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NWO or Global Strategic Project?

Over the past several years, the New World Order has become the "buzzword", not only for conspiracy theorists, but also in other venues/groups. When one does a web search for New World Order, there is a plethera of websites available to surf. However, all of these sites simply take us around in circles; we may become more informed on a particular issue, but ultimately these are sites maintained by like-minded individuals.

We know that George Bush, Sr. used the term "New World Order" in a speech back in the early 90's - but what is really taking place on a global level? How do we see the "big picture"? How do we determine where we are within it's implementation? We find ourselves working puzzles, piecing together individual news articles and reports, studies and "regime changes". And WHO is doing this? Is it the U.N., the WHO, corporations, an Elite few - who exactly is the "enemy" here? Even our individual opinions and belief system structures differ in answering the last question - maintaining our division rather than allowing our alliance to "fight" it as a powerful whole.

It dawned on me one day, that we could be researching using the wrong terminology. You see, WE call it NWO - but those who are actually involved in it's implementation call it something entirely different. Harmonization is one term - but that doesn't even encompass the "whole" of it. Harmonization mostly refers to developing "standards" for telecommunication, IT, media, etc. for cross-usage between countries.

In my quest, I came upon a website including a section dedicated to outlining The Global Strategic Project; a very interesting "read". It's more of an outline - a manual - based upon 30 years of data; submitted and collected by the Union of International Associations from 1975 - present. But it's LOADED with information - information about us; humans.

On the surface, this organization is effecting change in third world countries - admirable work. But at a deeper level, one discovers that we have been and are guinea pigs; our behavior patterns studied and noted. After all, if a global power is to be implemented - how will all the people, the regular "Joe", like you and me - be persuaded to embrace this shift? It represents a shift in economics, government, religion, overall hierarchal structure and more importantly, a shift in
consciousness. So you ask, "What else is new?".

Here are some links for you to reference, should you choose to dive down the REAL rabbit hole of the New World Order. They know how we think, behave and respond to crisis situations - therefore they know how we can be manipulated into actually effecting this change. In order to decide what we will and will not accept in the future - going forward - this is a must read, IMO. It's hidden right in plain sight for us to read...we just have to know what to research.

Global Strategic Project - database entitled Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

A lot of the articles have been written by Anthony Judge who's been involved with the UIA since the 60's. His site is  - click on the articles section if you wish to read his work. A lot of the human behavior information included in this "guide to creating a global alliance" is the work of Magoroh Maruyama, who has extensively studied (human behavior) patterns of cognition, perception, conceptualization, design, planning and decision processes (1974, 1977, 1978, 1980). In doing so, he characterizes humans into 4 primary "mindscapes".

One of the most challenging processes to overcome in creating this global alliance - or to implement on a global scale- is how to bring together the world's religions. I believe we can see how that is being set into motion at this time; blur the lines between religion and government, discredit religious by exposing sexual misconduct and effect a total breakdown in religious structure. Look for a New saviour to present him/herSelf in the near future. So, what else is new - you ask again. Here is an excerpt from the section Collective strategy-making: designing a strategic array (don't let the "verbage" intimidate you):

The following note describes the pattern of collective research used at the Ecumenical Institute (Chicago) leading up to and including its 1972 Research Assembly. Perhaps without precedent, it involved the direct participation of 750 people in a collective learning-research process covering the social dynamics of the economic, political and cultural arenas and their interrelationships.

The result of the exercise (summarized in point 1 below) was "the practical vision necessary for a global revolution" formulated in terms of 385 proposals (77 x 5) for social renewal.....This work gave rise to "a tactical system composed of 5,000 direct tactics strategically organized to execute the 77 proposals and seven pressure points with their 875 tactics which are organized for indirect impact on the social process"....It provided the groundwork for a unique 20-year experiment in community development world-wide which had its original learnings in the slums of Chicago.

92. Master tactical components

The seven Master Tactical Components of the New Social Vehicle are:
  1. The Indirect Education System
  2. The Grassroots Training Apparatus
  3. The Demonstration Project Devices
  4. The Actional Guild Frameworks
  5. The Social Involvement Constructs (see Figure 8)
  6. The Local Reformulation Machinery
  7. The Practical Research Network.

The false images of humanness that maintain the current social fabric and its injustices have been named. Their power is formidable in that they effect the total population of the globe. In practical terms this means the movement must act globally as well as imaginally. The basic
task is to enable every person to "go through the wall" whether it be through popular preaching, songs, rituals, courses or signal demonstrations.

The concrete deed is thus a spirit happening, brought about sociologically. It will be done through the Local Church Experiment as the practical embodiment of the wisdom of the movement. It will also be done directly in the world through 5th City (Chicago) community reformulation in strategically located signal demonstration projects. As such, it is a tactical operation; the theory is done. It is primarily a methodology to be used in every situation. In terms of the total society it is a strategy that touches the pressure points through which the total society will be effected. As the movement it provides a practical way for all its forces to be corporately engaged. The tactical systems provide the tools for the deed. The movement must train itself in these methods. The movement is the embodiment of the New Social Vehicle.


Within this site is a lot of information - even explaining how controlled destruction of a countries' economy can be effected, and how in turn, human response is to embrace the "experts" to come in and fix it - even if it means giving up our very lively hood to do so. We can see how the event of and events after 9/11 were used to create a major shift. We know this - yet it's all separate, puzzle pieces. It's ALL here within these pages and guidelines - the BIG picture.

Tip: Think hard before you fill out that next "survey" in exchange for great coupons and discounts, participate in that media "poll", or research study. The data is gathered to validate our behavior patterns so it can be determined how much we'll pay for staples such as gasoline, sugar, coffee, etc. - how we behave in crisis situations, how we think collectively, in mass, our buying habits etc. The bottom line is that this is added to the data base - of human potential - in order to determine how best to manipulate us. 

I also urge you to break free of the "traps". Our own zeal to inform others, create websites full of NWO information, focus on one or two aspects (such as the economy, politics, media participation, masons, supplement regulation, etc.) and the like, has been twisted around to entrap us from seeing the big picture. There is even an article on entrapment, and also an article on polarization (the abortion issue, or gay marriage, etc.) - how to pit neighbor against neighbor, family member against family member. No one from any country at this time is exempt from the effects of this.

I mean to offend no one. I simply post this as a point of reference for those that care to research this and make others aware.

The irony is that the research and data on human potential and behavior included in this site indicates that the majority of us will choose to do nothing and that in doing nothing, we are actually doing something, even if it's making the decision to look away.

I ask you to direct your research in this more productive and enlightening direction - before it's too late. We need to get up to speed - so we can truly see what's happening and what's coming - no
surprises. Even if it's been set into motion, it would seem to me that if our collective behavior patterns "changed" from the predictable - it would cut it off at the knees.

Jon Rappoport

JANUARY 13, 2004. If the public ever comes to believe, in an outraged fashion, that conspiracies exist, a barrier will have to be crossed. You could call it the COVER-STORY BARRIER.

Every secret plan or plot to defraud or steal or kill or control, once it reaches a significant size, includes a strategy for covering tracks, for diverting attention in the wrong direction. Especially when the conspiracy is fomented within a public institution or agency. To recognize these fake cover stories, the public first has to believe that these institutions can at least do SOMETHING wrong. Especially in the area of crime and punishment. The area of so-called justice. If the public is generally---in gut reaction---on the side of public institutions, it will never accept the fact that major conspiracies crawl out of such institutions.

So it stands to reason that media will stack the deck, will float stories and programs which attempt to hold the public emotion on the side of these institutions. As we all know, the most powerful medium is television. In particular, many millions of dollars and time and talent are used to create and sustain TV dramas that repeat underlying messages every week (and every day on cable, where these shows rerun endlessly). I would point to several major successes: Law and Order, in its various incarnations; the three CSIs; 24; and NYPD Blue. With planned exceptions, the general message of these shows is: the cops and the prosecutors are getting it right. Time after time. Case after case.

As I've pointed out before, there is NO weekly drama on the networks that offsets this bias by presenting a serious relentless display of defense attorneys who reveal, over and over, the mistakes, lies, and corruption of the law-enforcement establishment. This is a curious and interesting fact, when you stop and think about it.

The brainwashing is all heading in one direction. Why? Is it really because the public would not accept such a counter drama series? I don't think so. Keep in mind---with enough $$ and talent, production companies can bring to life almost anything and make it convincing. But we live in times where controllers of the public consciousness REALLY don't want to wake people up to such official corruption in the justice system. So much is riding on basic acceptance of law enforcement. For example, the phony wars on drugs and terrorism. If you want to imagine a riveting series called, say, FOR THE DEFENSE, I suggest you find seeds in a couple of old films. TRUE BELIEVER, starring James Woods, and the much older MARTIN EDEN, with Glenn Ford as the hero. As a kid, I watched MARTIN EDEN five or six times on TV. It was horrifying and fascinating and uplifting. But they were movies. You also have to imagine the impact of seeing institutional corruption smashed every week in prime time.

You might also want to hold your nose and watch a few days of Court TV on cable, which alternates between presenting courtroom cases live (a la C-Span) and hosting blowhard punditry about such cases. Keep score on material that leans toward the prosecution versus material that favors the defense. It's a sick joke. If we had FOR THE DEFENSE in prime time, the simple progression would go like this: the public would come to believe that cops and prosecutors make serious mistakes---place winning above justice---conspire to rig outcomes. Well, the conspiring part would lead the viewer to far higher forces than cops and prosecutors. The ongoing juggernaut of crime dramas that glorify law enforcement has a rationale: the public (prior to brainwashing) is actually inclined to believe there IS much corruption in this stew pot. Therefore, another belief must be cultivated. The opposite belief.

The networks have done their job well. So well that most people can't even conceive of a counter-trend in programming. Most people would think it's ridiculous to even try FOR THE DEFENSE. Many people would view it as unpatriotic. Demeaning. Insulting to the thousands of "good men and women in uniform who labor every day to keep us safe from predators..." Many people would subliminally equate FOR THE DEFENSE with the OJ trial. "You mean we're going to watch a whole team of con men representing their client steal a verdict from a biased jury? The hell with that. The whole thing makes my blood boil..." Perry Mason morphs into Johnny Cochran.

When TV does "counter culture," it tends to go to The Sopranos or Desperate Housewives. But surely HBO, after the stunning success of its New Jersey mobsters, could create FOR THE DEFENSE and take it to the wall. No holds barred. And because it's fiction, the defense lawyers could WIN case after case and shove the official scumbags into prison. Why not?

Because it's liberating?

The Illuminati Conspiracy

(Excerpt given in 1976, published in Revelations of Awareness newsletter 84-2)

This Awareness indicates some 2000 years ago, an entity by the name of Jesus (as the story goes and more about this passion play in our Pearls of Wisdom series) moved into the temple and drove out the money-changers. This Awareness indicates this entity understood full well what he was doing and did create an action in consciousness which has been likened unto the planting of a seed which now bears fruit for all entities to glimpse and to harvest and to gradually understand. This Awareness indicates this entity was crucified for this very action and none other.

The money manipulation force

This Awareness indicates that the money-changers by whatever name, their force of darkness, which had controlled the economies of nations; this money manipulation force which moved from Atlantis through Egypt, Jerusalem, Israel, Babylonia, Rome, Greece, the European nations, the United States and Russia, and now has moved into the Orient; this force of economic control which did create the wars in Europe between France, Spain, England, Germany, Russia--all of these in their time--this force which created colonialism, which manipulated the rise and fall of power in nations; this force which caused the assassination of Robert and John Kennedy, behind the assassination of Marthin Luther King, behind the suffering of thousands of entities, of millions of entities; this force behind the Vietnam war and now operates behind all of these smaller wars in various countries; this force which set up the Communistic revolution in Russia, all financed and manipulated by the international banking system operated through the Rothschilds, through the Rockefellers, who themselves were set up by the Rothschilds for a base in the United States; these forces and these powers who passed their information from one generation to another, who train their followers into levels of deception, fraud and the use of power against the masses of humanity: these forces are now engaged in the ultimate goal which entities throughout history have hoped to experience wherein an entity glimpses the possibility to become king of the world, and sets out to conquer the world.

This Awareness indicates in the past the opportunities for this were never so great as they are now. This Awareness indicates that these few hidden entities, (the number being 13); these 13 entities having influence over the rest of the world. Through their followers, through their families, through their interrelationship with other families in marriage and in economic ties, these entities are now moving frantically to bring about a world government. This to begin by creating a crisis which is intended to collapse the government of the United States as it has been known, is intended to destroy the Constitution and replace it with another, is intended to destroy the Bill of Rights.

This Awareness indicates these entities seeking more and more power are moving rapidly and almost unhindered in their movement toward world dictatorship. This Awareness suggests, that you take a lesson from the oriental arts rather than attempt to resist the movement of world government, but that you take this energy and hurl it further than the bankers even anticipated. That you begin pushing rapidly for world government based on concepts similar to those of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, guaranteed within that Constitution along with other rights: The right of freedom of morality so long as that morality does not harm another; and freedom of economic well-being,--this as freedom of economic livelihood, whereby food, shelter, clothing is provided regardless of what they do to earn such; that anything more may be added according to their inclination and ambition to seek such and work for such.

This Awareness indicates that this also include in this new world government of all money systems into levels of election whereby no private individual shall own any banking systems, or shall own the offices of financial controls, wherein all financial offices, all persons involved in banking and finances, be elected by the population in the same manner that a congress person is elected. This Awareness indicates that the banks be owned by the people as a form of service for the masses. The money system to be part of the action of the people.

The failure in the American system

This Awareness indicates the number-one error, the great fault which was left open, that spot in the apple which spoiled the batch, was that action of the founding Fathers wherein they allowed the European Banking System to creep into the economics of the American colonies. This is that which has led to the failure in the American system. This Awareness indicates that this is the key to freedom on economic levels upon this plane.

Wherein entities can select their leader and bankers, where entities have control over the judicial, legislative, administrative, and monetary levels and have the religious freedoms and the freedom of education, freedom to select their own type of education and freedom of speech and communication,--these are the keys which shall bring the freedom of this plane which shall eliminate all wars, which shall eliminate all tragedies and suffering of the past that have been brought about by these money systems and these entities using power and control and manipulation through the economics and controls of these money changers.

This Awareness suggests that entities begin immediately on all levels, particularly those who can voice this information, to push for World Government based on the freedoms guaranteed as in the American Constitution along with those indicated in this reading. This Awareness suggests that a World Constitution be drawn up using these principles and this to be submitted t the U.N., to all nations within the U.N. for their edification. This Awareness suggests this action as taking that which would be the apparent energy of evil and pushing this with such a speed and such intensity that it goes beyond the bankers anticipation into realms of clarity.

This Awareness suggests this information be sent to all New Age groups and to all who are open to receive this information. That this to be duplicates, be passed on, especially be sent to various members of congress and to wealthy entities. This Awareness indicates the super-rich are the most fearful of those who are close to their level in terms of wealth. That the upper class is the greatest threat to the super-rich and the international banking powers; that these entities do indeed need to be given this information for they would be the most responsive with this information. This Awareness suggests this also be given to entities of political and diplomatic responsibility in other nations who would relate unto U.N. activities of this nature.

A Cosmic History of the Illuminati
(Bringing it all back home)

Revolutionary War, Civil War Instigated by Rothshild--Illuminati

This Awareness indicates that when this nation was founded, prior to the Declaration of Independence, (this as a colony of England), there were many entities who arrived in this continent with hopes of beginning a new life. This Awareness indicates that many of these entities were fleeing Europe from debts or from crimes, that many of these entities were considered criminal.

This Awareness indicates that the entity Benjamin Franklin, in moving to England for a visit, remarked that the colonies were profiting because they only minted as much money as they needed, and because they minted their own money. This Awareness indicates that an entity working with the Rothschilds overheard this remark, and conveyed the message to the Rothschilds. This Awareness indicates that these entities then directed King George not to allow any colonies to mint their own money, that all colonies to mint their own money, that all colonies were to use the British script.

This Awareness indicates that this led to the Revolutionary War. This Awareness indicates the country of England had been taken over through its indebtedness due to the war with Spain--the indebtedness being to the Rothschild banking system, which was in collaboration with the Illuminati. This Awareness indicates that this has remained so since that time. This Awareness indicates that there were certain elements relating to the entity Madison and also to Thomas Jefferson, that these entities and La Fayette and George Washington and Benjamin Franklin--these entities in particular were aware of the banking controls and the manipulation of nations.

This awareness indicates that for this reason, the Constitution, in attempting to guarantee freedoms for individuals, was put together with three branches--the executive, legislative and judicial branch--in order to divide the power among these three branches. This Awareness indicates these entities should have also created a financial branch, which was also controlled by the people, but failed to do so; rather, they had the Constitution so written that Congress would control the money. This Awareness indicates that Congress not only had the right to mint and coin money but also have the right to legislate and make laws--this allowed Congress to be manipulated at a future time into giving away or voting away its right to mind and coin money, and by turning this over to the Federal Reserve Bank.

This Awareness indicates that it has been given previously (revelations of Awareness No. 77-28
( The Lincoln Conspiracy), that the entity Abraham Lincoln was faced with a need to finance his troops for the Civil War. This Awareness indicates the Civil war itself was staged and set up by the Illuminati, whereby they brought the slaves from Africa to the Southern plantations in order to create an atmosphere that would lead to an issue which could be used for setting up a war which would divide the nation. This Awareness indicates that the newspapers, being controlled by these entities, began to build up the background and the attitude among the northerners to set the stage for Civil War. This Awareness indicates that the entity Abraham Lincoln, attempting to finance his troops, sought money from the banks and was told that it would cost 26% interest. This Awareness indicates that this entity then turned to the Constitution and printed the "Lincoln greenbacks" which were used for financing his armies.

Czar of Russia prevented France and England from invading United States during the Civil War

This Awareness indicates that during this time, the British and French, both being controlled by the Illuminati, prepared to invade the United States. This Awareness indicates that the Czar of Russia, who was a good friend of Abraham Lincoln, warned these two nations that they would be forced to fight Russia if they invaded the United States. This Awareness indicates that this prevented that from occurring, and the Union armies won the Civil War. This Awareness indicates that this then led the Illuminati to its prepared efforts to take over this country through the banking process of the Federal Reserve System, and to take over the Russian empire through its planned Evolutionary war.

Rockefellers and other bankers set up Illuminati-Planned Federal Reserve Banking System

This Awareness indicates that in 1905 the entities Henry Morgan, Paul Warburg, Nelson Aldrich (a Senator from new York)--this Awareness indicates these three along with Jacob Schiff, John D. Rockefeller and several others, the names not seen clearly, these entities went secretly by train, then by boat, to Jekyll Island--these entities meeting there for some time, discussing a plan for an economic system that would allow the banking establishment to control the money of this nation.

This Awareness indicates these entities developed a program which was already written, from the Illuminati, and presented by the entity Paul Warburg, and adapted to the needs of their purposes--this being presented as the "Aldrich Plan". This Awareness indicates that the majority of members of the press and Congress objected, knowing that Aldrich worked for the Wall Street bankers; therefore, these entities objected to this plan, feeling that it would not be to the benefit of the people.

This Awareness indicates the entities then returned and worked on an alternative plan, presenting this as the "People's Plan". This Awareness indicates this became the Federal Reserve System. This Awareness indicates that these entities then had this Federal Reserve System passed in Congress on Christmas Eve, when most of the Congress had already left to go home, except for those few working with them, who passed this Federal Reserve Plan--this was intended to prevent any further run on the banks, or any form of crisis in the economies of this country.

Nelson Rockefeller Sets Stage for World War ll with Japan

This Awareness indicates that in 1929, the crash came, and the banks collected nine-tenths of all personal property on default of mortgages. This Awareness indicates the entities Nelson Rockefellers (named after the Senator Nelson Aldrich), and his brother David, during the 40's served as assistants to the Chase Manhattan Bank and its various interests. This Awareness indicates that these entities assisted in setting up that which was known as the Pacific Institute of Research, this in Japan.

This Awareness indicates this Pacific Institute of Research was used to create certain political influences in Japan, which helped to polarize the Japan interests against the interests of the United States, and therefore set stage for World War ll in the Pacific. This Awareness indicates this with the assistance of the President Roosevelt. This Awareness indicates the entity Franklin Roosevelt not being fully aware of what was occurring behind the scenes, but being used as a puppet for the energies. This Awareness indicates that essentially John D. Rockefeller and the empire built by him were financed after the Civil war by the European powers of the Rothschilds, and these forces were allowed to grow and build during World war ll into that which became the most powerful banking and financial interest in the entire world.

Rockefeller--Rothschilds sold war machine to Russia...sets relatives up in high government positions

This Awareness indicates after World War ll had been completed, the Rockefellers assisted in selling all of the machinery, the war machinery, to Russia and China, this allowing these nations to build up their industrial war machine and to industrialize to a high capacity in order that they might become a greater power. This Awareness indicates that the previous statements as slightly in error--that the Rockefellers sold this, arranged the sale of this to the Rothschilds, the Rothschilds being in control of Russia and China and the Communist forces, and therefore in turn, the Rothschilds assisted in moving the war machinery and industries into these countries. This Awareness indicates that the following of this action, the Rockefellers began to gain greater and greater control over this present United States government--the entity Allan Dulles, being Rockefeller's cousin, was put in charge of the CIA. This Awareness indicates that the entity John Foster Dulles, another cousin, was the secretary of State.

Rockefeller--Rothschild--Kennedy set stages for Vietnam War

This Awareness indicates this began the movement toward greater power in the United States being controlled by the banking system, and the usurping of the power from the hands of the people--this being the government--the power of government being taken from the people. This Awareness indicates this led to that which became the secret government which controlled the United States from the time of World War ll up to recent times.

This Awareness indicates that the Cold War then, as being but a chess game manipulated between the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, as a kind of mind mass-manipulation to lead the world government which was described previously. This Awareness indicates there appeared to be competition between these entities--these banking interests--and this competition was real, yet there was also that complete respect and the mutual cooperation that was underlying much of the surface competition. This Awareness indicates that there also were certain movements when the competition between these entities cost the lives of others, but from the viewpoint of these entities, this was simply part of the financial game. This Awareness indicates that the efforts of the Rothschilds to force the United States into Vietnam--this was in part with the cooperation of the Rockefellers and the Kennedys, due to the desire of the Rothschilds to have greater control in Southeast Asia. This Awareness indicates that this in part relating to the drugs within the golden Triangle area, and in part an effort to use up the military supplies of the United States and to cost more money to bankrupt this nation, even as Britain had been bankrupted by the Spanish War in the 18th Century.

The Plan to Bankrupt all countries

This is all part of the Rothschilds plan for the New World Order to bankrupt all countries and turn them into satellites by foreclosing on the bankrupt countries. This Awareness indicates that there are things happening behind the scenes that yet could prevent this entity from his goals and dreams, yet there is nothing simple or easy about the struggle that will follow as the struggle that is already occurring.

It is actually a kind of covert war going on all over the globe as to who is going to be free and who is going to be in control of the masses, whether they eventually will awaken enough to throw off the oppressors or whether they will cuddle up the oppressors, hoping to seduce them into being nice to their slaves.

The Illuminati--Federal reserve Plot to gain control of the World's Silver and Gold

This Awareness indicates that the present situation wherein the United States economics began to suffer, relates to their time in the mid-sixties, when the silver was taken--the silver backing was taken from the dollar. This Awareness indicates that it was shortly thereafter that a peculiar thing occurred which few entities are aware of, but which had a profound effect on history in general. This Awareness indicates that in 1969, an entity who was remotely related to the Rothschilds, went to Europe and met with various bankers in small countries--these being independent bankers not associated with the Rothschild Illuminati. This entity began explaining a technique whereby these bankers could effect the nature of the seizing of gold. This Awareness indicates the llluminati had seized most of the gold--the Rothschild banks along with the Rockefeller banks, had taken most of the gold and silver from circulation--and held this in their control. This Awareness indicates at this time it was still possible to buy gold for $ 32 an ounce.

This Awareness indicates that this entity in meeting with these various bankers in sixteen nations, small nations, presented a plan or program whereby these entities could rake off some of the gold and make a large profit in so doing. This Awareness indicates the plan was at follows:

The entities would purchase gold at a price of $ 32 per ounce, then take that gold, or its certificate of ownership, and mortgage that at exactly the same amount--$ 32 per ounce. This Awareness indicates these entities could often mortgage this gold right back to the bank which sold the gold to them. This Awareness indicates these entities then would take the money from the mortgage and purchase more gold at $ 32 an ounce, mortgage that at 100% value, and then again purchase more gold. In this manner , these bankers and money speculators began to drain off the ownership of gold, with the possibility of redeeming that gold which was being tied up by the mortgage, redeeming this at $ 32 per ounce. This Awareness indicates this began happening on a rapid scale, and the gold which was tied up suddenly began to be tied up into the banks of other nations, and these nations having mortgagees which allowed them to redeem this gold at $ 32 per ounce.

This Awareness indicates that after a certain time, the price of gold became quite valuable in various countries--then the entity, the then President Nixon, made the announcement that he would put an end to the gold speculators and their efforts to destroy the American dollar, by taking the gold backing off the dollar. This Awareness indicates that this occurred and the price of gold shot upwards to its present rate. This Awareness indicates that those nations which then had invested in gold, mortgaged that gold at $ 32 an ounce, could then redeem the gold at $ 32 per ounce and resell at the current value

Replay of memory on Maldek (Maldek a Planet belonging to our Solar System which was destroyed)

This Awareness indicates that 85% of the souls upon this plane have lived on Maldek and this as the Luciferian consciousness which is being worked off as part of the Earth's karma. This Awareness indicates this as being dissolved. The entire Illuminati, money changing trip as but a replay of the memory of the action which occurred on Maldek wherein beings were categorized, numbered and enslaved. This Awareness indicates that the movement which began 60.000 years ago in Atlantis was but a recollection of certain states which began on Maldek




Neo-British Empire of the Crown -- 500 Year Chronology

To bridge the gap between "conspiracy" and "history", that is, to respond to the charge that it is ludicrous to claim that "history is a conspiracy", we postulate the concept of "power organisms", which once programmed by their founders, take-on a "life of their own". A wide variety of power organisms, sub-organisms, and supra-organisms exist.