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Political Spectrum by the Yard.
L. Ron Hubbard in his SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL

If you lay out a yardstick with Zero off on the Left, and 36 to the Right, you'll have a fairly accurate numerical political spectrum.

Consider this a Gradient Scale from Slavery on the Left to Freedom on the Right. Consider this also as a Gradient Scale of Emotions, more enturbulated ones on the left with freer ones on the right. Political philosophies can be identified by the chronic emotional tones they exhibit, and emotional tones follow an exact order. Consider this also as a Personal Sovereignty scale, with none at the Left and all at the Right, also as a Responsibility scale, with all in the hands of government on the Left and all in the hands of the people on the Right. Any number of gradient scales may be examined in this way, compared to the degrees of political and economic freedoms allowed by differing governing philosophies.

At Zero you'll find a form of Anarchy, a "burn down the courthouse" kind of anarchy. At 36 is another kind of Anarchy, an ethical Anarchy where people have no need for governance.

All existing forms of "self-government" lie well to the left on the scale. A monarchical government might fall anywhere on the scale, depending on the benevolence of the ruler at the moment, an undependable situation.

At 1.1 inches is Communism, the emotion for which is Covert Hostility, entirely untrustworthy.

At 1.5 inches is Fascism, the emotion for which is Anger.

At 2.0 inches is Social Democracy with Antagonism as its emotional tone.
This is the lighter of the three forms of Socialism: Communism, Fascism and Social Democracy. The three are best viewed in regard to property ownership. SD taxes, F controls, and C confiscates. Our present system is a Communist/Fascist hybrid; we're getting all three forms of socialist slavery thrown at us.

At 2.5 inches is Democracy, the emotion for which is Boredom.

At 3.0 inches is Republicanism, the emotion for which is Conservatism, this has nothing to do with a real Republic but is just another lower emotional tone manifested by a public deluded into thinking it controls its own destiny. All forms of government from Republicanism leftwards to Communist may be considered Democratic as all involve the delusion of control via the voting franchise.

The above political designations were identified over fifty years ago by the modern American philosopher, L. Ron Hubbard in his SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL. It should also be noted that modern American political parties in no way reflect the philosophies that their names would imply. Since the early '30s the Democrat party has adopted the Communist philosophy, and since the early '50s the Republican party has been undeniably Fascist. This is in keeping with the disintegration and devolution of American society in general. The Libertarian party offers no better situation as it still offers but another form of dominance via the ballot box.

At l2 inches or so (I'm uncertain as to its exact location and emotion), one would find the actual Republican FORM of government, one free of the periodic voting ritual whereby individuals pledge their subservience to a system of dominance. It has none of the shortcomings of Democracy, like political party polarization or the sale of special privileges for cash or votes. It would preserve 95% of its sovereignty and responsibilities and the fruits of its labors at home, at the family level, where they belong. So little sovereignty would be surrendered to higher levels that a world government based upon republican simplicity would be easily tolerated by all.

The genesis of the republican FORM of government is found at Exodus 18:21 where its pyramidal structure is sketched: "Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens." Practical application of this was found in Saxon (Isaac's Sons) Britain prior to the Norman conquest, starting with the basic ten-family political unit called the Tun or Tithe. There were Hundreds Courts over ten Tuns. The Hundreds existed in between a ville and a shire. Hundreds courts may still exist in parts of the southern US where Saxon Israel heritage is still remembered.

From Saxon England to the new world, the republican FORM is found in the Iroquois Constitution (also called Algonquin Confederation), where the women picked one man from each clan to sit at the first council. From there the members of a council would pick one to sit at a subsequent council. The Algonquin Confederation was the inspiration of John Rutledge for our Articles of Confederation under which the Continental Congress functioned until overthrown by the illegal Constitution of 1787 which killed off our budding Republic in favor of an hierarchical Democracy.

This is what our political yardstick looks like. As a people we can suffer at the left end of the scale, or prosper at the right. The first step is in understanding the scale and second is in throwing off the delusions offered by political opportunists who would manipulate the public's cupidity to their favor. At the moment our civilization is about to fall off the zero end of the yardstick. It is incumbent upon the people to educate themselves in preparation for their assuming control next time around.

Best regards,.
Bob Taft


A constitution is an instrument founding or modifying a government.

Most national constitutions are written but some are partially written and partially understood. Some early Greek constitutions were unwritten.

Nearly all modern constitutions are incomplete and only the constitution of Eire is binding upon its government leaders and employees as well as the people. In all other states the politicians and employees are “above the law” which of course results in a total nullification of the constitution in that the people who run the state are not bound by the founding instrument of the state, making their constitutions a sort of“con game.” The discrepancy between the constitution and the actual conduct of the government is a primary cause of revolt.

A constitution ideally would be composed of four subjects or parts.

A. The purpose of the state.
B. The composition of the government.
C. The rights of citizens.
D. The penal codes.

In instrumenting a constitution, the concentration is on appeal. The instigators have first and foremost the problem of persuading a population to accept an instrument of government.

Like many political promises, the effort to persuade is not entirely sincere. Therefore one or more of the essential parts of a constitution are omitted and are added later as “laws” by “men who know best.”

For instance it was not the intention of the Founding Fathers of the United States to have anything but a republic while intimating then and ever since that they founded a “democracy.” A republic is a government wherein the “best people” represent the people and act for the “good of the people.” Once elected a “representative of the people” goes his own way, most often following the orders of the special interest groups who financed his career. A democracy is government directly by the people, a thing seen in France in recent times where no serious action was undertaken without referendum to the people.

Politicians seem to have a recurring problem of how to pretend to guarantee liberty while actually reserving the right of despotism. We see this in any constitution which omits or later disregards one of the essential parts of a constitution while offering one to the people.

The original US Constitution omitted both the Bill of Rights of the citizen and the penal code. A few years after its adoption Shays’ Rebellion and other public commotion forced the United States to quickly add a Bill of Rights known now as the first ten amendments.

However, the politician later dropped part A, saying “the preamble has no force in law” and thus robbing the state of a purpose, condemning it thereafter to idle wanderings in policy and setting up a new channel for tyranny.

The Australian state constitutions are unblushingly ignored in totality, thus omitting all parts of a constitution at once by flagrant neglect. These constitutions were pure examples of a mere public relations stunt without other meaning.

The recent Greek constitution not only lacks its essential parts but the referendum adopting it was still fluttering on billboards when the government violated it on all counts despite its acceptance by the people. It is one of the purest examples of a public relations trick on record.

Once a populace has accepted a constitution it has surrendered the rights to act otherwise. Therefore, intentional despotism can be attributed to a constitution which leaves essential parts unsaid or which delegate their settlement to a privileged few.

Changes in constitutions are usually activated in the direction of further limitation of liberty and are usually attended by disaster.

The 1905 change in the US Constitution which nullified the clause prohibiting “poll tax” opened the door to the hideous nightmare of an income tax system operating its own courts and condemning any citizen without regard to the Bill of Rights.

The infamous Prohibition Act forbidding liquor began the trend of financed crime and accelerated the decay of a country already dying because of the poll tax change. Prohibition was eventually removed in the Constitution but not until crime was well financed.

A constitution which omits any one of its essential four parts is an invitation to tyranny as these missing parts will be supplied by legislators and continually changed.

A constitution which contains no clause to make violations of it actionable by the individual public on individual government members elected appointed or employed is not worth the effort to print it as it will become the focus of revolt since it fosters the public belief that its government is not its government but something else.

A constitution is a good thing only if it gives due and sensible attention to all the above. Otherwise it is a bad thing and an invitation to a trap in which the whole population can become oppressed.

L. Ron Hubbard

Constitutional destruction   

9 June 1969

“About two thirds of Hitler’s espionage agents were ‘doctors.’ Electric shock and brain operations to depersonalize dissident elements were developed by Hitler. They never were curative. The turmoil of schools and universities trace back to the agents of these groups and their advices to corrupt puppet politicians. This is the Utopia now in action.”

For any group to engage fully and knowingly upon the destruction of the Constitution and any liberty or freedom it may guarantee is less startling than that they should also be accepted as the dominant force behind many politicians.

“National” Mental Health groups in any country are all members of the World Federation of Mental Health. The former president of the WFMH, the Communist Brock Chisholm, and any and all officers of this group and its “National” Mental Health members freely confess that they have as a primary target the eradication of their country’s constitution.

In the US this is a criminal offense, to advocate the overthrow of the Constitution. But many unprincipled State and Federal politicians not only turn a blind eye upon this but also condone illegal seizure, torture and murder of citizens by these groups.

Hitler once said that his primary weapon was the “incredible.” No one would believe what was actually being done by the saboteur forces of the Third Reich because their plans were incredible.

These psychiatric front groups have a very thorough program of Western destruction.

     1. Destruction of the Constitution.
     2. Eradication of boundaries.
     3. Easy seizure of anyone.
     4. The “right” to torture or kill.
     5. Eradication of all churches.
     6. Destruction of sexual morality.
     7. Deprivation of future leaders by the creation of dope addiction in schools.

All these things and more are to be found throughout their campaign literature, their advices to members and their puppet political supporters.

The “Health” ministries of almost every Western nation are occupied by their appointees.

The “technology” they use is entirely control technology. They do not pretend in any way to heal anyone. “Treatment” to them means injure or kill. They have redefined insanity to mean “anyone who is incompetent.” They define “competent” to mean people who do not oppose them.

In California any citizen can now be seized and held 72 hours and tortured or killed. The “practitioners” and the secret officers who execute the action are made immune by law from any suit.*

All this sounds very familiar. About two-thirds of Hitler’s espionage agents were “doctors.”

Electric shock and brain operations to depersonalize dissident elements were developed by Hitler. They never were curative.

The turmoil of schools and universities trace back to the agents of these groups and their advices to corrupt puppet politicians. This is the utopia now in action.

The destruction of all liberty and civil rights, the hypocrisy that these are the best people who know best are all the ingredients of revolution.

But all of these groups, whose control is uniform over the world and whose lines go straight to Russia, may be in for a terrible surprise.

Since Scientology became aware of them they have lost seven of their top dozen leaders.

Since their documents and plans were uncovered, they have been facing bankruptcy.

Every single lie, false charge and attack on Scientology has been traced directly to this group’s members. They have sought at great expense for nineteen years to crush and eradicate any new development in the field of the mind. They are actively preventing any effectiveness in this field. But seven of their top men are wholly out of action. And their group is going bankrupt because we have shut off their appropriations.

It was an unlucky day when they began to attack Scientology. It was not even in their line of country. It had no interest in them. The primary threat to freedom in the West has been fought by just one group, the Scientologists. If you want freedom and peace in the West, join Scientology. The Scientologists are the only vital new effective force in the world today. And Scientology is the only game on Earth where everybody wins. 

L. Ron Hubbard

[Note: Scientology isn't the same organisation today as it was in the 1960s and has been infiltrated and taken over the global enslavers.]