Is feminism a nwo plot?





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Is feminism a nwo plot?  

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I've heard is said that feminism is a new world order plot to put a divide between the sexes and cause dissentions within society. When you examine this theory though, its major flaw is that women should have basic human rights and not be treated as second class citizens.  

The gains of feminism
100 years ago women weren't allowed to vote but the suffragettes fought for this right.
50 years ago women weren't able to get a home loan in their own name,
Married women weren't allowed to work.
The law allowed for rape and bashings within marriage and a wife was considered a chattel as much as a person.

Such positive advances are today taken for granted and its hard to imagine how such a backward state of affairs could have existed.

My thinking is that the new world order may have seen these changes about to happen, and to throw some shadow of doubt and to muddy the issue, they then made a show of their own version of feminism.



Henry Mackow

Henry Mackow has a website called and claims that feminism is a nwo plot, that women love to be dominated by men and it is the natural order. He himself, decries the loss of feminine women who live to support a man and make him feel masculine. He married a philippino woman (which is on his website). And this is ok, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that feminism is an illuminati plot.

His new website is where he continues to put his many interesting and often very informative articles. However, I think he has gotten hold of one aspect of feminism and not realised its interwovenness within the whole of society and the total way society thinks and operates. 


The illuminati and feminism

A person can never be really sure what the illuminati stand is on a topic. For example, their "peace keepers" are often armies of repression. Like in the book 1984, "war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength", what is promoted is often not what delivered, just a tool of deception to get the people onboard.


It seems the illuminati may have an interest in using feminism to further their agenda
The Rise of Radical Feminism: from Lenin to Clinton.

Not a new movement, it is following the pattern laid down by the Fabian Socialist Beatrice Webb and adopted by Lenin and the Bolshevik leaders. A detailed account of the role of "feminists" Madame Kollontei (Bolshevik commissar), Eleanor Roosevelt, Abzug, Ireland, Holtzman, Hillary Clinton, Boxer and Feinstein.

But what is the opposite of feminism, or a matriarchal society? What we have now which is patriarchy where male values dominate. It would take a certain type of man to admit that things are a little out of balance and that in many ways women's values are under-estimated and under-represented.


Gloria Steinham 

Gloria Steinham, one of the original bra burners, is said to be an an illuminati stooge -- mostly by Henry Makow.


Gloria Steinem - How The CIA Used Feminism To Destabilize Society
By Henry Makow, Ph.D.
Another Henry Mackow article saying that women and men are being divided by feminism, that women naturally desire to be guided by a man, and a man is naturally nurturing and caring towards a woman.


Speech by Gloria Steinham 
Speech for APNE APP - an organisation to end sex slavery 
She congratulates women in the east who have escaped slavery and prostitution to get out of it and set up their own businesses etc. Gloria is activating against cheapness of life, childhood slavery and prostitution, where life is cheaper than arms etc. Hardly the words of somebody who is working for the illuminati.


Oprah refers to Gloria Steinham as an inspiring woman
Gloria was featured on Oprah in one episode where Oprah admired Gloria's contribution to helping liberate women.