of the most illustrative stories in recent American history on the importance of the right to know evolved through documents obtained under the FOIA from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Under J. Edgar Hoover, renegade FBI agents and officials worked directly against the best interests of the public. Hoover’s notorious “counter intelligence program”—abbreviated “Cointelpro”—has since become synonymous with government dirty tricks and treachery. The purpose of the program was to subvert groups and individuals perceived as threats to domestic security. Tools employed by agents and informers included black bag jobs, infiltration, mail covers, evidence and witness tampering, and the insidious use of rumor and false reports to destroy individuals’ reputations and careers.

In pioneering the use of the FOIA, Freedom revealed how the tentacles of Cointelpro reached into the private lives of individuals targeted by J. Edgar Hoover.


During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Freedom [Published by the Church of Scientology International] acquired thousands of pages of records under the FOIA which documented military testing of chemical and biological warfare agents in regions of the United States and Canada. The testing, done with the unwitting participation of citizens, had been a well kept secret until that time. Because of Freedom’s exposure, crucial reforms were instituted—from destruction of stockpiled substances dangerous enough to incapacitate the world’s population, to restitution for servicemen who were the primary victims of some tests. [See also “Government Reform”.]


Analysis of the tens of thousands of papers revealed a picture fundamentally contrary to the widely reported perception of People’s Temple: A congregation well within the mainstream—supported by high-profile political and civic figures—and its leader, Jim Jones, a respected minister of the Disciples of Christ, a Protestant faith of millions of Americans.

The papers also reveal a disturbing pattern of surveillance and infiltration taken against the People’s Temple which particularly intensified when the group moved to Guyana. Corroborating interviews and research indicate that Jonestown was not a mass suicide but a far more sinister, complex and unsolved story. Freedom published its findings to date in late 1997 and is continuing its investigation


On 4 December 1972, L. Ron Hubbard was abducted by agents of the United States government when the plane he was traveling on from Lisbon landed in New York City.



A reason psychiatric front groups attack Scientology

27 February 1969

“The world today will not stand for such flagrant rights violations as the psychiatrist demands. The world today will not stand for death camps, human experiments, torture and murder.”
In Book Two, Chapter Five of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health you will find a mild remonstrance against psychiatric electric shock and surgery. It described these as ways to get into trouble with mental healing.

This was in 1950. Within three months of its appearance the book was under violent irrational attack by psychiatric front men and groups.

In the late 50s psychiatrists actually got a bill half through the US Congress authorizing a Siberia. Any man, woman or child could be seized and sent without trial to Alaska, deprived of human and civil rights and detained forever, all without trial or examination.

The Founding Church of Scientology of Washington DC, caught wind of this bill and instantly mobilized US civic groups and defeated it.*

These marked Scientology for slaughter in the books of these madmen.

As recently as 1968 the same international psychiatric group was trying to push the same Siberia Bill through the New Zealand Parliament. Kenneth Robinson, former Minister of Health in the UK and vice president of a branch of this psychiatric front group, is the one who began trouble for Scientology Churches in the UK.

Robinson, in his book published by this front group, advocates personally the easy seizure of anyone in the UK for despatch to death camps. Press chains headed by men who were also directors of the psychiatric front group, Cecil King and Sir William Carr, kept pounding at Scientology, urging “official action,” trying to build up an anti-Scientology public opinion and obliterate it.

Any other hostile actions toward Scientology build back step by step to the same group. Scientology has fought a consistent and winning battle for human rights for two decades. During that entire time, not one crime has been found in Scientology. But during that time psychiatry has seized and killed tens of thousands of people they don’t like. It is said Scientology breaks up families. They don’t. But psychiatrists call their own rape and death of men’s wives “necessary treatment.”

Any type of crime this psychiatric group accuses the Scientologists of has now been traced back to be standard psychiatric practice. 


Being slightly more than mad, these fellows are trying to put public attention on an innocent group to distract attention from their own brutal and perverted activities. By saying someone else does these things they think the public will believe the psychiatrist is a lofty public-spirited paragon of virtue.

The public is not fooled. They detest psychiatry. Forty-seven percent of people with mental trouble go to their clergymen. Twenty-eight percent go to their general practitioner. The psychologist and psychiatrist, between them, only get 16 percent of the “trade.”

To enlarge their sphere the psychiatrist (UN Tech Series 98) plans to knock out all churches in the field of mental healing. Scientology is their first target. If they win there they will take on other churches and so build their empire. The only puzzle in all this is how does the psychiatrist influence governments?

As a terror symbol? By blackmail of politicians using confession data of wives? Holding politicians’ family members hostage? By bribery?

The psychiatrist handling almost none of the “trade” yet obtains hundreds of millions from governments annually over the world. For this he gives no service, injures or kills his patients, seeks to seize anyone and everyone at a whim, yet is strangely immune from the correct murder charges. Not even a medical doctor is allowed to kill people.

How could the allied nations hang Germans at Nuremberg for these crimes and yet award heavy appropriations at home to run their own death camps? Scientology continues to demand human rights for all men and continues to defy these psychiatric front groups.

The world today will not stand for such flagrant rights violations as the psychiatrist demands. The world today will not stand for death camps, human experiments, torture and murder. The Scientologists are fighting this and will fight it down to a final and complete victory over the powers of evil.

Someday even the press, even politicians will wake up and say, “Hey! These are the guys in the good hats!” Or else the press and politicians were the bad hats all the time. The century has a long way to run. The public has already realized the Scientologists are good people.
L. Ron Hubbard


The unholy stick together          2 Augusts 1969

There is probably no organization on Earth that operates as illegally as the WORLD FEDERATION OF MENTAL HEALTH.
“There is probably no organization on Earth that operates as illegally as the WORLD FEDERATION OF MENTAL HEALTH.”

This psychiatric front group, advocating injury and death for the insane and anyone they wish to seize and pronounce “insane,” is a fly-by-night corporation, registered to do business in Delaware, the US state where corporations are given with no questions asked.

But it does not do any business in Delaware. It used to operate illegally in Switzerland. It was not registered to do business there. Yet it engaged in money-making activities for twenty years.

When reproached for overlooking its illegal status, the Health Minister for Switzerland (all these “Health Ministers” are connected to the WFMH ring) said it was all right for it to be illegal but it wasn’t all right for anyone else to be illegal. Wonderful.

It is presently in Scotland where it isn’t registered either. It has no right to do business there and if the crime were discovered it would entail very heavy fines.

In fact, it isn’t a legal organization.

Although it is heavily engaged in politics and appoints most of the Health Ministers in the world and influences elections, it makes no report of campaign contributions.

Its “directors” have some dizzy personal retirement scheme in addition to a fantastic salary of 7,000 pounds a year. All this is paid for by local contributions to “help the starving insane.”

This group’s members are other groups, making a secret network over the world. The member groups call themselves “National,” whereas this is illegal as they are not part of any government, they just falsely state they are. They are private profit-making groups.

There is only one national mental health activity in the world that is part of a government. This is the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

Through this one official agency, these false groups and their secret center, the WFMH, are supported by government graft funds. The US government hands out vast sums to organize the WFMH “Congresses.” These are attended by Russian and iron curtain country delegates.

The man who keeps up the WFMH front in the United Nations is financed by a huge munitions combine. This international network pushes dope, advocates death and easy seizure. Their couriers fly over the world continually arranging new ways to influence legislation and keep their resident directors informed. Their activities in the US are unconstitutional.


The reason government agencies do not act against them is that they control, by holding wives and daughters as hostages, many political figures. This is the group and network which spreads the lies and instigates actions against Scientology and its people.

This group is seeking to suppress every beneficial treatment of the insane, to eradicate all boundaries and constitutions, to spread dope and seize anyone who disagrees. The intelligence service of the Third Reich was composed mainly of doctors if you care to look up the list of Hitler’s agencies. The technology they advocate is Russian in origin but is forbidden to be used in Russia. There probably is no more illegal group on the planet.

If their program of“Mental Health” is closely examined it will be found to be curiously like the plans of Stalin and Hitler, complete with seizures in the night, weird experimental surgery and death camps. The only organization that is making any progress against these people is Scientology.

Scientologists have exposed them, have made them afraid. Seven out of twelve of their top leaders are now no longer functioning. Their income has fallen to a point where representatives in charge of the fund collection drives are whining that the WFMH is going bankrupt. There is probably no more hated figure in the world today than the psychiatrist.

When this illegal and preposterous network set as its target the eradication of the only new Western development in the field of the mind, they made a fatal mistake. Politicians who still bow to their will are also making a mistake. Organizations like the WFMH went out of style the day the world learned of Dachau and other Nazi death camps. The public is wholly on the side of Scientology. This has been a fight to the death. The WFMH is dying.

L. Ron Hubbard

Psychiatry - illegal and unscientific 

There is probably no organization on Earth that operates as illegally as the WORLD FEDERATION OF MENTAL HEALTH.

This psychiatric front group, advocating injury and death for the insane and anyone they wish to seize and pronounce “insane,” is a fly-by-night corporation, registered to do business in Delaware, the US state where corporations are given with no questions asked.


Since the authorship of this article, governments across the globe, most notably Australia, Italy and the United States, have come to recognize the voice of Scientologists fighting for reform of the field of psychiatry. Case in point, government officials at federal and state levels, working hand-in-hand with Scientologists and the Citizens Commission on Human Rights have stopped many billions of dollars of psychiatric fraud. In the last three years alone, CCHR has worked with medical insurance companies and authorities in Texas, New Jersey, California and Virginia to expose fraudulent insurance claims by psychiatrists and the eventual prosecution of those psychiatrists. Similarly, working with US Department of Justice officials, CCHR and Scientologists have assisted in exposing millions of dollars in fraudulent Medicare claims. Thus comes the beginning of the end of psychiatry’s “harvesting of government millions.”


The fight for freedom              24 September 1969

Scientology’s battle against psychiatry is receiving more and more support across the world.

Largely unchallenged in the century after psychiatry’s origin in Leipzig Germany, and its steady and brutal campaign against the dignity and freedom of man, psychiatry hit its only major  dissent in the early 1950s.
“The 19th century ridicule of their kind had died out. By vast pretensions and lies they had worked themselves into a towering position of power and authority.”

Brock Chisholm* with his friends which included Harry Dexter White* and Alger Hiss* were very alarmed at Scientology’s threat to their sweeping plans.

Secretly, from cover which was not fully exposed until last year, they used every press and government channel they could hoodwink and control to discredit Scientology, its principles and its organizations.

Up until then, the groups of psychology and psychiatry had worked undetected for nearly eighty years in establishing an above-law dominance.

There was some challenge in the late 19th century when authors occasionally exposed this psychiatric group as acting to do away with the rich relative so that some unprincipled family member would benefit and give the asylum keeper his cut.

In the first quarter of the 20th century the movies often portrayed their mad experimentations as inhuman and the “Mad Russian doctor” was a prime horror movie villain. With tactics which would have filled a confidence trickster with awe, the psychiatric front groups successfully wiped out all important criticism and by 1950 was secretly and successfully engaged upon a two-pronged campaign:

(a) The degradation and dominance of man and
(b) The harvesting of government millions.

In 1948 when “Dr.” Brock Chisholm and a dozen other fellow conspirators in the World Federation of Mental Health and the World Health Organization took over the grass roots international organization of Clifford Beers and perverted it to their own planning, they had no real powerful enemy in the world.

The 19th century ridicule of their kind had died out. By vast pretensions and lies they had worked themselves into a towering position of power and authority.

They authored easy seizure laws in every land; they were in a position to kidnap and kill any human being on the planet. Their word was accepted without question as the only authority on sanity and insanity, crime and criminality, and life and death. The money was rolling in in avalanches.

This was no mean trick as it was done without any demonstration of any kind that they could cure or change insanity or make even one man consistently well. It was a trick done without any helpful technology. It was done totally by “PRO” skills—public relations, press, pomp, brag, “the best people.”


Then Dianetics and Scientology appeared. Here was a real, an actual working technology. They worried about it and considered it was a direct threat to psychiatry. And they made a very ghastly mistake. Secretly they spent time and money all over the world to discredit and suppress Dianetics and Scientology.

Working through heads of press chains they controlled, working through ministers of health they had appointed with lies and false alarms, they continuously secretly fought Dianetics and Scientology. Enduring these attacks and alert, Dianetics and Scientology people somehow kept going and kept watching. In the autumn of 1968 the cat was out of the bag. The source of all these attacks all these years was identified.

Helped by allies amongst medical doctors and the psychiatrists themselves, helped quietly by police agencies and national intelligence forces, Scientologists were at length able to name names and furnish proof. Now it was the psychiatrists’ turn to take it on the chin.

Because Scientologists broke no laws, committed no crimes and had a factual, effective mental technology they could not be destroyed. The public was on their side. But this was not the case with psychiatry.

The most basic laws of humanity had been broken by them. Mayhem, rape, torture, murder were commonplace crimes amongst them. Decaying bodies, dead by violent torture, were exhumed in the ground of psychiatric asylums. Vicious political connections, misappropriated funds, incarceration of patients for political reasons, these with a parade of social, sexual, drug and unnatural offenses began to fall out of the skeleton-filled closets of psychiatry.

Their laws of easy seizure began to be challenged and thrown out. Funds began to be cut off. Man again began to raise his head. The Scientologists were the only roadblock on the psychiatric joy ride to degradation.


“Vicious political connections, misappropriated funds, incarceration of patients for political reasons, these with a parade of social, sexual, drug and unnatural offenses began to fall out of the skeleton-filled closets of psychiatry.”

The story as it unfolds, as it has become documented, reveals psychiatric ambitions so bizarre as to be as incredible as Hitler’s mad delusions.

They dreamed of being the philosopher-kings of Plato with the power of life and death over every man, woman and child on the planet. They had been fantastically successful as far as they went. They had infiltrated and influenced every lawmaking body and government in the world. They had effected legislation entitling them to seize, injure or kill any person anywhere. They dominated education and had intimidated medicine. And they had almost wiped out all influence of Christianity and the churches.

To withstand the brutal covert attacks of psychiatry and still survive was no small trick for the Scientologists. Yet they not only did that but actually located and documented the enemy. And the Scientologists are turning the tide.

Easy seizure laws are being challenged and cancelled in high courts. The death camps are being exposed. 

The fight for the dignity and decency of man is still in progress. This battle is not finished. It will not be done until all psychiatrists and psychologists are brought back under law, deprived of their unearned millions in appropriations and the world made safe.

There must not be men above the law. There must not be any influential group dedicated to man’s degradation. Governments must prevent their domination by men who could never pass the first requisites of decent citizens.

The whole problem of “insanity” could be cleaned up in a few years by technology tried and proven in medicine, Dianetics and Scientology. The soaring statistic of insanity under psychiatric management could not only be halted but reduced sharply.

That the breakthrough of technology in Dianetics and Scientology could be denied man is a serious thing in itself. Man’s wars, his revolutions, his suffering, all stem from his lack of data on the mind and man. With psychiatric dominance of this field, we have had a century of untold suffering and violence. 

Isn’t it time to support the Scientologists, the people who can get the job done?

The next time you hear Scientology being discredited—trace the source. And give the Scientologists a hand in their successful fight to bring some order into the treachery, confidence trickery and crime which has been up to now, the field of mental “healing.”

It is only wisdom to bet on the winner. Scientology is plainly winning. It is your world, too.

L. Ron Hubbard


As a brief introductory word to what LRH offers on the psychiatric shaping of the failed student, let’s keep in mind the broader picture of psychiatric subversion across Western education. For example, following from a United States Congressional mandate infusing psychiatry into the school system came not only a disturbing decline in American scholastic performance, but at least two generations of drugged children. The case in point, of course, is the diagnosis of the “fidgety” elementary school student—common enough behavior for a six- or seven-year-old—as suffering from an invented “disease” —Attention Deficit Disorder. In fact, that Attention Deficit Disorder is nothing more than the psychiatric justification for the drugging of those children, i.e., the psychiatrist declares the child may not remain in school unless medicated, and so ladles out the addictive amphetamine cousin, Ritalin. And all the while, psychiatrists rake in the millions, while their brethren within the pharmaceutical industry take billions. Then, too, society receives another lifelong drug addict and thus another customer for the other psychotropics marketed for still more invented diseases.

Following from LRH, Scientologists beginning in the mid-1980s, worked long and hard for parental rights to refuse the psychiatric diagnosis, and thus keep their children in school, but off drugs. While for an indication of just how far Scientologists have pressed the issue into the social fabric and, in consequence, how the world now views the matter, comes a 1997 Wall Street Journal editorial. Once firmly dedicated to the psychiatric party line, and even if ten years too late, it seems even the Journal finally had to admit the fraud. Entitled “Attention Deficit Disaster,” the Journal now also condemns the Ritalin ploy as: “Kids are learning an early lesson in the mores of 1990s America: Don’t take responsibility for your own conduct; instead, declare that you’re in the grip of uncontrollable impulses, seek professional help, and start making excuses.”

Creating want  

Peculiarly, the economic doctrine followed by Western governments for the last quarter century is that of Lord Keynes.* The germ (or bacteria) of the Keynes theory (as I was carefully taught at one of these universities they say I never attended), is simply this: “Create want!” Followed to its natural end this means starvation would produce prosperity (for whom?).


"If a revolutionary wanted to set a country up to antagonize its citizens, shatter pride in their government and prepare the ground, he would advise putting in income tax and then year by year insist it became more onerous.

Value in produce, not gold  

“What is barter? An egg for bread, a glass for a dish. People start trading actual commodity. In other words, when money fails it does not reduce down to gold. It reduces down to produce! So the whole theory of money is really that it represents produce. Not gold. Not bankers. Not paper. But produce.” -lrh

Now let us consider what really happens when money, inflated beyond use, fails to buy any longer. That’s right. Barter ensues. What is barter? An egg for bread, a glass for a dish. People start trading actual commodity. In other words, when money fails it does not reduce down to gold. It reduces down to produce! So the whole theory of money is really that it represents produce. Not gold. Not bankers. Not paper. But produce.-lrh


L. Ron Hubbard on psychiatry

Old-fashioned holdovers            
15 November 1969

Psychiatrists and their front associations are as far back in the past as some of their insane patients. They belong to the bad old days of above 1450. Every hill had its robber baron castle ruled by the very, very, very best people only from the very, very, very best families.

Underground beneath each castle fortress were dungeons with chain studded walls and torture rooms complete with racks, lead boots and a very thorough technology of maiming and murdering with the greatest possible agony in the longest possible time.

At any passing whim any peasant, soldier, merchant or passing traveler could be seized without any slightest process of law, his possessions confiscated, and thrust away for years without any charge whatever, to emerge, in those rare instances when they did, broken in health and limb and completely mad.

Any writer or pamphleteer who dared breathe a breath of caution to these arrogant “lords” and their “ladies” was hunted like a rat, torn to bits by the rack or hanged, drawn and quartered. The countryside lay in ruins, the people cowered in filthy hovels and the spirit of man lay crushed and nearly dead.

Such was 1450 in the “civilized world.”

Up through the decades as time crept on, man won bit by bit, small points of rights and freedom. But only over mountains of “rebels” slain only over a roadway paved with the bones of fearless champions of mankind whose courage almost always carried them to their death.

Now we have arrived in the 20th century. We have laws and due process of law and at least some rights and freedom. Here sit these psychiatric front groups, representing only a handful of “specialists.” Here they sit with their “lords” and “ladies” and their very, very, very best people. They have their mental “hospitals” where any torture, any crime can be done.


Here are mental “laws” by which anybody can be seized without any process of law and held without any charge. Using “shock” and surgery and water “cures” and violent drugs men are released, when they are released at all, shattered and incompetent wrecks.

By the full evidence recently unearthed the majority of the inmates of these “institutions” are not and never were insane. Only the minority are mad and how many of these have gone mad through these gruesome tortures or beatings?

So these psychiatric front groups are badly stuck in 1450. They are only composed of the very, very, very best people at the top. Democracy, decency, processes of law are all regarded by them with sneering arrogance.

All this is becoming well known. It is fully documented.

But what of politicians and legislators who bow slavishly and give them easy seizure laws and millions of taxpayers’ money to spend? What of writers who toady to them in the press and literature and strike at anyone or any group like the Scientologists who seek to expose such crimes? Why, mate, I’d say such politicians and scribblers were a lot of bloody traitors to the human race. That’s what I’d say.

It’s not 1450 you know. It’s the 20th century. Come up to present time, that’s what I’d say.

L. Ron Hubbard


Psychiatrists are the real terrorists 

While Western countries are spending billions fighting terrorist activities abroad they are neglecting the one they have at home.

The psychiatrist and his front groups operate straight out of the terrorist textbooks. The Mafia looks like a convention of Sunday school teachers compared to these terrorist groups.

Setting himself up as a terror symbol, the psychiatrist kidnaps, tortures and murders without any slightest police interference or action by Western security forces.

Purpose of psychiatry to subvert 

Since 1938 the psychiatrist and psychologist have advanced a long way toward their goal of power seizure. They employ terrorism, corruption and blackmail to cow political henchmen. They have taken over education not only in universities but even in the lesser schools and are producing a submissive, degraded generation over which to rule.

Two mistakes of psychiatry 

The psychiatric revolution is not only planned. It is well on the way to actual accomplishment. These outlaws have only made two serious mistakes.

1. They are running directly counter to the desires, mores and customs of the huge majority of world populations.

2. They attacked Dianetics and Scientology without provocation or reason and demonstrated fully that they oppose any real mental technology that would help.

Only madmen seek to rule the world.

Fake science 

Pavlov “spit theories” are false. Only about two out of a hundred dog subjects can ever be made to salivate when a bell is rung. The psychologist is quiet about the other ninety-eight. They didn’t salivate. They did almost everything else. The most common reaction was to bite! Not food but the psychologist.


Psychiatry not intended to cure

It is not well known to the public that psychiatry and psychology as taught in schools and lavishly financed by governments are NOT intended to cure anything. The idea of CURE is the furthest from both the government and scholastic intention.

The idea that a science could be developed to CONTROL populations sprang up to counter the Liberty, Fraternity and Equality demands of the French Revolution.

Psychiatry - quackery 

Historically, a “quack” was someone who sold quicksilver or mercury at English fairs as a cure for disease. Specifically, a “quack” is one who sells ointments or patent medicines and refuses to refund the fee of ointment or treatment if no cure is effected. The old English fair “quack” of course passed on to the next fair before his clients found that the ointments didn’t work.

Strangely, the full-fledged DOCTOR of that period and the psychiatrist of this current period could not and do not cure anything either. Politicians, social departments are always being harassed by these fake “mental health” groups to round up “quacks,” abolish “quacks” and leave the entire field open to men who can’t cure anything.

The psychiatrist and psychologist do not ever refund any fees. If they did they would owe every penny of every collection ever made from public individuals and the state.

A survey across five countries failed utterly to find ONE person who had ever been cured of anything by psychiatrists and psychologists. The survey found thousands who had been permanently disabled or killed. And in at least one mental prison, the admission total and the death total were found to be equal. So nobody there ever lived long enough to reclaim his fee. So we have the interesting question of who are the “quacks”?


Psychiatry and crime 

It used to be that a crime was a crime. When a police officer did his duty, his duty was done. Now all that has changed. Criminals are “maladjusted” and it is “all society’s fault that they are” and the police officer is a beast for daring to interfere with the poor fellows. 

The psychiatrist and psychologist have carefully developed a lawless and irresponsible public attitude toward crime. First and foremost is that man is just a soulless animal who is not answerable for his own acts. They advertise man as a push-button stimulus-response robot and claim that only they know where the buttons are.

If these psychiatrists and psychologists and their “National” Mental Health groups knew their business, then crime statistics would be falling. Naturally. But they are not. Crime statistics, ever since these men have taken over in courts, prisons, education and social welfare, have soared to a point where the honest policeman is near despair.


In their anxiety to keep their failures explained while they ask congresses, parliaments and legislatures for more millions to put in their pockets, psychiatry continually redefines key words relating to the mind.

Their “diseases” have become entirely different diseases over  the last quarter of a century—and none of them have come any closer to be cured.

The German, Kraepelin, had a scale of mental diseases that  became so long and involved (once said to number fifteen hundred), and on which there was so little agreement that it was largely abandoned.

Student conquests 

A “Dr.” Anthony Ryle in a Penguin Press book, Student Casualties, says that one in five students need “psychiatric care.”

Instead of one in five needing care, according to the way psychiatric insanity records soar wherever they take over, you could expect it to be two in five, then three in five and finally five in five, the psychiatric dream. They would then get 35 million pounds.

All this would be less disturbing if psychiatric political connections were not so well known. According to the record, the brilliant student who shows signs of leadership is target number one in campaigns of conquest. 

Cultural destruction 

The basic idea of weakening or corrupting a population has been in use since before the Persian attacks on Greece. Naturally the degradation of a population is possible on a long-term basis if actual war is unsuccessful or impossible as a method of removing a natural enemy.

The atomic bomb made direct combat confrontation between major powers too dangerous and thereby opened the door to any program which would promise successful destruction of a considered enemy even on a long-term basis.

The techniques of cultural destruction were developed, financed and pressed into action. The West, naive and traditional in the field of security has failed utterly to detect and handle cultural destruction—the major weapon now in full use against Western nations.



Espionage to Western security forces and politicians still means enemy efforts to steal the plans of the battleship. Even where Western security officers confusedly suspect what is going on, their political seniors are not likely to permit action since they have been carefully coached to believe in the inevitable deterioration of man in modern society. The essence of the campaign is to make it all seem internal and inevitable with a ready social explanation for each new decline.

Spies, as enemy agents are called by those who know very little about it, are generally caught at the point they relay information after citizens whom they have persuaded to steal plans have turned them in to the national security service. A new feature in cultural destruction is that these “spies” are agents who do not report. They merely act.

Briefed at some period long ago they need no further detailed briefing. They just go on working. These agents need no funds from their masters as they are financed internally and most often by the government they seek to subvert.

Three things mask their activities: (a) they assume identities (“cover” in intelligence argot) which are considered above the law; (b) they seem essential to handle the disorder which they themselves are actually creating; (c) the extent and coordination of their actions are too incredible to be grasped by people who take a “reasonable view of things.”

All the evidence of their successes is in plain view. Yet they pose as the authorities vital to handling these conditions.


Soaring crime rates and widespread drug addiction are hallmarks of intelligence subversion and always have been. To these more common signs of attack on the population cultural destruction has added “miseducation,” soaring insanity totals, sexual perversion, racial warfare and the sabotage of sound economics.

The somewhat natural impulse of rather barbaric societies to go astray and become hectic is being exaggerated to such a degree and with such swiftness that almost anyone with a little help could see that natural turbulence is being enormously assisted.

The exact technology by which it is done makes a fascinating and revealing study. All the inventiveness that commonly emerges only during actual warfare has been redirected into the resolution of the problem “How to destroy a nation which cannot be directly fought.”


“The source area of the training skills used by ‘social scientists’ is traceable directly to enemy terrain.
“The basic cultural institutions normally relied upon to uphold the standards of Western society have been infiltrated, discredited and swept out of power. The motif of the destruction of churches springs directly from the enemy.”


Security forces in the West see in all this only an effort to bring about an internal revolt where they observe it all. It is not an attempted revolt. It is cultural destruction on a grand scale.

It took the originators half a century to smash utterly the basic educational standards of Western people and substitute new values, or lack of them, which opened the door to total subversion. An examination of the changing textbooks and the connections of the authors of those which then crept into use and the political color and background of the “educators” who recommended them is an interesting search.

The source area of the training skills used by “social scientists” is traceable directly to enemy terrain.

The basic cultural institutions normally relied upon to uphold the standards of Western society have been infiltrated, discredited and swept out of power. The motif of the destruction of churches springs directly from the enemy.


Nearly half a hundred of these wholly “respectable social scientists” recently entered a Western nation straight from satellite countries and set up in business there at once, marvellously financed, entirely above the law because they were “authorities” and “scientists” and “vouched for” by “eminently respectable professional societies.” The security forces there were restless about it but evidently could do nothing because of “pressure from above.”

It has gone so far that anyone who mentions it is at once accused of “seeing a Red under every bush.” The last political figure in the US who refused to believe it was “natural” was stopped and killed as surely as though he had been poisoned.

There are many ways to win in competition between nations. Where outright war is impossible or covert military operatives unprofitable, there is now cultural destruction, a complex and highly skilled tool which not only destroys the national will to fight but also morally reduces and destroys the social and economic fiber of the enemy.