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Rheumatic conditions 

Knotted back, neck & shoulder muscles /  
Back Massage /   arthritis /
 Cramps/stiffness/pain in buttocks /   
sodium ring (iridology term)

Treating rheumatism 

"Rheumatism is not a single ailment; the term embraces a whole group of disabilities arising from many and varied causes, among which is auto-intoxication or self-poisoning."  -- The Biochemic Handbook


Cellsalt Condition
Ferrum phosphate For the pain, inflammation and congestion.
Sodium phosphate To neutralise the acid forming tendency.
Sodium sulphate Aids in removing toxic-charged fluids from the system.
Silica Silica to break up accumulation of urates lodging around the joints and muscles.

Some related deficiency symptoms

Sodium phosphate and sulphate:

  • Cracking in joints

  • Pain around big toe or thumb

  • Tight, knotted muscles in back or shoulders

  • Loss of spring in step

  • Loss of strength in knees

  • Sharp pain in knees


  • Itchy eyes and nose

  • Under arm odour

  • Ringing in ears

  • Sores inside nostrils

Ferrum phospate:  (Conditions ending in " itis " are said to be inflammatory and therefore requires ferrum phosphate.)

  • Feeling like sand under eyelids

  • Tongue dark red in colour

  • Tiredness

  • Inflammation 


Knotted shoulders, back and neck muscles

Knotted or stiff muscles in the back or neck can be eliminated with sodium phosphate and sodium sulphate. Also headaches associated with stiff or knotted neck muscles.

Back Massage

The need for back massage is the beginning of rheumatism and can be helped by the cell salts sodium phosphate and sodium sulphate.  It is interesting that a large enough dose of sodium phosphate and sodium sulphate with plenty of water, removes the desire for a back massage.

Pain or Cramps in Buttocks

Pain, stiffness or cramps in the buttocks which occurs after a period of sitting can be helped by the cell salt, magnesium phosphate.


The Sodium Ring (iridology term)

The Science and Practice of Iridology, by Bernard Jenson, DC, ND, p.162

"The appearance of the sodium ring in the iris is usually due to the excessive use of table salt, bicaronate of soda and drugs such as sodium salicylate which have overloaded the body with inorganic sodium. Most of our foods are far too heavily salted both in cooking and at the table. . . . The sodium ring is a little different in its relation to the iris than most of the other deposits. It does not start in the seventh zone, which is the skin area zone, but in the sixth zone, which is the artery and vein zone. 

"Where tissues have become hardened and inelastic, the flow of blood is naturally somewhat impeded, and many symptoms of poor circulation, such as cold feet and hands, are the result. 

"The sodium ring can also be developed through excessive use of sodium salicylates used for the many rheumatic conditions. . . . used for different symptoms such as rheumatism, neuralgia, neuritis or arthritis. I am sure that the sodium salicylate treatment was a suppressive method which made the the rheumatic conditions more chronic."

"The extreme acids would have been broken up and neutralised had the rheumatism and the pain been treated with foods rich in organic sodium, such as celery juice and whey. Organic sodium can break up much of a calcium fixation and neutralise an over acid body condition."


Arthritic symptoms

Bernard Jenson DC, ND in The Science and Practice of Iridology, pp.253-4 says the following about arthritis.

"It is said that the calcium deposits on the joints, called arthritic spurs, cannot be dissolved. In most cases, this kind of arthritis is for life, and produces immobilisation. . . . . by a heavy program of elimination and specific diet using a lot of sodium foods, the chemistry of the body was normalised and the calcium deposits in the joints were dissolved.

"The person who has calcium deposits in the joints has unbalanced chemistry. Sodium is the element to keep us young, active and limber. When the joints become stiff and deformed, it is a sign that we need a lot of this 'limbering up' element."

Other cell salts which may be useful, apart from sodium phosphate and sodium sulphate, are silica and ferrum phosphate.





Other conditions


Cellsalt Symptom
Silica Offensive odour of the feet and armpits 
Night sweats 
homeopathic nat mur 6x Heat rash, stinging of sweat 
Cutting pains in bladder
ferrum phos. Stitch 
Calcium Convalescence and recuperation from illness. Calcium phosphate is the body builder and is indicated when there is conditions of impoverishment.


Female infections

As with infections in any part of the body, these types of infections respond very well to treatment with the appropriate cellsalt e.g.,

Cellsalt Symptom
homeopathic nat mur 6x Sting or smarting when passing water
Potassium Offensive odour
Potassium Pain in area of ovaries