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President Clinton and his top aides are following Illuminati doctrine in going from Point A to Z in such a manner as to confuse people.  This process is called the 'Dialectic ". Once you understand how it works, you can see how Clinton and his top aides deliberately deceive you, in your Daily News.

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

Stand by for insights so startling you will never look at the news the same way again.


NEWS BRIEF:  "Statement By The President To The Nation: Kosovo", The White House, Office, Press Secretary, March 24, 1999,  http://www.usia.gov/regional/eur/balkans/kosovo/texts/990324wh.htm

"I do not intend to put our troops in Kosovo to fight a war." As President Clinton explained to Americans the rationale behind his action to lead NATO forces into an air war against Slobodon Milosevic of Serbia, he uttered this bottom line promise.  He would not order American ground troops into action against Serbia.  Even if the air war proceeded badly, he would not order American troops against Serbia.  Even if his goals could not be achieved by the air campaign, he would not order American troops to force their way into Kosovo.  This pledge was as clear and unambiguous as the statement by President Bush in 1988 that he would not raise taxes.  I could almost hear Bush's pledge echoing in the background as Clinton spoke.  I could almost hear Clinton saying, "Read my lips: no American ground combat in Kosovo."

Since this is the case, then how can we read this next story just two months later?

NEWS BRIEF:  "Clinton To Order 90,000 troops to Kosovo", by Michael Evans, Defence Editor, Times Newspapers Ltd., May 27, 1999.

"PRESIDENT CLINTON is now ready to consider a full-scale land war against Serb forces in Kosovo, sending up to 90,000 combat troops from America, if no peace settlement emerges within the next three weeks. Although Nato [sic] is only officially planning for a peace implementation force of 50,000-60,000 troops, there is a growing feeling in Washington and London that the alliance must prepare itself for a much bigger operation, involving 150,000-160,000 troops."

Wow!  That is a HUGE turnaround from his emphatic statement of March 24 that he would NOT order American ground troops into Serbia.  Of course, many Americans thoroughly criticized Clinton for making the no ground troops pledge in the first place, since proper and accepted military strategy has always held that you do not telegraph to your enemy what you are, or are not going to do, against him.

Further, with the resources available to the President of the United States, Clinton would have known all the options open to him before he made his speech on March 24.  He would have known that air power alone has never won a war against a significant opponent.  He would have known that for him to make such a promise to the American people before the air war really got started would have emboldened Milosevic to hunker down to absorb the air punch without being destroyed, keeping his ground forces alive and ready to battle the ground war when it came.

In many occasions following the March 24 promise not to order American ground troops into Serbia, either Clinton, or members of his Cabinet, or American military officials, or NATO officials issued statements that flatly contradicted Clinton's promise.

What is going on here?  You can believe only one of two options:

1.  President Clinton erred badly when he promised not to even contemplate the use of ground troops

2.  President Clinton and his officials are following a plan not too obvious to the American people.

The news media, Conservative columnists, and the talking heads on TV and radio would have you believe premise #1, that Clinton is incompetent enough that he made a foolish promise that he should not have ever made.

However, we will demonstrate to you that Clinton is once again following an established Illuminati principle of following a jagged path from Point A to Point Z so as to hide his true objective and to confuse both his enemies and the people over whom he is ruling. 

This principle is called the "Dialectic".  Since most of you probably have never heard of this term before, let us begin our discussion with a definition of the term.  Dialectic was an hypothetical proposition originated in 1823 by a German professor, Hegel, which stated that the only two constants in the world were change, and the conflict that was inevitable from opposing forces that produced such change.  Hegel pronounced that "Conflict produces Change, and that Controlled Conflict Produces Controlled Change".  Therefore, if one wants to reach a certain controlled end result, he would best be served if he could create a conflict between opposing parties, the end result of which would be the end he sought.

We have expounded greatly on this subject, because Hegel's thesis was primarily responsible for the creation of Communism by the Illuminati for the express purpose of setting up a global "Controlled Conflict" that would produce their coveted goal of the New World Order, the Kingdom of Antichrist.  Since time and space do not allow us to fully explore this subject here, we invite you to read NEWS1007, "Thesis x Antithesis = Synthesis:  The Real Flow of History ".  Once you read this article, you will understand 20th Century history a whole lot better, and you will understand the terrifying reality about to strike the whole world.

Hegel's thesis of Controlled Conflict producing Controlled Change is also being used in our society today to produce the kind of change in values and attitudes amongst the entire American population that would allow us to enthusiastically accept Antichrist when he arises.  This insidious plan changes attitudes and values so quietly and so invisibly that people do not realize they are being manipulated!  Further, once they have changed their values and attitudes as the result of the manipulation, they think they arrived at this value system on their own, and will defend that false idea vociferously!  This plan of changing long held values and attitudes is called the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan.  We encourage you to read NEWS1006, "Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan -- Euthanasia", and NEWS1055, "Review of Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan And How It Is Being Used Today ".  You will understand the often contradictory methods of the Mass Media a whole lot better once you have read these two articles, and you will understand how you can stop being silently and invisibly manipulated.  Further, you will understand how a formerly Christian-values nation can completely change into a Satanic-values nation in less than a century.


Step 1. Some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum.

Step 2. At first, the public is shocked, then outraged.

Step 3. But, the VERY FACT that such a thing could be publicly debated becomes the SUBJECT of the debate.

Step 4. In the process, sheer repetition of the shocking subject under discussion gradually dulling its effect.

Step 5. People then are no longer shocked by the subject.

Step 6. No longer outraged, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging, instead, the means to ACHIEVE it.

The key to this plan working out properly is Step #4, the sheer repetition [conflict] between the forces advocating the radical change and the forces resisting such change.  In other words, this Six-Step Plan wants to set off a conflict -- a war -- between the forces of change and the forces of Status Quo.  This battling, this conflict, will produce a gradual change in the attitudes and values of the vast majority of the population who does not feel strongly for either side in the debate.

Likewise, the Dialectic concept holds true in the discussion at hand, as to how and why President Clinton and his many civilian and military aids deliberately issue conflicting statements about whether American ground troops will or will not be used to invade Serbia.  Let me introduce you to the Dialectic concept as to how a New World Order leader can go from Point A [where he is today] to Point Z [his goal of where he wants to be at some point down the road].

Point A -- On March 24, 1999, President Clinton and his NATO allies were outside of Kosovo and of Serbia.  This is not where they wanted to remain.

Point Z -- President Clinton and his NATO allies wanted American troops on the ground in Kosovo and Serbia.  Further, they wanted this planned war with Milosevic to place American ground and air forces in the general region beyond Serbia, because such a goal was dictated by the Illuminati in 1952!  [See NEWS1270, "In 1952, Illuminati Planned To Have American Troops Patrol the Balkans, Greece, Yugoslavia, Romania, and Bulgaria ".]

Clinton, all his advisors and allies, knew that they could not simply go from Point A to Point Z in a straight line, because all Hell would immediately break loose. To go from Point A to Point Z in a simple straight line would carry the following consequences, none of which would be palatable to Clinton and the Illuminati.

1.  Everyone could easily see where Clinton was leading us -- When a missile is launched, computer-guided radar immediately can see from whence it was launched and where it is tracking.  Within a few minutes of following the missile in flight, the computer can accurately determine where the missile is going to land.  Likewise, if Clinton launched his campaign from Point A to Point Z in a straight track, it would not take his opponents long to figure out where he is heading, and what the consequences might be.  Clinton and his Illuminati brethren are not stupid; they know that, if the American people knew that the plan was to place American troops on the ground in this general area of Europe as part of a global plan to place foreign national troops in designated areas of the world for the express purpose of conquering them and ruling over them dictatorially, they would vigorously oppose this action.

2.  Clinton's natural enemies and the defenders of the Status Quo-position of maintaining our freedoms, would derive much strength from being able to point out the path Clinton is taking, and what the consequences would be to all citizens.  The Illuminati has always feared the common people, and have taken great pains to conceal their true objective until no one can prevent the goal from being achieved.

3.  The entire New World Order Plan might be exposed, greatly enraging the people, and possibly derailing 250 years of steady "progress" toward the goal of successfully staging Antichrist.

A "positive" result of this conflicting and confusing manner of controlling the news of the world is that people are confused and turned off from following daily news events.  Thus, when the news takes an abrupt turn, these type of people will not even know what has just happened to them.  In my seminars, I often ask for a show of hands of the people who read a newspaper daily.  Usually, about one-half of the seminar participants raise their hands; but, when I ask the women how many read a section other than Lifebeat or Movies, very, very few hands go up.  Then, when I ask the men how many of them read a section other than Sports, I get very, very few hands raised.  I would estimate that about two-thirds of the electorate do not read daily news.  The Illuminati Plan for global dictatorship is thus greatly aided by an ignorant electorate. 

Then, of those who do read Daily News, a high percentage of them refuse to believe that government leaders want to enslave them.  It is much easier to assume that government leaders have the best interests of the people at heart, ignoring mountains of evidence to the contrary.  Most of the obviously terrible decisions made by our leaders are ascribed to greed, stupidity, or incompetence.  No one wants to believe that their leaders want to enslave them, and are set out on a path to do just that.

Thus, when these leaders are deliberately following a Dialectic Path to get from Point A to Z, over 90% of the electorate either do not know, or do not want to know, what is really occurring.  I guess this article is aimed at those 10%, or fewer, people who have the courage to face the truth, and to warn others, especially in spiritual matters.


To prevent people from discovering what Clinton is truly planning to do, he and his fellow conspirators must control the news in such a way as to go from Point A to Point Z in a zigzag manner rather than in a straight line.  Since Communism was created as a theory by the Illuminati, and since they have always been fellow soldiers in the Illuminati Plan, they have been experts in the use of this Dialectic.  Some Communist leaders and authors refer to the Dialectic as "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back".

Former Soviet Premier, Nikita Khruschev, likened the Dialectic to a hammer being drawn back after striking a nail on its head.  He said that most people would think the hammer is retreating, when it is just being drawn back to gain momentum for another strike on the nail.  Likewise, when the Dialectic process is drawing that one step back after taking two or more steps forward, many people will say that it is retreating, when it is just planning its next step-forward movement.  This is the reason the Dialectic Process is so effective in the hands of the skilled practitioner, and why it is so maddening to the opposition of the New World Order Plan. 

When the Dialectic Process is taking that planned one-step backwards, the skeptics who just refuse to believe that their freedoms are going to be taken away, will point to the backward step and say, "See, we are not going in the direction you have been warning about!  See, you are totally wrong!" Then, these people significantly relax, and many of them will totally miss the time when that one-step backward suddenly lurches forward again two or more steps.

Let us now apply this Dialectic Process to the handling of the news on Serbia and Kosovo.

Two Steps Forward -- March 24, 1999 -- President Clinton orders American air force units to participate with NATO forces to launch an attack on Serbian forces.

One Step Back -- In this speech, President Clinton seemingly foolishly omits the most fearsome of weapons in our national arsenal against Milosevic, ground troops.

Steps Forward -- The Mass Media and other Liberal Clinton supporters begin the drumbeat that American ground forces have to be introduced into combat if Milosevic is to be brought down.

Step Backward -- Clinton reiterates his pledge to not use ground troops

Steps Forward -- NATO officials, including the general in charge of all forces, British General Clark, makes statements that ground forces need to be used in order to "guarantee" victory.

Half-step Backward -- Clinton says that he "may be forced" to use ground troops, even though he vigorously opposes the idea.

Steps Forward -- British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, actively carries the fight for ground troops to the NATO ministers, and even says that he will commit further British troops to this "worthy" cause.

Steps Forward -- News stories break that Clinton is considering ordering 90,000 American troops into ground war in Serbia, the story which we quoted above.  Certainly, this gigantic zigzag caught a lot of people by surprise, and seemed to confirm that Clinton had been lying all along.  But, to those of us who understand the Dialectic Process, we were not surprised.

Half-step Backward -- President Clinton and many other Western leaders, really begin to beat the drums of ground war against Serbia.  We got many reports that some key units have been put on alert, with their objective supposedly being Serbia.

Two-Steps Forward -- Suddenly, after following its own Dialectic Process, Milosevic capitulates, declaring "victory", Clinton-style. American troops, and NATO troops, will begin to move into Serbia, headed for Kosovo, on Saturday, June 12, 1999. [In a recent development, Russian troops poured into Serbia, headed for Belgrade and Kosovo, ahead of NATO troops, and filling a role they were not supposed to fill.  We do not know exactly what is occurring here, but we do know that Russia is just fulfilling her part of this global stage play.  This event was unexpected only to us, not to New World Order leaders like Clinton.  We shall just have to wait to see how this event plays out]

President Clinton, his NATO allies, his Russian co-conspirators, and Milosevic himself, have thus gotten from Point A to Point Z, having followed a very protracted, and a very zigzag, course.  Rather than moving directly from Points A to Z, they have gotten there by a zigzag course that has confused most Americans.

Once you understand how this Dialectic Process works, you can see that it is being used in dozens of different ways, both domestically and internationally.  When you marry the concept of the Dialectic Process and the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan , you can see how and why stories break when they do, and you can follow the process through its zigzag course.

In Serbia, the ultimate objective is to have American ground troops patrolling the Balkans, Yugoslavia [which includes Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Serbia], Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria.  We are going into Serbia, and we have been able to get on the ground in the surrounding countries because of this war.  Forget the fact that the first troops on the ground are only part American.  Once American troops are on the ground, events will be staged so that the non-American NATO troops leave; then, the region will be patrolled only by Americans, just as the 1952 Plan envisions.  This process may take many months to occur, so do not be confused.

We may also not be fully at Point Z in this region yet.  It seems to me that a ground war in Serbia or somewhere in that vicinity, would be a perfect cover for all the final planned "crises" to occur.  With American forces -- Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines -- bogged down in Serbia, the stage would be set for Arabs to attack in the Middle East, for China to attack Taiwan, and for North Korea to invade South Korea using non-conventional weapons.  When these crises explode, you will know Antichrist is on his way. marching through the dust and destruction of these simultaneous wars.  Perhaps Serbian troops will attack once American forces are on the ground in Kosovo.  Or, perhaps they will resort to guerilla warfare against American forces. 

The one fact that is indisputable is that American and NATO forces are now a lot closer to the Serbian enemy than they were when they were sitting across the border.  My instinct is that this "war" is not finished yet.  Remember, also, that the only reason Clinton was able to achieve "victory" over Milosevic by air power alone was that Milosevic is part of the plan ; he knows his script well.  Let us finish with that famous quote from New World Order author and leader, Peter Lemesurier, at the very end of his book on how to successfully stage Antichrist, The Armageddon Script .

"Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions.  The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready.  Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up.  The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled.  Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles.  Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise.  The time for action will have come." [Written in 1981]

The ultimate Point Z is the successful staged appearance of Antichrist, where the vast majority of the peoples of the world accept him as Messiah and god, and will follow him wherever he leads.  This is the ultimate Dialectic Process.  When Antichrist finally arises, the nations of the world will have been following the Dialectic Process for much of the past 250 years.  Certainly, this bloody and climactic 20th Century has seen the Dialectic Process followed closely for much of the time since Communism overthrew the Russian Czar in 1917.  We are now very close to that ultimate Point Z, Antichrist.

The time for action HAS come, and this war is part of this vast stage play.  Doubt it not!



The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

Stand by for insights so startling you will never look at the news the same way again.



Time Magazine, May 25, 1992, "A Chat With The Gorbachev's", p. 51. "Nothing about Mikhail Gorbachev's triumphal two-week tour of the U.S. suggested that he was a politician removed from power. Americans... received him with standing ovations... Though his visit to the US was ostensibly to raise funds and make contacts for ...the Gorbachev Foundation, it also eased him smoothly into the rarefied ranks of senior statesmen whose pronouncements are expected to reverberate around the globe. His theme is a corollary of his own perestroika: the whole world is in need of change and reorientation... Gorbachev would not be drawn into an admission that socialist theory had failed or that Communism was dead. An alternative between capitalism and communism is in the offing..."

Most of you are probably shaking your head in bewilderment at this news article, not realizing that it contains one of the greatest admissions in the history of the modern world! Any student of the Illuminist conspiracy to bring about the New World Order, however, would immediately know what Gorbachev meant when he stated that "an alternative between capitalism and communism is in the offing [immediate future].

As we consider Gorbachev's statement carefully, we see that he has told us there are three (3) systems of government, two presently constituted and one to come. He specifically mentions Communism and Capitalism as being presently established in the world, but states that a third, as yet unnamed, government is coming that will be neither Communist nor Capitalist.

What possibly can he be referring to? To understand, we must go back in history, to May 1, 1776, the day that Adam Weishaupt, a former Jesuit priest, formed his occult group, which he named The Masters of the Illuminati. Adam Weishaupt founded his new group on the basis of the Jesuit Order, with which he was very familiar. The Masters of the Illuminati was a true secret society, completely closed to the outside world. They had a definite Plan to overthrow all religious and civil institutions and governments, replacing them with a brand new global government, a system which Weishaupt called, The New World Order.

Six goals of NWO

What were the specific plans of this New World Order? Nesta Webster, writing in her book, "World Revolution", listed the following six (6) goals:

  1. Abolition of Monarchy and all ordered Government

  2. Abolition of Private Property

  3. Abolition of Inheritance

  4. Abolition of Patriotism

  5. Abolition of the family (i.e., of marriage and all morality, and the institution of the communal education of children) [My Note: "Communal education of children" refers to State run public education].

  6. Abolition of all religion (Page 22)

To achieve this plan, Weishaupt understood that he needed supernatural power, if he was going to successfully destroy Western Civilization, which was religiously Christian. Therefore, Weishaupt established his Masters of the Illuminati with an occult base! ("The New World Order", by A. Ralph Epperson, p. 108-112). Weishaupt created a symbol for his organization, all All-Seeing Eye atop an unfinished pyramid, inside a circle. At the top of the circle were the words, "Annuit Coeptus" which is Latin meaning "Announcing the birth of" and at the bottom of the circle are the Latin words, "Novus Ordo Seclorum", meaning New World Order. In other words, Weishaupt's symbol was "announcing the birth of the New World Order". ("America's Secret Destiny: Spiritual vision & The Founding of a Nation", Robert Hieronimus, Ph.D., p. 20-21; Note: This is a New World Order book).

If this symbol sounds familiar, it should, because is the symbol on the back of our One Dollar bill! At the bottom of the pyramid are Latin Numerals, which, when converted into our system of numbers is "1776". So, since American money has this New World Order symbol on the back, we must assume that our Government has been committed to this New World Order since 1776! Indeed, we have been, but we will speak more of this later.

Weishaupt envisioned totally overthrowing all governments and replacing them with his global system. He aimed his Plan against the Western Governments of Europe, because they were established according to Judeo-Christian principles. He strongly felt that the nations in the Orient could be easily incorporated into his Plan, because their religions were as strongly rooted in Mysticism as was his occult religion. Indeed, as the world is preparing to enter the New World Order, we see an easy merging occurring between the nations of the Orient and the New Age adherents.

The problem, as Weishaupt saw it, were the Christian based nations of Western Europe and the New World, later to become the United States of America. Therefore, he targeted his Plan against them. Weishaupt saw two religious enemies, Roman Catholicism and the burgeoning Protestant Movement.

Here is the problem in a nutshell, from Weishaupt's viewpoint. He wanted badly to destroy the Western governments, replacing them with one new global government, called the New World Order. But, how do you get from Point A to Point B? How does one thoroughly, gradually change every single aspect of every Western nation, moving them from freedom into slavery, without the citizens of these countries finding out your Plan, and forcing their governments to attack and destroy you?

For starters, you have to keep your Plan very secret. This is the major reason Weishaupt established his Masters of the Illuminati as a secret society. They had some major secrets to keep from the peoples they wanted to enslave. Weishaupt felt that he had a potentially strong ally in the society called Freemasonry. Officially established within the Western World in 1717, Masons taught that, one day, the attitudes and values of all men from all nations would evolve naturally, to the point where all religions would meld together. Every man would come to understand that all men are brothers. And, Freemasons foresaw that they would lead the way to this new global understanding. This new global system was inevitable and would happen naturally, peacefully.

Weishaupt said "Nonsense"! It would never happen peacefully and naturally; it must happen only by violent revolution. Hence, Weishaupt and his men began an infiltration into the European Masonic lodges in 1776, and in just 13 years, by 1789, Weishaupt controlled all Masonic lodges in Europe with his violent brand of change. His takeover of American Masonic Lodges did not occur before the 1830's, as far as I can tell; however, Weishaupt was able to win the hearts of many American Freemasons before that date.


Weishaupt lacked only one element in his grand Plan to establish his New World Order: a tactical Battle Plan that would clearly specify how he was to proceed overthrowing all the established governments in the Western World. In 1823, a German professor named Hegel provided that formula, that specific battle plan. Hegel proposed that societies were governed by the following formula:

The existence of one type of government or society, named Thesis, would provoke the appearance of the opposite of that type of government or society, which Hegel named Antithesis.

Thesis and Antithesis would naturally begin to battle one another, since they were exactly opposite systems and, therefore, would see matters differently.

If Thesis and Antithesis battled each other for a long period of time, with neither side annihilating the other, that battling would result in both side changing to a hybrid system of government and society, which Hegel called Synthesis.

A constant battling, or threat of battling, was the key. Hegel theorized that "Conflict brings about change, and planned conflict would bring about planned change. This theory swept through Europe, on college campuses, sparking many a debate! After awhile, student's fascination with this theory died down, but the Illuminati, with Freemasonry now thoroughly involved in the leadership in the New World Order Plan, now had their formula to achieve their goals!

Let us now define these terms as they relate to Weishaupt's Plan:

Thesis -- is the original system dominating Europe in the late 1700's. This system was economically Private Enterprise, politically either Monarchy or Democracy, and religiously Judeo-Christian

Anti-Thesis -- is the opposite system to Thesis, which, theoretically, by battling Thesis for an extended period of time, would produce a new system, called Synthesis. The major problem is that no truly opposite system to Thesis existed in 1776.

So, what can you do when no truly opposite system has "spontaneously" sprung up? If I were in charge of executing the New World Order Plan, and I believed in Hegel's theory, I suppose I would sit down to create an exactly opposite system to Thesis. Catholic editor and author, Piers Compton, writes about the creation of Antithesis, the exact opposite of the Western Thesis. In 1846, "there was a feeling of change in the air. a change that would extend beyond the boundaries of the Church and transform many facets of existence.... Two years later a highly select body of secret initiates who called themselves the League of Twelve Just Men of the Illuminati, financed Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto..." ("The Broken Cross: Hidden Hand In the Vatican", p.16)

Antithesis was theoretically created when the Communist Manifesto was issued by Karl Marx in 1848. Christian author, Gary Kah stumbled across this secret when he was given a cache of old, secret Freemason books. He wrote about it in his book, "Enroute To A Global Occupation". On Page 94, Kah reproduces a chart which he discovered, which depicts the historic linkage between the New Age Movement through Freemasonry through The Illuminati, the Rosicrucians, the Knights Templars, Gnosticism, Kabbalism, to the headwaters of them all, the Ancient Mystery Religions of Egypt and Babylon. Off to the side of this main body of linkage, were several spinoff groups created by Freemasonry/Illuminati. "Marxism" is shown in a box, with an arrow back to Freemasonry/Illuminati! There is no doubt. Freemasonry/Illuminati created Communism as the direct opposite to the Thesis, so Hegel's theory could proceed.

Communism was economically State-owned and State-planned, and religiously Atheistic, and politically a dictatorship. A more complete opposite to Thesis could not have been possible, even if it were planned that way, which, of course, it was.

* Synthesis -- is the new, hybrid system produced by constant battling between Thesis and Anti-Thesis. Synthesis is planned to be economically Fascist, where the Means of Production and the Distribution of Goods are privately held, but the Government dictates how much is produced and how many companies can produce the same type product. 
Synthesis was planned to be religiously Satanic, which is the hybrid between the Judeo-Christian Thesis and the Atheistic Anti-Thesis. This new system, hypothetically called Synthesis, has always had a title. It has always been known as the New World Order.

This Hegelian Plan has been the major underlying premise which has guided the actions of the Illuminati since the early 1820's. Simply, the Plan was to create the perfect opposite system to Thesis, called Anti-Thesis. These two opposite sides would battle politically and verbally for many years, threatening the world with major war. However, the Plan called for neither side to militarily destroy the other. In the many years during which this battle is planned to be waged, people's attitudes on both sides would gradually change, until the point was reached on both sides which would allow the new system, the Synthesis, to be born. This Synthesis system was called the New World Order.

Stay with us now, because we are close to understanding the flow of human history since the early 1800's, and specifically, in the entire Twentieth Century.

When the Masters of the Illuminati was established in 1776, they had several major goals in mind. We have already listed the Illuminati's six major goals, at the bottom of page 1 and top of page 2. These six goals are indeed shocking and revolutionary. However, as shocking as this concept is, we are even more greatly shocked when we realize that these six objectives espoused by the Masters of the Illuminati match, word-for-word, the goals of organized Communism, which Karl Marx popularized in the mid-1800's. This word-for-word match leaves no room for misunderstanding: the Masters of the Illuminati created the concept of Communism. Indeed, author Nesta Webster captured this truth in her book, "World Revolution: Plot Against Civilization", written in 1921. She created a chart showing the flow of World Revolution, which she included as an insert in the back of her book. She shows a hidden Masters of the Illuminati link in the year 1871, between the European Commune and the First Internationale Congress, lead by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Clearly, Communism was created to be the exact opposite, or the Anti-Thesis, of Western Capitalism.

But, there is more. The philosophies of the Masters of the Illuminati and Communism are also identical. What are these philosophies?

  1. Man is inherently good.

  2. All of man's problems are the result of bad environment. Therefore, all man's problems can be cured if only his environment is changed. (Note: This belief resulted in the wholesale slaughter of 200 million people since 1917; the best way to immediately improve the environment is to kill everyone who will not be able to accept the new order. Since this belief is also basic to the coming age of Anti-Christ, the New World Order, does anyone hear the approaching sound of the hoofbeats of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?)

  3. Man's reason is supreme, and if left unfettered by religious dogma, could create an earthly utopia.

  4. The wonderful ends justify any means necessary to achieve it. This belief is a corollary to the belief that man can achieve happiness by restructuring his environment. Thus, any action, including wholesale slaughter of people, can be justified if it advances the lofty cause.

The shocking fact of history is that the secret society, the Masters of the Illuminati, created Communism to be the exact Anti-Thesis to Western Capitalism. Once Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels issued the Communist Manifesto in 1848, the political stage was theoretically set to begin the planned battle between Thesis and Anti-Thesis. Further, Western Capitalists were pleased with this new system, and were ready to support it with as much money as was needed to create their coveted Synthesis, the New World Order. 

Author Antony Sutton in his book, "Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution", reprints a political cartoon which was created by Robert Minor, and was printed in the St. Louis Dispatch in 1911. Please note that, in 1911, Communism was just a theory; the Czar still ruled in Russia. In this cartoon, Karl Marx is shown in the middle of the street in New York's Wall Street area, with his thesis on "Socialism" which we know today as Communism, tucked under his left arm. High-rise buildings line both sides of the street and the Empire State Building is clearly seen in the background. Throngs of people are in the background, throwing their hats into the air in jubilation.

What is the cause of all this merrymaking? The Western Capitalists were giving Karl Marx a ticker-tape parade. George Perkins, a partner of the fabulously wealthy J.P. Morgan, is shaking Marx's hand, with a wide grin on his face. Standing behind Marx with his hand outstretched, is Andrew Carnegie. J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller are also seen waiting their turn to shake Marx's hand. And standing directly in the background, between Marx and Perkins, is Teddy Roosevelt.

Thus, this cartoon succinctly captures the correct understanding that Western Capitalists were very supportive of Karl Marx's theories of Communism. Why? Because now they had created the perfect Anti-Thesis to Western Thesis, and were thus poised to begin to create their hybrid system, Synthesis, better known as the New World Order.

As we have stated before, this Synthesis system is planned as a Fascist economic system whereby the Means of Production and Distribution of all goods, is controlled by Private Industry. The Government would control how many companies could manufacture the same type of merchandise and how much of any product which could be produced. Clearly, for this system to work to the benefit of Private Industry, the dictator of the Government always had to be a businessman, who would make all his decisions on behalf of business. This new Business-Government system will create enormous profits for several reasons:

  1. It will allow no competition in any specific area of the economy. For example, there would no longer be over 10 car manufacturers in the world. There would be only one.

  2. The Global Government would not allow any local leader to arise and seize the assets of any multinational corporation. This type of seizure, such as the Arabs seizing the assets of the Multi-National oil companies on their territory in 1972-73, has cost world corporations trillions of dollars profit in this century alone.

  3. Global Government will produce the peace which is so necessary for business to succeed. Of course, this peace will be achieved at the loss of our personal freedoms, but no New World Order leader cares about individual freedom. Global peace will produce fat bottom line profits.

Remember Paul's words in 1 Timothy 6:10, "The love of money is a root of all evils". Since the Kingdom of Anti-Christ is prophesied to be the highest evil of all time, we should not be surprised that monetary profits underlie his entire kingdom.

Now back to the early part of this century. The number One requirement for this concept to work was for the government of a large nation to be overthrown and replaced by this Anti-Thesis government, Communism. Since the United States of America was the unquestioned leader of the system of Thesis (Capitalism), it was absolutely necessary for the new Anti-Thesis (Communism) to be lead by a nation who was similarly endowed with land-mass, population, and natural resources. New World Order planners decided, in the early 1900's, that this nation was to be Russia. Thus, Western monies flowed early and continuously to Lenin to achieve the overthrow of the Russian Czars. Again, Nesta Webster captures this historical fact in her "Chart of the World Revolution". Webster shows the Illuminati working through the German General Staff to support Lenin in his revolution. Once Communism was in power, Western monies, credits, and political support kept Communism from collapsing from its basic inefficiencies and flaws.

Once Russia was Communist, the next phase of the plan was introduced. This phase calls for the threat of conflict between America and Russia, with no side militarily defeating the other. Thus, after World War II, with Russia being built up as a superpower because of World War II aid, the peoples of the world were subjected to one crisis after another between American and Russia. As a result of 40+ years of planned conflict between Thesis (America) and Anti-Thesis (Russia), the time has now come for the planned merger into the new Synthesis, the New World Order. All along, the leaders of Communism have been participants in the Plan to create the New World Order. They have been loyal soldiers to this cause, along with Western Capitalists and Western political leaders. Gorbachev's statement so very clearly reveals the truth of this scenario. The Masters of the Illuminati, working with Western Capitalists, created Communism, and they think they still control it.

This concept is such a departure from conventional teaching, you may be shocked to disbelief. If this describes your reaction, let me prove it to you with a most revealing statement made by Alice Bailey, the most important New Age leader in history, whose automatic writings have been followed like a blueprint to achieving the New World Order. In her most important book, "The Externalisation of the Hierarchy", Bailey wrote, concerning the historic meeting at Yalta, in 1944, "There, three men, constituting a basic triangle, met with goodwill to all and endeavoured to lay the groundwork for coming world happenings." (Page 448)

Who attended the historic Yalta conference, at which the Western powers granted such unbelievable concessions to the Russians?

  1. American President Franklin Roosevelt

  2. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill

  3. Russian Communist Dictator Josef Stalin

Bailey's "guiding spirit" has just stated that these three men were equal leaders in the drive toward her goal of the New World Order! As I stated before, the Masters of the Illuminati, and other secret societies, monetarily backed by the world's most powerful leaders, created Communism as the perfect Anti-Thesis to Capitalism (Thesis) so that prolonged nonviolent struggle would produce a new and different system, Synthesis, the Fascist New World Order.

Finally, the concept that the Masters of the Illuminati created Communism links Communism with the New Age movement, through Madame Blavatsky's Theosophical Society, created in 1875. Thus, you have seen and heard Gorbachev using all the standard terminology of the New Age since 1986. Our historical understanding is now complete. The linkage of organization is:

1776 -- Masters of the Illuminati is created with goal of the New World Order.

1823 -- Hegel's Theory Introduced (Thesis x Anti-Thesis = Synthesis)

1848 -- Karl Marx creates Communism, the perfect Anti-Thesis to Capitalism's Thesis System.

1875 -- New Age Movement established as the Secret Society, Theosophical Society.

1917 -- Communism becomes the system of Government in Russia, creating in reality the Anti-Thesis to the Western Thesis, lead by America.

1917-45 -- Western powers build up Russia to Super Power status.

1945-89 -- USSR poses potential conflict with USA, especially the frightening scenario of nuclear war. Actual conflict avoided.

1975 -- Guiding Spirits tell Theosophical Society it is now time to go public, changing the name to the New Age Movement.

1990 -- President George Bush announcing New World Order in August, after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

1990 -- Communism changing clothes to become New Age and to begin its planned dissolution.

SOON -- Merger of East/West, i.e., USSR/USA into One World Government via the United Nations.

Let us listen carefully again to Gorbachev's revealing statement, " An alternative between capitalism and communism is in the offing..."

Now, we understand what Gorbachev meant when he made the above statement. Let us substitute the official terms for the words, "capitalism" and "communism". "An alternative between Thesis and Antithesis is in the offing ..." And, what is this "alternative system"? It is the New World Order! Gorbachev nearly let the cat out of the bag; indeed, he must have been sending a signal to all initiates and adepts of every secret society in the world, to be patient, because the Plan is on track and nearly complete.

This means that the breakup of the U.S.S.R. was not an accident of history, nor a result of any policies of President Reagan; rather, it is simply part of the Plan. As the world is about to be joined into the New World Order, one of the combatants needs to disappear, end the staged protracted struggle, and enter the Synthesis system.

We can show proof that this is the case. Remember our article of last week, NEWS1002? We showed how NAFTA was created as Nation #1 of the New World Order Plan to reorganize the world into 10 Super Nations, economically at first, politically later. This 10-Nation Plan was published in 1974, in a book entitled, "Mankind At The Turning Point". Super Nation #5 was listed as "Eastern Europe, including Russia". Wait a minute!! In 1974, Russia was merely a province of the U.S.S.R.!! And the U.S.S.R. was a superpower; therefore, protocol would have dictated that Super Nation #5 be listed as "U.S.S.R., including Eastern Europe".

But, it did not say that, did it? Why? Because the New Age authors of this book knew the Plan thoroughly, in 1974. So, like "prophet" who can "see into the future", they correctly listed the province of Russia as part of Super Nation #5, even though the change would not occur for almost 20 more years!

Dear Christian, the Bible states, from beginning to the end, that Lucifer (Satan) conspired from the beginning to try to wrest control of the world from God, and set himself up to be worshipped as God. Biblical prophecy clearly states, in both Old and New Testaments, that Satan will work through men and nations, conspiring in secret, to reorganize the world into 10 Super Nations, working through the "dark sayings" or witchcraft, to accomplish these goals. Then, once they succeed in reorganizing the world, they will simply hand their new authority to Antichrist.

This, in a nutshell, is Biblical prophecy concerning the world organization in the last days of time. And, surprise of all surprises, this is exactly the New World Order Plan, as set forth in the massive works of the New Age Movement.

Now, you may be asking, how and where does Hitler fit into this entire Plan? His Plan, which he also called, New World Order, was clearly the same as the current New World Order Plan. He set up the exact system of government as is planned for the current New World Order (also called Synthesis in the Hegel's Plan). And, Hitler considered himself the Antichrist.

Yet, the entire power of the Western World, as exemplified in the Allied Powers, turned aggressively on Hitler, thoroughly destroying him and his baby New World Order nation. And, the Allies wreaked this complete devastation despite the fact that the top corporate and political leaders had actively supported Hitler with tremendous sums of money, channeled through "neutral" Switzerland.

Why? I struggled with this question for several years, not coming up with any answer that made sense. But, then I met a born-again Christian, Doc Marquis, who had converted out of Satanism. Marquis was just completing his new book, "The Secrets of the Illuminati". Three years before he left Satanism, Marquis was asked to become a part of the Illuminati, which was a totally separate division of traditional Satanism. So, for three years, Marquis learned the New World Order Plans of the Illuminati. He was saved, because one day, he felt the urge to read the Book of Revelation from the Bible. By the time he was in Chapter 18, Marquis suddenly realized that he had just been reading details of the super-secret Plans of the Illuminati for the New World Order!! For the first time, Doc realized that he was not serving the highest power in the universe.

I asked Doc this question: If Hitler was pursuing the New World Order Plan, was a type of the Antichrist, and was generously supported by Western monies, why was he destroyed? What purpose did his existence serve? I will never forget Doc's answer, because it opened my mind to such understanding!!

Doc simply said, "David, the Illuminati never establishes anything on a large scale, until they have first tested it on a smaller scale."

Of course!! The Illuminati plans to establish their New World Order Plan globally. It makes great sense that they would want to test it first on a smaller scale, to iron out all the problems, smooth out all the difficulties. Then, when the true Antichrist arises, he can confidently establish his global system, knowing that it will work. Hitler's Fascist Economy did work, but Hitler made several changes midstream; his Dictatorship was effective in ruling Germany and rooting out his enemies; and, his Spiritual leadership as High Priest of an open worship of Satan worked, as it mesmerized millions of Germans, converting them into fanatical supporters!

And, now that the Illuminati knows that their system can work, they can confidently plan to establish it world wide. Hitler never knew his true role, never knew he was being used, and would be discarded once his use was finished. Do not be deceived; now you know the truth.


American Doctors, or Nazi Doctors


"One in five nurses in survey admits helping a patient die", The Providence Journal Bulletin, May 23, 1996, Page A-1, A-12.

Dateline: Philadelphia

"Nearly one in five nurses who care for critically ill adults have cause a patient's death either through euthanasia or assisted suicide, according to a national survey. The nurses said they often acted at the request of the patient, but 7 percent said they acted on their own."

"While the nation debates the legality and morality of assisted suicide and euthanasia, the new survey adds to the evidence that such practices are already going on in America's hospitals."

This article is shocking in its moral implications for America's National attitudes toward the Sanctity of Human Life. Americans have traditionally held to the Christian viewpoint, the standard that said all human life is God Given and only God can end it. Americans have never accepted the viewpoint that someone else, no matter how "sincere" they might be, can decide when and how a person may have their life ended. So, this article represents a tremendous change in the moral attitudes of a significant proportion of American nurses.

But, there is more, so much more than this moral focus, as important as that might be. Rather, I see two very important New World Order issues at work:

  1. Attitudes of individual American nurses are on a strong parallel to the attitude of German nurses from 1920-1935, attitudes which allowed Hitler to begin his Holocaust.

  2. This story illustrates how very effective the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan has been, in this instance, in changing America's long held view concerning human euthanasia.

Let us examine now Paragraph #1, above. "Attitudes of individual American nurses are on a strong parallel to the attitude of German nurses from 1920-1935, attitudes which allowed Hitler to begin his Holocaust." I have made the point repeatedly that America is leading the world into the New World Order, which is a total system of Government, Economy, and Religion that Hitler set up from 1933-1938. Since this is true, it is highly significant that a strong proportion of American nurses (and probably doctors) have arrived at the same moral point of view towards their patients that German nurses and doctors held prior to Hitler coming to power (1920-1933).

We will be quoting from a book entitled, "Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide", by Robert Jay Lifton, 1986.

Dr. Lifton made a gruesome discovery when he was researching the Nazi Holocaust: The massive murder campaign, which lasted for 7 years and eradicated 18 million people, including 6 million Jews, was directed, from beginning to end, by German doctors. (P. 4) Before this discovery Dr. Lifton considered the participation of the German medical community to be limited only to the infamous medical "experiments", which had received much publicity. But, Dr. Lifton made another discovery: Without the participation of doctors and nurses in the Holocaust, Hitler would never have been able to kill as he did!

How is this possible? How could the Germany of Martin Luther, the Christian Reformer, become the Germany of Adolf Hitler, the madman? Were the German nurses and doctors that served Hitler so well crazy, or demonic? Dr. Lifton's answer, after interviewing many of them, was "No, they were not demonic ." (p. 5) The most disturbing factor, to Dr. Lifton, was that they were quite ordinary people. Dr. Lifton concluded, "... ordinary people can commit demonic acts." (P. 5) Dr. Lifton later stated this terrible situation in yet another way, "Repeatedly, in this study, I describe banal men performing demonic acts ... My goal in this study is to uncover psychological conditions conducive to evil." (P. 12)

Dr. Lifton discovered that the chronicle of this terrible story began many years before Hitler gained power in 1933. In 1883, Sir Francis Galton, author of "Hereditary Genius" (1869), coined the term "Eugenics to denote the principle of strengthening a biological group on the basis of ostensible hereditary worth ..." (P. 24) Throughout the Western World, many physicians discussed the relative pros and cons of Eugenics. Many people were sterilized according to Eugenics. But, Dr. Lifton notes, "only in Nazi Germany was sterilization a forerunner of mass murder... the German version of Eugenics had a characteristic tone of romantic excess, as in Lenz's earlier [1917] declaration ... that 'race was the criterion of value', and 'the State is not there to see that the individual gets his rights, but only to serve the state.' Lenz understood his advocacy to be one of 'organic socialism' and feared that, without a radical eugenics project, 'our Nordic race is doomed to extinction.'" (P. 24)

But, as terrible as sterilization was, it was the tip of the iceberg. The really effective precursor to the Holocaust was the emphasis in Germany upon human euthanasia, a movement which can be traced back to the "last decade of the nineteenth century". (P. 46) A German 'ethical' theorist, Adolf Jost, issued a call for direct medical killing in 1895, in a book entitled, "The Right To Death" (Ibid.) Jost argued that control over the death of an individual must ultimate belong to the ... state ... Jost was pointing to the state's right to kill" ... [Jost argued], "The rights to death are the key to the fitness of life. The state must own death -- must kill -- in order to keep the social organism alive and healthy." (Ibid.)

But, the key work which uniquely pushed Germany into Hitler's Holocaust was published in 1920, called "The Permission To Destroy Life Unworthy Of Life". The German authors "stressed the therapeutic goal of that concept: destroying life unworthy of life is 'purely a healing treatment and a healing work'." (Ibid.)

These German authors explored the "doctor's legal responsibility in 'death assistance' and the 'killing of the consenting participant'... He advocated a carefully controlled juridical process, with applications for killing evaluated by a three-person panel (a general physician, a psychiatrist, and a lawyer). A patient who had given his consent to be killed would have the right to withdraw that consent at any time, but there was also an emphasis on the legal protection of physicians involved in the killing process ... Hoche ... insisted that such a policy of killing was compassionate and consistent with medical ethics ..." (P. 47) Germany, as of this policy paper in 1920, was on the slippery slope toward mass killing, a slope that ended in the horrific ravine of Hitler's Holocaust two decades later.

This paper touched off a firestorm of debate within the German medical community. The majority view was horrified at the thesis of this radical paper, and they spoke out against it vigorously. Dr. Lifton reported that, "during the years prior to the Nazi assumption of power, their thesis was by no means a majority view in German psychiatry and medicine." (P. 48)

Therefore, when Hitler took power in 1933, a minority of German doctors and nurses held to this radical view of human euthanasia; yet, Hitler was able to galvanize this minority into action to transform his entire nation into the killing machine that would systematically kill 6 million Jews and 12 million other "undesirables". Once Hitler assumed power in 1933, he found a significant minority of doctors and nurses killing patients, either with the patient's permission, or secretly, misapplying medical technology, i.e., giving too strong a dosage.

Hitler then threw the resources and authority of the Federal Government behind this ongoing policy of euthanasia. The State propaganda machine began to prepare the German people to agree that the Government had a "responsibility" to make life-and-death decisions for its citizenry. Several films were created that powerfully supported this thesis. One of them proved to be exceedingly powerful, entitled "I Accuse". This film depicted "a physician giving a lethal injection to his incurable ill wife in response to her desperate plea that he do so to relieve her of her terrible pain and suffering." (P. 49) the physician was arrested for murder and brought to trial. A sympathetic jury member stated emphatically that "the most important precondition is that the patient wants it". (Ibid.) But, the real message of the film, and one that came through loudly and clearly, was that "an exception to that 'voluntary' principle should be made for the mentally ill, where 'the state must take over the responsibility.' " (Ibid.) Many German doctors, interviewed by Dr. Lifton well after the war ended, mentioned the impact this film had had on their minds.

This one sentence of the film, that "an exception to that 'voluntary' principle should be made for the mentally ill, where 'the state must take over the responsibility.' " opened the door of outright prohibition against the formerly disgusting practice of human euthanasia. Once this door was opened, Hitler's propaganda machine was able to daily push it open more and more, until killing was being carried out very openly, with millions of people either participating or acquiescing. Hitler cleverly utilized a well thought out Plan that gradually changes a person's attitude or value about any particular subject, in this case, human euthanasia, without that person ever being aware that they are being manipulated to make the change. Therefore, when that person(s) does change to the new position, a position he had hated before, he does not realize that he has been manipulated. His new position seems very "normal" to him, and he thinks he has arrived at this new attitude or value entirely on his own. I call this Plan the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan, and I see its use in so many instances in society today.

This is how the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan works:

Step 1

Some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum.

Step 2

At first, the public is shocked, then outraged.

Step 3

But, the VERY FACT that such a thing could be publicly debated becomes the SUBJECT of the debate.

Step 4

In the process, sheer repetition of the shocking subject under discussion gradually dulling its effect.

Step 5

People then are no longer shocked by the subject.

Step 6

No longer outraged, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging, instead, the means to ACHIEVE it.

Let us examine how this 6-Step Plan worked in Germany, to prepare a significant minority of the German people to accept human euthanasia.

Step 1. A practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum.

a. In 1895, a medical ethiscist, Adolf Jost advocated human euthanasia, in his book "The Right To Death". Jost was the RESPECTED 'expert' and his book was the RESPECTED 'forum'.

b. In 1920, two "distinguished German professors" (P. 46), Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche issued their "crucial work" (Ibid) "The Permission To Destroy Life Unworthy of Life". The distinguished German professors were the RESPECTED 'experts' and their University thesis was the RESPECTED 'forum'.

Step 2. At first, the public is shocked, then outraged. The majority view of the German medical profession quickly and firmly wrote against this terrible, tragic idea.

Step 3. But, the VERY FACT that such a thing could be publicly debated becomes the SUBJECT of the debate. Invisibly, the focus of the debate shifted from the merits of human euthanasia, and toward the concept that, at least, society was getting this subject out in the open where it can be fairly debated. Fierce debate ensued!

Step 4. In the process, sheer repetition of the shocking subject under discussion gradually dulling its effect. Gradually, invisibly, many people began to drift toward the deadly center, away from their original "firm" position against euthanasia.

Now, their minds were prepared for the killing blow to the German psyche.

Step 5. People then are no longer shocked by the subject. Once a person is no longer shocked by the formerly taboo subject, he allows himself to look at it more often. Many people who look at a formerly taboo subject find themselves drawn inexorably toward it. Too many of these people began to be "more open" about the subject.

The stage is now set for the final trap door to be sprung.

Step 6. No longer outraged, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging, instead, the means to ACHIEVE it. Some "brilliant" person steps forward in the public debate, asking for both sides to compromise their positions. They advocate the acceptance of the formerly taboo subject, which satisfies the "Radical Reform" position; however, this acceptance is initially proposed to be under very, very strict guidelines, a "modest" proposal that even the most hard-core proponents against the taboo can hardly argue against. Thus, compromise occurs, allowing the door to be swung open just a crack, allowing the formerly taboo subject to be practiced under the most severely restricting circumstances. The proponents of allowing the taboo to be openly practice object strenuously in public, but are cheering their victory in private. The proponents of maintaining the taboo "congratulate" themselves on preventing an even greater tragedy, not realizing that their compromise is simply delayed defeat.

In Germany, initial human euthanasia was legally permitted only in very restricted circumstances, and only with the permission of the patient who "wanted to die". To ensure that no illegal action could be taken, a panel of professionals was set up to review each case. But, in only a few years, this door was kicked wide open, degree by degree, until Hitler could openly kill anyone he wanted for any reason. And, oh yes, the German Government changed the laws, so that a doctor who practiced human euthanasia was acting legally.

Can any of you see Dr. Jack Kevorkian is this Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan? Last week, we discussed this subject in great detail. Dr. Jack is publicly leading the charge to kick this door wide open in America, and he is following the German example very closely.

But, this article shows how far down the German road to Holocaust our American doctors and nurses have come. Yes, they represent only a small fraction of the total population of doctors and nurses in America, but the German doctors and nurses who practiced human euthanasia was only a fraction of the whole! A determined political leader who wants to force wholesale changes only needs a significant proportion of the population to agree with his position. He can force his changes based upon that minority, knowing that, with governmental authority suddenly thrown behind the minority, the majority will be forced into compliance.

How far is it happening in America today? Let us examine the statistics in this Providence Journal-Bulletin article. Of the 852 nurses who answered the anonymous questionnaire:

342 nurses (40%) admitted that "they had, at times, wanted to engage in euthanasia but had not." (P. A-12) These people would be willing participants in human euthanasia once the Government legalizes it!

129 nurses (15%) admitted that "they had hastened a patient's death through euthanasia or assisted suicide". (Ibid) These people would probably be selected as leaders of the new Euthanasia movement!

35 nurses (4%) admitted that "they had hastened death by only pretending to provide life-sustaining treatment ordered by a doctor".! (Ibid)

Admitting that there may be some statistical spillover, especially in the last two categories you still have, potentially, 59% of nurses in this country who are sympathetic to human euthanasia today!! By goodness, does America have a pre-Hitler's Germany beaten in the numbers of medical people who are sympathetic to human euthanasia?

Let us look at one expert who clearly thinks so. Professor Wolf Wolfensberger is the Director, at Syracuse University, of the Division of Special Education & Rehabilitation, Leadership, & Change Agentry. Professor Wolfensberger has written a manuscript entitled, "The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People", 1987. Professor Wolfensberger warns us that, based upon historic models of societies [like Hitler's Germany] that have later been discovered to have been committing Deathmaking on a large scale, he believes that American medical institutions are already committing Deathmaking. Wolfensberger defines "deathmaking" as referring "to any actions or pattern of actions which either directly or indirectly bring about, or hasten, the death of a person or group. Deathmaking includes actions ranging all the way from explicit, overt, and direct killing of another person, to very concealed and indirect killing that may take a long time to accomplish and may be very difficult to trace; and it can include active participation as well as silent, unobjecting collusion." (p. 1)

I do believe the above newspaper article completely fits Professor Wolfensberger's definition of "Deathmaking", above. Remember, America is leading the world into The New World Order, a system precisely identical to Hitler's Dictatorial, Fascist, and Satanic Germany. If we are going into this system, soon, we must be developing the same personal characteristics concerning Hitler's low ethical view of person's lives that Germans exhibited from 1920-1945, as detailed in Lifton's book, "Nazi Doctors".

Professor Wolfensberger lists the changes in personal values that are necessary for a population to come to the place where they will either sanction, or participate in, mass killing. (Pages 25-26) As you read these values changes, you will see that America has gone through all of them, since about 1965!! The time is very late!!

Step 1 -- "A turning away from the world of the spirit and from metaphysical belief systems, a rejection of beliefs in any spirit world, and therefore rejection of beliefs in any divinity, and/or in any divine will or law that is external to human beings."

Step 2 -- "Largely as a result of the above, rejection of the Jewish and Christian faiths, and therefore of their moralities, which include an awe for the mystery of life and a respect for its sacredness." {Note: America has combined Steps 1 & 2, rejecting our Christian foundation, replacing it with self-centered values interested only satisfying our physical needs and lusts.}

Step 3 -- "An increased preoccupation with the material universe, with material objects, and especially with material technological processes." {American advertising clearly has taken us all the way down this road; we are totally preoccupied with things and technological toys}.

Step 4 -- "A belief of religious proportion in a mythical entity called, 'progress', which is viewed as a human product consisting mostly of scientific and technical developments which support industrialization, which in turn is perceived as subsequently yielding an increase in material wealth, possessions, comfort, convenience, health, welfare, happiness, etc." {Germany held up the mythical entity, Nordic Aryan Racial Purity. American New Agers hold up a spiritual Aryan, "advanced" in all things spiritual}

Step 5 -- "The rejection of a metaphysics results in a very logical idolization of the human, and an exaltation of the individual human to the ultimate measure and measurer of all things." {Think of American advertising in the last decade, with its increasing "idolization" of the perfect human body, of maintaining that perfect human body, and of promoting health as the ultimate ideal of ages 0-100!! Stop and think of all the products advertised in America today that promotes this physical ideal. We are idealizing the human body, much as Hitler's propagandists idealized the Aryan perfected man!}

Step 6 -- "An idolization of human intellect, will power, and its products." {Refer to our program, NEWS1004, Comparison Between Nazi Beliefs and New Age. You will realize immediately how much the New Age religion emphasizes these values.}

Step 7 -- "An unbridled individualism and selfishness..."

Step 8 -- "An attitude of entitlement to whatever one wants..."

Step 9 -- "a belief of quasi-religious proportions that affliction, suffering and hardship are evil, and that they can, must, and will be eliminated, and by human efforts." {Professor Wolfensberger wrote this in 1987, before Kevorkian began his Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan to convince Americans to support human euthanasia; yet, he exactly nails Kevorkian and the arguments supporting American euthanasia! These people who want assisted suicide use these very arguments}

Step 10 -- "Combined with the attitude of entitlement, this leads to a belief that one is entitled to freedom from affliction and suffering -- and, indeed, even from hardship and inconvenience." {Not only do we see this attitude in the current argument over euthanasia, we see this attitude greatly in people who drink from the Welfare trough}.

Step 11 -- "These developments also imply a surrender to what one can call hedonism, i.e., indulgence in sensory pleasure, exaggerated and uninhibited aspirations for comfort ... In extreme form, this can lead to unbridled sexual excesses, pornography, gluttony, surrender to drugs, etc." {Can anyone describe current America any better than this? Remember, we are discussing these things in connection with the traits a nation exhibits as they are leading into a Nazi type Deathmaking! We fit this bill perfectly!}

Step 12 -- All these values and attitudes described, above, results in a personal trait that Professor Wolfensberger calls "externalism", defined as a person "so deficient in internal personal identity, strength, and mental and emotional substance that they excessively rely -- perhaps must rely -- on constant external supports of a physical, emotional, social and cognitive nature in order to function. These supports can take the form of constantly having radios and television on, even sleeping while these are on, and not being able to carry on a conversation unless there is noise from these or other sources. Another form [of externalism] is fear of being alone, and excessive or even total reliance on peer opinion and guru figures ... Such people are therefore impressionable, easily programmed, faddish, fickle, and prey to movements and cults .." {Again, Professor Wolfesnberger precisely nails current American society, a society that is heading for Deathmaking!}

Professor Wolfensberger continues, "Externalism and sensualism easily feed back on each other in a vicious circle, as when they lead to drug dependence (be it coffee, nicotine, alcohol, cannabis [marijuana], cocaine, heroin ...) which is an external prop that also meets the lust for sensory excitement and which is a low-level, counterfeit substitute for the rich and noble mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual experiences of which humans are capable. {Again, Wolfensberger is describing America today perfectly; a nation with these values is headed for Deathmaking on a large scale.}

Step 13 -- "Unbridled pursuit of satisfaction and immediate self-gratification also leads to a historic 'here-and-now-ism' that says ... I will pursue what I want now, regardless of its effects in the long run" or regardless of who gets hurt.

Step 14 -- At this point in the development of a society proceeding to Deathmaking, certain individuals step forward to encourage 'voluntary Deathmaking'. Certainly, any person who defends Dr. Kevorkian's assisted suicide falls into this category. But, also, so do elected or appointed individuals who try to legalize forms of Deathmaking are mightily responsible for that society taking the last step into massive public Deathmaking. Finally, Wolfensberger singles out those authors who have published best selling books on how to commit suicide. This is a huge sign that a society is currently engaged in secretive Deathmaking and is soon to begin public Deathmaking.

In this type of society, certain individuals are "devalued" in the corporate national mind. Any "devalued" group is then in real danger of being targeted for elimination. Who were some of these "devalued" groups?

Handicapped in any way, mentally, emotionally, physically

Criminals, especially deviant ones

The very elderly, especially those who are no longer able to pay for the cost of maintaining their life

The very young, especially those from "devalued" groups. Abortion and Infanticide were regularly practiced in Nazi Germany

Derelicts, people of the streets

Abandoned deinstitutionalized people

Severely and chronically ill people

Terminally ill people

Anyone who has one more of the above, in combination (Pages 33-34)

People who do not fit the National Ideal in terms of race or religion. the Jews in Nazi Germany certainly fit this category. Today, in the New Age, the Jew is replaced by anyone who 'cannot accept the claims of the Christ'. New World Order leaders single out Christians, Jews, and Moslems, none of which can accept the 'Polytheistic' religion of the Christ.

Professor Wolfensberger then described the many ways in which Deathmaking of devalued people could be disguised by someone in the medical community. The many ways boiled down to a misuse of medical technology or medicine in such a way as to cause death, a death that could be attributed to something else. (Pages 35-49)

Then, he drops the atomic bomb on this issue. He says, that in America today, "In hospitals (even those run by religious bodies), mentally retarded .. people with other handicaps, and elderly people are commonly denied relatively elementary life supports such as antibiotics, basic resuscitation, the simplest medical procedure, or even food and water. In fact, the likelihood is relatively high that persons afflicted with multiple devalued conditions will not leave a hospital alive ... In many locales in North America, it is dangerous to admit to a typical general hospital a moderately retarded person who is above the age of sixty ... Often, the only way to assure the safety of such afflicted persons in hospitals to place at their bed a twenty-four [hour] guard ..." (Pages 60-63)

If you are not reeling from these revelations, consider what Professor Wolfensberger estimates that the following numbers of people are being killed per year in the following ways:

Psychoactive Drugs -- administered to mentally disordered, retarded, aged, ill-behaved or demanding people in various settings, killing easily over 100,000 people annually (Page 70).

Withholding basic, simple treatments and life supports from people who are elderly, moderately handicapped, terminally ill, [remember the 15% of nurses in our article who admit they kill by just "pretending to administer care?] or imprisoned, are killing another 100,000 people annually.

When one adds the numbers of people killed in abortions and infanticide, Dr. Wolfensberger estimates that our total number of devalued people being killed every four years in America today than the number of Jews killed by Nazi Germany in 1941-1945!! (Pages 70-71)

Before you automatically reject these assertions, please reflectively consider the following facts:

  1. The New World Order America is leading the world into is exactly Hitler's system

  2. Religiously, Nazism and the New Age Movement share over 40 common beliefs, including teachings on Aryanism and "root races" (See NEWS1004). Additionally, New Age teaches the same "Secret Doctrine" that Hitler was taught, a spiritual doctrine that teaches the elimination of "inferior" races.

  3. Professor Wolfensberger describes any society that is heading for a values change that will result in Deathmaking. In so doing, he describes contemporary America perfectly.

  4. New Age doctrine holds that our Earth is overpopulated by two-thirds. {Friends of the Earth, Chairman, David Brower, "Progress As If Survival Mattered," 1981, p. 68-70). While they never offer the Plan to get from 6 billion to 2 billion people, their writings teach that the Christ will "cleanse" the earth, starting before the year 2,000. {Ruth Montgomery, "Herald of the New Age", p. 232-271}

  5. How do you think they will achieve this reduction in so short a time?

  6. Biblical prophecy foretells that the time of the Antichrist will result in wars and persecutions of unprecedented dimensions. If you add up all the people killed in the Book of Revelation, it amounts to two-thirds!

Yet, for all this the Bible prophecies that people will be living very normally until these disasters break in full force upon them {1 Thessalonians 5:1-3; Daniel 12:10b, "none of the wicked shall understand ..."; Luke 17:28-30)

Do not be deceived. The End of the Age is close, very close. We see the emergence of a system of global government which precisely mirrors Biblical prophecy, and it is called The New World Order, a rebirth of Nazism in all its horrors. Our values and attitudes are subtly, gradually and invisibly being changed, to where enough people in our society can and will support the Deathmaking goals of the New World Order. And, as this newspaper article at the beginning of this program indicates, significant Deathmaking is already occurring. The Kingdom of Antichrist is coming very soon.