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Chapter 6 - The general subject of obedience

Obedience is the result of force.

Everywhere we look in the history of the Earth we discover that obedience to new rulers has come about entirely through the demonstration on the part of those rulers of greater force than was to be discovered in the old ruler. A population overridden, conquered by war, is obedient to its conqueror. It is obedient to its conqueror because its conqueror has exhibited more force.

Concurrent with force is brutality, for there are human considerations involved which also represent force. The most barbaric, unrestrained, brutal use of force, if carried far enough, invokes obedience. Savage force, sufficiently long displayed toward any individual, will bring about his concurrence with any principle or order.

Force is the antithesis of humanizing actions. It is so synonymous in the human mind with savageness, lawlessness, brutality, and barbarism, that it is only necessary to display an inhuman attitude toward people, to be granted by those people the possession of force.

Any organization which has the spirit and courage to display inhumanity, savageness, brutality, and an uncompromising lack of humanity, will be obeyed. Such a use of force is, itself, the essential ingredient of greatness. We have to hand no less an example to our great Communist Leaders, who, in moments of duress and trial, when faced by Czarist rule, continued over the heads of an enslaved populace, yet displayed sufficient courage never to stay their hands in the execution of the conversion of the Russian State to Communist rule.

If you would have obedience you must have no compromise with humanity. If you would have obedience you must make it clearly understood that you have no mercy. Man is an animal. He understands, in the final analysis, only those things which a brute understands.

As an example of this, we find an individual refusing to obey and being struck. His refusal to obey is now less vociferous. He is struck again, and his resistance is lessened once more. He is hammered and pounded again and again, until, at length, his only thought is direct and implicit obedience to that person from whom the force has emanated. This is a proven principle. It is proven because it is the main principle of Man, the animal, has used since his earliest beginnings. It is the only principle which has been effective, the only principle which has brought about a wide and continued belief. For it is to our benefit that an individual who is struck again, and again, and again from a certain source, will, at length, hypnotically believe anything he is told by the source of the blows.

The stupidity of Western civilizations is best demonstrated by the fact that they believe hypnotism is a thing of the mind, of attention, and a desire for unconsciousness. This is not true. Only when a person has been beaten, punished, and mercilessly hammered, can hypnotism upon him be guaranteed in its effectiveness. It is stated by Western authorities on hypnosis that only some twenty percent of the people are susceptible to hypnotism. This statement is very untrue. Given enough punishment, all of the people in any time and place are susceptible to hypnotism. In other words, by adding force, hypnotism is made uniformly effective. Where unconsciousness could not be induced by simple concentration upon the hypnotist, unconsciousness can be induced by drugs, by blows, by electric shock, and by other means. And where unconsciousness cannot be induced so as to make an implantation or an hypnotic command effective, it is only necessary to amputate the functioning portions of the animal man's brain to render him null and void and no longer a menace. Thus, we find that hypnotism is entirely effective.

The mechanisms of hypnotism demonstrate clearly that people can be made to believe in certain conditions, and even in their environments or in politics, by the administration of force. Thus, it is necessary for a psycho-politician to be an expert in the administration of forces. Thus, he can bring about implicit obedience, not only on the part of individual members of the populace, but on the entire populace itself and its government. He need only take unto himself a sufficiently savage role, a sufficiently uncompromising inhuman attitude, and he will be obeyed and believed.

The subject of hypnotism is a subject of belief. What can people be made to believe? They can be made to believe anything which is administered to them with sufficient brutality and force. The obedience of a populace is as good as they will believe.

Despicable religions, such as Christianity, knew this. They knew that if enough faith could be brought into being a populace could be enslaved by the Christian mockeries of humanity and mercy, and thus could be disarmed. But one need not count upon this act of faith to bring about a broad belief. One must only exhibit enough force, enough inhumanity, enough brutality and savageness to create implicit belief and therefore and thereby implicit obedience. As Communism is a mater of belief, its study is a study of force.

The earliest Russian psychiatrists, pioneering this science of psychiatry, understood thoroughly that hypnosis is induced by acute fear. They discovered it could also be induced by shock of an emotional nature, and also by extreme privation, as well as by blows and drugs.

In order to induce a high state of hypnosis in an individual, a group, or a population, an element of terror must always be present on the part of those who would govern. The psychiatrist is aptly suited to this role, for his brutalities are committed in the name of science and are inexplicably complex, and entirely out of the view of the human understanding. A sufficient popular terror of the psychiatrist will, in itself, bring about insanity on the part of many individuals. A psycho-political operative, then, can, entirely cloaked with authority, commence and continue a campaign of propaganda, describing various "treatments" which are administered to the insane. He can, in all of his literature and his books, list large numbers of pretended cures by these means. But these "cures" need not actually produce any recovery from a state of disturbance. As long as the psycho-political operative or his dupes are the only authorities as to the difference between sanity and insanity, their word as to the therapeutic value of such treatment will be the final word. No layman would dare adventure to place judgement upon the state of sanity of an individual who the psychiatrist has already declared insane. The individual, himself, is unable to complain, and his family, as will be covered later, is already discredited by the occurrence of insanity in their midst. There must be no other adjudicators of insanity, otherwise it could be disclosed that the brutalities practiced in the name of treatment are not therapeutic.

A psycho-political operative has no interest in "therapeutic means" or "cures." The greater number of insane in the country where he is operating, the larger number of the populace will come under his view, and the greater will become his facilities. Because the problem is apparently mounting into uncontrollable heights, he can more and more operate in an atmosphere of emergency, which again excuses his use of such treatments as electric shock, the pre-frontal lobotomy, trans-orbital leucotomy, and other operations long-since practiced in Russia on political prisoners.

It is to the interest of the psycho-political operative that the possibility of curing the insane be outlawed and ruled out at all times. For the sake of obedience on the part of the population and their general reaction, a level or brutality must, at all costs, be maintained. Only in this way can the absolute judgement of the psycho-political operative as to the sanity or insanity of public figures be maintained in complete belief. Using sufficient brutality upon their patients, the public at large will come to believe utterly anything they say about their patients. Furthermore, and much more important, the field of the mind must be sufficiently dominated by the psycho-political operative, so that whatever tenets of the mind are taught they will be hypnotically believed. The psycho-political operative, having under his control all psychology classes in an area, can thus bring about a complete reformation of the future leaders of a country in their educational processes, and so prepare them for Communism.

To be obeyed, once must be believed. If one is sufficiently believed, one will unquestioningly be obeyed.

When he is fortunate enough to obtain into his hands anyone near to a political or important figure, this factor of obedience becomes very important. A certain amount of fear or terror must be engendered in the person under treatment so that this person will then take immediate orders, completely and unquestioningly, from the psycho-political operative, and so be able to influence the actions of that person who is to be reached.

Bringing about this state of mind on the part of a population and its leaders that a psycho-political operative must, at all times, be believed could eventually be attended by very good fortune. It is not too much to hope that psycho-political operatives would then, in a country such as the United States, become the very intimate advisors to political figures, even to the point of advising the entirety of a political party as to its actions in an election.

The long view is the important view. Belief is engendered by a certain amount of fear and terror from an authoritative level, and this will be followed by obedience.

The general propaganda which would best serve psycho-politics would be a continual insistence that certain authoritative levels of healing, deemed this or that the correct treatment of insanity. These treatments must always include a certain amount of brutality. Propaganda should continue and stress the rising incidence of insanity in a country. The entire field of human behaviour, for the benefit of the country, can, at length, be broadened into abnormal behaviour. Thus, anyone indulging in any eccentricity, particularly the eccentricity of combating psycho-politics, could be silenced by the authoritative opinion on the part of a psycho-political operative that he is acting in an abnormal fashion. This, with some good fortune, could bring the person into the hands of the psycho-political operative so as to forever more disable him, or to swerve his loyalties by pain-drug hypnotism.

On the subject of obedience itself, the most optimum obedience is unthinking obedience. The command gien must be obeyed without any rationalizing on the part of the subject. The command must, therefore, be implanted below the thinking process of the subject to be influenced, and must react upon him in such a way as to bring no mental alertness on his part.

It is in the interest of psycho-politics that a population be told that an hypnotized person will not do anything against his actual will, will not commit immoral acts, and will not act so as to endanger himself. While this may be true of light, parlour hypnotism, it certainly is not true of commands implanted with the use of electric shock, drugs, or heavy punishment. It is counted upon completely that this will be discredited to the general public by psycho-political operatives, for if it were to be generally known that individuals would obey commands harmful to themselves, and would commit immoral acts while under the influence of deep hypnotic commands, the actions of many people, working unknowingly in favor of Communism, would be too-well understood. People acting under deep hypnotic commands should be acting apparently of their own volition and out of their own convictions.

The entire subject of psycho-political hypnosis, psycho-politics in general, depends for its defense upon continual protest from authoritative sources that such things are not possible. And, should anyone unmask a psycho-political operative, he should at once declare the whole thing a physical impossibility, and use his authoritative position to discount any accusation. Should any writings of psycho-politics come to view, it is only necessary to brand them a hoax and laugh them out of countenance. Thus, psycho-political activities are easy to defend.

When psycho-political activities have reached a certain peak, from there on it is almost impossible to undo them, for the population is already under the duress of obedience to the psycho-political operatives and their dupes. The ingredient of obedience is important, for the complete belief in the psycho-political operative renders this statement cancelling any challenge about psycho-political operations irrefutable. The optimum circumstances would be to occupy every position which would be consulted by officials on any question or suspicion arising on the subject of psycho-politics. Thus, a psychiatric advisor should be placed near at hand in every government operation. As all suspicions would then be referred to him, no action would ever be taken, and the goal of Communism could be realized in that nation.

psycho-politics depends, from the viewpoint of the layman, upon its fantastic aspects. These are its best defense, but above all these defenses is implicit obedience on the part of officials and the general public, because of the character of the psycho-political operative in the field of healing.

Chapter 7 - Anatomy of stimulus-response mechanisms of man

Man is a stimulus-response animal. His entire reasoning capabilities, even his ethics and morals, depends upon stimulus-response machinery. This has long been demonstrated by such Russians as Pavlov, and the principles have long been used in handling the recalcitrant, in training children, and in bringing about a state of optimum behaviour on the part of a population.

Having no independent will of his own, Man is easily handled by stimulus-response mechanisms. It is only necessary to install a stimulus into the mental anatomy of Man to have that stimulus reactivate and respond any time an exterior command source calls it into being.

The mechanisms of stimulus-response are easily understood. The body takes pictures of every action in the environment around the individual. When the environment includes brutality, terror, shock, and other such activities, the mental image picture gained, contains in itself all the ingredients of the environment. If the individual, himself, was injured during the moment, the injury, itself, will re manifest when called upon to respond by an exterior command source.

As an example of this, if an individual is beaten, and is told during the entirety of the beating that he must obey certain officials, he will, in the future, feel the beginnings of the pain the moment he begins to disobey. The installed pain, itself, reacts as a policeman, for the experience of the individual demonstrates to him that he cannot combat, and will receive pain from, certain officials.

The mind can become very complex in its stimulus responses. As easily demonstrated in hypnotism, an entire chain of commands, having to do with a great many complex actions, can be beaten, shocked, or terrorized into a mind, and will there lie dormant until called into view by some similarity in the circumstances of the environment to the incident of punishment.

The stimulus we call the "incident of punishment" where the response mechanism need only contain small part of the stimulus to call into view the mental image picture, and cause it to exert gainst the body, the pain sequence. So long as the individual obeys the picture, or follows the commands of he stimulus implantation he is free from pain.

The behaviour of children is regulated in this fashion in every civilized country. The father, finding himself unable to bring about immediate obedience and training on the part of his child, resorts to physical violence, and after administering punishment of a physical nature to the child on several occasions, is gratified to experience complete obedience on the part of the child each time the father speaks. In that parents are wont to be lenient with their children, they seldom administer sufficient punishment to bring about entirely optimum obedience. The ability of the organism to withstand punishment is very great. Complete and implicit response can be gained only by stimuli sufficiently brutal to actually injure the organism. The Kossack method of breaking wild horses is a useful example. The horse will not restrain itself or take any of its rider's commands. The rider, wishing to break it, mounts, and takes a flask of strong Vodka, and smashes it between the horse's ears. The horse, struck to its knees, its yes filled with alcohol, mistaking the dampness for blood, instantly and thereafter gives its attention to the rider and never needs further breaking. Difficulty in breaking horses is only occasioned when light punishments are administered. There is some mawkish sentimentality about "breaking the spirit," but what is desired here is an obedient horse, and sufficient brutality brings about an obedient horse.

The stimulus-response mechanisms of the body are such that the pain and the command subdivide so as to counter each other. The mental image picture of the punishment will not become effective upon the individual unless the command content is disobeyed. It is pointed out in many early Russian writings that this is a survival mechanism. It has already been well and thoroughly used in the survival of Communism.

It is only necessary to deliver into the organism a sufficient stimulus to gain an adequate response.

So long as the organism obeys the stimulus whenever it is restimulated in the future, it does not suffer from the pain of the stimulus. But should it disobey the command content of the stimulus, the stimulus reacts to punish the individual. Thus, we have an optimum circumstance, and one of the basic principles of psycho-politics. A sufficiently installed stimulus will thereafter remain as a police mechanism within the individual to cause him to follow the commands and directions given to him. Should he fail to follow these commands and directions, the stimulus mechanism will go into action. As the commands are there with the moment of duress, the commands themselves need never be repeated, and if the individual were to depart thousands of miles away from the psycho-political operative, he will still obey the psycho-political operative, or, himself, become extremely ill and in agony. These principles, built from the earliest days of Pavlov, by constant and continuous Russian development, have, at last, become of enormous use to us in our conquest. For less modern and well-informed countries of Earth, lacking this mechanism, failing to understand it, and coaxed into somnolence by our own psycho-political operatives, who discount and disclaim it, cannot avoid succumbing to it.

The body is less able to resist a stimulus if it has insufficient food and is weary. Therefore, it is necessary to administer all such stimuli to individuals when their ability to resist has been reduced by privation and exhaustion. Refusal to let them sleep over many days, denying them adequate food, then brings about an optimum state for the receipt of a stimulus. If the person is then given an electrical shock, and is told while the shock is in action that he must obey and do certain things, he has no choice but to do them, or to re-experience, because of his mental image picture of it, the electric shock. This highly scientific and intensely workable mechanism cannot be over-estimated in the practice of psycho-politics.

Drugging the individual produces an artificial exhaustion, and if he is drugged, or shocked and beaten, and given a string of commands, his loyalties, themselves, can be definitely rearranged. This is P.D.H., or Pain-Drug Hypnosis.

The psycho-political operative in training should be thoroughly studied in the subject of hypnotism and post-hypnotic suggestion. He should pay particular attention to the "forgetter mechanism" aspect of hypnotism, which is to say, implantation in the unconscious mind. He should note particularly that a person given a command in a hypnotic state, and then told when still in that condition to forget it, will execute it on a stimulus-response signal in the environment after he has "awakened" from his hypnotic trance.

Having mastered these details fully, he should, by practicing upon criminals and prisoners, or inmates available to him, produce the hypnotic trance by drugs, and drive home post-hypnotic suggestions by pain administered to the drugged person. He should then study the reactions of the person when "awakened," and should give him the stimulus-response signal which would throw into action the commands given while in a drugged state of duress. By much practice he can then learn the threshold dosages of various or additional drug shock necessary to produce the optimum obedience to the commands. He should also satisfy himself that the is no possible method known to Man -- there must be no possible method known to Man of bringing the patient to awareness of what has happened to him, keeping him in a state of obedience and response while ignorant of its cause.

Using criminals and prisoners, the psycho-political operative in training should then experiment with duress in the absence of privation, administering electric shocks, beatings, and terror-inducing tactics, accompanied by the same mechanisms as those employed in hypnotism, and watch the conduct of the person when no longer under duress.

The operative in training should carefully remark those who show a tendency to protest, so that he may recognize possible recovery of memory of the commands implanted. Purely for his own education, he should then satisfy himself as to the efficiency of brain surgery in disabling the non-responsive prisoner.

The boldness of the psycho-political operative can be increased markedly by permitting persons who have been given pain-drug hypnosis and who have demonstrated symptoms of rebelling or recalling into the society to observe how the label of "insanity" discredits and discounts the statements of the person.

Exercises in bringing about insanity seizures at will, simply by demonstrating a signal to persons upon whom pain-drug hypnosis has been used, and exercises in making the seizures come about through talking to certain persons in certain places and times should also be used.

Brain surgery, as developed in Russia, should also be practiced by the psycho-political operative in training, to give him full confidence in 1) the crudeness with which it can be done, 2) the certainty of erasure of the stimulus-response mechanism itself, 3) the production of imbecility, idiocy, and dis-coordination on the part of the patient, and 4) the small amount of comment which casualties in brain surgery occasion.

Exercises in sexual attack on patients should be practiced by the psycho-political operative to demonstrate the inability of the pain-drug hypnosis to recall the attack, while indoctrinating a lust for further sexual activity on the part of the patient. Sex, in all animals, is a powerful motivator, and is no less so in the animal Man, and the occasioning of sexual liaison between females of a target family and indicated males, under the control of the psycho-political operative, must be demonstrated to be possible with complete security for the psycho-political operative, thus giving into his hands and excellent weapon for the breaking down of familial relations and consequent public disgraces for the psycho-political target.

Just as a dog can be trained, so can a man be trained. Just as a horse can be trained, so can a man be trained. Sexual lust, masochism, and any other desirable perversion can be induced by pain-drug hypnosis and the benefit of the psycho-politics.

The changes of loyalties, allegiances, and sources of command can be occasioned easily by psycho-political technologies, and these should be practiced and understood by the psycho-political operative before he begins to tamper with psycho-political targets of magnitude.

The actual simplicity of the subject of pain-drug hypnosis, the use of electric shock, drugs, insanity-producing injections, and other material, should be masked entirely by technical nomenclature, the protest of benefit to the patient, by an authoritarian pose and position, and by carefully cultivating governmental positions in the country to be conquered.

Although the psycho-political operative working in universities where he can direct the curricula of psychology classes is often tempted to teach some of the principles of psycho-politics to the susceptible students in the psychology classes, he must be thoroughly enjoined to limit his information in psychology classes to the transmittal of the tenets of Communism under the guise of psychology, and must limit his activities in bringing about a state of mind on the part of the students where they will accept Communist tenets as those of their own action and as modern scientific principles. The psycho-political operative must not, at any time, educate students fully in stimulus-response mechanisms, and must not impart to them, save those who will become his fellow workers, the exact principles of psycho-politics. It is not necessary to do so, and it is dangerous.

Chapter 8 - Degradation, shock and endurance 

Degradation and conquest are companions.

In order to be conquered, a nation must be degraded, either by acts of war, by being overrun, by being forced into humiliating treaties of peace, or by the treatment of her populace under the armies of the conqueror. However, degradation can be accomplished much more insidiously and much more effectively by consistent and continual defamation.

Defamation is the best and foremost weapon of psycho-politics on the broad field. Continual and constant degradation of national leaders, national institutions, national practices, and national heroes must be systematically carried out, but this is the chief function of the Communist Party Members, in general, not the psycho-politician.

The realm of defamation and degradation, of the psycho-politician, is Man himself. By attacking the character and morals of Man himself, and by bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree.

There is a curve of degradation which leads downward to a point where the endurance of an individual is almost at end, and any sudden action toward him will place him in a state of shock. Similarly, a soldier held prisoner can be abused, denied, defamed, and degraded until the slightest motion on the part of his captors will cause him to flinch. Similarly, the slightest word on the part of his captors will cause him to obey, or vary his loyalties and beliefs. Given sufficient degradation, a prisoner can be caused to murder his fellow countrymen in the same stockade. Experiments on German prisoners have lately demonstrated that only after seventy days of filthy food, little sleep, and nearly untenable quarters, that the least motion toward the prisoner would bring about a state of shock beyond his endurance threshold, and would cause him to hypnotically receive anything said to him. Thus, it is possible, in an entire stockade of prisoners, to the number of thousands, to being about a state of complete servile obedience, and without the labor of personally addressing each one, to pervert their loyalties and implant in them adequate commands to insure their future conduct, even when released to their own people.

By lowering the endurance of a person, a group, or a nation, and by constant degradation and defamation, it is possible to induce, thus, a state of shock which will receive adequately any command given.

The first thing to be degraded in any nation is the state of Man, himself. Nations which have high ethical tone are difficult to conquer. Their loyalties are hard to shake, their allegiance to their leaders is fanatical, and what they usually call their spiritual integrity cannot be violated by duress. It is not efficient to attack a nation in such a frame of mind. It is the basic purpose of psycho-politics to reduce that state of mind to a point where it can be ordered and enslaved. Thus, the first target is Man, himself. He must be degraded from a spiritual being to an animalistic reaction pattern. He must think of himself as an animal, capable only of animalistic reactions. He must no longer think of himself, or of his fellows, as capable of "spiritual endurance," or nobility.

The best approach toward degradation in its first stages is the propaganda of "scientific approach" to Man. Man must be consistently demonstrated to be a mechanism without individuality, and it must be educated into a populace under attack that Man's individualistic reactions are the product of mental derangement. The populace must be brought into the belief that every individual within it who rebels in any way, shape, or form against the efforts and activities to enslave the whole, must be considered to be a deranged person whose eccentricities are neurotic and insane, and who must have at once the treatment of a psycho-politician.

An optimum condition in such a program of degradation would address itself to the military forces of the nation, and bring them rapidly away from any other belief than the disobedient one must be subjected to "mental treatment." An enslavement of a population can fail only if these rebellious individuals are left to exert their individual influences upon their fellow citizens, sparking them into rebellion, calling into account their nobilities and freedoms. Unless these restless individuals are stamped out and given into the hands of psycho-political operatives early in the conquest, there will be nothing but trouble as the conquest continues.

The officials of the government, students, readers, partakers of entertainment, must all be indoctrinated, by whatever means, into the complete belief that the restless, the ambitions, the natural leaders, are suffering from environmental maladjustments, which can only be healed by recourse to psycho-political operatives in the guise of mental healers.

By thus degrading the general belief in the status of Man it is relatively simple, with co-operation from the economic salients being driven into the country, to drive citizens apart, one from another, to bring about a question of the wisdom of their own government, and to cause them to actively beg for enslavement.

The educational programs of psycho-politics must, at every hand, seek out the levels of youth who will become the leaders in the country's future, and educate them into the belief of the animalistic nature of Man. This must be made fashionable. They must be taught to frown upon ideas, upon individual endeavor. They must be taught, above all things, that the salvation of Man is to be found only by his adjusting thoroughly to this environment.

This educational program in the field of psycho-politics, can best be followed by bringing about a compulsory training in some subject such as psychology or other mental practice, and ascertaining that each broad program of psycho-political training be supervised by a psychiatrist who is a trained psycho-political operative.

As it seems in foreign nations that the church is the most ennobling influence, each and every branch and activity of each and every church, must, one way or another, be discredited. Religion must become unfashionable by demonstrating broadly, through psycho-political indoctrination, that the soul is non-existent, and that Man is an animal. The lying mechanisms of Christianity lead men to foolishly brave deeds. By teaching them that there is a life here-after, the liability of courageous acts, while living, is thus lessened. The liability of any act must be markedly increased if a populace is to be obedient. Thus, there must be no standing belief in the church, and the power of the church must be denied at every hand.

The psycho-political operative, in his program of degradation, should at all times bring into question any family which is deeply religious, and, should any neurosis or insanity be occasioned in that family, to blame and hold responsible their religious connections for the neurotic or psychotic condition. Religion must be made synonymous with neurosis and psychosis. People who are deeply religious would be less and less held responsible for their own sanity, and should more and more be relegated to the ministrations of psycho-political operatives.

By perverting the institutions of a nation and bringing about a general degradation, by interfering with the economics of a nation to the degree that privation and depression come about, only minor shocks will be necessary to produce, on the populace as a whole, an obedient reaction or an hysteria. Thus, the mere threat of war, the mere threat of aviation bombings, could cause the population to sue instantly for peace. It is a long and arduous road for the psycho-political operative to achieve this state of mind on the part of the whole nation, but no more than twenty or thirty years should be necessary in the entire program. Having to hand, as we do, weapons with which to accomplish the goal.

Chapter 9 - The organisation of mental health campaigns 

psycho-political operatives should at all times be alert to the opportunity to organize "for the betterment of the community" mental health clubs or groups. By thus inviting the co-operation of the population as a whole in mental health programs, the terrors of mental aberration can be disseminated throughout the populace. Furthermore, each one of these mental health groups, properly guided, can bring, at last, legislative pressure against the government to secure adequately the position of the psycho-political operative, and to obtain for him government grants and facilities, thus bringing a government to finance its own downfall.

Mental health organizations must carefully delete from their ranks anyone actually proficient in the handling or treatment of mental health. Thus must be excluded priests, ministers, actually trained psychoanalysts, good hypnotists, or trained Dianeticists. These, with some cognizance on the subject of mental aberration and its treatment, and with some experience in observing the mentally deranged, if allowed frequency within institutions, and if permitted to receive literature, would, sooner or later, become suspicious of the activities engaged upon by the psycho-political operative. These must be defamed and excluded as "untrained," "unskillful," "quacks," or "perpetrators of hoaxes."

No mental health movement with actual goals of mental therapy should be continued in existence in any nation. For instance, the use of Chinese acupuncture in the treatment of mental and physical derangement must, in China, be stamped out and discredited thoroughly, as it has some efficacy, and, more importantly, its practitioners understand, through long conversation with it, many of the principles of actual mental health and aberration.

In the field of mental health, the psycho-politician must occupy, and continue to occupy, through various arguments, the authoritative position on the subject. There is always the danger that problems of mental health may be resolved by some individual or group, which might then derange the program of the psycho-political operative in his mental health clubs.

City officials, socialites, and other unknowing individuals, on the subject of mental health, should be invited to full co-operation in the activity of mental health groups. But the entirety of this activity should be to finance better facilities for the psycho-political practitioner. To these groups it must be continually stressed that the entire subject of mental illness is so complex that none of them, certainly, could understand any part of it. Thus, the club should be kept on a social and financial level.

Where groups interested in the health of the community have already been formed, they should be infiltrated and taken over, and if this is not possible, they should be discredited and debarred, and the officialdom of the area should be invited to stamp them out as dangerous.

When a hostile group dedicated to mental health is discovered, the psycho-politician should have recourse to the mechanisms of peyote, mescaline, and later drugs which cause temporary insanity. He should send persons, preferably those well under his control, into the mental health group, whether Christian Science or Dianetics or faith preachers to demonstrate their abilities upon this new person. These, in demonstrating their abilities, will usually act with enthusiasm. Midway in the course of their treatment, a quiet injection of peyote, mescaline, or other drug, or an electric shock, will produce the symptoms of insanity in the patient which has been sent to the target group. The patient thus demonstrating momentary insanity should be immediately be reported to the police and taken away to some area of incarceration managed by psycho-political operatives, and so placed out of site. Officialdom will thus come into a belief that this group drives individuals insane by their practices, and the practices of the group will them be despised and prohibited by law.

The values of a widespread mental health organization are manifest when one realizes that any government can be forced to provide facilities for psycho-political operatives in the form of psychiatric wards in all hospitals, in national institutions totally in the hands of psycho-political operatives, and in the establishment of clinics where youth can be contacted and arranged more seemingly to the purposes of psycho-politics.

Such groups form a political force, which can then legalize any law or authority desired for the psycho-political operative.

The securing of authority over such mental health organizations is done mainly be appeal to education. A psycho-political operative should make sure that those psychiatrists he controls, those psychologists whom he has under his orders, have been trained for an excessively long period of time. The longer the training period which can be required, the safer the psycho-political program, since no new group of practitioners can arise to disclose and dismay psycho-political programs. Furthermore, the groups themselves cannot hope to obtain any full knowledge of the subject, not having behind them many, many years of intensive training.

Vienna has been carefully maintained by psycho-politics, since it was the home of Psychoanalysis. Although our activities have long been dispersed any of the gains made by Freudian groups, and have taken over these groups, the proximity of Vienna to Russia, where psycho-politics is operating abroad, and the necessity "for further study" by psycho-political operatives in the birth-place of Psychoanalysis, makes periodic contacts with headquarters possible. Thus the word "psychoanalysis" must be stressed at all times, and must be pretended to be a thorough part of the psychiatrist's training.

Psychoanalysis has the very valuable possession of a vocabulary, and a workability which is sufficiently poor to avoid recovery of psycho-political implantations. It can be made fashionable throughout mental health organizations, and by learning its patter, and by believing they see some of its phenomena, the members of mental health groups can believe themselves conversant with mental health. Because its stress is sex, it is, itself, adequate defamation of character, and serves the purposes of degradation well. Thus, in organizing mental health groups, the literature furnished such groups should be psychoanalytical in nature.

If a group of persons interested in suppressing juvenile delinquency, in caring for the insane, and the promotion of psycho-political operatives and their actions can be formed in every major city of a country under conquest, the success of a psycho-political program is assured, since these groups seem to represent a large segment of the population. By releasing continuing propaganda on the subject of dope addiction, homosexuality, and depraved conduct on the part of the young, even the judges of a country can become suborned into reacting violently against the youth of the country, thus mis-aligning and aligning the support of youth.

The communication lines of psycho-politics, if such mental health organizations can be well established, can thus run from its most prominent citizens to its government. It is not too much to hope that the influence of such groups could bring about a psychiatric ward in every hospital in the land, and psychiatrists in every company and regiment of the nation's army, and whole government institutes manned entirely by psycho-political operatives, into which ailing government officials could be placed, to the advantage of the psycho-politician.

If a psychiatric ward could be established in every hospital in every city of a nation, it is certain that, at one time or another, every prominent citizen of that nation could come under the ministrations of psycho-political operatives or their dupes.

The validation of psychiatric position in the armed forces and security-minded institutions of the nation under conquest could bring about a flow and fund of information unlike any other program which could be conceived. If every pilot who flies a new plane could come under the questioning of a psycho-political operative, if the compiler of every military action could thus come under the review of psycho-political operatives, the simplicity with which information can be extracted by the use of certain drugs, without the after-knowledge of the soldier, would entirely cripple any over action toward Communism. If the nation could be educated into turning over to psycho-political operatives ever recalcitrant or rebellious soldier, it would lose its best fighters. Thus, the advantage of mental health organizations can be seen, for these, by exerting an apparent public pressure against the government, can achieve these ends and goals.

The financing of a psycho-political operation is difficult unless it is done by the citizens and government. Although vast sums of money can be obtained from private patients, and from relatives who wish persons put away, it is, nevertheless, difficult to obtain millions, unless the government itself is co-operating. The co-operation of the government to obtain these vast sums of money is best obtained by the organization of mental health groups composed of leading citizens, and who bring their lobbying abilities to bear against the nation's government. Thus can be financed many programs, which might otherwise have to be laid aside by the psycho-politician.

The psycho-political operative should bend consistent and continual effort toward forming and continuing in action innumerable mental health groups.

The psycho-political operative should also spare no expense in smashing out of existence, by whatever means, any actual healing group, such as that of acupuncture, in China; such as Christian Science, Dianetics and faith healing, in the United States; such as Catholicism in Italy and Spain; and the practical psychological groups of England.  [ see Scientology DDT'd ]

Chapter 10 - Conduct under fire 

The psycho-politician may well find himself under attack as an individual or a member of a group. He may be attacked as a Communist, through some leak in the organization, he may be attacked for malpractice. He may be attacked by the families of people whom he has injured. In all cases his conduct of the situation should be calm and aloof. He should have behind him the authority of many years of training, and he should have participated fully in the building of defense in field of insanity which give him the only statement as to the conditions of the mind.

If he has not done his work well, hostile feeling groups may expose an individual psycho-politician. These may call into question the efficacy of psychiatric treatment such as shock, drugs, and brain surgery. Therefore, the psycho-political operative must have to hand innumerable documents which assert enormously encouraging figures on the subject of recovery by reason of shock, brain surgery, drugs and general treatment. Not one of these cases cited need be real, but they should be documented and printed in such a fashion as to form excellent court evidence.

When his allegiance is attacked, the psycho-political operative should explain his connection with Vienna on the grounds that Vienna is the place of study for all important matters of the mind.

More importantly, he should rule into scorn, by reason of his authority, the sanity of the person attacking him, and if the psycho-political archives of the country are adequate many defamatory data can be unearthed and presented as a rebuttal.

Should anyone attempt to expose psychotherapy as a psycho-political activity, the best defense is calling into question the sanity of the attacker. The next best defense is authority. The next best defense is a validation of psychiatric practices in terms of long and impressive figures. The next best defense is the actual removal of the attacker by giving him, or them, treatment sufficient to bring about a period of insanity for the duration of the trial. This, more than anything else, would discredit them, but it is dangerous to practice this, in the extreme.

psycho-politics should avoid murder and violence, unless it is done in the safety of the institution, on persons who have been proven to be insane. Where institution deaths appear to be unnecessary, or to rise in "unreasonable number," political capital might be made of this by city officials or legislature. If the psycho-political operative has, himself, or if his group has done a thorough job, defamatory data concerning the person, or connections, of the would-be attacker should be on file, should be documented, and should be used in such a way as to discourage the inquiry.

After a period of indoctrination, a country will expect insanity to be met by psycho-political violence. psycho-political activities should become the only recognized treatment for insanity. Indeed, this can be extended to such a length that it could be made illegal for electric shock and brain surgery to be omitted in the treatment of a patient.

In order to defend psycho-political activities, a great complexity should be made of psychiatric, psychoanalytical, and psychological technology. Any hearing should be burdened by terminology too difficult to be transcribed easily. A great deal should be made out of such terms as schizophrenia, paranoia, and other relatively undefinable states.

psycho-political tests need not necessarily be in agreement, one to another, where they are available to the public. Various types of insanity should be characterized by difficult terms. The actual state should be made obscure, but by this verbiage it can be built into the court or investigating mind that a scientific approach exists and that it is too complex for him to understand. It is not to be imagined that a judge or a committee of investigation should inquire too deeply into the subject of insanity, since they, themselves, part of the indoctrinated masses, are already intimidated if the psycho-political activity has caused itself to be well-documented in terms of horror in magazines.

In case of a hearing or trial, the terribleness of insanity itself, its threat to the society, should be exaggerated until the court or committee believes that the psycho-political operative is vitally necessary in his post and should not be harassed for the activities of persons who are irrational.

An immediate attack upon the sanity of the attacker before any possible hearing can take place is the very best defense. It should become well-known that "only the insane attack psychiatrists." The by-word should be built into the society that paranoia is a condition "in which the individual believes he is being attacked by Communists." It will be found that this defense is effective.

Part of the effective defenses should include the entire lack in the society of any real psychotherapy. This must be systematically stamped out, since a real psychotherapy might possibly uncover the results of psycho-political activities.

Jurisprudence, in a Capitalistic nation, is of such clumsiness that cases are invariably tried in their newspapers. We have handled these things much better in Russia, and have uniformly brought people to trial with full confessions already arrived at (being implanted) before the trial took place.

Should any whisper, or pamphlet, against psycho-political activities be published, it should be laughed into scorn, branded an immediate hoax, and its perpetrator or publisher should be, at the first opportunity, branded as insane and by the use of drugs the insanity should be confirmed.

Chapter 11 - The use of psycho politics in spreading communism

Reactionary nations are of such a composition that they attack a word without understanding of it. As the conquest of a nation by Communism depends upon imbuing its population with communistic tenets, it is not necessary that the term "Communism" be applied at first to the educative measures employed.

As an example, in the United States we have been able to alter the works of William James, and others, into a more acceptable pattern, and to place the tenets of Karl Marx, Pavlov, Lamarck, and the data of Dialectic Materialism into the textbooks of psychology, to such a degree that anyone thoroughly studying psychology becomes at once a candidate to accept the reasonableness of Communism.

As every chair of psychology in the United States is occupied by persons in our connection, the consistent employment of such texts is guaranteed. They are given the authoritative ring, and they are carefully taught.

Constant pressure in the legislatures of the United States can bring about legislation to the effect that every student attending a high school or university must have classes in psychology.

Educating broadly the educated strata of the populace into the tenets of Communism is thus rendered relatively easy, and when the choice is given them whether to continue in a Capitalistic or a Communistic condition, they will see, suddenly, in Communism, much more reasonability than in Capitalism, which will now be of our own definition.

Chapter 12 - Violent remedies 

As a populace, in general, understand that a violence is necessary in the handling of the insane, violent remedies seem to be reasonable. Starting from a relatively low level of violence, such as strait-jackets and other restraints, it is relatively easy to encroach upon the public diffidence for violence by adding more and more cruelty into the treatment of the insane.

By increasing the brutality of "treatment," the public acceptance of such treatment will be assisted, and the protest of the individual to whom the treatment is given is impossible, since immediately after the treatment he is incapable. The family of the individual under treatment is suspect for having had in its midst, already, an insane person. The family's protest should be discredited.

The more violent the treatment, the more command value the psycho-political operative will accumulate. Brain operations should become standard and commonplace. While the figures of actual deaths should be repressed wherever possible, nevertheless, it is of no great concern to the psycho-political operative that many deaths do occur.

Gradually, the public should be educated into electric shock, first by believing that it is very therapeutic, then by believing that it is quieting, then by being informed that electric shock usually injures the spine and teeth, and finally, that it very often kills or at least breaks the spine and removes, violently, the teeth of the patient. It is very doubtful if anyone from the lay levels of the public could tolerate the observation of a single electric shock treatment. Certainly they could not tolerate witnessing a prefrontal lobotomy or trans-orbital leucotomy. However, they should be brought up to a level where this is possible, where it is the expected treatment, and where the details, of the treatment itself can be made known, thus to the increase of psycho-political prestige.

The more violent the treatment, the more hopeless insanity will seem to be.

The society should be worked up to the level where every recalcitrant young man can be brought into court and assigned to a psycho-political operative, be given electric shocks, and reduced into unimaginative docility for the remainder of his days.

By continuous and increasing advertising of the violence of treatment, the public will at last come to tolerate the creation of zombie conditions to such a degree that they will probably employ zombies, if given to them. Thus a large strata of the society, particularly that which was rebellious, can be reduced to the service of the psycho-politician.

By various means, a public must be convinced, at least, that insanity can only be met by shock, torture, deprivation, defamation, discrediting, violence, maiming, death, punishment in all its forms. The society, at the same time, must be educated into the belief of increasing insanity within its ranks. This creates an emergency, and places the psycho-politician in a saviour role, and places him, at length, in charge of the society.

Chapter 13 - The recruiting of psycho political dupes 

The psycho-political dupe is a well-trained individual who serves in complete obedience to the psycho-political operative.

In that nearly all persons in training are expected to undergo a certain amount of treatment in any field of the mind, it is not too difficult to persuade persons in the field of mental healing to subject themselves to mild or minor drugs or shock. If this can be done, a psychological dupe on the basis of pain-drug hypnosis can immediately result.

Recruitment into the ranks of "mental healing" can best be done by carefully bringing to it only those healing students who are, to some slight degree, already depraved, or who have been "treated" by psycho-political operatives.

Recruitment is effected by making the field of mental healing very attractive, financially, and sexually.

The amount of promiscuity which can be induced in mental patients can work definitely to the advantage of the psycho-political recruiting agent. The dupe can thus be induced into many lurid sexual contacts, and these, properly witnessed, can thereafter be used as blackmail material to assist any failure of pain-drug hypnosis in causing him to execute orders.

The promise of unlimited sexual opportunities, the promise of complete dominion over the bodies and minds of helpless patients, the promise of having lawlessness without detection, can thus attract to "mental healing" many desirable recruits who will willingly fall in line with psycho-political activities.

In that the psycho-politician has under his control the insane of the nation, most of them have criminal tendencies, and as he can, as his movement goes forward, recruit for his ranks the criminals themselves, he has unlimited numbers of human beings to employ on whatever projects he may see fit. In that the insane will execute destructive projects without question, if given the proper amount of punishment and implantation, the degradation of the country's youth, the defamation of its leaders, the suborning of its courts becomes childishly easy.

The psycho-politician has the advantage of naming as a delusory symptom any attempt on the part of the patient to expose commands.

The psycho-politician should carefully adhere to institutions and should eschew practice whenever possible, since this gives him the greatest number of human beings to control to the use of Communism. When he does act in private practice, it should be only in contact with the families of the wealthy and the officials of the country.

Chapter 14 - The smashing of religious groups

You must know that until recent times the complete subject of mental derangement, whether so light as simple worry or so heavy as insanity, was the sphere of activity of the church and only the church.

Traditionally in civilized nations and barbaric ones the priesthood alone had in complete charge the mental conditions of the citizen. As a matter of great concern to the psycho-politician this tendency still exists in every public in the Western World and scientific inroads into this sphere has occurred only in official and never in public quarters.

The magnificent tool welded for us by Wundt would be as nothing if it were not for official insistence in civilized countries that "scientific practices" be applied to the problem of the mind. Without this official insistence or even if it relapsed for a moment, the masses would grasp stupidly for the priest, the minister, and the clergy when mental condition came in question. Today in Europe and America "scientific practices" in the field of the mind would not last moments if not enforced entirely by officialdom.

It must be carefully hidden that the incidence of insanity has increased only since these "scientific practices" were applied. Great remarks must be made of the "the pace of modern living" and other myths as the cause of the increased neurosis in the world. It is nothing to us what causes it if anything does. It is everything to us that no evidence of any kind shall be tolerated afoot to permit the public tendency toward the church its way. If given their heads, if left to themselves to decide, independent of officialdom, where they would place their deranged loved ones the public would choose religious sanitariums and would avoid as if plagued places where "scientific practices" prevail.

Given any slightest encouragement, public support would swing on an instant all mental healing into the hands of the churches. And there are Churches waiting to receive it, clever churches. That terrible monster, the Roman Catholic Church, still dominates mental healing heavily throughout the Christian world and their well schooled priests are always at work to turn the public their way. Among Fundamentalist and Pentecostal groups, healing campaigns are conducted, which, because of their results, win many to the cult of Christianity. In the field of pure healing the Church of Christ Science of Boston, Massachusetts excels in commanding the public favor and operates many sanitariums. All of these must be swept aside. They must be ridiculed and defamed and every cure they advertise must be asserted a hoax. A full fifth of a psycho-politician's time should be devoted to smashing these threats. Just as in Russian we had to destroy, after many, many years of most arduous work, the Church, so we must destroy all faiths in nations marked for conquest.

Insanity must be made to hound the footsteps of every priest and practitioner. His best results must be turned to jabbering insanities no matter what means we have to use.

You need not care what effect you have upon the public. The effect you care about is the one upon officials. You must recruit every agency of the nation marked for slaughter into a foaming hatred of religious healing. You must suborn district attorneys and judges into an intense belief as fervent as an ancient faith in God that Christian Science or any other religious practice which might devote itself to mental healing is vicious, bad, insanity-causing, publicly hated and intolerable.

You must suborne and recruit any medical healing organization into collusion in this campaign. You must appeal to their avarice and even their humanity to invite their co-operation in smashing all religious healing and thus, to our end, care of the insane. You must see that such societies have only qualified Communist-indoctrinees as their advisors in this matter. For you can use such societies. They are stupid and stampede easily. Their cloak and degrees can be used quite well to mask any operation we care to have masked. We must make them partners in our endeavor so that they will never be able to crawl from beneath our thumb and discredit us.

We have battled in America since the century's turn to bring to nothing any and all Christian influences and we are succeeding. While we today seem to be kind to the Christian, remember, we have yet to influence the "Christian world" to our ends. When that is done we shall have an end of them everywhere. You may see them here in Russia as trained apes. They do not know their tether is long only until the apes in other lands have become unwary.

You must work until "religion" is synonymous with "insanity."" You must work until the officials of city, county and state governments will not think twice before they pounce upon religious groups as public enemies.

Remember, all lands are governed by the few and only pretend to consult with the many. It is no different in America. The petty official, the maker of laws alike can be made to believe the worst. It is not necessary to convince the masses. It is only necessary to work incessantly upon the official, using personal defamations, wild lies, false evidences and constant propaganda to make him fight for you against the church or against any practitioner.

Like the official, the bona-fide medical healer also believes the worst if it can be shown to him as dangerous competition. And like the Christian, should he seek to take from us any right we have gained, we shall finish him as well.

We must be like the vine upon the tree. We use the tree to climb and then, strangling it, grow into power on the nourishment of its flesh.

We must strike from our path any opposition. We must use for our tools any authority that comes to hand. And then at last, the decades sped, we can dispense with all authority save our own and triumph the greater glory of the Party.

Chapter 15 - Proposals which must be avoided 

There are certain damaging movements which could interrupt the psycho-political conquest. These coming from some quarters of the country, might gain headway and should be spotted before they do, and stamped out.

Proposals may be made by large and powerful groups in the country to return the insane to the care of those who have handled mental healing for tribes and populace for centuries--the priest. Any movement to place clergymen in charge of institutions should be fought on the grounds of incompetence and the insanity brought about by religion. The most destructive thing which could happen to a psycho-political program would be the investment of the ministry with the care of the nation's insane.

If mental hospitals operated by religious groups are in existence, they must be discredited and closed, no matter what the cost, for it might occur that the actual figures of recovery in such institutions would become known, and that the lack of recovery in general institutions might be compared to them, and this might lead to a movement to place the clergy in charge of the insane. Every argument must be advanced early, to overcome any possibility of this ever occurring.

A country's law must carefully be made to avoid any rights of person to the insane. Any suggested laws or Constitutional Amendments which make the harming of the insane unlawful, should be fought to the extreme, on the grounds that only violent measures can succeed. If the law were to protect the insane, as it normally does not, the entire psycho-political program would very possibly collapse.

Any movements to increase or place under surveillance the orders required to hospitalize the mentally ill should be discouraged. This should be left entirely in the hands of persons well under the control of psycho-political operatives. It should be done with minimum formality, and no recovery of the insane from an institution should be possible by any process of law. Thus, any movement to add to the legal steps of the processes of commitment and release should be discouraged on the grounds of emergency. To obviate this, the best action is to place a psychiatric and detention ward for the mentally ill in every hospital in a land.

Any writings of a psycho-political nature, accidentally disclosing themselves, should be prevented. All actual literature on the subject of insanity and its treatment should be suppressed, first by actual security, and second by complex verbage which renders it incomprehensible. The actual figures of recovery or death should never be announced in any papers. Any investigation attempting to discover whether or not psychiatry or psychology has ever cured anyone should be immediately discouraged and laughed to scorn, and should mobilize at the point all psycho-political operatives. At first, it should be ignored, but if this is not possible, the entire weight of all psycho-politicians in the nation should be pressed into service. Any tactic possible should be employed to prevent this from occurring. To rebut it, technical appearing papers should exist as to the tremendous number of cures effected by psychiatry and psychology, and whenever possible, percentages of cures, no matter how fictitious, should be worked into legislative papers, thus forming a background of "evidence" which would immediately rebut any effort to actually discover anyone who had ever been helped by psychiatry or psychology.

If the Communistic connections of an psycho-politician should become disclosed, it should be attributed to his own carelessness, and he should, himself, be immediately branded as eccentric within his own profession.

Authors of literature which seek to demonstrate the picture of a society under complete mental control and duress should be helped toward infamy or suicide to discredit their works.

Any legislation liberalizing any healing practice should be immediately fought and defeated. All healing practices should gravitate entirely to authoritative levels, and no other opinions should be admitted, as these might lead to exposure.

Movements to improve youth should be invaded and corrupted, as this might interrupt campaigns to produce in youth delinquency, addiction, drunkenness, and sexual promiscuity.

Communist workers in the field of newspapers and radio should be protected wherever possible by striking out of action, through psycho-politics, any persons consistently attacking them. These, in their turn, should be persuaded to give every possible publicity to the benefits of psycho-political activities under the heading of "science."

No healing group devoted to the mind must be allowed to exist within the borders of Russia or its satellites. Only well-vouched-for psycho-political operatives can be continued in their practice, and this only for the benefit of the government or against enemy prisoners.

Any effort to exclude psychiatrists or psychologists from the armed services must be fought.

Any inquest into the "suicide" or sudden mental derangement of any political leader in a nation must be conducted only by psycho-political operatives or their dupes, whether psycho-politics is responsible or not.

Death and violence against persons attacking Communism in a nation should be eschewed as forbidden. Violent activity against such persons might bring about their martyrdom. Defamation, and the accusation of insanity, alone should be employed, and they should be brought at last under the ministrations of psycho-political operatives, such as psychiatrists and controlled psychologists. 

Chapter 16 - In summary

In this time of unlimited weapons, and in national antagonisms, where atomic war with Capitalistic powers is possible, psycho-politics must act efficiently as never before.

Any and all programs of psycho-politics must be increased to aid and abet the activities of other Communist agents throughout the nation in question.

The failure of psycho-politics might well bring about the atomic bombing of the Motherland.

If psycho-politics succeeds in its mission throughout the Capitalistic nations of the world, there will never be an atomic war, for Russia will have subjugated all of her enemies.

Communism has already spread across one-sixth of the inhabited world. Marxist Doctrines have already penetrated the remainder. An extension of the Communist social order is everywhere victorious. The spread of Communism has never been by force of battle, but by conquest of the mind. In psycho-politics we have refined this conquest to its last degree.

The psycho-political operative must succeed, for his success means a world of Peace. His failure might well mean the destruction of the civilized portions of Earth by atomic power in the hands of Capitalistic madmen.

The end thoroughly justifies the means. The degradation of populace is less inhuman than their destruction by atomic fission, for to an animal who lives only once, any life is sweeter than death.

The end of war is the control of a conquered people. If a people can be conquered in the absence of war, the end of war will have been achieved without the destruction of war. A worth goal.

The psycho-politician has his reward in the nearly unlimited control of populace, in the uninhibited exercise of passion, and the glory of Communist conquest over the stupidity of the enemies of the People.