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Scientology infiltrated by global enslavers 

"The socialists believe the best way to change a culture, a civilization, a way of thinking, is to infiltrate and begin to move as a member of the aristocracy, as a member of that group and infiltrate from within and use those principles. ... The concept of infiltrating and changing from within is the socialist mentality to get where you want to go."
-- Ted Flynn, author of 'Hope of the Wicked'.


What happened  

The global enslavers don't take kindly to anybody who interferes in their plans, and they have have ways of dealing with them.

Since its beginnings in the 1950s Scientology challenged and exposed the methods of the global enslavers and their agenda for global dictatorship. According to LRH there was a type of personality called the "suppressive personality" (SP), which was under the control of the global enslavers through various conditioning techniques, and helping to further their agenda. Further, LRH believed that all crime was due to "abuse of the soul" which led to all aberrations and dysfunctional states.

Scientology had a plan for freeing mankind and removing the blocks to spiritual enlightenment and was opposed to psychiatry, psycho-surgery (electric shock treatment, lobotomy), drugs and all forms of oppression of mankind. Instead they were committed towards freeing mankind from the grip of the dark forces by using a process called auditing to locate and remove a person's aberrations or engrams. 

It seems the planet wasn't big enough for both Scientology and the global enslavers, and one of them had to go. Right from the beginning Scientology was a target of a vicious campaign to discredit it, a campaign which persists to this very day. Read about the beginning of this campaign in 'The Hidden Story of Scientology' by Omar V. Garrison. 

Read about the disappearance of LRH for 10 months in 1972 and his reappearance with a totally altered personality. It is speculated that he was either killed and replaced with a double, or somehow mind controlled.

Read about the takeover of scientology and replacement with false Scientology teachings at and sci-integrity.


Disappearance of LRH in 1972

All this doesn't even touch on the strange disappearance of L. Ron Hubbard for ten months (or forever) on 4 December 1972.

Or the fact that he never thereafter gave another public lecture, when he had given over 3,000 extemporaneous recorded public lectures in the 22 years before that.

Nor does it address the fact that a tape of a canned script purportedly from "L. Ron Hubbard" in 1983 has been independently subjected to voice analysis at least twice, comparing it to earlier tapes known to be of Hubbard, and in both tests it came up as not the same speaker. One of the test results is part of the Veritas site that we have mirrored.

It seems that LRH was either killed and replaced with a double, or mind controlled some way. Because since the kidnapping when he disappeared for 10 months, he was never the same when he returned, never gave another of his frequent lectures or wrote another book.

After his kidnapping there were a series of manoeuvres and changes of personnel within Scientology. 

On 4 December 1972, L. Ron Hubbard was abducted by agents of the United States government when the plane he was travelling on from Lisbon landed in New York City.


Clever manipulation

It took an intricate and convoluted series of covert steps perpetrated by non-Scientologist tax attorneys and IRS operatives Norton S. Karno, the Lenske brothers, and their accomplices to get the trademarks and copyrights out of HCO and back into the estate of "L. Ron Hubbard." 

Those plotting, methodical, and surreptitious steps are detailed as trademark and copyright transactions between 1970 and 1979 in our chronological Documents index, and won't all be repeated here. But it was all part of a scheme devised by Meade Emory, then Legislation Counsel to the Joint Committee on Taxation, and IRS, with the sole intention of having the intellectual property later transferred from the estate into "Author's Family Trust-B," and from there to CST, by order of IRS. And that is exactly what happened.

But a vital part of the plan was the the three-step removal of HASI, Inc. (the ultimate owner of the intellectual property, as the parent corporation), the Guardian Office, and Mary Sue Hubbard. The Guardian Office stood as--well, as guardian over CSC and the intellectual property that had been permanently assigned to HCO by L. Ron Hubbard in 1958.

The Guardian Office had to go because it was the protector of the other organizations, handling all litigation and legal matters, including the intellectual property legal matters.

But it went much farther than that. The federal government, right up to and including the President of the United States, also had a secret they were trying to keep Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian Office from finding out: they had three CIA operatives--Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, and Pat Price--who had infiltrated Scientology in the late '60s, stolen the secret upper "OT Levels" of Scientology, and were using them on contract with CIA to train in-house CIA and DIA "remote viewers." The Guardian Office only knew that something odd going on and were using the Freedom of Information Act to find out what it was.

See remote viewing.


Government took out Guardian Office

"IRS and so forth over in Washington [were] trying to seize Scientology in the United States, and I had to tell them no. And I told them no. And they're told for the moment."
                   L. Ron Hubbard 29 June 1965
                   Lecture, "The Well-Rounded Auditor"

The Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), current owner of trademarks and all copyrights of Scientology, could never have come into being as long as the Guardian Office (GO)--created by L. Ron Hubbard and headed by his wife, Mary Sue Hubbard--was in place. There were many reasons, documented in our chronological Documents index.

Meade Emory, F Meade (former Assistant Commissioner of the IRS) is the tax and probate evil genius who masterminded L. Ron Hubbard's so-called "estate planning"--his Wills and Trusts--to wrest control out of hands of Scientology into the hands of the IRS.


Shady dealings

The name "L. Ron Hubbard" has generated a fortune in publishing. But in February of 1980 (or perhaps even earlier--in the '70's, some claim), L. Ron Hubbard disappeared mysteriously, and was never seen alive again. 
.....Now there is a corporation doing business using his name and literary reputation, calling itself the "L. Ron Hubbard Library." That name, though, is a "fictitious business name." In fact, its primary business address is just a rental mail box--#162--at a place called Village Mail Call, 419 Larchmont in Los Angeles, which is pictured at right. And if you think that we're pulling your leg, that this must be some sort of joke, then click to see the actual "Fictitious Business Name Statement" that was filed with the Los Angeles County Recorder's office. 
.....The true name of the corporation is "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST). 

.....From Library of Congress records, it seems that CST now owns ALL copyrights to everything L. Ron Hubbard ever wrote. The story of how CST came into ownership of all the copyrights is graphed in How CST Grabbed the Copyrights. As shown in that chart, the copyrights did not transfer to CST until AFTER they were granted tax exemption by IRS. But it goes deeper than that. As a result of that tax exemption, CST now also holds the power and authority to seize all trademarks that are related in any way to Dianetics or Scientology, and to seize the confidential "Advanced Technology" (which includes the "OT Levels"). To get the details on CST's power and authority over the trademarks and "Advanced Technology," we recommend that you read this 1992 Claims Court ruling.  But just one quote from that case is telling: "CST has the power to...[take] over the religious trademarks and use of the Advanced Technology, thereby gaining direct control over all Scientology organizations..." 
.....That clearly means that CST has ultimate power over the entire vast domain of ALL Scientology-related entities.  
.....To understand it better, take a few minutes with the SECRET CHART OF POWER. It makes Scientology's current Byzantine corporate conglomeration easier to understand. And it shows clearly that CST (doing business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library") is the corporation that is firmly in control. For years, that may have been one of Scientology's best-kept secrets. Few people even knew that CST existed, much less the extent of its power over Scientology. 
.....But now that CST's role as the true power in Scientology has been revealed, the new burning question becomes: WHO are the shadowy figures controlling CST--the Trustees, Directors, Special Directors, and Officers? And now THAT may be SCIENTOLOGY'S GREATEST SECRET

.....One thing is known: the identities of the men behind the very existence of CST--its FOUNDERS. 
.....According to the Claims Court ruling referenced above, there are four co-founders: Lyman Spurlock, Sherman Lenske, Meade Emory, and Leon Misterek. None of them but Lyman Spurlock is a Scientologist.
Spurlock is a CPA. The other three are attorneys. 
.....And now comes the REALLY weird part: co-founder Meade Emory is a former ASSISTANT TO THE COMMISSIONER OF IRS
.....You may be asking yourself about now: WHAT is going on here? WHY all the secrets? WHY are non-Scientologists involved in creating the most powerful Scientology corporation? WHY does it have a rental P.O. box for a business address? WHAT is a former IRS official doing involved with a religion that he doesn't embrace or subscribe to? Why doesn't anybody know the identities of the Trustees, Directors, and Officers? Just WHAT might these people be up to? Could it possibly be...

Meade Emory

Meade Emory is founder of the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), doing business under the fraudulent fictitious business name of "L. Ron Hubbard Library." It isn't a church, and it isn't a library: it's the richest and most powerful corporation in the entire Scientology empire, owner of all the copyrights, owner and controller of the most important trademarks, and being run by the Internal Revenue Service through three non-Scientologist tax attorneys hand-picked by Meade Emory and "the Service"--IRS--to be Special Directors of CST for life.

But Meade did far more than just found CST.

Meade Emory also was the architect of the entire corporate restructuring that took place between 1981 and 1983, creating at least five key corporations that would complete the fraud. 

The plan was incubated in May 1971

All indications, though, is that Emory was in on the plan much earlier than 1980. The fact is that Emory was hired as Assistant Commissioner of IRS to Donald C. Alexander in 1975, and was at IRS while an IRS employee named Gerald Wolfe was secretly passing stolen IRS documents to members of the Guardian Office, which led directly to the destruction of the Guardian Office, something absolutely necessary to the final plan that Emory and IRS put into effect.

But it goes earlier than that: from 1970 to 1972 Emory was in the powerful position of Legislation Counsel to the Joint Committee on Taxation, United States Congress. As such he had tight lines to the highest levels of IRS, and to tax attorneys who would happily eat from his chair. All evidence points to Emory's tenure here as being when the plan that ultimately resulted in IRS seizure of Scientology was hatched between Emory and IRS, and was started into motion in May of 1971 with a specious and half-assed "audit" of the corporation where all of Hubbard's valuable intellectual property lay owned and protected: the Church of Scientology of California (CSC).


Emory's corporate plan for securing control of Scientology under IRS, and keeping the rank-and-file Scientologists from finding out about it, was to put all the controlling intellectual property assets into one central corporation, CST, then circle it with four other corporations that would be utterly dependent on the copyrights and trademarks CST owned and controlled, but could be used as fronts for CST to carry out every major function.

Here's a breakdown of the "Big Five" the way Emory dreamed up the fraud:

Church of Spiritual Technology (CST)
Owns all the copyrights and all key controlling trademarks, exerting complete control on all the organizations below it. Has "church" in its name, but it's not a church. Goes by the fraudulent name "L. Ron Hubbard Library," but it sells fraudulent works not written by Hubbard (but with his name on them), and it's sure not a library. Promotional literature, including that mailed out by IRS, tries to pawn it off as an "archival" organization, like little monks quietly archiving Hubbard's works. It's total intent is and always has been to deceive, and to create, promote and sell a fraudulent "version" of Scientology that's not Scientology, called "the Scientology religion," while controlling everything connected with Scientology.

Author Services, Inc. (ASI)
This for-profit corporation is fully owned by CST, all shares having been secretly transferred to CST by order of IRS in the Closing Agreement

Religious Technology Center (RTC)
RTC is promoted as the "protector" of "the Scientology religion." To fully understand that fraud, see our special report, Scientology, IRS brand: "the Scientology religion".  

Church of Scientology International (CSI)
What used to be some of the most important positions in Scientology were crammed into this third-tier middle-management organization

Bridge Publications, Inc. (BPI)
BPI is nothing, really, except a personal publishing house for CST and its for-profit subsidiary, ASI. 

Was L. Ron Hubbard in on this? 
You make the call.

"First consider a group which takes in money but does not deliver anything in exchange. This is called rip-off. It is the 'exchange' condition of robbers, tax men, governments and other criminal elements."
                          L. Ron Hubbard
HCO Policy Letter of 10 September 1982

In 1977, Sherman and Stephen Lenske, two tax attorneys who are not, themselves, Scientologists, somehow began handling the "business interests" of L. Ron Hubbard. Within a year, all the copyrights that Hubbard had transferred irrevocably to HCO (a division of HASI, Inc.) had been furtively transferred back to "Hubbard," only to later furtively be transferred, by order of IRS, to a corporation--the "Church" of Spiritual Technology (CST)--that had been founded by a former Assistant Commissioner of IRS, Meade Emory.



L.Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology
Secret societies and their power in the 20th Century

Excerpted from "Secret societies and their power in the 20th Century", 
by Jan van Helsing
Chapter 57, pages164-6

Another personality with an interesting background is now deceased L.Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology church. Since this book here is dealing with background knowledge, perhaps we should look at the background of L.Ron Hubbard whose organisation is really victimised in public.

In the early days of MK ULTRA, the consciousness control program in the US, the former naval officer Hubbard had researched the mechanism of human thinking, knowing about what secretly went on in the Navy. After refusing to comply with government research and to joint he control psychiatrists, he published the book DIANETICS -- the Modern Science of Mental Health. The book proclaimed mental freedom and integrity as the birth right of humanity. The book made the bestseller lists and Hubbard's "auditing techniques" were described as very successful. Some of the processes that Hubbard offered to reach mental freedom were secretly used by the government to try and enslave the people. Other techniques described by Hubbard were indeed antidotes to the MK ULTRA methods of consciousness control.

The US government then started a devilish slander campaign against Hubbard that was led by the section for mental control at the CIA. The still young author had -- probably inadvertently -- revealed the key of one of the best-kept secrets of the cold war. His office was broken into and a protocol was stolen that described the mind control techniques now known as PSYCHOTRONICS. Hubbard and his colleagues were physically attacked and only narrowly escaped a kidnap attempt. But the enormous influence by the Scientology churches shows that Hubbard was not just an innocent victim. And L.Ron surely knew a thing or two about some important events of this world because he not only spent his "magician years" in Aleister Crowley's Thelema Church in California, but he had also risen to the 33rd degree in the Scottish Rite Masonry (perhaps even to the Illuminati degrees). But let's get to the "real" stuff now. What I just told you so far can be found in other books, too.

So now I will tell you something about L.Ron Hubbard and his Church of Scientology which you won't find in any other book on this planet.

The so-called "auditing" techniques of Hubbard are a very handy way to regress somebody into his past as well as into his past lives. So Hubbard was very busily regressing thousands and thousands of people further and further back into their past lives, and he discovered the same strange incident in all of his clients. This happened absolutely independently from all other sources I mentioned so far. He discovered information stored in every client's subconscious and came up with the exact same story on every client.

In the constellation Pegasus there is a solar system called MARCAB, a sun surrounded by seven planets. But the sun is going to die. So the humanoid Marcabians who, in our terms would be "evil" in nature, looked about for another planet to move to. Well, having good taste, they finally decided to take the planet Earth. But there were people on this planet who were in the way for them to settle down here with all their people. But on the other hand these people could be used as slaves, freeing the Marcabians from having to work. So they made up a plan and contacted one race down here, with whom they made a deal that, if they would help them to undermine every nation and take them over silently, they would make them the ruling people of earth. Well guess which people the Marcabians made the deal with? Bingo! -- the Hebrews!

L.Ron Hubbard found out what the Sumerian records, the Gilgamesh epic, the Christian Bible and other books describe as well, that Marcabian "god-like" beings came down from heaven with flying saucers. The ancient people not knowing about machines, described them as something they could relate to: a flying cloud or a "flying wheel that came from heaven" with noise and steam, or the "eye of God" (surely it must be an accident that the eye on the Illuminati sign on the one-dollar bill has the shape of a saucer?).

Hubbard found out who EL SHADDAI was and still is -- the extraterrestrial race that made the original deal with the Hebrews.

And from then on this was taught in the Scientology Church, from the grade OT3 in the hierarchy upwards. You think this is nonsense? Then read the following sentences carefully! If this was nonsensical, nothing more would have happened besides some ridiculing and sneering. But you will always recognise by the severity something is treated whether it is in somebody's way.

Of course the Khazar-Jewish Illuminati and the "Hebrew Blood Alliance" (the descendants of those Hebrews who had made the deal with the Marcabians, another Secret Lodge) soon found out about Hubbard's discovery, but his organisation was already too powerful to fight. So the ruling Khazar-Illuminati started, as the Marcabians told them to (already in the Old Testament), undermining and infiltrating the organisation and taking it over. So guess what happened!

In 1981 the complete Church of Scientology in every nation on the planet had been bought by the biggest WHISKEY producer on Earth, the Canadian Jew Bronfman.

Now you will understand why the most important people in Scientology as well as all the original founders had left the Church at that time. Because since then the Church of Scientology is a Khazar-Jewish Illuminati organisation. Surprised?

I got this information from the founder of Scientology in Germany, as well as from people in the US who worked with Hubbard until he died. (These people do not wish to be named, as they have a difficult life already.)

Does all this make sense?

[H: Whether or not THAT makes sense is possibly beside the point. IT IS, HOWEVER, THE REASON THAT PEOPLE (AGENTS IF YOUI WILL) FROM THAT SOURCE TOOK OVER A.S.S.K. AND TRIED TO INFILTRATE INTO THE GEORGE GREEN "GROUP" WHICH WAS NOT EVEN A GROUP. THEY TRIED TO GET AT "US" AT EVERY TURN BUT NOT HAVING A GROUP TO WHICH TO ATTACH, IT FELL THROUGH THE TRAP -- ALTHOUGH THE MINUTE OUR "RECEIVER-SPEAKER" WAS OUT OF SIGHT - THE TAKEOVER TOOK PLACE. NOW "THAT" IS INTERESTING, ISN'T IT? THIS, WHILE EVEN THE VICTIMS (TARGETS) HAVE NOT THE VAGUEST IDEA THEY ARE TRAPPED AND UTILISED! The manipulators are shrewd and you who get lost in your own ego-trappings are EASY PREY. The lies give away the culprits but the blind keep on their blindfolds to suit their own "rather believe" 0 and the wheels spin until they fall apart.]