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Doctors are the third leading cause of death in the US, causing 250,000 deaths every year
The Journal of  American Medical Association said.....
Folks, this is what they call a "Landmark Article". Only several ones like this are published every year. One of the major reasons it is so huge as that it is published in JAMA which is the largest and one of the most respected medical journals in the entire world.

Side effects of pharmaceuticals affect 1 in 4
Side effects from prescription medicines plague one in four patients. 


Prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death in USA
-- Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) - 15 April 1998



"The report estimated the number of deaths in 1994 from adverse reactions at between 137,000 and 76,000 with 106,000 the mean.

If the higher end is correct, drug reactions would be the fourth leading cause of death behind heart disease (743,460), cancer (529,904) and stroke (150,108), the study said.

If the low end is accurate drug reactions would be the sixth leading cause of death, behind the top three plus pulmonary disease (101,077) and accidents (90,523)."



Prescription Drug Side Effects Hit 1 In 4
By Gene Emery


BOSTON (Reuters) - Side effects from prescription medicines plague one in four patients, and when they surface, most doctors fail to act, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

The findings, from a study published in this week's New England Journal of Medicine, sound an alarm to the millions of Americans who take prescription drugs each year. Some 3.34 billion prescriptions were dispensed in the United States in 2002, according to IMS Health, a provider of pharmaceutical and health care data.

"It's a problem that is common, in many cases the impact could be prevented or reduced, and it has a large impact on patients," said Tejal Gandhi, an internist at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston and the chief author of the study.

Previous estimates have suggested that nearly 5 percent of hospital admissions -- over 1 million per year -- are as a result of drug side effects. But most of the cases are not documented.

The findings of the Gandhi team are based on prescriptions given to 1,202 adults in four outpatient clinics in Boston.

"They found that adverse drug events were fairly frequent and usually mild, although potentially serious, and preventable events were more frequent than any patient or clinician would like (or should be willing to accept)," William Tierney of the Indiana University School of Medicine said in an editorial.

Among the side effects, 13 percent were serious, such as low blood pressure or internal bleeding, and 39 percent were preventable or potentially treatable, such as cases where a drug was given to a patient  known to be allergic to it.

In preventable cases, patients were given the wrong drug 45 percent of the time, the wrong dose was prescribed in 10 percent of the cases, and patients were told to take it too frequently 10 percent of the time.

"A lot of problems were going on a long time that weren't being fixed, either because the patients didn't tell the doctor or the physicians didn't change the medication. That was what surprised us," Gandhi told Reuters.

In nearly two-thirds of the cases, the side effects persisted because the doctor failed to heed the warning signs. Patients who suffered in the remaining cases did so because they never told the doctor about their symptoms.

Gandhi said the problem is important, in part, because side effects may discourage patients from taking vital medicines, potentially worsening their health.

Tierney said the medical community needs to use a variety of techniques to reduce side effects, such as  computer programs that check doses or a system where patients are routinely interviewed about possible drug-related symptoms while they wait for their appointment.

"With these 10-minute appointments, it's hard for the doctor to get into whether the symptoms are bothering the patients," Gandhi said.

"In the absences of such efforts ... given the increasing number of powerful drugs available to care for the aging population, the problem will only get worse," Tierney said.

The drugs that posed the greatest risk of side effects were the serotonin-reuptake inhibitor class of antidepressants, the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs often given for joint pain, and calcium-channel blockers used to treat high blood pressure.


Changes under NESARA 
(National Economic Stabilisation and Reform Act)
Dove of oneness newsletter
April 13, 2004    www.nesara.us

Today I'm continuing to cover some ways the restoration of Constitutional Law will benefit us.  One of the key elements of Constitutional Law is also a key element of divine law:  this is a person's freedom to make
choices for his or her life, which is known in divine law as "free will". Under Constitutional Law, which is based largely on common law, the basic premise is that people may make choices that are harmful to themselves or their own property, but they may NOT impose their choices on other people or other people's property.  Also, under Constitutional Law, people are responsible for the actions they take and they must make restitution to
anyone they harm.

Under NESARA's provisions and Constitutional Law, manufacturers of products and providers of services will have to make their customers fully aware of dangers associated with their products and services.  For example, the pharmaceutical industry will be required to make publicly available the statistics of how many people die each year due to complications caused by the prescription drugs the pharmaceutical corporation is making.  Right now information is not made readily available regarding how many people die from taking a specific drug and the side effects of the drugs people take are often not known by the people themselves. 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is NOT making sure prescription drugs are safe.  According to the testimony to Congress in May 2001 by the Institute of Medicine, over 770,000 people die in hospitals from medication side effects each year.  
(see http://www4.nationalacademies.org/ocga/testimon.nsf/0/

This does not include the thousands who die outside of hospitals from medication side effects and it does not include the severe damage done to people's lives by medication side effects. 

The pharmaceutical industry has the highest profits of any industry in the top 500 businesses in the Fortune 500.  Even when most industries were suffering in the last few years, the pharmaceutical industry has continued to make record-breaking profits of 33%!  One of the reasons the profits
are so high is that people do not know the dangers of the prescription drugs they are taking; if people knew, they would not take certain drugs.

Even doctors are not told the whole truth about the dangers of drugs they prescribe and it is believed the FDA receives reports on only ONE percent of the prescription drug side effects people experience.

Under NESARA, the FDA will be required to give much better information about prescription drugs side effects and deaths due to prescription drugs.  The pharmaceutical manufacturers will also have to provide much more public information about the dangers of their products, as will all manufacturers of products.

Under Constitutional Law, what are currently considered "illegal drugs" will become legal and sellers of these drugs will be required to register with county/township government and collect sales tax on their sales.

According to the information I've found, about 20,000 people die each year from illicit use of drugs or using illegal drugs (see http://www.csdp.org/ads/keepdrug.htm ).

Let me say here that I STRONGLY DISCOURAGE anyone from using mind-altering substances because all these substances kill or damage brain cells and it is due to the effects of killing or damaging brain cells that the person taking drugs gets a "high".  I have done social worker case management for people with drug and alcohol addictions and I definitely DO NOT approve of
people using mind-altering substances.  That said, I will continue with this topic.

Under NESARA and Constitutional Law, ALL drugs that are currently considered "illegal" will be legal which requires the sellers of these drugs to "register" with their county/township government that they are selling these kinds of substances.  The sellers will also have to provide proof of independent laboratory testing that all substances they are selling do not contain rat poison or other such ingredients.  The sellers will be required to post warnings in their places of business explaining
the dangerous effects of these drugs, including that these drugs can cause death, and sellers will be required to give each customer detailed information about the dangers of the drugs.  It's possible that some people will choose not to take these drugs when they are confronted with information about the damaging effects of the drugs.

Once these drugs are legal, the huge profits of the illegal drug trade will fade.  It is known that groups in the CIA are involved in trafficking illegal drugs (see ex-Los Angeles cop Mike Ruppert's report
http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/economy/dontblink.html ).  The CIA uses billions of dollars of drug money to run some of their secret, non-approved operations and is a major supplier of drugs in the US and other countries.  The CIA has forced Afghanistan people to plant poppies for opium production in place of food producing crops in the last few years.  Making drugs legal will vastly reduce the huge profits anyone is making from illegal drugs; it  will also reduce the need to build more prisons due to the 1.6 million arrests made yearly due to drug related charges. 

Under Constitutional Law, people have the personal freedom to decide whether they want to use mind-altering substances such as cocaine, crack, etc.  People can choose to do things which cause themselves harm if they wish, but they may not impose harm on other people.  Anyone who causes
harm to someone else or someone else's property will be held responsible under Constitutional Law.

If sellers of drugs do not register or comply with the requirements, they will be charged and face consequences in court.  If people using drugs harm others, they will be held legally responsible. 

Although I do not in any way support people taking mind-altering substances, it is clear the current drug laws do not work.  It's clear there's so much profit from illegal drugs that this profit by itself is a
major contributor to the growing and distribution of these substances and to the many problems related to the illegal distribution of these drugs. Taking the big profits away will have a huge impact on cutting down on the supply of these substances.  Requiring sellers to register and test their
products will cut down on other harmful aspects. 

From doing case management of addicted people, my sense is the real answer is to help these people find the root cause of why they take drugs and address the root issues.  Some of us can do improvement projects to address these needs. 

NESARA's restoration of Constitutional Law will result in people being better informed about the pharmaceutical drugs they are using and whether these drugs are dangerous to them; this may save some lives that otherwise would not be saved.  People buying mind-altering drugs will also be
informed about the dangers of the drugs and may choose not to take the drugs. 

Many of the crimes related to illegal sales of drugs on the street, such as adults recruiting school children to carry and sell drugs, will be removed.  Gangs fighting over territories in which to sell drugs will end.  CIA and other groups trafficking in drugs will lose the billions in cash they now make; losing their income will help end their secret, unapproved and unacceptable operations in the US and around the world.

The restoration of Constitutional Law provides us more freedom and it also requires we take more personal responsibility for our actions.  I think Americans are ready to accept the additional personal responsibility involved. 



It is not every day that three medical doctors author a paper (with 153 references) to document the fact that nearly one MILLION Americans are killed by modern medicine EACH YEAR. This means that hospitals, pharmaceuticals and doctors are the number one cause of death in the United
States. (Carolyn Dean MD, Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio MD, Dorothy Smith PhD, Gary Null PhD. Death by medicine. 2003)

Dr. Abram Hoffer says: "I just read "Death by Medicine" on Andrew Saul's website, DoctorYourself.com. It is a very important document and must be distributed as widely as possible. I find the information in this report to be very valuable, very impressive, and frightening."

Read the full text article at http://www.doctoryourself.com/deathmed.html