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The Fake Arab Spring

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Massacre of Taliban POWs  

Myths for Iraq war 

Are sanctions justified?


Saddam Hussein 

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Who set light to the oil wells?  

Kosovo deception 

Elite sets stage for WW3  

Pre-emptive action

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Fake terror 

Thank a vet?

Al-Qaeda - fictional terror group 

Defaming Islam 

Fake terror - the road to dictatorship 

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Inside Indonesia's war on terror 

War on terror a hoax   

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WMD found in Iraq 

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Corporations - pathological pursuit of power  

The science of exploitation

Economic Hitman



US government is a corporation 

Australia government is a corporation 




Water agenda  

Sandy Hook massacre hoax 

Boston Bombing 

Operation Mockingbird  

50 false news stories     




US History  

Guggenheim Foundation  

US is a corporation  

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Australian government  - legally invalid 

Constitution defunct 

What next? The issues  

United People Power  

  The Lima Declaration  

PM's powers 

Government tyranny 

"National security" 

Trial by jury 

One Nation 

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Port Arthur massacre  

  Port Arthur (v2) 

  Why not gun control? 


  Manchurian candidate

  Dr Peters / Dr Mullins 

Save Australia Alliance - Tony Pitt 


Foreign debt 

Bracket creep 

Stamp duty on houses  

Fascism in Australia (CEC)  

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The Hilton bombing - a case of political terrorism? 

Jean-Paul Turcaud / Telfer 

Andrew Wilkie  

Principality of Camside 

Principality of Rangeview  

Fortress Australia 







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Scientific dictatorship  

Scalar energy  

What is scalar electromagnetics? 

12 things about about scalar weapons  

Brave new world of scalar electromagnetics 

Universal Seduction extracts 
Pine Gap 

Hurricane Andrew  

Forbidden Archaeology   

Geo science 

Origins of oil 
The fake oil crisis 
Oil con job 
Nuclear energy myths 

True geology 




Goals of the Illuminati 

Pike's plan for 3 world wars 


Rewriting history 

The grand deception - Manipulating US into war - CFR  

World peace, 1814-1914   

Global Strategic Project 

Letter to 'Sheople' from NWO 

The Secret Covenant 

The secret behind secret societies 

Collectivism vs individualism 

Communism & the Illuminati 

Communism & capitalism  


Why not world government? 

Purpose behind UN 

UN destroys rights 

UN 50 years on  

IMF - created by UN 

EU exposed 

Skull & Bones 

Chronology of ruling class conspiracy 


New world order 

NWO - fact or fantasy? 

Deskilling trades 

Role of secret societies 

Unveiling the mystery religion 

Environmental scam - Greenpeace, ozone hole 

Shadow government

Secret budget 


Economic sanctions - Operation Population Control  

Concentration centres in US 

Widening gap between rich and poor   

Weather control  

Hurricane Andrew 1992   


Underground bases  

AIDS - Made in the USA  

Population control 




Our patriarchal society   

Patriarchy - the root cause of society's ills  

Is feminism a nwo plot?  

Patriarchy: the development of a "war system" 

Capitalism: the latest stage of patriarchy  

Patriarchy and bureaucracy  

Islam's shariah law and treatment of women 

Islam and patriarchy 

Other islam issues  


Fake mental health 


Silent weapons for quiet wars  

Tavistock/social engineering 

Mind control 

Hegelian dialectic  

Two steps forward, one back 

Thesis, anti-thesis & synthesis 


Order out of chaos  



Compounds & boxcars 

The Alaska Mental Health Bill 




Hidden technology 
Hollow earth theory 

The truth about hemp 
Ether - scalar technology 
Time travel 
Crop circles  
Mars & moon  
Coverups uncovered 





How to collapse an economy 


Fed-up with the Fed 

Beast from Jeckyll Island 

The Bankers Manifesto of 1892 


Fractional reserve banking 

Fiat money 

16th amendment not ratified - income tax illegal  

Money myth   

Gold Standard 

Usury / interest 

Fall of civilisations    

Hidden taxation  

Social credit 





The Bible exposed  

Biblical contradictions  

The Jesus myth 

US Govt's agenda  

The most evil people in the world 

Fake apocalypse 

Billy Graham   

Clarifying what is proof  

Council of Nicea 325 AD      

Reincarnation & karma  




Universal laws  





The Galactic Federation 

A new paradigm 








The Conspiracy Show

Hosted by - Richard Syrett, 


Beginning in December 2010 a series of supposed spontaneous popularist uprisings, both violent and non-violent, began to take hold across the middle east. By December 2013 rulers had been forced from power in Tunesia, twice in Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Several uprisings erupted in Bahrain, protests erupted in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan. A bloody civil war continues to rage in Syria.

But were these protests and revolutions in fact spontaneous and popularist. Did these uprisings actually pit ordinary men and women, fighting for democratic reform, against corrupt and barbaric regimes?

Is Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, an evil, corrupt tyrant as portrayed in the west or is tissard telling the truth when he contends the civil war now tearing his country apart, was started by outside insurgents, funded and armed by the US, NATO and their Arab allies in the region?

On this episode of The Conspiracy Show, we'll explore the possibility that the Arab Spring was in fact a hoax, a series of stage managed events, a fake.

Uprisings throughout the Arab states was fermented by outside forces in order to create client states.

A client state is a state that is economically, politically, or militarily subordinate to another more powerful state in international affairs.[1] Types of client states include: satellite state, associated state, puppet state, neo-colony, protectorate, vassal state, and tributary state.




Alias: Jeffery Steinberg

Occupation: Counter Intelligence Editor of "Executive Intelligence Review"

"former General Wesley Clark recounted a conversation he had with Paul Wolfowitz who was then Deputy to Dick Cheney. And Wolfowitz calmly told him that there were a number of countries that had had been allied with the Soviet Union in the Cold War and all those countries were targets for regime change - Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia. The target list has remained constant throughout this prolonged period and the checklist is getting shorter and shorter."


EIR is a weekly magazine that can be subscribed to via website

Citizens Electoral Council - Australian political party

"Founded in 1974 by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.,Executive Intelligence Reviewhas been called by an official of the U.S. National Security Council, "the finest private intelligence service in the world." Find out what the ABC/Fairfax/Murdoch media will either never tell you, or only months or years too late."



The Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett




Genocide: Russia and the New World Order - by Sergey Glazyev

Russian Academician Sergei Glazyev's 1998 book Genocide is crucial for understanding what happened after the end of the Soviet Union, as well as the political and economic realities in Russia today and Russia's posture in world economic policy decisions. Minister of Foreign Economic Relations in Boris Yeltsin's first cabinet, the author was the only member of the government to resign in protest of the economic looting of Russia in the name of "reform," and Yeltsin's abolition of the Parliament and the Constitution in 1993. Sergei Glazyev went on to head the State Duma Economic Policy Committee for Economic Policy, run for President in 2004, and work as Secretary of the new Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakstan. Today he is an adviser to President Vladimir Putin on Eurasian economic integration.





Sergey Glazyev



Obamaís Ukrainian War: Viewpoint of President Putinís Advisor Sergei Glazyev

Viewpoint of President Putinís Advisor



Russia's natural change in population over the past twenty-five years has been fairly unstable, decreasing in the early 90's, leveling out and then climbing beginning in 2005 before leveling out again.