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The History of the New World Order / One World Government
1996 Lecture Transcript 
by NewsWatch Magazine Editor: David J. Smith.

By 1905, Socialism had become such a scare word that many people in this country were putting up their defensive mechanisms. Now from 1905-1955 certain prominent people were given either awards or by committees who were Communist and were part of this League for Industrialized Democracy, or they were actually part of the organization:

Example: John Duey - gave us our present de-educational system which prepares people to become submissive to enter into the New World Order; because they can't think any more, they're being de-programmed and de-educated.

These individuals occupied very key positions in the fields of Government, Education, Religion, Law, Communication, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, radio, NY Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, and on and on. From those years these people had already infiltrated into all of these key positions to start changing the USA to make it a Socialistic country.

A man by the name of Norman Thomas, ran 6 times for President of the U.S. under the Socialist platform: "The American people will never adopt knowingly Socialism, but under the name of Liberalism (have you heard of Liberals in the congress of the United States?) they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program until America will one day wake up and be a Socialist nation, not knowing how it happened".

Gradual socialism/ communism

Three months before his visit in 1959 to the US, a man by the name of Nikita Kruschev, one of the all-time butchers of human beings in the world, made the following quote: 

"We cannot expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism until they awaken one day to find they have Communism".

A Socialist and a Communist both made a quote, and it was the same thing. So, if you have Socialism, you have Communism. Socialism is only a stepping-stone to Communism.

Communism and socialism identical

On April 24, 1920, the joint legislative committee investigating seditious activities, filed in the State of New York, a four volume report called the Lust Report. Within that report it identified international Socialist and Communist apparatus, and showed that each of the platforms of each of these movements were identical. So Socialism and Communism were identical, and there was no difference in them. But you see, one of their key programs, that they must have, is that they must centralize power into one place. So the centralization of power in Washington D.C. is a prime Socialist/Communist target. If the Internationalist/Socialist bankers can destroy all the States' rights, then they only have one battle to win - Washington, D.C. So what have they been doing?

I want to examine the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It states that the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution are reserved to the States and to the people respectively. So it's either States rights, or you and me as individuals. Nowhere in the Constitution does it ever give the Federal Government any intrusion or any power over Education, Health, Welfare, Labour, Dams, Public Power Projects, Agriculture, Unemployment, Housing. Nowhere does the Federal government ever have any jurisdiction to take over any of those fields. And yet, something has been happening that you and I have not realized for all of these years.

There was a decision that was handed down in the Supreme Court of the US in 1942 that opened the way so that the Federal Government could now become all powerful and could take away all States' rights. You see, when Federal funds are given from the Federal government in Washington, D.C. and accepted by any State, the Federal government has opportunity to tell them how to use it and control the organization. That particular law the US Supreme Court in 1942, here is the last phrase, it said, "It is hardly a lack of due process for Government to regulate that which it subsidizes". Any money handed down to any State whatsoever - when they take it, they lose the right to say how to function without money. That means States' rights are gone. That's why when they give money for housing or unemployment and so on, the Federal government now exercises control over that segment of society. 

J. Edgar Hoover made a speech in 1957: "To dismiss lightly the existence of the subversive threat to the United States is deliberately committing national suicide".

Senate Sub-Committee Jenner Report 1953 on Un-American Activities:  

1. Soviet International Organization secretly penetrating the American Government. McCarthy exposed 81 members of a State Department that were card-carrying members of the Communist Party. Later on, 938 Communists were exposed in one Department. 

2. This penetration has extended from the lower ranks in Government to the top policy in operation position. 

3. The agents of this penetration have operated in accordance with distinct designs fashioned by their Soviet supervisors. Now remember the superiors and supervisors in International Socialism were founded by the Illuminati and they control it. So that means the Illuminati, even though their main actors are in the U.S. & Great Britain - Downtown London (in what is called "the city") where the international bankers live and control it - and in Capitals of Europe. The Soviet Union is run by these individuals from afar. 

4. Members of this conspiracy help each other to get into Government and to rise in Government and protect each other from exposure in Government. 

5. In general, the Communists who infiltrated our Government worked behind-the-scenes, guiding research, preparing memoranda upon which American policies are set, writing speeches for cabinet officers, influencing congressional investigation. Now do you know why nothing ever happens? Drafting Laws, and they set up a whole organization called the Institute for Policy Studies, in which Bill Clinton's closest supervisors are still card-carrying members of the Communist Party; and it was identified by the FBI (2700 pages) as a Communist-Front Organization - and Bill Clinton is a part of it.  

6. Policies and programs laid down by members of this Soviet Conspiracy are still in effect within our Government and constitute a continuing hazard to our national security.

This was in 1953. One of the objects that they were trying to achieve was that they would get rid of the Senate Sub-Committee on Un-American activities, so that there could be no more investigations as to how they were taking over the Government of the United States. You know what, they succeeded. Since the early 1960's there has been no penetration, no investigations to decide and to learn who has infiltrated the Government of the United States. If they had, they would have gone straight to the President of the United States of America, who went in 1987 to Italy and studied how to implement a Communist Economic Program in the United States of America. He studied under those who taught Antonio Gramzies philosophy of Marxist economics. He was being conditioned for the Presidency many years before. So as we can see, there has been penetration in the United States in the very highest circles - those working for Internationalism (Globalism) to submerge the United States into a One World Government (New World Order).

An assistant to J. Edgar Hoover showed how that those who are infiltrating, that are coming into every segment of our Government in secret, have set out to destroy the United States of America so that it would fall like a ripe grapefruit into Internationalism's hands. Notice some of those things that they said they would do. Permit Free Trade between all States or nations regardless as to whether those items that were traded would be used for war. Have we seen any of these things happening in the early 1990's? The Free Trade agreement that George Bush signed with Canada and Mexico (NAFTA) opened up the borders. These things are happening right now. Those things that were placed into the Congressional record back in the 1940s and 50s are now reality today. While we've been sleeping, they've been working.

They said that they wanted to extend to the Soviet Union, Russia, long-term loans because Internationalism would end up taking over the world and have World Government. Russia and her satellite countries would never have to repay their loans to the United States. So you and I, as the taxpayer, foot the bill to build the Soviet Union and the beast power that's rising on the earth today. It doesn't make sense - but it does when you understand their diabolical plans.

They said that they wanted to grant recognition to Red China into the United Nations Organization and get rid of nationalist China. Have we seen this in our lifetime? Richard Nixon - the red carpet was rolled out to him in Red China. Then they were brought into the United Nations Organization while nationalist China which was our ally, was kicked out and not even given representation in that body. 

They stated as far back as the mid 1930s that after WW2, which they would foment (stir up), which they would see to it started, that they would actually separate Germany into East and West Germany. Then, at a specific period in time, when the Soviet Union and her satellite countries had become militarily superior to the United States and they felt that they could win in case of war. Then, they would make unheard of concessions. Manilusky was the head of the military operations that laid down this plan.

We have seen in the last 5-7 years what is called "Glosnos" "Perestroky" where they were restructuring internally their financial situation, their economics in Russia. And yet Yeltsin and Gorbachov both said Perestroky, all it was for, was simply to solidify their hold on Socialism over the people of Russia - make it more streamline, more effective. And yet we think, and are told, Communism is dead. Remember Socialism is Communism.

They said that they wanted to allow all Soviet satellites representation in the United Nations Organization. Has that happened? Yes it did. The United States gets one vote. The Soviet Union gets three votes in the general assembly and then all the satellite countries also get a vote each. They said as far back as the 1940s and early 50s, that they wanted to promote the United Nations as the ONLY HOPE for mankind. Remember in 1990 when we had the Desert Storm War? Mr. George Bush, who is a member of a secret society called The Skull And Bones, where they actually have Skulls, and they drink from it in the Sanctuaries of their buildings at Yale University. He said, and he brought out for the first time to the American people, that they wanted to build the Novus Ordo Seclorum, only he didn't use those words - he said the NEW WORLD ORDER over 200 times in his speeches. And what did he say? He wanted to build and strengthen the United Nations Organization so that it would be an effective tool as envisioned by its founders. 

However, we have one problem. Who were the founders? Every single member of the Treasury Department and the State Department that went to the San Francisco conference in 1945 were later found to be Communist Party members, except one - Dean Achison, who also represented Joseph Stalin in the United States in the field of Law. So, when we had 100% of our delegates representing Communism, how in the world could we have an organization that would be anything but a blueprint for world tyranny under the beast and the false prophet.  They said if they ever rewrote the constitution for the United Nations, it would be set up as a One World Government with its own independent armed forces. What are we seeing today? The blue helmets are going all over the world more frequently than ever before. They also said they wanted to attempt to resist any Law passed that would outlaw the procedure of the Communist Party inside the United States. That happened.

Weather control

They said they wanted to continue to give Russia access to the United States Patent Office. Why? Because one man by the name of Tesla, around the turn of the century, patented 900 items that had to do with electricity, extremely low-frequency magnetic waves, which would create earthquakes. They could create natural disasters, they could create earthquakes to wipe out certain undesired populations. They could actually divert the jet-stream, create famine or flood at will. And they started their woodpecker signal in 1976-77 and you and I, in the mid-west, when I lived in Missouri, saw for the first time 30 consecutive days of snow on the ground, in January of 1976. Then in Jan-Feb 1977/78, in St. Louis, Missouri, 61 days there was snow on the ground, and arctic freezing temperatures because the jet-stream instead of coming straight across out of the moist Pacific West, East across the United States, it went up into Canada and then sucked down, all the way down to Florida, and drew in the Arctic cold, and it froze the interior of the nation.

Have you ever noticed on the weather maps 20 years ago that they never talked about a jet-stream? They never showed it. Then all of a sudden, when they did begin to show it, it came straight across the United States. But now, it's up and down like a chart, or a graph in a hospital. All because of the diversion.

They said that they wanted to capture one, or both of the political parties of the United States. Now you understand why no matter who goes into the Presidency of the United States, we go further into International Socialism, because no matter who is in office, they surround themselves with members of the Council on Foreign Relations Trilateral Commission, members of the Bilderberger Organization, the Club of Rome, these "Think Tanks", and all of these "Think Tanks", all they are, are organizations that write laws that introduce step-by-step doses of Socialism. I'll just give an example:

Everybody got fed-up with George Bush. Many people understood that he was a part of the Skull And Bones Organization. He actually was the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Both organizations were founded by those who were working for World Government. The Council on Foreign Relations founded by different men, one of them gave a step-by-step plan how they wanted a Marxist society in America. These organizations have taken over the Government of the United States and then the Institute for Policy Studies: 2700 pages in the FBI document showing that it's a Communist Organization, how they funded the people like Stokely Carmichael and all of those "David Dillinger" and so on, back in the 60s and 70s, terrorist groups all over the world, even into Iraq and down into Cuba and down into South America: El Salvador and Nicaragua. Even the leaders of that organization, The Institute For Policy Studies, stayed in the homes of Communists in Nicaragua, and so on, and trained them in to how to solidify their hold over the people in those Communist countries.

So what do we have today in the twentieth century, in the 1990s? A man by the name of Bill Clinton, his number one economic advisor is Derek Shearer, who wrote a book in 1980 in which he said "the American people will never swallow Marxist Economic Programs in America, so that they would have to change the name to Economic Democracy, and by it, they would pass into Law, every step of Marxist economics in America. And Derek Shearer is still his number one economic advisor. He was a member, and still is, of the Institute For Policy Studies. Both of those men, Bill Clinton and Derek Shearer, were roommates in 1969 as a Rhodes scholar. And a Rhodes Scholarship Fund has been cited by the Sub-Committee on Un-American activities as an organization that is subversive and training people for GLOBALISM.

They wanted to use technical decision in the courts to weaken the basic American Institution. And are they doing that today? Yes, they have just about destroyed "Christianity" (Holy Bible). They've taken it out of the public schools, they've taken it out of the public - period, and out of the Churches, by infiltration of their "pink" ministers! And if you turn them over and cut them open, they'll be red through and through, because it's their socialistic doctrine.

Control of media

They wanted to gain control of all student newspapers in America. They did it starting in the 1960s, they wanted to infiltrate the press. They've done it: The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, all the major newspapers, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, all of those. They wanted to gain key control and positions in radio, television, motion picture industry, so they could begin to program the people of this country into Anti-Christian morality. And that's exactly what they've been doing ever since they've taken over the movie lots in Hollywood. They wanted to continue to discredit the American culture (Christianity) by degrading it, by using all forms of artistic expression such as nude movies, pornographic books, pornographic art. It has happened in America. Everything that is against Christian (Bible) morals, and breaks down the fibre of society. They said they wanted to gain control of art critics and directors of art museums. They said their goal was to give America useless, ugly, repulsive, and meaningless art. That's what we have. They wanted to eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling it  censorship. The only people they censor are Christians. They've accomplished this completely. They wanted to break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornographic books, magazines, motion pictures, television, and now they're creeping in, little by little. Do you realize in the 1950s, and early 60s, they wouldn't even allow a male and a female to sit on a bed in a scene on television? They wanted to present homosexuality, degeneracy, promiscuity, as normal, natural, and healthy, and it's the natural thing to do. Have they done it?

The promotion of the use of condoms in children's pockets. Oh yes, the leaders of this nation, according to Isaiah 3:12 are "sick from the bottom of their feet to the top of their head".

They said they wanted to infiltrate Churches. They wanted to replace revealed religion (truth) from the pages of the Bible, which is Jesus Christ (the Messiah) THE LIVING ONE AND ONLY SAVIOUR, replace it with "Social Religion".

And that's why so many people go to their Churches and come home and their "empty". They haven't partaken of anything to eat "spiritually" that day. And they're going around hungry and emaciated (starved), "spiritually" that is. They wanted to eliminate prayer and any vesture of religious expression from our schools. These are the things they said years ago. Has anybody seen any of these things lately? I think we have.

They wanted to discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate and out of step. What about Zbigniew Brzezinski former national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter, who wrote a book? And he discredited the Constitution from one end to the other of it. Oh yes, we have many people in high places in the destruction of the United States. They wanted to discredit the American founding fathers in our eyes, and they have to a large degree.

They wanted to belittle every single form of the American culture. They wanted to discourage the teaching of American History. Why? Because if our children know that this country was settled because of religious freedom, and the opportunity to serve GOD ALMIGHTY, the ONE AND ONLY GOD OF THE UNIVERSE - not Lucifer, they needed to know their history, and where they came from.

Those who are infiltrating the United States of America said they wanted to support every socialist movement that was introduced that would give centralized control over our government. That's why, Washington D.C., when you look at the true constitution of the United States, you'll find that people who went to Washington as our representatives and our Senators were to go and meet about twice a year. They were to pay their own way to Washington, D.C. They were to make sure that all of the laws in the Constitution were in tact, and not being violated. Basically, that was their job.

So now, Government is centralized in Washington, D.C.

They wanted to eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities. That's a fact. It's been done. They wanted to infiltrate and gain control of big business. They wanted to begin to create monopolies in the marketplace. What do we see in every single city you go into: Wal-Mart, Sam, McDonalds, Hardys, and on and on, every city in America looks the same, just like in Russia, only we "think" we're free. What we don't realize is that they are gaining a monopoly, of all businesses in preparation for the MARK OF THE BEAST.

They stated that one of their goals was to transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Let someone call a social agency on you for a potential child abuse case. See how long it takes for you to get your child back. They'll come and take your children when you're not even there. And you won't be told where they are for weeks. I've known of people who have come to me begging for help.

They wanted to discredit the family as an institution. They wanted to make promiscuity look normal and natural so that men and women would both become unfaithful to their mates. America is crumbling as a direct result of it.

They wanted to emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of the parents. Now they're trying to do it more than ever before. They said that they wanted to overthrow all colonial governments when they were given freedom before they learned how to rule themselves. What did we see when one country after another of the British Commonwealth was set free. The overthrow for International Socialism and Communism. This was discovered in the 1940s and 50s and placed in the congressional record. The book called "The Naked Communists" contained all of this information.

And then one item that they wanted to do that was devastating, and it will be over the next couple of years to you and to me. You see, the United Nations Organization wanted us to pass what was called The Genocide (holocaust) Convention Treaty. The Genocide Convention Treaty was to eliminate massively killing of whole population and races of people. However, the Soviet Union objected to putting political reasons, and political genocide, as a reason to punish a nation. So, what it boiled down to was all the lawyers and the American Bar Association for 40 years encouraged the Senate not to ratify it because The Genocide Convention Treaty, which was brought up by "professing Christian" Ronald Reagan, and passed into law immediately after his second term started. And that was the reason why he was re-elected after he had a meeting in New York City with the Rockefellers. He must, in order to be re-elected, call for the passage of The Genocide Treaty.

All those members of the Bar Association said, it is our opinion that The Genocide Convention Treaty, as it is written, is geared against private individuals. What does that mean for you and I? That means, one of the goals that they were trying to achieve, was that they would repeal (abolish) what is called the Connelly Reservation, which said that the WORLD COURT could not come internally inside the United States and take over jurisdiction in the courts of our country. If they could, then they would be able to dictate law according to The Genocide Convention Treaty. Then anybody that disagreed with someone, such as myself, that was EXPOSING THOSE FORCES OF EVIL for WORLD GOVERNMENT, could be accused of committing Genocide.

Now, what is Genocide in the text? Number one it's "causing mental harm". And if I were to stand up and say that there is ONLY ONE WAY TO SALVATION, and that is through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the ONE AND ONLY SON OF THE LIVING GOD AND THERE IS NO OTHER SALVATION UNDER HEAVEN, then they could take me to court for causing them mental harm. And they could then try me in the Hague, THE WORLD COURT, which is packed with International Communists. Then, they could obliterate Christianity from the face of the earth. Why? Look at Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13. Look at Matthew 10 where Jesus said the time would come when children would betray or turn-in their parents, brothers would betray their own family members, and so on. Why? Because you want to save your own skin. You don't want to go to the courts in the Hague, and be tried and imprisoned, and go to their concentration camps, which they're pushing a hundred in America alone.

These things are real. United Nations trucks, tanks and missile launchers in the United States. There was a mini-series on television in 1987, ABC television, called "Amerika" (spelled with a "K"). When you read the book, it shows the occupation of the United States of America starting in 1996 by United Nations forces. The ABC television movie depicts the United States occupied, but they didn't tell you how they got there. Where did these troops come from? How did they get into the United States of America. Why was it that they had control and police jurisdiction, and we were under FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency. The movie didn't say. But it did show the United Nations arm bands, their blue helmets.

During the movie, the son of the President of the United States was speaking before his school. And he stood up, with his red bandanna that is worn in every Socialist Communist country in the world by school children, and he stood up and said, the old America is gone. Those who will not fit themselves into THE NEW AGE will be crushed. And he said it twice for emphasis. The movie basically told us that America is going to be occupied by United Nations troops.

The very last scenes of the movie saw Kris Kristofferson, who played the President, rushing into a radio station, and he sat himself down before the microphone, and he was going to plead for America to rise up and overthrow the United Nations troops and re-gain our sovereignty. As he rushed in and sat down, you heard thumping and thumping, and it was boots. And here were United Nations Russian military personnel. And the general of those who were there with their guns cocked and ready to fire, stated to the President, "The momentum is on our side", meaning, WORLD GOVERNMENT will be achieved whether you like it or not. Momentum is on our side, why resist? In other words, the message to America is, lay down your arms, quit fighting WORLD GOVERNMENT, you are going to have it whether you like it or not. And the last shot of the movie, the camera moved away out into a field and a gunshot went off, and a thud, and you knew that it was the President of the United States killed. And so freedom was forever lost in America.


...And the End of America Came! 
(The Illuminati's Plan Is Nearly Complete! Pt. 3)

Former Assistant to J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI, W. Cleon Skousen, wrote a book called the Naked Communist. Within its pages, he revealed that one part of the plan to take America was to capture one or BOTH political parties. In the June 1, 1999 issue of Newswatch we gave the entire background of the two most current Republican Presidents - Ronald Reagan and George Bush - to determine if they were taking us directly into the Novus Ordo Seclorum started by Adam Weishaupt of Bavaria, Germany, in 1776 when he established the secret Order of the Illuminati. Let's turn to our current President - Bill Clinton. (see picture p.8)

President Clinton's Sordid Background

Newsweek Magazine called President Clinton the New Age President. The New Age plan for mankind is a Supranational Socialistic World Government. The media and communists have told us that "communism is dead" - the cold war is over. They only want Socialism. But Socialism is the STEPPlNG-STONE to full global tyranny under the next step - COMMUNISM!

Bill Clinton evaded the draft during the Vietnam War. In December 1969, while a Rhodes Scholar student at Oxford University in England, he wrote this revealing note to Colonel Eugene Holmes, his ROTC Director at the University of Arkansas: "/ have written and spoken and marched against the war ... One of my roommates is a draft resister ... He is one of the bravest, best men I know ... I decided to accept the draft IN SPITE of my beliefs for ONE REASON: to maintain my political viability WITHIN THE SYSTEM."

Colonel Eugene Holmes signed an affidavit before the 1992 presidential elections stating that Bill Clinton had used deceit and lied at every turn to AVOID military service in Vietnam.

Clinton - Anti-American Protester

Catholic Father Richard McSorley, a Jesuit priest, liberal activist and professor at Georgetown University where Clinton studied under his one-world-globalist mentor Professor Carroll Quigley, wrote in his 1977 book that Clinton participated in an anti-war demonstration outside the U.S. Embassy in London on November 15-16, 1969. He wrote: "As I was waiting for the ceremony to begin Bill Clinton of Georgetown then studying as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, came up and welcomed me. He was one of the organizers." 1

Father McSorley's account put Clinton squarely in the lead of demonstrations supported by the World Peace Council, a well known and documented Soviet KGB front group.

From Bill Clinton's own admission, he did not want to be labeled a draft dodger! WHY? So he could one day be a contender in the political arena! The last portion of the Communist rules for Revolution is to disarm the people and the nations military! Here was someone LEADING demonstrations AGAINST our involvement in a war and calling for total disarmament in 1969 - then is elected President in the 1990s and disarming the military and trying to disarm the citizens! Those working for world government said they hoped to have it accomplished by the year 2000 or shortly thereafter.

Dimitry Manuilski and Bill Clinton

Dimitry Manuilski was Professor at the Lenin School of Political Warfare in Moscow in the 1930s. He announced a plan in case the United States resisted in the latter stages of world conquest and would not surrender: "War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack. Our time will come in thirty to forty years. To WIN, we shall need the element of surprise. The western world will have to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the most SPECTACULAR PEACE MOVEMENT on record. There shall be electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will REJOICE TO COOPERATE to their own DESTRUCTION. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their GUARD [military] is down, we shall SMASH THEM WITH OUR CLENCHED FIST."

Have these "electrifying overtures" begun? What about tearing down the Berlin Wall? Did East and West Germany merge again as a single nation? Did Mikhail Gorbachev declare the satellite countries to be "free democracies?" Is Russia pretending to have collapsed economically to obtain aid from the west? That way it would not prevent them from building more missiles to aim at America when they SMASH us with a clenched fist! Albert Pike called for three world wars - the third to be an all-out battle between Atheism and Christianity. Then in the 1930s, Manuilski called a war between Communism and Capitalism inevitable. Will Bill Clinton do their bidding and provoke that war to bring about world government?

Clinton's Path to Power

After returning from England, Bill Clinton began a series of campaign adventures, culminating in a meteoric rise up the political ladder at a very young age:2

* 1970: Clinton worked in Joseph Duffey's failed campaign to be an anti-war Democratic Senator from Connecticut.

* 1972: Clinton was Texas coordinator for ultra-liberal Senator George McGovern's failed Presidential bid.

* 1974: Clinton lost the election as Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress to conservative Arkansas Representative John Paul Hammerschmidt.

* 1976: Clinton was elected Attorney General of Arkansas.

* 1978: Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas at age 32.

The Supreme Irony

"In the late 1960s I was at the University of California at Berkeley during the riots. Governor Reagan called out the National Guard. Tear gas was dispersed. One of the main issues on that beleaguered campus was the Vietnam War. The dissidents were led by Marxists and their comrades. Some of the slogans they used were `WAR IS IMMORAL,' `THOU SHALT NOT KILL,' and `WAGING WAR FOR PEACE IS LIKE--(sex)--FOR CHASTITY.'

"The whole anti-war movement was the baby of international Communism, and flag burning and draft dodging were encouraged. Those protesters didn't care about supporting our troops in Vietnam.

"Today, one of those Marxist Vietnam war protesters and draft dodgers is Commander-in-Chief of the armed services whose MORALE HE HELPED TO DAMAGE during the war. Bill Clinton is THE SUPREME IRONY!

"If the Marxists and liberals in Washington, DC, were capable of shame, now would be the time to show it, because of their posture of `WAGING WAR FOR PEACE' in Yugoslavia. All members of Congress who say we MUST support our troops because a draft-dodging Marxist has ordered them into battle should be summarily dismissed at the polls.

"Do I support the military? You bet I do; I was part of it for awhile. I fully empathize with our service men and women. But I CANNOT acquiesce to a Marxist turncoat by doing what he cunningly expects."3

Too Liberal, Too Corrupt for Arkansas

Bill Clinton's record as Arkansas Governor was one of raising taxes [151 taxes in 2 years], pardoning violent criminals, repeatedly involving himself in conflicts of interest, giving a drug dealer fat state contracts and allowing campaign contributions to foul the land. Due to these and other factors and to the arrogance of Clinton and his youthful appointees, voters turned Clinton out of office after his first two-year term. A few scandals that marked Clinton's first gubernatorial term included:

* Clinton commuted the life sentence of James Surride, a convicted murderer, who killed again shortly after his release from prison.

* The State Auditor charged that state workers used taxpayer money to fund "Clinton for Governor" campaign activities while Clinton was Attorney General in 1978.

Remember that Clinton had campaigned for liberals. He was also a liberal. Norman Thomas, six times candidate for the President of the United States on the Socialist Party ticket said: "The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism, but UNDER THE NAME Liberalism they will adopt EVERY fragment of the Socialist program until America will one day be a Socialist nation WITHOUT KNOWING HOW IT HAPPENED." Norman Thomas retired from seeking the Presidency when a Democrat named Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran with nearly the identical platform and was elected. Socialism in America had begun in earnest. When Bill Clinton's new administration came into the White House, many were wearing red lapel buttons of...continued...


1 Peace Eyes, Father Richard McSorley, 1977.

2 Center for American Values, P.O.Box 91180, Washington, DC 20090.

3 Letter to Editor, David J. Smith, from Gordon Ginn, Ph.D. (CA).



Dear Newswatch Magazine Listeners/Readers:
July 27, 2001

A t 5 AM one morning on Public Broadcast Network, statements were made that the nations of the world were wanting World War III because the United States was dragging its feet in establishing the New World Order. According to the commentator, this third world war would be focused against the United States. Former President George H.W. Bush announced 210 times during the last two and a half years of his presidency that the world had a real chance at the New World Order - starting with the Desert Storm war against Iraq. Many of the American people began to sit up and take notice.

I, personally, had been stating the New World Order was coming since the early 1980s. Secret Societies during the middle ages wanted to establish a world government with their king ruling from Jerusalem, Palestine. The Knights Templars worked desperately to overthrow monarchies in Europe in preparation for their ONE king to come. A breakaway group from France called the Priory of Sion worked for the same purpose. They both were at war with one another to determine whose man would sit on the throne. The war of infiltration and intrigue to destroy the other society lasted several centuries - from 1307 AD until 1776 AD. Finally, some of the top people in each secret organization came to an agreement, unknown to the ordinary members of both societies. They would create a third powerful organization that would control the Templers and the Sionists. Training a new leader to head up this UNKNOWN power took 5 years - 1771-1776. The man chosen hated the Catholic Church, which dominated society. He hated Jesus Christ and all religion. He went over to the dark side and accepted Lucifer as if this fallen angel was god. His name was Adam Weishaupt - the new organization became known as the Illuminati. It officially began on May 1, 1776. It is called May Day until this day. It is celebrated the world over among communists and Christian organizations with no understanding what they are celebrating. It was celebrated at the university from which I graduated, and yet, it was staunch anti-communist.

Its goal was to destroy all kings in preparation for the New World Order. 15 Lodges of the Illuminati were established in America by the time of the declaration of independence on July 4, 1776. The Knights Templers and Priory of Sion, now ruled in secret by the Illuminati, changed their base of operations to the new world - the United States. Many observers of history realize that the British armies - the most powerful in the world - laid back and made little effort to win the war, as horrible as it was. WHY? Freemasons headed armies for both sides and orders had funneled down to the British military leaders, who were also Freemasons, that America was to be free. George Washington was a Freemason, even though he was not privy to top information. He later warned that the doctrines of the Illuminati were introduced into American lodges even though not all Freemasons knew of its being infiltrated. 53 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons. Most did not understand this conspiracy for a New World Order. However, two did for sure. Thomas Jefferson was of lesser evil. Benjamin Franklin traveled to France and visited with the Priory of Sion and was initiated into it. He was initiated into the Rosi-Crux of England. He had great knowledge of the conspiracy and was a major actor on this continent to establish a system of government that could be infiltrated and taken over to accomplish their secret plans for world government.

Sion is the French spelling for Zion. It was the Illuminati that was to foment revolutions and destroy the French Throne. The French Revolution burst onto the European scene in 1789 - just 13 years after the founding of the Illuminati. The number 13 is a mystical number to Occult Secret Societies. Eventually, all monarchies of Europe but the British were destroyed. The Royal line in Britain joined the Knights Templers and have helped promote world government under British/American leadership every since. Why do we think high Freemason and Rhodes Scholar Tony Blair had such good relations with Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton and Skull & Bones member President George W. Bush? They receive orders and follow them - the Illuminati controls.

The United States has been and is being used to create world order. One of those steps is FREE TRADE. Even Mexico's President Fox admitted on the Public Broadcast Network that the invasion of illegal aliens is to DRIVE DOWN the wages of Americans. FREE TRADE WILL CAUSE THE RELOCATION OF BUSINESSES TO CHEAP LABOR COUNTRIES AND DESTROY THE MANUFACTURING BASE OF AMERICA!!! This is one of the Illuminati programs to make the world equal. When the American people finally wake-up and realize what is happening to them, they will not stand for it. This is why the Illuminati is now gathering all of the Communist world together to prepare to crush America with its clenched fist. The UN will try to confiscate our private firearms, but Americans will resist. The Japanese refused to invade America after destroying our Pacific fleet to start World War II's participation by America BECAUSE Americans owned millions of private arms. When confiscation begins, KNOW THAT WAR IS CLOSE AT THE DOOR!


David J. Smith


The "Choice" for 2000:
Come on then, be honest. Which one would you vote for??

by David Icke

The United States media is now exploding wall to wall coverage of the 2000 presidential election across the airwaves. If you like watching paint dry...well this is for you. Placed candidates on both "sides" are reading their scripts and ensuring the outcome the Illuminati decided a long time ago.

We are currently at the stage where the Republican and Democratic Parties (both branches of the Illuminati Party) are choosing their candidate to run for president. The front runner on the Republican side is GEORGE W. BUSH (see related article), the son of the paedophile, child-killing, drug-running, mind-controlling, serial killer, George Bush, President of the United States before Bill Clinton.

Son-of-his-Father is the favourite to be the next president and keep the reptilian bloodline in the White House. He is actually a very poor candidate and the more people see him in action, the less they seem to like him. He does not appear to be the brightest man ever to walk Planet Earth, but then that has never been a block on reaching the highest political office. For more on the background to George W. Bush you will not see in the media, consult links at bottom of this page and: and

The Illuminati are going to have do some real dirty work on Bush's likely Democratic opponent, AL GORE, if they are to put another Bush in the presidency. But, of course, as usual, they control both candidates anyway, and Al Gore is extremely aptly named, it seems. Gore has been identified as a shapeshifting reptilian who attends the Illuminati Satanic rituals and, according to Fritz Springmeier's book, The Illuminati Bloodlines, Gore is addicted to drinking human blood. For more on Gore see:

Gore's rival for the Democratic nomination is BILL BRADLEY, a Rhodes Scholar, like Bill Clinton. Rhodes Scholarships are named after, and were originally funded by, Cecil Rhodes, the infamous Illuminati front man and they pay for highly selected bloodline students to go to Oxford University in England, the heart-centre of the Illuminati's control of global "education". At the last two presidential elections, both Clinton and his chief advisor, George Stephanopolous, were Rhodes Scholars. Sure is a small world when you are involved with the Illuminati. For more on Bradley see:

JOHN McCAIN, the alleged main challenger to George W. Bush for the Republican nomination, is a war "hero" we are told who was captured by the CIA-controlled North Vietnamese during the CIA-created Vietnam War. Two former Special Operations operatives and Vietnam Veterans organisations like US Veterans Dispatch have a rather different story of McCain's war record. As a politician he has viciously attacked those groups seeking justice for Vietnam veterans and prisoners of war.

At the very least one must ask why a man who says he fought for "freedom" and American "values" should be involved with the kind of company he keeps.

McCain is a puppet of the Phoenix-Arizona mobster network, the state he represents as a senator. To understand the background to John McCain, you need to know about the Kemper Marley organised crime network which runs Arizona. Marley was the protégé of Sam Bronfman of the major Illuminati bloodline family in North America which owns the liquor giant Seagrams and Universal Music, the biggest music company in the world. See related article on Time Warner. Marley had also been connected to what remained of the Al Capone operation.

Kemper Marley, now dead, owned the Arizona liquor monopoly, United Liquor. In 1948 two employees of this "company" were jailed for federal liquor violations and one of them was Jim Hensley, the general manager, and father in law to…John McCain.

Marley himself was saved from prosecution by his personal attorney, William Rehnquist, who went on to be the present Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court!! When Hensley came out of prison he was rewarded by Marley with a Budweiser distributorship, which is now in the hands of…John McCain. The last estimate I saw it was worth $200 million.

When a reporter on the Arizona Republic, Don Bolles, threatened to expose the Marley rackets and the big names involved, he was murdered when a bomb exploded in his car. Bolles was wheeling and dealing with these guys and so knew the truth. His last words were: "Adamson, Emprise, the mafia."

John Adamson was a hit man and Emprise was a dog track operation which changed it's name to Sportservice. It is controlled by the Kemper Marley mob.

Marley, with his massive wealth and influence, controlled all the congressmen and senators in Arizona, as his successors still do. These include our "war hero", John McCain.

Another Phoenix figure, the Marley-connected Charles Keating, paid John McCain $112,000 and a deal between Keating and McCain's wife involving a shopping centre, netted half a million dollars in six months. Keating has faced criminal charges for corruption.

You will never be told the true background to any of this by the Arizona media, like the Arizona Republic and the Phoenix Gazette. They were started by a guy called Eugene Pullium, at the instigation of, yes, you guessed it, Kemper Marley.

Eugene Pullium is, in turn, the grandfather of Dan Quayle, the Brain-of-America who was vice president to George Bush. Quayle, Bush, and Colin Powell, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were the trio who orchestrated the Gulf War. All three are the bloodline of England's King George II. Just a co-incidence, nothing to worry about.

Quayle grew up in Paradise Valley, near Phoenix, next door to Robert Welsh, the man who started the John Birch Society. This claims to be against the New World Order, but is, in fact, at it's top level, an exercise in damage limitation and a "fishing" operation to attract out of the shadows those who know about what is going on.

These are the webs and networks in which we find, John McCain,"war hero". He's as corrupt as they come and would be a perfect running mate for George W. Bush. The "Dream Ticket"? Bloody nightmare more like.

For the truth about McCain's Vietnam record see:

For more on his criminal connections and family background see:

And read these:
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Revived Roman Empire Chart
by Jefferson A. Forrester

THIS IS THE THIRD PAGE of the New World Order Chart.  You'll see that the Revived Roman Empire is really just the old Roman Empire revived.  The Roman Empire was not destroyed or conquered by another power.  It fell from within.  Before Roman Empire decayed from within, it stretched all the way to Great Britain in Europe   .  So really the New World Order, is really the Old World Order, the 6th Kingdom that was, when John the Revelator wrote, 5 Kingdoms have fallen, one is.  The 7th is the Revived Roman Empire.  The Illuminati originated in England, which was part of the old Roman Empire.  They spread to America and infiltrated the Masons via Adam Weishaupt, (See PowerPoint  presentation ,"Trace the Money ).  The United Nations of today, was the idea of the Illuminati from England.  The United Nations is simply put the world organization that the world's governments agreed upon after not accepting the League of Nations after World War I.  It is nothing more than the British Commonwealth of Nations under the name of the United Nations, ran and controlled by the Illuminati.  Don't think this is just a conspiracy theory of nuts and crackpots.  George Washington warned Congress about the ploys of the Illuminati in England.  He said never give up the control of the U.S.currency by the government, which is exactly what happened in 1914.  The Rothschild's who owned the Federal Reserve Banks in England, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France took over the US banking by the Federal Reserve Act.  The Federal Reserve is owned not by the government but a private corporation owned by the Illuminati.

Cecil Rhodes was a millionaire who started the Rhodes Scholarship.  He was a Socialist, (Communist).  The scholarship pays for handpicked people by the Illumaniti, to go to England at the famous Oxford University, to be indoctrinated by Socialist professors.  President Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar.  Socialism really means that the social elite, (The Illumaniti and friends), rule over the rest of the people.  They plan to own the World and give it to their despot the Antichrist who will inturn give it to his father, SATAN!!  They own most of the Media, Banks and now the Global Commons.     That is the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the resources of the earth.  They by the United Nations will charge nations and peoples for the right to use them.  Their excuse is they, The United Nations  are the only ones capable of sustaining the Planet.  WAKE UP OUT OF YOUR SLUMBER!!!.