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There have been many books written on why you don't know about the 50 best treatment plans for cancer,

The reason you don't know about any of these scores of books is because they don't get any publicity in the media. When a book comes out that makes orthodox medicine look good, it is likely to get lots of free publicity in the media. But not the books that support alternative medicine and certainly not the books that expose the corruption in Big Pharma and its puppets.

World Without Cancer 
by G. Edward Griffin

The Healing of Cancer 
by Barry Lynes

The Assault on Medical Freedom 
by P. Joseph Lisa

The Politics of Cancer Revisited 
by Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.

Rockefeller Medicine Men - Medicine and Capitalism in America 
by E. Richard Brown

Unhealthy Charities - Hazardous To Your Health and Wealth
by James T. Bennett and Thomas J. DiLorenzo,

and many, many others.

Health Betrayal: Staying away from the sickness industry. 
by Eve Hillary NEW Release
Eve documents the inside story on the causes of chronic illness and emerging epidemics: From the factory farms that churn out sick and toxic animals to gene pollution in the food chain caused by genetically engineered plants and animals. She unmasks how corporations manipulate government regulators, and how the media manufactures consent and suppresses the facts. Eve reveals the truth about science-for-hire and how the sickness industry continues to create illness for profit. There is essential health care information included on how to get healthy and stay that way.

Children of a toxic harvest

by Eve Hillary

The true and gripping story of Eve Hillary and her children whose lives are devastated by acute environmental illnesses.
She and her then husband ran a 2000-hectare cattle and sheep property and horse stud in NSW in the 1980s, during which time she and her family were afflicted with severe environmental illness. She is now a prolific author, speaker and activist who is planning a Health Sanctuary.
Publisher: Synergy Books pp 176

Retail Incl. GST $25.00  Autographed on Request. ISBN 0-9577-2840-9




Vaccinations / inoculations 

Vaccinations linked to encephalitis, anti-social behaviour and violent crime.

Vaccination and Social Violence - By Harris L. Coulter PhD - Author of Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality, Coulter develops the thesis that the "sociopathic personality" which has emerged on a mass scale in recent decades - and which is responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime and social violence - is causally linked to the childhood vaccination programs. In other words, vaccination causes encephalitis which in turn leads to these post-encephalitic states and conditions.

Vaccination and Violent Crime - By Harris L. Coulter PhD - Hard-core criminals have very high incidences (much higher than the population at large) of: seizure disorders, dyslexia and hyperactivity, low IQ and mental retardation, autistic features, allergies, tendencies to alcoholism and drug abuse, etc. Research indicates that all of these conditions are recognisable as the long-term effects of encephalitis.

How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds - By Alternative Health E-Mall - Into every compulsory immunization law in America are written legal exceptions and waivers which are there specifically to protect you from the attempted tyranny of officialdom.

See vaccination link for further information.


Educational Materials Available From CAFMR
(Campaign against fraudulent medical research - Australia)

Slaughter of the Innocent
by Hans Ruesch. 

Latest issue in 1991 by CIVITAS. Presents massive and impressive evidence of the counter-productivity and fraud of animal experimentation and the inevitable damage to human health resulting from the application of information obtained from this pseudo-scientific sham. SLAUGHTER originally appeared in 1976, in Europe's largest publishing empire, Italy's Rizzoli, then as a Bantam Book Original, America's biggest publisher. After the unprecedented sensation it caused, the publishers dropped the book which then had to be reissued under the author's own imprint. SLAUGHTER and its sequel, NAKED EMPRESS, have spawned a strong world-wide movement against vivisection on scientific and medical grounds. Foreword by Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD., famed medical columnist and author of CONFESSIONS OF A MEDICAL HERETIC, describes SLAUGHTER as "Comprehensive and carefully documented, objective, yet emotionally compelling... All of us, including future generations, are in his debt." Paperback, 446 pages.
Price: $A13.95

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Naked Empress or The Great Medical Fraud
by Hans Ruesch

Following up his sensational SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT, this new exposť of Hans Ruesch shows how with the help of press agentry and the venality of most of the mass media the public has been brainwashed into equating MEDICAL CARE with HEALTH, whereas in fact exactly the opposite applies: modern medicine has become the principal cause of disease today.

So in one year 1.5 million Americans had to be hospitalised as a consequence of the intake of drugs that were supposed to "cure" them of one thing or other. Another case in point is cancer. The ably exploited fear of this dread disease, caused for the most part by products issuing from chemical, industrial and pharmaceutical laboratories, has become a solid gold source for researchers, drug manufacturers and doctors, who keep foisting their deleterious cut-burn-poison therapies on the frightened patients, most of whom die from the treatment before the cancer can kill them.

Since the cause of most cancers is well-known, they could be avoided through prevention, which early education should provide. And yet, practically no public funds go into prevention because there is no money to be gained with it - only health. The big money is all in the pseudo "Research," done on millions of animals, which can only give fallacious answers, and in the treatment of the patients with violent, destructive, but immensely lucrative therapies imposed by official medicine.

Certified reports of cancers completely cured by "soft", drugless treatments, usually based on natural diets, mostly various raw foods, have been piling up both in Europe and the USA. But all the competent and honest doctors who threaten the profits of the lucrative medical trade with inexpensive therapies are being viciously attacked, vilified as "quacks and charlatans," sometimes even barred from the profession, by the quacks and charlatans who make up the profit-oriented Medical Power.

Animal experimentation, inevitably misleading, is of course the alibi that has been devised by this organisation for extorting huge grants for a phoney Research, and to safeguard the drug manufacturers from criminal prosecution whenever the deleterious effects of one more of their noxious products can no longer be concealed. Then they can always say "all the prescribed tests" (on animals) had been conscientiously undertaken. But not saying that they themselves, in collusion with the Health agencies and corrupt or misled politicos, have imposed those tests.

Not more chemicals, but fewer chemicals, not an increase of drugs, but a drastic reduction of drugs, and not a multiplication of animal experiments, but a total abolition of all such "alibi" experiments, are the inescapable premise for a betterment of living conditions and an improvement of public health. The present book brings ample proof of this, besides unearthing some information that many powerful individuals in America and abroad would prefer to keep buried forever.

"Hans Ruesch has done a painstaking job of research and has compiled the most serious indictment against the world-wide Chemo-Medical Syndicate ever before published." (THE NATIONAL HUMANITARIAN, Phoenix, Arizona.)

Softcover, 260 pages. Temporarily unavailable from CAFMR. Purchase from CIVIS or SUPRESS
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WORLD WITHOUT CANCER (first published 1974, latest edition 1996) is a book about the story of Laetrile, commonly called vitamin B17. Separated in two parts, WORLD WITHOUT CANCER firstly explores the remarkable success of Laetrile in treating cancer victims; and more importantly, the second part describes the politics of cancer therapy in which Griffin blows the lid off an all-powerful international chemical and drug cartel that has dominated the direction of health care since early this century. Not only has the Rockefeller-Farben combine been instrumental in fostering chemical-based drug treatment as the basis for health care, they have been the dominant adversary against safer non-drug treatments.

Griffin's interest in the subject was aroused back in 1971 when his friend Dr John Richardson presented him with his findings on a control for cancer. The physician had stumbled across a revolutionary concept of cancer and a means of treating cancer. Using a safe natural substance called Laetrile, Dr Richardson had been able to successfully treat terminal cancer patients. However, the physician's "unorthodox" approach was fiercely opposed by other members of the medical profession including the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, and doctors on the staff of the hospital where he practiced. He was labelled a "quack" and was pressured to abandon his fruitful research and therapy. Upon questioning the motives behind the medical profession's opposition to an effective control for cancer, Griffin had started what turned out to be a 3-year research project which was to lead him to the uncovering of one of the most amazing stories of the Twentieth Century. His research covers world history, World War II, cartels, industry, the Nazis, foundations, and the information is taken primarily from government hearings. Hearings that took place between the years 1928 and 1946. A very important time in world history that saw the conglomeration of the world's chemical and drug giants.

Griffin's investigation revealed that "In the years prior to World War II, there came into existence an international cartel, centered in Germany, that dominated the entire world's chemical and drug industries. It had spread its operations to ninety-three countries and was a powerful economic and political force in all countries. It was known as I.G. Farben." When John D. Rockefeller interlocked his American-based, international empire with that of I.G. Farben in 1928 "there was created the largest and most powerful cartel the world has ever known. Not only has that cartel survived through the years, it has grown and prospered. Today it plays a major role in both the science and politics of cancer therapy."

In order to expand their drug operations the Rockefellers set about "educating" the medical profession. "Abraham Flexner, author of the famous Flexner Report of 1910, led the crusade for upgrading the medical schools of America. All the while he was in the employ of Andrew Carnegie [a Rockefeller stooge] and John D. Rockefeller who had set up gigantic tax-exempt foundations for that purpose. The end result was that all medical schools became heavily oriented toward drugs and drug research, for it was through the increased sale of drugs that the donors realized a profit on their donations."

The medical profession and universities weren't the Rockefeller's only target for infiltration. "A brief backward glance at the total landscape will help us to appreciate more fully the present extent of cartel influence, not only in the FDA [United States' Food and Drug Administration], but at all levels of the federal government, for it is an historical fact that the centers of political power long have been the easy target of cartel penetration and control.... The list of men who are or were in key positions within the Rockefeller group reads like a 'Who's Who in Government'."

Griffin is well known because of his unique talent for researching obscure and difficult topics and presenting them in clear, concise terms that all can understand. He is the author of numerous documentary books and films under diversified and controversial topics including the United Nations, the Supreme Court, US foreign policy, The John Birch Society, the Communist Party, and international banking. The information revealed WORLD WITHOUT CANCER adds to this impressive list of topics - his painstaking research and thorough analysis of the international chemical and drug cartel and their powerful allies is in our opinion one of the most authoritative and well-written treatise on this least understood subject.

THE POLITICS OF CANCER THERAPY is an audio tape recording of a one-hour lecture by Griffin on the above subject. Based on the second part of WORLD WITHOUT CANCER, THE POLITICS OF CANCER THERAPY is a very good audio complement to his book, as it covers this very complex and interesting subject in an easy-to-understand manner.

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The Controlled Clinical Trial: An Analysis
by Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D.

Published in 1991 by the Center for Empirical Medicine and Project Cure. In THE CONTROLLED CLINICAL TRIAL: AN ANALYSIS, Harris Coulter, author of DIVIDED LEGACY: A HISTORY OF THE SCHISM IN MEDICAL THOUGHT and DPT: A SHOT IN THE DARK, critically examines the usefulness of randomised clinical trials. His thorough research, based almost exclusively on medical literature, reveals why the "controlled clinical trial" (CCT) cannot guarantee drug safety and efficacy.

Coulter argues that while allopaths talk pompously about this so-called "gold standard" of medicine, no controlled clinical trial matching the textbook definition has ever been performed. "Because the theoretical requirements are unrealistic and unscientific. How can you test a drug on 12 or 100 or 1,000 identical or 'homogenous' people all with the same thing wrong with them? Allopaths can't even find five homogenous patients. You'll always find things that are different between people, because we are all chemically, physically, structurally, and emotionally unique. The CCT can never tell a doctor how a given patient will react to a given drug at any given time. The findings from the so-called controlled clinical trial are useless in one-on-one doctor patient interactions."

THE CONTROLLED CLINICAL TRIAL not only investigates the science behind the CCT, but also delves into its history and politics. According to Coulter, the CCT has become popular primarily for political reasons. "It's used as a stick to beat alternative medicine with for failing to perform these trials. Since these trials are very expensive it costs about $200 million today to get a new drug on the market the controlled clinical trial is really an instrument for limiting competition in medicine, and for raising the costs of medicines to the public."

He asserts that monopolistic objectives are not the only built-in fraud feature of the CCT. Fraud in safety testing of drugs is a strong likelihood. The clinical investigator is paid enormous sums of money by the very manufacturer of the drug, and financial temptation to perform dishonest trials is strong. It's a very lucrative business - many of them receive more than $1 million annually from their testing programs. Coulter dedicates a chapter of the book to demonstrate the extent of fraudulent drug testing. "Frightful examples of dishonesty, fraud, negligence, and other kinds of wrongdoing in clinical trials have been staple fare for readers of the [US] daily press since the 1970s, when Congressional committees and subcommittees renewed their interest in the topic." One typical example cited is that in the United States in 1976 the General Accounting Office found that trials of a drug designed to prevent rejection of kidney transplants had led to 85 deaths in the 650 patients participating, and not one of these deaths was reported to the Food and Drug Administration.

Senator Edward Kennedy, conducting a Hearing of the Senate Health Subcommittee, noted that if only 10% of the data from ongoing clinical trials is defective, the problem is enormous. "When you consider the potential cumulative effect of faulty animal data coupled with faulty human data, you have the elements of a regulatory nightmare."

While Coulter doesn't dismiss the CCT outright - saying that if it's properly conducted it may have some role - he offers an alternative that helps overcome the problem of biological and physiological differences among patients.

Price: $AU19.50
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1000 Doctors (and many more) Against Vivisection
By Hans Ruesch. Published by CIVIS in 1989. Ruesch has compiled an impressive collection of anti-vivisectionist statements made by doctors from all over the world. The professional verdicts are arranged in chronological order, beginning in 1989 and going all the way back to 1824. 1000 DOCTORS provides an excellent illustration of why a large and fast-increasing number of doctors and medical scientists worldwide are speaking out against vivisection and calling for its complete abolition, and is a reminder of the fact that there have always been members of the medical profession strongly opposed to animal experiments on scientific and medical grounds. Softcover, 280 pages. Price: $AU24.50

Vivisection or Science - A Choice to Make

By Professor Pietro Croce, MD. Published by CIVIS in 1991. Prof. Croce is a pathologist with extensive experience in Italy, USA and Spain, former animal experimenter and an author of many medical books, papers and articles. Speaking as a medical professional who after wasting many years in futile attempts to extrapolate data from animals to humans, abandoning the practice and turning to relevant studies, Croce describes in detail why vivisection is not only useless but dangerous. He exposes the growing worldwide practice of human experimentation, an inevitable result of animal experimentation, and describes at length true scientific methods of research that are often wrongly called "alternative" methods to vivisection. Softcover, 230 pages. Price: $AU27.95

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Cardiac Arrest
By Emil Levin, MD and Diane Danielson. Published by CIVIS/CIVITAS in 1991. CARDIAC ARREST was produced specifically to refute claims advanced by the American Heart Association alleging past benefits of using animals as models for human illnesses. The 32 page booklet lists the 42 false claims made by the AHA and concisely and specifically refutes them one by one, citing a barrage of medical references to back up each assertion. Price: $AU4.50

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Animal Experimentation: 
The Hidden Cause of Environmental Pollution

By Hoorik Davoudian. Published by SUPRESS in 1993. The author makes a direct and comprehensive connection between animal research, chemical testing and production, and environmental pollution. Ms Davoudian who is a Hazardous Materials Manager for a government agency in California, exposes the scientific fraudulence of animal research and shows how it is routinely used and manipulated to make toxicants appear "safe" for human consumption. This concise 10-page booklet further shows how the inherently erroneous nature of vivisection renders environmental laws and regulations ineffective in controlling environmental pollution. For a more extensive review, click here.
Price: $AU5.25

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Lethal Medicine (video)

Produced by Javier Burgos and Hoorik Davoudian for SUPRESS in 1997. Lethal Medicine debunks the myths of vivisection in cancer research, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, birth defects, vaccination, spinal cord injury, AIDS, etc., and for the testing of cosmetics and chemical substances such as pesticides and pharmaceutical drugs. It also tackles head-on the very latest "miracles" such as animal-to-human organ transplantation, genetic engineering and cloning. The best and most complete documentary on antivivisection ever produced. (Lethal Medicine now replaces the producer's 1986 celebrated Hidden Crimes)
Price: $AU38. Available in PAL standard (suitable for Australia & Europe) and in NTSC standard (suitable for America & Canada). Order NTSC tapes from SUPRESS.

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The Politics of Cancer 
by G. Edward Griffin.
Produced in 1975 by American Media.  (audio of lecture)
By G. Edward Griffin. Produced in 1975 by American Media. THE POLITICS OF CANCER THERAPY is an audio tape recording of a lecture by Griffin on the commercial and political interests behind cancer therapy. The information is based on the second part of his extraordinary book WORLD WITHOUT CANCER, in which Griffin exposes the Rockefeller-Farben combine, an all-powerful international chemical and drug cartel that has dominated the direction of health care since early this century. His one-hour lecture covers a very complex and interesting subject in an easy-to-understand manner. For a more extensive review, click here.
Price: $AU14

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