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There is no science to psychiatry - just abuse, greed, betrayal, pretended authority, misappropriation, graft
Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)


Psychiatry - undermining America at its roots

"Psychiatry and "Mental Health" were chosen as a vehicle to undermine and destroy the west! and we [Scientology] stood in their way.... They have infiltrated boards of education, the armed services, even the churches." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Psychiatry or social engineering is a force being used to lead the west towards a socialist one world order. 


The War
Executive Directive from L. Ron Hubbard 
29 November 1968 

You may not realize it staff member but there is only one small group that has hammered Dianetics and Scientology for 18 years. The press attacks, the public upsets you receive and all those you have received for all your time in Scientology were generated by this one group. For eighteen years it has poured lies and slander into the press and government agencies.

Last year we isolated a dozen men at the top. This year we found the organization these used and all its connections over the world. They are as red as paint. Their former President was a card carrying Communist and they have four on their Board of Directors, yet they reach into International Finance, Health Ministries, Schools, the Press. They even control immigration in many lands.

Psychiatry and "Mental Health" was chosen as a vehicle to undermine and destroy the West! And we stood in their way.

They have infiltrated boards of education, the armed services, even the churches. They hold the wives or daughters of a great many politicians and keep them "under treatment".

Their "technology" is the same as that used by Intelligence Services. Electric shocks. Brain operations. These were used in Lubenka Prison in Russia but are not allowed on Russians!

Anyway, this was the live wire we got across by being able to undo their effect on the West.

We are using only legal means over the world. We don't stoop to murder and rough house. 
Our error was in failing to take over total control of all mental healing in the West. Well, we'll do that too.

Correct target - LRH - The psychiatric profession is indeed guilty of abusive treatment.

Falsehood - LRH: "We are using only legal means over the world. We don't stoop to murder and rough house." (The crimes and abuses leveled by the church intelligence unit make this a lie.) 

[Note - Scientology was infiltrated and taken over by suppressives since 1972 which is when things changed for the worse.]


The Hidden Story of SCIENTOLOGY
Omar V. Garrison
The Citadel Press - Secaucus, N. J.
First American edition, August 1974

As Scientology organizations proceeded to compile and analyse information concerning the nature and probable source of attacks made on them throughout the world, it became apparent that the assaults emanated from a given point of focus. In a brief submitted to the Commission of Enquiry in South Africa, the Scientologists wrote:

"Finding itself wantonly attacked by governments and by the press, the Church has sought to find whether these attacks were genuine expressions of critical, though uninformed, opinion, or whether they were being instigated and if so, by whom. Without exception they have been found to have been instigated by psychiatrists or psychologists. The Church has further inquired whether these attacks represented spontaneous expressions of opinion by the persons concerned, or whether they were the result of a policy consciously pursued by one or more organizations or groups or people. In almost every case the persons concerned have been members of or connected to a single organization - The World Federation for Mental Health."

The Scientologists having thus identified organized psychiatry as their principal enemy, this is a convenient point at which to examine the background, practices and personnel of political psychiatry; and to define the character and goals of the international Mental Health Movement.

Psychotropic mind control drugs becoming commonplace

The rise and fall of ADD/ADHD
by Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD 9/25/00

The ADHD, ‘epidemic’ (by whatever name) has grown from 150,000 in 1970, to a half million in 1985, a million in 1990, and to 6 million today—12-13% of the nation’s school children. Forced Ritalin use sounds like '1984'

USA Today; Arlington, Va.; Aug 16, 2000;


USA TODAY's article in Life contains this chilling statement: "The latest study shows that non-medicated ADHD kids are three times slower than their non-ADHD counterparts making quick decisions; the slowness vanished with methylphenidate (Ritalin)."

My assumption, knowing something about the effects of Ritalin, would be that the Ritalin-drugged students easily absorb and parrot back not only academic information, but also moral and ethical decisions as fed to them by authority -- without stopping to weigh and form their own conclusions. Very, very scary.

USA TODAY's article on Ritalin missed a very important point: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) -- the psychiatrists' reference on what diseases are out there and what drugs are used to treat them -- is complete fiction.

Racketeering in Medicine: The Suppression of Alternatives
pp.188-191 -- 
by James P.Carter, MD, Dr PH.

The Church of Scientology was on the "hit-list" of the AMA’s Co-ordinating Committee on Health Information (CCHI). From documents obtained during disclosure in the case of the chiropractors versus the AMA, the CCHI engaged in covert activities designed to eliminate or neutralise the efforts of Scientology and the founder, L. Ron Hubbard, whom the AMA considered to be working against their interests.

In 1969, the Church of Scientology established the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), which is dedicated to the eradication of psychiatric violations of human rights. In the late 1960s, CCHR documented and exposed illegal experiments with LSD, which were conducted in some instances without informed consent. This expose culminated in the US Senate hearings and regulations to prevent future recurrences of experiments of this type.

In 1990, the Commission investigated and exposed a treatment at Chelmsford Hospital in Australia which put patients into a deep sleep and, while they were sleeping, administered electric shock therapy. These treatments were also sometimes administered without patient consent or knowledge. Through the Commission’s persistent efforts, the medical records of these patients were made public, and the cases of 48 men and women who died as a result of this therapy were exposed. The public outrage which followed led to the banning of deep sleep followed by electric shock therapy, the closing of Chelmsford Hospital, and the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry in Australia, which ultimately recommended prosecutions. All over the world, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights has documented psychiatric crimes. Laws have been enacted in many states in the US to prevent psychiatric sexual abuse of their patients, again as a result of the Commission’s work.

Hubbard had a long mistrust and dislike for psychiatrists. Hubbard focused on numerous negative areas of psychiatry: "In fact its barbaric practices of electric shock, brain operations, and drugging patients were killing and maiming people on a daily basis." The mental health community quickly rejected his ideas in his book Dianetics, a blueprint for successful living. The conflict has more recently included Eli Lilly and other pharmaceutical manufacturers of mood-altering and mind-controlling drugs. The scientologists claim that the nation’s number one selling medicine for severe depression, Prozac, manufactured by Eli Lilly, is a "killer drug" that drives some of its users to murder or suicide. Scientologists have condemned the drug for dangerous side effects that they believe has led to numerous instances of mass violence and one-on-one violence. In particular, there is one case brought out in the media of a mother put on Prozac who, armed with a kitchen knife, stood behind her daughter who was standing at the kitchen sink. The husband disarmed his wife, who, the next day, had no recollection of this incident.

The scientologists have, through the media and congressional lobbying and by confronting the FDA, attempted to have the drug banned. In the Wall Street Journal, in April 1991, an article reported some success in this campaign: "Although Prozac’s sales are huge, its share of the anti-depressant market has slipped from 25% in July 1990, to 21% in April 1991."

Time magazine in its May 6, 1991 issue, attacked Scientology in a cover story, questioning its religious veracity and accusing it of being a greedy business with some aspects of paramilitary organisation. This attack on Scientology evoked a response from its followers somewhat like the emotion that Rushdi’s book evoked from the Islamic fundamentalists. The scientologists went on the offensive and mounted a $3 million counter-attack with ads in USA Today. The ads focused on Time, Eli Lilly and Prozac ("which is only the latest in a series of drugs brought to market, sometimes unethically, with harmful side effects"). The June 13 1991 ad boldly criticised the FDA and raised the issue of legal drug peddling in general: "Who controls what foods and drugs the public may consume?" Another ad on July 1, 1991, focused on psychiatric violations of human rights. On July 5 1991, an ad revealed how self-interest groups influence governmental policy to everyone’s detriment, leading to impending economic collapse of the US health-care system. The corruption and malfeasance at the FDA were also brought out with impressive accuracy and courage.

What kind of church is this? It states its aims as follows: "A civilisation without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights." Scientologists believe that humans are spiritual beings who, through an examination of their past, can rid themselves of the harmful effects of negative experience and therefore increase personal happiness and spiritual freedom.

Less than a month after founder Hubbard’s Dianetics was published, the editor of JAMA solicited adverse information from so-called authoritative sources for articles on Dianetics. Typical of the medical profession, these authorities relied not on analysis or on an objective evaluation of whether or not Hubbard’s blueprint for successful living worked, but merely on their arrogant and adverse pronouncements, all of which condemned Dianetics. Critical articles appeared in Time and other publications, demonstrating that the psychiatric community was upset with this encroachment on their territory. But they were unable to halt the Dianetics philosophy on their own, so they enlisted their government connections. 

This tactic has worked before. We cannot forget what they did to Hoxsey and to Drs Gerson and Koch, what they’re still doing to chelation doctors, and how they removed from the package insert information that said that EDTA was effective in the treatment of arteriosclerosis and its complications; all of these actions required AMA/FDA co-operation, in retrospect amounting to racketeering, in order for their success. Hubbard also exposed the pain-drug hypnosis experiments that were being conducted by the CIA, fully 25 years before the existence of these experiments was made known to the public through documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

No doubt Hubbard’s proposal for living did provide a viable alternative when psychiatry did not help people solve their mental health problems, as have the growing number of self-help groups patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous: Overeaters Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous etc (nature, after all, abhors a vacuum).

As psychiatry increasingly resorted to drugs to treat mental illness, psychiatrists and the drug companies became natural allies. The psychiatrist would diagnose a mental illness, and a new drug would be produced to correct the so-called chemical imbalance. Psychiatry, according to Hubbard, had since its earliest beginnings with Freud, been fascinated with mind-altering drugs; Sigmund Freud himself was a cocaine addict.

The book Dianetics continues to be a best seller. Readers attest as to how it provides answers to basic problems and gives them a grasp of how to handle their lives and how to find happiness by following a blueprint which raises their self-esteem. The scientologists regard psychiatrists as enemies and consider them important tools of powerful drug manufacturers. According to scientologists, these manufacturers rely on psychiatrists to prescribe and sell their mood- and mind-altering drugs. Needless to say, Scientology and its Citizens Commission on Human Rights are viewed by major drug companies as mortal enemies.

This was the background for the sustained assault by the CCHI initially, and Eli Lilly and Time recently, on the Church of Scientology, which culminated in Time magazine’s May 6, 1991, cover story. The church, in a rebuttal published in USA Today said in essence, that "the social reform activities of the Church had encroached upon the interest of Time magazine and its owners". Scientologists who for decades had opposed mind-bending drugs, had committed the unforgivable sin of attacking the drug Prozac, costing Eli Lilly, its manufacturer, dearly.

Time stated in July 1991 edition, "There is no need for everyone to be scared away from Prozac, since it has proved safe and effective for many people." But the Church of Scientology and the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, in their educational campaign to informed the public about Prozac, stated:

"More than 14,000 adverse reactions by Prozac users have been reported to the FDA since Prozac’s release in 1987. These include delirium, hallucinations, convulsions, violent hostility and aggression, psychosis, and attempted suicide. Major medical journals have reported the emergence of suicidal thoughts in persons taking Prozac.

"In the last year, nearly 50 lawsuits have been filed against Eli Lilly seeking almost one billion dollars in damages by families of people who have committed suicide while on Prozac, families of people who have been murdered by patients on Prozac, and people who have been themselves damaged while taking Prozac."

On September 14, 1990, Joseph Wesbacker entered his former workplace in Louisville, Kentucky, and opened fire with an AK-47, killing eight people and wounding 12 before killing himself. Results of the coroner’s drug scan revealed Wesbecker to have a therapeutic level of Prozac in his blood. There are, increasingly, other similar accounts. The American Trial Lawyers Association has established a special Prozac litigation section to service attorneys, and a recent issue of Texas Lawyer reported that Texas personal injury attorneys view Prozac as "the next Dalkon shield".

Ironically, the ads run by the Church of Scientology brought out some of the problems at the FDA that the Edwards Committee did not address. The medico-pharmaceutical industrial complex stirred up a hornet’s nest by attacking religious beliefs. Although I am not a follower of Scientology, my observations of Scientology members would have me agree with Marvin Bordelon, President of the American Conference on Religious Movements: "The Scientologists we are privileged to know are sincere, dedicated human beings, who are striving hard for the betterment of all".

I would also agree with the Reverend Dean M. Kelley, Counselor on Religious Liberty for the National Council on Churches, when he said, "I have found them [Scientologists] to be earnest, enterprising, public-spirited and committed people". Bravo to them for taking on legal drug merchants.

In a recent confrontation on Sixty Minutes, psychiatry did not accept its own shortcomings, the Scientologists insisted that the field of psychiatry is no good and neither is their Prozac. Neither, however, acknowledged the role of biochemical individuality in explaining some of these bizarre symptoms and behavior. Prozac, in effect, can help some and create harm in others. A careful monitoring of each patient, something not always done, was acknowledged as essential by the psychiatrists.



In a 1955 Scientology bulletin, Hubbard warned his adherents that a "war exists" between them and "the psychiatrist-psychologist-psychoanalyst clique" (Hubbard, [September 30] 1955 in Tech 2: 267). In this war, he claimed, his organization literally was under attack. He developed the war theme in an "Executive Directive" in late November, 1968. Writing in inflammatory terms, Hubbard indicated that:

You may not realize it, staff member, but there is only one small group that has hammered Dianetics and Scientology for 18 years.

The press attacks, the public upsets you receive and all those you have received for all your time in Scientology were generated by this group. For eighteen years it has poured lies and slander into the press and government agencies.

Last year we isolated a dozen men at the top. This year we found the organization these used and all its connections over the world.  They are as red as paint . . . , yet they reach into International Finance, Health Ministries, Schools, the press. They even control immigration in many lands.

Psychiatry and "Mental Health" was [sic] chosen as a vehicle to undermine and destroy the West! And we stood in their way....

They have infiltrated boards of education, the armed services, even the churches. They hold the wives or daughters of a great many politicians and keep them "under treatment". They appoint Ministers of Health by pretending they are already part of the government.

They collect millions. Their "technology' is the same as that used by Intelligence Services. Electric shock. Brain operations....  Anyway, this was the live wire we got across by being able to undo their effect on the West (Hubbard, 1968: 1).

Scientology, Hubbard asserted, was fighting back, and "the effectiveness of our means will become history" (Hubbard, 1968: 2).

In the realm of international politics, the gravest danger from "the psychiatrist" came from his (or her) "hoping to place one of his ilk in a blackmail position behind every head of state" (RJ, 1982c: 2). In a fashion reminiscent of the Jesuits, psychiatrists had been able to obtain international political power by becoming the contemporary "confessors" and counsellors of the politically powerful, at least according Hubbard's analysis. (4)

Following Hubbard's dark vision, Scientologists transformed psychiatrists into demons, who not only ruined this world but also had been adversely affecting people throughout their previous lives (called their 'track' or 'time track'). In a passage that condemned psychiatrists for the woes of the cosmos, Hubbard preached that 

"[u]nder the false data of the psychs (who have been on the track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe) both pain and sex are gaining ground in this society and, coupled with robbery (which is a hooded companion of both), may very well soon make the land a true jungle of crime" (Hubbard, 1982b: 1-2 Emphasis in original]). 

Psychiatry's alleged evil took on mythic proportions in a cartoon printed in the first International Edition of Scientology's publication, Freedom, where a front page drawing depicted eight psychiatrists as horned, goateed, tailed, and cloven-hoofed devils injecting 'patients' with drugs and performing electro shock, topectomies, and lobotomies (Freedom, 1969: 1).

Since psychiatry was Scientology's alleged cosmic enemy, Hubbard and his followers wanted to see the profession destroyed. If society's authorities would not destroy it, then Scientology would. Thus Hubbard intoned that:

"Doctors are too often careless and incompetent, psychiatrists are simply outright murderers. The solution is not to pick up their pieces for them but to demand medical doctors become competent and to abolish psychiatry and psychiatrists as well as other infamous Nazi criminal outgrowths (HCOB 6 December 1976 in Tech XI: 259).

"Expanding his litany of associations between psychiatry and wrongdoing, Hubbard allegedly pinpointed "the cause of crime" as three psychiatric treatments: "[e]lectric shocks, behavior modification, [and] abuse of the soul." Consequently, he reasoned, "[t]here's only one remedy for crime--get rid of the psychs!" (Hubbard, 1982a: 1).


4. Informed Scientologists certainly understood the Jesuit analogy. A 1986 article published in one of Scientology's magazines discussed "the infiltration into education from psychiatric and psychological professions. .". Answering the question, "[why is education so important?", the article stated that "[t]he Jesuits (an order within the Roman Catholic Church well known for their activism) exported the policy of starting Church schools in areas where they wished to introduce their religion. The reasons are obvious. By educating a child into one's own beliefs, one gradually takes over a whole new generation of a country and can thus influence, in the long term, the development and growth of that country. The Jesuits were very successful at this strategy. Psychiatrists and psychologists also have this strategy in mind" (Impact 7, 1986: 49).

The real issues

To understand the forces ranged against L. Ron Hubbard, in this war he never started, it is necessary to gain a cursory glimpse of the old and venerable science of psychiatry - which was actually none of the aforementioned. As an institution, it dates back to shortly before the turn of the century; it is certainly not worthy of respect by reason of age or dignity; and it does not meet any known definition of a science, what with its hodgepodge of unproven theories that have never produced any result - except an ability to make the unmanageable and mutinous more docile and quiet, and turn the troubled into apathetic souls beyond the point of caring.

That it promotes itself as a healing profession is a misrepresentation, to say the least. Its mission is to control.

Psychiatry as we know it today is more priesthood than science. Its conglomeration of half-baked theories is handed down by an arbitrary elite-authorities who have attained such status through who they know and who can sweet-talk the government into parting with yet more grant money.

While as for what they actually do, there are only three primary methods of “treatment” - electroshock, psychosurgery and psychotropic drugs.

To illustrate the unscientific basis of this “science,” in Fascist Italy in the 1930s, Professor Ugo Cerletti noted that back in A.D. 43 or so, Roman citizens would sometimes try to rid themselves of headaches by putting a torpedo fish on their heads. A torpedo fish generates about 25 volts of electricity. Perhaps it was just coincidence that the Empire fell soon after that, but be that as it may, Cerletti was undeterred by this observation and set off on a new path. He began his experiments by killing dogs with huge jolts of electricity. However, before he could significantly reduce Rome’s canine population, inspiration came in the form of a visit to a pig slaughterhouse. There, much to his delight, he found that pigs were not killed by the electricity administered, but only sent into epileptic convulsions, whereupon their throats could conveniently be cut by the butchers. After experimenting further - and losing a great many pigs - to discover how much electricity it would take to kill one of the porcine creatures, he was ready for man. The unfortunate vagrant he chose (generously supplied by the police) received 70 volts to the head, fell, then shouted, “Not a second [one]. It will kill!” Later, it was discovered that human beings could withstand between 140 and 150 volts to the brain. Thus electroconvulsive shock therapy (ECT) was born.

Psychosurgery had equally shabby beginnings, according to the medical historians. In 1848, Phineas Gage of Vermont was peering into a blasting hole when a charge detonated and blew a metal tamping rod through his brain - an unfortunate accident that he managed to survive. But, his astute physician noted with amazement, Gage had changed! A most noticeable change - from efficient and capable, to self-indulgent and profane. Thus Gage made his place in history as the first person to survive a lobotomy. The man who actually established himself as the father of the lobotomy (a procedure conducted on intractable patients to make them more manageable) was Dr. Egas Moniz. He operated on about one hundred patients. However, in at least one case, the operation might have been a success but the doctor died: he was shot by one of his lobotomized patients. That in 1949 he was given the Nobel prize for this questionable advancement is one of the saddest ironies of medical history. Nonetheless, it assured that many followed his path.

As for drugs, witch doctors have used the natural variety for centuries. Today’s pharmaceutical psychotropic drugs began their development with attempts to brainwash recalcitrant citizens and political prisoners. Virtually all of the original research - in Russia, Germany and the United States - was funded by intelligence agencies. Once again, the aim was to make individuals more tractable and malleable. And, in the United States, at least, most of it was illegal, conducted on unknowing servicemen and citizens. Except, of course, in the oft-cited instance of CIA psychiatrist, Dr. Louis Jolyon West, who was the only man known to have killed an elephant with LSD.

That all of this experimentation-drugs, psychosurgery, ECT-has never cured anyone of anything but, on the contrary, has either made people more manageable or damaged them beyond recognition, has never stopped the psychiatric community from continuing these practices. After all, these are the only tools they have. Without them, they would have nothing to sell.

Which brings up a crucial point: to whom do they sell their services? Not to the broad public (and only sometimes even to their own patients), for the majority have no faith in this parody of science and would never even entertain the idea of actually visiting a psychiatrist. Then, of course, there is also the shame and embarrassment associated with going to a psychiatrist-which is largely due to the way psychiatrists themselves have characterized mental illness in a sales campaign that backfired. The only customers they have, the only ones willing to pay for their services (and very generously) are governments, particularly the clandestine arms of the government, or those that desire to control people, be they prisoners, children or society’s unwanted.

These, then, constitute the force that tried to stop Dianetics and Scientology.

And this is the world Dianetics entered. A world where psychiatry was entrenched among the US intelligence services, living off the fat of government grants, and experimenting - with the help of ex-Nazi scientists - on an oblivious public. A world where their critics were simply labeled insane and “in need of psychiatric help.”

Thus the battle lines were drawn. Dianetics offered a means to happiness, stability and success. It provided a solution to psychosomatic illnesses. It created an interest in the workings of the mind among people of all classes and ages. And it gave the man in the street a method that, for the first time, he himself could utilize to improve his own condition. Additionally, it should be kept in mind that L. Ron Hubbard achieved something that psychiatrists have long been attempting to achieve: to write a book about the mind that was genuinely popular, that people actually wanted to read, that was both understandable and applicable.

But Dianetics did more. It labelled the latest and greatest psychiatric drugs as dangerous. And it directly exposed the inhuman crimes of psychiatrists and the harm they caused with ECT and lobotomies, clearly substantiating the irreparable damage these treatments caused to healthy brain tissue.

That mental health professionals were incensed by Mr. Hubbard’s not-so-gentle upbraiding is understandable, particularly as he was not a member of their elitist clique. But when all was said and done, the issue was clearly financial: How long could one continue to convince the American taxpayer to foot the bill for multi-million dollar psychiatric appropriations in the face of what Dianetics could accomplish for the price of a book?

The Story Behind Prozac... the Killer Drug

By Thomas Whittle & Richard Wieland, Church of Scientology -

In the face of ever-mounting evidence of the dangers of the psychiatric drug Prozac, the FDA has balked at moving against the antidepressant which has accumulated more adverse reaction reports than any other substance in the 24-year history of the FDA's ADR reporting system.

by Church of Scientology, International

Individual case histories and medical studies have shown that Prozac harms the brain and the body.

The Physician's Desk Reference Family Guide to Prescription Drugs lists side effects reported by Prozac users: heart attack, impotence, hair loss, cataracts, kidney disorders, hepatitis, arthritis, breast cysts, breast pain, convulsions, coma, migraine headache, bronchitis, pneumonia, deafness, duodenal ulcer, stomach ulcer, gallstones, pelvic pain, inability to control bowel movements, painful sexual intercourse for women, urinary tract disorders, eye bleeding, spitting blood and vomiting blood.

Mind control / brain washing / Alaska Mental Health Bill 

In publishing for the first time in Australia a synthesis of the Communist textbook on psycho politics - or, as it is generally termed, brain-washing - it is necessary to stress the fact that failure to understand that the Communist conspiracy is primarily concerned with a struggle for the minds and souls of men, means that the individual is left defenceless against his enemies.

Upon reading the Communist's own material on brain-washing, many will he horrified at the implications and ask is it possible for such organised evil to be operating successfully in non-Communist countries. Unfortunately organised evil has taken a very heavy toll without more than a few realising fully what has been happening.

The material on psycho politics was first published in America last year by a Charles Stickley, who said that he could not reveal the sources of his material without endangering individuals who had assisted him. Early this year Kenneth Goff, former American Communist, also issued the material in booklet form. His material is exactly the same as Stickley's with the minor exception of a change of several words in Beria's address. We are using Stickley's text. A former American military intelligence officer has stated in a letter to the League of Rights that although he has been unable to find a copy of the original Communist textbook on brain-washing, there was "no question that he (Goff) has read literature which he would not now be able to get hold of. Furthermore, the internal evidence of the book is most convincing to anyone thoroughly familiar with the Communist machine, its techniques and objectives."

There is no argument that the techniques for brain-washing outlined in this material are being applied in various forms throughout the whole world. That evil genius, Lenin, made it very clear that he was most interested in the attack upon the mind. Dr. Boris Sokoloff, M.D., who played an important role in events leading up to the Bolshevik Revolution, reveals in his recently published book, The White Nights, intimate conversations between Lenin and Dr. Ivan Pavlov which laid the groundwork for the Soviet experiment in trying to standardise human thought and behaviour. The text-book on psycho politics mentions the importance of Pavlov's work.

In the Canadian Royal Commission's Report on Communism, the section on The Development of Ideological Motivation deals brilliantly with one aspect of brain-washing. The Report states that "The evidence before us shows that in the great majority of cases the motivation was inextricably linked with courses of psychological development."

Former American Senator Jack Tenney, a militant Christian patriot who directed the official investigation of the Communist conspiracy in California, with particular reference to Hollywood, and who is generally recognised as one of the leading American authorities on all aspects of the Communist conspiracy, stated at the end of his report on MindWashing in America: 

"Under ordinary circumstances the efforts of a small, almost infinitesimal fraction of society to brainwash the overwhelming majority of its citizens or build insane asylums for them would be incredible and fantastically funny. But these are not ordinary circumstances nor ordinary times. We are in the age of Great Delusions - when black appears white, and white appears black - when the sane are made to appear insane and the insane act as the world's psychiatrists . . . "

It is only necessary to study the material on psycho politics closely, and to compare it with developments in all Western societies today, in order to realise that it deals with dreadful realities. For example, in recent years there has been growing publicity, concerning "mental health" campaigns. Former Communist Kenneth Goff in his statement on the authenticity of the material on psycho politics makes reference to the Alaskan Mental Health Bill. This American legislation produced such a storm of opposition from Christian and patriotic groups, that a special Senate Sub-Committee was established to investigate the matter. The legislation was subsequently modified. During the hearings, it was pointed out that any citizen could initiate action against another citizen or citizens and that "a health or welfare worker may enter a home which heretofore the American citizen has considered his castle, seize an individual on mere hearsay evidence . . ."
(Statement by Major Robert Williams, former American Intelligence Officer) .

Evidence was also given showing how an individual might be sane when taken into custody, but could be made mentally ill by the use of drugs and then certified by medical doctors. A large number of experts agree with the claim made in the Communists' textbook on psycho politics, that insanity can be produced by the use of drugs.

During the hearings on the Alaskan Mental Health Bill the following report from The Los Angeles Examiner of January 9, 1956, was read into the evidence: "Dr. Nicholas A. Bercel, Beverly Hills psychiatrist, listed as a great advancement the new method of inducing mental illness in a normal person by the injection of lysergic acid diethylamide for the purpose of studying the results."

Such frightening developments indicate the urgent necessity of strengthening the constitutional safeguards of the individual, and of resisting all attempts, however subtle, to reduce them. Just how far the Communists have developed the use of drugs and other techniques of mind-control in Communist-dominated countries is hard to say. But the famous trial of Cardinal Mindtzenty, for example, proves that they can so effectively apply their methods of possessive control that they can present their victims to the public without any fear of' revolt.
There is no doubt that the Communists have studied exhaustively every possible method of attacking the mind.

In an address on the B.B.C. on November 11, 1953, Dr. Sargent indicated that the attack upon the mind is the most serious problem threatening Western Civilization today. Dr. Sargent's talk dealt with the subject of indoctrination, and he outlined the developments of Pavlov's theories in the modern political world. Pavlov is, of course, one of the founders of psycho politics. In the course of his address Dr. Sargent said: "Now we in British medicine are trying to learn all we can about these terrible and most effective methods of changing men's thoughts and beliefs on a large scale, because I believe ultimately the fate of the world will depend on the conversion of the masses to one idea of life or another."

And this is what the Communists are primarily concerned about, "CHANGING MEN'S THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS ON A LARGE SCALE." Unfortunately, a large number of well-meaning people are being used to further the attack upon the mind without realising the significance of what they are doing. The undermining of Christian moral principles, the weakening of local and national loyalties, and the persistent campaigning in favour of world centralisation of power under the guise of creating some World Utopia, are all part of the campaign so clearly outlined in this booklet.

In this Introduction it is impossible, of course, to do more than indicate some of the sources of the general attack. But we must direct attention to the use of UNO and some of its agencies to indicate the seriousness of our present danger. While many idealists see in UNO the hope of world peace, the Communists regard it as their most important platform from which to direct propaganda against the peoples of the non-Communist world. But it is in agencies like the World Health Organisation and The United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organisation that we find alarming evidence of the insidious attack upon the mind by men who make it clear that they are determined to destroy Christian Civilization.

The writers of the textbook on psycho politics must warmly applaud the following statement by Dr. Brock Chisholm, Director of the World Health Organisation: "We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents, our Sunday and day school teachers And how does Dr. Chisholm propose to rectify this: "Reinterpretation and eventually eradication of the concept of right and wrong . . . Most psychiatrists and psychologists have escaped from these moral chains."

Tens of millions of pounds of the taxpayers of the non-Communist countries are being used by men like Dr. Chisholm to work through various international organisations doing exactly what the textbook on psycho politics advocates. Documented evidence is available to prove this statement. But we repeat; the average individual is not even aware of the war directed against his mind and his beliefs. The daily press tells him little or nothing of such conferences as the International Congress on Mental Health held in 1948. Dr. Chisholm presided, and speaker after speaker spoke of the necessity of "mental healing" to break down the ties of family, nation, and religion.

Material from Dr. Chisholm and his fellows, who have thrown off "the concept of right and wrong", is finding its way into all those institutions in which our young people's ideas are influenced. It is openly stated that genuine patriots must be regarded as showing signs of mental instability and in need of psychiatric treatment - again just as the authors of this booklet advocate.

The following comment by that great British patriot and writer, Mr. A. K. Chesterton, in his journal, Candour, of October 26, 1956, provides a further sample of the menace of "mental healing": "The western half of the projected World Police State seems to be preparing the way for silencing its political opponents. Its method will be somewhat more subtle than that employed by the murderers and enslavers of the Kremlin. I quote from the letter of one of my most reliable Canadian correspondents: "The Health Department is still at it, trying to make everybody mental-health conscious, so that they will think nothing of being sent to a psychiatrist, thence to an asylum. On television they keep showing pictures taken through one-way glass, spying on patients without their knowing it. In the end "patients", probably actors, tell how they benefited from a course of treatment after describing their previous dreadful symptoms. Also on TV a man called Katz of Maclean's magazine was interviewed by some frightful man. He said that large quantities of some chemical to be used in the "N" Test (to prove that patients are mentally ill) have been sent to many countries. Toronto's share will be here soon."

What will this mean to the man in the street?" asked his interviewer.

"It means that the test will soon be routine and given to every patient entering a hospital. Doctors in their private offices will also be giving it." Then he added: "They are not going to wait until a man stands on his head before giving the test. It is going to be given to people who speak intelligently, and if they react positively a course of treatment will be started at once."

My correspondent's comment cannot be improved upon. 'Well, that is one of the most terrible things that I have ever heard, she declares and adds: The next thing was a notice that our children ought to be treated as they may have schizophrenic leanings. We do not wish it to be construed, as of course, unfortunately, it will, that we believe that all psychiatrists and psychologists are charlatans or secret Communists. But for years a small number of Christian psychiatrists and psychologists have drawn attention, generally without realising it, to the dangerous ideas being advanced by the majority of their fellows.

Some have even gone so far as to speak about "rackets". For example, the famous brain surgeon of the University of Illinois, Dr. Percival Barley, has openly stated that he is appalled at the after-effects of lobotomy. It is significant that the textbook on psycho politics stresses the "value" of brain operations and electric shock treatment. Dr. Barley states that the great neuro-surgical revolution has proved abortive. And he lists some of the frightful results - horrifying to any Christian but satisfactory to those planning deliberately to produce chaos. Dr. Barley also states that schizophrenia can be cured, not by psychiatry, but by the bio-chemist. His view that most mental breakdowns are basically a nutritional problem has been endorsed by no less an authority than Dr. J. F. Cade, Psychiatrist Superintendent at the Royal Park Receiving Home, Victoria, for many years.

Anyone sufficiently interested may read Dr. Cade's article on this subject in the Medical Journal of Australia, July 28, 1956. Dr. Cade bluntly states that "psychological and sociological explanations seem to have no factual basis" in relationship to mental break. down. He points out how the lowest incidence of mental instability is in certain areas where certain foods, mainly stone-fruits, are consumed. The psycho politicians must, of course, reject this view in order to further their campaign of "mental healing".

Before leaving this subject we submit one further piece of information which should be considered in relationship to the material in this booklet. The following extract from a joint statement of John Maurice, M.D:, and Gerald E. Wilcox, Civil Engineer, before the American Senate Sub-Committee on the Alaska Health Bill (previously mentioned in this Introduction), speaks for itself: "Dr. Joseph Wortis is one of the most prominent and influential of these propagandists. Dr. Wortis studied under Sigmund Freud and introduced into the United States the dangerous and questionable shock treatment. He practised psychiatry at Bellevue Hospital and with the Veterans Administration."
"Dr. Wortis helped train a large number of young psychiatrists, has lectured widely, and is widely read by members of the psychiatric profession. Ten thousand copies of his book, Soviet Psychiatry, were circulated in universities and among the medical profession. Evidence submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee indicates that the book contains more Soviet propaganda than psychiatry."

"Dr. Morris Mishchenko testified that this book 'represents a collection of Soviet official material permeated with the spirit of Communist militant philosophy...' "
When questioned by the committee about Communist Party affiliations, Dr. Wortis hid behind the fifth amendment."

Another fifth amendment psychiatrist was one of the most influential men in the Pentagon during World War II. Dr. Julius Schriber, the 1955 Chairman of the District of Columbia Mental Health Association, was in 1944-45 chief of the program section of the Army orientation program." The overwhelming majority of psychiatrists in the U.S.A. are non-Christians. In their attack upon the mind, the Communists have also attempted to destroy the value of words as one of the media between the mind and reality. Pavlov stressed the importance of words as a medium with reality. In 1896 the great French philosopher, Gustave Le Bon, produced his small but most important book, The Crowd, in which he pointed out how most revolutions are created by changing the meaning of words. The Communists have made a science of the 'changing' of the weaning of words with the result that they have created a confusion of ideas. A large number of people repeat thoughtlessly carefully-thought-out slogans without realising their true implications.

One of the basic features of the free enterprise economic system is the profit motive. But the Communists have by persistent unscrupulous propaganda created the general feeling, even amongst anti-Communists, that there is something not quite right about the profit motive. What might be termed a large-scale guilt complex has been successfully created. This booklet does not deal specifically with the perversion of language, but everyone who would play an effective role in resisting the attack upon the mind should make himself familiar with this aspect of the attack. The evil we are warning about has, of course, been dealt with by many others who have studied the subject. We would specially recommend a study of Charles Morgan's great book, Liberties of the Mind particularly the first section. He quotes a psychiatrist friend who agrees that it's now possible to take complete control of the mind: 

"…we are all being conditioned to accept a limitation of freedom . . . I fear that, unconsciously, even if we are ready to accept this new infection which could not have harmed us before 1937. There is no such immunity in the great mass of our people and no consciousness of danger . . . One can think of many ways in which the population as a whole is being conditioned or prepared for this mental change, this loss of individuality and identity."

Not only are the mind conditioners using the techniques outlined in this booklet; they can now use what has been termed the "threshold" attack upon the human mind. For years experimental psychologists have known that both sounds and sights not consciously heard or seen can register on the subconscious part of the mind. It has already been demonstrated that people can be watching a film screen without realising that a certain slogan being regularly flashed on the screen at a speed too fast for the conscious idea to perceive, is having an impact on the subconscious mind. The slogan can only be seen if the film is shown in slow motion. One firm in England recently increased its sales of ice creams substantially in this manner. The same technique can be used with sound. The frightening possibilities of the "threshold" attack is therefore clear.
With modern centralised propaganda, it is now possible for the whole community to be attacked without realising what is happening.

There is not the slightest doubt that every effort is being made to use this technique extensively in the war for men's minds and souls. It is not surprising, therefore, that the psycho politicians express the opinion that the Communists can win their war without a major military conflict. The attack on the mind must be met, and it is certain that the Christian Churches must take a lead in meeting the attack if it is to be resisted successfully. It is certain that the Secular his State cannot meet the challenge. As was proved in the case of the Western prisoners of war taken in Korea and brain-washed by their captors, it was only those who had a strong faith in fundamental truths who came through their terrible ordeal comparatively unscathed. Every Christian should study carefully the implications of the material in this booklet and then join actively with fellow Christian patriots in fighting the war for men's minds.
Western Civilization must win this, war or go down to defeat.
ERIC D. BUTLER, Director, Victorian League of Rights, 1956.

... The end of war is the control of a conquered people. If a people can be conquered in the absence of war, the end of war will have been achieved without the destruction of war. A worthy goal. The psycho politician has his reward in the nearly unlimited control of populaces, in the uninhabited exercise of passion, and the glory of Communist conquest over the stupidity of the enemies of the People.


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