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Articles by Dennis Myers



Dennis L. Myers, M.D., Ret.
2050 West Fair AV
Littleton, Colorado USA
303-797-7663 (This phone number now belongs to a roofing contractor in Colorado)

The new biology (book) - http://thejuicynaam.com/uploaded_files/The_New_Biology.pdf





 A "New" Biology

Bacteria are being found in the diseased tissues
of all degenerative diseases...

Where do these organisms come from?

Mycoplasma in heart disease,
Hylicobacter in stomach ulcers, etc.

The answer to this question has been known for 150 years.

The blood is not sterile.

Louis Pasteur was wrong! His idea of the bacterial cause of disease was wrong!

Cancers are full of microorganisms.

The practice of mainstream medicine is based on a mistake and
the implications of these concepts are staggering.

The other style of healing, the holistic medicine, can deal with degenerative conditions readily.

Ignorance is Knowledge divided. Medicine for one, exists as many branches of specialized ignorance that when practiced alone do not work. Used together they do.

Medicine divided into specialized pieces is a puzzle. A piece forgotten is the concept of pleomorphism. Acid Base is only used by regular medicine in the ICUs of hospitals.

Pleomorphism defines the cause of chronic degenerative disease – all of them! Acid-Base-pH changes come before the pleomorphic ones.


Modern science is finding microorganisms in the devitalized tissues of all chronic degenerative diseases. Where do these organisms come from? The answer to this question has been known for more than 150 years but ‘modern’ science still does not know what it is.

As we get older, acids, heavy metals and other toxins accumulate in the body’s genetically ‘weakest’ and most devitalized organs. As the blood supply of such organs is reduced and their immune cells incapacitated because of the acids and toxins, these organs are fortresses in the body where viruses, bacteria, and fungi multiply and thrive in an undisturbed way. The function of these organisms is to consume the accumulating toxic debris. This is rotting pure and simple. Pleomorphism. These organisms are pleomorphic.

These organisms of pleomorphism tend to set up their housekeeping in the compartments of the body that are the most acid, the most oxidized and that have the highest pollution with toxic metals. These areas are fortresses in the body where the body’s own immune cells are also incapacitated so anaerobic germs, viruses and fungi multiply and thrive in an undisturbed way that cannot be conquered by antibiotics, pleomorphic remedies, ozone therapy, UV light therapy and other.

The body rots and oxidizes from the inside out. Base powder begins at the beginning, not at the end in ICU in the hospital.

Pasteur confused rotting and fermentation. This ‘mistake’ affects all aspects of medicine and explains Chronic Degenerative Disease. Acids, toxins, heavy metals accumulate... so pleomorphism changes organisms in the body to decompose it. Known Biology is wrong!

The body rots and oxidizes from the inside out; you don't ‘catch’ CHRONIC DEGENERATIVE DISEASE.


Dennis Myers devoted his last years to the dissemination of known knowledge about life and health  - not dis-ease. After thirty years in medical practice he opted not to 'practice' medicine anymore but to devote all his time and effort to making unifying principles of health known to medical practitioners and the public in general.

Concepts such as Acid/Base balance, Oxidation/Reduction Potential, Pleomorphism, Homotoxicology, EAV and others are extremely important to all forms of medicine. In fact, such concepts serve to re-define and therefore unite all forms of medicine.

Because allopathic medicine deals with the results and final symptoms of disease, not the causes, it is the most specialized and therefore exclusive form of medicine there is. In today's competitive medical market place, to begin treatment with such a form of medicine places the patient in a severely compromised predicament.

Rather, to begin treatment with concepts that apply to all forms of medicine, concepts that are not exclusive, so expensive or dangerous, is much more in the patient's interest. Instead of beginning with results, this is about beginning, before prevention even, but with the Treatment of Causes. The treatment of causes can be dealt with best by using not just one but all of the different forms of medicine in a logical and sequential order.

"Alternative Medicine" is a science, an organized body of knowledge, not just what is current in the Health Food Stores of the day; and, it is not alternative.

Acid/Base/Mineral Balance is a good place to start in the case of a health break-down. Attaining balance requires or necessitates detoxification, anti-oxidation, removal of harmful metals (mercury), proper nutrition, exercise and so on. One can see that acid base is a principle from which to start the above and any of the other therapies that there are. It can tell if you made the right choices in therapy, because if you did, your acid/base balance will get better. This is Wholistic Medicine. This is in the patient's best interest.

Acid/Base/Mineral Balance lays the mineral foundation of the body so to speak, as this controls the mineral balance of the body. After the mineral skeleton or foundation of such Wholistic therapy is laid come such remedies as herbs, homeopathics, acupuncture and orthomolecular nutrition and similar care.

These failing or the patient being too sick, allopathic medicine remains as ‘emergency’ therapy. Allopathic medicine is alternative, there as the last resort not the first.

The central idea here is of course, that of Vitalism; vs. the Empiricism of modern, allopathic medicine. Vitalism is the underlying idea of Eclectic, Homeopathic, Naturopathic, Oriental and Chiropractic approaches to health and healing - the concept of the Vis Medicatrix Naturae - or the life force, which has had many names but constitutes one idea.

Dennis wrote these words:

"My aim in doing all this is ultimately political. As these ideas affect all aspects of medicine, their implementation must ultimately be dealt with on a national level.

The biology we learned in school is wrong! This affects all branches of medicine. Doctors and patients need to know about these things. The different fields of medicine must be synthesized and our knowledges coordinated. This will take a concerted and collective effort. Please feel free to copy and distribute any of this information.

Dr. Robert Miller, D.C., in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been my main mentor in these things really and to him I owe a great deal. Together, we are Euro-American Health."

Dennis let his website go some time ago. We are reproducing it here to celebrate his life and his contribution.




The Cause of Degenerative Disease

by Dennis L. Myers, M.D., Ret.


All degenerative disease begins as a relatively acid condition in the tissues of the body. These tissues become oxidized, diseased and old.

Pleomorphic organisms come out of this acid environment, from elements in the blood in order to clean up these old, diseased, tissues. Pleomorphism is a concept discovered in the early 1800s. Pleomorphic organisms are micro-organisms that change form (pleo-change, morph-form), from viral into bacterial into fungal forms and back again. All micro-organisms change form. Grown in a hospital laboratory, under exactly the same growing conditions, a streptococcus is always a streptococcus but change something, the pH of the growth medium for example, and that streptococcus germ will change form into something else, some other micro-organism.

Bacteria are being found in the diseased tissues of all chronic, degenerative diseases (The Atlantic Monthly, A New Germ Theory by Judith Hooper, February 1999.) These bacteria are there as a result, not the cause, of disease. Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) was wrong, these organisms are not caught from the outside, they come from within.

These germs come from inside the body, from "tiny dots" that you can see in the blood of any living thing, with any microscope. All micro-organisms, all living things come from these "tiny dots" and all living things turn back into these "tiny dots".

These "tiny dots" themselves, never die. The cell is not the smallest living thing, these "little dots" are. These "tiny dots" are called Protits in German and Somatides in French. There isn't even a name for them in the English language. Isn't that strange?

If the environment, the growth medium that surrounds the cells becomes acid, toxic, polluted, these "tiny dots" hook together into long threads and change into the viruses, bacteria and finally the fungi that clean up a corpse, if things get that bad. This is what the bacteria, germs are there for. They clean up old, diseased tissues. The germs are not the problem, the conditions, environment they grew up in is. Do you treat the problem or the result?

To treat the cause of the above is to treat this internal milieu, the internal environment, in which these degenerative processes happen. This environment is the ocean that surrounds each and every cell. The main way this environment becomes acid is from the over consumption of protein. Protein is converted into strong acids by the body and these acids leach the minerals out of the body, out of the very bones of the body. Protein is good but all we need is 40 grams a day. The average American diet contains 200 grams! Protein is the problem, not fat and cholesterol!

In the long run, the only way to replace these lost minerals is to eat more fruits and vegetables and less acid producing food. How acid your urine and saliva are tell how far you have to go, how long it will take.

Read about "Diet Guidelines for pH Balancing"

Everything that bothers you will get somewhat better with pH correction. All the myriad systems in the body are very dependent on the maintenance of stable pH. Whatever therapeutic modalities you use in addition to pH correction, will work better. All forms of medicine are helped, work better if pH balance is restored first.

Dennis L. Myers, M.D., Ret.
1237 Washington St
Indiana, PA, 15701
Copyright 1998



Symptoms of Acidity

The acidity, or the pH of the body, its fluids and cells, is the most important homeostatic or balancing act the body has to perform. The acidity of the blood has to remain exactly the same all the time. The fact that we are alkaline beings by design but acid generating beings by function makes this the most basic function the body has to perform, no pun intended, besides and including breathing and pumping one's blood around.

As we become more and more acid, accumulate and store more acids in our connective tissues this is what happens;

  1. First, there is an increased sense of well being from the "stimulatory" reaction of the bodies regulatory system that operates in high gear to process the excess acid.
  2. The patient therefore believes her or his self to be totally well.
  3. This type of person tends to be an over achiever, active, always running.
  4. The person is overly ambitious due to the acidic irritation of the nerves.
Later, as the process progresses the patient becomes;
  1. irritable and difficult to please
  2. exhausted, fatigued
  3. listless and inability to get anything done
  4. constantly finds fault
  5. sees only the pessimistic side of life
  6. can't sleep restfully
  7. wakes tired in the A.M.
  8. suffers generalized aches and pains
  9. loss of appetite or ravenous hunger
  10. obstipation (difficulty moving bowles) to constipation
  11. gallbladder pains and frequent headaches
  12. frequent redness of the nose or parts of the nose
  13. hardness and pain of the neck and shoulder muscles with pressure
  14. pain of the back of the head nerves with pressure
  15. often coated tongue and halitosis, enlarged tonsils
  16. moist hands with poor blood supply, cold hands, pale to white
  17. tendency to sweat, tendency to development of skin rashes
  18. susceptibility to colds and bronchitis with large mucous secretions as an attempt to rid the body of acid
  19. the excretion and reaction phases of Homotoxicology
  20. women tend to be pale with scant, heavy or irregular periods
  21. blood pressure tends to be lower at first
  22. The Indicin Test of the Urine is usually positive. This is a test for rotten products in the intestine that are reabsorbed by the blood stream and re-excreted out the urine when the intestines are in a dysbiotic condition, when abnormal bacteria are growing there because of the latent acidosis
  23. shows aging as the sodium is depleted from the body fluids and potassium from muscles causing wasting and weakness, and then calcium from the bones which is osteoporosis, arthritis and cramps.