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Respiratory conditions

Hayfever  | Housedust allergiesAsthma | Coughs | Nasal Discharges

Hayfever/ housedust allergies

Cell salts can be useful in the treatment of some respiratory conditions such as housedust allergies and hayfever. 

Cellsalt Symptom
Nat Mur Watering eyes,
Wheezing, sneezing, hayfever
Itchy-sore throat
Asthma associated with house dust allergies
Silica Itchy eyes / nose
Ringing in ears
Sinus infections
sores inside nostrils
Magnesium phosphate Twitching eyelids

These three cellsalts can be bought from health shops in one tablet known as Combination H for hayfever (various brands).


Different types of asthma are treated with different cell salts and varied to suit the symptoms. 

Cellsalt Symptom
Nat Mur (homeopathic sodium chloride) Wheeziness, itchy sore throat, allergic rhinitus.
Profuse, frothy mucus and tears streaming when coughing
Potassium phosphate Nervous asthma, hay asthma. The chief remedy for the breathing and depressed nervous state
Potassium sulphate  Nervous asthma, hay asthma. The chief remedy for the breathing and depressed nervous state
Potassium chloride With gastric derangement, tongue coated white and mucous white.
Sodium Phosphate Asthma due to humid conditions with greenish, copious expectoration
Sodium sulphate
Magnesium  Spasmodic nervous asthma. In alternation with potassium sulphate
Calcium phosphate Bronchial asthma, clear, tough, gluey expectoration
Calcium fluoride Coughing up tough gluey lumps


Tickle in the throat or clearing of throat - Calcium phosphate
Loud noisy cough - Potassium chloride (kali mur)
Wheezy cough - nat mur


Nasal discharges

Runny, watery - nat mur (homeopathic sodium chloride)
Greenish - calcium sulphate
Creamy - sodium phosphate
Blood streaked - calcium sulphate
Yellow and crusty - silica.