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Essay on Intelligence and Propaganda  

These are two important subjects that are unknown to the common man. So, people who know and practice them are always eating the common guy’s lunch. Just like a mouse that lacks understanding of a trap made for him by smarter men. It is in his own best interests that every man gain familiarity with these subjects.


The book Spy and His Master is a good basic training manual on Intelligence. The word Master in the above book title stands for the case officer. A case officer is an Intelligence officer who has the job of recruiting, training, placing and running agents.

The reason the case officer is the Master in the relationship is he knows the agent’s motivation. Thus he can control the agent at all times. He knows the agent’s motivation because he did a study of it before he ever approached the agent to recruit him.

By knowing the agent’s motivation, the case officer can get the person to agree to be an agent. The case officer also uses this knowledge to control the agent.

Scale of Motivation

Political ally

The higher on the scale the better because of loyalty and trustworthiness. The lower on the scale, the less loyal and trustworthy they are and they can turn on you and join the other side.

All of the above agents are knowingly and willingly being an agent, except the coerced agent is not willing. The coerced agent is being forced to be an agent with blackmail or some kind of threat to his survival.

There is a special category of agent who is an unknowing agent, called a Dupe. The Dupe does not realize he is being an agent because he is being tricked into it. To illustrate what a Dupe agent is – we will use the following scenario:

Let’s say I am a case officer with an assignment to destroy the Ford Motor Company.

I decide I need DUPES to do this. So, I get a knowing agent of mine to go research some bad auto accidents involving Ford cars and tell him to start making it publicly known about how unsafe Ford cars are. My knowing agent talks about all the victims and the irresponsibility of that company and he gets a whole bunch of people riled up about the Ford Motor Company. These riled up people start anti-Ford Motor Company groups, ask for governments to regulate it or close it down, etc.

Now, I never approached any of those people directly, they do not know my name and have never met me. But they ARE BEING MY AGENTS UNKNOWINGLY. That type of agent is called a DUPE. They were tricked into being my agent. They think they serve some just cause, when they actually serve my covert agenda to destroy that company on behalf of the Intelligence agency I work for.

Not all agents are spies. Two types of agents:

Agent Provocateur

These two types of agents serve completely different functions and act differently. One of the primary functions of Intelligence is to obtain secret information on the enemy. A spy agent is used for that. His entire purpose is to infiltrate the enemy camp, and pose as being one of them. This is called his cover. His real identity remains hidden, he is not really one of them, he is really on your side. He causes no trouble because he does not want to draw any attention to himself. So, he does everything just right so as to go unnoticed.

Good Intelligence identifies the enemy, his location, his size and strength, etc. It also finds out what the enemy secret future plans are. The spy gets all this data and forwards it to the case officer who does what is called an Estimate of the Situation. Part of this Estimate of the Situation is to PREDICT what the enemy is going to do in advance. Ideally, all attacks would be predicted and stopped before they happen.

Please notice that a spy has to communicate with his case officer to pass along secret information. This is when and how spies get caught, when they try to pass data back. The one thing that must remain hidden at all times is the spy’s connection to his employer, the case officer and the Intelligence agency he works for.

Counter-intelligence is informed whenever security forces discover a link between the spy and his case officer. Counter-intelligence will decide whether to hang the spy or leave him in place, and use him to feed disinformation back to his case officer. It is common practice for counter-intelligence to leave the spy in place.

The agent provocateur has an entirely different function than a spy. He is not in the enemy camp in order to gain secret information. He is there to destroy the enemy in any way he can. He does this in various ways - by destroying files, by disrupting meetings, by destroying technology, feeding in false data, getting other members of the target group to commit immoral and criminal acts, etc.

He causes destruction. By comitting immoral and criminal acts personally and getting other members of the target group to do likewise, he is a DISGRACE to the group he pretends to be a member of and support. His purpose is to DISCREDIT the group he is pretending to be a member of.

But, he does not have to report to his case officer.

So, you cannot catch him like you catch a spy. You have to survey the target group for those people who act in such a way as to be destructive to the target group or to be a DISGRACE to the other group members or who acts in such ways as to DISCREDIT the group.

Once an enemy attack is predicted by the case officer – black intelligence operations are used to prevent the attack from taking place. Now we are into any kind of dirty trick in the book. This could include assassinations, blackmail, extortion, bribes, sting operations or you name it.

Of course, taking over leadership of the target group is best. Now your agents control the enemy camp and that handles any and all threats from them. Another good intelligence tactic is to get two or more of your enemies fighting each other. This technique is called Divide and Conquer.

Front Groups

These operate under the same rules as an individual agent, except it is a group instead of one single agent. It’s leaders are knowing agents of the case officer. This connection remains hidden. The Front Group carries out a secret purpose for the employing Intelligence agency. Usually only the leaders of the Front Group know that it is a Front Group for an Intelligence agency and these commonly use lots of Dupes to assist them.

These Dupes think they work for a good cause and are unaware that they are working as agents for some Intelligence agency. The Dupes are being tricked and USED to fulfill some secret, usually evil, end. They would not agree with the evil end if they knew about it. Thus, they are not informed of it and thus they remain unknowing agents. If they agree with the evil end, then they could be recruited as knowing agents and would no longer be a Dupe.

The reason for the Front Group is that it is going to carry out some purpose which its creator does not want to be associated with. For example, it would be unacceptable for the government to operate anti-religion groups. They would be in political hot water for doing that overtly, not to mention legal hot water. So, to carry out their anti-religion agenda they set up Front Groups to do their dirty work and then they can pretend they had nothing to do with it.



Around the time of World War II was a relatively new machine called the radio. One Adolf Hitler found a new use for said machine – propaganda. Propaganda is the manipulation, controlling, and winning of the hearts and minds of men. He used this subject to manipulate the German people into supporting his holocaust.

Then along comes Communist Russia and they master and use this subject and even develop it a step further. One of their techniques is called - propaganda by the re-definition of words.

For example, slavery = freedom by re-definition. Thus we have slaves, believing they are free men, when they are not. They are happy slaves though, because they think they are free. A little later comes along a seemingly new subject called PUBLIC RELATIONS.

You see, propaganda is a harsh word, with bad connotations connected to it, so we will give it a new image by giving it a euphemistic label - Public Relations. Hah! And what is the new subject of Public Relations all about? The manipulation, control, and winning of the hearts and minds of men! Same thing as Propaganda! No difference! This subject is used to manipulate men to happily accept what they would never agree to!


Here is a common black Intelligence operation that is used over and over. Learn to recognize it. It combines Intelligence methods with propaganda.


In this technique the Intelligence agency controls BOTH SIDES. 

Let’s say we want to get rid of minority religions. We want to pass a law against them. The public will never agree to that – it’s against their morals and the US Constitution. So, you use your Intelligence agents to start some minority religions or to infiltrate some existing ones and take them over. Now your agents act badly and get others in the group to act badly, so they become a menace in the public eye. Let’s say they commit murders, rapes and rob stores.

So, your agents INSIDE these religions commit crimes = PROBLEM

Then you have some of your other Intelligence agents set up Front Groups that will make a public outcry against the evil doings of the minority religions which your Intelligence agents are running! We will call these Front Groups - Anti-Minority Religion groups. These groups will incite people to demand that something be done about minority religions.

Then some of your other Intelligence agents bring Legal attacks on the minority religions in the form of lawsuits, raids, and arrests.

By now the public is demanding a solution = REACTION

You say "I have the solution to these awful minority religions – outlaw them!" And now the public, who originally would have opposed your crazy solution – DEMAND IT! Yes, yes – they cry – pass a law against these awful minority religions!

So, Congress passes a law against minority religions = SOLUTION

Now the public cheers and accepts a crazy idea they never would have agreed to before.

Now here is the odd part of this – you created the problem in the first place! Your agents controlled BOTH SIDES!

Public Relations (propaganda) has the purpose of winning the hearts and minds of men.
In other words, it is used for manipulating men, to get them to happily accept
what you want them to do – even if that is not in their best interests.

The average human being has no idea how Intelligence and Public Relations work –
so the people who practice these subjects are constantly eating the normal guy’s lunch. Over and over the average guy gets taken advantage of like this. He has got to get up to speed on these subjects so he can’t be fooled like this anymore.

Notice the above is an exact description of the Anti-cult movement. Also understand that the Church of Scientology is being subjected to this technique. THE CHURCH IS BEING DESTROYED BY AN INTELLIGENCE OPERATION


Modification of LRH teachings 


The HASI is hereby brought into existence as a result of an evaluation named: End of the Era of False Scientology, Commencing the Era of True Scientology

In this evaluation it was discovered that the subject of Scientology, as given in LRH issues, has been replaced by a new subject called the "Scientology Religion".

The subject of Scientology and the "Scientology Religion" are NOT the same thing.

The subject of Scientology is contained in LRH issues only. The "Scientology Religion" has other authors than LRH, and their writings are presented under the legal title "based on the works of LRH."

The last corporate entity to practice the subject of Scientology was the Church of Scientology of California. In the early 1980's this was replaced with three new corporate entities:

Church of Scientology International
Religious Technology Center
Church of Spiritual Technology

The above three corporate entities market the "Scientology Religion". The way this is accomplished is the Church of Scientology International alters, deletes, and fabricates LRH issues such as LRH HCOBs, books, and tapes. The Religious Technology Center then approves these alterations, deletions, and fabrications made to LRH issues by the Church of Scientology International. The Church of Spiritual Technology then accepts the "based on the works of LRH" issues and archives them in underground storage vaults "for future generations."

The above three corporate entities are co-conspirators in a fraud being perpetrated on the paying Scientology public. This comes about by the fact that the officers of these corporations misrepresent to the paying Scientology public that what they are purchasing and receiving is "pure, unadulterated LRH technology". They make this fraudulent statement while knowing full well that they have made thousands of alterations, deletions, and fabrications to LRH issues.

In LRH policy the above actions are classified as High Crimes. High Crimes are suppressive acts that result in expulsion. Internal efforts to apply KSW have not resulted in getting the LRH issues put back in their original form, nor in getting the people who are guilty of these High Crimes brought to justice. On the contrary, the top executives of the above three corporations expel anyone who applies KSW in an effort to cover up their High Crimes of squirreling LRH issues.

The HASI is hereby formed to handle this Situation.


Restore integrity to the subject of Scientology

1. Remove and replace the top executives of CSI, RTC, and CST.
2. Restore all LRH issues to their original form.

In 1999 LRH came to my house and founded a new group due to the above situation. I originally called the new group the Theta Group, but this is now renamed HASI. The HASI is an on-source auditor association.

When LRH made his visit and founded the new group – he asked for three products:

1. Ensure that actual OTs are made
2. Handle the 3rd Dynamic Engram
3. Handle the 4th Dynamic Engram

In order to produce these 3 products the HASI will establish a Guardian Office.

It will have six bureaus: Intelligence, Public Relations, Legal, Finance, Social Coordination, and Service Bureau.

The HASI does not practice the Fair Game policy letter. It's Intelligence bureau does not engage in any offensive actions, such as conducting black intelligence operations, or any other type of criminal activity. It is purely for the collection of information that it turns over to the Public Relations and Legal bureaus for their action and use.


How To Do the Bridge 

Many people write to the HASI and ask how to do the Bridge. They often ask if the HASI delivers training and processing for a fee. These people fall into two separate categories:

Enemy agents
Sincere Scientologists

We have a separate response to each of the two categories above, as follows:

Enemy Agents

These people are simply writing us to carry out a black intelligence operation. The black intelligence operation is to get us to deliver services. The reason they want us to deliver services is to distract us off of what we are doing. What they have not yet realized is that this black intelligence operation has failed.

These enemy agents try to make us guilty for not delivering. They have no sincere desire to receive training and processing from us for their personal case gain, they simply want to knock our hat off. The hat that LRH gave us is:

1. Ensure that actual OTs are made on planet Earth
2. Handle the 3rd dynamic engram - the take over of the Church
3. Handle the 4th dynamic engram - the Enslaver plan to make men into robots and slaves

The enemy hates or fears us wearing those hats. We investigate them and expose their crimes and undermine all of their dirty work to sabotage the Bridge. And, that is their motivation in getting us to deliver, so that we won’t have time to do the three points above.

One of the ways they try to force us into delivering is to pretend we are committing an overt on them. They whine about it as if we owe them our help. Ron once said that no man owes his help, for that is slavery.

The fact is, we have helped everyone by wearing the hat Ron gave us, stated in the above 3 points. It would be extremely out ethics for us to abandon the above. It is vital to the Aims of Scientology. And intentional non-recognition of that - is actually suppressive.

HCOB 27 September 1966 The Antisocial Personality The Anti-Scientologist:

“Unless we can detect the social personality and hold him safe from undue restraint and detect also the antisocial and restrain him, our society will go on suffering from insanity, criminality and war...

Of all of our technical skills, such differentiation ranks the highest since, failing, no other skill can continue, as the base on which it operates - civilization - will not be here to continue it.”

Lastly, these enemy agents have not lifted a finger to help the HASI achieve its goals.
That is pretty amazing since the HASI has decent goals, human and spiritual freedom.

HCOB 29 September 1965 The Continuing Overt Act:

“After all, we have to earn our freedom. I don’t care much for those who didn’t help.”

To those who write to us and make us wrong for not delivering - that is enemy activity. You will not be answered, as a general policy.

Sincere Scientologists

Let’s start this out with a message for you, from Ron. One day Ron asked me to convey his affinity for you but he did not use the word love, he sent his actual affinity. I have never experienced anything like that and my body could not handle the volume and wavelength of that affinity. The word love, when confined to human tone levels, does not represent that much affinity. So, I told him I could not communicate that to them, all I could do was tell them what I just said in the above. He said ok.

You know, we have ourselves here, quite a scene on planet Earth. It’s a prison planet, covertly controlled by suppressives. And they tend to make life on Earth hell by creating all kinds of situations, such as wars, that would not normally exist among sane beings. One of their envisioned ideals is to turn all of humanity into a mind-controlled robot and slave. They want to control Beings, they do not seek to give them human and spiritual freedom.

And, that is what Scientology is all about - to create a civilization without criminality, insanity, and war - where men are free to rise to greater heights. It also stands for and produces human and spiritual freedom.

But, Scientology is a tool. And like any tool, it does no good unless it is properly used.

Now we are on the subject of responsibility. Unless each one of us does our part to actually put this tool to work, it will be of no benefit to ourselves or to society in general. What I am saying here is that you, as a Scientologist, have two responsibilities. One is to get yourself and others up the Bridge and the other is to assist in getting Scientology used to handle and improve the planetary scene.

Currently, the subject of Scientology is under attack and suppression. The Global Enslavers have used their agents to destroy the correct practice of actual Scientology, both inside and outside of the Church. Which is why the HASI was formed. The HASI is currently the only On-Source Auditor Association in the world and therefore is the only group in the world correctly practicing actual Scientology.

At HASI headquarters, it is a full time job carrying out the three duties Ron gave us:

1. Ensure that actual OTs are made on planet Earth
2. Handle the 3rd dynamic engram - the take over of the Church
3. Handle the 4th dynamic engram - the Enslaver plan to make men into robots and slaves

In addition to that, we train and co-audit each other up the Bridge.

Look at HCOPL 2 August 1963 Public Project One. It gives five levels of Scientology:

1. Data useful for improving life, useable by anyone, without training
2. Academy training aimed at healing
3. Clearing
4. OT processes
5. Scientology applied at a high echelon to social problems

At HASI headquarters, we do the bridge from the bottom up. But, you can see that our time is primarily spent on Level Four and Five, in order to do the 3 duties Ron gave us.

The state of OT has everything to do with responsibility. Here is how to go OT:

1. Start an On-Source Auditor group where you live.
2. Assemble an original LRH library for your group to use.
3. Train and co-audit each other up the Bridge.
4. Assist the HASI in handling the 3rd and 4th dynamic engrams.

One day HASI headquarters will have a Technical Secretary WW on post. That hat is currently held from above. When someone is single hatted to hold that post, that will be announced and you can then write to that person for help with technical questions.

As for where to get materials for your original LRH library - they are offered for sale on the internet, in used book stores and by other Scientologists. As for upper level materials, such as the Clearing Course, OT 2 and OT 3 - apparently it seems that these appear on the internet from time to time. I also heard there is a group that put them on a computer disk and they have sent out over 100,000 copies around the world. Keep looking and you will come across them.

In a 1952 article entitled A Story - Ron talks about how suppressives temporarily take control of the subject and suppress it. In other words, a private clique robs mankind of its gift by pretending to own it. Therefore, a battle ensues and in the end the subject is freed from the suppressives and it is returned to its rightful owner, mankind. The point is, all of the materials will become freely available in time. Do the best you can in the meantime.

I’ll end this with the following LRH quote.

PDC tape 13 December 1952 Standard Operating Procedure

“Courage could be summed up in: one, being willing to cause something; and two, going ahead to achieve the effect one has postulated against any and all odds. There doesn’t happen to be any such thing as failure.

You could mark the high tide of any empire or of any army in any period in the history of Homo Sapiens and you’ll find out somebody someplace on that track was deficient in guts.

There’s no excuse for any failure that ever occurred any place in history, except this: there was just not quite enough carry-through and push-through.”



HASI Purpose and Posts

HASI headquarters is located in Post Falls, Idaho. Description of HASI headquarters posts follow:

Intelligence Bureau  - Gathers and processes data on the 3rd and 4th Dynamic engrams. Operates the web site .
Public Relations Bureau - Makes HASI web sites known. Creates allies. Dead agents false reports on HASI.
Legal Bureau - Gathers documentation and witnesses to prove HASI legal cases. Hires attorneys.
Finance Bureau - HASI bookkeeping, banking and financial planning functions.
Social Coordination - Creates books and web sites to educate mankind on the 4th dynamic engram.
Service Bureau - The Service Bureau is responsible for ensuring that actual OTs are produced.

The complete Bridge is:

HASI - Upper Bridge
Rons Org - Middle Bridge
Church - Lower Bridge

However, the Church and Rons Org are both currently Off-Source and not recommended. So, the HASI is by-passing the Church and Rons Org to produce the product of actual OTs. If the Church and Rons Org would get On-Source - the HASI would recommend them.

- - - - -

The Service Bureau has the following three posts within it -

Technical Secretary World Wide

This post works with On-Source auditors and assists them up the Bridge.

People often write and ask if HASI headquarters will deliver training and processing to them for a fee. The answer is no. We do not deliver training and processing for a fee. HASI members co-train and co-audit each other up the Bridge. The Technical Secretary WW is responsible for the KSW 1 project. The Technical Secretary WW operates the web site

Qualifications Secretary World Wide

Corrects misapplications of tech. Verifies products. Operates the web site - . Reports on those who refuse correction to the Ethics and Justice Chief WW.

Ethics and Justice Chief World Wide

Works with those auditors who misapply tech and refuse correction. When tech won’t go in, ethics are out. An Off-Source auditor sabotages case gain and knocks himself and his pc’s off the Bridge.
The purpose is to assist them in getting their ethics in so they get back On-Source. Those refusing to apply ethics - have justice applied to them. Justice files are made public so that anyone can have full information on enemy activity.

- - - - -

HASI Membership

The only requirement for membership is being an On-Source auditor.

HASI Projects

Educational web sites related to the 3rd and 4th Dynamic engrams
Investigation work into the 3rd and 4th Dynamic engrams
Documentation related to the 3rd and 4th Dynamic engrams
KSW 1 project - assembling a complete original LRH issue reference library

HASI Purpose - Freedom

The HASI purpose is human and spiritual freedom. There are those who intend to enslave mankind and take away all human and spiritual freedom. The HASI headquarters staff are opposing the Enslavers agenda by paying the price of freedom:

Constant alertness and willingness to fight back

The subject of Scientology is under suppression - we intend to free it from that suppression.

Ron’s gift to mankind has been stolen by a few who pretend to own it. No private clique owns it.
We intend to free it from this private clique and return Ron’s gift to its rightful owner - mankind.

Another method of suppression is to destroy its workability by intentionally misapplying it to sabotage case gain. We undermine that suppression by exposing the intentional misapplications and telling auditors how to audit correctly, per the original LRH issues.

The HASI also takes responsibility for the Global Enslaver agenda to turn mankind into a mind-controlled robot. The HASI creates books and web sites to educate mankind about the Enslaver agenda, so he can act to prevent himself from agreeing with being a mind-controlled slave.

Mankind is at a crossroads - he can either pay the price of freedom or agree to be a robot.

- - - - -

Last Time Around and Black Static Thetans

A Being can go out of the MEST universe game and return to a static state in two ways. He can go out the top of the tone scale at plus 40, or he can go out the bottom at minus 40. Plus 40 on the tone scale is Native State wherein the Being is full Cause. Minus 40 is not Native State - the Being is full effect.

There is a double time track - meaning an earlier time track, previous to the current track we are on. The previous time track is called Last Time Around (LTA). The current time track is called This Time Around (TTA).

Scientology was here before at the end of the LTA track. Scientology lost and the Enslavers won. The reason Scientology lost in LTA was a failure to get in ethics.

In LTA, the Enslavers used Reverse Scientology or Black Scientology to get Beings to go out the bottom of the tone scale - to become a Black Static Thetan - where they remain to this day. The exact same thing is being done by the Enslavers TTA. Reverse Scientology or Black Scientology is being practiced - resulting in Black Static Thetans.

The HASI headquarters staff know that the stakes are high - total freedom or total entrapment.

The HASI is here to get in ethics - so that this time - we all win.


PO Box 2014
Post Falls, Idaho 83877