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Elimination of parasites 

Lice are little parasites that can be difficult to deal with and surprisingly resistant to various types of treatment. In my quest for a cure I scoured health books for any information that might help me get an idea what I was dealing with. 

I first read the revolutionary idea that "lice are nature's scavengers and live on the impurities in the blood" from an old nature cure book. That was different, I'd never heard about that before. How curious, so I set about looking to find a way to purify the blood. 

I tried drinking purified water, fruit juice fast, then various cellsalts in different strengths and combinations. Hopefully, if the pure bloodstream theory was true, I could eliminated the the lice by getting rid of the impurities they live on. Eventually, after some experimenting I began to get results. Unfortunately, drinking lots of purified water and fruit juice fasts achieved absolutely nothing. But taking cellsalts did bring about an improvement in the condition. Eventually I discovered it is possible to eliminate lice by using the correct combination of cellsalts (taken orally) - ie the right cellsalt and the right amount. 

The first cellsalts involved was calcium. Small doses had a slight effect, but larger doses of around 4 mg per day had a better one. However, it didn't seem to be the whole solution. Not until I alternated calcium with potassium and sodium did I get total elimination.

The soil theory of disease 

What I had actually hit on was the soil theory of disease, that disease arises not from germs but from an impure bloodstream, and germs are merely nature's undertakers. Just as flies are attracted to a rubbish dump, so are germs attracted to an impure bloodstream. There has been some controversy going back to the mid 1800s about the cause of disease. This is not to say that germs don't exist or that they aren't contagious, but that they only thrive in certain conditions, ie where there is an impure bloodstream. Yes, this idea is controversial because today the germ theory of disease predominates. Conventional allopathic medicine addresses each contagion as it occurs, ie 

Bacteria   antibiotics
Parasites insecticides
Fungi fungicides

However, these fail to address the basics of the problem, the impure bloodstream or internal milieu.  
So what I am thinking is that not only parasites but bacteria and all sorts of germs, fungi and microbes can be eliminated with correct use of cellsalts. 

I take calcium, in alternation with potassium and sodium cellsalts, other cellsalts as indicated.


The main cellsalt is calcium. Many people don't get the RDA of calcium in their diets and osteoporosis is partly the result of not enough calcium with estimations of something like 1 in 3 women over 45 and 1 in 3 men over 60 will have a bone fracture due to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is calcium deficiency disease as the body takes calcium out of the bones to meet daily requirements. Personally, I take calcium carbonate tablets for any calcium deficiencies. These tablets are in every chemist shop in a variety of brands, some with other minerals added, some just on its own. I just take the basic variety without added anything. Through trial and error I discovered that this is a good effective and easy to take form of calcium. Calcium carbonate tablets seem to eliminate the deficiency symptoms whenever the remedy is either calcium phosphate, calcium sulphate or calcium fluoride. 


I take potassium, not in the regular cellsalt tablet form, but as cream of tartar, a by-product of wine making. Anybody can do a search and find out about cream of tartar being a high potassium source. I was given this information about cream of tartar by Dr Dennis Myer who used to run the website and have tried it and find it to be a very effective as some high dosage potassium tablets which are no longer available. An added bonus is that cream of tartar is very economical and on all supermarket shelves in the cooking section. Whenever the remedy for a deficiency symptom is potassium phosphate, potassium sulphate or potassium chloride I take cream of tartar.


Dennis Myers also got me onto bicarbonate of soda, otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate or just plain bicarb as it is often called. This is a good source of sodium unlike table salt which doesn't seem to have any effect as a cellsalt. Whenever the deficiency symptom is due to sodium phosphate, sodium sulphate or sodium chloride I take bicarb. I generally take bicarb and cream of tartar together at the same time, 1/2 heaped tspn each in a little water. When I take sodium or potassium invariably at some stage I need to take the other one, so just find that its easier to take them together, in the same quantities and so far this has worked out well. 

I take the other cellsalts as indicated and as deficiencies arise. These I buy in the homeopathic form from the health shop in a form known as combinations. There are many different combinations that have been formulated for different conditions. One that I use is Combination H (Hayfever) which contains silica, magnesium phosphate and nat mur (homeopathic sodium chloride). Another form I use is Combination R (Teething) which contains silica, magnesium phosphate and ferrum / iron phosphate. 

Generally, I only use these two combinations as they supply the other four (4) cellsalts missing from the above regime. How much of any cellsalt should be taken depends on symptoms at the time. Remember, cellsalts are taken to address deficiency symptoms, not like pharmaceutical drugs (1 tablet before meals, at bedtime etc). I used to take about 4 grams of calcium a day but now am down to a mere 1 - 2 grams which is in line with RDA for adult. Yes, you will need to take them for life because the same reason you became deficient in the first place is the reason you need to continue taking them once deficiency has cleared up - inadequate food nutrients combined with environmental pollution.


A pure bloodstream 

Also by using the cellsalt system I have also discovered that it is possible to eliminate athletes foot, a fungus infection. So rather than merely killing the fungus or the parasite it is good to eliminate the underlying cause which is the impurities which the parasites live on.

Many of the impurities are a result of the body's own metabolic processes, but there are other causes. It has been noted by some researchers that the soil in which our food is grown is depleted of many of the nutrients that it used to have in greater quantities. But also many of the additives in food take a toll on the body's resources as it attempts to detoxify them out of the system, additives such as artificial colours and flavours, preservatives, emulsifiers, residues of pesticides, fluoride, chlorine, many other chemicals ingested through lungs and skin.

Its not the cellsalts per se that eliminate the parasites, fungi, bacteria but the pure bloodstream that results from taking the cellsalts. So these cellsalts are very instrumental in cleansing the body and there are all sorts of evidence to back this theory up. eg, taking silica will eliminate underarm odour, taking silica or potassium will get rid of foot odour, various discharges, coating on tongue can be eliminated with the right cellsalt/s. So the cellsalts can be seen to work to eliminate odours, discharges, bad smelling sweat etc. and this is what we notice on the outside of the body, but also on the inside they go to work eliminating the impurities and toxins that cause these bad odours.


The internal milieu

The idea that germs (fungi, parasites, microbes, bacteria etc) proliferate due to an impure bloodstream (auto-intoxication, toxemia) is not new. There has always been some controversy between the germ theory and the soil theory going back to the 1800s. The germ theory eventually became the norm and was accepted as the right approach to curing contagious disease although it should be noted that it does little to combat chronic disease which is ever on the rise. While It can be shown that germs, microbes, parasites are contagious there is a counter argument that germs turn pathogenic according to their environment. An analogy for germs proliferating in a toxic environment can be compared to flies gathering around a pile of rotting rubbish. Rather than spraying insecticide to eliminate the flies, it is better to clean up the rubbish heap. Likewise, rather than using fungicide to kill fungus, an antibiotic to kill bacteria, or insecticide to eliminate parasites, a person can clean up their internal milieu (environment) and the parasites will disappear. 

This idea is in accordance with the soil theory, which states that illness comes about through an impure bloodstream. No wonder this theory isn't popular these days with the overload of environmental poisons that get taken into the body which all need to be eliminated or they accumulate within the body. Such poisons which are considered acceptable by modern day standards but they all need to be eliminated, otherwise their presence in the body causes problems. 

According to the soil theory germs and bacteria are nature's undertakers and only thrive in a polluted environment. However, not only does the soil theory apply to germs, it can also be applied to parasites such as lice and athletes foot / tinea (fungus). 



The Biochemic Handbook (pp.47-8) gives sodium sulphate as the solution for malaria

* * *


Malaria is a disease caused by the presence of parasites in the blood, following a bite from a certain species of mosquito. It has been known from earliest times and its connection with damp, swampy surroundings has long been recognised. Malaria is chiefly confined to tropical climates, but is not unknown in temperate regions. The parasite is carried by the Anopheles mosquito which breeds in the surface water of pools and in areas of rank vegetation.

The acute malarial attack has three stages; chill, fever and sweat; the paroxysms recurring at twenty-four, forty-eight and seventy-two hours, according to the type of malaria. There is also a form known as remittent fever in which the temperature does not become normal for from one to two weeks, with much muscular soreness and aching.

Malaria is prevalent where humidity causes an excess of water in the blood, excluding the proper amount of oxygen from the system. The paroxysms disappear with the elimination of the excess water, coming on again as more water is absorbed from the moisture-laden atmosphere. The chances of an attack of malaria can be lessened by making sure that the system is plentifully supplied with the water-eliminating tissue salt, Nat. Sulph.

Biochemic treatment

Ferr. Phos. An important remedy for the fever, especially when there is vomiting of undigested food.

Nat. Sulph. [sodium sulphate] The principal remedy in all cases; bilious stools, dirty grey-green coating of the tongue, bitter vomiting.

Calc. Phos. For the anaemic condition following an attack.

* * *

Comment: Malaria is obviously an infectious disease caused by tiny parasites spread by mosquitos. Here the Biochemic Handbook gives a treatment based on correcting cellsalt deficiencies. It is better to treat these deficiencies than merely taking a drug to kill the parasite for obvious reasons. If the deficiency exists it causes problems for the whole of the body and the parasites are seen merely as a symptom of an underlying problem that if not addressed, will no doubt eventually manifest in other ways.

* * *

Free online book

The Biochemic Handbook, by JP Chapman and Edward L. Perry,

List of symptoms and associated remedies at back of book. It doesn't include every condition but gives you something to work with. The rest is trial and error.