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7. Musical Appreciation of the Universe

Boscovich’s Theory is a Unified Pythagorean theory of physics, and the Pythagoreans viewed the universe as obeying the rules of music and number, so it in other words Boscovich’s Theory is a Musical description of the universe. Waves play a very big part in music, and resonance has a very big part to play with waves. Tesla’s physics is based on resonance. So, all is interconnected: Tesla, Boscovich, Pythagoras, Music.

Michael Hayes in his book The Infinite Harmony, also makes the connection that music is the fundamental nature of the universe. He was looking at the work of Francis Crick and James Watson on the DNA molecule and noticed its musical pattern, and then noticed that this pattern was also in the I Ching- a compilation of 64 line signals known as hexagrams from the Chinese Book of Changes written circa 1100 BC by King Wen of the ancient Chou dynasty. He then says:

"..I became convinced that God Himself was a musician. Not only that, in being able to use the inner composition of DNA to draw together the diverse talents of such as Crick and Watson, Pythagoras and King Wen, I began to suspect that, over the centuries, many others have shared the very same conviction." [1] 

Boscovich’s perspective is not unique, others have discovered it. Michael Hayes continues:

"Observing the world as I now see it - that is, from a musical perspective - first requires that the reader accept a hypothesis." [2] 

He then starts to outline his musical theory for the universe:

"All phenomena, whether physical or metaphysical, owe their very existence in space and time to the harmonious interaction of two fundamental laws." [3] 

I am not that much interested in the outlines that Hayes then gives for his musical theory, he admits to acquiring it by intuition. Basically any musician can have a intuitive understanding of music, without consciously understanding what he is doing. Its like the fingers know what they are doing when playing a stringed instrument, and the musician does not need to think what the fingers need to do, he just does it. It is the same for all human activities; when first learning to do a task like ride a bike, drive a car, it is difficult, and then we do the task unconsciously and don’t have to consciously think about it. Musicians have an intuitive understanding of how the universe operates. But if you pointed out that electricity for instance operates by the same rules as they play their music, they would not be able to apply their musical ability to be an electrician. It is an unconscious understanding and not a conscious understanding. If you ask them to think what they are doing, then most often they wouldn’t be able to say what it was.

There are different tone systems, the one based on Pythagoras gives us the Octave system:

"Pythagoras of ancient Greece is considered to have discovered that the tones produced by a string vibrating in two parts with simple length ratios such as 2: 1, 3:2, or 4: 3 sound harmonious." [4] 

This musical scales gives us the seven notes: Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti; and to make eight notes, the ‘Do’ of the next scale up is added. Looking at nature this way, then one can find these number patterns everywhere, such as in the structure of the Great Pyramid. One can find numbers such as pi, but:

"In his book The Riddle of the Pyramids, Dr Kurt Mendelsohn, a former prize-winning physicist who studied under Planck and Einstein, states that the Egyptians of the Old Kingdom had only a rudimentary knowledge of mathematics and that the formula pi wasn’t know in Egypt even a thousand years after the Great Pyramid was constructed. The pyramid- builders, he insists, discovered the transcendental number pi without trying and without knowing." [5] 

So, these ancient Egyptians might have known their knowledge unconsciously, (like some modern musicians with their music ability) and not been consciously aware of what they were doing. This encoding of numbers into Pyramids is dismissed by the mainstream science community as crankish, as Hayes notes some pyramid theorists go too far in the patterns that they think they can see:

"In 1926, an Englishman, D Davidson, published a lengthy volume, Great Pyramid: Its Divine Message, the central theme being that the internal system of passages and chambers, indicated to the scale of one pyramid inch to a solar year, embodied a prophetic history of the world, starting in 4004 BC and ending around AD 2045." [ 6] 

This received almost universal contempt from modern historians, and earned these pyramid theorists to be thought of as ‘cranks’ and named ‘pyramidiots’. Yet Hayes and others see the musical numbering encoded into such ancient structures. He also sees the musical numbering encoded in such religious books as the Bible, with it transmitting the Hermetic (Ancient Egyptian) knowledge through Moses. 

He emphasises that the Hermetic pattern of ‘as above so below’, and sees this pattern everywhere, such as in the human body:

"The human body comprises eight individual biological systems, each of which is integrated and harmonised by the life-giving action of the heart. Each system extends throughout the whole organism, and over each, one of the endocrine glands functions as a kind of regulator, transforming the general life energy produced by the organism (from the intake of food, air and light) into the degrees of biochemical resonance needed for its own particular function." [7] 

Most interestingly he says that the periodic table of the elements is formulated on the overall basis of an octave squared, and dealt with in Rodney Collin’s book The Theory of Celestial Influence. [8] 

My interests are with the physics of Einstein, and he has this to say:

"Einstein apparently liked to unwind by playing the violin and was a passionate lover of the works of Mozart. The Greeks would have approved. An intellectually active scientist who can experience a genuine appreciation of great music is privately a person with a distinctly receptive, or passive, side to nature - a necessary prerequisite, one might think, for anyone wishing to make direct intuitive contact with ‘the Old One’ (Einstein’s pet name for the Creator)." [ 9] 

Another interesting idea that Einstein understood his physics intuitively, because of his love of music, and might have known physics best unconsciously:

"Finally one should not forget that, as a physicist, Einstein must have been familiar with the periodic table of atomic elements, formulated schematically on the overall basis of an octave squared. He would have understood therefore - if only subconsciously - that the square of the constant (order of materiality) produces an infinity of variety and form."

"Clearly, therefore, whether Einstein himself was aware of it or not, his whole individual psyche must have been saturated with hermetic data, with the ‘signals of Thoth.’ A sensitive, passive man such as he would in a manner of speaking have fed upon such data. They would have been his spiritual and psychological sustenance, and every time he chanced to absorb one or another of their otherworldly influences, it would have struck a harmonious note somewhere deep within him." [10] 

And this man claimed QM was wrong, or at best incomplete, hence Modern Physics has been building on an incorrect perspective ever since then, according to this Musical appreciation of the universe. 


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8. The Founders of Modern Physics were working from a Unified Physics

The Founders of Modern Physics (in the 1920s), were working from a Unified Theory (i.e. Boscovich). But this Unified Theory is no longer taught to Students. It has been deleted from their education, because of a strange philosophical movement (logical Positivism) that has rejected such a unified approach to physics, and making modern Physics (from the 1940s) a collection of unconnected theories.

Niels Bohr was one of the main founders of Quantum Mechanics, and he was working from Boscovich’ Unified Theory. This can be inferred from the praises that Niels Bohr gave for Boscovich (also spelt ‘Boskovic.’) At the International Symposium in 1958, attended by many of the top physicists, Niels Bohr gave this speech:

"Ruder Boskovic, whose life-work is receiving greater and greater attention in the scientific world of today, was one of the most prominent figures among the 18th century philosophers who enthusiastically elaborated the fundamental conceptions of Newtonian mechanics. Indeed, he did not only make important contributions to mathematics and astronomy, but strove with remarkable imagination and logical power to develop a systematic account of the properties of matter on the basis of interactions of mass points through central forces. In respect, Boskovic’s ideas exerted a deep influence on the work of the next following generation of physicists, resulting in the general mechanistic views which inspired Laplace and, perhaps less directly, even Faraday and Maxwell."

Bohr is downplaying Boskovic’s contributions; other sources refer to Boskovic as being the 18th Century’s version of Newton. But he says that Boskovic is receiving greater attention in the scientific world, indicating Boskovic’s importance to Physics. This speech was in 1958, and the West did not pursue that interest. Bohr waffles on :

"It is true in our days the approach to such problems has undergone essential changes. Above all, it has been recognised that the consistent description of atomic processes demands a feature of indivisibility, symbolised by the quantum of action and which goes far beyond the old, much debated doctrine of a limited divisibility of matter. This development has revealed an unsuspected limitation of the scope of mechanical pictures and even of the deterministic description of physical phenomena. However, it has been possible, through a most efficient collaboration between physicists from many countries, gradually to develop a rational generalisation of the classical theories of mechanics and electrodynamics, which has proved capable of accounting for an ever increasing wealth of experimental data concerning the properties of matter."

When, against this background, one reflects on the development of natural philosophy through the ages, one appreciates the wisdom of the curious attitude towards atomic problems, which reigned until the last century. I think not only of the belief that, owing to the coarseness of our tools and sense organs, it would never be possible to obtain direct evidence of phenomena on the atomic scale, but also of the often expressed skepticism as to the adequacy of pictorial models in a domain so far removed from ordinary experience. Although the marvellous development of experimental technique has permitted us to record effects of single atomic objects, we are here in a novel situation which has necessitated a radical revision of the fundaments for the unambiguous use of the elementary conceptions, like space and time, and cause and effect, embodied in the language adapted to our orientation in practical life.

The elucidation of the situation with which we are confronted in atomic physics has been obtained by raising anew the old problem of what answers we can receive to questions put to nature in the form of experiments. Of course, no physicist from earlier times has ever thought that he could augment physical knowledge in any other way than by accounting for recordings obtained under well-defined experimental conditions. While, in this respect, there is no change of attitude since Boskovic’s time, we have in our days, as is well known, received a new lesson regarding our position as to analysis and synthesis of such knowledge.

Now, this is the important bit about Boskovic:

"Our esteem for the purposefulness of Boskovic’s great scientific work, and the inspiration behind it, increases the more as we realise the extent to which it served to pave the way for later developments. In friendly and fruitful international co-operation physicists are working today, in Yugoslavia as in all other countries, for the progress of our knowledge of the atomic constitution of matter and for the application of this knowledge, which holds out promises surpassing even those of the technology based on classical physics. In the pursuit of such novel developments, it is essential that we not only keep an open mind for unforeseen discoveries, but that we are conscious of standing on the foundations laid by the pioneers of our science."

Boskovic was the main pioneer for what became Modern Physics (as created in 1920s) by Bohr and his contemporaries. But Bohr is trying to be rather ‘vague’ in saying this. He finishes his speech by saying:

"The 200th anniversary of the publication of Boskovic’s famous Theoria Philosophiae Naturalis could hardly be commemorated in a more fitting manner than by an international congress in the country of his birth, convened on the occasion of the opening of the museum in Dubrovnik with its historical treasures. In pointing to the future, it is also a most fortunate omen that the great occasion could be combined with the inauguration of the modern research institute in Zagreb, which bears Ruder Boskovic’s name and where Mestrovic’s impressive statue will daily remind students of the traditions on which they are building and inspire them to fruitful contributions to common human knowledge."

There is a Physics Research Institute in Yugoslavia, which is dedicated to Boskovic. This speech was given in 1958. Yugoslavia was in the Soviet Union then, and the Soviets were well aware of the importance of Boskovic to modern Physics, but the West decided to ignore him. This is suggestive of some Cold War Cover-up in Physics. We can see why Bohr in 1958 thought that the scientists were getting more interested in Boskovic, and the West’s subsequent lack of interest, as indicating that the West was curtailing certain physics information. 

In the USSR, there was less personal freedom, and it appears that there might have been no suppression of information on Boskovic in connection with Modern Physics. But in the West, where there is personal freedom, it appears that this freedom requires certain information to be denied people, else they know too much and present too big a security risk.

In WWII, scientists were placed into a compartmentalisation approach to scientific research, because of national security reasons they were not allowed to communicate with scientists outside of the speciality they were working on. This was to try to keep scientists with no overall picture of any science project that they were working on, so as to prevent them leaking too much information if they were to defect. If they had knowledge of a Unified Theory of physics (a la Boskovic) then they could have worked out all of the details of the projects they were working on, and presented a bigger security risk. Hence giving people personal freedom, meant that people must not be allowed to know too much, or they could present too big a danger, if they did deviate and go ‘bad’. 

One wonders how much of this is still going on today. From certain Conspiracy Theorists, we are told that Secret Agencies are often engaged in deliberate Disinformation Campaigns. There is freedom of information, so there must be a lot of truth out there, which if people believed in, would make them dangerous, and so in order to combat this, the Secret Agencies then engage in spreading disinformation. A person then seeking the truth, has the truth hidden within layers of lies. Personal freedom in the West leads to these sorts of actions by the Authorities. There seems a positive and negative aspect to all matters. Personal freedom entails a dark side. 


Actes Du Symposium International R J Boskovic 1958, Beograd, Zagreb, Ljubljana, 1959, p 27 - 28

9. Logical Positivism and Scientism

Modern Science has been corrupted by a philosophical movement called Logical Positivism, which is not Logical and is not Positive, which led rise to Scientism a pseudo religion that pretends to be a Science. The followers of Scientism, do not realise it is Scientism that they follow, and mistake it for Science. 

In Unwin Hyman Dictionary of Philosophy, Logical Positivism is described as:

"the doctrine of the Vienna Circle, so called because it recognises only the positive sciences (as against systems of metaphysical speculation) as valid sources of human knowledge, and in this process attends to the logical structure of scientific (that is, acceptable) statements. Thus, the doctrine insists on the empirical approach (Empiricism), in some ways continuing the tradition that goes back to Locke and Hume. However, the thorough-going rejection of abstract theorising went too far: theoretical science seemed itself inadmissible."

Science likes to see itself as being Empirical, hence the Logical Positivism Movement tied itself to that, making it seem a Scientific Philosophy upon that matter. But Logical Positivism went too far and rejected Theories that went beyond what was directly provable by Empiricism. This Philosophical Movement which became powerful in the 1920s, the same time as Modern Physics (Relativity and Quantum) were taking hold, started to reject the parts of those theories that were not directly proven by experiment. 

It is very unfortunate that this rejection happened, because it was a rejection of ‘Proper Science.’ Physics as started by Galileo and Copernicus, and extended into the Newtonian Research Program, was never anything more than a Working Hypothesis, which culminated in Boscovich’s theory that was predicting phenomenon that was beyond experimental testing when that theory was created. Logical Positivism then sought to destroy that Theory (that connected Relativity and Quantum ideas) as speculation, leaving unconnected pieces of theory. Physicists such as Bohr were working from the Unified Theory of Boscovich, but the Positivists rejected the unified theory, leaving only the bits of that theory which had so far been tested. 

What is worse, the Positivists in their rejection of ‘Proper Science' Under the Newtonian Research Program, then rewrote history to suit what they wanted to believe. If one looks at what is said about Boscovich in the mainstream physics history, he is dismissed as an anomaly, when previously he was very prominent in the development of Modern Physics. Positivists corrupt everything, so that their point of view seems to be the only point of view, and the way they do this is to ignore the evidence that indicates that they are wrong. Anything that does not fit into their point of view, is either dismissed as an anomaly or there is found some other reason to reject it. Compare this to what Galileo faced. He tried to get the intellectuals of his day to accept his telescopic observations for the Copernican theory, but the intellectuals rejected the evidence as anomalies. Logical Positivism is thus a reinvention of the biased religious beliefs of the medieval intellectuals, and is thus a pseudo religion. In hung onto science like a parasite, and converted much of that science into what is called Scientism. Many scientists follow Scientism, in the mistaken belief that it is Science. 

Dr Denis Alexander, Chairman of the Programme of Molecular Immunology at the Babraham Institute and a Fellow of St Edmund’s College, Cambridge, gives more information on Logical Positivism and Scientism in his book Rebuilding the Matrix: science and faith in the 21st Century.

Science should be based on rational thought. But Alexander notes:

"..... sociological insights suggest that the adoption of many of our beliefs occurs, in the first instance, not by rational argument at all, and least of all by evidence, but by a very different set of social processes." [ #]

i.e. Beliefs such as Scientific Beliefs are often not based on rational thought. When Scientists are informed of this, their response is: 

"Scientists are generally wary of sociologists, and often downright hostile. The reasons for such hostility are not difficult to unravel. Sociologists who study science sometimes give the impression that the acquisition of scientific knowledge can be explained in purely sociological terms. Thus it appears that the main determinants of scientific theories are not the properties of the universe around us, but rather the power wielded by a certain school of scientists, or their ideological concerns, or economic forces which control scientific programmes. According to such sociological accounts, scientific knowledge is just one more type of human construct which has no more claim to our assent than any other form of knowledge. Not surprisingly, scientists become rather huffy when they read such material, for virtually all scientists believe that, in carrying out their research, they are gradually generating better descriptions of the physical world ........." [#]

i.e. Scientists like to believe that they are involved in discovering the ‘truth’, and do not like to be told that they are in fact adopting a Belief System that has no more validity than other Belief systems.

Many scientists recognise that their Belief System is incomplete, but believe that they are getting closer to the ‘truth’ as time passes.

"...... [Scientists believe that Science] while certainly incomplete, over time correspond more and more closely to reality Those descriptions are certainly not complete, but they are improving. Scientists point out that, while it is quite clear from the history of science that all kinds of economic, political and religious factors have played important roles in determining the direction of science, and even the content of some scientific theories, nevertheless, ultimately, scientific knowledge does provide reliable `maps' of the world around us. Science is not merely a social construct." [#]

The main point of this web site is that Modern Physics was working to a Unified Theory (under the Newtonian Research program), which was the ‘truth’, but then all the sociological, economic, philosophical factors etc., came into operation and science moved away from the ‘truth.’ A fact that many scientists would probably distasteful. But that is the way things are. 

Alexander has an interesting comment about passionate emotions influencing belief: 

"It is sometimes thought that the beliefs which are held most strongly by societies are those which are expounded with great passion, But a moment's thought will show that this is not the case, Passionate beliefs tend to be minority beliefs. The smaller your voice, the louder you need to shout in order to make yourself heard. The really strong beliefs in societies are those which are tacitly maintained, The strength of the belief is in direct proportion to the degree to which discussion of it is felt to be unnecessary The assumption that the belief is true runs so deep that to unearth it and critically discuss it would be like digging up the foundations of the Tower of London to show that the stones underneath were really as big as everyone knew they must be anyway." [#]

"How do we come to accept such deeply held assumptions? Most of them are simply 'given' to us as the earliest data of our lives. At the beginning we are presented with a language in which everything is already labelled. Language is not a matter for discussion, only something to be learned. Yet language is not a neutral medium to express meanings about objects and concepts that exist in the world around us. Words are loaded in different directions by connotations that derive from their use against the background of a particular history and/or geography The word `wicked' to my generation means something quite different from its meaning for my students." [#]

The influence of Logical Positivism has run so deep that the basic science and the language that we now speak, has been altered, so as to try to lead itself to the Belief System of the corrupted Science. Alexander tells us about Logical Positivism:

"According to Logical Positivism - an anti-metaphysical movement influential in the earlier half of the 20th century, promoted in Britain by A.J. Ayer in his Language, Truth and Logic (1936) - a sentence can only be true or false either fl it can be justified as being true on the basis of sensory experience, i.e. it is empirically verifiable, or il' it can be shown to be true or false on the basis of meaning alone, i.e., it is logically consistent, The `scientific method' came to be the arbiter of what was designed as rational. The Positivists had a field day in declaring to be nonsense (in the strict sense of' that term) all kinds of claims and statements that did not seem meaningful according to these stringent criteria, not least in the arts and in religion." [#]

This must have been when they were also deleting the parts of Physics, that they did not like. But after inflicting such damage, they then found:

"... they finally found themselves hoist by their own petard with the realisation that their own stringent criteria for meaning; rendered the criteria themselves meaningless as they could not be empirically supported. As it happens, the more extreme tenets of Positivism proved very stale for science, as men like Mach tried to eliminate reference to all unobservable entities from scientific discourse, a process that would rapidly reduce most laboratories to a state of complete silence!" [#]

i.e. Logical. Positivism was nonsense, but was discovered too late, after it had inflicted its damage to Science.

Alexander continues:

"Although Positivism as an organized philosophy is no longer with us, its ghost still lives on in popular culture under the label of 'scientism'" [#]

And Scientism is the corrupted science that masquerades as Proper Science. Alexander explains that it is : 

"a view of scientific knowledge which lingers on in popular culture and which is also actively promoted by some scientists and philosophers of science, This comprises a rather amorphous mixture of beliefs, the mixture varying somewhat in emphasis depending on who is propounding it, but the beliefs are linked sufficiently to subsume them under the general title of 'scientific naturalism' or less formally, `scientism', In a way this latter term is ,

an unfortunate title since it implies that this is a philosophy which is inherent ,

in the scientific enterprise itself whereas it would be far closer to the truth to say ,

that 'scientism' is parasitic upon science but certainly not part of it, Scientific naturalism, or scientism refers to the view that only scientific knowledge is reliable and that science can, in principle, explain everything." [ #]

And Scientism has a strong hold because it enforces that things should be discussed in only that it deems fit, with many science journals following Scientism beliefs rather than Proper science. Alexander tells us:

"It has been suggested above that the price to be paid for the construction of a body of universally reliable scientific knowledge, fit to be published in reputable scientific journals, is the imposing of certain restrictions - restrictions on the type of questions addressed, restrictions on the language employed and restrictions on the methods used....." [ #]

The corruption of science runs very deep, creating ‘Scientism’ and then the corruption sets up its defences, by denying the evidence that proves that ‘Scientism’ in all its many forms is wrong. Hence why we have dropped out from the Proper Science of the Newtonian Research Program.


Unwin Hyman Dictionary of Philosophy, G Vasey and P Foukles, 1999, p 176 - 7

Rebuilding the Matrix: science and faith in the 21st Century, Denis Alexander, A Lion book, UK 2001, p 13 -14, 231 - 2, 272

10.Feynman on the Corruption of Physics

One needs to look at the History of Physics to find that Physics as left by the Founders of Modern Physics, is very different from what is now taught as Modern Physics, because there has been a corruption of what has been transmitted. How this was achieved, can be surmised from what Feynman has said about Physics education.

Richard Feynman in his book Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman, reports that he sat for a while on a committee choosing science text books for schools. The committee he was on, did not pay much attention to actually looking at the text books, and seemed to have based their picking on ‘what looked pretty’ etc. Feynman spend the time looking at the books. He says:

"It was a pretty big job, and I worked all the time at it down in the basement. My wife says that during this period it was like living over a volcano [of books]. It would be quiet for a while, but then all of a sudden, ‘BLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!’ - there would be a big explosion from the ‘volcano’ below. [as Feynman got angry.] The reason was that the books were so lousy. They were false. They were hurried. They would try to be rigorous, but they would use examples (like automobiles in the street for ‘sets’) which were almost OK, but in which there were always some subtleties. The definitions weren’t accurate. Everything was a little bit ambiguous - they weren’t smart enough to understand what was meant by ‘rigor.’ They were faking it. They were teaching something they did not understand, and which was, in fact, useless, at that time, for the child."

School science text books are rubbish, and no body cares, as Feynman found out. And if you check, you find that this is happening right across the science education system. There has been corruption from what the pioneers on Modern Physics were saying, and what has ended up in the text books. And lots of people have science beliefs from different misinterpretations. (Our whole society is structured so that this sort of thing happens everywhere, as people care more only for money.)

Feynman explains how a panel of experts can pick bad physics text books, as follows:

"This question of trying to figure out whether a book is good or bad by looking at it carefully or by taking the reports of a lot of people who looked at it carelessly is like the famous old problem: Nobody was permitted to see the Emperor of China, and the question was, What was the length of the Emperor of China’s nose? To find out, you go all over the country asking people what they think is the length of the Emperor of China’s nose is, and you average it. And that would be very "accurate" because you averaged so many people. But it’s no way to find anything out; when you have a wide range of people who contribute without looking carefully at it, you don’t improve your knowledge of the situation by averaging."

1. Much of what is supposed to be science is now using methods akin to finding the ‘length of the Emperor’s nose.’ Physics is not just corrupted in the education area, but also in areas such as the methods it now uses.

2. That explains how the experts can cock it all up, in everything.

3. People are trained from an early age to accept a corrupted version of physics.

4. There is a big discrepancy between what the Founders were doing, and what their inheritors are doing. For instance, ‘they’ were working from a Unified Theory, whereas their inheritors are not. That Unified theory, being Boscovich’s theory. (see Bohr’s paise of Boscovich.)



Daily Mail Saturday Jan 26, 2002

Front Page Headline: Top scientist damns companies for targeting the young - and putting their health at risk: CYNICISM OF THE MOBILE PHONE FIRMS, by James Chapman

Mobile phone firms are cynically targeting children despite fears they are most at risk from radiation, a leading scientist claimed yesterday.

Sir William Stewart, who led the world’s biggest investigation into mobile phone safety, said those who encouraged under - 16s to buy hand- sets were irresponsible. There were also warnings that boys who use phones to send text messages could be putting their fertility at risk.

An expert said they should hold mobiles away from their bodies, rather than in their laps, to avoid the threat of radiation affecting vital organs.

The warnings came as Sir William unveiled a £4.7 million research programme into the effects of mobile phones on user’s health.

Children’s brains are thought to be particularly vulnerable to mobile phone radiation because their skulls are thinner than adults’.

The skull of a five year old, for example, is as thin as ½ mm at the ear whereas the skull of a 21 year old adult is about 2 mm.

What we have is some Scientists thinking that Mobile Phones could be unsafe for children to use, but who cares about the adults, but still there is a large portion of the Science Community in denial that Mobile Phones present a Health Problem.

A large part of this ability to deny that mobile phones can cause health problems is connected with the stupidity of Mainstream Physics Beliefs in denying the existence of the Ether. (By Ether I mean an electromagnetic medium.)

Without the acceptance of said ‘electromagnetic medium’, one cannot apply what is obvious from Wave Theory which deals with waves in known mediums such as air and water. 

Herman Helmholtz wrote a Classic book on waves and sound in 1877. So, what I am talking about is really old physics, but with the methodology of the Quantum Revolution in the 1920s, Modern Physicists find it easy to ignore the works of physicists pre - 1920s, and feel that their modern perspective is superior. In their arrogance they talk about this Paradox or that paradox in Quantum Theory about quantum objects that can appear one moment as waves and the next as particles. In their ‘stupidity’ - unable to understand Quantum Theory and being forced to bluff it, they ignore what has been firmly established in Classical Physics.

If the Physics Community were basing their beliefs on Classical Physics, they would be saying that certain electrical products were obviously dangerous. But the Physics Community does not follow Classical theory, and is in chaos unable to agree on anything, because no one understands quantum Theory. (Even the great Feynman admitted to this!)

This plays right into the hands of the exploiters of commerce, whose motto is ‘let the buyer beware’. The Exploiters then sell dangerous products such as mobile phones, and say with all innocence their is no proof that the products they are selling are dangerous.

When it then comes to testing such products, it is just another scenario of being in denial whenever the tests produce some results, that the Exploiters do not approve of.

Forget the Quantum Theory nonsense, accept the electromagnetic medium, and these electrical products are clearly dangerous:

Herman Helmholtz’s book On the Sensations of Tone, republished as Dover Classics of Science and Mathematics, explains about Sympathetic Resonance when talking about sound waves from page 36:

".......sympathetic resonance. This phenomenon is always found in those bodies which when once set in motion by any impulse, continue to perform a series of vibrations before they come to rest. When these bodies are struck gently, but periodically, although each blow may be separately quite insufficient to produce a sensible motion in the vibratory body, yet, provided the periodic time of the gentle blows is precisely the same as the periodic time of the body’s own vibrations, very large and powerful oscillations may result. ............"

What this is talking about is - a seemingly insignificantly weak vibration, can sometimes be the Natural frequency of a body (called Resonant Frequency), and when this happens it causes a BIG EFFECT. For instance a singer can hit a certain note, and this can cause glass to shatter, because the Note is the Resonant Frequency of the glass causing the glass to vibrate. There is a famous case of a big suspension bridge that collapsed in a gentle wind, because the wind was blowing at the Resonant frequency of the Bridge. When large soldiers march in unison they are supposed to stop marching in unison when they come to a foot bridge, else the frequency that they set up might accidentally be the Resonant Frequency of the Bridge.

There are Resonant Frequency effects everywhere, and what they rely on are waves acting through a medium. 

Helmholtz has a lot to say on this, such as:

"....it is known that the largest church bells may be set in motion by a man, or even a boy, who pulls the ropes attached to them at proper and regular intervals, even when the weight of metal is so great that the strongest man could scarcely move them sensibly........"

The effects of Resonance can appear to be Magic, where the effect produced exceeds the perceived energy used; a small boy can demonstrate strength greater than the strongest man, if he applies Resonance properly. 

Helmholtz continues:

".....Musicians are well acquainted with sympathetic resonance. When, for example, the strings of two violins are in exact unison, and one string is bowed, the other will begin to vibrate......."

In other words the vibrations from one string can transfer themselves to another string, by Resonance. All of this incidentally was known to Pythagoras, who thought that the Universe was Music and Number.

Apply this reasoning to Electromagnetism, and think on the Mobile Phones:

Due to the shortage now with the Electromagnetic Spectrum (e.g. frequency range) being used by all sorts of users, the frequencies used for Mobile Phones have had to be placed near the Microwave end of the Spectrum.

What does it matter, think the Physicists now thoroughly confused by Quantum Thinking, no longer thinking in the old Classical way. They know, or at least deceive themselves into thinking that ‘they’ know that only ionising radiation can cause Cancer. So, they reason by their ‘stupidity’ that the Mobile Phone frequencies being in the non - ionising frequencies are safe. As is their methodology to ignore the Electromagnetic Medium and thus to ignore Sympathetic Resonance, they ignore that the vitally important Third Harmonic of the Mobile Phone Frequencies that places them well within the ionising radiation of the Microwaves. Then by the example of the violin strings, the ionising radiation can pass itself down through the same channel as being used by the Mobile Phone; result causing Cancer on the Phone user. (Something totally unexpected to a Quantum Theorist, but obvious to a Classical Theorist.)

Its all one vast Cover Up; ‘let the Buyer Beware’, the sellers don’t care that their products are unsafe, they just don’t want it proven that their products are unsafe, and the Quantum Physicists willingly help in covering up the evidence that the products are unsafe, by entering into denial about the Validity of Classical Physics. The Classical Physics was initiated by Newton with his Research Programme and continued by scientists such as Boscovich. It is a long tradition of Classical Physicists. And the Quantum Physicists choose to ignore them, and even say History is unimportant to try to discourage anyone looking at what the Classical Physicists had to said.

History is not unimportant, contrary to what Quantum Physicists would like to believe. Historians are well aware that people who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat the same mistakes of the past. We have entrusted our Science to a Physics Community that chooses to ignore its history, so that it can ignore the Classical Physics results that are in conflict with its Quantum Beliefs. We thus have Scientists in charge that have the same mentality as the people who created for us the Great Disasters in our past such as the Titanic ( ‘ no need for too many life boats’), the Hindenberg (‘lets use an easily flammable gas, so that there can be a big explosion’) etc. 

The World is a mess, and we place in charge those who can ensure that a little mess can be turned into a Big Disaster, because these people will deny that there is any problem right up until the end when the Problem explodes like the Challenger. And after the Disaster, the Public Relations Cover Up Exercise begins. There are lots of little problems waiting to explode in our faces, being ignored and put on the boil, thanks to our Quantum Physicist friends.

11.2 How the Ether - Cancer Effect of Mobile Phones will be covered up in Experiments

The Scientific Method as nowadays used by many scientists is idiotic, and is a corruption of the proper scientific method. Their method is to try to suppress all influences on an experiment that they think are superfluous to what they are measuring. They do not take a Holistic approach, rather they take an approach that is often called Reductionist.

How some Scientists might overlook the Sympathetic Resonance Ether Effect on causing cancer (and related illnesses) in Mobile phones is as follows:

The idea of modern science is to reduce all factors to become negligible in an experiment, bar the one factor under investigation. The Sympathetic Resonance effect I mentioned, is basically an Interference effect acting on the mobile phone radiation. And the intention of the scientists will be to get rid of or reduce Interference and Noise to a minimum when they do their mobile phone tests.

A lab will be probably be set up in a building that is like a Faraday cage; by which I mean a building that has been has outside electromagnetism blocked as much as possible from entering it. The same level of radiation as from a mobile phone, will then be applied to lab animals, and their illness rates noted as the data.

This experiment will then have suppressed the Ether Effect, and the data will hence show no illnesses in the lab animals (or very little illness), and the scientists will conclude that mobile phones are safe from this study.

It is the general method of such scientists to suppress the ‘effect’ that they are looking for, hence the data they get does not show that ‘effect’ and they conclude that the ‘effect’ does not exist. 

Whereas if the tests were conducted properly with taking into account this Interference Effect then a relationship between Mobile phones and Cancer might more likely be found. 

Modern Scientists are hence demonstrating ‘gross stupidity’ in their actions, and an erroneous approach to experimentation that did not exist before the Quantum Revolution of the 1920s. (i.e. Classical Physicists in the 19th century etc., were generally not so ‘stupid.’ This scientific ‘stupidity’ is a modern invention.)

Einstein and Heisenberg said about a scientist only being able to observe what he believes exists from his theory. Many Modern Scientists have completely ignored this and related warnings.

Hence an erroneous scientific approach exists, whereby one seeks to ignore anything that does not conform to what one wants to believe. Experimental scientists often apply this methodology to their investigations. And this ‘suppression of the effect’ experiments have become to status quo of what experiments are acceptable in peer reviewed journals. Stupidity is built upon Stupidity, until there is a vast body of Stupidity to refer to that pretends to be Science. A person that then looks at this vast body of data, unaware of its origins in Stupidity is impressed, and erroneously believes it has proven something. And being impressed, he then proceeds to adopt the methodology of it, namely to ‘ignore’ anything that does not fit in with it. He then makes contributions to this Mountain of Stupidity for later followers. If he is honest with himself, then he admits that this Mountain he is helping to build does not quite make sense to him, and he then applies the methodology of this Mountain to try to find out what has gone wrong. A methodology that is guaranteed to prevent him finding any fault with the Mountain.

12. The Gravity Conspiracy

Boscovich’s Theory where the Forces of Nature are Unified into one force has been suppressed. And then Modern Physics badly defines it words dealing with these forces, so as to hide by word -games the achievements of pioneers such as Townsend Brown into Antigravity. 

Modern Physics talks of four forces of Nature: gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong forces. The weak and strong forces are merely different aspects of the electromagnetic force, thus there are only two forces: gravity and electromagnetism. Einstein was looking for a way to unify these two forces. Now, in Boscovich’s Theory there is only one unified force: where electromagnetism and gravity are merely aspects of that single unified force. That unified force acts as both attractive and repulsive. The artificial way that Modern Physics talks about Forces, hides the true nature of gravity. 

Townsend Brown’s work on antigravity has been suppressed by the Establishment. Little wonder as it is connected to UFO physics. An abbreviated account of Anti - gravity from The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, Tim Swartz gives us :

Thomas Townsend Brown, who discovered in I923 what was later called the Biefeld -Brown Effect --- that it is possible to create an artificial gravity field by charging an electrical capacitor to a high-voltage.

He built a special capacitor which utilised a heavy, high charge-accumulating (high K-factor) dielectric material between its plates and found that when charges with between 70,000 to 300,000 volts, it would move in the direction of its positive pole. When oriented with its positive side up, it would proceed to lose about one percent of it's weight.

He attributed this motion to an electrostatically-induced gravity field acting between the capacitor's oppositely charged plates. By 1958, he had succeeded in developing a 15 inch diameter model saucer that could lift over 110% of its weight. Brown's experiments had launched a new field of investigation which came to be known as Electrogravitics, the technology of controlling gravity through the use of high-voltage electric charge.

As early as 1952, an Air Force major general witnessed a demonstration in which Brown flew a pair of 18 inch disc airfoils suspended from opposite ends of a rotatable arm. When electrified with 50,000 volts, they circuited at a speed of 12 miles per hour.

About a year later, he flew a set of 3 foot diameter saucers for some Air Force officials and representatives from a number of major aircraft companies. When energised with 150,000 volts, the discs sped around the 50 foot diameter course so fast that the subject was immediately classified.

Interavia magazine later reported that the discs could attain speeds of several hundred miles per hour when charged with several hundred thousand volts. Brown's discs were charged with a high positive voltage, on a wire, running along their leading edge and a high negative voltage, on a wire, running along their trailing edge.

As the wires ionized the air around them, a dense cloud of positive ions would form ahead of the craft and corresponding cloud of negative ions would form behind the craft. Brown's research indicated that, like the charged plates of his capacitors, these ion clouds induced a gravitational force directed in the minus to plus direction.

As the disc moved forward in the response to its self generated gravity field, it would carry with it its positive and negative ion clouds and their associated electrogravity gradient. Consequently, the discs would ride their advancing gravity wave much like surfers ride an ocean wave.

The saucers made by Brown have no propellers, no jets, no moving parts at all, They create a modification of the gravitational field around themselves.

They act like a surfboard on a wave. . . the electrogravitational saucer creates its own hill, which is a Local distortion of the gravitational field, then it takes this hill with it in any chosen direction and at any rate.

The occupants of one of [Brown's] saucers would feel no stress at all no matter how sharp the turn or how great the acceleration. This is because the ship and its occupants and the load are all responding equally to the wave-like distortion of the local gravitation field.

Although skeptics at first thought that the discs were propelled by more mundane effects such as the pressure of negative ions striking the positive electrode. Brown later carried out vacuum chamber tests which proved that a force was present even in the absence of such ion thrust.

According to the novel physics of subquantum kinetics, gravity potential can adopt two polarities, instead of one. Not only can a gravity field exist in the form of a matter-attracting gravity potential well, as standard physics teaches, but it can also exist in the form of a matter repelling gravity potential hill.

Moreover, it predicts that these gravity polarities should be directly matched with electrical polarity; positively charged particles such as protons generating gravity wells and negatively charged particles such as electrons generating gravity hills.

Thus contrary to conventional theory, the electron produces a matter-repelling gravity field. Electrical neutral matter remains gravitationally attractive because of the proton's G-well marginally dominates the electron's G-hill. Consequently, subquantum kinetics predicts that the negative ion cloud behind Brown's disc should form a matter repelling gravity hill while the positive ion cloud ahead of the disc should form a matter attracting gravity well.

Now the use of the word ‘gravity polarities’ is interesting. In conventional physics we think of electric charge as being positive and negative, while gravitational charge (i.e. mass) as having only one sign. Saying ‘gravity polarities’ suggests that ‘mass’ like ‘electric charge’ can be both positive and negative. All the other ‘goobley gook’ in the above article is trying to overcome the restriction placed by conventional physics on talking about mass as being only positive never negative.

Conventional physics has been talking about things in the hard way. After deciding to define mass as being only positive, and making this a restriction when then faced with anti-gravity has to create complicated gobble gook to overcome the restrictions placed on it by this ill advised use of word definition. 

‘Clever clogs’ who like being sceptics and are trapped within the framework of how their words are defined, then like to point out the gooble gook that the use of their words are being put to, thinking this then justifies their continued beliefs. When in fact the bad definitions of their words have trapped them within an erroneous or at best an overly complicated way of thinking about things.

In the Copernican Revolution, the Aristotelians defined Force in such a way that it was dependent on Velocity. While Galileo wanted to define Force as dependent on Acceleration. 

Persisting with their ill-defined Force the Aristotelians were able to come up with a theory to describe certain observations, while other observations (which were an embarrassment to their theory) were ignored. The physics was better described by Galileo’s Force definition, but he was faced with ridicule by the ‘clever clogs’ trapped within their ill- defined words.

Things don’t change much in a few hundred years. Deny Einstein’s physics description in the 1920s, and a physics community can define their words in an ill- chosen way, so that the ‘clever clogs’ can maintain the Conspiracy over the UFO physics.

13. Compartmentalisation methodology arising from Atom Bomb Development

Compartmentalisation of physicists so that they only know the physics relevant to a small part of the project they are engaged in , and not having an overall understanding of the entire project has resulted in corruption of physics, and is part of why Scientists are unable to put the pieces together to solve the UFO Mystery i.e. they are denied access to all the information needed to solve what is going on. Compartmentalisation was created in WWII as a need for National Security in Atom Bomb Research.

General Groves when he took over the Manhattan Project - the US project to create the Atom Bomb in WWII imposed Compartmentalisation to try to keep Security. If a scientist only knew a small part of the project, and not an understanding of the overall project, then Groves believed this would be the bets way to keep secrets. If there was a ‘leak’ from a scientist, then the scientists could not ‘leak’ the entire project details.

However, one scientist Szilard in particular was opposed to this, and wanted open discussion on all aspects of the Project among all scientists, believing that this was the bets way for science progress in building the Atom Bomb.

Thus there was conflict between the interests of maintaining security and the ability to do the science. General Groves instantly took a dislike to maverick scientist Szilard. In the book The Making of the Atomic Bomb, Richard Rhodes says :

"The kind of man that any employer would have fired as a troublemaker." Thus Leslie Groves described Leo Szilard in an off - the - record post-war interview, as if the general had arrived first at fission development and Szilard had only been a hireling. Groves seems to have attributed Szilard’s business to the fact that he was a Jew. Upon Groves’ appointment to the Manhattan Project he almost immediately judged Szilard a menace. They proceeded to fight out their profound disagreements hand to hand. The heart of the matter was compartmentalisation." [1] 

Where compartmentalisation is the restriction of how much a scientist is allowed to know about the Project he is engaged. Szilard was the "ideas" man behind the Atom Bomb. It was Szilard who told Einstein about the Atom Bomb being possible:

"...Szilard told Einstein about the Columbia secondary - neutron experiments and his calculations toward a chain reaction in uranium and graphite. Long afterward he would recall his surprise that Einstein had not yet heard of the possibility of a chain reaction. When he mentioned it Einstein interjected, ..... "I never thought of that!" He was nevertheless, says Szilard, "very quick to see the implications and perfectly willing to do anything that needed to be done. He was willing to assume responsibility for sounding the alarm even though it was quite possible that the alarm might prove to be a false alarm. The one thing most scientists are really afraid of is to make fools of themselves. Einstein was free from such fear and this above all is what made his position unique on this occasion." [2] 

This eventually led to Einstein informing the president of the possibility of making the Atom Bomb. [3] Szilard became part of the US Project to build the Atom Bomb, and was one of the main scientists involved:

"If the Project could have been run on ideas alone, says Wigner, no one but Szilard would have been needed. Szilard’s more staid scientific colleagues sometimes had trouble adjusting to his mercurial passage from one solution to another...." [4] 


"..... his army associates were horrified," [5] 

Because he (Szilard) was breaking compartmentalisation rules and knowing everything about the whole A Bomb Project.

"........and to make matters worse, Szilard freely indulged in what he once identified as his favourite hobby - baiting brass hats [i.e. Army Officers]." [6] 

The response of General Groves was to be:

"........ outraged by Szilard's unabashed view that army compartmentalisation rules, which forbade discussion of lines of research that did not immediately impinge on each other, should be ignored in the interests of completing the bomb." [7] 

"The issue for Szilard was openness with the project to facilitate its work. "There is no way of telling beforehand," he wrote in a 1944 discussion of the problem, "what man is likely to discover and invent a new method which will make the old methods obsolete." The issue for Groves, to the contrary, was security." [8] 

"......Groves put Szilard under surveillance. The brigadier still harboured the incredible notion that Leo Szilard might be a German agent. The surveillance was already months old in mid - June [1943] ........." [9] 

Compartmentalisation restricts the openness within projects, and hence restrict what can be learnt. It is still the methodology used today. National Security considerations are considered more important than allowing physicists to have complete understanding of the projects they are engaged in. Hence ‘they’ cannot make all the connections that lead to certain new discoveries, or to work out where their specialism sits in the complete picture of the UFO Mystery.


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14. Hidden Science from Operation PAPERCLIP

In Operation Paperclip, America derived secret technology and science from the Nazis, that is now uses at Area 51. 

According to Tom Bower’s book The Paperclip Conspiracy:

"The Paperclip Conspiracy was the climax of an astonishing battle between the Allies in the aftermath of war to seize the spoils of Nazi Germany: a successful plot by senior officers in the Pentagon to rewrite the wartime record of brilliant German scientists. Men who were classified as ‘ardent Nazis’ were chosen - just weeks after Hitler’s defeat - to become ‘respectable’ American citizens." [1]

"Some in Britain, too, conspired to employ Nazis, seeing that as their last hope for economic recovery, but were opposed by outraged politicians and officials. While they argued, their erstwhile Allies advantageously hired the most incriminated Germans - the French and the Russians took on anyone regardless of their crimes, and the Americans through a taut web of deceit, sanitised the murderous record of Nazi scientists.... reveals for the first time the despair, lies and calculating ruthlessness of Allied politicians, officers, civil servants and businessman who, after five years of bitter war, openly began fighting amongst themselves about the plunders and profit of victory. The pawns in the middle were the men, machines and secrets of the Third Reich, but the ultimate victors were the Germans themselves." [1]

"Neil Armstrong’s epic landing on the moon in 1969 was courtesy of two groups of Germans: Werner von Braun’s rocket team, which approved the use of slave labour to build the V2 rocket, and the German aviation doctors whose pioneering experiments had included fatal tests on the inmates at Dachau..."[1] 

".......Keeping the operation totally secret was impossible, since the Germans were scattered around the country and were mingling with American citizens. Because the government’s first announcement had, deliberately, never been contradicted, the public believed the Germans were just temporary visitors. Yet the rest of the operation was top secret, and it fell to the army to deflect attention away from the secret long - term immigration and denial policies. This policy of deception would soon be extended towards the State Department and the White House. In the spring of 1946, however, it simply amounted to emphasising the harmlessness of the Germans and their potential benefit to America." [2]

I wonder the ‘diversion of public attention' was the UFO topic? Where public wondered if strange objects in the sky were alien craft, when more likely they were aircraft being tested. But because these Nazi scientists were working on these secret aircraft, it was too close to being the truth, if one made the connection Nazi instead of Alien. And so it was a deception campaign that got out of hand? Later the topic of UFOs may have turned into a more complicated set of different phenomenon? Bower continues:

"Gruhn hoped to control potential criticism by arranging a visit for journalists to Wright Field to meet ‘representative German scientists.’ In a lengthy press release, he described the recruits as ‘comparable to Prof. Einstein’, and cited the new denial policy as evidence that the government was ‘using vacuum cleaner methods to acquire all the technical and scientific information that the Germans have.’ Had the press been more alert, Gruhn could have been seriously embarrassed. Einstein had vigorously protested to President Truman about allowing German scientists into America, and apparently no one realised that there was a possibility of large numbers of Germans arriving in the USA." [2]

The press in 1946, were too ‘dumb’ to add two and two together, and deduce there was a scandal going on with large numbers of Nazi Scientists suddenly starting to work long term in America.

If someone had been clever, and added together ‘large numbers of Nazi scientists working at Wright Field on aircraft,’ with ‘sightings of strange crafts in the sky,’ the answer then would have been man made crafts not alien crafts, but the public found the idea of aliens more exotic and got diverted.

But what about this "...lengthy press release, he described the recruits as ‘comparable to Prof. Einstein’," mere ‘hype’? Or could he have been telling the truth? The scientific environment that led to the creation of Einstein, could have easily led to scientists of his calibre, and it did! Einstein was not some lone genius coming from nowhere, he was in a community of German scientists that were of his same calibre. How else, would Germany suddenly make a leap in technology during the war? It had to make that leap, because:

"Germany's declaration of war against America and the abortive invasion of Russia had forced Hitler, at the beginning of 1942, to change his strategy from a short - to a long - term war. Admiral Donitz’s submarine designers began a crash programme which pushed technical frontiers far beyond anything envisaged two years earlier. New U - boats were designed to dive to six hundred feet, a specification which the Admiralty found incredible since British designers were unable to produce anything similar; special supply - submarines , ‘Milch Cows’, which could replenish the U - boats at sea, were sent out into the Atlantic, permitting the packs to sustain longer operations ......" [3] 

And we all know about the V- weapons etc. Germany just stepped up its technological capability because it had the potential to do so, it had Einstein calibre scientists and engineers. The result:

"On the eve of the Normandy landings, both American and British army chiefs privately acknowledged that their soldiers, fighting with inferior weapons, would suffer an enormous disadvantage............" [4] 

And the Allies suddenly became engaged in a ‘mad rush’ to acquire Nazi technology and science:

".... all four wartime allies, the Americans, British, Russians and French, became involved in the frantic and at times ruthless competition for German scientists [because] the use of Germans was simply not contemplated until as late as 1945. On the contrary, until the eve of peace, the notion of associating on equal terms with the men who had helped Hitler’s regime perfect weapons to kill Allied citizens was totally unthinkable.......But that sudden reversal in policy happened at the same time as the concentration camps and the worst crimes of the Nazis were discovered." [5] 

"It remains a very unpalatable fact that at the very moment when thousands of determined Allied officers began the hunt for German scientists, only a very few were charged to seek out the war criminals." [6] 

Originally, a small number of ex- Nazis were supposed to be imported, but more were wanted:

Officially, Paperclip was terminated on 30 September 1947. In a public statement, the army announced that during the ‘procurement phase’, 457 scientists and 453 dependants had been brought to America. But with so much unfinished business and so many demands from the military for more scientists, the pressure for continuation was overwhelming. [7] 

In order to achieve that object, the air force orchestrated a public chorus of praise extolling the genius of the German genius. Two hundred and nine scientists owned by the air force, it was claimed, had begun to open up new horizons in weapons technology, hitherto undreamed of. In the Air Staff’s opinion, they were ‘superlative specialists .... the best available in the world today’, and they were saving the air force millions of dollars and up to ten years’ work. ‘These German engineers,' they asserted, ‘are industrious, have technical and scientific training second to none, have production and operational experience in all types of advanced aircraft power plants and have demonstrated initiative, invention and practicability of design.’ [7]

The air force proceeded to inundate Washington with an endless series of secret reports which listed projects masterminded by the Germans. Already under way were trials and experiments designed to test the feasibility of diesel engine, new fuels and lubricants, guided missile control, helicopters, high - temperature alloys, precision optics, infra-red detectors, in-flight refuelling, pilot’s equipment for high- altitude flying, ribbon parachutes and a gun sight for night - fighters ‘of epoch - making importance’. Most astounding of all were the advances in jet aircraft development which the German scientists had allegedly achieved. Zobel, Goetheret and Walther Boccius had delivered amazing calculations regarding aeroplane structures and delta- wing configurations and aerodynamics, which finally convinced the air force of the superiority of German over Allied designs. Other impressive achievements included pioneering work on engine test stands, optic developments for high- altitude reconnaissance, mapping, gun sights and evapographs. In the revolution of air warfare, the German contribution seemed paramount. [8]

From the ordnance laboratory in Maryland, the navy reported that the German mathematicians, aerodynamicists and experts in heat transfer had proved that ‘their professional education and training’ were ‘superior to that of any US personnel available.' The Kochel wind tunnel was running at Mach 8, three times the speed and ten years ahead of the best American wind tunnel. Other Germans had produced original research on acoustic weapons, counter- devices and explosives, and the Signal Corps reported that the Germans had ‘made contributions of an unusual and fundamental nature’ in the realms of equipment design and development, generators, microwave techniques and crystal structures. [8] 

To critics, the general euphoria seemed suspect. Later analysis would, in fact, suggest that some of the research was little more than a year ahead of the field, and the Germans’ true value was their availability as highly experienced technicians and engineers - cheap labour for the military, who could not afford to hire Americans with similar qualifications. Equally, the assertion that the Germans were more security- conscious than Americans and could consequently be trusted, did not correspond to the alarm with which the news of German scientists' duplicity in France was received. Throughout 1947, British and American intelligence reported the fears of General Libessart, the head of the French Ballistics and Aeronautics Research Centre in St Louis, about the Germans working for their own ends in a conspiracy with other German groups working both for Britain and Russia. [8] 

Most Nazi scientists became American citizens:

"..Quietly operating behind a screen of misinformation, JIOA officers were plotting the perfect solution: to rewrite and sanitise the Nazi’s wartime activities by falsifying the security reports which were a vital preliminary for the scientists’ visas and their eventual citizenship."[9] 

So, there we have it, a good part of the solution to UFOs when 'they' first started ‘they’ were part of a misinformation diversion from Operation Paperclip, but it then soon got out of hand. The ‘diversion’ was too close to what was really going on. With time the UFO phenomenon evolved into encompassing a much wider range of things. It started as strange crafts in the sky, and became strange encounters with possible aliens and numerous other related topics. 

But these reports from witnesses of aliens, how reliable are they? There are a larger number of people today that have a Spiritual New Age outlook on life, and these sort of people believe that dreams are just as important as waking experiences. So, how many reported alien encounters are merely from witnesses that believe dreams are reality, and how many are ‘real’ waking experiences? I have no idea. From the humble beginning of diversion from Operation Paperclip, the UFO phenomenon now encompasses a great many things than what it originally was all about. To the word UFO there has been stuck numerous other mysteries than what it originally started as. And there still might be aliens out there. We were easily diverted in the past from what was ‘really’ going on, so how much misinformation do we get today that diverts us from knowing what is ‘really’ going on now? 

The corruption of this misinformation could run very deep. It might have fostered upon us New Age Religious ideas that are nonsense, and given us a false science, while the science practised at Area 51 is very different from that taught at public access Universities. 


The Paperclip Conspiracy, Tom Bower, Michael Joseph, London, 1987

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15.1 Modern Science as derived from an Ancient Wisdom, that was subsequently forgotten.

Modern Physics is based on Empiricism: matching theory to observations. We might then think that the Copernican Revolution had it beginning from Empiricism. It did not! Instead it was a rediscovery of Ancient Wisdom.

Naively we might think that Galileo’s astronomical observations confirmed Copernicus’s theory of the Earth moving around the sun, and then Newton derived the mathematical theory. It is often presented to Scientists that this is what happened for their shorten version of Science history. However, it did not happen that way!

The shorten Science history as presented to Scientists takes as its assumption a belief in Empiricism, and then rewrites its History to match its belief in Empiricism. 

What really happened was completely different. When the events happened and there was no Modern Empiricism in existence to equate those events to. The philosophy of Empiricism as Modern Science knows it, was created much later after the historical events.

It is only now from a Modern Perspective based upon a belief in Modern Empiricism, that the historical events get interpreted in terms of Modern Empiricism. In other words we look back at the beginnings of Modern Science and interpret those events through what is called a ‘Knowledge Filter’. The events as they happened were dependent upon a belief in the Pythagorean approach to Science. As noted in other articles: the Pythagorean tradition is part of the Ancient Egyptian Thoth religion. So, the events regarding the origin of Modern Science were based on a rediscovery of Ancient Wisdom.

The Pythagorean beginnings of Modern Science were replaced by Modern Empiricism, so that is why Scientists now look back at the origin of Modern Science and reinterpret what really happened through a different Belief than the Belief that Modern Science was really based upon. 

History gets rewritten, or rather our perceptions of what happened change, because we believe different to people that actually lived through the historical events. Today, it is obviously from our beliefs that Galileo was right about the Earth moving, and anyone who says otherwise is a ‘fool’. But as the events actually happened it was not so obvious. 

The reason: People living at the time of Galileo based their beliefs on Empiricism, and the theory that Galileo was advocating had no Empirical evidence to support it, instead Galileo based his ideas on some strange Mystical philosophy called Pythagoreanism. The Medieval Empiricist perception of Galileo was that Galileo was a ‘fool’, and talking some nonsensical Mysticism.

A complete reversal of what we expect to have happened. To simplify the teaching of Science we are most often taught that the Science we use today is based on Empiricism, and that before Galileo, the intellectuals did not base their Beliefs on Empiricism. Which is complete corruption! 

So, when we look back we say to ourselves the intellectuals in Galileo’s days were ‘fools.’ They were not foolish, in that sense! The intellectuals based their beliefs on Medieval Empiricism, they paid attention to observations, the same as Intellectuals do in the 20th and 21st Century. If they were ‘fools’ then Modern Intellectuals are capable of achieving the same foolishness.

And further, I say Modern Scientists have managed to recreate the same achievement as Medieval Scientists, namely foolishness. The reason they managed to achieve this, is because they have not paid proper attention to history. They have taught their students a corrupted History of Science, and thus repeat the same mistakes: Modern Science has re-created the same scenario, as happened in Medieval Science before the appearance of Galileo. 

Medieval Science was based on Medieval Empiricism. Modern Science is based on Modern Empiricism. 

Modern Science has abandoned the proper approach to science namely : Pythagoreanism, Modern Science has gone back to Pre Galilean stupidity.

15.2 Copernicus

The simplistic history of Modern Science is completely wrong. Modern Physics did not start from Empiricism. Arthur I Miller, in his book Insights of Genius tells us: 

"The very basis of Copernicus’s and Galileo’s research which Newton elaborated and deepened in his magisterial 1687 book, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, is a universe in which the Earth moves around the sun. There would be no evidence of this until the middle of the 19th century and by then it was a moot point. But is this not amazing? If science is a rational enterprise, how could such eminent practitioners as Galileo and Newton have based a spectacular theory of motion on an assumption for which there was no direct evidence?" [ 2]

Did you digest that? Newton and Galileo built physics on an assumption that there was no evidence to support. So, much for a belief that Modern Physics started from Empiricism. 

We are usually told that Science is a rational process, which usually is taken to mean that Science progresses from Empiricism: testing theories against observations of experiments, and rejecting theories that do not agree with those observations. BUT modern science is based on the Copernican Revolution, and that was an assumption that there was no observational evidence to support. 

Does this agree with what you think Science is about? May be you are under the impression that Galileo made some astronomical observations that confirmed the sun centred theory? He didn’t!

Rather Modern Physics is based upon a methodology that Scientists have been trying their hardest to expel from Science and denounce as Pseudo science. 

Arthur I Miller, tries to explain the discrepancy between Modern Physics as it is ‘now’ and as how it started:

" The reasons lay partly in the theory’s predictive and explanatory powers: It predicted the existence of unknown planets and explained fearsome comets, whose appearances it also predicted, merely as wayward members of our solar system. Newton succeeded in unifying motions in the heavens and Earth within a single theory. This was the first great unification in modern science. ........." [ 2] 

The only problem is that when Copernicus proposed his sun centred theory, the theory had no predictive power. The predictive power came much later with Newton. So, what was the motivation of Copernicus, if there was no predictive power in the theory when he created it. The predictive power only came later with lots of people working on the theory. Why did these people after Copernicus work on it? The theory did not start as fitting into the Empiricist philosophy. It had to be developed so that it fitted in with Empiricist outlook, and along the way the ‘real’ method was exorcised as non scientific by a prejudiced Science Community believing in Empiricism. 

The Copernican Revolution was based on a Pythagorean approach to understanding nature. (And Pythagoras is connected to the Hermetic tradition (a.k.a the Ancient Egyptian: Thoth Religion).) So lets look at the proper origin of modern science:

John Losee in his book : A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Science, tells us:

"The ‘Pythagorean Orientation’ is a way of viewing nature which has been very influential in the history of science. A scientist who as this orientation believes that the ‘real’ is the mathematical harmony that is present in nature. The committed Pythagorean is convinced that knowledge of this mathematical harmony is insight into the fundamental structure of the universe." [1]

Galileo followed this approach, as it can be seen summed up in his declaration:

"...philosophy is written in this grand book - I mean the universe - which stands continually open to our gaze, but it cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and interpret the characters in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometrical figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it." [ 1]

Before Galileo, there was Copernicus a follower of Pythagoreanism, as John Losee tells us:

"Copernicus ... as a committed Pythagorean, he sought mathematical harmonies in phenomena because he believed that they were ‘really there.’ Copernicus believed that his sun - centred system was more than a computational device." [ 1]

"Copernicus recognised that the observed planetary motions could be deduced with about the same degree of accuracy from his system, or from Ptolemy’s system. Hence he acknowledged that selection of one of these competing models was based on considerations other than successful fit. Copernicus argued for the superiority of his own system by appealing to ‘conceptual integration’ as a criterion of acceptability. He contrasted his own unified model of the solar system with Ptolemy’s collection of separate models, one for each planet. He noted, moreover, that the sun- centred system explains the magnitudes and frequencies of the retrograde motions of the planets. The sun - centred system implies, for instance, that Jupiter’s retrograde motion is more pronounced than that of Saturn, and that the frequency with which retrogression occurs is greater for Saturn than for Jupiter. By contrast Ptolemy’s Earth - centred system provides no explanation of these facts." [ 1]

Copernicus had no Empirical evidence to believe in his sun- centred theory, he was NOT a Scientist as we would nowadays define the word. Instead he based his beliefs on Pythagoreanism.

The response of the Status Quo to Copernicus was summed up by Osiander:

"Osiander argued that Copernicus was working in the tradition of those astronomers who freely invent mathematical models in order to predict the positions of the planets. Osiander declared that it does not matter whether the planets revolve around the sun. What counts is that Copernicus had been able to save appearances on this assumption. In a letter to Copernicus, Osiander tried to persuade him to present his sun -centred system as a mere hypothesis for which only mathematical truth was claimed." [ 1]

By claiming that Copernicus’s sun centred model was hypothesis and not a theory, Osiander was claiming that there was no Empirical proof for Copernicus’s idea, that it was mere Speculation. A 'hypothesis for which only mathematical truth was claimed’ meant that although the mathematics could be created for a sun - centred model, it did not mean that the sun- centred model was true. It took a Pythagorean ( as which Copernicus was) to believe that mathematics described reality: so that if a mathematics could be created for a sun- centred model, then that model was reality. It was this Pythagorean belief that Copernicus worked to, and not Empirical observations. 

So, what of Galileo:

15.3 Galileo

".... Bellarmine [representing the Church] informed Galileo on 1615 that it was permissible, from the standpoint of the Church, to discuss the Copernican system as a mathematical model to save appearances. He indicated, moreover, that it is permissible to judge that the Copernican model is better able to save the appearances than is the Ptolemic model. But Bellarmine insisted that to judge one mathematical model superior to another is not the same thing as to demonstrate the physical truth of the assumptions of the model." [1]

The Church was telling Galileo that there was no proof for Copernicus, to make his hypothesis a theory. And the Church was concerned with Truth. 

"Bellarmine ...... warned Galileo that it would be dangerous to defend the position that the sun really is stationary, and that the Earth really does revolve around it." [1]

One reason it was dangerous, was because the Church saw itself as the Defender of the Truth, and to claim Copernicus’s model was a theory, was seen as a falsehood, because there was no Empirical evidence for it. 

Losee continues:

"Galileo, as is well known, overplayed his hand. Despite his disclaimers to the contrary, his Dialogue Concerning the Two Great World Systems was a thinly veiled polemic on behalf of the Copernican system. Galileo did not regard the heliocentric hypothesis as a mere computational device to save appearances." [ 1]

Galileo was a Pythagorean and believed the Copernicus’s model was a theory. The Church saw this as propagating a falsehood. Galileo did not offer any Empirical evidence to prove Copernicus’s model was a theory, instead Losee says:

".......he [Galileo] advanced a number of arguments in favour of the physical truth of the Copernican system." [1]

i.e. Galileo was arguing that Copernicus was true, but had no Empirical evidence to back up his arguments. However, he did offer suggested experiments to back up his Pythagoreanism:

" It was of great importance for the subsequent development of science that Galileo supplemented his Pythagorean commitment with the conviction that suitably chosen experiments can establish the existence of mathematical harmonies in the universe." [1]

In other words Galileo was offering ideas that could be Empirical tested to back up a belief in Pythagoreanism. 

Eventually Medieval Science and with it Medieval Empiricism collapsed under Galileo’s successors. Modern Science was created, which then proceeded to create Modern Empiricism, and after creating Modern Empiricism then dropped Pythagoreanism.

So, what happened was : ‘all change: need a new way of thinking and a new Science ’ then followed by 'change back to the old way of thinking’. Thinking in the old way, then led 

in the 20th century to the rejection of what Einstein was really saying, and a recreation of the old style of Science, making the cycle complete, namely : abandon the Thoth approach to philosophy and science. 

After Modern Science rediscovered Ancient Wisdom, it then proceeded to lose it again.


1 A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Science, John Losee, fourth edition, Oxford University Press, UK 1972, 2001

2 Insights of Genius, Arthur I Miller, Copernicus, USA 1996

16. Serpents of Wisdom: Religious reasons behind the Suppression of Science

UFO Science has its roots in Pythagorean ideas, and Pythagoras can be associated with Satanism. Hence Religious zealots attempt to suppress the progress of Science. 

As well as the usual reasons for the censorship and suppression of certain technologies in the public sector, because of big business interests of wanting to monopolise the market, and National Security considerations, there are also religious reasons. 

In the Book Let Newton Be by John Fauvel +co, it goes into detail about the influences on Newton that enabled him to develop his Physics. He had a secret life as an Alchemist following Magickal ideas etc.:

"... in his secret thoughts Newton held a vision of history which would very much have astonished ... It reduced all he had discovered to a rediscovery of scientific truths well known to some of the great thinkers of the ancient world. One of the few public hints of this attitude was conveyed in a letter which Newton's young protégé, the Swiss mathematician Nicholas Fatio de Duiller, wrote some five years after the publication of the Principia... In 1692 he wrote to the great Dutch physicist and Cartesian, Christiaan Huygens, that Newton had discovered that all the chief propositions of the Principia had been known to such ancients as Pythagoras and Plato...."

"Huygens’ scepticism did not deter Newton in the slightest degree. He continued to search for anticipations of his work in the writings of the ancients. When the Scottish mathematician David Gregory visited him two years later, spending several months at Cambridge, Newton acknowledge to him his intention, in the forthcoming revised edition to ‘spread himself’ in proving the agreement of his own findings with those of the ancients and ‘principally of Thales’, the legendary founder of Greek philosophy. He would demonstrate that what Epicurus and Lucretius had affirmed was true and valid, and that the charge of atheism laid on him was unjust. Thoth, the Egyptian Hermes or Mercury, had been a ‘believer in the Copernican system’, while Pythagoras and Plato had ‘observed the gravitation of all bodies towards all’."

i.e. Modern Science was founded upon trying to rediscover Ancient Wisdom.

If you look at Copernicus, and other ‘greats’ like Kepler then you find that they were acknowledging the Ancients as well.

So, what went wrong?- Answer : It was opposed by Christian beliefs.

Frances Yates in book The Rosicrucian Movement says about Newton :

"The more recent Newton scholarship has emphasized the Renaissance type of thinking at the back of Newton’s scientific efforts, his belief in the traditions of ancient wisdom concealed in myth, and his confidence that he himself discovered the true philosophy behind mythology."

The associated religion of this scientific movement was preached by Giordano Bruno :

"Giordano Bruno as he wandered through Europe had preached an approaching general reformation of the world, based on return to the ‘Egyptian’ religion taught in the Hermetic treatises, a religion which was to transcend religious differences through love and magic, which was to be based on a new vision of nature achieved through Hermetic contemplative exercises. He had preached this religion, enveloped in mythological forms, in France, England, and Germany...."

Bruno ended up before the Inquisition, and Frances Yates book Giordano Bruno says: 

In 1599 an effort was made to clarify the situation by the famous Jesuit, Robert Bellarmine, who assisted by Tragagliolo, drew up eight heretical propositions taken from his works which Bruno was required to abjure, and he said that he was prepared to do so, But later in that year he withdrew all his retractions, obstinately maintaining that he had never written or said anything heretical and that the ministers of the Holy Office had wrongly interpreted his view. He was therefore sentenced as an impenitent heretic and handed over to the secular arm for punishment. He was burned alive on the Campo de’ Fiori in Rome on February 17th, 1600.

Now what did Bruno believe? 

Arthur Koestler in his book The Sleepwalkers says:

"His teachings of the infinity of the universe and the plurality of inhabited worlds, his pantheism and universal ethics exerted a considerable influence on subsequent generations.."

Further he says that Giordano Bruno became a victim of religious intolerance because of his religious opinions. 

Bruno’s science beliefs were based on his understanding of Ancient Wisdom, but that Ancient Wisdom was based on a religion that the Establishment disapproved. In response the Establishment engaged in a ‘smear campaign’ against the Religion associated with this Science, and thus called it Satanism. The Establishment then started its witch hunting Inquisition activities to root out the heretics. The heretics were those whose religious beliefs led them to believe that there were planets inhabited by aliens.

In other words in the Middle Ages there was Religious actions aimed at UFO Cover up of the Alien Hypothesis. The Alien Hypothesis was part of the Church’s condemnation of scientific ideas connected with heretical religious beliefs, in the same way that it condemned Galileo for believing that the Earth moved. It was not so much the science behind such ideas as ‘the Earth moved,’ which the Church disapproved of, it was instead the religious ideas behind those scientific ideas that the Church disapproved of. 

The religious side of the Ancient Wisdom as Yates points out was connected with the Rosicrucian Movement. After the burning of Bruno, other people with similar heretical beliefs then went into hiding, one group was called the Rosicrucians. Or did they really exist? The Inquisition could not find them, and so some sceptics think the Rosicrucians never existed and were a hoax.

This demonstrates one of the many easy methods of covering up things. In this case the steps are :-

1. The religious fanatics demonstrate what happens to people with heretical beliefs, destroying the evidence as much as possible. And the remainder of such heretical movements go into hiding. 

2. Result - one more piece of suppressed, hidden history.

And what was this Ancient Wisdom? Yates describes the persecuted beliefs in the Renaissance as:

The belief that Egypt was the original home of all knowledge, that the Greek philosophers had visited it and conversed with Egyptian priests, had long been current .....

The belief was that Ancient Greek Science was based on older Wisdom - Ancient Egyptian Science. One of the greatest Greek philosopher was Pythagoras, his name means according to Pythagoras: lover of wisdom by Ward Rutherford:

His name means ‘Mouth of Apollo’, links him with the god and his sanctuary at Delphi. Originally the oracular shrine of the earth goddess Gaia, Apollo appropriated the sanctuary after slaying the guardian serpent - hence, the honorific title Python was given to him while his prophetic mediums were called the Pythia. 

In other words Pythagoras means ‘Mouth of the Python’ and ‘Python’ was a name that the god Apollo took on himself.

In the Ancient Pagan World, the symbolism was to associate Serpents with wisdom. The bearers of Ancient Wisdom were associated with the Serpent Cult. Pythagoras was one of these Serpents of Wisdom.

But if you look at Judeo - Christian religion the Serpent is associated with Evil. We are now on the track of why Ancient Wisdom was persecuted. In Genesis, Adam represents Mankind, and upon eating the Apple, he was punished by God. This is The Fall of Man.

The Apple represented Forbidden Knowledge, and the Serpent told Adam via Eve to take the Apple.

In Judeo - Christian belief: God was very upset, and did not want Mankind to have Knowledge. The Serpent was cursed as deceiving Man, and being the cause of all of Mankind’s problems. In this Belief - if only Man had followed God’s orders and stayed in blissful ignorance. 

Believers in this Mythology have been attempting to turn back Knowledge ever since, trying to suppress knowledge, trying to stop it etc. And since Science is the quest for knowledge, there has been a large religious faction working to try to stop that quest for a very long time. And even if they cannot stop that quest, they can at least ‘throw a very large spanner in the works’, and cause corruption - divert science onto the wrong track.

The arguments engaged in during the 1920s as regards to the direction that Science should next go, were religious. Einstein was mocked for saying that God does not play dice with the Universe. His approach to physics was abandoned, and the Quantum Revolution started as a counter -revolution to overturn the Copernican Revolution. Science was once more put on the wrong track by religious fanatics. Academia being no different in social structure than the Academia that Galileo fought against, is able to maintain by its arrogance of superiority over mere mortals, to keep science on the wrong track, and suppress the evidence that the assumptions that it builds upon are wrong. 

The Judeo- Christian fanatics see all of this as the work of the Devil, but it is a Devil that they have managed to manufacture. ‘They’ believed in the Devil and so created him. 

Certain New Age Followers are also able to see this Corruption also, but not the cause and they too think it as the work of the Devil or at least as aliens that are themselves Devils. Some of these people are then able to create new fanatical religions that are still based upon the same delusional theme:---- Some people are afraid of progress and try to stop it, and in so doing create the Terror that they are afraid of .

Science now progresses like a Juggernaut with ever increasing speed heading to its final confrontation with Reality. A Reality that will now be a monumental disaster in keeping with the Titanic tradition of ignoring all danger signs and go faster. If there are any aliens watching, then they probably watch in amusement as we create our next big disaster along the same lines of creating an ‘inflexible’ infra structure (as represented by the Tower of Babel) that can only collapse with disastrous consequences. 

Why should it collapse? Answer because there are two types of people - 

1. Those who give the orders and refuse to look at the consequences of those orders, and 

2. The other group that sees the disaster and works against the first group, and hence hastens the disaster, or creates another disaster in its place. 

The only question being which group will achieve its objective and when?


History has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Anyone want to see that trick again? Given a few thousand years we might have rebuilt ourselves up again, argue over Ancient Wisdom and Aliens with some for and against the ideas and recreate the same scenario for BANG again. Personally I’m bored by all this mindless activity that pretends to be Intellectual. Anyone interested in how Telepathy works, based on Ancient Wisdom? 

I suppose not? No one showed an interest in how the Ancients deduced the workings of gravity by their observations of the electrostatic effects of amber.

17. Suppression of Ancient History

Ancient History that has UFO Science links to Ancient Wisdom gets suppressed. For instance Academia covers up evidence of Ancient Egyptians in Britain.

Ancient Egyptians fleeing the backlash against heretic pharaoh Akhenaten, came to live in Britain around 1354 BC. The archaeological evidence is being ignored by Academia so as to maintain the existing dogmatic view of history that the Ancient Egyptians had never travelled that far. 

An Egyptian boat was found at Ferriby, nearly fifty years ago, and promptly ignored by Academia.

Lorraine Evans puts together the pieces of ignored evidence that exists in Museums, in her book Kingdom of the Ark, claiming the ancient British race is descended from the Pharaohs.

As to why Academia ignores the evidence that contradicts their dogma, she concludes:

"The fact that I had unearthed so many pieces of evidence, archaeological and historical, to show Egyptian settlement in the British Isles raised one question. Why had this all been ignored in academic circles? One of the main reasons, I felt, was that if such information was readily accepted then academia would rapidly have to rewrite huge chunks of history. This would throw certain traditional `historical facts' into tremendous doubt. It is important to stress that many academics' careers are based on these `facts' and to disprove them overnight would make these people redundant, During the research for this book, I soon discovered that some academics were quite willing to share their work off the record, but when it came to committing it to print they soon backed down and a wall of silence greeted me. None of them, it appeared, wanted to put their jobs on the line, to tell the truth, The sad reality of the matter is that we are relying on these people to tell us our history, but they seem content to operate under a veil of academic censorship.

On a Saturday afternoon in the British Museum, hordes of tourists walk nonchalantly by some of the greatest collections of artefacts from the ancient world. As cameras flash and people pose by the more famous exhibits, there stands, in the Medieval Gallery, possibly the most important piece in the entire museum. By a dimly lit case rests the ancient stone of Llywel. Unearthed in a farmer's field in Wales in 1843, it was sold to the British Museum for the meagre sum of £10.00. An ornately carved piece of rock, its true importance appears to have been belittled by its placement. The most significant carving on this stone seems to have been deliberately obfuscated by the powers that be. Turned facing the wall, and impossible to view, there is a clear representation of a person dressed in Egyptian garb leaving the pyramids of Egypt on his journey to the west. ..."

We rely too much on Academia to tell us the truth, when ‘they’ are not really interested in the ‘truth’. The version of history ‘they’ give us is a fiction, which ‘they’ are quite happy to support because its their money -earner. 

Why do people waste their time trying to make sense of the UFO phenomenon within the context of the Belief system that these Academics have set up for us? The whole of history is wrong. And these Academics are contented to maintain that illusion. 

If you accept that Ancient Egyptians were in Britain, then our history needs a great deal of amending. 

When Christianity was imposed on Europe, we underwent a history rewrite, and ever since that time people have tried to maintain that false history imposed upon us, ignoring the evidence to the contrary.

The Renaissance was started by the rediscovery of Ancient texts from the Greeks etc. One of the most influential was the Writings of Thoth - Hermes, which was religion, philosophy and science. It influenced scientists such as Newton, Leonardo da Vinci etc. 

Then in the 17th century the writings were all declared a hoax, and one of the most important reasons it was thought a hoax, was because the religious message in the writings were too much a mixture of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism etc., that if true it meant all the existing religious beliefs were wrong.

Over the past 2000 years it has all been about religion. Some people want to believe such and such, and will alter the facts or ignore the facts so that they can continue to believe their delusions.

Long before Daniken, there were some people saying that the Ancients were far more advanced than they should have been. For instance:

Dr. Soddy, a scientist famous for his researches into Radioactivity, saw the links between his Radioactivity researches and Ancient Wisdom. He delivered a series of lectures in 1908 explaining the latest discoveries of radioactivity to the general public and in his 1909 book Interpretation of Radium, he wondered if the Ancients had already known about radioactivity. He says as follows:

"The world probably being of much greater antiquity than physical science has thought to be possible, it is interesting and harmless to speculate whether man has shared with the world its more remote history. 

i.e. wonders if mankind has as long a history as our planet’s. And continues: 

In this connection it is curious how strangely some of the old myths and legends about matter and man appear in the light of the recent knowledge. Consider, for example, the ancient mystic symbol of matter, known as Ouroboros-" the tail devourer "- which was a serpent, coiled into a circle with the head devouring the tail, and bearing the central motto, " The whole is one." This symbolizes evolution; moreover, it is evolution of matter - the very latest aspect of evolution - the existence of which was strenuously denied by Clerk Maxwell and others of only last century. The idea which arises in one's mind as the most attractive and consistent explanation of the universe in the light of present knowledge is, perhaps, that matter is breaking down and its energy being evolved and degraded in one part of a cycle of evolution, and in another part, still unknown to us, the matter is being again built up with the utilisation of the waste energy. If one wished to symbolise such an idea, in what better way could it be done than by the ancient tail-devouring serpent ? 

i.e. recognises that the Ancients talked in symbolism, and was a universal symbolism across the Ancient world. Tie that back to Evan’s discovery of Ancient Egyptians in Britain, and Academia wanting to deny the evidence.

Some of the beliefs and legends which have come down to us from antiquity are so universal and deep rooted that we are accustomed to consider them almost as old as the race itself, One is tempted to inquire how far the unsuspected aptness of some of these beliefs and sayings to the point of view so recently disclosed is the result of mere chance or coincidence, and how far it may he evidence of a wholly unknown and unsuspected ancient civilisation of which all other relic has disappeared. It is curious to reflect, for example, upon the remarkable legend of the philosopher's stone, one of the oldest and most universal beliefs, the origin on which however far back we penetrate into the records of the past, we do not probably trace to its real source. The philosopher's stone was accredited the power not only of transmuting the metals, but of acting as the elixir of life. Now whatever the origin of this apparently meaningless jumble of ideas may have been, it is really a perfect and but very slightly allegorical expression of the actual present views we hold today. It does not require much effort of the imagination to see in energy the life of the physical universe, and the key to the primary fountains of the physical life of the universe today is known to be transmutation. 

Is, then, this old association of the power of transmutation with the elixir of life merely a coincidence? I prefer to believe it may be an echo from one of many previous epochs in the unrecorded history of the world, of an age of men which have trod before the road we are treading today, in a past possibly so remote that even the very atoms of its civilisation literally have had time to disintegrate.

Let us give the imagination a moment's further free scope in this direction, however, before closing. What if this point of view that has now suggested itself is true; and we may trust ourselves to the slender foundation afforded by the traditions and superstitions which have been handed down to us from a prehistoric time ? Can we not read into them some justification for the belief that some former forgotten race of men attained not only to the knowledge we have so recently won, but also to the power that is not yet ours ? Science has reconstructed the story of the past as one of a continuous Ascent of Man to the present-day level of his powers. In face of the circumstantial evidence existing of this steady upward progress of the race, the traditional view of the Fall of Man from a higher former state has come to be more and more difficult to understand, From our new standpoint the two points of view are by no means so irreconcilable as they appeared. A race which could transmute matter would have little need to earn its bread by the sweat of its brow. 

If we can judge from what our engineers accomplish with their comparatively restricted supplies of energy, such a race could transform a desert continent, thaw the frozen poles, and make the whole world one smiling Garden of Eden, Possibly they could explore the outer realms of space emigrating to more favourable worlds as the superfluous today emigrate to more favourable continents, The legend of the Fall of Man, possibly, may be all that has survived of such a time before, for some unknown reason, the whole world was plunged back again under the undisputed sway of Nature, to begin once more its upward toilsome journey through the ages."

Dr. Soddy makes the connections that the Ancients were talking in a symbolic manner as regards their science. That there could have been a forgotten civilisation. That our science could be rediscovering their Ancient knowledge. 

Surely an interesting area for Academia to investigate? And does Academia decide to investigate? Answer - no they do not. Instead they choose to wait for amateurs such as Daniken to investigate this subject, and then set up a campaign to mock him and his followers. 

Academia is not interested in anything other than maintaining their existing dogma.

All attempts to explain UFOs within existing Academic Beliefs are doomed to failure. The framework of beliefs that UFO investigators are expected to agree with and earn the title of being Scientific in their studies is an illusion. 

And the science that really works, get dismissed as superstitious nonsense - Magick, paranormal, supernatural. The nature of that science, Tom Lethbridge managed to tie in with the possibility that we had been visited by Aliens in our remote past, or that we ourselves might be aliens to this planet. He works out a possible way as to how Stone Circles could be used as markers for aerial crafts as follows:

" It is hard for us today to visualize the Britain of, for instance, five thousand years ago. The vast extent of natural woodland is unknown today, except in tropical vegetation. Brambles and fallen trees made paths through it extremely difficult and it covered the bulk of the country. Only on some downlands was passage relatively easy and that was not free from large patches of juniper trees, thorn bushes, gorse and bramble. The wide vistas of rolling grassland did not exist. One can assume that exploration parties would be dropped at the edges of all this and traces of them would be found, if at all, in the kind of situations where we do find these stone set rings and alignments today. A stone ring would be noticeable from the air, just because such things do not often happen in nature. Neither would straight lines be frequent.

But there may have been another reason for setting up the stones, even if its object were the same. For untold generations it has been believed, especially by the devotees of the old witch religion, that by means of exciting people to execute wild circular dances, power could be generated and stored in stones and trees. Actually this appears to be scientific fact. It has been demonstrated by Mr P. Callahan in America that moths generate bio-electricity by the heat caused by the movements of their wings and they use this to locate their mates or food such. .......I detected the same thing with beetles ......... This is observed fact and no longer something on the fringe of knowledge, Now if you have a large number of people dancing wildly round in a ring, you obviously generate a great deal of this bio-electricity, living electricity. 

If you carry out this performance in rings formed of stones with gaps between them, you have a form of dynamo. It has been shown that the electromagnetic fields of stones, trees and water will absorb bio-electricity from outside and this is the probable reason why some people see ghosts in situations which were favourable to such impressions being preserved. I have elsewhere suggested the names of oread fields for those of stones, dryad fields for those of trees and naiad fields for those of streams in accordance with the Greek belief that nymphs with these names were to be found in such places.

...........my wife and I experienced electric shocks when trying to date the stones of the circle of the Merry Maidens in Cornwall. The bio-electronic force had been stored at one time by the exertion of dancers in that circle and it had never been taken out again. The circle is still complete. But why did anybody wish to store up electronic power in such places? What possible use could it be put to?

Well, experiments with the pendulum have shown that the electronic fields about an object are double cones of limitless height and depth. It has also been shown that a pendulum length of the same radius as the base of the double cone will register contact with that cone. If, then, you had an apparatus in a flying machine set to the right wave-length, you could pick up the rays from the stored energy in the stones and home in it like the moth to its mate. These rings of stones could have been used both as visible and invisible navigational beacons."

Lethbridge, I think was onto something, but that line of science inquiry by Academia is suppressed as much as Academia suppresses the proper history. . 

That’s why Academia like to ignore the evidence that Ancient Egyptians came to Britain, it would mean everything else they have been building up for so long is a house of cards waiting to fall down. Everything that Academia likes to suppress fits together to give a different perspective on UFOs, and starts to look like it could be true.

So, how can ‘they’ maintain this deception any longer? Easy - offer out the 'carrot' to UFO researchers, if you want respectability then you need the title of being Scientific, and to get that title you have to agree to maintaining as much of the ‘house of cards’ delusion as possible. If a lot of people are given the task of preventing these cards from falling over, then it may be the delusion can be propped up for a few more thousand years. 

Its amazing what humans are capable of achieving when they set their mind to it. They can maintain delusional belief systems through untold generations by teaching it as dogma, setting it as exams and allowing progress in Society’s pecking order, only if you believe the lies.

The truth is out there? And the truth is WE have been expected to swallow an enormous amount of lies.

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