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The Illuminati

The Illuminati is alive and well and is coming to a town near you!!!  The New World Order and the Illuminati have been staging events for two hundred years.  Click on the button below to see them.

Communism and The Illuminati

So, Great Britain, is one of the horns of the second beast with two horns. Some other facts about Great Britain must be brought out to further my accusations. 

Communism was originally a British idea, not Russian.

"That communism is a English invention is not a new idea. The articulation of communism was put forward by Karl Marx, whose mentor was British industrialist Frederick Engel's. Their primary reason for the expounding of this politico economic ideology was to thwart the advance of democracy in the nation building principles expressed in the Monroe Doctrine (which was based upon George Washington's advice of avoiding entanglements with Europe) These principles were beginning to be imported into Germany, and they posed a tremendous threat to British economic supremacy......."1

The controllers of Britain were fearful of potential competition on the world scene. They didn't want the rest of the world to industrialize and compete with British goods and markets. Thus came the Communist Manifesto and Das Capital, whose fundamentals at the time espoused international free trade which, of course, was a contradiction of the Monroe Doctrine's ideology of protectionism.

Internationalism was of tremendous advantage to the British since they already had control of world markets, and a terrible disadvantage to the rest of the world, whose economies were already exploited by the British.

Communism was invented by British subjects, but its basic elements were taken from Illuminism. The basic strategy of communism

1 The False Prophet by Ken Klein p.142

was to stage economic war with continental Europe and the United States. The objective was the maintenance and control of world markets. The actual roots of communism go back to Adam Weishaupt."1

Remember that internationalism and control of the world markets are the aim. These internationalists want economic control over the entire earth. Quite a goal, isn't it? Well they aren't far from it.

A Jew named Meyer Amschel Bauer was born in 17432, and changed his name to Meyer Amschel Rothschild in 17733. Adam Weishaupt was born in Germany in 17484. Adam Weishaupt is given the Chair of the Professorship of Jewish Cannon Law, at Ingolstadt University in Bavaria, Germany in 17705. Rothschild met up with Adam Weishaupt in 17736 and they started devising a plan with the help of 12 of Rothschild's banking friends7, along with Lucifer to bring about a one world government for Lucifer. They called themselves the sons of Lucifer, the enlightened ones, the Illuminati. Rothschild would head up the financial aspect, and Weishaupt the political.

' "Money is the God of our times, and Rothschild is his prophet." "Bear in mind," Rakovsky advises," the five pointed star, like the Soviet one, which shines all over Europe, the star composed of the five Rothschild brothers with their banks, who possess colossal accumulations of wealth, the greatest ever known.

The reference book, 10,000 Famous Freemasons, lists two prominent Rothschild's, including James Meyer Rothschild (1792-1868), son of the dynasty's founder, Meyer Amschel Rothschild. James is listed as a "33* of the French Supreme Council." Nathan, a second son of Meyer is also listed.

1 The False Prophet by Ken Klein p.142

1-6 Gathered from tapes by Doc Marquis, "The Illuminati's" New World Order

It was Meyer Rothschild, the founder of the dynasty, who once was quoted as exclaiming: "Give me the right to issue a nation's money, and then I do not care who makes it laws." '

As I have stated before, money will be the motivating factor, that will cause many to take the mark of the beast. And it is this first horn of the beast with two horns, that looks like a lamb, that has preached Christianity, that will use greed and money to establish THE NEW WORLD ORDER, The United Nations, which is the first beast. The False Prophet is actually building the New World Order, for the Antichrist, or the leader to whom they will give it to. And this beast system that the False Prophet has built, will he also cause the world to worship it, and its leader. Both will be worshipped as I have maintained, and the False Prophet is the one who is the enforcer. This is where the other horn of the two horned beast comes in. The political and military power base to accomplish the goal of enforcer along with the other horn. Both together form the powerful two horned beast, called the False Prophet. Please note here, that I have not forgotten the religious aspect that this beast carries. Remember, there is a whore that, rides the beast. This is the religious system, that is incorporated within the initiators beliefs. Money, political and military power, along with a religious foundation, is the force behind the False Prophet.

You see, this prophet is a false one. It is not of God. It claims to be of God, but it is of another who wants to be God. We know him as Lucifer, or Satan. And this fallen angel uses, the things that are just opposite from the things God uses to build his kingdom. For God so LOVED the world that he came and died for it. Lucifer on the other hand wants to kill, steal and destroy. He will use greed (money), power ( both political and military), and religion. God will and does not use any of the above. He uses LOVE. He doesn't use politics, because JESUS IS KING, he doesn't need a military for he will destroy with THE WORD, AND THE BRIGHTNESS OF HIS COMING, and he doesn't need religion, he is THE WAY.

Not only is this two nation confederacy a false prophet, not from God), but it is a prophet that will prophesy falsely. It will prophesy (tell things to the populace of the world about future things), that will not come true. If you think false prophecies are enough to make people stand back and wonder if there is something wrong here, you're mistaken. There have been false prophets that have prophesied falsely throughout the history of man , and it has made no difference to those that follow them. It hasn't in the past and it won't now, nor in the future.

The above was taken from Chapter 3 of Jefferson Forrester's book, " The Three Beasts of Revelation".

The Two Great Seals


The False Prophet has two horns, and their are two kings, but they are of one accord. It is one beast in the end, or during the time of the end, as we will see how that will be accomplished. That's why the John the Revelator in Revelation, mentions one Beast as the False Prophet not false prophets, plural, because both kings make up this one beast, The False Prophet, but from two separate nations.

1&2 Insertions and boldness mine

But first we should get back to the story of the beginning of this nation that would constitute the second horn of the beast, America. As, I said this is not a history book, but some groundwork must be given so as to completely understand, how we got to where we are and more important to understand the great change coming to America. Christians must realize that their citizenship is in heaven and they are a holy nation, a royal priesthood, not a citizen of the U.S.A., of which I love dearly.

So the British Commonwealth, was on its way to global conquest, and absorbing into its coffers, the wealth of the nations, and no nation was able to thwart its goal, and they certainly weren't going to let a bunch of ragtag militia in the New Land, prevent them from their goals. Or would they?

We all know the story. In 1776, the people of the United States of America declared its independence from the motherland, England. And we have on the back of our one dollar bills, the two great seals of America. The first one which is the Pyramid Seal which has at the bottom of it in Roman Numerals, the year 1776 to remind us of our heritage and the declaration of our independence.


In 1773, Mayer Rothschild along with 12 of his banking friends met with Adam Weishaupt to create the rules and goals, etc. of the Illuminati.

On May 1, 1776, The Illuminati is officially created and formed and headed by Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Rothschild, and of course Lucifer, or Satan.

Also of course on July 4, 1776 America declared its independence from Great Britain, and on September John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin were chosen to design the official seals of the United States of America. The "Two Great Seals" of the United States are given to Thomas Jefferson at his home in Monticello on June 10, 1782. If you do not already know about what is on your dollar bill and why it is there and what it stands for, you are in for a shock.

Below is a copy of the U.S. One Dollar Bill. In the center of the bill you'll notice in large letters the word ONE. It is not happen stance that what we are about to look at is on the ONE Dollar bill. Above the ONE you'll notice the words IN GOD WE TRUST. Most everyone is familiar with those words, and use them to prove this nation was founded on Christian principles. We were a nation founded on Christian principles, however, there is another government in the shadow, behind the scenes, that was present then, that would not agree. What is being said in these words, is IN (ONE not Two or Three, but ONE) GOD WE TRUST. Most people believe that this refers to Jehovah, the father of Jesus. However, they are wrong. It means simply that the designers of this seal and others among them believe in one God, not many. More on this in a moment. Look at the two seals below.  

Click on the picture for larger view!!

Inside at the top of this circle the words are written, "ANNUIT COEPTIS", replaced here by (HE FAVORS OUR INDEPENDENCE) which means "Announcing the Birth". The birth of what? The United States did you say? Let's see. Look now at the words at the bottom inside the circle written NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM. They mean "New World Order".

Are you shocked? Not yet you murmur. Well let's look at the pyramid inside the circle. There are thirteen levels in the pyramid and then you see a capstone lifted above the pyramid, with an eye within it.

The thirteen levels stand for "depravity and rebellion" in gematria and Adam Weishaupt assigned 13 levels, which define the official hierarchy of the Illuminati.

The capstone surrounded by bright light with the eye in it is the "all seeing eye" of Horus, or Lucifer, the "light bearer" or "Illuminated One", the angel of Light. The "god" of this world!!  

Notice that the capstone is facing up not down. This means man is invading the heavenlies of God. If it is pointing down, it means God is looking into the affairs of man.1 Please remember that the capstone is lifted above the pyramid, not resting on it, because we will touch on that later.

Now look at the bottom of the pyramid. You will see the roman numerals in the first level of the pyramid (it's foundation), which stand for May 1,1776.

Now let's put it all together.

The first seal is telling us that May 1, 1776, is announcing a New World Order that has been born, The Illuminati, based on thirteen levels. This New World .Order born is based on depravity and rebellion and it is headed up by Lucifer, the one and only God they believe in, who would someday return to rule it, and when the capstone is lowered on the top of the pyramid, the maturing of this New World Order would be complete or in place, full grown and ready to rule the world.

The Great Seal of the United States does not represent what we thought it meant. The year 1776 does not mean the birth of the United States, but the birth of the Illuminati. We the people do not choose a president who will do our bidding. He is not of the people, by the people, for the people, but of the Illuminati, by the Illuminati, for the Illuminati. We just choose from the choices they give us, most of the time. I believe now and then, someone creeps in that is not of them, but it is rare indeed.

Am I crazy, and paranoid, and dreaming up these fantastic delusions of a conspiratorial group that is called the Illuminati. Well if I am, so is George Washington, and the government of Germany.

On March 2,1785, Illuminati/Masonry is officially banned from Germany.1

On October 11, 1785, Judge Xavier Zwack's home is raided by the police, discovering incriminating evidence of his involvement with Illuminati and their plans for the takeover of Europe and America.2

In 1786 the original writings of the Order and Sect of the Illuminati is published.3

1-3 "The Illuminati's New World Order", by Doc Marquis

The first Illuminati Lodge is established in New York City. Clinton Roosevelt, the governor Dewitt Clinton, and Horace Greeley, are some of the more prominent members of it.1

Don't forget that name Clinton, for we will get back to it momentarily.

The United States Constitution and the Two Great Seals of the U.S. are officially accepted and adopted by the Continental Congress on September 15, 17892

"Many strong warnings were issued about the activities of the Illuminati in America. On July 19th, 1798, David Pappen, President of Harvard University, issued a strong warning to the graduating class and lectured them on the influence Illuminism was having on the American scene. President Timothy Dwight of Yale University issued a similar warning.

Also in 1798, George Washington sent a letter to a G.W. Snyder in which he stated: "It's not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism, had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am." (The writings of George Washington, published by the U.S. Government Printing Office, 1941, Vol. 20 page 518).

One year later, Professor John Robison published his famous Proofs of a Conspiracy in which he warned the world of Illuminati infiltration of Masonic Lodges.

In 1796, John Adams, who had been instrumental in organizing Masonic Lodges in New England, decided to oppose Thomas Jefferson in his bid for the presidency. He made a major issue of the fact that Jefferson-- who had been minister to France--(1785-1789) and was frankly sympathetic to the Illuminati-fomented Reign of Terror---was using Masonic Lodges for subversive purposes.

1&2 The Illuminati's New World Order by Doc Marquis

John Quincy Adams wrote three letters to Colonel William L. Stone giving details of the charges. The information contained in these letters is credited with winning John Adams (his father) the presidency. The existence of these letters was first brought to the public's attention by Commander William Guy Carr in his book, Pawns In The Game. Until recently they were in the Rittenburg Square Library in Philadelphia. They have now mysteriously vanished.

In 1829, American Illuminists sponsored a series of lectures in New York by English Illuminist Frances "Fanny" Wright. She advocated the entire Weishauptian program of her auxiliary of the Order of the Illuminati including communism made more palatable by the label of "equal opportunity and equal rights" (sound familiar)"1

No dear reader, I'm not a conspiratorial nut. There is a mountain of evidence out there, if one wants to find it and enormous volumes of material written, by both Christians and non-Christians alike.

I have only begun to show you the influence of the Illuminati and the Masons in American and British politics. When you finish reading this book, there should be no question as to where the American government is headed, and what it plans to do with Christians and anyone who does not go along with their plan. They are right on target with implementing them, and not much is left for them to accomplish, to achieve their end results, which is world domination, or GLOBAL GOVERNANCE, or SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, which are the code words used now, to replace the New World Order, made so famous by President George Bush during the Gulf War, which I will get into later.

I refer you again to the appendix in the back of this book , which outlines everything I'm writing about. It took years to complete it, of which I began on Dec. 31, 1986. That date is not by happen stance, and neither is the Date of Dec. 31, 1999, which is exactly 13 years from the first date. Remember 13 is the number of Satan.

1 Newswatch Magazine by David J. Smith; March/April 1995; p.31,32

Let's now take a look at the other Great Seal above, which will further unveil the Illuminati's hand in the forming of our government and in its future expectations for this country.

Thirteen is the number that represents Satan, remember? There are 13 stars in a cluster above the eagle's head within a reef. And you thought the original 13 colonies, was not significant. Well they were. Remember 13 in gematria means "depravity and rebellion". It is the number of Satan, because he is the father of rebellion and depravity. His depravity caused him to rebel against God in the beginning. And the thirteen stars representing the thirteen colonies that rebelled against it's motherland England. There obviously much more to our heritage, than we have been taught, isn't there?

Also these 13 stars are arranged in such an order that if you draw lines on the outside of these stars starting from the top, or anywhere for that matter and going around them to you reach the beginning point at which you started, you have an outline of a six pointed star. If you draw lines connecting each of those and notice the circle in which the seal in enclosed, you have the six sided Hexagram, the most unholy, and perverse symbol in occultism. Please refer to the top of the figure on the previous page and you will clearly see this. This is but just one six that you will see in these seals. The star of David is a symbol that has two interconnected triangles, not overlapping as these are. These are the counterfeit.. One pointing up and the other pointing down. In occult mysticism, the triangle symbolizes the Unholy Trinity. The Antichrist, The False Prophet, and Lucifer.

Around the cluster of stars are twenty-eight guidelines. Twenty-eight means eternity, or than which is eternal..

Beneath the cluster of thirteen stars and the guidelines you'll notice the words E PLURIBUS UNUM which from Latin means one out of many. Adam Weishaupt infiltrated many of the secret organizations of that time, the Rosicrucian's, Masons, Jacobism and others, and brought many of the minds together into his newly formed secret group, The Illuminati. Out of the many groups he infiltrated, there was formed one. The letters of these words added together, total 13. Another 13.

Now continuing to come down we see the eagle, which really was initially the mythic bird, the Phoenix, which supposedly out of the ashes of its death, will arise out of those ashes reincarnated. To understand what this has to do with the Illuminati and this sea , some more history must be given, regarding the Illuminati.

The following is based on the tape by Doc Marquis and Raymond Smith, put into my own words.

A messenger of the Illuminati, named Lanze carrying the Illuminati documents from a Masonic group from Germany to France, was stuck down and killed by lightning, in a horrendous storm, in Ratisbon , Germany in 1785. The police while going through his saddle on his horse, found the documents which laid out the plans of the Illuminati/Masons to take over Britain and America.

"God I believe had intervened in the affairs of men, to expose centuries ago the plot of the Illuminati to create the New World Order, that we would be reading about today, and using these documented events, to show to those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see, to hear and see where we are today, and how history has been building to the climax that is just over the horizon, and they we may clearly see the players, in the Biblical scenario, in both the book of Daniel and Revelation. We don't have much time to get ready spiritually for the days ahead in America, where most Christians are asleep when it comes to not only the lateness of the hour, but the correct interpretations concerning the events of the hour. 

Such ridiculous doctrines, such as a pre-Tribulation secret rapture, and Preterist view that the events in Daniel, Matthew and Revelation have already been fulfilled, as well as a Christian must live in a sin ravished state, never having the hope of discontinuing sin, by the power of God that is in him to achieve such, has kept them in a state of denial, that will soon come crashing down in a state of confusion and fear, that will severely hinder them from achieving God's will for them in these last days. Let this be a warning to those that are among these groups, as well as many others who cannot see the truth of, God's Word because of covetousness"1

Again, I'll get back to the story.

On March 2, 1785 after those documents were found by the police and turned into authorities, Illuminatism/ Masonry is officially banned from Germany. More evidence continued to come in concerning the plans of the Illuminati to the Elector of Bavaria, and the original writings of the Order and Sect were published.

1 Words by me

The Illuminati had to go underground and continued to work inside Masonic lodges in other areas around the world in secret until they thought it was safe to re-emerge, as they surely would to continue to take over America and the world.

The Phoenix or the eagle represents the re-emergence of the Illuminati, resurrecting itself from its ashes in Germany according to Doc, but I slightly disagree as you will see in a moment..

Continuing to move down the seal we see the shield of protection on the eagle's breast that has twelve (representing a perfect government) horizontal lines and eighteen (representing bondage) vertical lines. These eighteen vertical lines make up a 666 pattern. In other words there are six groups of three lines each which equals eighteen. If you take and add two groups of three, you have six and you can do this three times, or 666 the number of man.. These six groupings of three lines surrounded by seven white thicker lines, and seven in gematria means God. Man is God, or God is man. Add the two grouping of lines together and you have the number 13 again, the number of Satan. This is the third time the number 13 comes in the second seal.

This new perfect government would be held in bondage. Bondage to the Illuminati.

Continuing on there are eight claws on the eagles legs. Eight again meaning "new beginnings". And in the grasp of the set of claws on the right leg are 13 arrows, which represents military strength and the ability to defend itself in war. In the grasp of the set of claws on the left leg are 13 olive leaves and 13 berries. The olive branch with berries represents peace, and the berries represent the fruit of that peace.

How many sets of thirteen do you think we have in this second seal. SIX! Will get back to these sixes in a moment, but let' finish with the eagle.

There are nine feathers in the tail of the eagle which means "that which is complete", in gematria. Refer back to the dollar bill on page 108. Notice that the eagle is looking to its right (our left) across to the first seal which means New Beginnings as I will show in a moment, just trust me on this for now. The eagle looking to its right means it is looking on in favor. Looking in the opposite direction means disfavor. The eagle in other words is looking on favor of this new beginning of the birth of the Illuminati in 1776.

"What the second seal is saying in its entirety in light of the first seal is this: This "New World Order " is going to forcibly take over our old way of life. This New World Order is going to place "Man" above "God" and it shall be eternally crowned with depravity and rebellion."1

Now we will look into even more bizarre things in these seals. Why are these seals made up of so many thirteen's? Remember the number 13 is the number of Satan, and it means depravity and rebellion. This government will be headed up by one of depravity and rebellion.

Referring to the figure on page 114 again notice that in the lines drawn connecting and aligning this seemingly insignificant cluster of 13 stars, you will find one representation of the number six. A six sided hexagram. Now notice that if you draw lines connecting each of those groupings that consist of 13, you'll find a much larger hexagram. The second hexagram or second six. But there is more!


If you refer back to page 110 and again look at the pyramid and notice the connection of the thirteen stepped pyramid with the other 13 you find a third hexagram. That's right the third 6. You have three representations of sixes. In other words you find 666. Has Satan left his mark in these two seals of the United States? I believe he has.

1 The Illuminati's New World Order by Doc Marquis

But wait a minute, you say. The number 666 belongs to the Antichrist. That's right it does. Remember we saw that the eagle represented the Phoenix, the bird with the power of reincarnation?

I differ with Doc Marquis on this issue, or carry it one step further, if you will. I don't think the finding of the documents by the Bavarian government, on the body of Lanze, causing the Illuminati to go underground to later re-emerge (reincarnate) in the U.S., is the fulfilment of the meaning behind the eagle or Phoenix bird.

I believe destruction is coming to the United States because The shadow government of the U.S., the Illuminati, is going to make it happen. The people of the U.S., must be subdued. Our military has already been given over to the United Nations, in case you didn't already know. It started in Bosnia, when American troops, dictated by President Clinton, were told to serve under a foreign General, which was against law of The Constitution of the United States. Nevertheless, it was done1. The military of the U.S. has been continually weeding out those from the top to the bottom, who will not put and serve the interests of the U.N. above the interests of the U.S..

The strength of the U.S. military power is given to the U.N., the beast, along with the military power of Great Britain, both of whom are the False Prophet.

The governments of both actually make up the power and the strength of the U.N. Remember the Gulf War, Bosnia, and Kosovo? These two countries make up the largest contingency of force, especially the U.S., and all the others are simply but a token force. It is the force, power and might of the U.S. that leads the way, and makes the way. It does what it wants to do, whether or not any one else agrees or not. Current history will attest the truth concerning it.

What will happen soon is what "looks to be" the fall of the American government. But what is actually happening is that the shadow government, the Illuminati/Masons, will emerge, to the

1 Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) 25 is a National Security Council memorandum

forefront, along with its idea of Democratic Socialism, which is identical to the beasts' (The U.N.) and its leader, The Antichrist.

It is that government of the U.S., along with Great Britain, that has all the power of the first beast (The Antichrist system, i.e." United Nations", and its head The Antichrist who has the number of a man, which is.666). Both the man and the system have the number 666. So it, the system brought into existence by the Illuminati/Masons should have the mark of the beast 666, and it does, as we can clearly see, for it is the system of the beast and has all the power of the U.N.!!!!!

"And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed."Rev.13:12

Make no mistake about it, it is the False Prophet who makes the world worship the U.N. and the Antichrist, not the Antichrist. They have the same mind (Democratic Socialism) to spread, but on a worldwide scale instead of just in America and Great Britain. It is the force and power of the False Prophet that makes up, controls, unites, makes policy) and enforces them for U.N., which in reality it is..

Remember that the United Nations is nothing more than the uniting of nation-states. It is nothing more that the British Commonwealth of Nation-States.

So its this seemingly death of the American government, that is reincarnated in the United Nations. The Phoenix bird, (the eagle) representing the power of the U.S. is seemingly slain, and it re-emerges (reincarnates in the U.N.). But what really happened, was the subduing of the American people and their Constitution. More on this later, but the point is why shouldn't the Great Seals of the United States have the mark of the government (New World Order) that they shall cause the whole world to worship, which really is their own power? (they have all the power of the first beast before them).


Click on picture for larger view


Can you see six pyramids?

Additionally, should not these seals have the mark or tie together in it, the group that gives it its life, The Masons? Yes, it should and it does.

Going back to the foundation, which is where it all starts, is where we should go in connection with these seals. Let's go back to page 110 to the figure of the pyramid, and to the foundation of the pyramid, at the beginning which is the letter M. .

Beginning there and going up connecting to the A which is the beginning of the 13 lettered two words ANNUIT COEPTUS, and across to the end of the word, which happens to be the letter S, then back down through the end of the letters contained in the foundation to a point, where you will find the letter O which completes a triangle no doubt, when connected back to where you started at the beginning of the foundation at the letter M. Looking again now, you can see the hexagram and over from the letter m at that point of the of the hexagram you find the letter N.

Let's begin at the beginning and put these letters together. MASON. That's right, we have the word Mason. The one behind or connecting up with the Illuminati is found in this seal also.

So what we have found within these two Great Seals of the United States, or better yet , the two great Seals of The Illuminati, we find 666 and Mason. Do you think this is just a coincidence? Please. What do you think the odds are that this could be done in this way. Astronomical doesn't even adequately fit. They are completely out of this world, pun intended. Their origin is Satan, and his number is 13.

Before we leave this section of the Great Seals, I wish to show you one more incredible demonstration, of numbers used in gematria.

In doing so I will need a full page in which to do it , so on the next page, where shall find a demonstration of the use of numbers that I don't believe man by himself, could put together, without the aid of Lucifer, the one they worship.

While I was writing the words to this chapter, I stopped and started writing or putting together these numbers in the sequence I felt lead. This only took a few moments, and there was no effort to figure out a sequence to make these things add up in this manner. It flowed without any effort or thought on my part. There also was no re-arranging of these sequences or patterns or the way in which I made these calculations. It came out this way the first time or draft, if you will. 

Just like the Bible codes, that many different people are finding many different codes within the Bible, which have to do with numbers, so might this be an example. Maybe God was the author of the arrangement of these seals, not Lucifer, after all. Maybe God was wanting to show us the connection, instead of the Illuminati using it as a code to show their involvement in the forming of this New World Order, in the United States in 1776, that would re-emerge at the end of the age.

Nevertheless, the codes in the Bible that have to do with the numbers and words and their arrangement, are not occultic numerology. God invented numbers. ".....and in the morning and the evening were the first day" Gen.1:5. And he also invented the meanings behind them and they are recorded in Hebrew. But as usual, Satan can only counterfeit, what God has already created or brought forth into existence.


# of Thirteen's Where Computation

1 13 levels in the Pyramid 13 = 1+3= 4

2 13 letters in ANNUIT COEPTIS13 = 1+3= 4

3 26 8


We have an eight by adding thirteen twice which equal 26, and we add it together to get to one digit which equals 8.

Then we added 1+ 3 together twice because there was two 13's. It also totaled 8. We have two 8's. Remember 8 means new beginnings. There will be two beginnings. One in the U.S. and one in Great Britain. The Illuminati, False Prophet has two heads.


# of Thirteen's Where Computation

1 13 stars 13 1+3 = 4

2 13 strands in ribbon 13 1+3 = 4

3 13 lines in shield 13 1+3 = 4

4 13 olive berries 13 1+3 = 4

5 13 olive leaves 13 1+3 = 4

6 13 arrows 13 1+3 = 4

6 13's 78 24

7+8=15 2+4 = 6

1+5= 6

What we have above is three six's. 666


6+6+6=18 1+8=9 9 means complete or completed


#'s # of 13's Computation

1 8 Groupings of 13 1+3=4

2 13 1+3=4

3 13 1+3=4

4 13 1+3=4

5 13 1+3=4

6 13 1+3=4

7 13 1+3=4

8 13 1+3=4

36 104 32

3+6=9 1+0+4=5 3+2=5

9+5+5= 19= 1+9=10=1+0=1 They are 1. They are one with the beast 666.

Not only if you draw and connect the lines of the thirteen groupings, do you find 666, but if you add them together in the second seal, you also find 666. I think this is extraordinary, at the least.

Not only in the first great seal do we find the words "announcing the birth of", which is a new beginning, we also find that the adding together of the thirteen's, produce the number 8, twice, which also means "new beginnings".

Not only were there two new beginnings, (one in Great Britain and one in America), of the Illuminati, the two horns of the False Prophet, but there are also two beginnings in time. One then in each of those two countries, but another in the end of the age, in the United Nations.

New beginnings in time and countries. Two eights.

If you are not still convinced of the participation of the Illuminati in the affairs of the United States, of America in its birth, then Or simply want more information, then you should get the tapes and booklet by Doc Marquis and Raymond Smith," The Illuminati's New World Order", and see what they show you concerning Washington D.C.. You will be utterly astonished. I would recommend it to everyone interested in knowing more about the truth of the "shadow government" that rules America.

I hope what you have been shown concerning the two great seals, has opened your eyes concerning the country in which you live, if you happen to live in the United States, and that it will give you, regardless of where you live in the world, a glimpse of what is in store for the world.

 False Prophecies

The False Prophet prophesies freedom and capitalism for the people, but gives them Socialism and gives Capitalism to themselves. This is what Communism really is. Ninety per cent of the population works for ten per cent of the population.

The masses were never intended to be a part of the Communist Party, the elite who rule the rest. The masses were meant to work for the elite, as slaves of the state. DO YOU NOT REMEMBER THE USSR?

The New World Order is made up of those who will rule over you. They are the ORDER. The ORDER is the multinational corporations, (owned by the Illuminati), and you gave them the money to make it happen by buying the overvalued stocks of their corporations and they are exactly who the government is, that is to say, they are the Illuminati.

You, as shareholder, think you own part of the corporation, don't you. But its only paper, just like the phony money they, the Illuminati gave us. But they own the corporations, and when they pop the inflated bubble of the U.S. stock markets, or deflate it, they will buy back for themselves with pennies, the stock that you paid mega dollars for. Then they will have your money that you paid them for the stock, and they will have the stock as well as the corporation. SUCH A DEAL. Not only is this going to happen in the markets of the U.S. but other markets as well.

What do you think all these mega-mergers are all about? Some of the largest and most powerful corporations in the world, owned by the Illuminati and others who pay homage to them, are buying up or merging with other companies, who in many instances are already owned by them.

What for? The reasoning behind these mergers they want you to believe is that the merger will ultimately cut costs and raise profits, which in theory make the stock of the company worth more, so you will invest your money in the stock of the company for one of two reasons. You will receive higher dividends on the stock you own, and your stock is worth more, becoming more attractive to another prospective buyer. Thus you make profits on two fronts. This is all fine and dandy, unless you are stuck holding the bag, when it bursts.

In your greed, my stock investing friends, who are investing in stock market speculation on higher stock prices instead of dividend yields, are being used by the internationalists, and the Illuminati to their gain. It is your greed, which is what they are using against you, that will cause your economic fall, as well as other devices such as margins, and credit.

When they are finished, and soon they will be, you will have no assets, only liabilities. The huge bankers and investment firms, mortgage companies, etc. will own you lock, stock and barrel.

And what part of you the bankers don't own, the government they own (The Illuminati Government), will. Remember TAXATION!!!! You will own nothing, my friend, but the right to be a slave to the government you put over you.

The huge monolith companies, and the U.S. government, both of which are corporations, are owned by the Illuminati. Furthermore, both the corporations and governments (of which you are the collateral, for loans, REMEMBER TAXATION) are in hock to the International bankers, such as the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank, who are owned by the Rothschild's and the Rockefellers, who are the Illuminati. 

They as governments, borrow money from themselves, and charge you the taxpayer, for both the money and the interest that they spend on themselves, to get you into hock to them, so they can own you. Don't you know that that is what Satan wants. He wants to be your Lord. And money is and will be the avenue he will use because of your covetousness for things, and pleasures that you are willing to borrow money for (credit), and invest in (stock market), to have the wherewith all to accumulate those things. 

Instead of making Jesus, your Lord as well as your Savior, and laying up treasures in heaven, you lay up for yourselves, treasures in the earth. Being rich or trying to become rich becomes a God in itself. Idolatry is the sin, and the love of money and the things it will buy become not only the reason, but also the sin (covetousness) by which causes you to commit another. It is a relentless cycle. Then, lying, cheating, and even murder are used to achieve your goals. The love of money is certainly the root of all sorts of evil.

There is a sweeping "end time doctrine", as I would call it, that is pervading even "end time ministries", as I would call them, that is detrimental and false in my estimation. That doctrine is the doctrine of the "Great End time Transfer of Wealth". I believe most that teach on this subject are in fact genuine, and mean well. But the attitude it brings and the dependence on money, is not the one a Christian should have, it he truly believes the lateness of the hour, and understands the events that will soon unfold in the world.

There will be a "end time transfer of wealth", but it won't be the transfer of wealth, from the world to Christians that understand what will happen to the stock markets and the economies of the world, and therefore invest accordingly.

It won't be to those savvy Christian investors, who invest in the stocks of so-called Christian companies, that have interests in oil or anything else. Investing in gold, commodities, goods, nor anything of that nature will enable you to further God's kingdom. They may make you rich. And I'm most familiar with the verse that says, God gives us the ability to get wealth to establish his covenant. He certainly does, but I would venture to say that most people that would become rich, if they invested in these end time schemes of getting wealth, would establish their own wishes and desires, and maybe even some worthy ones, but probably not any that were really of God.

I believe those, that at this day and time, who enter into such schemes, such as in the oil wells of Jerusalem, are only participating in the system of Babylon, of which we are instructed to come out of. Yes, but many of you will say, "Use the system first to obtain the necessary monies, to further the gospel." What you are really saying is "the end justifies the means". Those that have eyes to see, let them SEE!!

What the church needs to do now, is learn how to walk in Kingdom Principles, not worldly ones. Yes, money is but just a tool, and a tool that can be used for the building of the kingdom, but the days shortly ahead, will not be the day, that by which money will be the tool of choice by God, that will accomplish his will concerning establishing his covenant. Our trust needs to be in God's ability to bring about his will, and not in money or anything else, for that matter.

Those that read my second book, "The Rapture, The Tribulation, and You, know that I believe that no one will get saved during the last half of the Tribulation, for it is a time of judgment, not evangelism.

Money will not be needed or used to establish his covenant, (The New Covenant), during this time, which is by the way, established in one's life when they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Since no one will be getting saved, then why the need for wealth?

Have you ever stopped to think that money, may not be the kind of wealth that God was talking about, in order to establish his covenant?

The transfer of wealth, "......the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just." Proverbs 13:22 is for the millennium, and not before. When Jesus returns at the end of the Tribulation for his saints and establishes Israel as the nation from where he will rule for one thousand years, all the wealth that the wicked has accumulated will be given to the people of Israel, those that believe in the true Messiah, the true savior of man. The wicked sinners will not need any wealth, where they are going.

This verse is not for those in the present age, but for those that shall enter into the one to come. Heaven is coming to earth. These rich men that are heaping together treasure for the last days, by using fraud (taxation), credit, and investments will ultimately be gathering together their treasures for the righteous or the just, or more precisely, those that believe with their heart, in Jesus Christ. Oh, what a God we serve. So don't let the love of money, or the system of Babylon get you entangled therein. Kingdom principles, not those of the world, will be the way God chooses to establish his covenant.

" But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you" Matt.6:33

These things that are referred to in the verse above were listed in the verses preceding that one, and they are food, drink, clothing and shelter. God says the Gentiles seek after these things, and that he knows we have need of these things. Likewise, he will see to it we shall have these things if we seek righteousness. God's ways are not man's ways. God's techniques are not man's techniques. They are an abomination to him.


We need to clearly understand the ways of the evil one and those that serve him, as to the way they will try to enslave the world. Understanding this and following history in connection with this, as well as current conditions, will allow you to discern the times of the end and the closeness of the hour. Jesus chastening the Pharisees because they could discern the heavens concerning the weather, but could not discern the times in which he would come to fulfil the prophecies of the Old Testament concerning him.

The same can be said of countless of religious leaders and many in the churches of America and the world today. Jesus gave us the signs that would precede his Second Coming, and not all, but most, have not discerned them.

The four horses of the apocalypse mirror the sayings of Jesus in the verses above. Well what does all this have to do with the False Prophet.

As we have seen so far, it is the Illuminati, behind the governments of the U.S. and Great Britain that make up the False Prophet. We have looked into the ways that the Illuminati, and the International Bankers use to enslave mankind to them. We looked at taxes, stock markets, and credit as the means they use to increase their wealth, but the most insidious method that they use to accomplish their goal of a One World Order, or Global Governance, or to own the Earth is WAR!!!!.

They plan to take over the earth by economic default or military means, one or the other, or both, whichever, or whatever is necessary to achieve that goal of world domination. Remember a few moments ago I said they, the governments of democratic nations, use the government of which they control, to tax the people to accomplish their objectives. Their objective is to own the whole earth and all the wealth in it.

Did you know that if everyone in the earth including Christians, gave their allegiance to Satan, and worshipped him and the things he promised them, that God would not come and take it away from him. Thank God there are Christians, who are humans, that God gave all authority in the earth to, who will not bow down to Satan, nor be deceived, because they believe in the Word of God, instead of the lies of the world, who Satan is the god of.

They will refuse to give to Satan, what God promised them, therefore, Satan, by his illegal trying to take from the Christians, the earth, which God entrusted to them, by killing them and destroying the earth that doesn't belong to him, he is writing and signing his own death warrant, and all those that follow him are doing the same. DUMB, DUMB, AND DUMBER !!!!

War is the method by which the Illuminati has used and is continuing to use to heap vast sums of money into its coffers, that is unachievable by any other means, except for environmentally charged policies and space associated programs of a wide nature.

First, we will look at the war machine. It's actually a simple idea, if you can pull it off, which the Illuminati has over a long period of time and will continue to do so according to the Bible, as I understand it.

The Illuminati/International Bankers, remember Rothschild and Rockefeller), use wars that they instigate between nations, peoples, kindred's, tongues and kingdoms, as a means to loan vast sums of money to them, to collect the interest on.

The collecting of interest on money is not the only reason they instigate wars, as they use war to achieve many of their purposes, but wealth is always the motivating factor of them.

Just think of it. You pit one nation against another, with ensuing war as a result, and you loan the monies needed for each side, to build their military apparatus, to conduct the war. Then when the war is over, you loan them money again, to rebuild what destroyed during the war, and to rebuild their military machinery that was also destroyed during the arranged conflict. 

It doesn't matter to the one lending the money, which side wins the conflict, because it is a win win situation to the lender, and the longer and the more damage inflicted, the greater prospect of profits, from the interest, derived from the loaning of the money.

However, the interest is just one aspect of the game of war. What if you owned the corporation that made the military hardware to use in the war. What if you owned the medical supply company, or the pharmaceutical company, or the clothing company, or any other company that supplied the ingredients needed to carry out a war. The Illuminati does, and war is BIG BUSINESS.

You know the saying that has always been around. The economy of a nation is always great during and after a war. Takes jobs and money to build a war machine, conduct a war, and sustain a war economy, and the international bankers, the movers and shakers, the large corporations just love it. Remember what Meyer Rothschild was quoted to have said?

"Give me a right to issue a nation's money, and then I do not care who makes its laws".

Well that's exactly what happened in 1913 during the Christmas holidays, when Congress, even without a quorum present (fraud), passed the Federal Reserve Act, with many of the members having already gone home for the Christmas holidays!

This Act put the control of the money of the United States government into the hands of a corporation,  The Federal Reserve, whose owners are the Rockefellers and Rothchilds.   Less than a year later, in 1914, World War I began.  Are you beginning to get the picture??????????


Ever since this country was founded in 1776 to 1933, tariffs charged on imports paid the necessary costs to run the Federal Government. For nearly two hundred years, tariffs charged on imports into the country for goods, paid the tab. No income tax was necessary as the tariffs charged by the government was sufficient to do the job. Of course the government was much smaller then. It took a while for the Illuminists to swell it to the mammoth bureaucratic size it is today.

However, in less than twenty years, after the control of the money of the U.S. government, went into the hands of the private sector (The Illuminati, Federal Reserve corporation), the government of U.S. was bankrupt.  Do you not find that in the least, suspicious? In less than twenty years, the government could not pay its bills to keep it running, through the monies it collected via tariffs. The governments bureaus and the debt it had accumulated in twenty years, had surpassed its ability to function on tariff collection. What would they do now?

Well, they could continue to borrow money from the Federal Reserve, but they were unable to pay the premium and the interest on the money they had already managed to borrow in just the last twenty years. They were bankrupt. The Illuminati was well on its way to owning the American people.

After the newly created Federal Reserve, took control of the money, World War I was created, and the loaning of money began to the U.S. of which it would never again disengage itself from.

This was the very thing that our founding fathers such as George Washington warned us of. LOSING CONTROL OF THE MONEY from the Federal government.

To solve this predicament, the Federal Reserve agreed to let the U.S. government pay only the interest on the money it had borrowed from them to pay for its huge bulging bureaucratic governmental costs, and its involvement in the Wars in which the Illuminati had started.

But, that's not all folks. In order to do this, the corporation known as the Federal Reserve, needed some collateral for not only the continuance of loans, but in the agreement to only accept interest payments on the loans, instead of the premium and the interest payments.

Well, if you haven't already guessed it, YOU, The American People, are that collateral. The ability of the federal government, to tax, according the the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, was the collateral the Illuminati needed and got!!!

So in 1933, the American people began paying taxes to the government so the government could go on borrowing money for its bureaucracy and its wars. Well, why didn't the government say no to these bankers and tell them to stick it? Good Question. Because the government had already been infiltrated by the Illuminati/Masons, to the point, that they were the majority. They were the Government. Get the picture!

Do you feel angry, and used ? You should and you were, or at least your grandparents were then, and you are now, and your children will be. And, in less than seventy years, from 1933, the federal government will not be able to pay even the interest on the money it has borrowed since then, EVEN IF IT CHARGED A FEDERAL TAX, of 100 0/0.

Impossible you say. Well, World War III hasn't started yet. Pretty soon you will have to work more than you do now and all of it (the money you make) but won't see, because it will be a cashless society, where no underground tax evaders can operate, to pay for the operation of the not Federal Government, but the One World Government. How close are we to this happening, you ask. World War III, which just like all the others, they will bring to pass, at exactly the time they want to, and that time is quickly approaching. 

If you will refer to the appendix, under "The Chart of the Beast", page seven you will see under the sections titled, "Previously Staged Events", the wars that were started by the False Prophet.

 Tax Free Foundations

Getting back to this Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which gave the money over the to the Illuminati, you should know that that was when the tax code was written, the Internal Revenue Code. And in this code was laid out the means by which this corporation would collect the money owed to it by the U. S. Government. The IRS is not, I repeat, is not a arm of the Federal Government, but its own service or body. Any body that has dealt with the IRS, should instantly know this. The reality of this statement, becomes clear when you find yourselves in disagreement with how much money that say you owe them.

The things they can and will do, are clearly not covered in the Constitution of the U.S.. The IRS, is simply a collection agency of the Illuminati. Just like when you don't pay your bill due to the Bank or Department Store, for which you have a credit card, they will refer your account to a Collection Agency.

When you do not pay your tax bill to the International Bankers/The Illuminati, they (The IRS, The Collection Agency) will bring its wrath upon you. They will seize your bank account, WITHOUT COURT ORDER, they will padlock your business, WITHOUT COURT ORDER, and seize your assets WITHOUT COURT ORDER. That's because they are the law over money.

You could however, claim bankruptcy, and go to Bankruptcy Court. They still will get your things. The reason it is called BANKruptcy Court, is because the BANK owns the court. ARE YOU AWAKE YET?

At any rate, let's get back to the time when the Internal Revenue Code was written and passed in 1913. If I am correct and if it is the Illuminati who are the bankers, who will eventually own most of the businesses, and the rich men of the earth, at the time of the passing of the Federal Reserve Act were the Illuminati such as The Rothschild's, and the Rockefellers, then you would think they would incorporate into the tax laws, loopholes, whereby they would not have to pay taxes to the government that owes them the money in the first place, now would you. 

A good analogy, would be that if you loaned your next door neighbor some money with interest and you told him, by the way, I'll tax myself, and give you the money to pay me the money you owe me.

If this was my personnel economic policy, I wouldn't have anything including a policy for very long. What if the bank that loaned you money said they would chip in and tax themselves to give you the money to pay them the money you owed them. How long do you think they would be in business?

Well if I'm right about the Illuminati, then they wouldn't do it either. They would find a way to avoid taxing themselves. Have you ever heard the saying that the rich never pay taxes. YOU'RE RIGHT!!!

Can you remember ever hearing of any of these foundations: The Rockefeller Foundation, The Carnegie Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The Rhodes Foundation, (of .which we'll get to in a moment).

These are all tax exempt Foundations. In other words they do not PAY ANY TAXES. Do you think these foundations as well as countless of thousands of others were birthed in the Internal Revenue Tax Code, because they just wanted to give some people in the future a break if they formed one. YEAH, RIGHT !!!!

Remember, there was no need for a foundation before 1913, because there were no taxes. But since the corporation known as the Federal Reserve, who are the rich men of the earth, then and now, knew everybody would be taxed to pay them back the money they would loan to them, then they would indeed need a way out of taxing themselves. AM I STILL CRAZY AM I STILL A CONSPIRATORIAL NUT !!

Instead of looking into all of these Foundations, I think you are smart enough to get the picture.

However, I do want to look into one. The Rhodes Foundation. This is to reveal to you the other reason for tax-exempt foundations.

The founder of this foundation is Cecil Rhodes. Who is Cecil Rhodes. Let me refresh your memory. Ever heard of a "Rhodes Scholar"? Sure you have. Does anyone come to mind that you know who was a Rhodes Scholar ? They should. How about the current President of The United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton. Shocked? Wait till you know just what this means.

"Throughout the 1800's in the United States the idea of Globalism was maintained by forces within the British Empire. Three prominent men in the latter part of the century who kept the dream moving forward were John Ruskin, Cecil Rhodes, and Alfred Milner. Their desire was to unite the English speaking people of the world and to create a global commonwealth of nations patterned after the ideals of the British Empire, but controlled by English speaking people of the aristocracy for the good of the world.

John Ruskin, mentor of both Cecil Rhodes1 and Alfred Milner (father of the Round Table), was an ardent student of Plato's Republic, the same well from which Karl Marx drank. Ruskin believed that the state should take control of the means of all production and distribution, and organize them for the good of the people. "My continual aim has been to show the eternal superiority of some men to others, sometimes even of one man to all others," Ruskin taught that the ruling class of England had a world mission.(3)2

Ruskin taught the students of Oxford University3 that they were the next leaders of the mission, that they were the ones who would carry on the tradition of education, rule of law, beauty, freedom, decency, and self discipline, but this tradition could not be saved unless it was extended to the lower classes of England, and to the non-English masses of the world. If these two classes, were not reached, the upper-class Englishmen would ultimately be submerged by these majorities, and the tradition would be lost.(4) 4

Cecil Rhodes was one student in attendance that day and he caught the vision. With the support from Lord Rothschild he launched a lifetime of concerted effort to Federate the World. His ambitious goals included:

         1. The extension of the British rule throughout the world

         2. Perfecting a plan of emigration from the United Kingdom for colonization by British subjects of all lands where the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labor, and enterprise.


        4. The consolidation of the whole Empire

        5. A system of colonial representation in the Imperial Parliament which may tend to weld together the disjointed members of the Empire.

        6. The foundation of so great a power as to hereafter render wars impossible and promote the best interests of humanity

All this he endeavored to do without mention of material reward, an idea fashioned after the religious  brotherhood of the Jesuits , "a church for the extension of the British Empire"(6) 5

The ideas of these men, advanced by the backing of Anglo-American banking houses, created secret societies, which in turn made secret agreements between England and the United States. These secret treaties brought the two countries together into an Anglo-American alliance with the secret goal of a New World Order. In England the secret society, which operated in London was called the Round Table.(7)6

When the planned seizure of the United States economy finally occurred in 1913, the formation of the two-horned Beast (the world capital conglomerate) was complete."7

Rhodes scholarships

So what is the Rhodes foundation? It is a tax exempt foundation that receives millions of tax free dollars from corporations and individuals who can give up to 50 o/o of their earnings without being taxed on that percentage, to the foundation..

This foundation gives scholarships (A Rhodes Scholarship) to individuals they want to send to Oxford University in England to indoctrinate them into the (Marxist, Arian) philosophy just described. These individuals are followed and hand picked, screened and only if thought by the Illuminati, that they would be good candidates and successful at furthering their cause of world domination, are they chosen for the Rhodes Scholarship.

Basically, tax free foundations were included into the Internal Revenue Tax Code, so the Illuminati and their supporters would not have to pay taxes and could use that money to espouse their views as mentioned. 

Just think of it. Such a deal. What if you could take the money you made, and start a organization, and funnel that money legally, into places that would teach, and further your beliefs. Well, you can, just as they did. The point is they make most of the money in the world, yet pay no taxes, because of these codes as well as many more, and leave you to pay all the taxes for their programs, wages, and furthering their agenda, etc.

"It was Cecil Rhodes, "the founder--- of the international diamond industry, of Rhodesia.......the Premier----of the Cape, the Lawgiver--of the Glen Gray Act of Rhodesia, the World Statesman--confidant of Queen Victoria and Kaiser Wilheim."(2)1 who endowed and set up the Rhodes Scholarship in his seventh will for the purpose of uniting the United States with Great Britain.

For the record, Cecil Rhodes was both a homosexual and a Mason. It was the last of his seven wills that set up the Rhodes Scholarship program, while the former wills provided parameters for the trustees who were to bring the world back under British rule. Rhodes called his creed a "confession of faith" and said it would be carried out through a secret society. In addition to the Rhodes Trust, other monies used to accomplish his goal include "the Astor fortune and certain powerful British banks of which the chief was Lazard Brothers and company."(9)1

Dr. Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton's mentor at Georgetown and the man who wrote a letter on Clinton's behalf for the Rhodes Scholarship, wrote two books that are considered epics in understanding the truth about modern history: Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment. In his second book he wrote that the secret society that would be formed by his Rhode's will "was to devote itself to the preservation and expansion of the British Empire (which) has been known at various times as Milner's Kindergarten, as the Round Table Group, as the Rhodes crowd, as the Times crowd, as the All Souls Group, and as the Cliveden set."6 Lord Milner was the chief trustee after 1901. 

According to Quigley, "The original members of the Milner Group came from well-to-do, upper class, frequently titled families."7 Furthermore, Rhodes outlined men who might be useful members of the secret society. "Men of ability and enthusiasm who find no suitable way to serve their country under the current political system." He (Rhodes) wrote that, "This is to be a kind of religious brotherhood like the Jesuits,' a church for the extension of the British Empire.'"8

You might also be interested to know some more American Rhodes scholars, so I again refer to Joan Veon's book, "Prince Charles-The Sustainable Prince".

" Some of the more recognizable Rhodes Scholars are :President Bill Clinton; Senators (former) Bill Bradley Now running for the bid for the Democratic nominee for President in 2000).(N.J.). Richard Lugar (IN), Paul Sarganes (MD), Russell Finegold (WI), Larry Pressler (SD), and (former) Secretary of Labor Robert Reich; (former) Secretary of State Dean Rusk; Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke; Library of Congress James Billington; singer and actor Kris Kristofferson, who played in the controversial movie Amerika; Edwin Hubbel, for whom the spacecraft is named; and Sir John Templeton, originator of the Templeton Award for Progress in Religion, In Clinton's first term, he chose twenty-two Rhodes Scholars to serve in key positions.

Rhodes had predicted the time when wars would end. "Rhodes 'universal peace' would begin, according to him, 'after 100 years.' It was in the autumn of 1990 that President George Bush.....spelled out his 'new world order' concept for universal peace and cooperation."16 On March 6,1991, President Bush spoke of the new world order as "a world in which the United Nations is poised to fulfil the vision of its founders."

Is there any doubt that the Illuminati had their hand in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 or the Internal Revenue Code? I don't believe that there should be.

Is there any doubt that the Rhodes Foundation has and currently played a major part in the politics of American government? There shouldn't be.

Is there any doubt that the United States and Great Britain are the two horns of the two horned beast called the  The False Prophet   ? (This blue link contains some of what is here, but much, much more on the False Prophet as well as suggested links that are not on this page.  Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

Is there any doubt?  There shouldn't be, but just in case there is some doubt, I'll continue in building the case that they are, and that they are the power behind the beast "one world government" of the United Nations, which has its deep roots in Communism, but will emerge as "Democratic Socialism", as the capitalistic multinational corporations mostly owned by the Illuminati and their followers, all of which will eventually be owned by them, form the partnership, known as "sustainable Development", the catch word for "The New World Order" and Global Governance. 

Thesis and Antithesis

To understand this merging together of Communism and Socialism, we have Friedrich Hegel's theory or the Hegelian Dialectic, which simply put, means two opposing ideas or forces come together or meet. Webster's Dictionary puts it this way: dialectic- (3). the method of logic used by Hegel and adapted by Marx to his materialist philosophy: it is based on the concept of the contradiction of opposites (thesis and antithesis) and their continual resolution (synthesis)

Hegelianism- the philosophy of Hegel, who maintained that every postulate or affirmation (thesis) evokes its natural opposite (antithesis), and that these two result in a unified whole (synthesis), which in turn reacts upon the original thesis. The Illuminati uses this theory to bring about the merger of Capitalism (thesis) and Communism (antithesis), of which the (synthesis) is Democratic Socialism, or more truthfully, Fascism.

Fascism - a system of government characterized by rigid one-party dictatorship, forcible suppression of the opposition (unions, other, especially leftist, parties, minority groups, etc.), the retention of private ownership of the means of production under centralized governmental control, belligerent nationalism and racism, glorification of war, etc. first instituted in Italy in 1922. See also Nazism. This is exactly what the Illuminati/Masons promote.

The one world government is really Fascism. It will have a dictator, and it is the Antichrist, and eventually Lucifer also. The Illuminati are deluded to think that they will really own or take possession of the earth. Satan is and will use them for his own devices, as they are only his pawns. There will certainly, eventually be a centralized government who will own everything, but Satan and the Antichrist will be the dictators of it , but they will have ten kings under them.

Communism and Capitalism will become one in the hands of Satan.

The Bolshevik Revolution was financed and brought about by Rothschild because the Czar of Russia would not borrow from Western banks, therefore he had to be overthrown, thus the Bolshevik Revolution.

"When WWII came to an end, the allies allowed the war to drag on for another two years just to allow the Russians to come down and seize Eastern Europe. A window of truth that supports this allegation can be seen when General Patton had marched through Italy, but then was mysteriously re-routed through France. Why was he not allowed to invade Germany and end the war? He was willing, ready, and able to take his troops into Berlin.

This military faux pas has never been understood by the world, but the truth is that the Russians needed time to come down into Eastern Europe. The bankers needed their antithesis. The politicians followed orders. General Patton was too good at being a soldier and military man. He was messing up the predetermined plan of the plotting bankers. These strategic political decisions were made to enable communism to serve as the great antithesis to capitalism and lead the way for the inevitable synthesis of capitalism and communism into global socialism that has begun to emerge at the beginning of the nineties. 

The successful affect of the antithesis (U.S.S.R.) upon the West, when one lives in the West, is difficult to discern. The Mega-international corporations owned by the International Elite have created the tyranny of centralized capital, and the increasing disappearance of the American entrepreneur. Quickly freedom is being lost, and the ability to compete against the enormity of centralized capital is almost impossible. The tremendous debt created by the necessary military defense of America from the antithesis (Russia) has enslaved the West."1

The reason I call this New World Government, Democratic Socialism, emphasis on Democratic, is because the democratic process (voting by the people) is supposedly used to win the people over, since they think they have a voice in how they are ruled over. You may get to vote for the person who represents the party of your choice, but as I have said earlier, there is no difference in the ideologies of those running or their parties. The differences are insignificant ways or means to achieve the same goal, which is Socialism, or Fascism.

There is really only one party and it is the Communist Party, of which you cannot join. You can be selected, but you cannot join. Look the Russian people or the Chinese people who are under Communism today. They may think they have joined the party, but in reality, the party is on them. The same will be true in the New World Order, with the exception of those that make up the bourgeoisie, or the elite, (where the real party is), the ordinary citizen of the New World Order (the other 90 o/o) will be slaves to the 10 o/o, (who the party will be on).

The merger of Communism, invented by the British, with Capitalism, invented by them also, has always been the aim of the Illuminati. The League of Nations was to be that facilitator, right after World War I, but it never came to fruition. The League of Nations was simply another name for The British Commonwealth of Nations. Remember that Alfred Milner became the trustee of The Rhodes Foundation and that he founded the Round Table Group in England? Well the U.S. counterpart is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) founded in the 1920's.

"The intellectuals who founded the CFR felt there was a need for a world government, but that the American people were not ready for it. After the League of Nations treaty failed to pass the Senate, the CFR was founded specifically to condition the people to accept a world government as being desirable solution to the world's problems.

The original money behind the CFR came from J.P.Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Bernard Baruch, Paul Warburg, Otto Kahn, and Jacod Schift, among others. Two of those named above were present at Jekyll Island for the drafting of the Federal Reserve Act. Two of the most outstanding names were J.P. Morgan and Paul Warburg, who through Kuen Loeb and Co. represented the Rothschild's of England.(15)1

On November 25, 1959. in an issue of its own publication, "Foreign Affairs", Study No.7, the CFR. detailed its own exact purpose as:

Advocating the building of a new international order which may be responsible to world aspirations for peace, and for social and economic change.....and international order....... including states labeling themselves as Socialist (Communist)."1

Almost every President of the U.S. has been a member of the CFR since it was founded and a whole host of other very influential people, in all positions of our government who are the movers and shakers of the U.S.. There are many that are associated with tax-exempt foundations that I discussed earlier and there are many in the news media who is almost exclusively controlled by the CFR and the Illuminati.2

The CFR and the Round Table form the hidden governments of the United States and Great Britain, which I call the "shadow governments", and the make up the governments of the False Prophet.

1 The False Prophet by Ken Klein

2 See Appendix II at the end of the book for a list of CFR members in these areas.

The goals of the Illuminati, The Communist Party, and the United Nations are exactly the same and can observed by anyone who wants to take the time to look at the documents of each of those organizations, which prove the validity of the statement.

"The news media in the United States is controlled by those working for world government. The Communist Rules for Revolution discovered in Germany after World War I by our armed forces stated that they would infiltrate and gain control of the news-media. By doing so, they could control the flow of information to the American people. Those reading the nightly news without exception are members of the Council on Foreign Relations that was founded in 1919 and incorporated in 1921 by Col. Edward Mandell House and other Communists. They advocated the League of Nations then the United Nations as a world government. They censor the news to keep the American people in the dark as to the threat to our losing our freedoms by and internal coup or surprise nuclear attack. This issue will let you know how vulnerable we really are to invasion.

Starting with John F. Kennedy and State Department Publication 72-77, we have been following a Blueprint for disarming America1. The PURPOSE: comfortably merge the United States and Russia, or Communism, into an all powerful United Nations world government. By turning all weapons over to the U.N., no nation would be able to remain outside the jurisdiction of that organization. That is why U.N. military equipment has been spotted on trains, flat-bed trucks and in U.S. Customs holding areas all over the country. The people need to know the truth, but President Clinton will try to stop the truth from being disseminated. How? Have all radio/TV programs monitored for possible FCC violations. Anything close to some violation will be used to shut down those who are warning the people. There is coming a "famine of the hearing of the word of the Lord" (Amos 8:11-12)2

1 See next page

2 Newswatch Magazine April 1997,"Word From the Editor", by David J. Smith

"Richard Gardner, Council on Foreign Relations member and former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, called for an end to national sovereignty, by using terms such as "The Hard Road to World Order" and "house of world order", while advocating "an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, is likely to get us to world order faster that the old fashioned frontal attack"

The United States Disarmament Agency stated openly, "....the ultimate goal (is) TOTAL ELIMINATION of all armed forces and armaments except those needed to maintain internal order within states and to furnish the United Nations with peace forces....While reductions were taking place, a U.N. peace force would be established and developed, and by the time the plan was completed, it would be so strong that no nation could challenge it."

With the help of the super powered U.S. forces and Great Britain's this looks to be the case. The False Prophet truly does have the power of the first beast, The Antichrist. Ask Saddam Hussein about the power and might of the False Prophet, he knows as well as Malosovich in Yugoslavia does and will probably be next in the "domino effect" as well as Iran, Syria and N.Korea. 

Jefferson Forrester

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Illuminati  Staged and Controlled Events
by Jefferson A. Forrester

THIS IS THE SIXTH PAGE of the New World Order Chart about the Illuminati and Illuminati controlled events..  The powers behind the New World Order, the Illuminati,  have been staging events for over 200 years.  They go back as far as, and include The French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.  Communism or Socialism is the avenue by which they use to further and strengthen their hold on mankind.  Today we know this as Democratic Socialism.  They have the bucks, for they own all major financial institutions, such as The Federal Reserve Banks, World Bank, IMF and others, along with the major TV networks.  So they have the power, which lies in their wealth, to get the people elected in the highest positions of Western Democratic Nations.  All of the events you see below, were planned and orchestrated by them, to bring about the objectives they desire, which is world communism.  Below are but of a few, that you will probably recognize. There have been many more, and there will be many more.

Please note, that Jan 1, 2000, does not mean that The Tribulation begins on that date.  It is just the date, the New World Order will begin to intensify its march towards bringing the world under its grip through the United Nations.  But I do believe that in the year 2001, we could see events heighten in Israel, and rapidly bring us so close to the last 2300 days before the Lord returns.  That incident, being the taking away of the sacrifice of prayer from the Jews at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, by UN forces, that they will allow to come to Israel, by invitation.  Then the last 2300 days begin, which is not the beginning of the Great Tribulation, for it is the last 3 1/2 years before the Lord returns, some three years after the beginning of the last 2300 days, which is nearly a year short of the seven years of Tribulation.  

The final alignment of the nations



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