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“[The] assumption that it is the aim of the [American] public school to fan the intelligence and to produce large numbers of alert and curious youths of both sexes is foolish. The state maintains its control of elementary education, not primarily to reduce illiteracy and turn the eyes of the plain people toward the stars, but to make sure that they are not taught anything that is subversive.

“Public education is thus a police measure. The goal it moves toward is perfect standardization, perfect discipline, perfect imbecility.”

— H. L. Mencken
Baltimore Sun
February 23, 1924


The Makers of Modern Schooling 

The real makers of modern schooling weren't at all who we think. Not Cotton Mather or Horace Mann or John Dewey. The real makers of modern schooling were leaders of the new American industrialist class, men like Andrew Carnegie, the steel baron... John D. Rockefeller, the duke of oil...  Henry Ford, master of the assembly line which compounded steel and oil into a vehicular dynasty... and J.P. Morgan, the king of capitalist finance...



Break the circle 
by David Icke

The way to bring down this network of power and manipulation is to stop co-operating with it, stop being unquestioningly subservient to it, and to make public the information that the Illuminati-controlled education system and media are so desperate to suppress and discredit. 

Don't let them tell you what to think, no matter how "different" your own views may be in relation to the official line. If you are not different in this world of stunning uniformity what on earth are you doing?


Controlling outcomes through use of standards
Historiographical standards and academic standards for Political Science are devices devices to control control History and Political science by the Establishment. The standards demand that all History and Political Science be based on documents about which there is no controversy what-so- ever.

Obviously inculpating documents will either not be written, be carefully hidden or destroyed. In real life, such high standards are unnecessary, would limit information of great importance and are not used. Many a deadly danger has been avoided, many an empire built with not one piece of information that is up to historiographical standards The Illuminati, being a secret society, released no convenient documents. However, there are documents that meet historiographical standards. The first documents were seized in a police raid of the Illuminati headquarters in 1785 AD. They still available to be seen.

Secret Societies: Who Controls Knowledge?
© 2001 by
Dennis Crenshaw

“ …Any group that wanted to control the future of American society had first to control education i.e., the population of the future … it all began at Yale…” … Anthony B. Sutton

The control over our lives is hard for the average man on the street to fathom. Every facet of our existence … our government, financial institutions, big business, the news we receive through the media … is today controlled by the top members of secret societies and their pals. This could not have been accomplished without the most important control of all … control of our education system.

The ink was hardly dry on the Constitution before the planned takeover of America’s higher education was implemented. By the mid-1960’s the invisible government had total control of all education in our company. To fully understand why it’s almost impossible to open the minds of those around you as to the true makeup of our planet we must first understand how the secret societies manipulated and stifled scientific study worldwide.

The Illuminati Connection

“When you talk about tracing the origin of an organization which is controlling the destiny of the world, it’s obvious that you have to start at a period which would allow a movement of this magnitude time to ferment. Changes like the ones, which have, and are occurring [today], do not take place over night. We are dealing with a group which must have been growing for over two hundred years in order to obtain the power and influence necessary to achieve the global control now being exercised. When you think of it in that context, there is such a group.

“The leader of that group was a man named, Dr. Adam Weishaupt, who was born on February 6, 1748…” (Page 5) Final Warning: A History of The New World Order (1984,) by David Allen Rivera.

The name of that secret group was the Illuminati. As Mr. Rivera reported in the same book;

“On May 1, 1776, under the direction of the newly formed House of Rothschild … Weishaupt founded the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria, which became known as the Order of the Illuminati.” (Page 6) Or sometimes called simply, “The Order.”

According to Rivera, Weishaupt had already published his aims two years earlier in an article, Sidonii Apollinarus Fragment.

“Princes and nations will disappear without violence from the earth. The human race will then become one family, and the world will be the dwelling of rational men.”

The One Worlders had controlled the European schools for centuries. And likewise, the “freedom” seeking people who had immigrated to America had to be controlled. Experience and common sense had taught them that the best way to control society was by controlling their educational system. As

Anthony B. Sutton explained in his excellent expose’ How the Order Controls Education (1985):

“ …Any group that wanted to control the future of American society had first to control education i.e., the population of the future … it all began at Yale.

Even the official Yale history is aware of Yale’s power and success. George Wilson Pierson wrote in Yale College (1952):

“The power of the place remain(s) unmistakable. Yale was organized; Yale inspired a loyalty in its sons that was conspicuous and impressive; Yale men in after life made such records that the suspicion was that even there they were working for each other. In short, Yale was exasperatingly and mysteriously successful. You rival institutions and to academic reformers there was something irritating and disquieting about old Yale College” (Page 5)

According to an account reported by E.E. Slosson in his book Great American Universities (1910).

“This success was more that obvious to Yale’s chief competitor, Harvard University. So obvious, in fact, that in 1892 a young Harvard instructor, George Santanyana, went to Yale to investigate this “disturbing legend” of Yale power.

“Santanyana quoted a Harvard alumnus who intended to send his son to Yale – because in real life “all the Harvard men were working for Yale men.” (Page 2).

According to Sutton’s research the move to take control of America’s higher learning institutions started with three men.

Timothy Dwight (Initiated into the Order in 1849) Professor in the Yale Divinity School and then 12th President of Yale University.

Daniel Coit Gilman (Initiated into the Order in 1851) first President of the University of California, First President of the Johns Hopkins University and first President of the Carnegie Institution.

Andrew Dickson White (Initiated into the Order in 1853) first President of Cornell University and first President of the American Historical Association. (Page 2).

In the mid 1800s these young men, all members of the Order, were sent to Europe to study philosophy at the University of Berlin. There they studied under Wilhelm Wundt (University of Berlin – Institute of Physiology). Wundt was the founder of experimental psychology in Germany and “the later source of the dozens of Ph.D. who came back from Leipzig, Germany to start the modern American education movement.” (Sutton, Page 3).

Wilhelm Wundt was a proponent of the Hegelian philosophical ideas. He used the Hegelian theory as his starting point i.e. “The State is superior to the Individual.”

As I have stated in past reports, in order to control the population the first step is to control the movement of the people. The mass exodus to America after Columbus let the cat out of the bag could not, according to the controllers, happen again. The secret of the existence of uncontaminated tropical lands and advanced alien civilizations inside our globe must be hidden at all cost. Control of the advancement of scientific knowledge was necessary.

This was accomplished in several interlocking ways. First, the take-over of the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale. After returning from Europe Daniel Coit Gilman spent the next 14 years “in and around Yale, consolidating the power of the Order.” According to Sutton:

“His first task in 1856 was to incorporate Skull & Bones as a legal entity under the name of The Russell Trust. Gilman became Treasurer and William H. Russell, the co-founder, became President. It is notable to note that there is no mention of the Order, Skull & bones, the Russell Trust, or any secret society activity in Gilman’s biography, nor in open records. The Order, so far as its members are concerned, is designed to be secret … The Order has been remarkably adept at keeping it’s secret. The Order fills the first requirement for a conspiracy – IT IS SECRET.” (Pages 6-7).

“The Sheffield Scientific School, the science departments at Yale, exemplifies the way in which the Order came to Control Yale and then [all of the higher educational institutions of] the United States.

“In the early 1850s, Yale science was insignificant, just two or three very small departments. In 1861 these were concentrated into the Sheffield Scientific School with private funds from Joseph E. Sheffield. [Daniel Coit] Gilman went to work to raise more funds for expansion.

“Gilman’s brother had married the daughter of Chemistry Professor Benjamin Silliman. [A member of the Order since 1837.] This brought Gilman into contact with Professor Dana, also a member of the Silliman family, and this group decided that Gilman should write a report on reorganization of Sheffield. This was done and entitled “Proposed Plan for the Complete Reorganization of the School of Science Connected with Yale Collage.” (Page 7).

Using members of the Order in Washington and Connecticut a plan was hatched to get Federal funding. The Morrill Land Bill was first introduced in 1857 and vetoed by President Buchanan in 1859, but later signed by President Lincoln. “This bill now known as the Land Grand Collage Act donated public lands for State collages of agriculture and science … and of course Gilman’s report on just such a collage was ready,” (Page 8).

As Sutton explains, this was a crucial move in the Orders plan to gain control of all of the schools of higher learning in the States.

“The legal procedure was for the Federal government to issue land script in proportion to a state’s representation, but state legislatures first had to pass legislation accepting the script. Not only was Daniel Gilman first … to get Federal land script … [he] grabbed all of Connecticut’s share for Sheffield Scientific School … no other School in Connecticut received even a whisper until 1893… Of course it helped that a member of the Order, Augustus Brandegee [Initiated into the Order in 1849] was speaker of the Connecticut State legislature in 1861 when the state bill was moving through … Other member’s of the Order, like Stephen W. Kellogg [Initiated in 1846] and William Russell [Initiated in 1833], were either in the State Legislature or had influence from past service.” (Page 8).

The Order next moved on the State of New York’s share of Federal money and was able to do the same thing for Cornell University. “Andrew Dickson White, a member of our trio, was the key activist in New York and later became the first President of Cornell. Daniel Gilman was rewarded by Yale and became Professor of Physical Geography at Sheffield in 1863.” (Page 8).

From this beginning the Illuminati eventually controlled the science departments in all colleges and institutions of higher learning. For the complete documented, diagrammed understanding of the steps that were taken and the people involved in this takeover I urge you to locate a copy of Sutton’s explosive book and read it. Almost impossible to find in the United States, it was published in Australia by Veritas Publishing Company, P.O. Box 20, Bullsbrook, Western Australia, 6084, AUSTRALIA.


Information Control

The second move in the plan was to control the way that scientific information was handled. Up until the 1600s those people who were inquisitive would study closely their chosen subject and conduct experiments in order to reach conclusions. The controllers realized that science had to have rigid controls placed on it or people would discover not only the true makeup of our planet, but many other things that the secret societies thought the uninitiated should not know.

The plan was to stifle scientific knowledge and then twist what was left to fit the science they wanted the people to believe. They accomplished this by adopting new rules in regards to scientific research. As F.L. Borshke reported in The Unexplained: The Unknown World in Which We Live (1975):

“It would be hard to say just when the stifling mass production of “science” really began. The only thing we know for certain is the name of the man who coined the rousting slogan, “We must measure that what can be measured and find a way you measure what can not be measured.” This man was the Italian, Galileo Galilei, and he turned science in a new direction.” (Pages 1-).

This “yardstick approach” to science has worked just as intended. Physic abilities, paranormal experiences, UFOs etc. cannot be measured so therefore they do not exist. The interior of the word also cannot be measured so any theory is just that … a theory. This includes the accepted theory. This presented a small problem to the controllers. They needed everyone to accept their theory concerning the makeup of our earth’s interior even though it goes against their own rule of scientific acceptability. Of course they had an answer to this problem.

“The science we learn in school is simple and orderly and contains no contradictions. We learn a system of rules and laws we believe are accurate and basic,”

(Page 1) F.L. Boschke, The Unexplained

After reading the above evidence you may ask, but could it be true that the Illuminati, or any other group could actually change the true knowledge about science? According to Pat Robertson in his best selling book The New World Order (1991) in a speech given to the Reason Foundation in Los Angeles in April 1990, White House official, James Pinkerton, deputy assistant for policy planning to the Bush administration said,

“If the last decade will be remembered as the time when the New Deal model broke down, I believe this decade will be remembered when a new order for the age was established, not only in the U.S., but around the world … Because of [President George Bush’s] policies America stands at the horizon, ready drawing of the New Paradigm around the world.”

“Pinkerton credited his use of the term new paradigm to Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions which chronicles historical readjustments of scientific thinking about the world.” (Pages 44-45.)

“…Readjustments of scientific thinking,” food for thought.

In addition our schoolbooks never admit doubt. You never read in our textbooks such phrases as; “it is the theory of.” Or “the speculation is,” etc. No, everything in the establishment printed “science” books is presented as known facts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are a few examples.

If you were in school learning about the earth in 1955 and read The Crust of The Earth: a popular introduction to geology, you might have been assigned to read a chapter entitled X-Raying The Earth by Reginald A. Daly:

“One of the outstanding seismological discoveries of recent years is the shelled character of our planet. At the center, and outward to a little more that one-half of its radius, the earth is homogeneous in high degree. Successive shells or layers of material surround this so-called “core”. Each shell, out to a level about thirty miles from the surface, is relatively homogeneous, and it’s material differs from that of the shell above or below, as well as from the material of the center core. The contacts between the shells and between the deepest shell and core are technically called “discontinuities.”

(When I first read this in the late 50s I visualized the earth as being a giant jawbreaker). As we can see this is written as hard fact. No where does it mention or even hint that this is not fact, but the accepted theory of the time.

By the 70s the theory had changed and in the popular Bantam Science book Exploring the Planets (1973) we find:

“The internal structure of the Earth has been investigated by observing the effect that passage through the Earth has on shock waves from explosions and earthquakes. The Earth is believed to have a dense metallic core of radius 2,100 miles thick, surrounding which is a layer of heavy rock some 1,800 miles thick, decreasing in density outward. On top of this lies the lighter crust, less the 50 miles thick. Life depends upon the few feet of soil on the top of this…”

Except for the small weak “the Earth is believed’ at the beginning of the report this appears to be written as fact. Those students reading this popular science book of the period would conceive the planet as having three layers, a 2,100 thick core; an 1,800 mile thick mantle; and a crust of “less that 50 miles thick.” To then this is fact.

A student of the 80s might have turned to Webster’s Family Encyclopedia. After all, if it’s in the Encyclopedia it must be true.

Under “Earth” we find

“ …The earth consists of an inner core of solid iron, surrounded by an outer core of molten iron. Surrounding this is a solid mantle, inner and outer, which is separated from the crust by the Mohorovicic Discontinuity,”

Once again, no mention that this is only theory. Is it any wonder people look at us like we’re crazy if we inject the possibility of subterranean civilizations into the conversation. After all, “Any science book will tell you…”

The Ph.D. Factor

The next step in controlling the sciences was to institute the Ph.D. factor. If you didn’t go to a “recognized” school of higher learning and “earn” your doctorate, then your ideas and opinions as regards to science would not be recognized. In other words, if you hadn’t learned the accepted rhetoric then your views have no value.

Besides control of education the Illuminati had another trick up their sleeves. During the early 1800s, a period they loudly and proudly claimed was the “Age of Enlightenment,” the world-wide controllers set out to destroy the will of the average man to explore on his own … and it seems to have worked. Other than those advances connected with the secret alien technology “trade-off," everything we use today is merely an improvement on devices invented in the 1800s and early 1900s. How was this form of individualism discouraged and destroyed?

Louis Pauwels & Jacques Bergier gives us a couple of examples in their classic 1960 book The Morning of the Magicians:

“His name is not recorded in the history book – unfortunately. He was a Director of the American Patent Office and it was he who first sounded the alarm. In 1875 he sent in his resignation to the Secretary of the Board of Trade. What’s the use of going on, is the gist of what he said; there’s nothing left to invent.

“Twelve years later in 1887 the great chemist Marcelin Berthelot wrote ‘from here on there is no mystery about the Universe.’ To get a coherent picture of the world science had cleared everything up: perfection by omission.” (Pages 9-10).

With the control of science in their hands, and the discouragement of seeking new findings they took it a step further. Next, the Robber Baron flunkies of the Illuminati used their ill-gotten gains, under the guise of philanthropy, to establish “Foundations” and “Societies” such as the National Geographical Society and the Smithsonian Institute “for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men,” but in reality to help cover-up and hide away anything that doesn’t fit the accepted theories.

Rene’ Noorbergen in his 1977 book Secrets of the Lost Races tells of a young name who claimed to have seen Noah’s petrified body hidden away in the Smithsonian. David Hatcher Childress in his 1992 book, Lost Cities of North & Central America tells of a whole shipload of artifacts that were “scientifically incorrect” being taken out to sea and dumped overboard!

And then there is the story of G. E. Kinkard who found an underground city in the Grand Canyon overflowing with strange artifacts, which he turned over to the Smithsonian. What happened to these and other unexplained archaeological finds that has disappeared into the dusty underground storage vaults of the Smithsonian?

As for National Geographic … the Peary polar scam, a direct insult to those who realize the shape of our planet. Need I say more?

(For my research into the Peary “Polar” expedition see THEI Vol. 1 Issue 5 “The Peary-Cook Question.” (Page 15).

THEI Vol. II Issue 2 “They’re Still spatting over the North Pole.” (Page 5)).

However, those of us who seek the truth haven’t lost yet. The present generation of “Globalists” have a lot of immediate problems and their handpicked "“talking heads."” And the mainstream press is having a hard time suppressing everything. With just about everybody having immediate access to computers and fax machines more and more fax-sheets, newsletters and electronic sites like this one are waking people up everywhere. The One Worlders are also loosing their grip on the closest guarded secret in the world … our hollow planet. Why? Because technology is beginning to enable us to “see” inside he planet and what we’re seeing isn’t what we’ve been taught. And the information is getting out. The cover-up is getting harder to pull. This is causing the establishment scientists to scramble to make these new findings fit the accepted theory. As I’ve documented many times in THEI, while the accepted establishment theory of the makeup of our planet keeps changing, amazingly those same findings when applied to the Hollow Earth Theory fit better than O.J.’s glove.

In Part 2 of this report we’ll explore the paths the establishment scientists have followed and learn exactly what they do know about the inside of the earth. Then separate theory from fact.

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Secret Societies



The Intelligent Student's Guide to the New World Order

- By Erica Carle

What is the New World Order?

The essence of the New World Order (NWO) or world management system is that it is management by social engineers, rather than government based on a written constitution. How you are affected by this management system depends on what the social engineers decide the system should do for you and require of you. The social engineers and system managers think of themselves as scientists applying the scientific method to the control of group behavior. Your behavior and your relationships are regarded as the subject of investigation and control by those who call themselves social scientists. You are among their test animals, and you have no say in, and often no knowledge of, experiments that involve you. If the NWO is totally implemented, your independence, individuality, and freedom will be gone.

There is nothing new about the idea of managing others, or even of controlling the whole world. That has been the goal of social philosophers for thousands of years. However, we need not go back over ancient history. We are concerned primarily with what has been going on in our own generations. This we can understand quite well if we confine ourselves to the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.

Goals of the New World Order

To begin to understand the New World Order (NWO) you need to forget what you have been told about philosophical differences between Republicans and Democrats; left and right; Socialists and Libertarians; business and labor; liberal and conservative; black and white, etc.. The planners of the New World Order know they must use, influence, and cater to all of these groups to accomplish the goals they are seeking, which are:

  1. Consolidate everything.
  2. Commercialize everything.
  3. Classify everything.
  4. Claim everything.
  5. Control everything.

We might call these goals the five Cs of the New World Order. If it is fully empowered, free speech, personality, personal goals and decisions, individual responsibility, private property, private business, morality, Constitutional government, national sovereignty; and religious freedom can no longer be tolerated. Everyone in every country will be subject to the NWO management system. To quote the French mathematician/philosopher, Auguste Comte (1798-1857), one of the most significant early planners of the world management system:

“The most important object of this regenerated polity will be the substitution of Duties for Rights; thus subordinating personal to social considerations. The word Right should be excluded from political language, as the word Cause from the language of philosophy. ” [1]

“The only real life is the collective life of the race; individual life has no existence except as an abstraction.” [2]

He also wrote:

“When the system is fully regulated, the effect of this will be to secure greater unity, by diminishing the influence of personal character.” [3]

This means that to the NWO world management system planners you, as an individual, are considered to be without character or personality. Your personal life and personal goals are unimportant to them, unless those goals are consistent with the sociological, economic and religious goals of the New World Order.

Public Schools and The New World Order

To demonstrate how NWO sociological, economic and religious goals are being brought about we can look first at the public schools. Most students and parents think the purpose of public schools is to teach essential and interesting information, vocational and recreational skills, considerate and responsible behavior and an appreciation of our country’s history and Constitution. After your formal education is over, your parents expect that you should be able to take responsibility for your own moral, material, and social well-being, and also the moral, material, and social well-being of any children you might have until they, too, are ready to claim such freedom for themselves.

At one time the goal of those who planned the school curriculum in the local communities seemed to follow the wishes of parents and the needs of students. Now, however, those sociologists who have the power to affect policy in the public schools do not concern themselves with what you need, what your parents want for you, or with respect and support for the United States Constitution. Their primary goals are to CONSOLIDATE policies, COMMERCIALIZE instruction, CLASSIFY individuals, CLAIM jurisdiction, establish CONTROL, and train you to fit obediently into their world management system without hesitation or protest. In 1928, sociologist Ross L. Finney wrote:

“A new world is emerging in which the social structures will be of a different shape, the social resources of a different scope and caliber, than anything that history records. It is a new deal - in fact a different game with different cards; and we who are now alive are privileged to witness its beginning, however blind most of us may be to its implications for ourselves and our posterity. And for a new age, a new school!” [4]

National Council for the Social Studies

An organization called the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), which is an offshoot of the National Education Association and a promoter of the New World Order, has CLAIMED power to determine what you should learn and what you should not learn in geography, history, government, economics, psychology, religion, world politics, etc.. These subjects were CONSOLIDATED decades ago by sociologists so they could present them together under one agenda called Social Studies. The leaders of NCSS now decide what you should be taught, how you should be taught, and how your achievement will be evaluated.

In addition to the National Council for the Social Studies, the various states have state councils for the social studies. Through the efforts of state councils - oftentimes with the aid of the Education Commission of the States - bills are presented to state legislatures to make NCSS’s curriculum standards legal requirements. After these standards are passed in your state, your local school board, your own teachers and your parents have little to say about what you should be expected to learn in these subjects. If you, your school, or community have different standards; if you do not try to live up to NCSS’s standards for the New World Order, your schools can be closed or your community punished by depriving it of federal, foundation and state money.

Grouping People to Control Them

It is interesting to investigate how this takeover was accomplished. Like everything connected to the New World Order and the five Cs, CONTROL is accomplished by influencing groups, and most particularly group leaders. This is because people who are emotionally involved with groups respond to leadership. They also tend to feel CLASS loyalty. For example, when your elected officials CONSOLIDATE into groups and meet with elected officials from other areas, they frequently get carried away by the oratory and comradeship. Although they may not understand the full implications of the ideas the carefully-selected speakers and facilitators promote, the officials are maneuvered into feeling obligated to support what the group supports. By giving their loyalty to these secondary groups, the officials frequently betray the primary loyalty they owe to you and the citizens of the states, cities and counties they are supposed to serve. CONTROL of government officials, educators, congressmen, legislators, businessmen, city councils, school boards, etc. through organizations is part of the NWO plan for substitution of its system for the U.S. Constitution.

Through CONSOLIDATION into national or international ‘blanket’ organizations, one person or a small group of people can make decisions and set goals for hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people. They can set goals for you if you do not object. Always remember, whoever sets your goals or presents you with what they call a vision or a mission, CONTROLS your behavior. You had better understand fully any such commitment you are asked to make.

Goal-Setting, Political Management

Setting goals, and designing visions and missions for groups of people is one of the favorite preoccupations of the New World Order philosophers and managers. In education, goal setting and visioning serve to CONSOLIDATE policies so the NWO/NCSS curriculum can be established in schools throughout the country. When you hear someone who uses the phrase, “We must. . .” or variations of it such as, “We need to. . .”, “It is essential that we. . .”, etc, without adding, “if we wish to . . ,” there is a pretty fair chance that person is trying to convince you to give up the idea of independent research and thinking so you will support whatever program or goals he or she might be promoting.

It is unfortunate that few of our congressmen, state, county, and city legislators have been alert enough to detect the behavior management and CONTROL that have been directed toward them. Many of them have been deceived, flattered, coerced, bribed or blackmailed into surrendering their legitimate authority to New World Order decision makers. This, too, was planned. In 1906, sociologist Lester Ward explained how NWO legislation could be achieved:

“It must not be supposed that such legislation can be conducted to any considerable extent in the open sessions of legislative bodies. These will doubtless need to be maintained, and every new law should be finally adopted by a vote of such bodies, but more and more this will become a merely formal way of putting the final sanction of society on decisions that have been carefully worked out in what may be called the sociological laboratory.” [5]

Goals 2000 - Control is the Object

Most of the governors of the United States are members of the National Governors' Association. They have national meetings to CONSOLIDATE their policy decisions. In 1990, a policy was declared to promote the adoption of national educational goals. The Republican Bush Administration had endorsed the idea in 1989. Multinational corporations and the U. S. Chamber of Commerce supported it. Then, in 1994, Congress (Democrats and Republicans) passed and funded the Goals 2000: Educate America Act.

Originally, social studies was not included, but the NCSS saw to it that social studies was annexed to the national agenda. Its leaders appointed a task force to develop CONSOLIDATED curriculum standards. These were later adopted in most states as part of the Goals 2000: Educate America Act. Eight goals were chosen and publicized. The eight educational goals of Goals 2000 were not the important part of this operation. Any goals that sounded good, along with the money promised, could have enticed governors and state legislators to pass enabling legislation in their states. The real goals of Goals 2000 are to CONSOLIDATE leadership over all the states; CLAIM jurisdiction over curriculum to CONTROL what you and other students learn; and eventually to COMMERCIALIZE and CONTROL all educational resources through the use of charter schools and culture vouchers.

It is no surprise to find now that the eight publicized goals have not been reached - and will not be reached by the Year 2000. Does this mean that CONSOLIDATED goal-setting and visioning will be discontinued? On the contrary! To the goal-setters it means merely that the Goals 2000: Educate America should be renamed, America’s Education Goals, and should be extended beyond 2000 without a specific deadline. Even when failure is obvious and promises are not fulfilled, CONTROL, once gained, is never willingly relinquished by the NWO and United Nations regional government promoters.

Failures of Public Schools

In recent decades, public education has been subjected to a great deal of criticism. Because schools and curriculum have been interfered with by those who promote the NWO world management system, students were not learning what their parents, potential employers, and the students themselves, knew they ought to learn. Skill in reading, natural science, English, mathematics, foreign languages were dismally lacking in many high schools, and even college graduates. All kinds of excuses have been brought forward such as:

The problem is with your parents because they do not take an interest in your schooling
The problem is with you and other students because you do not work hard enough or take an interest in learning
The schools are not using the right system of teaching. We need to experiment with new systems
The problem is not enough money for education. If schools had more money they would produce better results
The problem is segregation. We need to bus for integration
Classrooms are overcrowded. We need more teachers
Public schools should have tax-supported competition. We need charter schools and school vouchers

And so it has gone for decades.

Enemies of Learning

Few of the explainers have revealed the possibility that you are not being properly taught because the NWO world management system does not want you to know too much. In his book, A Sociological Philosophy of Education, published in 1928 by the MacMillan Company, Ross L. Finney, Assistant Professor of Educational Sociology at the University of Minnesota, wrote the following about what should and should not be offered to students:

“...a larger place in the curriculum ought to be given to the new humanities and the fine arts, especially the former; and that correspondingly less time and energy ought to be allotted to mathematics, formal English, and the foreign languages...” [6]

“What we obviously need is a science of society. Since the time of [Auguste] Comte this has been the aspiration of modern scholarship. Instead of blundering and bungling along from one crisis to the next, science might render society really telic, and reduce social phenomena to CONTROL as it has done in the natural world....” (Emphasis mine) [7]

“If leadership by the intelligent is ever to be achieved, followership by the dull and ignorant must somehow be assured. Followership, quite as much as leadership, is, therefore, the crucial problem of the present crisis...” [8]

“The safety of democracy is not to be sought, therefore, in the intellectual independence of the duller masses, but in their Intellectual dependence. Not in what they think, but in what they think they think...” [9]

“The problem of democracy is which specialized sub-group is to function as cerebral cortex. That will depend upon who succeeds in drilling epigrams into the memories of the duller masses. If scientists and educators fail to do it, then selfish deceivers and exploiters will. But think for themselves the duller masses never can.” [10]

Those of us who do not agree with sociologists like Ross L. Finney are CLASSIFIED as selfish deceivers, exploiters, or members of the duller masses. NWO usurpers have nothing but contempt for us and our need to learn. Many parents, teachers, administrators, legislators and state governors, etc. have been taken in by the NWO agenda. There is little chance that your state and school are independent of NWO management system. Therefore, it is important that you begin to recognize enemies of learning even when they have college educations, advanced degrees, university, government and foundation support, and all the preplanned publicity they need to try to impress those of us whom they consider to be selfish deceivers, exploiters or the duller masses.

Goals Statement for Schools

You should understand that those who seek to CONTROL your education in order to limit your access to knowledge are not doing it because they love or respect you, but because they want to CLAIM and CONTROL you. The more you know about their goals and techniques, the easier it becomes to recognize efforts to CONTROL your thoughts. The more you know about history, geography, mathematics, English, science, etc. the more power you have to defend yourself against falsehood, deceit and domination.

By establishing goals, missions, and visions, the NCSS has found a way to limit knowledge in all subjects. I remind you, he who chooses your goals controls your behavior. The social studies goal statement that has been chosen by the National Council for the Social Studies and adopted in similar, and sometimes identical form by the states is:

“ help young people develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.”

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

To most people this sounds good, but please notice that it is all about politics and world CONSOLIDATION. Nothing is mentioned about what is good for you, about giving you the knowledge to make intelligent fact-base personal decisions, about helping you to prepare for a career of your own choice. Nothing is mentioned about what is good for your city, your county, your state, or the United States of America. No - you are treated as a dependent member of the New World Order’s interdependent world. Interdependence means CONTROL by sociology’s New World Order and loss of control over your own destiny.

Curriculum goals, guidelines, and standards for states and local communities are patterned after those of the NCSS and United Nations NWO. In all cases, the curriculum is based on the idea of rational problem-solving and decision-making, and on what the NWO crowd calls interdependence. You are asked to make decisions related to pre-selected social problems based on the limited information available through classroom assignments.

In this regard, it is important to know another behavior control fact. He who states the problem for you controls your thinking. Your thoughts and efforts are directed toward problems which have been selected for you. When you express an opinion about suggested social or personal problems, you accept the NWO agenda and acknowledge an obligation to share your thoughts on the problems with classmates. You can then be CLASSIFIED or grouped according to your public statements.

Limiting Knowledge - Demanding Opinions

Time spent learning facts and skills can be limited when it is taken up listening to and arguing about one another’s uninformed opinions. Also, a special danger is involved in this problem-solving, decision-making type of education. You and your fellow students are encouraged to join groups and act immediately based on the opinions you express in the cIassroom - never taking into consideration that your opinions and decisions may change as you mature and have access to information from other sources.

If you express the opinion that you would like to try drugs or engage in sexual activities; if you say you might steal or become violent; teachers are instructed not to warn you against such behavior or tell you that your decision is wrong or dangerous. That, say the curriculum planners, would be judgmental.

No Right - No Wrong - Rational Conscience

It is assumed that none of the problems or personal dilemmas presented can be prevented or solved by self control and moral behavior. How do curriculum planners justify this omission? Your teachers are told that any statement regarding morality is considered to be an unexamined belief based on authority. The National Council for the Social Studies says decision-making should be what they call rational, rather than being based on authority or conscience. For example, in Wisconsin teachers were advised:

“A child generally comes to school with what R. J. Havighurst calls an authoritarian conscience acquired from his parents through a progression of punishments and rewards. He soon learns that he is not equipped to deal with all the new situations which confront him. Peers and teachers join and sometimes supplant parents in helping him to find solutions which are often in conflict with those offered by his parents. His task, then, is to change from this early authoritarian conscience to a rational one. This requires that he learn a process for resolving to his own satisfaction the conflicts that will inevitably arise whenever change or confrontation with an opposing view makes him question his existing values.” [11]

Decisions Based on Conscience Not Allowed

When you are taught to doubt your own conscience in favor of rational decision-making, many types of destructive, obnoxious, and immoral behavior will no longer be objectionable to you. You learn to find reasons to justify whatever behavior might have emotional appeal. Unbelievable as it may seem, teachers in Wisconsin actually were warned against holding students to traditional high standards:

“Traditionally there was little question that the schools should promote such values as the following:

  1. Respect Property.
  2. Be respectful of adults.
  3. Say please and thank you at appropriate times.
  4. Do not use profane language or bad grammar.
  5. Be neat and clean.
  6. Do not lie or cheat.

Now, however, in some situations these are quite controversial. Many lawsuits and community controversies have focused on the meaning of “ and clean,” for example. Several recent surveys indicate that cheating in school, rather than being unacceptable, has become the norm, and most students feel no guilt about cheating. Standards of profanity are constantly changing and words that one rarely heard used in public a few years ago are now heard a great deal. While many may not like these developments, it is very necessary for teachers to recognize that they are taking place.” [12]

Teachers Are Intimidated By The NWO

Knowing what you now know about the goals of the New World Order, you can understand that the above instruction to teachers could be taken as a veiled threat, better not telling them they had better not criticize the behaviors mentioned. Doing so might make them vulnerable to law suits, or perhaps, discipline by their superiors. Thus, the Wisconsin Department of Public instruction, following the guidelines of the NCSS, actually promoted the idea that it is acceptable for you and your fellow students to be thieving, disrespectful, ungrateful, profanity-using, sloppy, and dirty lying cheaters who have no conscience, and therefore no feelings of guilt for such behavior. The United Nations New World Order does not need people of character. It needs only those who are pliable and manageable.

Creating Problems

Problem creation is another unbelievable aspect of NWO education. According to the NCSS, one of the main duties of teachers is to create emotional problems for you:

“Any attempt by a teacher to create a problem without arousing students emotionally can only result in a pseudo-problem. When students are disturbed, upset, perhaps even angry, they are closer to having a problem than is ever the case when teachers make the preservation of objectivity their only concern. A teacher can sometimes create in students a feeling that their beliefs, concepts or values are inadequate in some respect. When students are puzzled over what to believe, they are more likely to have an authentic problem in their possession... [13]

If the student is to become engaged in problem-solving he must be doubtful, uncertain or puzzled concerning something within his experience and have the desire through inquiry to remove the doubt. As long as he is certain of the truth or goodness of a particular idea or action, or as long as he is unconcerned, indifferent about the matter, he is not involved in problem-solving. Hence, the initial task confronting the teacher is that of creating the state of uncertainty or doubt in the mind of the student. . .the teacher must implant the element of doubt. [14]

Strategies Used to Create Problems

Since the presence of the element of doubt or puzzlement is a necessary condition for the initiation of problem-solving activity, let us consider teaching strategies which are likely to evoke such reactions...

...The teacher can present the students with a problem within the context of the content.
...The teacher can encourage the students to discover a problem within the context of the content.
...The teacher can convert the unexamined beliefs of students into problems.
...The teacher can point up conflicts within the students’ pattern of beliefs, thus creating problems.
...The teacher can point up conflicts within the course content, thus creating problems. [15]

Teaching problem-solving, decision-making, and interdependence may have sounded good to many teachers, school board members, local curriculum coordinators, legislators, parents, and students. However, if they had the opportunity to read the above, and what the NCSS curriculum planners mean when they promote this type of education, all of those affected might be more hesitant before giving their sanction.

Changing Beliefs

Remember, the NWO planners and managers want CONTROL, but they know for certain that they cannot make you go along with their plans if you are aware of their intentions and if you are firmly convinced that to do so would be wrong. That is why so many methods have been devised to help you question or change your mind about what you believe.

If the New World Order is to succeed in reaching its goals, Judaism and Christianity are among the religions which have to be eliminated. People who are guided by the Bible, the Ten Commandments and what the Bible teaches about God, cannot be depended upon to be totally dedicated to the sociological goals of a world management system. They cannot be intimidated into exchanging morals and conscience for sociological goals. This is why the system does not tolerate competition. Its own Positive religion or religion of Humanity must prevail. Sociology’s founder, Auguste Comte, wrote:

“By speaking of Positivism as organic, we imply that it has a social purpose; that purpose being to supersede Theology in the spiritual direction of the human race.” [16]


“Sociology is once for all substituted for Theology as the basis for the religious government of mankind.” [17]


“The last step in this long course of training is now establishing the true form of subjectivity by substitution of Sociology for Theology.” [18]

In 1929, Ross L. Finney was among those working on a new morality for the managed society. He wrote:

“Nor can the new regime be operated with the beliefs of the old regime. . .As for the ideals by which we live, they too must be thought out de novo, and built into an adequate and effective new system of moral education.” [19]

The End of Freedom

The NWO management system’s moral education has nothing to do with freedom or the principles and ideals on which our nation was founded. The late B. F. Skinner, a Harvard University psychologist, put it this way:

“The hypothesis that man is NOT FREE is essential to the application of scientific method to the study of human behavior.” [20]

If you do not want to be a sociologically-controlled and semi-ignorant member of the United Nations New World Order, you need to recognize the importance of knowledge and reject attempts at emotional manipulation and knowledge limitation. The problem-solving and decision-making system of education uses you, plays on your emotions, and tries to alienate you from those who should be closest to you. It creates animosity between you and your classmates; wastes valuable learning time by forcing you to form opinions and listen to the uninformed opinions of your classmates; and discourages intelligent and moral behavior. It turns you against your own country and its Constitution in favor of the United Nations' New World Order management system.

What Can You Do?

Learn to recognize when you are being used, rather than informed. Learn to recognize when you are being led astray. Be like a conscientious researcher and reporter. Do not be afraid to ask probing questions whenever you have doubts about the philosophy behind educational projects, exercises and games, especially if they seem to you to be totally useless or destructive.

If you are to have any hope of keeping the gift of freedom with which you've been blessed, you must know and share the truth. If you have concerns about your education, share them with your parents. Few parents have any idea what goes on in school. It is their responsibility to find out, and your responsibility to help them.

You are not a test animal created to serve the ambition of social scientists and world managers. Do not allow your education to be limited and corrupted as if all you needed was to be trained in obedience to the system of the unConstitutional New World Order.

And remember, if you truly desire it, all knowledge is yours:

“Ask, and it shalt be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shalt be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

- Matthew 7:7,8~
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The Techniques of Communism:

CHAPTER X: 208-248 (1954)
by Louis F. Budenz 

IN UNDERMINING a nation such as the United States, the infiltration of the educational process is of prime importance. The Communists have accordingly made the invasion of schools and colleges one of the major considerations in their psychological warfare designed to control the American mind. 



John Taylor Gatto
Speech to the Vermont Homeschooling Conference

(Note: John Gatto is the former New York State Teacher of the Year who renounced the government school system in his landmark book DUMBING US DOWN. He is constantly in demand as a public speaker.

"The superintendents in the U.S. are bumped on the average of every three years. But I'll tell you something that isn't public knowledge. If the superintendent has left behind a record of loyalty to this project, the superintendent will find another place to land. If he's left behind a record of loyalty to the local citizenry --that's it -- there ARE no more jobs for that superintendent." 

Further Reading


The Tax-Exempt Foundations, by William H. McIlhany, II, 1980. 
When this was written, the elites had already spent 60 years or so in acquiring a stranglehold on the American education system and misdirecting it to collectivist ends. This book tells the tale, featuring the testimony of Norman Dodd, the chief investigator of the 1954 Reece Committee investigating the incestuous ties between government, education, and the major foundations. The hearings were forcibly aborted, but this book preserves the highly important major findings.

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"The underground history of American Education", by John Taylor Gatto - now in its third printing


Dumbing Us Down

Dumbing Us Down - Written in the first months after John Taylor Gatto left schoolteaching, this book has attained the status of an underground classic, remaining in print, with 150,000 copies sold, for ten years. A hard-hitting reflection on the significance of schools and schoolteaching, the difference between networks and communities, and what lies at the heart of being congregationally American as opposed to corporatively American. New Society Publishers 106 pages, paperback USA ISBN 0-86571-448-7 $11.95

As of April 2002: The publisher has replaced the original edition with a 10th Anniversary Second Edition. The new version, in addition to a new cover; has a foreword by Thomas Moore (Care of the Soul); a new introduction by the book's original publisher, David Albert; and a completely new essay by John entitled, Afterward: Ten Years Later. The new book has about 20% more text than the first edition and the original version is now no longer in print.

Mind-control of children in America

I could plead in my defense that only through a timely first Internet connection was I informed of what was actually happening in Yugoslavia in 1999. Before then I had no Internet access and was fooled by the lies and coverups of the corporate mass-media and the schools. Indeed, one can explain a great deal of the ignorance, apathy and immorality of conventional Americans by the mind-controlling effect of the schools and the corporate mass-media. But while it explains, it does not excuse.

Looking back, I’m amazed at the extent to which I was politically brainwashed for years by mind-numbing American “schools” and the corporate-controlled mass-media.

Like all other kids I knew, I always gaped at the T.V. in the morning before school. Narcotized by chemical-saturated, sugar-coated children’s breakfast cereals, I sat there in a hypnotized stupor before the flickering boob-tube, my young mind molded by all the politically-censored, commercial-saturated children’s mind-programming. At least walking to school provided a little grounding in reality. But entering the classroom was entering a realm of unreality once again: a stuffy, stilted, straight-jacketed unreality. All the kids were required to obediently recite the lie-filled “Pledge of Allegiance” before the ugly American flag to start the dreary day, after which we labored to memorize a thoroughly uninspired mass of soporific, State-approved data until 3:00.

There ought to be a word for what American schools do to kids’ minds. How about “menticide”...

menticide \'ment-i-cide\ n. [fr. L mentis mind + caedere to kill]  1: the process of murdering every last vestige of creative, analytical and spiritual thinking within a vulnerable young mind through a prolonged and mandatory program of official coercion to engage in essentially mindless memorization of materialistic, irrelevant, unrelated and very often untruthful data  2: the predominant effect of the American school system

We were encouraged not to think, but merely to memorize. We were pressured to submit unquestioningly to the materialist-capitalist worldview and absorb so-called “facts” which were not facts at all, but outright lies and political propaganda.

There is no place for independent, free-thinking individuals within the American school system. From the first grade all the way through university post-graduate work, American schools reward you for mental obedience, above all else. Intellectual conformity is valued above real intelligence. Intelligence is rewarded only if it is applied within approved boundaries. For those with independent, creative minds, school curriculum is a mental coffin.

“How is it that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid? It must be education that does it.”

— Alexandre Dumas

All those impressionable, critically important years of children’s lives — wasted in school. Innocent souls are mutated into apathetic, immoral citizens in an assembly-line of mass-produced minds. Day after day, year after year they are steadily conformed to an evil, decaying system. Children are trained to become obedient taxpayers, flag-saluting sheep, while their corporate and government rulers, wolves in sheep’s clothing, feed upon their labor. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, indeed.

“You must adjust... This is the legend imprinted in every schoolbook, the invisible message on every blackboard. Our schools have become vast factories for the manufacture of robots.”

— Robert Lindner

“My schooling did me a great deal of harm and no good whatever; it was simply dragging a child’s soul through the dirt.”

— George Bernard Shaw

“And what is a good citizen? Simply one who never says, does or thinks anything that is unusual. Schools are maintained in order to bring this uniformity up to the highest possible point. A school is a hopper into which children are heaved while they are still young and tender; therein they are pressed into certain standard shapes and covered from head to heels with official rubber-stamps.”

— H. L. Mencken

A bell began the school day, a bell told you when you could escape for recess, a bell told you to come back from recess, a bell told you when you could eat lunch, a bell told you to come back from lunch. When the final blasted bell rang it was always a magic moment. All the little robots were permitted to come alive again and flee into the waiting arms of Life Outside.

But whatever other “extracurricular” activities there might be, upon returning home our impressionable minds were further programmed by hours of tacky televised twaddle until it was time to go to sleep.