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-Tony Pitt (Save Australia Alliance)

The Origins of Oil and Petroleum 


"Oil is often called a 'fossil' fuel; the idea being that it comes from formerly living organisms. This may have been plausible back when oil wells were drilled into the fossil layers of the earth's crust; but today, great quantities of oil are found in deeper wells that are found below the level of any fossils. How could then oil have come from fossils, or decomposed former living matter, if it exists in rock formations far below layers of fossils the evidence of formerly living organisms? It must not come from living matter at all!"

Two days after I read his statement I encountered the following statement in a newspaper I deeply respect:

"Any geologist will tell you, well, most geologists will tell you that OIL IS CREATED BY THE MAGMA OF THE EARTH. The oil wells in Pennsylvania that were pumped out dry at the turn of the century and capped are now filled with oil again."

Say what?

I would be honored if Col. Prouty could provide me with just a few additional leads to MORE DOCUMENTATION BACKING UP HIS ASSERTION. A search of the US libraries (via computer) has turned up the name of Professor Thomas Gold who wrote a book entitled:

"Power from the Earth".

I tried to contact Marc J. Defant, a Volcanologist who teaches at the University of Southern Florida, but he is in Russia -- probably drilling for OIL PRODUCED BY MAGMA!!!

Professor Gold's book has been requested via interlibrary loan. I certainly believe Col. Prouty is telling the truth -- as he knows it -- personally! Well, I seek the TRUTH -- and when I find it -- I teach it to all who desire to hear it -- as best I can.

Thank you for taking time to read my request. If, Col. Prouty can find the time to read it too -- and he chooses to share additional information with me -- I shall be most grateful.


Daniel E. Reynolds July 29, 1996

* *  *

Here is Col. Prouty's response.
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 21:16:04 -0400 From: Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
Subject: RE: Reynolds letter

This response is for Daniel E. Reynolds, 29 July 1996 on the subject of "Oil - A renewable and abiotic Fuel?"

Dan, your use of the word "abiotic" is good. As a non-fossil fuel, petroleum has no living antecedent. It contains chemical elements found in living matter; but it is not "formerly living matter." There has not been enough true "formerly living matter" through all of creation to account for the volume of petroleum that has been consumed to date.

My background in this subject goes back to 1943. I was the pilot who flew a US Geological Survey Team from Casablanca to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. We met the Cal. Standard Oil team holding down that lease. Then we went back to Cairo to meet President Roosevelt during the Nov. 1943 "Cairo Conference" with Churchill and Chiang Kai Shek. FDR ordered the immediate construction of an oil refinery there for WWII use. This led to ARAMCO.

During the "Energy Crisis" of the 1970s I was detailed to represent the US Railroad industry as a member of the "Federal Staff Energy Seminar" program started by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, sponsored by Georgetown University. That began in Jan 1974 and continued for four years. It was designed to discuss "the working of the United States national energy system, and new horizons of energy research." Among the regular attendees were such men as Henry Kissinger and James Schlesinger...most valuable meetings.

During one meeting we took a "Buffet Break" and I was seated with Arthur Kantrowitz of the AVCO Company..."Kantrowitz Labs" near Boston. At the table with us were four young geologists busily talking about Petroleum. At one point one of them made reference to "Petroleum as organic matter, and a fossil fuel." Right out of the Rockefeller bible.

Kantrowitz turned to the geologist beside him and asked, "Do you really believe that petroleum is a fossil fuel?" The man said, "Certainly" and all four of them joined in. Kantrowitz listened quietly and then said, "The deepest fossil ever found has been at about 16,000 feet below sea level; yet we are getting oil from wells drilled to 30,000 and more. How could fossil fuel get down there? If it was once living matter, it had to be on the surface. If it did turn into petroleum, at or near the surface, how could it ever get to such depths? What is heavier Oil or Water?" Water: so it would go down, not oil. Oil would be on top, if it were "organic" and "lighter."

"Oil is neither."

They all agreed water was heavier, and therefore if there was some crack or other open area for this "Organic matter" to go deep into the magma of Earth, water would have to go first and oil would be left nearer the surface. This is reasonable. Even if we do agree that "magma" is a "crude mixture of minerals or organic matters, in a thin pasty state" this does not make it petroleum, and if it were petroleum it would have stayed near the surface as heavier items, i.e., water seeped below.

My D. Van Nostrand "Scientific Encyclopedia" says "Magma is the term for molten material. A natural, complex, liquid, high temperature, silicate solution ancestral to all igneous rocks, both intrusive and effusive. The origin of Magma is not known." My "Oxford English Dictionary" does not even have the word "Magma."

Some years ago I wrote two or three pages that appeared in the McGraw Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology, i.e., "Railroad Engineering." Even that source is a bit uncertain about the "origin of petroleum" to wit:

"Less than 1% of the organic matter that originates in or is transported to the marine environment is eventually incorporated into ocean sediment," and

"Most petroleum is formed during catagenesis (undefined anywhere). If sufficient organic matter is present oceanic sediments that undergo this process are potential petroleum sources. Deeply buried marine organic matter yields mainly oil, whereas land plant material yields mainly gas." (Their idea of "deeply buried" is the "out.")

All this leaves us no where. I still go with Kantrowitz. Since oil is lighter than water, everywhere on Earth, there is no way that petroleum could be an organic, fossil fuel that is created on or near the surface, and penetrate Earth ahead of water. Oil must originate far below and gradually work its way up into well-depth areas accessible to surface drilling. It comes from far below. Therefore, petroleum is not a "Fossil" fuel with a surface or near surface origin.

It was made to be thought a "Fossil" fuel by the Nineteenth oil producers to create the concept that it was of limited supply and therefore extremely valuable. This fits with the "Depletion" allowance philosophical scam.

During one of our CSIS "International Nights" (1978) the Common Market Energy boss, M. Montibrial of France, told us that while petroleum was being marketed then for $20 per barrel or more, it cost no more than 25 cents per barrel at the wellhead. There is our petroleum problem! We were paying more than $1.50-$1.60 per gallon, 1/ 42nd of a barrel, at that time. Interested folks need to learn more about the Chartered Institute of Transport, and not waste their time with OPEC, the "Cover" story.

Those who pumped the Pennsylvania wells "dry" during the late eighteen hundreds saved what they had for those better days.

L. Fletcher Prouty

* * *



To: Col. Prouty Priority: Normal
Dear Len (and Col. Prouty)

Stimulated by Col. Prouty's assertion that OIL IS A NON-FOSSIL FUEL -- I put my roadster in high gear -- and went prospecting for some SOLID support! Well, I'm hear to tell you both, I DO BELIEVE I've FOUND IT - in spades!


TITLE: Power from the Earth Deep Earth Gas -- Energy for the Future by Thomas Gold 
[J.M. Dent & Sons, Ltd, London, 1987] ISBN 0-460-04462-1

May I quote a few lines from the front cover of the book ... a few words ... on


"Professor Thomas Gold is one of the great scientific thinkers of our time and in ‘Power from the Earth’ he puts forward a highly revolutionary and controversial theory.

According to Gold, there are within the Earth virtually limitless stores of energy in the form of gas and oil as yet untapped. This energy is of non-biological origin and there is far more of it in the Earth than geologists have ever imagined -- and IT IS ACCESSIBLE!

--- Score 1 for Col. Prouty!

At a time when the future supply of traditional fossil fuels is said to be seriously limited and nuclear energy is becoming ever more suspect, Gold's theory has vast implications for the future of the Earth's energy supplies and is crucial to our understanding of the deep processes that cause earthquakes and volcanoes. His view also clearly has far reaching consequences for the economic and political shape of the world.

--- Score 2 for Col. Prouty!

In the past, Professor Gold has explained the nature of pulsars and solar flares, proved that the Earth's poles change position over time, made new discoveries about the workings of the human inner ear, and was the only scientist to predict that Moon's surface consists of dust. His new theory has already been grabbing the attention of the international press and a drilling operation has been started in Sweden on the basis of his idea.

In Power from the Earth, Professor Gold puts forward one of the most important scientific ideas of our age."

--- Well, having read the book, I can say I certainly concur with THAT OPINION. And guess what -- Dr. Gold is a friend of Arthur K. of AVCO LABS, etc....! BULLSEYE!

--- Score 3 for Col. Prouty!

WHO IS THIS MAN....well listen up...

"Professor Thomas Gold, FRS, was born in Austria and educated in Switzerland and England, where he became famous as an astronomer at Cambridge in the post-war years. In 1956 he moved to the United States to become a professor at Harvard. He later became Professor of Astronomy at Cornell University, where he founded and directed the world-famous Center for Radiophysics and Space Research. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and of the United States National Academy of Sciences, and in 1985 was awarded the Gold Medal by the Royal Astronomical Society. He now lives in Cambridge, England and is an Honorary Fellow of Trinity College."

Not bad. Not bad at all.
In fact, I'm honored to have made his acquaintance.

---- Score 4 for Col. Prouty


They say -- he coined the term magnetosphere in '59! I wonder what HE THINKS is causing those black outs out West??? Falling tree limbs? Now THAT's an interesting hypothesis! Maybe a bird took-out the TWA? Hey, it's just a theory, just a theory...

* * *

OK ... now ... I hear some one murmuring

... "Well, if his Ideas are so good, so right, so profound -- SURELY THEY'VE MADE THE SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE ...REFEREED JOURNAL ARTICLES ... you know ... and all that. I mean ... if it's REEEEEEAL SCIENCE surely it's been recognized around the world!"

As a matter of fact, it has!

May I introduce you both (if you have not been so introduced prior to this letter) to the work and writings of P.N. Kropotkin... Ref: Kropotkin, P. N. (1985) Degassing of the Earth and the Origin of Hydrocarbons, published in the International Geology Review, 27, 1261-1275

P.N. Kroptkin -- who is with the Geological Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, it says in the header "has long been a leading proponent of the INORGANIC ORIGIN OF PETROLEUM, a THEORY which has had a continuous tradition of support in Russia and the Soviet Union and a recent revival in the United States and Western Europe."

Oh, well, better late than never!

* * *

THIS PAPER IS LOADED WITH FACTS! Anyone who thinks that Col. Prouty or Dr. Gold are spinning some kind of yarn ... HAD BEST READ IT -- ASAP. WE ARE BEING OFFERED AN IMMORTAL SYMPHONY BY THESE MEN -- and I for one LOVE the Sound of THIS MUSIC!

May I share just one quote from the work of P.N. Kroptkin... from page 1265 ... just one of many, many AWESOME FACTS IN THIS SCIENTIFIC DOCUMENT...

"Commercial oil pools in the basement rocks have been recorded in 267 oil and gas deposits on different continents. In some, oil is present at a depth of several hundred meters from its surface; in the USSR, such pools are known in a number of areas. A detailed analysis of the geological environment suggests that in some of these deposits, OIL COULD NOT HAVE ENTERED THE POOLS FROM THE OIL-BEARING STRATA OF THE SEDIMENTARY COVER AND,  CONSEQUENTLY, PENETRATED FROM BELOW ALONG FAULTS.

---Score a HOME RUN for Col. Prouty and Dr. Gold!!!!

Such is the Borolla deposit with pools in the Precambrian granites of the Shillong plateau (eastern India), the Peace River deposit in Western Canada associated with faults in the basin of the Athabasca River which border the zone of the pericratonic tough of the Canadian Shied, and the giganitc deposits of the Hugoton-Panhandle region of the USA and the Augila-Nafoora-Amal deposit in Libya. In the Hugoton-Panhandle deposit, the upper Paleozoic sediments and the basement rocks contain, in addition to oil, 2000 billion m^3 of fuel gases and 10 billion m^3 of helium and its concentration in such vast amounts over a small area may be explained, as earlier noted by V. I. Vernadskiy, solely by the migration of gas from a great depth, where faults drain huge volumes of rocks of the lithosphere."

* * *

May I make a simple REQUEST TO COL. PROUTY...

Sir. Please continue to provide YOUR PROVOCATIVE MATERIAL...and OFFER US THE FACTS, as YOU KNOW THEM. Those of us out in this media-blitzed wilderness LOVE TO DO RESEARCH. WE WILL EFFORT to track down the details and WE WILL DO OUR PART but KNOW WE NEED GUIDANCE and we beg you to continue to shine YOUR VERY BRIGHT AND WISDOM FILLED LIGHT on the ROAD AHEAD FOR US, OFFERING JUST A LITTLE DIRECTION, NOW AND THEN! We are OVER-UNITY 'MACHINES' ... and WE SHALL NOT FAIL YOU!


My very BEST to you both of you & Len!


Daniel Reynolds Joyously Walking the grounds on which the Wright Brothers grew to fame, and VERY HAPPY to be able to say so -- this day!

* * *

Petroleum Discussion Update for March 1997
by Toledo Blade

SEATTLE - The public's most widely known piece of geological knowledge--how petroleum and natural-gas deposits formed on Earth -- is false, a noted scientist says. Surprisingly, his campaign to rewrite school textbooks and encyclopedias is getting grudging support from some geologists, who acknowledge that petroleum's origins may be dramatically different from what people believe.

Millions of Americans learned in grade school that oil deposits originated in the age of dinosaurs, when vegetation in lush forests was buried and subjected to high heat and pressure. Those extreme conditions supposedly transformed the hydrocarbons in vegetation into the hydrocarbons of petroleum.

"That's nonsense," snapped Thomas Gold, a scientist at Cornell University. "There's not a shred of evidence from chemistry, geology, or any other science to support it. It has no place in textbooks and school classrooms."

In appearances at the annual meeting of The American Association for the Advancement of Science in Seattle here that ended Thursday, Gold repeatedly challenged geologists to reconsider and reject the conventional theory.

Gold also presented evidence that oil and gas deposits on Earth are primordial. That means they came with the planet. They were part of the original raw material that formed the sun and planets, and deposited deep below Earth's surface when the planet formed 4.5 billion years ago.

Some of the oil gradually oozes upward from these original deposits 100 to 200 miles below the surface and collects where oil drillers can reach it.

In one presentation, Gold described shafts that he and associates drilled in an ancient meteorite impact crater in Sweden. They drilled into a kind of rock that was not sedimentary, not associated with the sediments believed to produce oil deposits. At a depth of about 4 miles, they encountered a hydrocarbon oil similar to light petroleum that Gold believes was primordial oil. He noted a variety of evidence to support the belief. Gold estimated that this single site contained "more petroleum than all of Saudi Arabia." With current technology, however, pumping it out would be impossible, he added. Gold contended that many other planets and planetary bodies in the solar system have similar deep deposits of hydrocarbons, which are the stuff of oil and natural gas. Gold argues that a primordial origin for petroleum is the only way to explain its chemical composition.

Petroleum originating from plant matter decayed by bacteria, similar to bacteria that decay backyard garden-compost piles, would resemble a microbial product. Instead, petroleum is chemically similar to a pure hydrocarbon that has been contaminated with microbial material. That contamination, he argues, occurred as petroleum seeped upward through rock now known to contain enormous amounts of bacterial life. In moving upward, petroleum also collected helium, explaining why oil wells are such a rich source of helium.

"This is the only possible explanation," Gold said. "The association of helium with petroleum has not been accounted for in any other way."

How do geologists respond?

They're beginning to listen, according to Michael Carr, who appeared on a panel where Gold presented his theory. Carr is a scientist with the US Geological Survey in Reston, Va. "Dr. Gold has some very, very good evidence, especially that involving helium," Carr said. "He certainly is challenging the geological community. There is a debate within the geological community." Carr said geologists plan to reconsider the conventional theory about petroleum formation at a major meeting later in the year.

Once again, Prouty's assertions are backed by solid, credible people, and the next time Warren Commission apologists pooh-pooh Prouty, citing Prouty's "obviously ridiculous" views on petrol, just refer them to the above article.

Related Research:

by TONY  (A. R.) PITT

There is no shortage of Oil - Just a war to grab and monopolise the  lucrative energy market.  


The price we in Australia pay is set by the Organisation of Oil Exporters and Producers (OPEC).

The Fraser government signed the Oil Price Parity Agreement in 1978. The Oil Price Parity is ONE SIDED. We are tied into a 25 year contract to sell our gas to China at 3 cents per litre. Who would sign an agreement to sell a commodity at three cents knowing that inflation will push that price to at least 30 cents a litre in 25 years? This deal was clearly white collar crime. Why doesn't OUR SELLING PRICE change each day on energy market as do the OPEC prices? The answer BRIBED POLITICIANS. We sell our oil under contract at $6 - $10 per barrel and buy OPEC oil at $60 per barrel (predicted to go to $100 IF WE FALL FOR IT and do not protest too much).

Are you sick of the petrol price scam? Please pass this on

The cost of bringing a barrel of oil out of Bass Strait is actually under $3. & all other Australian oil fields are well under $10. The excise tax is currently 38.1 cents per litre on which we have an illegal tax on tax the GST of 10%. State Labor governments with exception of Queensland impose up to ten cents per litre fuel tax. The Australian working men, farmers, retirees and others on fixed incomes are suffering as fuel prices impact on us due to the tyranny of distance in Australia. Our manufacturers are disadvantaged trying to compete with places like Indonesia where local petrol prices are from 11 - 14 cents per litre. Our trade balance is a disaster. Each month puts us further behind while Howard's tax drunk heroes push their government take through the roof. It matters little how much they take in tax - they soon back for more.

In all the government-take of your $1.30 at-the-pump price is about 60 cents.

Australian Crude

We export 523,000 barrels a day and import 530,000 barrels a day - a net import of 7,000 barrels a day - about what we need to import in heavy Arab crude for lubrication oil and greases. What is the ratio of lube oil to petrol per week in your car? Not one drop of imported crude oil goes to the petrol pumps around Australia - SO how can OPEC prices affect the price of
our oil at the pump? It is a fair bet that the 523,000 we import that is offset by exports doesn't even leave the country except on paper. We consume xxx so imports make up xxx percent.

Australian crude is already distillate as it comes out of the ground. It needs no refining. Like many crude oils it can be put, from the ground, straight into any diesel engine. The filter must be changed more often because there is some sediment. This is how oil the oil poppet pumps operate in desert areas. Oil, in the desert, is cheaper than water. Water won't provide its own energy to pump more water. 

Energy not an exhaustible resource

It is unlimited and renewable. Oil/Coal/Gas doesn't come from decayed vegetable matter.
It is driven of the magma (molten core of the earth).
It comes up as gas, is trapped, condenses, and by a chemical/bacterial process changes to oil and eventually to coal.

The bacterial change is an observable process. At Laverton (Vic), in the RAAF, we had a Fuel Section dedicated to solving the problems of the bacterial growth (Contamination/Fuel Filter Blockage) in aircraft fuel tanks and ground storage tanks.
We grew the various contaminants in glass tanks. Huge grotesque black shapes grew in those tanks (as they did in aircraft tanks). They did no harm in glass tanks but, when they broke up by vibration in an aircraft they stopped fuel flow through the lines so the PILOT AND CREW HAD TO WALK HOME.
This bacterium is what turns oil to coal.

The reserves are so huge and so pressurised they are considered un-tappable.
There is no secret where the huge reserves are and there is no need to search for oil.
With modern technology the sub-stratas are known, mapped, and vetted.
There are no unknown reserves.

The oil barons drill to test quality, using speculators money, find the hydrocarbons they knew were there, declare the finds uneconomical, cap the wells, and sit back as the share values plummet to zilch, and then they buy them up.

The oil barons never relinquished one oil lease that they declared unviable because they knew they could go there any time and get the oil we paid to find.
Nearly all fields are being topped up from below.
The top-up process is known as "Abiotic Oil" from geo-pressurised gas.
Many field considered "exhausted" have come to life again.
The Yates field in Taxes is a prime example. Such fields stop flowing when the source of inflowing oil from below becomes blocked as a paper filter becomes clogged and impregnable. Nature finds another path and the oil field can be tapped again.

Russia is a now a big oil producer because they understand the process and drill at depths better than 30,000 feet (9,000 metres) Australia consumes 653,000 barrels a day (b/d), exports 325,000 [see above??? should be 523,000 - probably typo] b/d and imports 530,000 b/d

World gas

At the Brae B, in the North Sea, they went too deep on one of the first production wells and hit a reservoir of geo-pressured gas. The pressure was so great it started lifting fifteen thousand feet of drill pipe, drill mud, and a drill stem nearly three miles long. There is so much methane in the
earth that they wanted to AVOID hitting this deep reservoir. At that time it was considered just too dangerous to exploit. That has now changed thanks to
the Russian technology.

In Australia the North Rankin "A" platform was developed to exploit the Carnarvon basin which is just off the northwest coast of Australia near Karratha.
When North Rankin was built it was the biggest gas platform in the world. For twenty years now it has been producing at the rate of 180 million c.f. of gas p/day., and 47,000 tons of condensate per day. It shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. This single platform provides all the natural gas fuel for the entire west coast of Australia. In addition, every year, this one platform produces between 7 and 8 million tons of Liquefied Natural Gas. The LNG provides most of the gas energy requirements for Japan (at 3 cents/litre).

Then there are several million tons of condensate and LPG and so forth which are shipped into international markets. It is estimated that there is more oil and gas in Alaska and offshore of Alaska than in all of Saudi Arabia. Similarly, there is more oil and gas in Alberta, Canada than in Saudi Arabia. Similar reservoirs exist off the California coast, the Florida coast, Mexico, the South China Sea and the Great Rift Valley in the horn of Africa.

Why do you think US sent the army into Somalia? It wasn't the media scam "Nation Building" - JUST OIL.

The Falklands Islands (Malvinas), sits on one of the largest concentrations of hydrocarbon fuels in the world. Do you really think the Brits killed all of those men in the Falklands war for God, the Queen and a bunch of sheep farmers? 

Even more significant, do you think the Argentineans risked going to war with the United Kingdom because they wanted the Falkland Islands---a patch of barren real estate that is only suitable for sheep farming? - JUST OIL.

The world is fighting over oil, not because we are running out of oil, but because there is so much of it. It is not the shortage of oil that drives nations to war, but the overwhelming desire to control it. Oil is power. That is one of the main reasons for Gulf War I and Gulf War II.

But, the real reason has to do with Globalism and the agenda of the New World Order (World Financiers Inc.) The US has enough fuel reserves to last for an estimated 3500 years and any world shortages are not due lack of reserves. It is the aim for total control so they can maintain the price squeeze.

They still invade Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, soon Iran, and then Venezuela. Australia didn't need to be invaded. USA simply said, "We do not recognise Australia or New Zealand's claim to Antarctica". Go to  
Check for yourself. They just took it: "note: the US does not recognize any claims to Antarctica". So far they have prospected and found silver, lead, zinc, copper, gold, uranium, platinum, oil, shale, gas and coal - all for the protection of the delicate flora and fauna.

WHY WOULD USA INVADE VENEZUELA? word_stage1.php?EBN=050711_1_word
MERRIDA, VENEZUELA - The State Oil Company of Venezuela, PDVSA, confirmed today the discovery of four billion square feet of natural gas in western Venezuela, believed in June to have only been 2 billion square feet. It also confirmed that it possesses the largest single reserve of oil in the world. In addition to the estimated 78 billion barrels of conventional oil reserves, there are 235 billion more barrels of heavy and extra-heavy crude, known as Orimulsion, in the Rio Orinoco region. This means that Venezuela possesses under her soil nearly fifty percent of the total amount of oil in the entire Middle East. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Iran and Qatar have a combined total of 676 billion barrels while Venezuela's total alone is 313 billion barrels.

 Australia should be competitive. The cost of bringing a barrel of oil out of Bass Strait is actually under $3. & all other Australian oil fields are well under $10.
The excise tax is currently 38.1 cents per litre on which we have an illegal tax on tax the GST of 10%.
State Labor governments with exception of Queensland impose up to ten cents per litre fuel tax.
The Australian working men, farmers, retirees and others on fixed incomes are suffering as fuel prices impact on us due to the tyranny of distance in Australia.
Our manufacturers are disadvantaged trying to compete with places like Indonesia where local petrol prices are from 11 - 14 cents per litre. Our trade balance is a disaster.
Each month puts us further behind while Howard's tax drunk heroes push their government take through the roof.
It matters little how much they take in tax - they soon back for more.

First we withdraw from the fraudulent and one sided Oil Price Parity Agreement.
Secondly we legislate that no elected government can commit this nation to contracts beyond the term of that government and no firms can make contracts into the future beyond three years.
We then offer an amnesty to all for three months. The deal is any firm or employee thereof who is or was aware of the capping of valuable hydrocarbon deposits shall be indemnified from prosecution if he/she turns State Evidence.
All politicians will be required to declare any assets or monies held overseas.
All property not declared will be forfeited where possible or such value deducted from local assets if not.
Any person whose evidence leads to a conviction of a firm or directors should be rewarded with up 50% of the guilty parties' assets or of the money recovered.
All leases, where there has been no provable drilling within the last five years, will be given warning that, unless there is active drilling the leases will be terminated within two years.
If any firm that tries to use shonky lawyers to overturn our decision to evict the charlatans who pretend to by oil companies then we will simply impose a tax to drive them into insolvency or out.
If Howard can get away with a retrospective legislation and tax then so can we.
We set an absolute limit on fuel tax - that tax is not to exceed 50% of production costs with effect immediately and to be phased out to equate to any blanket sales tax within two years.
All oil companies with no drilling rigs will be listed on the stock exchange as gambling institutions.
We require that all foreign firms and government agencies lodge, with the federal and state governments, copies of all data they have taken on Australia's and Antarctica's energy, mineral, rural, maritime, flora, fauna and water resources.

If competition is good and is forced on Australia then it is good for the Multinationals - so - of all oil leases 50% will be subject to exploitation by local firms as part of our National Competition Policy.
The falsification of data and financial records is done with intent to defraud.
It is a crime. Jail penalties, punitive fines and confiscation of assets must be introduced to discourage blatant theft of Australia's wealth.
All assets of offending companies will be frozen.
Sixty six percent of these assets will be disbursed to the shareholders duped by the concealing of the true value of hydrocarbon deposits found at their expense.
The remaining 33% will be retained by government so voters will have access to decisions and accounts vital to the national interest.
The USA will be called to the World Court to either repudiate her claim to Australian and New Zealand territory in the Antarctic or justify the legality of that claim.

It is still rough but still, send it out so others can comment and wake the sheeple.
A. R. (Tony) Pitt, 79 Ferry St, Maryborough QLD 4650 - Phone 07 4122 1412 ------

Are you sick of the petrol price scam? Please pass this on.    



Oil is not a fossil fuel: Is Peak Oil a put on?

'If oil, as coal, and natural gas, restores itself by nature, if we will more likely run into it than out of it, how do we continue to make money on it? Certainly not by giving oil away at some reasonable price. After World War II, oil was about 25 cents a gallon at the pump. Even given the spiraling inflation since then—last week I paid $3.50 a gallon for it in New York City, 14 times that price. A week after the summer holiday season ended (the peak usage season), oil is down to $3 a gallon. I doubt if I'm the only one who notices oil's price shoot up every summer, then slither down a bit after, and then climb up in the middle of the winter when the heating bills waft in, and old and poor people who can't afford the hikes begin to freeze and die in their own homes.'

Australian crude

The first exports of Australian crude oil were made in 1983 when the Federal Government gave permission for the sale of restricted number of Bass Strait cargoes to overseas markets. Since 1988, Australian crude has been traded on a free market basis around the world. Approximately 160,000 barrels a day is now exported. Most is premium quality light, 'sweet' crude which means it has a very low sulphur and metals content and a high proportion of components suitable for making light fuels such as petrol, diesel and kerosine.

Such quality makes it a sought-after commodity and enables it to command a high price. The close rivals to Australian crude in the Asian region are Malaysian Tapis crude (which, because of its availability has become the marker crude for the region), Papua New Guinea Kutubu crude and Indonesian Belida crude.

Australia's refiners are also free to buy their crude oil feedstock from any source around the world. In practice much of it is bought from fields in Bass Strait, the North West Shelf and the Cooper\Eromanga Basin because of the close proximity of fields to the refineries. The light crude also fits the high Australian demand for transport fuels.

Recent investment in Australian refineries has made the hardware more flexible, allowing them to 'shop around' and accept a greater variety of feedstocks which are available on the world market. However Australian refineries have always imported some heavier crudes, particularly from the Middle East, to satisfy the demand for products like lube oils and bitumens.

The 1990's have seen Australian producers endeavouring to sell more of their crude on the export market at premium prices, while Australian refiners are keen to buy higher proportions of their feedstock more cheaply from other sources around the world.

New refinery investments have given the refiners more flexibility in the choice of feedstocks, and this helps keep down the cost of petroleum in Australia.

Petroleum taxation

Australian crude oil is subject to State and Federal Government taxes in the form of royalty, excise, or Resources Rent Tax which is levied on the producers at the wellhead. In addition, the Federal Government imposes excise on petroleum products. The Federal Government returns a portion of their excise to States. Some States elect to allocate all or part of this back to consumers.

In other words, Governments take taxes from petroleum at the production of crude oil stage and then again at the petrol pump. The average overall Government 'take' is more than half the final retail price of petrol. Australian Institute of Petroleum

Nuclear energy is clean


Revealing the real motive behind the so-called foreign aid Dr Coleman tells us: “One needs to have a clear understanding of just why the fake ‘environmentalist movement’, established and financially supported by the Club of Rome’, was called upon to wage a war against nuclear energy—with nuclear energy generating electricity at cheap rates and in abundant supplies, third world countries would gradually become independent of US and IMF aid and begin to assert their sovereignty. Dependence on foreign aid actually keeps other countries in servitude of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)”.

Dr Coleman further tells us that the people of the aid receiving countries receive very little of the aid money; it usually ends up in the pockets of the leaders wielding power, who allow the natural resources and raw material of their countries to be savagely looted by the IMF.

NB: Greenpeace is used by nwo to help perpetuate this myth.


Fuel Reprocessing
The Nation - official newspaper of One Nation

Volume 5, edition 9


"There has been many lies circulated about decay life. However from confidential information I had before retiring, this decay life had been reduced from years down to weeks and maybe now hours."


Monday 15th August 05: The ABC 'Four Corners' programme on the electricity generation industry was the usual well-orchestrated litany of lies and half-truths which the CFR's influenced Peter Garret circulates on this topic. The programme was in fact a beat up to promote the Kyoto scam, and the lie about harmless carbon dioxide that is essential for plant life. 


The real deadly by-product of fossil fuel power generation is sulphur dioxide, which kills plant life (forests) and does not decay.


The ABC showed only the older side of the industry, highlighting the by-product storage from it, maybe this was intentional or maybe its because the industry no longer makes its latest technology public. The truth is, with new reactor technology and reprocessing, what little is left is encapsulated in the small slug shown above [approx 6" diameter] with final decay life now being reduced to a minimum.

What is not clearly understood is that the CFR, through their foundations, fund Greenpeace and other anti-nuclear groups as they see nuclear power as the biggest threat to their control over the price of energy (oil). Over 40% of household income in North America is spent on oil just to keep warm in the winter. Their control of the media is used to promote the lie of shortages to justify their greed for price increases, this is apparent when you go to fill up at the fuel pump.


Through their control of the IMF it has now been revealed that a 10% slush fund is available to control our two party system of government. This has resulted in the dismantling of the National Energy Research Development Corporation and the sell out of the control of our vast energy resources to foreign control. OPEC pricing, excise taxes and GST give us the highest domestic fuel prices of all of the fuel exporting countries. Unlike the Arab OPEC countries where fuel is only a few cents a litre, our government exploits us to further CFR globalist greed.


Lets examine the lies about the prospect of a nuclear waste dump in Australia. To start with, there is no such thing as waste in the nuclear industry, spent fuel is in storage waiting reprocessing. With the older reactors it was not possible to fully recycle all the fuel. This resulted in this minute amount needing to be disposed. To this end the Australian National University developed the Synroc process that encapsulates this material into a small disc that can be held in your hand. For safety it is normally buried in an area of safe stable earth structure where it can be left to decay back to a harmless state.


There has been many lies circulated about decay life. However from confidential information I had before retiring, this decay life had been reduced from years down to weeks and maybe now hours.

The latest reactors coming into service are far more efficient than the older ones, especially those operating in the old eastern block communist countries. The Fast Breeder types recycle spent fuel and are the closest thing to a complete renewable energy cycle.


The reprocessing of nuclear fuel is worth $ billions, however control over the complete fuel cycle is worth $ trillions. Australia has over 40% of the world's known supplies of uranium. By mining and enriching it, then producing fuel rods for lease to the world's nuclear power stations on condition the spent fuel is returned to us for reprocessing, not only gives us control over the complete nuclear cycle it is also worth more than all the Arab oil combined. There are now over 441 nuclear power stations operating around the world in about 37 countries with another 72 on the way. Nuclear power drives most modern navies and space vehicles, and it will eventually power most shipping and supply water via desalination plants. Australia has the resources, the knowledge and even the equipment to undertake such a project, this I can assure you of as I did play a part in obtaining it.


Australia should export more uranium according to the Resources Minister Ian MacFarlane in responding to new that the Labor Party backed the idea of increasing sales to Communist China. However what he failed to mention is that uranium should not be exported as yellow cake, it should be processed here to fuel rods and then leased on condition that the spent rods are returned for reprocessing.


This then provides us with complete control, currently there is only the useless non-proliferation agreement that was drawn up by the Rockefellers to protect their oil interest from competition.

The choice is simple, we can go forward and become one of the wealthy countries and at the same time play our part in defusing explosive world situation which are all caused by perceived shortages of energy. The other alternative is to believe all the lies and propaganda of the CFR and keep giving away our resources and jobs, increasing our debt until we eventually loose control of our country.


Remember it is all about the struggle for power, organisations that are powerful enough to dispose of a prime minister and use their slush funds to buy others, will do all in their power to retain control of Australia.


Write to your local Federal and State Member of Parliament. Ask them to bring back "Energy and Oil Cost Price Regulation".



Petrol pricing
The Nation - official newspaper of One Nation

Recently, the editor wrote to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission asking for an explanation of how pricing for petrol and other fuel products was determined, given that it seemed logical that some Australian agency should be overseeing the maximum retail amount that could be charged to customers.

The answer I received pointed out that -



"Prior to 1  August 1998 the ACCC endorsed the maximum wholesale prices for petrol and diesel of the major and established freight differentials. On that day petrol and diesel prices were deregulated and wholesalers are now free to set their own prices based on market conditions."



The reply went to to say that: Petrol and diesel are internationally traded commodities. As such, if prices in Australia were lower than international prices, domestic producers would have an incentive to export them overseas, which could lead to shortages in Australia. Australia currently imports around 15% of total petrol consumed in Australia, for which refiners would have to pay the international price.


Therefore, I believe we should ask, how much do refiners pay for locally sourced oil? And it becomes obvious that we are being ripped off by petrol companies who gain the extra profit by buying cheaper local produce and selling at international retail prices. Of course the federal government also benefits from the higher taxes gained from artificially inflated retail prices.

The letter closed with -



"The issue of regulation of prices is one for the Australian Government to determine. You should address your question to the Australian Treasury."



One Nation asks all readers to do just that, write to the Treasury and ask them to set a local retail maximum price for petrol and diesel based on actual local wholesale prices paid by refiners, and legislate to control the price of exported produce at international prices to avoid chicanery from the industry.


I suggest the answer you get will confirm who controls the Australian Government and its ministers.


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The Origins of Oil and Petroleum 


Scientific body of articles describing the new oil science

Modern petroleum science, - or what is called often the modern Russian-Ukrainian theory of deep, abiotic petroleum origins, - is an extensive body of knowledge which has been recorded in thousands of articles published in the mainstream, Russian-language scientific journals, and in many books and monographs.  However, effectively nothing of modern petroleum science has been published in the U.S.A., and this body of knowledge remains largely unknown in the English-speaking world.


The truth about oil


The Energy Non-Crisis 
by Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams is a minister of religion who spent 2-1/2 years in Alaska counselling the workers on the oil pipeline. This book tells a story of government interference and bureaucracy going out of its way to try and stop the oil pipeline - but why?
He blows the lid off the fake environmental movement, government regulations and bureaucracy and the hidden agenda to bankrupt the oil companies.
There is enough oil in Alaska to US requirements for 200 years at growing trends, more oil than currently exists in Saudi Arabia. However, this knowledge is suppressed by vested interests and the desire to manufacture a myth of oil scarcity.

Peak Oil is a Corrupt Globalist Scam


Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' is a Misleading Zionist Scam


The 'Peak Oil' Put on
By Ken Adachi


Oil is not a fossil fuel: Is Peak Oil a put on?


Nuclear energy is clean

Internal memos show oil companies limited refineries to drive up prices
The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) today exposed internal oil company memos that show how the industry intentionally reduced domestic refining capacity to drive up profits, RAW STORY has learned.

Shell Oil, Price Manipulation, and the Fleecing of Americans

Backstory: Originally, Shell floated the news that they planned to slow
refinery output in Bakersfield during July and August as a prelude to
closing it altogether at the end of September. Even though it's been making
massive profits for quite a while and the nation really needs the gasoline,
they insisted they needed to cut production at the time of peak demand.This
involved shuttering a refinery that is profitable, yet at the time they had
no intention to find another buyer. Hmmm. That has changed since then.


By Dr. Stanley Monteith
December 10, 2005
The EPA has capped producing wells, blocked efforts to drill on government land, and restricted drilling on private property. The massive oil reserves off our East and West coasts haven't been developed, the massive oil fields under the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and Gull Island haven't been tapped. If there is really a shortage of oil, why haven't we developed those reserves?[10]


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The Myth Of Peak Oil
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones |
October 12 2005

"Opec is effectively an illegal cartel that can meet happily, nobody takes
them to court," Branson has said. "They collude to keep prices high."
It seems that every time there is some kind of energy crisis, OPEC INCREASES
production. The remarkable thing about this is that they always state that
they are doing it to ease prices, yet prices always shoot up because they
promulgate the myth that they are putting some of their last reserves into
the market.