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The old website which has now disappeared from the internet.

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The Euroamerican website
by Dennis L. Myers MD

A "New" Biology

Bacteria are being found in the diseased tissues of all degenerative diseases... 
Where do these organisms come from?

The answer to this question has been known for 150 years. Mycoplasma in heart disease, Hyliobacter in stomach ulcers, etc. The blood is not sterile.

Louis Pasteur was wrong! His idea of the bacterial cause of disease was wrong!
Cancers are full of micro-organisms. For the practice of medicine, the implication of these concepts is enormous. Medicines for these conditions are now available in this country.

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God knows...

Eclectic Medicine is Synthesis of Options 
Knowledge of options is freedom of choice

We were all taught pharmaceutical medicine, patients and doctors alike. After practicing such medicine for thirty years I KNOW it is dangerous (side effects) and that basically it does not work. Prescription drugs treat the symptoms of chronic disease, not the causes. Drugs do not cure high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer...they may control the symptoms of such diseases but no one is cured. You can cut out or radiate a cancerous tumor but the cause still remains.

Yet, the causes of such diseases and ways to eliminate these causes (by definition this does not mean to treat) have been known for more than 150 years. Basically, it is just common sense.




This web site is not about diagnosis or treatment, it is about causes.

Ignorance is Knowledge divided.

The Knowledge of Health has been divided into many 'specialties'. At this time there are basically two such divisions, each competing for their share of the market place. These are;

  • Modern allopathic, prescription drugs and,
  • So-called alternative medicine; isopathic medicine, naturopathy, holistic medicine et al.

Alternative medicine, as sold in industrialized countries, is no different than modern, allopathic, prescription drugs.

To take an herb for a migraine headache is no different than taking an aspirin for the same; you are treating a symptom, not dealing with causes. Neither has cured anything.

Instead, you use the best of all forms of medicine together (herbal, homeopathic, isopathic, chiropractic, allopathic et al.); in a sequential and logical manner, individualized for every patient.




  • GOOD WATER! Water, our most important Nutrient

  • ACID BASE IMBALANCE which almost always is a metabolic acidosis as described below,

  • the OXIDATION / REDUCTION STATUS of the body which is how 'rusty' or oxidized you are,


  • the ESSENTIAL FATTY ACID requirements of the body,

  • and the MICRO-ORGANISMS in the body as virtually all chronic diseases seem to be 'caused' or contributed to by chronic infection.

Béchamp, Enderlein, Gaston Naessens et al have been describing these 'infections' for a long time, Béchamp since 1850.

These 'infections' (they are not infections, as they are not caught) are cause by micro-organisms that set up their housekeeping in the compartments of the body that are the most acid, the most oxidized and the most polluted with toxic metals and other pollutants and wastes. These microorganisms clean these compartments of the acid, oxidized and polluted wastes. These microorganisms are not the cause of disease, they are simply there because of the acids, oxidation and pollution.

All of this is rotting pure and simple, from the inside out. Again, you do not 'catch' these germs from the outside so they are not infections. These germs come from inside the cells themselves actually.

These acid, oxidized and polluted compartments of the body have a reduced blood supply so these compartments are fortresses in the body where the body's own immune cells are also incapacitated. Because of this lack of oxygen anaerobic (micro-organisms that grow without oxygen) bacteria , viruses and fungi multiply and thrive in an undisturbed way.

These micro-organisms 'change form', changing from viral forms into bacterial forms and finally into fungal forms depending on how acid, oxidized and polluted these compartments are. This is what pleomorphism is all about. Pleo- means many and -morph means forms. The same microorganism or germ can assume many forms; viral, bacterial or fungal.

There have been very sophisticated medicines for such 'infections' available in Europe and many other countries for a long time. These medicines derive from the work of Günther Enderlein. This is not alternative medicine. Prescription drugs are alternative, there as a last resort when needed.

These medicines are just recently available in this country. These medicines are called isopathic medicines and the practice and use of these isopathic medicines is called isopathy (see below).

Very few alternative health care professionals even have ever heard of these things -- allopathic doctors certainly have not. 
This I know as I used to be one.

-- Dennis L. Myers MD
author of website.


What is Pleomorphism?

The microorganisms being found by modern science today, again, in the chronic degenerative diseases are in fact PLEO-MORPHIC in nature. Contrary to the microbiology handed down from the work of Louis Pasteur any microorganism can assume many (pleo-) different (-morph) forms. If the condition of the body the microorganisms find themselves in worsens (becomes more acid, oxidized and toxic), if the internal environment of the body or internal milieu worsens (see below), viral forms can change into bacterial forms which can change into the fungal forms that consume all corpses. This is pleomorphism.


  • As our bodies become acid, oxidized, toxic and therefore old; the "tiny white dots" or protits as they are called, become larger, more complex and dangerous or pathological. These "tiny white dots" or protits are indicated by the arrow below. This is called pleo-morphism.
  • These "tiny white dots" or protits change first into:
    • viral forms which can change into
    • bacterial forms which can change into
    • fungi.

The small white dots the arrow is pointing to are the protits. The large empty circles are red blood cells.
The protits of Enderlein enlarge with increasingly acid pH, they join together forming first coccal forms (in the shape of a coccus, or little, round balls) in modern microbiological terms. They then can change into rods and then into fungal forms all depending on how acid, oxidized and toxic the internal milieu they live in is.


Iso-pathic medicines consist of these protits. These are derived from the original cell cultures of Enderlein using the principles of pleomorphism. Iso- means the same as and -pathic means disease so the isopathic medicines for any particular microbial form come from the cycle of microbial forms that turn into the final pathological microbial form or germ that is being treated in the first place. This concept will be clarified fully in the pages that follow. This is in contradistinction to homeo-pathic which means similar to, not the same as.

These 'microorganisms' or conglomerations of protits which manifest as viruses, bacteria and then fungi, come out of the blood to clean up the garbage in our bodies; dead cells, toxins and the like.

This is why modern science is finding such micro-organisms in the diseased tissues of all chronic diseases, once again.

The small dots again are the Protits, the large white rings, red blood cells.
Protits have joined end to end to form the long, bacterial rods in the middle of the slides.

Modern biology claims this is not so. Modern biology maintains the idea that the blood must be sterile, that there can not be any microorganisms in the blood. That this is not so is plane for anyone to see if one looks at live, not dead blood. Again, this will be made quite clear in the following pages. This too is pleomorphism.

All micro-organisms, all living cells, all living things ... come from these 'little dots' and, all living things turn back into these 'little dots', when they die. These 'little dots' themselves, never die. They are immortal. This is pleomorphism.

These 'tiny dots' are called protits in German and somatides in French. There isn't even a name for them or pleomorphism (as we use the word), in the English language. Isn't this strange?

The germs are not the problem, the conditions they grew up in is, the internal milieu. Do you treat the problem or the result?


or the treatment of Metabolic Acidosis

To treat the cause of the above is to treat this internal milieu, the internal environment in which these degenerative processes happen. This environment is the ocean that surrounds each and every cell on the planet.

The main ways this environment or internal milieu of the body becomes acid is from under consumption of basic minerals (fruits and vegetables) and the over consumption of protein. This occurs in fast, skinny people, people with this body type as will be explained further in the following pages. The other way people can become acid occurs in heavier, larger people, especially those with large midsections. People like this become acid because they can not oxidize or burn up carbohydrates completely. High protein and refined-carbohydrate diets, fast food diets, have killed off civilizations before our own.

Protein is necessary but all the protein a well-trained athlete needs for example, can use as food, is 40 grams a day. The average American diet contains up to 200 grams of protein a day! The overuse of sugar and carbohydrates (bread, pasta, in short...grains) is well known in today's society.

The acids produced by high protein high carbohydrate diets (depending on the body type), are hard acids (see below). Hard acids produced by the body must be eliminated by the kidneys and must take a basic mineral with them to keep these hard acids from burning the kidneys up.

As a result of this process, the body becomes acidic because of the deficiency of basic minerals that have been lost by the kidneys because of this overuse of protein or carbohydrates. In other words, the body becomes acidic or mineral deficient due to the kidneys continually neutralizing the hard acids (low pH) with the base minerals (high pH) to protect the kidney's delicate tissues. This is latent acidosis, again to be explained below.

Doesn't this explain the extremely common problems of acid reflux disease, gastritis and ordinary stomach ulcers?

It would seem reasonable to say; that overweight people should eat a higher protein diet (with enough fruits and vegetables to compensate) and that fast, skinny people (those with that body type) should eat a higher carbohydrate diet (with enough fruits and vegetables to compensate). You balance one with the other. You check your first morning saliva pH once a month and see how you are doing!

It all 'depends on' or 'shows up as'---HOW ACID YOU ARE.

By strong or hard acids (the soft acids like vinegar or lemon juice do not burn holes in your clothes). The body can for basic purposes only produce hard acids in two ways:

  1. In faster skinnier people generally, the body converts excess (beyond the 40 grams we can use) protein into nitric, sulfuric and phosphoric acids. These are all strong acids like the battery acid in your car.

    The kidneys excrete these acids at night but an imbalance develops as, every time an acid molecule is excreted a basic-mineral has to be excreted right along with it. Sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium (the main basic minerals) and all the rest become depleted, a relative base deficiency develops.. All these minerals have to come from fruits and vegetables and good water. This relative base deficiency is the same as being acid.

  2. The same kind of hard acids develop in overweight people who can not convert carbohydrates into glucose but only into triglycerides and fat and Lactic Acid, which hurts. The lactic acid produced has to be excreted as a hard acid - because it it is not burned up. It is excreted in the same way excess protein is excreted-through the kidneys. The end result is the same, it leaches all of the alkaline minerals out of us and we become Acid, oxidized and old.



The following are all the things a doctor would be able to do, and should use/do, with a patient when a patient presents with what would be considered a terminal least. Then.

Truly though, it is difficult to get through all these things at the end of one's life so that begs the question...what can I do now? At whatever stage or state we are in in life, with or without money; what can we do now? Of all the things there are to do in the 'alternative' medicine market, what can I do now?

The best are free!

Eclectic Medicine is synthesis of options
Knowledge of options is freedom of choice

Are the following options anymore?

To see how acid one is, you simply Test the pH of your Urine and Saliva
How acid our urine and saliva is shows how demineralized you are. This shows how degenerated or old our bodies are.

For treatment see The Treatment of Being Acid

The basis of treatment is that we must eat more fruits and vegetables and less Protein or Carbohydrates and drink good water, just like our moms always told us.

You have no choice in poor countries.

As stated above, in the long run the only way to replace these lost minerals is to eat more fruits and vegetables and less acid producing food. Fruits and vegetables contain all the organic minerals we need, in an organic, natural right rotating form that our bodies can use. Organic minerals in solution rotate polarized light to the right; minerals from rocks rotate light to the left. The body can only utilize substances that rotate light to the right. It's that simple but not that easy.

You begin physical healing with correction of metabolic, latent acidosis and oxidation. Anything that is acid is oxidized and the other way around.

You begin physical healing by re-creation of acid base balance which is re-mineralization of the body. This is the foundation, the skeleton of our physical being. The minerals are the bases (basis) of our bodies and because these mineral/bases are leached out of us (osteoporosis), by the acid type of lives we lead, mineral/acid-base balance needs to be addressed first in any healing program.

We don't need more calcium; we need to become less acid! There is plenty of calcium in fruits and vegetables if we don't leach it all out of us because we are out of balance. Bones dissolve in acid.

When the acid base balance of the body becomes right and the metabolic acidosis is cured, in the real sense of the word, everything clicks back on line so to speak, and we re-member what it feels like to feel good. Once it clicks back on line, it stays that way; if we continue to behave our selves. We all know this.

Modern science has found the bacteria Helicobacter in ulcers, Mycoplasma in heart disease, Spirochetes in Alzheimer's disease...Microbial organisms are being found in all chronic degenerative disease. If the internal milieu these organisms are being found in is not acid-they can not grow.

These micro-organisms can be seen in live blood, with any microscope really. They were first seen in 1850.

This is a concept, it needs [to be] re-searched, again. How can one re-search something that has never been lost? It's common sense really.


Pleomorphism explains where the micro-organisms that modern science is finding in all chronic diseases 'go', when the patient is cured. Naturally, pleomorphism explains where they came from in the first place.


To Heal Ourselves:

  • Drink Good Water - water is our most neglected nutrient.
  • Go to sleep at the right time.
  • Assess and begin treatment of the depleted Alkaline Reserves of our bodies, i.e. take our First A.M. saliva pH reading.
  • Begin re-alkalinizing our bodies by taking extra organic minerals which are only really in fruits and vegetables and by drinking utilizable, reduced ionic mineral water. This is water from a burbling spring in the mountains. There are electronic water purifiers recently that provide such water.
  • Correct the Acid/Base Imbalance, take some kind of alkalinizing Base Powder; Balanced Base Powder, baking soda will do.

    This will speed the process up a great deal as before one can absorb organic minerals as above, one must have an intact gut. This requires Acid/Base Balance of the gut first and then the whole body.
  • Address the state of Oxidation of the body. Consume good Antioxidant Foods, Water. In today's world this is a good thing to do, for everyone.
  • For Essential Fatty Acids use; flax seed oil in the summer and good cod liver oil in the winter for its vitamin D. Essential means you need them.
  • Cut down on the consumption of Carbohydrates, eliminate refined ones.
  • Address the Heavy Metal Contamination of the body. Amalgam or silver/mercury fillings should be removed and replaced with a composite material. There is so much evidence to support this fact now, it is silly not to begin this. This takes time and money, so beginning the process is the issue. It doesn't all need to be done at once. All dead teeth which include root canals should be removed in the process.
  • Eat Organic Foods as much as possible. The Pesticides used on plants kill the insects they are directed against mostly because of the heavy metals they contain.

    These pesticides and more recently weed killers, are poisonous to all living things and accumulate as described above, in rather specific areas of all bodies, of the human, physical body for sure. They accumulate in our bodies genetically acquired perhaps, 'weakest organ'. We all have one. These areas again, foster the growth of microorganisms - bacteria, virus and fungi. What form the organism is in when it is observed, is explained by pleomorphism.

    These ideas are the terms and concepts, old concepts really, that will all be developed fully in the following. The synthesis they produce unites what we know about medicine. Every form of medicine has its place if indicated, at the right time.

    'Alternative medicine' is not alternative because there is an order to it. It is a well practiced science, an organized body of self-consistent knowledge that in treatment precedes and includes the modern allopathic medicine that has developed since the 1920s and 30s. The modern allopathic medicine is needed for extreme conditions, mostly acute ones. That is what modern allopathic medicine is for, by definition as it begins with the symptoms of disease. 'Alternative medicine' deals with the causes of disease.

    You can not tell if a person has a particular disease by looking at their live blood under the microscope but you can surely tell how decomposed they are. Only such decomposed blood is found in cancer especially and all the other degenerative diseases; high blood pressure, arthritis, diseases that form clots...all of them.

  • You treat these detrimental micro-organisms of the body with Isopathic Medicines. These medicines have just become available in this country in the last few years.

    There are only three basic types of pleomorphic or iso-pathic medicines (iso- means the same and -pathic means disease). These three types of medicines correspond to the three body types of Ayur Vedic Medicine. This word Isopathy is to be contrasted with homeo-pathy where homeo- means similar, not the same. These three pleomorphic or iso-pathic medicines are:

    • Mucor racemosus is for the Kapha Ayur Vedic type. People with this body type are heavier, slower people that tend to get diseases involving anything flowing in the body, e.g. high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, glaucoma (fluid in the eye), hemorrhoids, etc.

    • Penicillium chrysogenum is for the Pitta Ayur Vedic type. People with this body type are moderate in stature and nature and tend to get infections or diseases that are typically considered "superficial" in nature.

This is a natural penicillin that lives in our blood. The medicine is the protit that would turn into the Penicillium mold if it were allowed to grow out that far. It is used to treat organisms such as staphylococcus, streptococcus and others, all of which are contained in the pleomorphic cycle of organisms that come from the penicillium protit and end with the fungus/mold called Penicillium.

This is a natural penicillin that lives in our blood. The medicine is the protit that would turn into the Penicillium mold if it were allowed to grow out that far. It is used to treat organisms such as staphylococcus, streptococcus and others, all of which are contained in the pleomorphic cycle of organisms that come from the penicillium protit and end with the fungus/mold called Penicillium.

  • Aspergillus niger is for those with the Vata Ayur Vedic type. People of this type have speedy, skinny bodies and tend to get musculoskeletal complaints. The protits of this pleomorphic cycle of organisms would turn into the mold Aspergillus niger, if allowed to grow, degenerate, that far. On the way from this protit to this mold lay organisms of the homeopathic tubercular Constitution. There are also many diseases called para-tubercular diseases which include such diverse entities as hyperthyroidism, asthma, other chronic lung conditions and others.


Don't de-toxify as much as don't toxify.  
Eat and drink the right things.

* * *

The above addresses today's common denominators of healing. It was not the same fifteen years ago. Please see; Native Blood Examination in the Darkfield and Bio-Electronic Measurement according to Vincent by Dr. rer. biol. hum. Renate Prigge-Stein, 1990.

Dr. Prigge has had a lot of experience concerning the topics contained on this web page.

There is a plan to all this, an order. This is what a science is, an organized body of knowledge that makes sense. You don't do it all at once. The above are the basics that you deal with first, before you have to go the hospital. The sicker you are, the more of the above you do. This is how we utilize Time (the fourth dimension), not apprehend it. That is what Time is for, to manifest.

If you grew a uterus once, or prostate, and had it taken out or surgically removed from your body then your body still knows how to grow that uterus or prostate. Why wouldn't it? Please see Life on this web site.

We are made in the image of God literally and are holographic, three dimensional projections or images of That from the fourth dimension and beyond. A nature of a hologram whether in Disney Land or on TV is that if you take a piece, any tiny little piece of a holographic image, and blow it up or enlarged it, you get the whole image. We are made in the image of That. We are projections of the Mind of God. That image contains the idea of a new uterus or prostate too.

This is modern quantum physics now so It is no longer supraphysical or magical or antichurch. Consciousness is the purpose of evolution. Everybody is right, but only when studied and understood together do we make sense.

Eclectic Medicine is synthesis of options
Knowledge of Options is freedom of Choice

This is Generic Medicine.
It begins with causes that affect the whole body, and ends with the result, in a part of the body.

This is

With the above as an introduction, topics covered or ones to be written include: (Also see Links in the left column of the web pages)

  • Pleomorphism and Acid Base Balance
  • BTA or Bioterrain Assessment
    This quantifies the degree of oxidation of the body along with pH and osmolality of urine, saliva and blood.
  • Metabolic Typing Metabolic typing of old, Vincent, and many, many others.
  • Vibrational Medicine EAV or Electro Acupuncture According to Voll.
    EAV is the most objective of the vibrational techniques. It maps the Chinese acupuncture/meridian system electronically.
  • Homotoxicology
    Diseases in this view are expressions of the battle of the organism against toxins, in its attempt to counteract and expel them. It makes order out of Homeopathy.
  • Live Cell Therapy
  • Neural Therapy
  • Ayur Vedic Medicine 



This is a time of synthesis - not division, fragmentation, isolation, and dissection. The recent history of medicine, e.g., during the last seventy years, has been only the latter. Knowledge has become so dissected, taken apart, in short so specialized that the forest has definitely become lost for the trees.

Science, for sure, and most forms of "knowledge" (things we learned in school) have become so analytical, so divisive, that collectively they have become the prophesied One-Eyed Doe of Hindu scripture; knowledge and information, blind in the Eye Of Spirit. For sure, the Source was forgotten. Science has reached its agnostic limitation. We were taught all about Death in medical school-not Life.

"Modern" medicine, e.g., the medicine in vogue for the last seventy years does not treat chronic degenerative disease. It merely provides drugs, surgery etc. as forms of symptomatic relief. An aspirin does not treat anything; it just gives temporary relief, perhaps. What caused you to become ill in the first place with a disease of such and such a name?

Very good answers to questions such as these have been around for a long time. In a very real way, we are retracing our steps back through the history of medicine in the form of the resurgence of the so-called Holistic/Alternative/Medical Movement. To this day, there still is not a good word for these "Alternative" Therapies, in this country or anywhere else really. There has not been such a word for a very long time.

This division of knowledge, specialization, has resulted in isolated bits of knowledge with no meaningful connection. Yet, with today's allopathic-modern medicine for example, how can you be a specialist in, say, surgery, and not know about internal medicine, pharmacology…and of course anatomy, physiology, biology et. al.

The same is true of the other forms of medicine; homeopathy, acupuncture, natural childbirth, manipulative medicine, nutritional therapy, hydrotherapy, psychosomatic medicine, herbal medicine, and all the rest are not specialized areas of expertise either. They are interdependent.

They all belong together. That is what Wholistic means, not Holistic but Whole-istic. How can you be a doctor (or 'patient' trying to learn how to care for yourself) unless you at least know something about each of these different types of medicine?

If you put all these divided forms of medicine back together then, they work. Divided--there are "side effects".

In the past, this amalgam of disciplines was called Eclectic Medicine (eclectic--choosing; selecting from various systems, doctrines, or sources; adhering to an eclectic method or system of thought).

Eclecticism was an outgrowth of 'botanical medicine' or 'native herbalism' in the nineteenth century. The Association of Eclectic Physicians, founded in 1823, enjoys a rich history in the fabric of American medicine. As medical practice developed in America in the years following colonization, through the Civil War and into the first decades of this century, homeopathy, native herbalism and Eclectic Medicine came to dominate the medical care industry. These physicians treated 65% of the population of that period. "Natural Medicine", the medicine of the older Eclectics, and the present Holistic, New Age Healing are in fact one and the same.

George Cody, a historian of naturopathy, observed in 1985:

"Even in the halcyon days of the 1920s and 1930s the profession was never able to agree upon a concise philosophy. At the end of the twentieth century there was still no 'definitive definition' of the philosophical basis of natural medicine."1

* * *

This New Biology is about re-uniting these so-called different forms of medicine and re-integrating them. It is about finding the common denominators, the biases that are the common causes of disease.

The truth of these 'common denominators' is known by the 'specialist' of these different forms of medicine and without surprise, (the truth being what it is); the common denominators of these different forms of medicine, are the same.

This is the elusive philosophical and theoretical basis of natural medicine, of Eclecticism. These isolated bits of 'specialized' knowledge just need to be reunited.

In addition, all religions and all mythologies of all times are also saying the same thing. They all say there was a time of Heaven on Earth, a Golden Age, Immortality and then there was the fall-an involution down into physicality and death in order to make that real too, or, as in the Bible, "...on Earth as in Heaven".

A fall or involution indicates division in language first, and then everything else. Involution is division, specialization and isolation, analysis and taking apart. Re-evolution is fusion, attraction, and synthesis. Could this be analogous to the notion of love, itself?

The promises too, of all these recorded religions and mythologies are the same i.e., that after this incursion into matter then there is a re-evolution, resurrection, synthesis or Unity.

The metaphysics of old (Helena Blatvasky, Alice Bailey, the Urantia manuscripts, the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, Walter and Lao Russell, George Merkl and, all the rest) and now quantum physics are all saying the same thing too.

How can one re-search something that has never been lost?

A New Biology would imply a New Science to support it. Science is like that. How can you be a physicist and not know about mathematics? This New Science, now being re-vealed by quantum physics, is not new either.

A common denominator of this New Science is the fact that we, which includes every square centimeter of the universe, are 'surrounded' or imbued with 'infinite energy'.

These energies come into our three-dimensional space-time as vortexes from the fourth dimension which, contains almost infinite, discoherent energy-the energy of nothingness, of space, of vacuum.

This 'infinite' energy manifests first as gravity, then electricity and magnetism, then Light, and finally, LIFE. A great part of the total energy of the universe is the energy of Life. is everywhere.

This common denominator of science manifests as the picture on the left depicts in which two, oppositely rotating vortices of energy implode in the center, the equator in the picture.

From this center of implosion come the five forces of nature: gravity (or a planet as below); electricity (electrons); and magnetism; light (photons); and life (protits).

Implicit in this New Science of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, physiology, medicine and now, with quantum physics confirming it all, is that there is as an infinite, intelligent and purposeful energy behind creation projecting into this three-dimensional existence that which we see (or think we see).

This book is about LIFE, physical life!

As pertains to what physical life is (medicine, physiology biochemistry and biology in this case), there are two basic errors in what all of us were taught in school. These are:

  1. Louis Pasteur's Germ Theory of Disease is wrong and;
  2. The Cell Theory of Biology, which is on the first page of any biology book stating that the cell is the smallest living thing, is wrong.


Please excuse this nomenclature if it is not familiar to you; its understanding is not important, although it does serve to indicate how much work has been put into these concepts over the years.

A laser light coheres energy, makes light go in the same direction (e.g. up and down) and, if the light is of one color (the same frequency) then these harmonically-resonating frequencies augment each other and increase logarithmically, in a spiral.

The energy density of this 'nothingness', of space, vacuum, is enormous, 1093 grams/cm2. The energy density of one cubic centimeter, 1 cm2, of matter, contains energy on the order of 1016 grams/cm2, that from Einstein's equation, e = mc2. According to this calculation (93 - 16 = 77), there are 77 orders of magnitude more energy contained in one cubic centimeter of vacuum than in one cubic centimeter of matter. That means there is one, with 77 zeros after it, times more energy in vacuum than in matter. It takes more energy to hold matter together than the amount of energy contained in the matter itself. That only makes sense.

From the work of Nicola Tesla, "A note struck upon an instrument will produce sound in a correspondingly attuned instrument in its vicinity. If connected with a tuning fork, it will produce a corresponding sound in the latter; and if connected with a thousand such tuning forks, it will make all the thousand sound, and produce a noise far greater than the original sound, without the latter becoming any weaker for it. Here, then, is an augmentation or multiplication of power".

Or take water, how does a salmon get up the waterfalls it ascends? As water falls, it creates vortices like tornados whose tips are at the bottom of the waterfall that the salmon has to climb. Outside these vortices, another vortex forms that spins in the opposite direction of the one that is falling. This vortex outside the falling one is opposite in direction and force too; it is not a falling gravitationally-controlled force but one that is anti-gravitational in nature as it sucks the salmon right up the waterfall (Viktor Schauberger, 1930). Extra energy is added to the equation here; where does that extra energy come from but the vacuum of `nothingness'.

As regards life, protits/somatids (pleomorphism), as described in detail below, are the smallest living thing and not the cell. This is what this book is about. Protits/somatids extract the energy of Life itself from this discoherent energy of "nothingness", cohere it and bring it into form, either to regenerate or to degenerate our bodies. These protits/somatids never die!

* * *

I am only going to concentrate and elaborate on what is known to date of two very important aspects of the this New Science; because the first topic, pleomorphism, is all but unknown in America and really most of the Western world, and because the second topic, acid-base balance, controls the first.

These two topics explain the degenerative changes seen in live blood versus dead blood as it is viewed in the hospitals and laboratories of today. These degenerative changes are seen as the pathological changes (pleomorphic changes) of microorganisms seen in patients that are ill.

Pleomorphism (pleo- change, morph- form) maintains that as the body becomes ill, as the environment that surrounds the cells of the body become acid, toxic and polluted, protits come out of the cells of our body and change form becoming first viral in nature, then bacterial, and finally fungal. Fungi consume all living things. These protits become microorganisms to decompose those cells when they can no longer live and support their own metabolism.

Acid/Base Balance is known and utilized in this country and elsewhere but the conclusions are rather unclear. Information never translated from German into English before, clarifies and defines a new physiology of the human body that makes acid/base balance and the symptoms that coincide with such balance (health), or imbalance (dis-ease), easily understandable.

What is pleomorphism is and what are the protits/somatids?

The premise of the following is that the protit, somatid, microzyma, chondriana (there are many words for these critters as explained in the following) is a charged phospholipid, albumin-globulin, closed bi-layer sphere containing stacked, crystalline MgATP crystals (magnesium adenosine 5'-triphosphate) but, no DNA or protein.

As these protits/somatids/chondrianas begin to conglomerate,

"...they 'acquire' DNA from the node points of the logarithmic, universal standing scalar gravitational wave as matter (DNA). These optically generated holograms called DNA are created spontaneously by means of resonant, harmonic coupling that is driven by the specific frequencies generated by the universal standing scalar gravitational wave, the engine of God."


ATP acts as the transducer of energy from the fourth dimension into LIFE! Life is everywhere, always!

* * *

What the above two paragraphs mean will be explained in detail throughout the rest of this web site. Having defined and clarified the above two pieces of the medicine of old shall we say (pleomorphism controlled by acid1base balance) using recent quantum physics to corroborate it, we will then, in principle, have synthesized the two basic errors of modern medicine (The Cell Theory of biology and the Germ Theory of disease).

Toward the end of the book, vibrational medicine (homeopathy, the Rife generator and microscope, and EAV (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll) will be briefly explained along with Ayurveda.

With these explanations along with the correction and synthesis of the two basic errors of modern medicine, it will be seen that the common denominators found, unite and make collectively understandable all forms of medicine.

This is eclectic and defines the New Paradigm of Medicine that is now unfolding around the world. These opinions are by no means mine alone; doctors and researchers from around the world are all coming up with the same conclusions in astounding synchronicity.

Eclectic Medicine is synthesis of options;
knowledge of options is freedom of choice.

The protit is the alchemical Uroboros, the serpent forever eating its tail. Life and death, being flip sides of the same coin, are not opposites really but complements as you cannot have one without the other.


This is a New Time, too...
a time of youthfulness, regeneration and healing.



When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for the physicians of one School to dissolve the fraternal and philosophic bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the institutions of the earth, the position to which Truth and Nature entitle them, as free thinkers and independent actors, a decent respect of the opinions of mankind, and a conscientious regard for the welfare of the human race, should prompt them to declare the causes which impel them to a separation.

I hold these truths to be self-evident, or, at least, susceptible of positive proof and absolute demonstration: That the doctrines and theories commonly entertained among men, and taught in medical schools and books, and practiced by the great body of the medical profession, and which constitute the so-called "Science of Medicine," and on which the popular practice of the so-called "Healing Art" is predicated, are untrue in philosophy, absurd in science, in opposition to Nature, and in direct conflict with every law of the vital organism; and that these are the reasons, and the only reasons, why medical science does not progress as do all other sciences; why success in the healing art bears no due relation to the advancement of all of the collateral sciences, and to the progress of intelligence among mankind; why medical theories are ever changing; why all of its assumed principles are in controversy; its hypotheses in dispute; why its fundamental rules and primary premises are wholly over looked or misunderstood; and why its application to the cure of disease and the preservation of health is so uncertain, so dangerous, often fatal, and, on the whole, so vastly more injurious than useful to the world.

The TRUE HEALING ART; on, Hygienic vs. Drug Medication. An address delivered in the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C. by R. T. Trall, M.D., 1863, Present were President Lincoln, Rev. John Pierpont, Chairman of the Executive Committee; J. K. Herbert Exq., attorney-at-law; J. R. S. Van Vliet, Esq., of the 'National Republican'; N. B. Devereux, D. T.Smith, and W. A. Croffett, of then Treasury Department, and W. C. Dodge, Examiner in the Patent Office. This, during the Civil War when patients receiving no medicine did better than those that did, for such things as wound infections, typhoid, pneumonias, measles and dysenteries.

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All degenerative disease begins as a relatively acid condition in the tissues of the body. These tissues become oxidized, diseased and old.

Pleomorphic organisms come out of this acid environment, from elements in the blood in order to clean up these old, diseased, tissues. Bacteria are being found in the diseased tissues of all chronic, degenerative diseases. The Atlantic Monthly, A New Germ Theory by Judith Hooper, February 1999.) These bacteria are there as a result, not the cause. Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) was wrong, these organisms are not caught from the outside, they come from within.

Pleomorphism is a concept discovered in the early 1800s. Pleomorphic organisms are micro-organisms that change form (pleo-change, morph-form), viral into bacterial into fungal forms and back again. All micro-organisms change form. Grown in a hospital laboratory, under exactly the same growing conditions, a streptococcus is always a streptococcus but change something, the pH of the growth medium for example and that strep germ will change form into something else, some other micro-organism.

These germs come from inside the body, from "tiny dots" that you can see in the blood of any living thing, with any microscope. All micro-organisms, all living things come from these "tiny dots" and all living things turn back into these "tiny dots".

These "tiny dots" themselves, never die. The cell is not the smallest living thing, these "little dots" are. These "tiny dots" are called Protits in German and Somatides in French. There isn't even a name for them in the English language. Isn't that strange?

If the environment, the growth medium that surrounds the cells becomes acid, toxic, polluted, these "tiny dots" hook together into long threads and change into the viruses, bacteria and finally the fungi that clean up a corpse, if things get that bad. This is what the bacteria, germs are there for. They clean up old, diseased tissues. The germs are not the problem, the conditions, environment they grew up in is. Do you treat the problem or the result?

The small dots are the Protits which are constantly moving, for ever...
The large circles are red blood cells.
This is a picture taken through a Dark-field microscope so the background is black.

To treat the cause of the above is to treat this internal milieuthe internal environment in which these degenerative processes happen. This environment is the ocean that surrounds each and every cell. The main way this environment becomes acid is from the over consumption of protein. Protein is converted into strong acids by the body and these acids leach the minerals out of the body, out of the very bones of the body. Protein is good but all we need is 40 grams a day. The average American diet contains 200 grams! Protein is the problem, not fat and cholesterol!

In the long run, the only way to replace these lost minerals is to eat more fruits and vegetables and less acid producing food. How acid your urine and saliva are tell how far you have to go, how long it will take. <

Everything that bothers you will get somewhat better with pH correction. All the myriad systems in the body are very dependent on the maintenance of stable pH. Whatever therapeutic modalities you use in addition to pH correction, will work better. All forms of medicine are helped, work better if pH balance is restored first.


Pleo-morphism means many forms, many or more (pleo-), forms or bodies (morph-). This is in contradistinction to Monomorphism which means one (mono-) body or form. Modern medicine, bacteriology, is founded on the idea of Mono-morphism where once a germ is a particular germ it always stays that way. According to this way of thinking, a streptococcal germ is always a streptococcus. It only has one (mono-) form; it doesn't change into anything else.

Pleomorphism on the other hand maintains that "germs" occur in many forms beginning with the protit, which can change into a virus, which can change into a bacteria, which can change into a fungus. Any of these forms; bacterial, viral or fungal can and do eventually, break all apart and turn back into the protits from whence they came. It starts all over again, life. The protit never dies. This is a nature of life, It goes on no matter what. A germ is 'a beginning', that is all.


These protits or colloids of life in our blood develop or change according to the condition (pH, etc.) of the blood. At some stages of their development they are outright pathogenic (make you sick) and parasitic. These are our internal parasites. These protits can go in the other direction too and turn into cells we need. See Live Cell Therapy. They can help regenerate organs. Acid base balance is a determining factor.

The internal parasite, which exists in us always, is in contrast to external parasites with which we occasionally come in contact. This is where the germ theory actually holds relevance. This is the area of external microbes and parasites that when taken to extremes, intensifies into infectious diseases and epidemics which overwhelm the system. If the acid base balance is right however, I maintain that one could not get sick.

Surprisingly, without having even the slightest idea of pleomorphic biology, medicine through hygiene, has accomplished much in this area. The fact is opportunistic bugs, bacteria and viruses are all over the place. They are in our blood even, which modern science says is not so, even though they are easily seen under the microscope. Some of us get sick and some of us do not. As far back as the plagues of the dark ages some lived and some died. One third of the people did not get plague. Nobody knew why. Again, acid base balance and being in a reduced not an oxidized state, which you would be in if you were in acid base balance.

Pleomorphism is a concept discovered in the early 1800's. It shows that 'germs' come from inside the body; from the "tiny dots" you can see in the blood with any microscope. These "tiny dots" of course are the colloids of life or protits.

As the environment that surrounds the cells becomes acid, toxic, polluted, these "tiny dots", protits, change form, into the microorganisms that clean up the garbage, dead cells, toxins and the like, that are the result of the toxic condition. This is what bacteria, 'germs', are for.

When the host balance is destroyed, when the internal environment the protits and cells live in (the internal milieu) becomes toxic and acid, the protits lose their symbiotic (live harmoniously together) and life giving qualities and devolve downward. They change first into viruses, then into bacteria and finally into fungal forms. Each of these stages is progressively more hostile to surrounding tissue cells.

Germs, all microorganisms, (viruses, bacteria, fungi and everything in-between) are the result, not the cause of disease!

Louis Pasteur was wrong!
His idea of the bacterial cause of disease was wrong!

If "germs" are there as a result, not a cause,
then to treat the resultant germs with antibiotics is in theory and in fact, wrong!
This basic misconception about disease affects all aspects of medicine.
This is why this is a "new"... biology.

Louis Pasteur is said to have said on his deathbed that really he had been wrong about his "Germ Theory" of disease. He said then, in so many words, that, it is not the germ that is the problem, it is the internal environment, the internal milieu that allowed the germ to develop in the first place that is the problem.

Add to this the error of William Harvey who stated in 1651 that the cell is the smallest unit of life, and the magnitude of this issue becomes even more apparent. That was more than 300 years ago!! Yet still, to this day, this fallacy has not been corrected even though Béchamp (1816-1908) demonstrated that the smallest unit of life was what he called the microzyma and Enderlein again published in 1921 and 1925 that the smallest unit of life is not the cell but the protit.

One should treat the cause, not the result. The idea of anti-biosis, anti-biotic (anti-life) is one way. The opposite of anti-biosis is PRO-BIOSIS (for-life), which is what Eclectic Medicine is about. It is not "alternative", it's Eclectic. "Alternative medicine" is just a popular anachronism for Eclectic. None of this is new and it isn't alternative.

As these "little dots", protits, change form, they can change into organisms that are more and more detrimental to the body. They become independent and no longer live in harmony and in support of their host body. As they develop their individual form, they create their own metabolism and waste products of that metabolism, which is harmful to the local body fluids, causing pain and inflammation. Finally, this local process, which develops in the body's 'weakest organ', affects the whole body.

It is not the organisms that make you sick,
it is the waste products of the metabolism of those organisms
that make you sick.

"In reality, it is not the bacteria themselves that produce the disease, but we believe it is the chemical constituents of these micro-organisms enacting upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the human body that in actuality produce the disease. We also believe if the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced or poised, it is susceptible to no disease." (From the Annual Report of the Board of Regents of The Smithsonian Institution, 1944).

* * *

These disease processes, these changes in the blood, are difficult to fathom at first as they make themselves known in the beginning as functional disturbances (effecting the functions but not yet the structures of the body). This happens in the most diversified organs such as manifesting as;

headaches, high or low blood pressure, inability to maintain chiropractic adjustment, feeling poorly, unmotivated attitude, lack of appetite, drab complexion, coated tongue, wounds in the mouth, pimples, sores, hoarseness, runny noses and the like, ear noises, diarrhea, lowered capacity for seeing and hearing, depressions, weak concentration or poor memory.

Later, these disturbances manifest as the chronic diseases we know so well today. See, How You Rot and Rust by Steve Denk for another discussion on pleomorphism, pH balance and oxidation/reduction or oxidative stress which is another aspect of the basic cause of all disease. Again, remember, we are searching for the basic causes of disease, not the symptoms.

Medicines based on these ideas have been available and well researched in Europe for the last 150 years. Many of these medicines are available in this country now, this because of the heroic work of some very dedicated and wonderful people. There is more known about these older medicines than about modern drugs, simply because these ideas have been around for so long. Just because these scientists lived in the 1800s or before doesn't mean they were stupid


The small dots again are the protits, the large white rings, red blood cells.
The long organisms in the middle of the slides are bacterial forms that the protits have turned into. Modern Biology claims this is not so, even though it is there for anyone to see.

Pleomorphism is a concept that today sounds very strange. What pleomorphism is however, cannot be denied as the vast amount of data that has been obtained over the last 180 years confirms what modern microbiologists are discovering, re-covering today. As noted, many people have been involved in this debate for a long time. Why things are like this is explained in the topic, History, on the Home Page. We will cover the main progenitors of this idea beginning with Günther Enderlein.


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