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My experience

I've been using cellsalts for over 30 years and don't take any pharmaceutical products at all except the occasional painkiller.

What I've discovered is that cellsalts work but it takes a little experimenting to discover which ones to take for which condition, and how much. Once this is worked out and the right cellsalts are taken continuously for a condition, the symptoms gradually disappear over time and finally disappear, as was the case with my asthma and allergies which took 5 years from time of beginning on cellsalts to the last attack. During that time though an attack would be relieved by taking the relevant cellsalts for that condition.

What I also discovered is that I needed to take more calcium on a daily basis. Most people don't get enough calcium in their diets and osteoporosis is only one side effect. Another role of calcium is to contribute towards alkalising of the diet, along with other cellsalts. 

Currently I take about 1 gram (1000 mg) of elemental calcium a day, which would be maintenance level upkeep. There were times when I took more, sometimes 2 or 3 grams a day. 

From my experience unless calcium deficiency is treated first, the other cellsalts don't work - there needs to be a balance, with calcium and potassium and sodium, and the other cellsalts as required. 


The right cellsalt / combination of cellsalts

There are various books on cellsalts which give a good range of symptoms and associated remedies. With a bit of practice a person can learn to identify deficiency symptoms, although sometimes a little experimenting is required.

The right dose

Cellsalts usually act quickly, often within minutes. In acute cases, provided the correct cellsalt for the particular condition is known, a few successive doses at 5 minute intervals is good.

Although cellsalts alleviate symptoms quickly, symptoms will invariably return after a greater or greater interval.  However, with continued use symptoms gradually diminish both in severity and frequency, and eventually disappear altogether.

4 ways to take cellsalts

1) a certain cellsalt for a certain condition

2) a combination of cellsalts for a certain condition

3) a balance of certain cellsalts for a condition - some conditions require a balance of specific cellsalts, a deficiency of one cellsalt will bring a return of symptoms - need to maintain a balance, more of one or another to return to balance.

4) Sometimes more of a cellsalt is needed than usual. Patterns don't always hold, sometimes more, even a lot more, of a particular cellsalt can be needed. Usually applies to calcium or potassium and sodium after a cold or maybe when the body is going through certain cleansing processes..



Trial and error

Any beginners book on cellsalts along with some experimentation, will help to find the remedy for any symptom. Some remedies are easy to work out and will work every time, eg, 

  • mag phos or nat mur for hiccups.
  • nat mur for wheezing
  • silica for itchy nose or eyes

Some conditions can be more complex and require more than one remedy, often referred to as the primary and secondary remedies. 

Some due caution is a good thing, and any remedies should be trialed on a small scale to begin with. 

When to change a line of treatment 

Discontinue treatment if any cellsalt worsens symptoms and rule it out as the correct remedy for that condition. 

Discontinue treatment if any uncomfortable side effect becomes apparent. These side effects need to become the new focus of treatment. On no account should uncomfortable side effects go ignored as they will only become more severe the longer they are ignored. Symptoms are nature's warning signs that something is wrong and they need to be dealt with in order of severity.


When cellsalts don't seem to work

This may be due to:  

  • The wrong cell salt. 
  • Right cellsalt but wrong dose.  The correct cellsalt/s may not have the desired effect if the dose or frequency isn't large enough. Also the correct amount can vary from day to day and person to person. 
  • The system may have become unresponsive due to suppressing ailments with some drugs. 


"Numbers of people are unknowingly suffering from the cumulative effects of suppressive treatments to which they have been subjected in the past ... in such cases, response to biochemic treatment may be slow.

"If little or no benefit is apparent after a reasonable period of treatment with the remedy indicated by the symptoms, a short anti-toxic course of 

  • nat mur (homeopathic sodium chloride) and 
  • kali sulph (Potassium sulphate) 

are indicated. After this corrective treatment other cell salts will usually work effectively."

-- The Biochemic Handbook


Keeping things in balance

A remedy that has worked for a while may stop working for that condition. Perhaps a person has several conditions they are treating with different remedies, one condition can take predominance for a while, then another. 

Sometimes treatments for one condition can change such as with the treatment of athletes foot / tinea where a balance between calcium, sodium and potassium gets rid of the condition, and not any one cellsalt. So if taking a lot of calcium works one day, sodium or potassium will work on another day. It all depends on what is lacking at the time.

Some cell salts need to be kept in balance, for example:

  • Potassium with sodium, 
  • Calcium with magnesium
  • Calcium with phosphorus (phosphorus = 5 phosphates, calcium phosphate, sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, magnesium phosphate and iron phosphate)

After taking one cellsalt for a while, deficiencies will begin to occur in the others, and at that point it is appropriate to switch remedies.


"In the treatment of some ailments, particularly those of an acute kind, differing symptoms may make their appearance during the course of treatment

"And in such cases the remedies should be changed or supplemented in accordance with the variation of the symptoms at each successive stage."   

- the Biochemic Handbook, 
by JB Chapman MD & Edward L.Perry MD



During course of treatment the remedy can change due to the retracing process. 

The retracing process is well known in nature cure circles and it is explained that disease builds in the body from childhood through the years, layer upon layer. It is the result of wrong living habits, faulty nutrition and combined with auto-intoxication and acidity. 

With cellsalts the layers of disease are stripped away over time to reveal the deeper layers. Consequently, as one disease disappears another one can arise in its place. To me it seems that the minute I get one condition totally under control, another one will arise which I then need to puzzle over and work out. 

So with retracing the disease layers are being peeled away like layers of an onion to reveal diseases arising from earlier periods in life. 

More on retracing.

Treatment with cellsalts vs pharmaceuticals

Cellsalts differ from pharmaceutical products in that they are actual nutrients / minerals, available in food we eat.

If a person has developed a deficiency it stands to reason that more than the recommended daily allowance (RDI) is needed to correct it

A person could find these cellsalts in food by eating, for example, dairy foods for calcium, bananas for potassium, and celery for sodium. However, it would take a lot of dairy food to get 2000 mg of calcium per day, and that is just calcium.


Be your own doctor

A lot of people put great store in relying on "experts" and "reliable sources" to tell them what to think. But very often these actual "experts" and "reliable sources" are themselves deluded as to the real truth of the matter. They are invariably trained by the same system and told to stay within certain parameters, and not to stray outside them, very often innovation is stifled etc.

Doctors are highly encouraged with incentives to prescribe expensive pharmaceutical drugs. The health industry is ripe for exploitation by vested interests -- a bit of a worry. With so much marketing hype these days, the truth of any matter becomes obscured by the quest for a buck.  Money seems to be the driving force behind health and many remedies which can't be patented are effectively suppressed.


Some of the conditions I've treated successfully with cellsalts

  • Asthma, housedust allergies

  • Various aches and pains, headaches, stomach upsets, constipation, restless leg syndrome, coating on tongue

  • Parasites, fungi and infections which leads me to suspect that the human body can withstand disease microbes and parasites as long as it is in good condition.