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** Is the Cause of Cancer a Common Fungus?
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Recommended products

Heros chiropody sponge 
Eliminates calloused skin the easy and simple way - use either in the shower or dry.
This is a pumice-like man-made stone, more abrasive than pumice and easy to use. 
Available from many suppliers for about $2.95 per sponge and will last for months depending on use.


A replacement for the old Oral-B toothpicks which have been discontinued by Oral-B.

 and other toothpicks



Alternative, revealing AIDS and cancer cures
Suppressed remedies

Alternative cancer treatments - comparison and testing 

Nutritional healing - a resource for nutritional medicine 

Wexford Healing Centre article on cellsalts


Vaccination debate 

Australian Health Activist Eve Hillary's website

Download Cry of the Heart - The Medical Terrorism of Vaccinations 
The dangers of vaccination are real; the only case the medical establishment can make is that adverse reactions are ‘rare.’ The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a parents' information group reports that as more and more vaccines are being put on the market more cases of vaccine injuries and deaths are being reported.

Books on the dangers of Vac.
General info and links
Research articles

Vaccinations - the facts


The business of disease

Rainbow Minerals 

The Great American Drug Conspiracy 
Undermining America at it's Roots

The Friends of Freedom - voice of the people website
Freedom of choice in healthcare

Why do pharmaceutical drugs injure and kill - because they are fraudulently tested

Disease in America  
Some of the Economics of Medicine -  Exceptions to the Rule  
Takeover of the American Medical Association
 |  Treatment Instead of Cure | Insurance Fraud  Government Coercion in Medical Practice | What to Do | About Thomas Smith 



Dangers of Psychotropic drugs  good links

Medical mistakes kill 100,000 per year

US Health care system most expensive in the world

Drug induced disorders

A massive page chock-a-bloc with some impressive links from medical coverups of cures, cancer treatments to orgone therapy, diet and dental care.
The dream and lie of Louis Pasteur - Germ theory vs Soil theory (Bechamp)
Calcium supplements in rather large quantities given to horses - describes amounts for lactating mares, foals, working horses etc.
Natural healing therapies, hidden science, nwo
Another cellsalts link.

Some other minerals apart from the 12 cellsalts. 
These supplementary minerals are known about more in Europe /Germany than in the west.
Revitalise the soil by remineralising the earth with powdered basalt rockdust."
Nutri-Tech Solutions Pty Ltd was established in June, 1994, with the aim of improving nutrition from the soil up. We have termed our approach ‘Nutrition Farming’ and my book of that title will hopefully be available in 2004. ‘Nutrition Farming’ is a desperately important game plan for the improvement of our health and wellbeing in Century 21 - it is the sustainable production of nutrient-dense food for the protection and sustenance of all who consume it.
Natural health website - germs don't cause disease, natural hygiene, fasting
The shocking truth about male baldness, cancer, salt use, parvo virus, arthritis and ageing -- breakthroughs by Healthyguy.
Good website explaining the health and spiritual benefits of fasting.  
*** new website   
Prolific website covering aspects of health, spirituality and science. Fasting, homeopathy, nutrition, supplements, recipes and more.
Another website with fasting information.
A large proportion of all chronic ill health can arise from a toxic colon.
A range of parasites found in people.
Homeopathic bug killer for personal use or garden use.
Controversial alternative medical topics not popular with conventional scientific thinking.
Dr Saul's website containing lots of information on alternative treatments including use of supplements and natural products.
A website covering lots of topics relating to Self Improvement and Personal Growth (Health, Fitness, Spiritual Enrichment, goal setting, stress management, etc).
The truth about smallpox - how contagious and life threatening is it? Smallpox drug, Cidofovir (Vistide) is VERY carcinogenic (causes cancer). Normal two-year studies in rats and mice could not be carried out. They had to be terminated at 19 weeks because so many female rats developed breast cancer (mammary adenocarcinomas), many of which were detected after only six doses.

The study of the complex carbohydrate molecules that cover the surface of every one of our trillions of cells. These complex sugars are REQUIRED for the complex communications between cells. There are eight and we only get two of these sugars in our diet anymore.  Mannatech has been distributing a product that contains the eight complex carbohydrates and having dramatic effects on peoples health. Even MIT is getting involved. They say that glycomics is one of the top 10 emerging technologies that will change our lives.



Selected links from Alkalize for Health

Report from a Codex delegate, attorney Scott Tips. 
One wonders when the general public will wake up to what is happening?
"Alkaline water and stomach acid." Interesting article explaining how alkaline food and water increase the alkalinity of the body.
Essential oils have many beneficial properties and belong in every home. Why not learn how to use them?

Source of good quality Alkaline Water device for your kitchen.

Alkaline Water is an economical antioxidant and drinking it helps the body heal itself.
The Neil Deoul Story and the suppression of cesium therapy for cancer.
Health problems (including cancer) caused by hydrogenated oils. Why are these products still in grocery stores? This is the MOST VISITED natural health site on the Internet.

Supplier of the Rife machines. Hydrazine sulphate.
Dr. Wilhelm Reich wrote a book about cancer called The Cancer Biopathy. His books were confiscated and burned by the FDA. Dr. Reich died in jail.
The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer - Dr. Otto Warburg. Incredible true story about the rise of the American Police State. Just because it is not reported in the (corporate controlled) newsmedia does not mean it is not happening. Oxygen therapy international doctor and clinic list. Institute for New Energy "Urgent Appeal To The American People For Help With Government And Big Business Suppression Of New Emerging Energy Technology".
By some estimates, 30% - 40% of cancer is caused by petrochemicals. 

What is Rife Technology? 
"Use of a Photon resonant light emission for the control of viruses, bacterium, fungi, yeasts, insects and vermin. Our research involves the development of equipment and the evaluation of the effectiveness of its use, the latter of which we share with the public".


Suppression of Oxygen/Ozone Therapy.

Suppression of other Pioneers of Alternative Medicine.

Suppression of other Pioneers of Bio-Electrical Treatment and Life Energies.

Suppression of the Rife Technology.
"What doctors label as disease is deep dehydration," - F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. 
Drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day. Read the cancer testimonials!

500 Years of Natural Health Secrets Classic natural health ebooks.
Dr. Brewer's paper on high pH cancer therapy using alkaline mineral salts of cesium, rubidium and potassium.


Dr. JOSEPH GOLD -  Head of Cancer Research @ Syracuse Unv.
Web site:

THOMAS D. ELIAS - "The Burzynski Breakthrough"

Link to book:

Dr. Burzynski Clinic website

Dr. Leonard Horowitz

JOYCE RAILEY -  Spokesperson for the Gulf War Veterans Association

Dr. ANN BLAKE TRACY - Anti-depressant drugs


Dead doctors don't lie
By Joel Wallach
Order your free Dead Doctors Don't Lie tape or CD here.
VArious reports on corruption in research, and collusion between doctors and pharmaceutical companies